by David Wilcock



We are in the midst of an unprecedented, continuingly irreversible acceleration of the “Ascension” scenario, both personally and globally, as we have written about it in our works, which is to be expected as we head into the year 2003 according to Dr. Sergey Smelyakov’s discoveries of the Auric Time Cycle of the Mayan Calendar.

This is causing massive changes in the lives of those people who are the most spiritually attuned, as forthcoming major events on the world stage cast their shadows into the lives of those who can see in advance.

These people suffer in advance before others go through similar experiences, in order to pave the way for them to have an easier ride.

I recently went through something of an “initiation” myself, and I can now see that it was directly connected to a major energetic increase going on in the Earth itself. According to one recent article, there have been over 100 earthquakes above a 5 on the Richter scale in just the last thirty days, which have included the following:

  • 10/10: a 7.1 in Indonesia;
  • 10/12: a 6.8 in Western Brazil;
  • 10/23: a 6.7 in central Alaska;
  • 11/02: a 7.7 in Indonesia followed by a 6.2 aftershock soon afterwards;
  • 11/03: a 6.1 in Japan, then followed almost immediately, i.e. five hours later, by;
  • 11/03: a 7.9 in Alaska, which has now led to a series of very large aftershocks.


These are only the most major events in a truly large bulk of huge quakes; far more than the normal rate. Remember that in the conventional “plate tectonics” model these earthquakes are unrelated, as they are allegedly occurring on different “plates” of the Earth’s surface, so there is the typical media blackout on these connections in place for the time being.

As we often speak of in our Time of Global Shift lecture and in the Convergence series as well, these earthquakes are actually caused by massive energetic increases in the Sun’s output. This has been very obvious in recent days, with solar activity at an all-time record-breaking high.

Here are the words from two updates of Mitch Battros,, on these recent events. (I appeared as a guest on “Earth Changes TV” with Battros on Sept. 19, 2002, and he was very impressed by my work. I have done some minor grammatical edits since he sent these out in a hurry:)

What’s Happening To Our Weather?…10/30/02
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

We have been witness to some of the harshest weather Europe has ever seen. I took special interest in quick temperature deviations, indicating as much as a 10 degree Celsius variance within minutes. But what was even more significant were the described “freak storms” which is now a common term used to describe tornado winds without the funnel.

Parts of Europe clocked wind speeds in excess of 150 mph. This event was often described as “the winds seemed to come out of nowhere; it was frightening”.

This type of event indicates the jet stream comes down from as high as 29,000 ft. and dips down to almost ground level. This is often referred to as “hitting the deck”.

In winter and spring, when the tropopause is found at lower altitudes, the jet streams may make large bends as they are influenced by low-altitude pressure systems. These bends create significant weather changes.

So what is it that creates low-altitude pressure? You guessed it! It is the Sun. When the geomagnetic storms hit our magnetic field which surrounds the Earth, it warps to absorb the blow.

When this is done, pressure from the force of our defending magnetic field shoves jet stream winds downward; so far downward at times that it “hits the deck”. This is the makings of a new term phenomenon known as “freak weather”. (see Equation)

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather
and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

Today’s sunspot count is at 168. We are currently experiencing a M-Class flare as of this morning. I expect a CME (coronal mass ejection) to follow some time today.

Over the last 5 days we have had geomagnetic storms hitting us one after the other. They are so close together that we can hardly distinguish the end of one and the beginning of another.

We have seen the rain and wind storms go across our central states. We were also witness to a late season hurricane streak on the east coast. Watch for ‘record breaking’ weather to continue.

I am keeping my eye on a new sunspot region just coming into position on the northwest region of the Sun. It is sunspot number “175”. By tomorrow, we will know more of its potential to harbor M-Class or X-Class flares.

Volcanoes appear to be waking up. It should be of no surprise with the amount of radiation and magnetism that we have experienced over the past several days. This may continue for days and weeks ahead.

For the prophecy minded, keep your eye on Vesuvius. Edgar Cayce believed this would the sign of the beginnings of quick escalation of earth changes.

I had as my guest last Monday, Dr. Buryl Payne – author of “The Body Magnetic”. His interview was absolutely fascinating. He was able to show detailed documented studies which show a direct correlation between sunspot activity and wars.

He went on to show evidence of how magnetic storms affects our nervous system and magnetic bodies. He listed several examples of human symptoms many of us are experiencing today. Conflict and aggression were high on his list; also signs of depression, fatigue, confusion and apathy.

Dr. Payne, along with myself and Dr. Mitchell Gibson MD, are currently working on an outcome study which is showing a higher rate of employees calling in sick, an increase of domestic violence, assault charges, anti-depression subscriptions, and a increasing rate of diagnosed mood and personality disorders.

We will analyze a correlation between human symptomology as mentioned above, with solar cycles as well as other possible influences.

The one element we all agree on is that of “Magnetics”. This seems to be the common thread that weaves through these studies.


Mega Quake Hits Sumatra, Indonesia Measures 7.5 Magnitude…11/02/02
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Here is the location compared to nearby cities: 175 miles (280 km) WSW of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia, 180 miles (290 km) SSE of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia… [snip]

This breaking news event comes right on the heels of the tragedy in Italy when a 5.7 magnitude quake hit just 7 hours after a deadly quake killing 26 children and 3 adults.

As if this was not enough, Mt. Etna continues to heat up with gushing lava from fractures on its southern slope for more than a week, threatening local settlements. The data from space gives the authorities on the ground additional information that they can use to manage the situation.

“The current eruption started on the 17th July but new fractures are opening up all the time,” said Dr Kate Evans-Jones, from the Remote Sensing Data Analysis Service (RSDAS) at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK.

Those in prophecy tell us to watch Mt. Vesuvius. It is said that if Vesuvius goes, then this will be the sign that earth changes will quickly pick up pace, and the world would witness earthquakes in the 8.0 to 9.0 range. Several volcanoes will activate along the ring of fire.

[DW: Here, Battros appears to again be referring to the Edgar Cayce prophecy that equated simultaneous volcanic activity on Etna and Vesuvius with sudden mega-earth change activity.]


Lets take a moment to gain some foundation of current science is telling us today, and compare symptoms and actions against what ancient text has said of these times.

Italian and French researchers have discovered a massive layer of magma eight kilometers (five miles) below Mount Vesuvius, the Italian volcano which last underwent a major eruption in 1944.

The layer is much bigger than they expected and appears to stretch beneath Vesuvius and neighboring volcanoes such as the Phlegraean Fields close to Naples itself.

Paolo Gasparini of the University of Naples Federico II told BBC News Online that he and his colleagues had taken a snapshot of the situation under the mountain. The snapshot does not provide any indication of what will happen beneath Vesuvius in the future, but it does point to a zone which should be monitored for seismic clues.

Seismic survey

“There is a huge amount of available magma under Vesuvius,” he said. “It was really unexpected for the reservoir to be that size.”

Dr Gasparini is part of a European team which carried out surveys of the rock beneath Vesuvius in 1996 and 1997. “We collected a huge amount of data. There has been very extensive work processing the data and interpreting it,” he said.

The team detonated several tons of explosives in over a dozen locations around the mountain and measured the shock waves from the explosions after they passed beneath the volcano. They also let off hundreds of shots from guns aboard a ship in the Bay of Naples.

The layer they found beneath Vesuvius stretches across 400 square kilometers (154 square miles), but they were unable to tell how thick it is. But they are now carrying out more surveys to find out exactly how far it stretches beneath other volcanoes. 

The research is published in the journal Science.

Now, let’s factor in solar activity to see if there could be a correlation between this latest swarm of damaging quakes, and the stream of geomagnetic storms which started 7 days ago.

Is it just a coincidence that October 22nd, 2002 was the beginning of a ten-day swarm of geomagnetic storms? On the Sun, we have had back-to-back M-Class storms, Sharp Electron Flux, CME’s and super-charged solar winds. I am sure our Earth’s magnetic field has been doing double time bouncing away such an onslaught.

I suspect we will be witness to more “freak storms” in the way of high winds which appear to come out of nowhere, causing quite a bit of destruction.

This is caused by the supercharged magnetic storms pounding away on our magnetic field, which in turn ‘warps’ the field around the Earth to where it kind of looks like a cocoon. When this occurs, it pushes the jet stream from its usual 27,000 to 31,000 feet; all the way down ‘to the deck’.

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather
and Human Disruption (Mitch Battros)

This week I have received more emails than ever before telling of how people are feeling. Conflict, anger, rage, depression, feeling disconnected, free floating anxiety, not wanting to go out, apathy, fatigue and a sense of pressure both literally and figuratively.

Is this not further evidence we as humans are indeed connected to the universe in both the good (spirit) and challenging (emotions). I will say as an affirmation for myself, I am a student of “cycles”. As such, I can see the ebb and flow of our mission here on Earth, as well as the Earth (itself) on its journey of growth.

Now add into the equation…Mayan Prophecy. Really, it is better described as a gateway to the other side. After interviewing the last 30 guests over the same 30-week period, 80% ended up having to say something about the interpersonal challenges we are up against today. Right Now! In This Moment!

It is often described as the proverbial “fork in the road”. We have a choice in this very moment to choose a path of familiar, certain, predictable, known, usual, understood… or we can choose the path of change, feeling uneasy, unfamiliar, unsure, grace, humble, different, new, awkward, perceived weakness.

Is there a thread that weaves through both roads? Yes… it is the thread of ego! This has to be every human’s greatest challenge.

Often humility is mistaken for weakness. But I would say that those of humility I have met along my journey have been the ones who scared me the most; not by their intent, but by my not knowing how to handle someone who is not engineered by ego.

They always have a sense of peace about them, are kind, gentle and knowing, and display a keen sense of self. You can’t rattle these people, as they just send the energy right back at you, and without provocation.

However the person on the other side of this energy might certainly perceive it as threatening. Being humble does not exclude emotions. This person can get mad, sad, scared, happy… just like the rest of us. It may have more to do with acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion.

Regarding the Hopis, Anasazi, Dogons, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, Essenes, Tibetans, and the list goes on… our ancestors, or elders, or descendants, is it any surprise that they all share one singleness of purpose or message?

[The message seems to be that] change will come, and then change will come again. Or, one could add… Change will come, and you will be different!

There are some in our ancient history who might have been better storytellers then others; or should I say, better keepers of history. And history tells us we are in the ‘intense’ cycle of change.

What once was may still be here, but now it is different. I believe this is closer to the message than the old idea of “what once was, is no more.” Although this is a true statement as well, it just leaves out all the middle stuff, which is what I would describe as the interpersonal conflict we suffer today.



This article that you are now reading essentially contains a prophecy of trouble in the near future; but this is all a part of the cleansing process.

I myself went through quite an unbelievable ordeal while all these earthquakes were occurring, and that makes me suspect that my own experiences are eventually meant to teach something to my readers; though I want to wait for a while until I am more balanced before publishing any writing about them.

If this latest dream-based political prophecy that you will read here turns out to be correct in the future, it is only another confirmation of so many other documented hits in the past, which are published before they actually happen.

It is important to remember the reading that I posted on September 9 of this year gave detailed information that pointed to the time of Venus going retrograde as being a time when big changes would start happening, and the reading seemed to associate these with a war escalation.

Venus went retrograde on Oct. 10, followed by Saturn going retrograde the next day; and at this exact same time, the resolution for Bush to use military force against Iraq passed through the United States legislative branch of Congress with little resistance; a surprising and unfortunate development to be sure.

The only thing that checked this move was the abrupt worldwide condemnation that surrounded it, especially by political gamesmanship within the UN.

I chose not to write about this connection with the acts of Congress at the time, since it seemed that things were still pretty quiet; but within about 10 days after this, the freak geomagnetic storms, weather disruptions, solar activity and tectonic activity mentioned by Battros began happening, and reached a preliminary peak point with the Alaska earthquake on Nov. 3.

So what exactly is going on to create all these changes? Students of my third book Divine Cosmos should know. The cause, as we have said before, is the Solar System increasingly penetrating into an area of higher energetic “density” in the galaxy; an area that is more highly charged. The Sun then absorbs and dissipates these charges out into the planetary system.



As described in the last two books of the Convergence series freely published on my website, the core of the Earth is actually composed of luminous energy, not molten metal.

The Earth continually absorbs new energy from the Sun, energy known to the Russians as “torsion fields,” and this causes the pressure in the core to steadily increase; and this in turn is heating the oceans and causing the El Nino effect and a melting of the polar icecaps.

Sometimes, however, there is a sudden spike in the energy levels streaming into the Earth, and this can be caused by certain astrological alignments, which have very real energetic effects in this new model.

When the levels suddenly spike, some of the luminous core material is compressed so highly that it displaces into a higher “density.” In this model, that is equivalent to what is commonly called a dimensional shift.

Once this happens to an area of the Earth’s luminous core, a bubble of energy disappears from our physical “density,” and rotational inertia causes the bubble to fly away from the center of the Earth; as in a higher aetheric density it is no longer encumbered by the pressure of the physical matter in the Earth.

However, within a short time of flying away from the center of the Earth it releases its excess energetic pressure and dips back down to our own density. When it does this, it is still at the blazing-hot temperatures at the surface of the Sun, and an explosive release of energy is created in the Earth along major fault lines, causing earthquakes and volcanic activity.

In some cases the bright bubbles make it all the way to the surface, where they are seen as ‘plasmoids’ according to the Russian scientific community or “UFO sightings” to most of those in the West. These plasma formations often accompany earthquake and volcanic activity, as we have documented.

So again, as there is a sudden increase in solar energy output, earthquakes and volcanic activities result. In turn, these higher instreaming energetic levels have a direct effect on the mass consciousness of humanity, since the new energy coming in is of a higher quality of love.

We have shown extensively how the Universe itself is composed of an intelligent, loving energy, and this instreaming energy is continually purging unloving structures in human consciousness, both in the individual and collective level. This often comes about through rather sudden and disruptive upheavals.

It is very interesting to see that there were such tremendous earthquakes going on during the same time that I was having a very difficult experience caused by lack of sleep and 16 to 18 hour days of travel where I was not told what I would be doing or how long it would take.

Now I have got quite a sickness, but I wanted to publish this dream anyway. I did remember having the sensation of a trembling feeling in the Earth during these experiences, and the thought did occur to me that an earthquake had occurred, but so much other stuff was happening to me that I hardly had time to reflect on it.

I do feel that once again, similar to the experience of a glass breaking in my hand 11 months earlier, I went through a uniquely traumatic and difficult set of experiences as some sort of prophetic statement about the mass initiation that humanity itself is going through at this time.

It does seem that things are reaching a peak now, and that this was the point that the dream was trying to express. The prophecy connection appears to indicate that some really major and bloody changes are going to occur in the US in the not-too-distant future.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the group in power in the US is indeed very religious, but it is a religion that most people would strongly disagree with were they to know of it.

The religious zeal to create a “New World Order” of “Illumined” dictatorship is what is fueling these problems. Similar to what I experienced in my own personal “initiation,” the public is being led around in a blind and dizzy state by these political / religious forces, and the implications with the dream that you are about to read is that it is going to get worse, including war, before it gets better.

My final decision to act out about what was happening to me personally seems to represent a future mass revolt that will occur against this tyranny, even more so than at present.

The dream also implies that this negative elite is self-destructing, as my readings have so often indicated, and that like many other empires it is doomed to collapse; sooner rather than later.

Smelyakov’s data suggests a timeline of 2003 for when this will occur, and though it seems so soon, I’m not willing to write it off; especially given the grotesque gravity of a dream like this, coupled by my own unique experiences.

Here is the raw data of this morning’s dream for context:


Wednesday 11 / 6 / 02 — 6:56 am

D: Since I am going through an illness at the present time, caused by a series of uniquely difficult experiences for me in this lifetime that only ended on Monday night, I am still feeling sick as I wake up.

This is the second time I have awakened with pain in the lungs and throat, but in reality it is probably just mucus being thrown off with the toxins in it, and once I sit with it for a while, things will get better.

(This is already starting to happen by the end of the next paragraph, and my throat does seem to be somewhat better. More sleep will be a necessity today.)

This dream was really scary. Part of it is obviously about human self-destructive tendencies in general, and a part of this is obviously personal, given what I went through; but the dream’s metaphors far exceed that of just my own life.

The ending in particular was so grotesque regarding personal suicide, complete with a tank shell through someone’s chest, huge blood and then the blood being sucked up and away with verses of Revelations in white italics against in the background, that I am almost convinced that this is speaking of another terrorist attack by the US against its own country in the near future to provide impetus to war.

Perhaps it still will not happen, but we are being alerted to the fact that “they” are going to try to do it. All the imagery of a big jock, of trying to sell his products to others but having bad business, the military aspects right at the end with a soldier-aged teenage punk kid also doing himself in, does not bode well.

Perhaps they have planned to do something shortly after the election, since the public was onto them doing anything before that time. After all, the election is tomorrow at the time I have this dream. This is such an urgent matter that I am immediately posting this data to the discussion group and website.



  • The key theme was established at the end and there are many connections to the US
  • There was a big muscle man, not too smart but with a big ego
  • I found out rather early in the game that he had stabbed himself with a yellow mechanical pencil
  • He plunged it into his leg and broke off an inch of exposed lead
  • Supposedly this lead was so toxic that it would kill him
  • I did see this directly as if experiencing it
  • They called “911” (hint hint) and he was taken to the hospital by ambulance
  • However, the hospital took care of it and he recovered, but he still had the mental sickness


  • He had some connection to the occult, to channeling
  • At some points he was compared to a mainstream channeler who has gotten good media exposure but who I consider to be basically a fraud
  • [I was told at one time that this man’s psychic abilities came about through an extremely traumatic death by fire in a past life, which caused his mind to split]


  • In this case, the man had a video game room with classic arcade games that I was playing
  • I found out that he had created his own media outlet
  • On this media outlet, he was advertising his products
  • The products seemed to involve relatively pornographic and violent movies
  • Also he seemed to be a motivational speaker / jock type


  • There was also the mystical side; he was advertising himself as a psychic


  • On his show, he called up an apparently talented psychic woman, but who I sensed was obese and quite messed up in her personal life
  • She may have also been Latino
  • At first he was asking her questions and seemed respectful
  • Then there was a disruption on the line of some sort that caused her voice to cut out
  • He didn’t look any different and it was only about six seconds
  • Nevertheless, when she came back on he acted like he had dissociated into a trance state
  • He began speaking with a Latino accent, specifically Mexican
  • It was supposed to be this great thing that he was doing the channeling
  • To me it was very silly and he looked like a complete fraud


  • After I saw his videotape both he and his wife were lamenting
  • They had their own media outlet and they were trying to sell their ideas
  • However the public wasn’t buying it


  • Hence he had already committed a quasi-suicidal act in the past with the pencil
  • Now things had gotten even worse than what made him hurt himself before; much worse
  • He was talking about hurting himself yet again, even worse than the last time


  • I had Sabrina’s yellow car, and it was filled with mechanical pencils
  • I needed to drive him for some emergency reason in the car
  • I hastily tried to get rid of all the pencils once I saw them there
  • (DV: “I came to see you”)
  • Nevertheless, I think he found one, grabbed it and stabbed himself yet again
  • The yellow color of the pencils indicates this is a third-chakra issue
  • Hence it deals with the manipulation and control of others to benefit the self
  • Hence these self-destructive acts are intended to create greater control and selfish benefit


  • Shortly after this, a young punk-type kid showed up at the man’s dark office
  • He seemed to be very interested in the violence and porn, the whole thing that the man offered
  • He also was willing to commit suicide, taking the man’s lead
  • So that is exactly what he did
  • Right after the man stabbed himself with the pencil again, the kid did something even worse


  • Suddenly I am seeing the kid with a huge tank shell, fully 5 inches wide and three feet long, buried halfway through his chest
  • Blood was literally everywhere
  • The man seemed to commit his final suicide act at the same time as well, causing excessive blood
  • In fact, there was so much blood that I couldn’t believe I was seeing it and wanted to get away from it; just terrifying


  • Then all the blood suddenly started getting sucked up into the sky like by a giant vacuum cleaner or something
  • This made the scene even worse and I really did not want to look at this point, even though it all started disappearing


  • Then my vision closed in on a slow-motion view of the blood itself against a black background, which was easier to see
  • All the thick blood was being cleansed from the area, rising up into the heavens
  • In the background I was seeing certain verses from Revelations
  • They were written in white italic style letters and would fade in and fade back out
  • They seemed most directly related to the idea of a massive crisis, then healing on Earth
  • After this, I awoke, and realized almost immediately that it was prophetic.


This dream really is a no-brainer on the surface of it. The big muscle man represents the US.

The US elite has indeed created its own media outlet to advertise, and indeed it is in a severe economic crisis at this time.

The method of suicide was a mechanical pencil, possibly indicating that it all has to do with mathematics, i.e. the financial markets, and / or politics, the writing of new laws and new policies for war and imperialism.

Almost every other country’s support for these agendas is eroding as well as that within the US, hence the statement from the man in the dream that no one wanted to buy his products.

When we deal with the idea of an Illuminati in power with a negatively-oriented system of occult religious beliefs, we learn that violent and pornographic video games and movies is one of the big “products” that they are trying to sell to the public to get them to polarize more negatively.

There is also the question of the obviously fake Godlike abilities that the man was pretending to have. The elites have certainly tried to whip up a cult of personality with their media outlets around the leaders.

The connection with Mexico is not clear at this time, but this might be one of those prophecies that makes sense after it already has happened.

The psychic woman may represent the “lapdog” media that goes along with whatever the negative elite wants out of fear. In the case of this dream, the guy was obviously a fraud, but the woman went right along with it the whole time.

Recently News Max carried a story about a woman who accurately predicted the Washington DC sniper attacks, including the fact that a blue car was responsible.

Now, without being specific, she is claiming to be seeing something that is apparently quite bad about Bush and Cheney, but she is unwilling to go public about it as she has told the secret services what was going on.

This makes me think that it could be some kind of assassination attempt that she is foreseeing, but this dream indicates it could just be that they start a very stupid war by creating yet another “terrorist” attack on the US.

I am aware that Sherman Skolnick ( ) has recently been saying that something big and bad, very socially disruptive, might happen quite soon after the elections. Skolnick is probably the best source for those who are blowing the whistle in advance on Illuminati plans, as he has a number of trusted contacts.

This dream data seems to give a very strong confirmation to his political insider prophecies. A dream this directly violent may well indicate that it is a short-term rather than a long-term prophecy; I will need to gather additional data as time goes on to be sure of this, but there is reason to believe that it will be before the end of this year, possibly before the end of November.

It definitely seems to lead to war, as the young punk at the age bracket of 18 years old was willing to take a tank shell through his chest when the main jock wanted to commit suicide. Also, the dramatic presentation of lines from Revelations indicates the “Biblical” nature of the events that are being prophesied.

We must realize that if something like this happens, it is all part of a cleansing and leveling process, essentially wiping the slate clean and purging the negative influence that has infested the Earth and its governments.

Hence the dream showed all the blood being lifted away once the big events happened, and the prophecy statements from Revelations including those showing how there will be a new heaven and new earth show that all of this is part of the unfortunate necessity that occurs on the way to true healing.

I will add further updates as we go, since this is potentially discussing a very, very big issue on the world stage. In the meantime I think it is wise to realize that any step in this direction is a step closer to the energetic shift that we have all been waiting for.

I wish you peace and blessings as you move through your experiences and glean the love and wisdom that can be found in them. Let us remember that there is an inevitable positive conclusion to these events, personally and globally, regardless of how it appears at the time.

– David