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11/9/01: Reading: Healing the Original Wound

  11/9/01 Friday 11 / 09 / 01 — 7:23 pm Wow, another lesson. Sooner or later you’ll figure out that this isn’t really about you, it’s about us. Or rather, you could say that your relationship with us has certain factors within it that expect reconciliation between past and present, between known and unknown, seen and unseen. We work according to a system of certain expectations, not to say rules. Perhaps there has been a perception within you that you MUST do this or that or the other, and that punishment is expected if such goals are not achieved. Indeed, a cursory glance at the history of these workings [in the Wilcock Readings] may seem to indicate that we have issued such expectations with a sense of inevitable duty that is chosen “from above” and then commanded to the physical self to carry out. Nothing could be further from the truth, as ultimately it is the Self that chooses all paths in life, and we are simply the arbiters and facilitators of self-will, thus enabling the deepest goals to be brought forth. We have all experienced these times where we feel obligated to do something for someone, either physical or non-physical. It is more important to try to be true to yourself, to live up to the ideals that you have already espoused in your dealings with others,...

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9/13/01: Prophecy: Attack on America II (David’s 9/11 Prophecies, Part II)

  ATTACK ON AMERICA – PART TWO: The Millennium Fire Prophecy Data Continues Mounting: Rapid and Extreme Changes in Society Very Likely, Internet May Soon Be Lost by David Wilcock September 13, 2001   The Twin Towers once stood as a symbol of United States worldwide financial dominance, and now they lie in ruins, exacting a staggering and miserable death toll. The colossus of power had feet of clay, and once the feet have crumbled away the colossus is no more. The more I look back through my own psychic readings and dream transcripts, (many of which had been published online previously,) and now in this article the data from others as well, the more that this event was foretold with shocking precision. It is all sizing up now as being a key, pivotal event in our history that was well anticipated by the higher forces, probably due to the sheer impact that it would have on our current geopolitical order. It also indicates that all the prophecies that we have heard and reviewed for so long are all coming into sudden view and immediate relevance for the present. Let us be absolutely clear here: there is no guarantee of any of our current conveniences lasting. The prophecies seem to imply that this event will “level the playing field” between the haves and have-nots.   AUG. 7, 2001: WARNING...

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9/12/01: Reading: The Shoes of Clay Have Crumbled (Reading Conducted Day After 9/11)

THE SHOES OF CLAY HAVE CRUMBLED Psychic Reading by David Wilcock Previous article: Attack on America, Part One   Wednesday 9 / 12 / 01 – 3:27 pm [Dream Data:] Apartment buildings, unfamiliar One place to another Mail deliveries Foreign friends Horror movie, didn’t want to see [Note: I had just woken up here after my second “shift” of sleep for the day and only begrudgingly got over to the computer, as I was still really, really tired. I was typing just the snapshots of the dream I had experienced, and I suddenly heard, “David, I’d like to sit in the chair and relay a message now… I’d like to sit in the chair and relay a message now.” So, I agreed, and just started letting myself type while keeping my black blindfold on. The trance state was quite sublime and this was a definite sign that I can continue to perfect the process of entering in readings directly through the keyboard. Practice makes perfect.] The signal that builds out of these experiences is still fragile. We are talking about these experiences as they apply to those who would be building up their endurance for the final mile, those who can accelerate their own evolution by stepping squarely into the future with the knowledge and the wherewithal to succeed in their chosen fields of service from before incarnation. Those...

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9/11/01: Prophecy: Attack on America (David’s 9/11 Prophecies, Part I)

  ATTACK ON AMERICA:Where Do We Go From Here? Previous Psychic Data from David Wilcock Predicts Event, Suggests Future Outcome By David Wilcock, September 11, 2001   Plane Heading Towards Twin Towers   “The support structures will give out, but that isn’t the point. Love yourself, be true to yourself, see God as your source, not a government, not a corporation, not a job, not an investment, but God as your source, and God will always provide for you, even in the cases where it seems pointless not to believe in catastrophe and fear.” — Wilcock Readings, 3/19/01  ...

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3/19/01: Prophecy: Economic Prophecies Coming True: Do Not Be Troubled!

Monday, March 19, 2001   Link: http://www.zealllc.com What we see between these two graphs is a 2:1 harmonic expansion ratio of the Dow in 1929 to the NASDAQ in 2000-2001, occurring in conjunction with a 71.5-year cycle, very close to the “ideal ” harmonic of 72 years. To put it in simpler terms, the movements of the Dow, historically correlated with the “Great Depression, ” are now duplicating themselves in the NASDAQ at present, at a rate that is twice as fast. This is a completely normal behavior of the Harmonic Universe and its effects on human consciousness as...

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3/1/01: Prophecy: US Capitol Earthquake Damage Predicted 2 Years Ago

  3/01/01   A massive 6.8 earthquake hit Seattle, WA, a major US city, Feb. 28, 2001 – causing the buildings to “roll like jelly ” and producing billions of dollars in property damage. Two years ago, we published Global Politics Part One, which started with a dream of an earthquake that cracked a capitol building. Now it has come true… as have many other undeniable elements of our present that were frozen into the article, such as the divorce of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The ultimate point: This was the warning sign! Much bigger changes appear to...

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1/19/01: Prophecy: Economic Collapse, Major Political Changes

  1/19/01   2009 INTRODUCTION This proved to be one of the most amazing economics-related sets of readings we ever had. It went directly into our articles on 9/11 and was highly relevant. We have included all the explanatory notes I put in, since the readings can be rather cryptic at times. In addition, there WAS a major economic collapse again in 2002, right around the time the readings specified. This was when Enron first surfaced as a major problem, as well as the collapse of MCI / Worldcom.  In hindsight, these events in 2002 were the original foreshadowing of a much more severe problem that didn’t become obvious until late 2008, when the bottom completely fell out of the markets. Nonetheless, the entire period from 2002 to the second half of 2008 was a giant cover-up of the problems going on, artificially inflating the markets even while things like the gas prices told the real story for those who were paying attention.   ORIGINAL INTRODUCTION No readings of this size or complexity had come through in several months due to the degree of focus that we have had in getting Convergence III finished. The change that is being proposed is quite surprising, and yet it mirrors that of many other lightworkers at this time. The new message seems to be to completely finish the outer work and stop...

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12/12/00: Prophecy: Market Crash Imminent? (Vision of 9/11)

  12/12/00   2009 INTRODUCTION This dream was published on December 12, 2000 and is very obviously about 9/11 in retrospect. I picked up on this right away, and actually had my first prophecy article about 9/11 published on my website that very same day… September 11, 2001… featuring this and other pieces of data that forecasted the upcoming event accurately. This was one of a series of dreams that directly associated airplane crashes with economic collapse — and of course, one immediate aftermath of 9/11 was that the markets collapsed. Since this does not have any reading data in it, we did not italicize the dream data as we usually do in the final formatting of these readings for this website in 2009 and beyond.   ORIGINAL INTRODUCTION This dream was so immediately stunning that it was necessary to post it as soon as possible. The metaphors are crafted quite ingeniously. This is one of a series of dreams, originally posted to the asc2k group, (of which all archives can be publicly viewed here) that seems to be foretelling a much greater market collapse in our near future. The trend of news items supports this, as today (12/12) there is a quote on CNNfn that says, “In the face of really bad news, the markets are holding up pretty well and I absolutely believe this bad news is...

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