Wilcock Reading 12/05/02

By David Wilcock

Conducted by Wynn Free

– Internet publication 12/19/02 –


DW: We communicate now through the entity known as David Wilcock, and we are ready for your first question.

WF: Thank you. Could you explain how in the cosmos you are able to communicate through David?

DW: This material has been covered before, but we shall speak briefly on this point. The connection that we have is what we have previously referred to as a narrow band vibration.

This means that the degree to which the in-streaming energies penetrate through the vehicles or layers of the soul within the entity to whom we are speaking requires a very precise bandwidth, if you will, of frequency.

This necessitates an extreme purity in the workings and on behalf of the entity doing said channeling process.

This does then indicate the degree of difficulty to which such a connection much be secured, by virtue of the fact that it is not a wide stream of available focus.

In many other cases of channeling, there is the opportunity for the entity involved to have some degree of free will choice over the wordings and over the precisions of thoughts and how they are expressed in their various forms through language as the vehicle.

In this case, however, we feed the words into David’s mind complex through a very precise process, and each of these words are very carefully chosen.

This is the difference, and it requires a higher form of attenuation and focus than other forms of channeling that allow for a greater degree of flexibility, fluidity and improvisation in the status and nature of the working as such. Does this answer your question, my brother?

WF: Yes, it does. Thank you. On our planet right now, we seem to be in a place of uncertainty in the world. People are afraid of things that are going to happen. People don’t know about the future.

The particular topic for this article that this interview is covering is concerning the world in 2003, the changes that are happening in the world and how people can relate to them. Is that too general to present to have you discourse on?

DW: We do find that the question bears enough resemblance to an appropriate query as to be worthy of some degree of litigation at this point. So we shall proceed as planned.

The litigation that we refer to is that legal work in one who would seek to engender the Law of One in mind, body and spirit focus.

This focus then redirects one’s vital energies toward the seeking of the Original Creative Thought that unifies the universe in a way that no other thought has or ever will. This Original Thought is that of unity, of love and wisdom as the paired components of the photons which then form your physical reality system.

Understand that the vibratory qualities of your sphere have been in flux for some measure of your years of time, as you would think of it.

These changes revolve around the passage of your galaxy, or what you would refer to as solar system, into a higher level of aetheric density in which you would refer to as your galaxy of the Milky Way.

These zones of energetic density are naturally layered in such a fashion as to appear to be like the pinwheel spiral when seen from the northern galactic pole looking downward.

These zones of energetic density are also corresponding with frequencies of consciousness and levels of development within said consciousness.



Bringhurst 2000 crop formation diagram




Julia Set diagram by David Wilcock, with photo from Crop Circle Connector

All images courtesy the Crop Circle Connector


We have spoken before about the degree to which these changes have resulted in the appropriate adjustments to the DNA of the physical bodily form. This is a natural consequence of the changing structures that you are passing into.

Many of those upon your plane who have studied these matters have already been investigating concepts related to DNA evolution as such.

Thus it is wise to state the importance of the underlying consideration that there is a fundamental evolution occurring within the human bodily physical as such, and that this evolution is one that occurs at a speed chosen by the physical entity itself by its attitude, emotions and behavioral patterns — the expression of the inner light to the outer sphere of existence.

These patterns of behavior are that which determines the polarity or the degree of intensity of light emanations from said entity. Those who can withstand a higher degree of light emanations are capable of allowing in the more complex and higher organized energetic in-streaming qualities that are creating this energetic shift in the DNA molecule.

We do want you to be aware of the fact that we have indicated already that 2003 is to be a very important year in your physical term. This is due to the underlying qualities of vibration that have come about through the imploding cycle of that discovered by Dr. Sergey Smelyakov.

This cycle is complete at the time of the end of your Mayan calendar, as it is known; the appropriate time being that of the winter solstice in the year 2012 as it is now measured in your illusion.

Be aware of the fact that the 2012 period can be thought of as a boundary between two vibratory levels, much as would there be a boundary between the water and the oil when the oil is poured on top of water and allowed to reach a rest state.

This boundary does then create ripples of vibration, much as do the ripples form on the undisturbed surface of a pond when a small stone has been plunged inward.

These ripples are in the form of, what you would call, standing waves, meaning that they have a discrete position. This position is then moved through as your solar system moves closer and closer to the actual point of distinction between the two vibratory levels, which, as we have called it, is much akin to the boundary between oil and water in a resting state.

Understand therefore that these ripples are naturally partitioned away from the conclusion point by the cycle known as “Phi.”

Specifically, those of the Confederation who worked with your peoples of the Mayan sphere did then give said Mayan calendar cycle of approximately 5,125 of your years in length to indicate not only a linear cycle, but a fractal or imploding cycle as well.

Bearing this in mind, the discovery of Dr. Smelyakov was simply to take the beginning and ending point of the said Mayan calendar cycle and to separate this cycle into partitions such that they are divided by “Phi” with a spiral imploding toward 2012.

As this research has already propounded, we do then see that these areas where there is a crossing point do represent vibrational upliftments.

This is rather simple to explain on the face of it. If you were to take, say, a guitar string, and pinch the guitar string in such a fashion as to separate it into two lengths, then what you would do with the “Phi ratio” is separate the string in such a way that one part of the string is measured with a unit of one, and the longer part of the string is measured with the unit of 1.618. This is the fundamental “Phi ratio.”

If you then can see the linear distance that you are traveling from the beginning point in time of the Mayan calendar cycle to the ending point of the Mayan calendar cycle, then what you would do is divide the distance that your solar system has traveled by the “Phi ratio,” just as we had mentioned with the guitar string.

When this is done, you can then divide the smaller unit or the length of one into the “Phi ratio” once again. And then take the corresponding level of vibration and divide it by “Phi” once again. As this is done the spiral approaches infinity, and the point of infinite regression or implosion is reached by the end of the year 2012 as you would name it.

So what you must then see is that these division points, like the dividing of the guitar string in terms of the length that your solar system traverses through said galaxy, does then have discrete vibratory differences at said points of division.

These vibratory differences do then equate with an increase in the overall frequency of consciousness and the overall development of human civilizations.

It is for this reason that Dr. Smelyakov’s research did discern that there were discrete effects caused by moving through said bifurcation points, as he called them. At the times of these bifurcation points, there are a number of factors that happen.

It is important for us to explain these factors now as you see that the year 2003 represents the next bifurcation point that your solar system will be encountering. As we have said, this does then mean that your solar system is arriving at a vibrational ripple or interval that is a discrete change upward, a discrete shift into a higher octave or sub-octave of vibration, if you will.

The previous occasion where such a bifurcation point had occurred was between your years 1990 and 1991. It does then correspond with the fall of the Soviet Union, as you would then think of it.

Dr. Smelyakov’s research has shown that each time a bifurcation point is reached, the largest empires on the earth at the time experience sudden collapses and are no more, and that within the rubble of said collapses, the seeds of new civilizations, new worlds, are formed — new cultures.

So you must understand that on the social level there is what appears to be collapse and disharmony and disillusionment. However, we do then see that these empires are founded on principles of greed, maximized profit, and power over others for the benefit of the self.

And thus these changes do then correspond to an overall upliftment of the human collective vibration as such as it strives further and further toward that oneness that all entities truly seek deep in the heart.

We do then see that there are corresponding changes in the earth’s physical garment as this does then have a direct corollary to the level of consciousness.

There are those earthquakes that are of the most destructive variety, as well as other concomitant earth changes.

We do then see that in your year 2003 there will be earth changes of more intense varieties than what you have heretofore experienced. We are not speaking of large land mass inundations per se, but rather of an intensification of the trends that have already been visible whether you are dealing with large storm systems, volcanic activity, earthquake activity, tornadoes, et cetera.

It is important to also be aware of the fact that at the time of these bifurcation points, there are also mass advances in consciousness.

There have been the advent of new systems for measuring time (new calendars). There have also been the advent of those spiritual teachers who would step forward on the world stage and make large changes in the way that the mass mind is able to see itself and its relation to the Oneness.

The various spiritual teachers of your past have landed squarely on these bifurcation points with very few exceptions, and this includes your Jesus of Nazareth.

So bear in mind that there will be decided advances in the quality and the understanding of spiritual consciousness within the human civilization as such.

These decided advances will come about not only from disclosure of previously mysterious and covert secrets regarding both ancient civilizations and future civilizations visiting your world; they will also take the form of the realizations of wrongdoing on behalf of the mass public, such that those unhealthy structures that have formed strictures in the flexibility and freedom of consciousness on your plane will then be purged and appropriately cleansed.

These purgings and cleansings do not come about simply because those of your plane have asked for them. Rather, they must be met through the degree to which karma is a universal principle.

It is important to understand that there are irreversible consequences to the Law of Cause and Effect. Namely, causes are created and effects must, by virtue of the Law of One, be meted out to the appropriate proportion to balance the original cause. This is the principle of the preservation of free will in action.

And thus what you see is that the prevailing climate, though somewhat negative, does not have the free will request in place to warrant the total manipulation and enslavement of the world under a New World Order, as it has been called.

And thus you will see the crumbling and disillusion of these plans for domination and enslavement.

This will not be something that is easy for many to watch. It will lead to a fundamental change in the status of day-to-day living as you now think of it.

We do want you to be aware that though these changes are rather rapid in their onset, they are indeed manageable.

You can take a valuable lesson from observing and discussing with those who you may know who have had hardship in their lives or adversity in their past: those who have dealt with those times when perhaps the rent could not be paid on time, or perhaps there were those occasions that required the moving to a less expensive domicile.

Understand that though these changes will result in certain degrees of upheaval, the average person will indeed have the opportunity to continue a life that is high in quality.

There will the opportunity to shed many of the attachments to the material world for gratification and desire as the degree of choices that you now have will become more limited throughout this coming year, as you think of it.

Be aware of the fact that there will be the opportunity to confront the illusions that have been portrayed by the mass media. This does then correlate with the opportunity for each entity to confront the illusions that self has posed before the self.

To speak in a more layman’s way, we are referring to the fact that it is all too easy for you to lie to yourself. It is all too easy to hide your own shortcomings or apparent distortions from your conscious mind.

It is all too easy to see yourself in an unflinchingly positive light and in so doing to blind yourself with rose-colored glasses to some of the distortions that have persisted in the attitudes that you have towards others and towards yourself, and the behaviors that are then carried out as the result of these attitudes.

Bear in mind that this energetic shift or bifurcation point that occurs in your year 2003 is the time of the telling of the truth. It is the time of the coming of great spiritual teachers.

Do not be expecting one person to fulfill this role in some quasi-Messianic form, but rather understand that it is you who is fulfilling the Messianic role.

It is you who reads these words who now has the opportunity to step up to the plate and to receive the pitch and to possibly have a grand slam, if you will. [You can] then allow the first, second and third bases, or in this case chakra levels to be cleared, such that you may then reach home plate, or the fourth chakra.

[This is] the arrival back to the heart, to the center that is found in the stillness of self when the mind may be opened like a door, and the true essence of being has been apprehended.

This is a time when you will need to have that silence in order to avoid becoming caught up in the mass consensus reality of fear as it is then expressed.

It is wise to be aware of the degree to which you can be susceptible to mass consciousness influences and not realize that these influences are permeating your mind / body / spirit complex.

It is often the case that you think your emotions are your own, and you are not adequately paying attention to the cosmological factors that are affecting your attitudes and behaviors.

Of course, we are referring to astrology, but what we are dealing with in 2003 goes well beyond any planetary conjunction within your own solar system as you call it.

What we are dealing with is a galactic astrology. It is the bifurcation point that is being traversed as you move closer and closer toward the 2012 implosion, as you can think of it, or the Omega Point.

This bifurcation point does then allow for there to be a vibrational uplift of your DNA structure.

As this DNA upgrade occurs, there are those qualities of vibration that do then change your physical organism to a higher level of understanding.

This does then mean that you may find yourself unable to stomach some of the lesser foods that you would have consumed in the past, and that these foods no longer suit you. This is one natural consequence of the rising of the DNA vibration and the evolution and unwinding of the molecule as such.

[3/12/09: We are now just eight days away from the next ‘bifurcation point’ — and as I have been updating this article I have been experiencing great difficulty with my stomach, based on something I ate that I definitely knew I shouldn’t have!] 

We also find that there are other levels of vibratory change that are commensurate with the degree of faith that you possess. This faith is a measure of your understanding of truth.

In your plane, because of the degree of disillusionment that is wrought by the third density as the illusion that you are now existing in, it is all too easy to think that faith is something that must be aspired to.

[You may think faith is] something that must be sought after, something that must be apprehended with great care and with great diligence, to then beat back the flames of self denial that would seek to burn up your positive attitude — and then leave the charred cinders of fear, which do then have their destructive qualities in their toxic producing effects on the body physical.

We do then encourage you to recognize that faith is simply an understanding of the truth of the workings of the universe, and in and of itself it is but a natural harmony with the Oneness in creation.

We do want you to be aware of the fact, as we have said before, that karma is an immutable law.

Thus it is a fact that all of the wrongdoings that you have seen on your plane will be purged.

This will seem almost surreal as it starts to happen, by the very fact that your media structures have made it appear all too impenetrable, and that many crucial truths have been subverted or otherwise covered up in the print media.

These changes that you see will be leading to changes within your brothers and sisters as they can begin to contemplate the possibility that the present administration is less than forthcoming about its own ulterior motives.

So too may these entities realize in themselves the degree to which they have been less than forthcoming with their own dark side.

Ultimately we do not request that you dislike your negative elite, but rather see that it through accepting them as they are that you will then be able to accept those parts of yourself that still exist in blindness and disillusionment.

You can recognize that we of the Confederation have as our duty and responsibility to insure that the karma is meted out in its appropriate form. So therefore your job is simply to beam the light/love vibration to these entities and to recognize that they exist in a state of confusion.

[Recognize] that even though they possess the secret teachings of all ages, they have lacked something very fundamental — the understanding of the all-important, melting influence of love to harmonize and blend together many distortions and to again reunify the One Infinite Creator.

It is this fundamental philosophy of deism, of the idea that God had started the universe and then left it to work by its own natural laws that will be overturned, as it is then seen that this unifying principle of the sympathetic vibrations do then indicate how humanity as a whole continues to strive towards a greater balance.

And it is a balance that is gained not be manipulating and controlling others and seeking them to follow your way, your truth, your life, but rather to accept them as they are.

It was the teachings of the man Jesus that said, “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.” Is it not so difficult to see that loving thy neighbor also was intended to mean, “Love your neighboring countries, your neighboring cultures and their religious traditions — and honor them and respect them as they are?”

These polarizations and fractionalizations between various religious structures is another barrier or boundary that will become more transparent in what you would call the future at this time, by virtue of the fact that there is a unity that is acquired through mutually shared catalysts, or in this case what you would call suffering. We do not see it as suffering, and you do not need to choose to see it as suffering either.

It is very valuable to recognize that you can see experience as experience. Recognize that the experience itself is neither “good” nor “bad,” but simply is. It is then your choice as to how you will label said experiences.

There are those in your civilization of America, (as most of these readers are Americans,) who do then see a job in a factory as one of the closest opportunities to experience “hell,” as you would think of it, that exists.

Whereas, we do then see that one from a third world country who won a visa to work in the United States might then see the wages of the factory and the relative simplicity of the work as being a Godsend that knows no parallel, compared to the $2.00-a-week salary that may be gained in their own sphere of influence.

So therefore, it is always wise to always keep perspective about these matters. If you stub your toe and feel the pain and become very distraught by this, recognize that there are others who have broken legs who would gladly accept the pain of your toe in comparison.

Similarly if you find yourself in a place where you have lost your finances or your material goods to some degree, recognize what you still have.

It is also wise to recognize that the time of ascension is coming, and that this is only a temporary phase. It is wise to meditate on the fact that whatever castles of sand you have mounded up for yourself, they will indeed be swept away by the tide and once again return to the ocean of Oneness from whence you sprang.

You, yourself, are but a droplet in this ocean, and when you re-assimilate back into the Oneness at the time of ascension there will be no ability to take any of your treasures of the physical with you.

Instead we find that those treasures that you have mounded up for yourself in the afterlife have been brought about not through the winning of the physical game, not through the glamour, through the popularity and through the financial wherewithal, but rather through the love and acceptance of others as you love and accept yourself.

It is this that then expands your bank balance, if you will, and you will be surprised when you go into the higher realms to see that these treasures in heaven have been measured out in such a fashion.

Many of those who become preoccupied with the seeking of greater and greater forms of wealth have actually spent very little time putting away their savings in this bank of the higher realms, so to speak.

And thus, though they may be rich within this lifetime in terms of the physical assets of monetary gain, as you would think of it, when they pass from this sphere of influence, they may find a great paucity of energetic charge in their account, as you may think of it.

Understand, therefore, that there will be enormous opportunities to be of service to others. Understand also that there may be the opportunities for others to be as your own angel.

Recognize that if you request and petition on behalf of these higher forces to have Divine assistance granted to you, that it shall be granted unto you in proportion to the degree to which you have had a desire to seek the light and to radiate it out to others from your own sphere of influence.

Bearing this in mind, you can then see how it is that you have the opportunity for miracles to occur. It is by your free will that you may request these miracles.

It is by the overall harmony that you share with those around you that there will be the cooperative production of a more satisfactory state of living, such that the difficulties and bumps in the road can be averted and you can stay on course, such that your takeoff for ascension is indeed smooth and you experience little turbulence.

We hope that we have painted a rather adequate picture of what the year 2003 will bring. We deny going into any more specifics than this, for there are a variety of probability vortexes at this time — and there are enough variations in the script as to render any attempt to nail down more accurate timelines irrelevant.

The overall point that you should understand and assimilate is that you will see an unprecedented change in the way that world civilization is working in this coming year.

You will also see an unprecedented change within yourself. You will have the opportunity to experience that dark night of the soul, that experience that does then test your resolve to the highest level.

Be not afraid as you must face the self, for this is a time to become more and more aware of the true essence of your being and to harmonize with that essence in a way that was never before possible.

It is a time to be honest with yourself, for there are no lies that can be kept from the higher forces.

If your garments are soiled, we see every stain. We can identify it, categorize it and break it down into a linear timeline such that we know exactly when and how it got started.

We know your subconscious motivations surrounding it and we know what will need to be done in order to alleviate those distortions within your mind, body and spirit.

Bearing this in mind, you can see the interconnectedness of all beings, and you can recognize that you are in the process of becoming harmonized with the Oneness such that you can attain that original state of consciousness for yourself.

In order to do this, there is a process of sacrifice. There is a process of letting go. There is a purification.

Purifying your emotions often times means that you allow yourself to cry, and that you are not so willing to wipe away the tears immediately, but rather allow them to stay on your face long enough that you can feel the wetness and you can allow yourself to experience the joy and upliftment of release.

What you are releasing is the parts of yourself that have been condemning, and have been judgmental of yourself and of others. For, as you already know, one irreversible piece of metaphysical wisdom is that to hurt others or to judge others is to hurt or judge the self.

This is a time of relaxation. This is a time where many of the strictures that have bound you in your life will be brought away and you will have an opportunity to experience less chaos, less trauma. It is a time whereby you can learn to tune out the influence of the mass mind that is focused on fear.

It is a time to break your habit patterns. Recognize the ways in which you have lived your life that will lead to the energetic waste through routines, when these routines have no longer been of any use to you but rather exist as habits and addictions, as such.

This is a time when those of you who are addicted to certain physical products will not be able to have those products anymore due to interruptions of supply chains.

Allow these to fall away with a degree of thanksgiving, for the understanding is that with the falling away of said distortions there is a greater degree of equanimity and balance that is attained within the inner self which does then precipitate to the outer self, leading to a greater vibrancy and energetic upliftment within the body physical.

We do have time for another question.

WF: Well, I guess a last question would be, “Everyone has the challenge of overcoming their fear and particularly the fear of death, which I guess is the ultimate challenge on this realm.

If one should happen to experience a dropping of the physical body before 2012, and they’re working on clearing their karmic patterns so that their hearts can be opened and they’re in that process and they happen to drop the body due to some calamity on the physical realm, how will that impact their own evolution in the ascension process?”

DW: We will speak to this query as follows. Understand that [in regarding] those who would pass from the bodily physical prior to the time of the entrance into fourth density or the crossing of the waterline as we have spoken of it, [we are speaking of] a time that knows no exact boundary. It is a time of a holding space.

When the bodily physical is shed, as it were, there is that transitory period that will be spent in one of the various spherical planes surrounding your physical earth known as the afterlife state. It is within this state that there will be then the waiting for the time of ascension to occur.

Speaking in more generalities to the query that you have mentioned, we may give a few additional thoughts.

Recognize that death is but an illusion and that there is an unbroken continuity of experience that you will be returning to at the time of the passage from said body physical.

Recognize that this unbroken continuity is of a higher degree of wisdom, light and love than that which you have experienced in the physical, for you will be returning to the part of yourself that has programmed all of your dreams, as well as all of your experiences, such as to produce the greater desire to seek the light.

It is from this place that you will then be able to view the relative degree of success that you have had in working out your karmic patterns and your distortions within the lifetime as such.

The question also spoke to the various changes in your physical earth as such, and how these will impact the ascension process.

We want to again remind you, as we have often stated before, that prior to the time of ascension there will be that of the shifting of the poles. Prior to the time of the shifting of the poles, there will be what we refer to as a mass boarding event, whereby we will arrive in your skies and allow those who are ready to come with us.

Those who are ready will be petitioned as such where there will be an experience of a greeting of some sort. It is this greeting that will be most explicitly inspirational and uplifting to the physical entity as it will correspond to that which is of most religious significance or spiritual significance for that entity’s vibratory pattern throughout the physical sojourn.

This inspirational uplifting experience does then take the form of an invitation, and it is important that the decision then be made rather quickly as time is short.

This is the time where you cannot take anything with you, and you have to be willing to step forward and proceed.

This time will be occurring in the now, and thus the now is all you have. It is the now when you are reading these words, and it will be that same now that you experience when we invite you to come with us.

At that time you must not hesitate. You must be ready to go, or else you will stay behind for the resulting changes on the physical earth which may be of a more traumatic variety.

[3/12/09: This part of the reading seems to have been distorted… my conscious mind may have been too close to the surface here and probably interfered to some degree.]

Understand that all will be given the opportunity to proceed but few will chose to do so because they fear… (tape flips)

WF: Okay, go ahead.

DW: Understand that there will be those who do not proceed for they fear that there is some evil or deception that is taking place, and they understand only that which tells them, “This is trick. This is a trap. This is not what I want. I don’t believe you.”

We are fully prepared for this, and thus those who choose automatically to be ready will be those who have meditated and prepared in advance for this experience, not to happen in some ill-defined and never reached future, but rather in the now.

And thus we encourage you to seek ascension in the now. Recognize that each breath lifts you higher and closer to the One Infinite Creator.

You can think of this much as a form of levitation, for it is the levity that is brought into your life: the ability to laugh at the problems or alleged problems and see them simply as opportunities to move past those strictures that have held you back before, and allow you to attain higher and higher degrees of fulfillment for yourself and for others.

Recognize that you can allow the pain to simply be another experience, and move through those experiences.

Recognize that you must be thinking more concretely about what you are leaving behind and about packing your bags if you are to be fully prepared for this change that is coming.

You must not fall into the trap of feeling that you are not good enough for something like this, or that it will never be truly be attained because you have wanted it so long that you have almost given up on the idea that it could ever be possible.

It will happen. It will be real. It will be right now, and you will need to make a choice rather quickly. And thus it is wise to prepare yourself.

Therefore, it is good to clear your accounts with the physical. This is much in the same sense as one would go through if they were aware that they were going to be shedding the physical body through a natural death process.

We do not encourage you to think of this as death, for that is the distortion, not the truth.

The truth, rather, is to see it as the step of graduation — the moving out of a plane that is often full of sorrow and suffering and into a much higher and lighter form of vibration, a form that has much more harmony, a form that is actually closer to the dream state, which in turn is closer to the true essence of the Creation as it is then expressed.

We do want you to be hopeful and joyous about this change, to recognize that all of the surreal and violent experiences that are being brought forth on the physical plane are then the fulfillment of prophecies that we have diligently imparted to your spiritual teachers for many thousands of your years, as you measure time.

You can seek out these prophecies in their various forms such as in the Hindu Vedas and the Christian mythologies, et cetera, and you can find validations.

You can find that the exact conditions that you now see in the world around you have been described by these sages of old for many, many, many of your years. And thus you can see that this is not a time to fear, but rather a time to be enthusiastic.

The conscious mind will not be able to see how it is possible that the problems that you see on the planet could ever be rectified or healed, but rest assured that in the higher mind, in the higher self, these problems are easily taken care of.

Harvest and ascension is a process that has occurred on many, many third-density planets in the past, and though this planet is rather unique by virtue of the blending of souls therein, this harvest is also a process that has been rehearsed and brought through many, many times before.

And thus, regardless of whatever wild cards are thrown into the deck, we are more than adequately prepared to insure that the harvest occurs without bruise or blemish to the fruit.

You are the fruit, of course, you who read these words, who have been diligently working on uplifting your own vibrations and seeking a greater degree of fulfillment in the joy that is brought forth when you can serve others and feel that smile, the joy of giving, or the spirit of Christmas.

It is the birth of the Christ within yourself that is coming through at this time. It is the understanding that it is you who will be growing into that fourth density earth that is now forming, as you are the earth. By virtue of the fact that you participate in its consciousness, you are also participating in its evolution.

Rest well in the knowledge that all is well, and as the Master Jesus once said, see that you not be troubled.

We thank you, and we do eagerly await the time that you shall approach the throne of the Divine and thus sign your name on the Akashic records, thus freeing yourself from the obligations in third density and allowing you to move forth into higher realms and vibrations.

We thank you and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. It is at this time that we shall bring close to these workings.

Peace be with you in the light of everlasting love. Adonai and Amen. We require a period of approximately two-and-one/half minutes to reintegrate David’s consciousness into this physical form.

WF: Thank you.