Bob Lazar was the first great UFO / Area 51 insider to explode onto the scene back in 1989. Now, 30 years later, he has resurfaced in a must-see new movie — Bob Lazar, Area 51 and Flying Saucers.

No one had heard about Area 51 and reverse-engineered spacecraft before Lazar. In many ways, he is the godfather of the disclosure movement.

Heavily attacked and defamed, Lazar retreated into obscurity, never profiting off of his claims and making a living running a chemical supply company.



It is very interesting to see Lazar finally be willing to face a new round of extreme hatred and public scrutiny in pursuit of the truth.

A movie recently emerged from Orchard Entertainment cataloging Lazar’s stunning re-appearance on the UFO scene.

We are still working on an in-depth article about the California wildfires, QAnon and the impending defeat of the Deep State.

Events are rapidly unfolding at this time and each day brings new surprises. We hope to have the wildfire piece out soon.

[UPDATED Tuesday… Look for red headline on Anthony Sutton in Wall Street / Ford / GM section midway down.

UPDATED Wednesday with MUST-SEE Larry King interview with Bob Lazar that was just released! Disclosure is at hand.]



Bob Lazar electrified the world in 1989 when he came forward with mainstream TV host George Knapp, first anonymously in May and then publicly in November.



I first got turned on to the UFO subject in 1993, and bought as many new books as I could afford, while also devouring the triple-zero stacks in the library, where paranormal was filed in the Dewey Decimal System.

I bought most of the new-release UFO books straight through until about 1997, when the internet essentially replaced published books as the hot-spot for new intel.

Nonetheless, in those first four years from 1993 to 1997, it was nearly an absolute standard to hear the Bob Lazar story re-told in each new UFO book I picked up.

So prevalent was this information that after a while I would judge each author based on how thoroughly and informatively they engaged the Lazar material.

This was the origin of all UFO research for me. Now, after all this time, seeing Lazar come back to us is a true mind trip.

It feels like the “alpha and the omega”, the beginning and the end.

To me, it also feels portentous, as if disclosure is soon at hand and this is one of the last stops along the way.



The awakening that led me careening headlong into the Bob Lazar mystery began from intensely painful roots.

All of this discussion is very relevant to how I started reading books about Bob Lazar.

The “set and setting” I found myself in was bizarre and disturbing, and taught me lessons that catapulted the awakening.

I applied and got accepted to a college that Rolling Stone had dubbed one of the top-ten “party schools” in the nation for 1991.

No, I don’t remember how high New Paltz made it on the list — but her top-ten victory strongly influenced my decision.

It definitely helped that it was right next door to Woodstock, New York — geographically closer than any other school.

Both of my parents were very, very strict, and like others I was ready for a full-scale rebellion as soon as I was “free.”

I spent a year embedded with hordes of drunk, vomiting students, and dealing with the insane effects of living with them.

Life in the dorms ended up being far more intense than living with my parents and dealing with high school.



We had a freshman class of 2000 and a graduating class of 200. Nine out of ten of the people stumbling around me wouldn’t make it.

You could tell who they were in any given class. They were never there. The non-stop partying was far more interesting to them than education.

Everyone had gotten good SAT scores and survived high school in order to get accepted, but it quickly became you and about ten others in the classroom… if that.

The classes were easy enough. If you could show up, remain half-conscious and write some things down, you would pass the tests.

As far as I can remember, there was virtually no homework whatsoever, other than last-minute cramming for tests.

The professors invariably told you everything that would be on the tests out loud in class. Any instructor who didn’t was quickly stigmatized.

The textbook was an unnecessary relic if you wanted to go deeper than what you were going to be tested on.



So much beer was spilled on the floor of our suite that you had to peel your shoes off of it to walk, which I guess gave us better exercise.

The greasy ripping noise involved with moving from point A to point B meant no one could sneak up on you.

We had fully co-ed dorms. Guys’ suites on the right and girls on the left, in the same hallways and floors.

More than once I helped nurse one of the girls down the hall through terrible episodes, holding their hair back from the water as my mother would have done for me.

In many cases I was the only person willing to help anyone.

I tried cutting my own hair to save money, only to do such a bad job that we decided to shave off the back and sides, immediately earning me the new nickname “Beaker.”



I ultimately found out from campus staff that my particular suite of four rooms in 212 Dubois was the most problematic and drunk area of the entire school that year.



Knowing how few of us were going to graduate, and living through the non-stop party going on, I started seeing the hidden truth of the New York State (SUNY) college system.

The freshman dorms felt like cages for crazed animals. As long as we didn’t blow up the buildings, they got their money. Business was business.

The state was providing an “insane asylum” for fresh high-school graduates who had been broken by the system.

Everyone was ready for a full release of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

We were effectively locked up together in a building and campus with virtually no rules or controls on our behavior.



I don’t ever recall anyone getting arrested, except maybe for committing violent acts in town or trying to break into a soda machine.

We had no bills to pay, no adult responsibilities, and were doing the same things we could have done if we were in a homeless shelter — except the rules would have been stricter.

With loans we would repay for years, grants from the state taxpayers and money from our families, this was truly a very expensive party to attend.



Let’s say you’re there for three and a half months per semester, and it all adds up to about 10,000. That’s almost a hundred dollars a day. (10,000 / 105 days = $95.24 a day.)

Providing shelter buildings for hordes of partiers at a hundred bucks a day could be a pretty good business, if you think about it.

The state authorities would clean it all up at the end of the year and start over with new tenants a couple of months later.

It was a government business. Provide cheap, short-term housing for crazy people who party now, pay later.

One out of ten actually turned it into an education.

I almost qualified for the Equal Opportunity Program due to how poor we were. My family’s income missed it by just a thousand.

If so, I would have gotten all my partying money from the state, as well as taxpayer money to finance the whole thing.



I was also quite surprised to see that the adult campus employees I interacted with on my job were often like children, and clearly addicted to various things.

Most people were not as academic or disciplined as my parents had led me to believe was commonplace. They were “just getting by.”

For example, it was obvious that most of the Maintenance employees were alcoholics, and many were visibly intoxicated on the job.

Everyone seemed to be self-medicating from their exposure to a sick society, and the trauma that this then created for them.

I traced much of the problem back to television, and the non-stop “buy, buy, buy” messages to profit from our distraction.

There were still a fair number of feel-good ‘jingles’ in commercials and TV show intros — instantly singable, hypnotic songs.

The infamous Oscar Meyer Weiner song debuted on television in 1965 and is a classic example:



“And if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner, everyone would be in love with me.” How does that work, exactly?

Apparently, being an “Oscar Meyer Weiner” meant regularly eating toxic, nitrate-laced commercial hot dogs.

If you watch it, one kid in the commercial resists the group and sings, “If I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner, there would soon be nothing left of me.”

This reflected many people’s common opinions at the time about commercially-processed, preservative-laden “fast foods.”

Notice how many times they refer to hot dogs being made with “good meat” at the end of the commercial.

The kid is then bullied into marching and singing along with everyone else through a classic case of what psychologists call “group attribution.”

I was studying group attribution in one of my freshman year psychology classes, while suffering through an unbearable ordeal with it in my very own home — if you could call it that.

In the post-Pizzagate world it is also very ‘odd’ to hear children singing about everyone loving them because they are edible ‘wieners.’



Our planet was poised on the brink of disaster, and we were taught that all our problems could be solved by spending money and enjoying addictive things.

If you fall in line with “the authorities” and do not disrupt the program, everyone will be in love with you.

Otherwise, if you stand out or complain, there will soon be nothing left of you:

The group attribution error occurs where it is assumed that individuals in the group agree with the decisions of the group.

When people make decisions in groups, they often follow group rules and are influenced by the social dynamic within the group at the time, thus downplaying their own real preferences.


The equivalent “group attribution” in my suite was drinking yourself into delirium every night but Tuesday.

I refused, and was hated for it. I was routinely heckled, demeaned and laughed at, and encouraged to be more “normal.”

In this case, “normal” meant becoming a very severe alcoholic.



The weed I was smoking was considered mysterious and ugly by my suitemates, particularly after they tried it one night and all threw up.

After all, it was an illegal drug. I was the real criminal scumbag of the bunch. That was how they saw me, and they shunned me for it.

Once again, I was the outsider — just like in high school — even though I went to supposedly one of the nation’s top-ten party schools.

The TV told them alcohol was socially acceptable. I didn’t own a TV, and I ended up basically never watching commercial television again.

I had read enough articles in High Times Magazine to know that alcohol was significantly more toxic and damaging to the body than marijuana.




This point was also made in David Solomon’s classic 1968 whistleblower book The Marijuana Papers, which I read cover-to-cover in 1990 and wrote a book report about.

This book was THE defining screed on the issue for the hippie movement, making a big splash particularly after Woodstock.

This was what my copy looked like. I found it, among other treasures on ESP and hypnosis, in my mother’s basement library:



This book proved that the criminalization of marijuana was another classic case of government conspiracy.

I brought it with me to college. No one would read it. If I tried to tell them what the book said, they quickly changed the subject.

The Volstead Act made alcohol illegal in 1920. By 1933, the act was repealed thanks to the eighteenth amendment to the US Constitution.

Soon after drinking was decriminalized in 1933, Big Alcohol discovered that much of their Southern customer base had switched to marijuana — particularly blacks.

They had no interest in switching back. A major intervention was necessary to save the business.



Harry J. Anslinger, head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics since 1930, got the hyper-strict Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 passed.



This legislative shift was accomplished through the use of a heavy-duty propaganda and fear campaign.

This involved a direct collusion between media and government, with William Randolph Hearst leading the charge through his newspaper / media monopoly.

I would soon realize that a very similar government-media collusion was occurring over the Bob Lazar story, and UFOs in general.

In February 1928, a similarly sensational article appeared in the Hearst publication the Examiner, falsely stating that marijuana was known in India as the “murder drug.”

[Hearst’s article claimed] that it was common for a man to “catch up a knife and run through the streets, hacking and killing every one he [encountered].”

Even more outlandish, the [Hearst] article claimed one could grow enough cannabis in a window box to “drive the whole population of the United States stark, raving mad.”


The ridiculous propaganda film Reefer Madness from 1936 crystallized the mass-media indoctrination movement that was underway.



In the film, the drug causes women to consent to sex with just about anyone, men to go into murderous rages and people to commit spontaneous suicide.

Since this drug was associated with jazz musicians, there was a strong message that white women might get romantic with black men if they used it.

The message of this film was driven home with a deluge of cartoonish propaganda posters all throughout the country, often with sharply racist themes.

These were found in Hearst publications and elsewhere. Also notice the huge phallic connotation of the ‘joint’ in the first poster:







If you haven’t seen the trailer for Reefer Madness, it is utterly hilarious to realize people took this seriously at the time:



The full film is public domain and available all over YouTube, such as at this link. It is now seen as a comedy.

There is an online “museum” of various propaganda items related to “Reefer Madness” that you can check out here.

The public believed what they were told, and soon Big Alcohol was making big profits once again, despite being more dangerous.

It didn’t matter what the medical research had actually proven, however unpopular it may have been in the controlled media — even in the early 1990s.



The others in my suite saw me as the “drug addict” and they were just engaging in “social drinking,” complete with blackouts, hangovers and vomiting.

Times certainly have changed, as marijuana is now legal for medical use in 33 US states and for recreational use in 10 states.

There was no sudden fanfare, no epic, defining event to demarcate the “old days” versus the way it is now.

I see the UFO subject as being much the same way, albeit we are still at an earlier point in the “decriminalization” timeline.

I appear in a majority of Ancient Aliens episodes, and a new one just aired with Megan Fox and William Shatner as guests.

This shows just how conventionally-accepted this subject is becoming. The ridicule is fading. It is only a matter of time.

I must say it was quite bizarre to have a copy of The Marjuana Papers in my dorm, and look at how a government-media conspiracy had created this upsetting situation.

My suitemates only begrudgingly tolerated my behavior, and were constantly trying to force me to switch over to alcohol with group attribution and abuse.

My early experience with reading about and discussing the Bob Lazar story with my fellow classmates turned out to be very similar.



The utter madness of a year in the “Doobie Hall” freshman dorm led to me quitting alcohol, marijuana and any other drugs forever in September 1992.

I was one of the few to make it to my sophomore year, and moved to the nerdiest dorm I had heard of — Crispell Hall, the “quiet study dorm.”

The story is told near the end of the first half of my book Ascension Mysteries, after countless requests from people wanting to hear more personal information.



The whole experience was so wild that it took me many years of meditation to reconstruct my overall memories of what happened.

The final “inciting incident” that catapulted me into Crispell Hall sobriety was about as alarming as any campus life could ever get.



We had a major PCB / dioxin chemical spill on campus after my first bleary-eyed semester, in December 1991.

The level of government conspiracy I personally witnessed, and the effect it had on my health and safety, made me realize they could be lying about everything — including UFOs.

In many ways, this event was as bad as if we had a nuclear disaster. The protocol for handling the hazardous materials was basically the same.

Someone skidded on the ice, hit a telephone pole and created a cascading power failure that caused PCB oil to overheat, burn and release deadly dioxin smoke from the transformers.

Little did I know that I would soon become an expert on PCBs — Polychlorinated Biphenyls — just like the rest of us.

Big corporations like GE put this toxic oil into power transformers, claimed it was safe, and then when the truth came out, the PCBs just sat there because no one wanted to spend the money to replace them.

In the months and days leading up to this disaster, I would see stickers like this on various power transformers I walked by on my work-study grant job doing campus deliveries:



Yes… this crap was bad enough that you’re literally calling in the military (Coast Guard) and the EPA if anything happens to the PCBs.

I had enormous intuitive feelings that “something bad” was going to happen every time I saw these stickers, and that I should talk to the local fire department about it — but I never did.

I easily re-read these same stickers some 200 times on the job, and had spent considerable time thinking about the wording and what could go wrong.

Many, if not most of the buildings on campus had power transformers with these stickers on them. It all looked like a time bomb just silently ticking away. It was.



If I had listened to my intuition, the whole thing might have been handled better — including them not hitting the fires with water, which made it far worse.

That’s exactly what the stickers were referring to when they said that these toxic contaminants required “special handling and disposal.”

Electrical fires shouldn’t be hit with water in the first place, but in this case they were, for whatever reason.

With PCBs used as an insulating heat-sink oil in the transformers, the firemen’s water caused lethal toxins to spread and leach into the ground and water table.

A significant amount of of soil had to be treated as if it was radioactive, scooped out and removed as a result of all this.

I numbed all the pain out, and was still very “active” with my use of marijuana and psychedelics when we all returned in late February.



The biggest problem, as it turns out, was that when PCBs burn, they turn into a far more deadly substance known as dioxin, which can kill you in one part per billion.

Lethally toxic dioxin-laced smoke had outgassed into three crazy dorms — Capen, Gage and Bliss — and two buildings, Parker Theater and Coykendall Science.

We were delayed by about a month getting back to school, only to find buildings wrapped in plastic, 50-gallon toxic waste drums, yellow Police Lines and men walking around in moon suits.

A significant amount of soil around and under Parker Theater had to be removed due to its hazardous dioxin levels.

The smart kids applied for transfers and went to different schools. Not me. I just followed my orders and reported back to active duty.

This image was taken by Eric Coppolino, a mysterious journalist who became the campus hero for standing up to the entrenched bureaucracy and exposing their serious crimes.



The administration told us “everything is fine, move along, nothing to see here, keep drinking.”

Armed police were stationed in vehicles to prevent any drunk idiots from entering the toxic buildings “for fun.”

The police didn’t need to be there. No one was dumb or suicidal enough to have tried a stunt like that.

Even if someone wanted to kill themselves, I doubt they would want to do it through an unpredictable, hyper-toxic chemical spill that looked the same as a nuclear disaster.

I can tell you that walking back to your dorm and seeing shrink-wrapped buildings and toxic waste drums under strong psychedelic enhancement is about the worst “Bad Trip” you can imagine.

I had at least three of these bad trips during that semester, maybe more.


The contaminated soil “dig site” next to Parker Theater.


Who knows what the f- this is but I don’t like it.


Through Student Leader News Service, Coppolino bypassed the controlled media of the day and spoke directly to the student body through self-printed newspapers.

The administration told us everything was fine, but the reality was that kids were moved back into dorms that still had lethal dioxin residue in the air ducts.

The moon-suit dudes had only cleaned the ducts up to arm-length depth, and dioxin was easily found if you went in a little farther.

This was scientifically proven when Coppolino took swab samples from the ducts and sent them off to labs.

Theoretically, any air gliding over the dioxin and into student rooms could be quite carcinogenic, if not lethal.

Coppolino was quite a hero, and after graduation I spent a year working with him under his camouflage name of Eric Francis.

That was my first foray into the idea of being self-employed doing something cutting-edge and definitely not mainstream.



It was very powerful to be living in ground zero of a major disaster and having a corporate bureaucracy telling us that everything was hunky-dory.

Your own eyes were telling you everything was NOT okay. Toxic drums, plastic-wrapped buildings and guys in chemical suits are not easy to overlook.

In today’s world, with a major “party school” campus filled with camera phones and YouTube, this would have been a much bigger ‘deal.’

We were all scared, and most of us trusted “the authorities” that it was safe — but Coppolino’s independent research said otherwise.

During this same intoxicated semester, I took a sociology class with the deceptively boring-sounding title of “Contemporary Social Issues.”

This class really could have been called “Illuminati Cabal 101,” though the spiritual and religious aspects of the group responsible were never covered.



I was graded upon my accurate knowledge of unpleasant facts that Mockingbird media would still write off as “conspiracy theories” to this day.

This included the sordid details of the oil / corporate globalist monopoly, including Hitler’s tanks being built by Ford Motor Company.

Ford, an American corporation, immediately repaid Hitler to rebuild their tank factories after Allied bombing runs damaged them.

Any self-proclaimed “skeptic” who denied this would not only have been shamed by the professor and laughed out of the room — he would have failed the class.

There was plenty of documentation to prove these claims. The media just lied to us about the facts and wrote it all off as nonsense.

Every time we went to class, we were confronted with some new, overwhelming fact suggesting that “the authorities” were criminals beyond imagination.

Incredibly dark secrecy was being used, through a controlled media and government, to hide the most basic information from us as citizens.



The real-world disaster cover-up we were walking through every day made me realize how prevalent these problems really were in our society.

Enormous, crazy lies were being told. The truth was right out in front of us, like armies of men in moon suits, but no one was willing to look at it.

The bureaucratic / military / governmental apparatus we learned about in the sociology class was so vast that they seemed capable of hiding just about anything.

When people asked the professor what we could do about it, since it was all so overwhelming, he told us the best we could do would be to spread the word to others.

I began doing this openly on this site as of 2007, and I now appear in Above Majestic, a film that shows how truly far-reaching this cover-up really is.

I am happy to report that we recently crossed the 1000-comment mark on Amazon, which automatically conveys “Best Seller” status and positioning for all time:




Although I had not been accepted to other schools and did not want to pause my education, I did have control over certain things.

I had no control over toxins being dumped on campus. I definitely could prevent the dumping of toxins into my own body.

Even though I knew marijuana was criminalized through a corrupt government-media monopoly, I had still messed myself up on it.

I had enjoyed the sparkles, the magical kingdom of the forest elves and easy access to “Christmas Every Day,” but now I could really tell I was dying.

My body was tired and fading out. My skin was pale and the burn-marks under my eyes quite menacing.

I had to leave it all behind… and I did. No marijuana, psychedelics, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or any other mind-altering drugs whatsoever.

I went at it so hardcore that I wouldn’t even take pain meds except under the most extreme circumstances.



Once I stopped lying to myself, I no longer rested on the crutches most people used to willfully overlook all the lies of this world.

My eyes were wide open. The moon-suit dudes were still there, and I was now aware that we were all overlooking a similar emergency on a planetary level.

I had another eye-opening semester of sociology class, right while I was going through the recovery process.

This was where I learned that Boeing manufactured Hitler’s bombers through a covert chain of command that was ultimately exposed.

I started to see that we were all suffering from a common, worldwide habit: We were addicted to being lied to.

We made up all sorts of excuses to appease our masters out of fear, rationalize their behavior, or otherwise fight to stay in denial of the ugliest truths.

No longer did I believe that if I stayed asleep, “everyone will be in love with me,” like the old Oscar Mayer jingle suggested.



According to my professor, Boeing sent passenger airliners to South America as seemingly legitimate commercial purchases. Once they arrived, the seats were then removed.

They were then shipped to Africa, where they were retro-fitted with different parts to become bombers, and were repainted for Hitler’s own use.

Much of the initial construction of these planes was apparently happening right here in United States factories.

I had never heard any of this before, and yet our professor was talking openly about it, and laughing at how crazy “the world today” really is.

I decided to check up on this for this article and found one possibly related example. Here is an image of Hitler’s Me-264:


Notice the website’s own reference to it having a “passing resemblance to the Boeing B-29” in the caption.

And here is the Boeing B-29. Hmmmm:



Another full-view shot of Hitler’s Me-264:



And a full shot of the Boeing B-29:



The German version has a longer tail, twin rudders, thicker wings and an extra set of propellers, but there are many direct similarities.

Certain parts, such as the fuselage, could easily be made in the same factories with only slight modifications.

Also notice the similarity of the rounded-off gun turrets on top, though they are farther apart from each other on the American version.

These planes are obviously not the same, but also are certainly similar enough that they could easily have been made by the same manufacturer.



The documentation that my professor was drawing off of for this information does not appear to have made it online.

Here is a Yahoo discussion forum in which someone asks the question, and gets a bunch of “No” answers with no supporting proof to back them up either way.

That doesn’t at all change what I heard in that class… and again, we were graded on our knowledge of this information.

There were many, many unsettling and shocking things like this that we were hearing throughout the class.

Every time you went in there, you could expect to have your mind completely blown.

Given that I was already in the process of getting sober, on a campus with toxic waste drums, this class made life even more sobering.



The Boeing connection requires more digging. It is likely to be found in a book that has been largely scrubbed from the internet.

G. Edward Griffin may know where to find it. I would definitely start the search by poring through classic John Birch Society publications.

However, the connection of Ford and General Motors to Hitler is very easy to locate if you have the stomach to begin searching for it.

First of all, here is an embarrassing image of Henry Ford receiving Hitler’s highest award, the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, from top Nazi officials in 1938:




Read for yourself:

At a ceremony in Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford is presented with the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle on his 75th birthday.

Henry Ford was the first American recipient of this order, an honor created in 1937 by Adolf Hitler.

This was the highest honor Nazi Germany could give to any foreigner, and represented Adolf Hitler’s personal admiration and indebtedness to Henry Ford….

In a letter written in 1924, Heinrich Himmler described Ford as “one of our most valuable, important, and witty fighters”.


Ford also wrote strongly anti-Semitic texts for the Dearborn Independent, republished in Germany as “The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem.”

Wait a minute… you’re saying this is the heroic father of the modern automobile, Ford himself?



Yup. Same guy.

Isn’t it “interesting” that you have never seen television shows about this? How quiet it’s all been kept?

How many “Real Americans,” to use Sarah Palin’s terminology, are proudly out there driving Fords as we speak?

Prior to my articles, videos, books and public presentations, this was almost never discussed — and some people still don’t believe it.



On November 30, 1998, the Washington Post wrote an article that may not survive very long on their site, but it’s there now.

Seriously… go and download this one now before it disappears, now that Washington Post is an Amazon / Company-owned subsidiary:



1998: Ford and GM Scrutinized For Alleged Nazi Collaboration

During the war, the car companies established a reputation for themselves as “the arsenal of democracy” by transforming their production lines to make airplanes, tanks and trucks for the armies that defeated Adolf Hitler.

They deny that their huge business interests in Nazi Germany led them, wittingly or unwittingly, to also become “the arsenal of fascism….”

“General Motors was far more important to the Nazi war machine than Switzerland,” said Bradford Snell, who has spent two decades researching a history of the world’s largest automaker.

“Switzerland was just a repository of looted funds. GM was an integral part of the German war effort.

“The Nazis could have invaded Poland and Russia without Switzerland. They could not have done so without GM.”


Both General Motors and Ford insist that they bear little or no responsibility for the operations of their German subsidiaries, which controlled 70 percent of the German car market at the outbreak of war in 1939 and rapidly retooled themselves to become suppliers of war materiel to the German army.

But documents discovered in German and American archives show a much more complicated picture….

When American GIs invaded Europe in June 1944, they did so in jeeps, trucks and tanks manufactured by the Big Three motor companies in one of the largest crash militarization programs ever undertaken.

It came as an unpleasant surprise to discover that the [Nazi] enemy was also driving trucks manufactured by Ford and Opel — a 100 percent GM-owned subsidiary — and flying Opel-built warplanes….

Mel Weiss, an American attorney for Iwanowa… notes that Ford was eager to demand compensation from the U.S. government after the war for “losses” due to bomb damage to its German plants.



The Washington Post article above goes into far more detail than what we have quoted here. It is definitely worth reading the whole thing.

Clive Matthew-Wilson wrote a valuable summary of information in PDF form linking the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil cartel to the Nazi machine, as well as Ford and GM:

2010: Cars & Nazis: Hitler’s Biggest Allies in WWII Were Ford, GM and Standard Oil


This particular article expands the scope of US corporate cooperation with the Nazis even farther:

Arming the Enemy: US Industry, Hitler and the Holocaust—From-anti-Judaism-to-anti-Semitism/Arming-the-enemy-US-industry-Hitler-and-the-Holocaust-366097

It’s not unreasonable that without the assistance of such American corporate giants as GM, Ford, ITT, DuPont, Standard Oil, IBM and many other US corporate giants, Germany might not have been able to mobilize for war, and the Second World War as we know it might never have happened.


Also worth considering is this article, in two slightly different forms on two different sites, detailing Holocaust-related lawsuits against Ford, armed with damning information:

The Nazi Party: Ford Motor Company & The Third Reich



This comment from “geofizz” is worthy of inclusion here after our initial publication of this article:

Gotta reference Antony C. Sutton!! “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.” Whole chapters on GM and Ford.



Sutton wrote many key books that uncover the truth behind history. Here are a few:

– Wall Street and FDR
– Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
– Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (3 volumes)
– America’s Secret Establishment





A little research from the above comment led to the following, worthwhile link. Here is just a part of it:

2017: Anthony Sutton, Skull & Bones, Hitler & the Bush Family by Jon Rapoport

If you think such traitorous actions could never have occurred, I point you to another researcher [besides Sutton], Charles Higham, and his 1983 classic, Trading with the Enemy.

Higham focuses on World War 2. The men behind the curtain Higham exposed are in the same basic group that Antony Sutton exposed.



Higham, Trading with the Enemy:

“What would have happened if millions of American and British people, struggling with coupons and lines at the gas stations, had learned that in 1942 Standard Oil of New Jersey [part of the Rockefeller empire] managers shipped the enemy’s [Germany’s] fuel through neutral Switzerland… and that the enemy was shipping Allied fuel?

Suppose the public had discovered that the Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris, after Pearl Harbor, was doing millions of dollars’ worth of business with the enemy — with the full knowledge of the head office in Manhattan [the Rockefeller family among others?]

Or that Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France, with authorization from [Ford headquarters in] Dearborn, Michigan?

Or that Colonel Sosthenes Behn, the head of the international American telephone conglomerate ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler’s communications systems — and improve the robot bombs that devastated London?

Or that ITT built the FockeWulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops?

Or that crucial ball bearings were shipped to Nazi-associated customers in Latin America with the collusion of the vice-chairman of the U.S. War Production Board, in partnership with Goering’s cousin in Philadelphia — when American forces were desperately short of them?

Or that such arrangements were known about in Washington and either sanctioned or deliberately ignored?”



If anyone has read these various books, please let us know in the comments section where Boeing is mentioned. This is very likely where my professor got the information.

I also recommend watching, downloading and locally saving this video interview of Sutton in the precious few hours that it is still online:




After reading this data, I do remember our professor telling us that GM was involved in the Nazi war machine as well.

If Ford made Hitler’s tanks, and companies like GM and Boeing made his planes, then that meant the Nazis were a direct product of Wall Street itself.

It was even more bizarre to be sitting in a classroom and learning all of this in the pre-internet days.

I honestly had no idea of how many people on earth were even aware of this — apart from those who had been directly involved in the mega-conspiracy.

I felt like one of the very lucky few who had the opportunity to know, unequivocally, that the history and worldview we were being sold on TV was a massive lie.

If we could be told a lie that big — if US corporations could fund, build and defend Hitler, and I was being graded on it in class — then all bets were off.

Anything… and I mean anything… was possible. And you were not going to find the truth on television, nor in magazines or newspapers.



In light of campus officials telling us to go right back to our business amidst a toxic wasteland, and the insane treason revealed in my sociology class, I had many questions.

Countless numbers of people had high-quality UFO sightings all throughout the 20th century.

The reports were much too prevalent and detailed to all be “swamp gas.”

And if even ONE sighting was actually real, then that’s it… we are not alone.

Not only are we not alone, but we are being very actively visited by intelligent, non-terrestrial beings with advanced anti-gravity technology.

No self-proclaimed “debunker” could possibly be foolish enough to believe that ALL these documented UFO sightings were fakes.

So many people had come forward with their sightings, only to be thoroughly hated, ridiculed and defamed for it.

There was no profit motive. No upside. Yet credible witnesses — doctors, lawyers, government officials — risked everything they had to tell their stories.



Somehow, the lies of this world were so effective that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of eyewitnesses to UFOs could be called “crazy.”

The propaganda that was being used was very similar to Hearst and Anslinger’s tactics to demonize marijuana.

People were taught to write all UFO sightings off as dumb superstition.

The TV shows invariably focused on witnesses with thick rural accents to marginalize the issue.

The arrogant, smirking skeptics invariably appeared in these TV shows to “balance” the opinions of the “believers” with “facts.”

We could change the classic wiener-jingle just a bit: “And if I was a UFO hater, everyone would be in love with me.”



Once again… the TV. Corporate, centralized control. We were being told what to think. We were addicted to being lied to.

These same forces would never, ever tell you how Ford, GM and others enabled Hitler.

Nonetheless, any one person who actually saw a UFO would take the truth of that knowledge to the grave.

They may be ridiculed into complete silence, by everyone they know and love, but they know what they saw.

It occurred to me that these craft may have cloaking capability that only occasionally malfunctions.

We could literally be surrounded by advanced flying craft and not even know it — except for a few rare “mistakes.”



I was still very much “on the fence” about UFOs. I still didn’t have any definitive proof. That all changed on the day a friend of mine showed up in February 1993 with one hell of a story.

His physics professor was the head of the department and had worked for NASA throughout the 1970s, in the “higher echelons.”

This professor blithely disclosed, to his entire physics class, that the Roswell crash really happened and was indeed an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

He said they didn’t mind people learning about it through means like this. NASA just didn’t want it to be the top headline on the New York Times.

Strangely, he also told the whole class that if anyone ever asked him about it again, he would deny ever having said it. Clearly he was very afraid… about something.

My friend was brave enough to meet him directly after class and interrogate him for two hours about what he knew.

The professor shared far more with my friend than he had with the class. My friend then disclosed everything to me, and a couple other guys he knew, but no one else.



That one conversation, there in my dorm room, was probably the single biggest turning point of my entire life.

I was just a guy in a New York State “party school” with four and a half months clean time, trying to stay sober and maintain good grades while surrounded with temptations.

Now, all of a sudden, I was faced with a “cosmic download” of epic proportions.

This was a much bigger cover-up than the marijuana conspiracy. And it had far more cosmic implications than that of Hitler being an all-American war machine.

Our “leaders” were using group attribution to hide the greatest secret in all of recorded history from us — despite innumerable sightings.

Given what I had learned — in my own college classes — about US corporations enabling Hitler, I realized this is absolutely possible.

Now we have to go back and re-investigate everything — including all the “crazy” people who ruined their lives to share what they knew about UFOs.



The professor’s NASA story had so many odd, quirky, technical “specifics” to it that it seemed very unlikely that it was false.

The Ascension Mysteries is just one of many works where I cover these details extensively.

I knew the professor’s name. I could have gone to him. However, given his policy of denial and his obvious fear, I did not think this was a good idea.

I had an insatiable desire to know more. I wanted to be there. I wanted to put my hands on those craft. To see the bodies.

I wanted to get my own chance to fly one of them. To meet live ETs. To explore the Cosmos like Star Trek.

The idea that some part of our “government” was actually doing this, right now, and hiding it from us, was totally irresistible.

My friend had gotten as much information out of the professor as he could. The best thing I could do now was to dive into my own research.

All I had to do to pass my classes was show up and take notes. I spent almost all of my remaining time reading UFO books.



During the writing of Ascension Mysteries, I looked up the professor’s name and found that he did indeed work at a NASA facility in the 1970s.

Out of respect to his family, I have chosen not to release his name even though he is deceased. I want them to live in peace.

If I were to just casually drop it here in this article, I would effectively ruin their lives.

There was no internet of any significance when I got this information in 1993. I hardly talked to anyone but my friend about it.

We spent hours and hours reviewing what the professor had shared with him and trying to wrap our heads around the implications.



I often compared this knowledge to what I had heard in my sociology class.

“If they could lie to us that much about Hitler, they could be lying about everything. Including UFOs.”

We heard that things like lasers, LED lights, infrared night vision, fiber-optic cables, computer chips, Teflon and Velcro had all been found initially on various crashed ships from elsewhere.

The materials were then “reverse-engineered”, often by being sent to corporations as “foreign technology” to be studied and duplicated.

Our own technological revolution was inextricably connected with this “celestial endowment.”

Without it, we might still have been using vacuum-tube computers that filled basketball courts.

The professor also said that we had gotten other technologies, like anti-gravity, that were still highly classified — but very much being used “on the inside.”



I very quickly ran out of things to talk about regarding the professor’s testimony, and needed to know more. I was starving for it. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

Once again, I enjoyed the sparkles, the magical kingdom of the forest elves and easy access to “Christmas Every Day,” but this time I was living.

I had as many as five UFO books going at once. I didn’t even use bookmarks, but usually just kept them face-down and open on various surfaces in the room.

I would walk out of Elting Library in New Paltz with backpacks full of books from the 000 “paranormal” section, bring them back and get more.

I also realized that most of these books, though fascinating, were also woefully out of date. Most were from the 1970s or early 1980s at the latest.

Despite how broke I was as a college student, I started putting all my money into buying books from Ariel Booksellers, the local metaphysical bookstore.

This was my new habit — just like how I had dedicated all my cash to substances, not haircuts, in my freshman year.



Nowadays, with how distracting my life is, it is admittedly all too common to buy a book and not actually read it.

Back then, I would read every book I got my hands on cover-to-cover, and remember what I learned along the way.

My college professors had also taught us to write in the margins of our textbooks, and I often did that with any books I bought and owned.

By the time I started doing this in 1993, the UFO community had four years to discover, research and integrate the Bob Lazar testimony into their writings.

If a researcher came across Bob Lazar in 1990, they could get a book deal that year, spend up to two years writing a book, and have it debut in 1992.

By 1993, the year I dove into all of this, the paperback version would have come out, which made it easier for me to afford.

However, many of these books never went hardcover in the first place. The industry didn’t consider the content to be ‘reputable’ enough at the time.



You can only imagine how much my mind had burned with questions in the aftermath of the professor’s testimony.

How I longed to be there in “the higher echelons of NASA” where this knowledge was commonplace. Perhaps they knew Hitler’s secrets as well.

Years later I discovered that many German scientists were transferred to the US, including to NASA, after WWII under Project Paperclip.

I was dazzled by the professor’s testimony about the propulsion systems of the craft, and the idea that some of them still worked.

Apparently, a particle of radiation shot out going three quarters the speed of light. A trillionth of a second later, another particle came out at the speed of light.

The faster particle bumped off of the slower particle like a billiard ball, then reflected back and struck the edge of the ship.

This happened trillions of times a second, and caused the ship to move forward.



I already knew something like this could happen after having had a “Radiometer” throughout my childhood, and reading about how it works.

In short, you put this strange globe in the sun and the spindle inside the glass starts rotating. All by itself.



The “Radiometer” was a glass sphere with a needle inside of it. On the needle rested four diamond-shaped fins that could spin freely.

The fins were black on one side, and white on the other.

Most of the air was removed. The accepted explanation was that since the black vanes absorbed more light than the white vanes, they got slightly hotter.

Heat is motion. More heat is faster motion. Black attracts sunlight and heat, and white repels it.

More gas molecules were attracted to the hotter black side than the white side, and slammed into it when they hit.

Countless microscopic particle collisions then caused the spindle to rotate.



The air pressure inside was low enough that the spindle did not meet resistance when it started turning.

This was just like the vacuum of space.

The Radiometer was only a science-geek curiosity item for most people, not a hint of an actual propulsion system.

Yet, these countless microscopic particle collisions were indeed creating a macroscopic thrust effect inside the glass.

The professor’s idea fit in nicely with the movement of the Radiometer, as I had observed so many times on the windowsill growing up.

When the sunlight was bright, the spindle could get moving quite quickly indeed.



The ex-NASA professor’s explanation accounted for how a ship could rapidly accelerate to near-light speed, very nicely.

However, I was well aware that even normal light speed was still far too slow to allow extraterrestrial civilizations to travel here.

Even our closest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, would take 4.3 years for us to travel to at full light-speed velocity.

Even at light speed, we would need something akin to cryogenic freezing chambers to even hope to survive the enormous travel time it would take to make it much beyond our closest neighbor.

I cannot be sure which author was first to break the Bob Lazar story in a book I bought at the bookstore.

I’m pretty sure it was 1993’s Alien Contact, by Timothy Good, which is rich in specific detail and was a hot new release right when I started looking for books like this.

The Lazar story had a complex, elegant and completely believable explanation for how “warp drive” travel could be possible.

Since the new movie does not particularly geek out on these technical details, I want to mention it here.




Lazar’s testimony included the idea that the craft he worked on had three “gravity laser” generators on the bottom.

They could be triangulated and aimed at a particular area of space-time, and create a massive, directional gravitational pull to that spot.

I found this absolutely mind-blowing, and far too specific and strange to be the product of a fertile imagination.

It had that same quality of being oddly specific and plausible that I had heard from the professor’s NASA testimony.




Due to the flexibility of space-time itself, this awesome force would actually grab that entire area of space and time and pull it through a wormhole, directly into the area surrounding the ship.

Once you then turned off the gravity, that same area of space-time would snap back to its original location like a rubber band.

Now your ship was contained in this same area — and you and your ship just zipped through a wormhole on the way back.

It was simple, beautiful and elegant. It was very plausible. It also did not sound like something Lazar would have made up.

The books made it very clear that Lazar had a rough life. He had not profited from this disclosure, and had retreated into silent obscurity.

I had firsthand evidence from my friend that NASA was in possession of working, crashed discs and reverse-engineered technology.

Lazar was just another person lucky enough to be welcomed into the truth — for all too short of a period of time.



The other truly fascinating part of Lazar’s testimony, on a technical level, was the fuel system that he was told the ship was powered by.

Again, this was not something you would expect a liar to just randomly come up with. It was very strange, unexpected and technical.

According to Lazar, the whole ship was powered by a tiny piece of a stable, super-heavy material — Element 115.

At the time he came out with this in 1989, no one even knew if an “Element 115” existed. It would be super-heavy, with 115 protons in the nucleus.

This material was too difficult for our scientists to synthesize at the time with particle accelerators.



Even if they did eventually succeed, as occurred in 2003 with what is now called Moscovium, it would disappear immediately.

The current half-life of Moscovium is a blindingly-fast 220 milliseconds.

However, in a super-heavy region such as a star, perhaps material like this can be found where it does remain stable.

Mining material out of a star would require technology significantly more advanced than anything we have now.

Nonetheless, it would be foolish to assume that such technology is “impossible” and could never exist.



Lazar said that he was brought into “Area 51,” or “S4,” and that he was told they had nine different types of crashed UFOs in stock.

He witnessed several of them sitting on the tarmac himself. He was hired to attempt to understand the propulsion system for one of them.

After what I heard from the professor, and learning about compartmentalization in the UFO books, I couldn’t help but have questions.

Lazar’s account fit very nicely with what I would have expected to find. I also wondered how much “they” really let him see.

He only did the job for a short time, under the strictest of security, before getting unceremoniously tossed out.

Perhaps they brought him in to study one system they hadn’t mastered yet, while having others that worked just fine.

And if they had working prototypes right there in the hangar, that meant they could already have bases on the moon, Mars and elsewhere.



Lazar was told that once you get up to Element 115, the material actually becomes stable and inert, rather than being highly radioactive as we would expect.

Since we still do not understand quantum physics enough to truly master the atom, there is no way of knowing if this is, in fact, true.

According to Lazar, the system would bombard the Element 115 with energetic particles.

This causes it to release antimatter, which ultimately generates gravitational fields controlled by a “wave guide.”



Here is an explanation you can find online that quotes from Lazar’s own words:

“Inside the reactor, Element 115 is bombarded with a proton, which plugs into the nucleus of the 115 atom and becomes Element 116. [This] immediately decays and releases, or radiates, small amounts of antimatter.

The antimatter is released into a tuned tube, which keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it. It is then directed toward a gaseous matter target at the end of the tube.

The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy. The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy, in a near 100% efficient thermoelectric generator…” 1

Element 115 is a superheavy element found probably on a planet of a binary star system. Supposedly the craft uses 223 grams, cut to a triangular shape, within the reactor structure. (In a cloud chamber it was shown to alter, by gravitational forces, the paths of released alpha particles.)” 1

1 The above Bob Lazar quotes are taken from “Alien Contact” by Timothy Good (1993,) p. 183 and p. 181, respectively. (For more detailed information see Bob Lazar’s Reactor and Microwave Analogy webpages.)



As is so often the case with anyone who doesn’t “wish to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner,” the jingle ominously reminds you, “there will soon be nothing left” of you.



Lazar had a very hard road. Instead of recanting his story to get the “love” of the world, he stuck to it — and was villified.

This went well beyond public criticism and hatred from countless would-be “experts” who truly have no direct knowledge of “Area 51.”



Check this out from the Daily Mail article that emerged along with the arrival of the new Lazar movie.

This testimony was not included in the film, but is highly significant to include here:


12/4: The “UFO Messiah” Who Exposed Area 51 To the World

Despite his low-profile lifestyle, however, [Lazar] still maintains that the government hasn’t forgotten about him.

While he doesn’t assert that the government is necessarily after him, he does believe he’s being watched.

‘At the risk of sounding paranoid, I do always have a suspicion that someone is monitoring me – it’s something that is difficult to get out of my mind.’

He says that a ‘recent FBI raid’ – which is touched on in the film, though neither video cameras nor Corbell were present for it – ‘pretty much cements it in my mind.’

And Lazar isn’t the only one alleging big brother-type activity; journalist Knapp backs him up on it wholeheartedly,.

[Knapp told] in an email provided by Corbell that he’d seen firsthand some ‘strange events’ when the story first broke.


‘There were break-ins at Lazar’s home,’ [Knapp] says. ‘His vehicle also had break-ins. Mind games being played. Threats were issued.

“Lazar and others were bugged and followed. It certainly seemed like someone wanted to frighten him into remaining silent, or maybe they wanted to drive him a little crazy.

‘I was present for many of these events. I saw them with my own eyes, and I witnessed the aftermath as well.

“I also know that I was followed for several months and that my phone at KLAS was tapped for a time.

“This became apparent after six different people who had spoken to me by phone were visited and threatened by persons who worked for federal agencies, and/or defense contractors with ties to Groom Lake.

“The witnesses did not know each other, and did not know me, but had agreed to provide me with statements which generally supported the story told by Lazar.

“All six changed their minds about sharing information with me after they were visited – and threatened – by these unknown operatives.’



The history of Bob Lazar and George Knapp, now brought up to the present day in the new movie, is a painful one.

My own insiders, Pete Peterson and Emery Smith, both had their houses gutted to the bare walls, with all of their worldly possessions stolen or destroyed.

Emery suffered a head-on car collision that could easily have killed him. And William Tompkins actually died, right in the midst of the “Blood Moon” total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

I encouraged Emery to come forward despite these threats. I believed that he would not be safe unless he did so, as “Publicity is Protection.”

A series of very violent and suspicious events occurred soon after. Emery had his dog Raven abducted and he immediately ended up in the emergency room with a strange, very high fever that same night.

Shortly thereafter, his dog Beowulf was actually struck in a bizarre hit-and-run incident by an 18-wheel truck, and later died.

In this same incident, Emery claimed a man in plainclothes came out of an SUV, kicked him in the rectal area and said “You WILL keep your f-ing mouth shut.”

This all happened immediately before we were scheduled to head out to Boulder for another taping with Emery.



As documented here, I also received a death threat from two different sources — a formerly-trusted insider and a very wily and effective hacker of this website.

That threat seemed a little “too close to home” on August 11th, 2017, when the brakes completely died on my car while my fiancee’ was driving it.

This incident occurred only six days after I decided to ignore the death threats from the “Dark Alliance,” voice my public support of Corey Goode, and continue working with him.

My wife tells me she was late for an appointment, and was hurtling down the mountain at top speed.

The brakes gave out almost immediately after she had made it to flat land.



Elizabeth believes the only reason she is still alive today is angelic intervention. If the brakes had failed just minutes earlier, she would certainly be dead.

Elizabeth’s car was in the shop, and therefore she had to use mine, which was uncharacteristic. All together, it seemed like we out-maneuvered a “kill shot.”

The brakes went straight to the floor. Nothing. She was only able to control the vehicle with the hand-held stick emergency brake.

Elizabeth does not feel she would had the time to figure this out had the brakes given out on the windy mountain roads, with no guardrails.

This was just two months before our wedding, which would have only amplified the emotional damage to me even more had the assassination been successful.

Pete Peterson had already told me that Deep State officials had planned on murdering Kerry Cassidy through the exact same process — by her brakes failing in the mountains.

In that case, they had even planned out where to do it — and Pete was able to use his political power to get it called off.



At that time, we were concerned enough about these attacks that we had kept my fiancee’s involvement with me strictly confidential.

I was told by one of my top insiders that if I continued to support Corey Goode, I was going to die.

Only six days after I charged forward to expose the Dark Alliance and defend Corey, there was an attempt on my soon-to-be wife’s life.

The Dark Alliance continues to be active in their coordinated attacks through videos, articles and social media, but my expose’ of them did damage their agenda.



The Deep State plan started with me publicly ‘divorcing’ Corey. Even better, they hoped I would say that he made it all up.

They believed this divorce was inevitable, between their death threats and the silence I had maintained in the preceding months, as Corey’s reputation was falsely ripped apart by certain individuals.

The Deep State planned for Corey to crumble under the ‘Dark Alliance’ attacks, fade from the public, become bankrupt and spiral into a terrible depression.

Then they intended to create a staged suicide death, complete with a note, that the public would then believe was normal and plausible.

That plan was heading into the final stages when I decided to risk my own life, and the life of my fiancee’, to intervene.

Alliance insiders from some of the highest levels “on the inside” later revealed to us exactly how this plan had been structured.

Now, as we documented in the last article, we have seen the untimely deaths of Preston Nichols, Karl Wolfe and Bob Dean, all top whistleblowers.

This was precisely correlated with the near-death of my classic insider Daniel through a bizarre case of apparent poisoning.

All of this happened in a short burst at the beginning of October 2018.



For nearly 30 years, Bob Lazar chose to “sit it out” and avoid ALL discussions and / or appearances with the public.

In light of the threats and harassment he endured, not to mention the outrageous and ongoing ridicule, it is not surprising.

The Lazar film gives you a “backstage pass” to understand the man behind the legend.

You get to meet him, his wife and his mother. They all seem like very normal people.

Here is the trailer, where you can catch a glimpse of this yourself:



It is valuable, from a research standpoint, to meet the woman who sleeps next to him at night. Is he a serial liar? A con-man? A fraud?

If so, why did he never make the slightest effort to profit off of his story — or even just to speak in front of an audience?



Larry King and his people reached out to Lazar after the success of this film and asked for an interview — and it just aired.

Both Corbell and Lazar are terrific in this interview. There is no shaming or “laugh factor” from Larry. It is all taken very seriously.

The scope and depth of information here, and the overall quality, is so good that I would consider this to be “required viewing” before seeing the movie itself.

Lazar has EXACTLY the same type of qualities — humility, dazzling articulation, unhesitating honesty — that I have seen with every genuine insider.

Furthermore, Lazar confirmed that the massive federal raid on his property, covered in the movie, was likely them looking for Element 115.

Corbell was obviously taken aback when Lazar decided to come clean on Larry King and admit that this was what they had talked about in their “secret interview” the day before.

Take a look:



Click here for the dedicated link to this video on Larry King’s site. This was a very impressive interview! A truly legendary event in UFO history.

After seeing something like this with my own eyes, I feel even more strongly that Disclosure is upon us.

We will have much more to say on that in the next article.



Seeing Bob Lazar come full-circle and re-appear in the public eye is a truly mind-blowing experience for a UFO historian like me.

I highly recommend you check it out. It is available to rent or to own on all the top video-streaming platforms:

iTunes link + Bonus material:


There are many interesting specifics where Jeremy Corbell followed up on research leads Lazar had put out, and hit pay dirt.

Viewing this film is also a way to directly support the mission of disclosure by providing critically-needed funding when it is needed most.



Orchard Entertainment also released and distributed our film Above Majestic, which is a great follow-up to Bob Lazar.

We are told that the 1000-comment milestone on Amazon is truly rare. Many of the top studio superhero films never even hit it.

This is all thanks to your ongoing support and encouragement. I’ll be back soon with the wildfire article, and in the meantime, do check these films out!