A psychic reading by David Wilcock



[DW: See Politics and Prophecy: The Destruction of the Illuminati for the immediate precursor to this reading. We have deliberately put this reading into an email-ready format.

At times, it is phrased in metaphorical / symbolic language to cause the reader to think in higher levels of consciousness. I was unaware of the content as I dictated it this morning, nor when I typed it in on the keyboard, as it was very slow and hypnotic.

Please review the materials on this website to see the formidable track record of accurate prophecies that have come from this source — including a statement from December of 2000 that said that the “bottom line point for global financial markets” would be “redefined” as of Summer of 2002.]

[3/12/09: I added headings to ease comprehension of each section. The time this reading was preparing us for is now happening, and it is quite validating to see how relevant it is today.] 


Friday 9 / 20 / 02 — 11:38 am

The things we have to be grateful for are many.

And believe us when we say that the song never stops playing, but the symphony still recedes into the distance at certain times in order to more fluidly and effectively bring out those aspects of the personality that are most in need of prayer and healing.

Consequently, the damages levied by the inner self are tossed about and consequentially [the self is] made revivified by the renewed opportunity to place a form of order onto the chaos.

The great teachers used these words not for fraud but for the understanding of catalyst.



The Presidential coup has taken place within the realm of the mind, and there are those who have not acknowledged it or recognized it as such.

Car buyers and dealers alike know the symptoms, yet the condition worsens as it still persists.

The infrastructure of the American nation is indeed rotting right out from under it, and it will be too late in certain respects before anything can be done about it.

[3/12/09: It took longer than expected, but these long-standing prophecies did indeed come true in the end of 2008, and are ongoing as we update this reading for proper Web formatting.] 

This is the state over-exercising its power and love of itself, while neglecting its internal problems. No regime change can be complete without a lot of crying — and thus many enemies are made in the process as well.



Be advised that we do not condone these actions, yet they are also not entirely the product of black magic and occult warfare.

Some of what is occurring is simply human stubbornness and inability to desire change as fully as possible.

We are left with a system of exposed desires and longings for the gratitude of planetary annihilation, conquest and domination.

This does again bring up those memories of swollen and cantankerous sores that have been produced by the long years of neglect from Carnegie, Mellon, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Harriman and the like.

These forgotten doers of evil deeds have met their last stand, and will be much more fairly exposed into the times to come. You can be rest assured of that.

The professional network of spies can be used in both directions, and when the war turns within, then the various factions can use their best tools against each other — and this is what you are now seeing.

From the East Coast to the West Coast of said United States of America, there is a revolutionary fervor that is growing — an understanding that rule by dictatorship will not be tolerated. And the popping of the popcorn in the microwave ovens will not remain sufficient of a distraction to keep a lid on the human spirit forever.

[3/12/09: Interestingly, I am here in the studio in Austin, Texas with Larry Seyer as I re-do these old transcripts. Just yesterday, Larry decided he’s not going to have microwave popcorn anymore because it is too unhealthy. An intriguing set of ‘coordinates’!]


Thus you may expect to see that many kids whose hands have been in the cookie jar will over turn their false graspings of desire for a renewed perspective on how and what can be done to help out, as the economic conditions continue to worsen from what you are seeing at the time of these workings.



Solidarity is important, and we underline and emphasize the need to remain calm and stable and secure in your own realizations that you need not lament over the death of a system of commerce and business and banking, et cetera, that has outworn and outlasted its usefulness.

We have of course spoken of this before.

The leaks are penetrated from all corners by the greater good, which shines in as would rays of sunlight to the darkened room.

Every corner, every pocket of shadow that had previously eluded detection becomes starkly exposed in the crisp contrast between the darkness and the light, now revealed for what it truly is — and the squirming critters now seen as they are.



Silence speaks much more loudly than words, and if you can cultivate your inner silence at this time, you will find that peace is indeed possible.

The concerns, crises and cries of those around you will seem almost supernaturally terrifying if you let them. This is especially true if you consider what has happened with your mainstream media.

Be aware that the September 11th crisis did only involve two buildings out of your entire infrastructure, plus some minor damage to a military installation as such.

These did represent the potential for destruction to various American institutions more than damage to an individual building — and the fear of the successive fallout of the ability for these institutions to conduct their business was the larger fear involved.

Now you are finding yourselves in a position where these concerns are made manifest very directly in front of you — and yet as of late there has not been the flipping of the diving board whereupon those who have refused to take the jump now recognize that indeed they must.

For some, this will seem like walking the plank, and accepting a doom and a death that is so horrible that they will live their lives choked up in unbelievable fear and outrageous denial, seeking the comfort and the solitude of mind-altering drugs that can only ever mask the pain and make things worse.

There are others who will see this leap from the diving board as an opportunity to become like a swan, and enter the water of the new tomorrow with grace and with dignity and with elegant purpose.



There is indeed a phase change taking place — a shift from one vibratory mode to another.

It has been difficult for us to fully explain to you the ideal ramifications of this event, and of how much they have been misunderstood by most of your peoples.

Be aware that understanding is the key to concrete science, and with understanding comes the ability to free the mind from the many distortions within which it has become entrapped.

Those crusaders who would shed light on the true essence of tomorrow are well appreciated, and we thank all of you who are making contact with your own inner selves, and bringing forth Divine guidance as a result.



It may just be that if you have enough confidence in yourself to trust your own voice, [then you might find out] that someone else has desperately needed to hear just from you — and that this arrangement has, in a sense, been pre-ordained from the time before your birth.

The cyclones have their greatest power in those areas where there is a denial of the truth.

You can create a discrete shift in the frequencies of the torsion fields around you, and thereby elevate the overall level of consciousness that is present, to then act as would the Pyramids in reducing the frequency and severity of earthquakes, weather disasters and the like in your own vicinity.

This is then a direct function of a physics that needs nothing more than to understand the science of consciousness. It may seem mystical and complicated to most of you, but that is simply the byproduct of a failure to discover the full reaches of knowledge as it can then be applied to the events of everyday life.



The rockets are zooming off to their courses in the sky whereby there will be the explosive force that creates the brilliant shower of color and dazzling display, as the fireworks again celebrate the birth of an independence; the birth of a new way of living, a new way of thinking and a new way of following the paths that have been so well-worn by the masters in the past.

These are to become your paths, your ways, your truths, your lives, and no one shall come unto the Father but by the Christ that is within each of you, and within themselves.

This is a team effort, and if you have ever wondered if you are somewhat important or even Messianic in this planetary evolution process, then think no further.



Anyone who has become awakened enough to distill their own experiences to the degree that they have a testament of spiritual truth to give to others has become one of our treasured assets.

Whether you are aware of it or not, when you are speaking, you are speaking on behalf of all of the higher positive angelic forces in the kingdom of the Universe that surrounds you at this time.

We light a few candles in your name, and with those candles burning, we say a prayer in your ability to sustain yourself in your optimism in the face of all the wrongdoing that is occurring.



Now is when the gates of hell will appear to have opened before the eyes of many, and they will stare into the face of their fears, which have never before been so firmly detectable.

There will be a change in consciousness for many that can induce a split that is remarkable enough to be akin to one having a psychotic episode or otherwise experiencing a nervous breakdown as such.

We have not neglected to tell you this before, but at the same time we are willing to embed this information into this reading, as we recognize that mega-hurricane events of consciousness are coming.

And yet the eye of the hurricane rests within each soul in potential, as it is capable of overturning the false graspings and longings for desires of the past.

Instead [it can be] renewed by the promises of a new tomorrow, and the reward that comes from the diligence of inner peace, once the silence of self can be steadily applied and then opened like a door into new vistas of conscious awareness.



Indeed we say again that the crucifix has been mounted, and the time of the bleeding has begun.

If you can focus on the positive, then you need not worry when going through your own dark night of the soul.

You can relax and let joy be joy, let happiness be happiness, show gratitude for the simple things, for those pieces of the puzzle that have eluded detection but which now snap firmly into place, as you also recognize the gifts that you have been given as being always and forever yours.

Ford Motor Company and other manufacturers are unprepared for the repercussions that will take place as a result of the increase in the prices of oil and other related turmoils having to do with supply and distribution of fossil fuels as such.

We have warned of these potentialities before, so be aware that they do still exist, while also knowing that the persistence of the system to continue to have its needs met will be extremely high — and this is one of those areas that may affect those in outlying regions first instead of the urban areas as such.

Urban legends become canonized as dogma, and there are many urban legends that have been formed by opinion only as to what has occurred, what has been occurring or what will occur in the future.



The posters that we place on the walls of your mind are designed to hang there as you go through your daily experiences, such that you never again have to turn back this feeling of despair that plagues so many.

When you understand that the entire human organism acts as one entity, you can then see how indeed the prophecies that we have told you for so many years are now coming true, and there is that collective dark night of the soul that is the personal process of initiation now brought to the global level.

There are those who will appreciate and beckon the changes, recognizing that a much higher form of consciousness is being invoked, and that the shifting of these concerns need not be negative, but can instead represent a burst of fresh air in a very stale room.

There are also those who will take these changes simply as an opportunity to become overwhelmed by their own fears, and thus leap from the bounds of denial into the full-blown sarcastic panic attack, where all of one’s cynical views about the negativity in life have been answered.

As a result there is the loss of a will to live or of any confidence in the ability for the human organism to recover from its maladies.



Understand that many of you have equated a one to one relationship with your current system and the nature of God itself. And thus subconsciously you may feel that God is dying, and thereby withdrawing from you.

You have never known the suffering of those third-world countries, where even as you read these words the majority of humanity is crying in hunger and pain.

You need not blame yourselves for being in an area where this is not taking place, but you should also be aware that this suffering is generally unacknowledged, and the posters taken down from the wall of the mind.

The mainstream world as defined by the first-world economics and Internet and the like is only but one piece of the puzzle of Earth existence. And especially within the American continent as such, there is the mass media indoctrination to only see those concerns of the country.

How many of you, for example, can think of anything important that has happened in Romania over the last year? That is an example of how the political spectrum is dominated by news releases that keep this self-obsession and narcissism very present.

Imagine, if you will, what would happen if the media chose to remind everyone each night as the top story that more than two thirds of the entire planet’s population was in a state of abject sorrow and suffering, and showed the different races that are involved — those on the African continent, those in India, those in Southeast Asia and China, those in South and Central America.



[There are] those within America as well who have been led by the nose into a situation where their hard efforts of labor are not enough, in many cases, to actually be able to purchase their own dwelling space outright.

Instead there is the belief that a series of wooden boards and nails and shingles and sheet rock and siding — glass windows, carpeted floors and plumbing, electrical, et cetera — is indeed so expensive that the thought of actually being able to create enough wealth to produce it on one’s own is almost unfathomable.

There have been those statements installed in your religious scriptures that warn against usury, which is the lending of money at an interest level. This development has then reduced one’s own confidence in the creative power of the human spirit once unchecked and unfettered by trivial concerns.



Understand that in these changes, many of you will again discover your creative powers, [and] discover the capability that you have to overturn the forgotten longings and graspings of desire for the promise of a better world.

There will be those opportunities for you to engage in the building of a coalition that can keep the steady supply of needs met for those in your own area. Regional concerns will take precedence, and many of you will be doing something different than what you are doing right now. Do not be afraid of this.

So many of you have become conditioned to your habit patterns, and what we have always wanted for you is to be able to become increasingly comfortable with change.

Recognize that this change, these changes can never be anything other than beneficial, as all experience, regardless of what type of experience it is, does engender a potential for learning and advancement.



Naturally we would never intend these teachings to be construed as saying that one should pursue experiences that are negative or hurtful or destructive to others.

As always, the free will of others is the paramount rule that should be preserved if you wish to allow your experiences to not enact the rather automatic balancing processes of karma, which we are then intended to carry out — no pun intended.



So as the boat is released from its moorings and again rides into the setting sun, there is newness and hope. You shall be setting off on a journey of the mind, an opportunity to relax into the new changes.

You may find in some ways that life becomes easier — that you are actually less distracted, that you have more time for the important things, for the bonding with others that you have always been seeking anyway in your feeling of aloneness, isolation and sorrow.



Many moons will pass before the words that we speak are completely relevant, but understand that by preparing you in advance, you can indeed identify any trends that are now present and be able to fluidly move with them as the need arises, so that you can prepare and balance yourself in advance for the world of tomorrow as it becomes your reality.



Understand the all-present importance of the fact that the dark night of the soul never goes beyond what you are capable of handling. This is also the case of the collective dark night of the soul.

We have spoken before of the immitigable strength of the collective human spirit in its abilities to have an adaptive response to whatever conditions are presented before it.

Many others are actively working on what they can do to help facilitate these changes, such that they may occur smoothly and without great traumas and expenditures involved.

Sort out for yourself what grassroots efforts you may be best suited for when the need arises, and what skills you have that you may be able to trade with others for the betterment and evolution of all.



It will be a very novel and unique world as these changes continue.

You can have a calming and soothing presence on others by recognizing that all is Unified by the heartbeat of the Divine — the everlasting vibratory movement that is present within each cell, each atom, each nucleus of activity as it exists, however small or however large.



We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

We eagerly look forward to the time when you shall approach the throne of the Divine and sign your name upon the Akashic Records, thus freeing yourself from the obligations of third density and going on to grater workings in the universe.

Peace be with you in the light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.