We are very pleased to announce the marriage of David and Elizabeth Wilcock for the first time on this site.

David met Elizabeth five years ago and they got together in May 2016. They decided to keep their relationship private until now.

In this article we present the full story of how they got together, a personal profile of Elizabeth, and an interesting analysis of the spiritual connections and synchronicities they share.

The wedding took place on October 14th, 2017 with about 80 family members and close friends.

The following debut interview was published with Spiritual Biz Magazine for the cover story. Kimberly Maska and Daniel Pape conducted the interview with David and Elizabeth by phone.

Elizabeth has been a very positive, strong and loving part of David’s life these last two years, and now you can read the story and see the pictures for yourself.



The first question you may be asking is “Why didn’t you guys say anything before?”

The simple answer is that we wanted to enjoy our relationship just between ourselves before making it public, since we have a very large audience.

For two years we have enjoyed trips out into the world with relatively little scrutiny. We wanted to give our love a safe and sacred space to grow.

And yes, we even carried it right through to the point of our wedding night, with a no-cameras, no smartphones, no-social-media policy for every attendee.

We were actually quite surprised that we were able to keep it all a secret despite 80 guests — but it worked!

Now we are happy and excited to share the good news with you.

We feel this interview sheds a much deeper light into our connection than you would have gotten with a shorter announcement.

This also felt like a great way to kick off our long-needed website upgrade and design improvement before delving back into other areas.

You may well find some inspiration and personal guidance from hearing our story. So here we go!



Daniel Pape: I am here with David Wilcock, and in just a few minutes I’ll be introducing a very special guest.

Before we get to that, I’d like to delve into some of David’s personal history, which up until now has been somewhat under wraps — at least in the years since he went public.

David, it’s good to have you here. I am sure our readers will appreciate what you have to share. From what I understand, you have been on an extraordinary journey for quite some time.

You’ve been mostly alone throughout this quest. No steady girlfriend, no wife, no helpmate, no soulmate. What was it like to take this profound journey primarily by yourself?


David Wilcock: I did have a few girlfriends over the years, and for whatever reason, my relationships quickly collapsed into mutual heartache and pain each time. I never felt comfortable publicizing them for this same reason.

The problems seemed to stem from the fact that I was always an extreme workaholic. For many years I would not watch television, I did not socialize, I did not want to go out to eat dinner, see a show or anything.

I was basically on the computer all day long, every day, for fourteen hours or more.

Obviously, that’s going to cause serious problems unless you have someone who is very attuned to the needs of a mission that requires that much work.

In general, having alone time doesn’t scare me. It’s not like I was miserable. The work part of my life has grown very steadily, and that was what kept me going.

Nonetheless, it was definitely sad for me to have no real sense of companionship. The personal side of my life was in a shambles, and the work became a definite escape from the depressing reality I was facing day after day.

I did have people I lived with at times, either girlfriends or housemates, but those situations invariably ended up becoming contentious. It seemed that I was always in trouble and always apologizing.


I could see that I was hurting people I cared about, but I also did not feel that I could abandon the mission either. I decided that the only way I could avoid hurting someone was to live alone.

Then I chose to give it one last chance — and the person I decided to reach out to was Elizabeth.

If it hadn’t worked with her, then that was going to be the end of it. I was planning to turn my back on relationships forever.

Living alone for the rest of my life would allow me to focus on my work without causing pain to anyone else.

Daniel: It sounds as if you made a conscious decision to be alone. And yet, clearly something changed and you ended up meeting Elizabeth. Can you tell us how that happened?


David and Elizabeth Wilcock after exchanging their wedding vows on October 14, 2017. Photos by Natalie Baidi.


David: Elizabeth and I actually met through a mutual friend. Five years ago, she showed up at my house as an invited guest, and I was home alone when she arrived.

Neither of us had planned it to be this way — it just ended up happening.

I was immediately impressed by her and thought she was extremely attractive, but when I started talking to her I quickly realized that she was also spiritually and intellectually attractive as well.

It was easy to see that she had something rare and precious. We connected on multiple levels, including the fact that we had both intensely studied Shaolin Kung Fu.

We had a lot of things in common, but at the time we met I was in no position to have a girlfriend or to be seeing someone. It had to wait, and it actually took three more years for any greater connection to develop.

One of the things that was so impressive about Elizabeth during those three years was that she never tried to chase me. She never manipulated the fact that she had access to me.

That was very important to me, because after all that I’d been through, people would have to go through a pretty intense vetting process before I could trust them.


Daniel: I think it’s great that you found each other. How did you and Elizabeth finally get together after three years’ time?

David: In May 2016, I went off to Banff, which is this beautiful area of Canada that I have visited every year since 2007. It’s a very spiritual experience for me to be out there.


David Wilcock standing in front of the epic Moraine Lake in Banff, Canada.


There are these huge, gorgeous mountains made of purple granite that remind many people of the Himalayas. The lakes are a beautiful turquoise color.

It’s the most spiritual place on earth that I’ve ever found up until now. I go there seeking wisdom and retreat.

While I was out there, I went through a very comprehensive life review. It was an extremely intensive process where I looked at every minute detail of how my life had been going up until then.

I realized that I needed to give relationships one last try before I abandoned the quest completely. I felt like if I was going to look for someone, it couldn’t be somebody who I just met.


I had already tried meeting people who didn’t know me before I got thrown into the public eye with things like Ancient Aliens on History Channel.

Like it or not, your life radically changes once you become a public figure. It can be difficult for somebody to connect to you as a human being and not as a celebrity.

I quickly decided that if I was ever going to get together with anyone, it would need to be someone who I had already met before it really got crazy.

It only took about 30 seconds for me to think through a list of names before I realized that I had to give Elizabeth a chance.


David and Elizabeth Wilcock next to the mountains of Moraine Lake, September 2016.


We had connected before and in fact, only a couple of months earlier, I had run into her at Conscious Life Expo.

I met many hundreds of people during that event, but now our brief conversation stood out like a shining light.

I decided to start texting her and invited her to one of my biggest events of the year, Contact In The Desert.

[David will be speaking at this year’s event at their new, larger resort venue in Indian Wells, California, on the weekend of June 1st through 4th. Don’t miss it!]



This event is very crowded, approximately 5,000 people, and many of them urgently want to talk to me alone. It is physically impossible to even try to honor that many requests.

I also have a very busy schedule with hardly any time to prepare the slides for my next show in between the events, while still having proper meals and getting enough sleep.

I figured that if she could handle that intense of an event with me and not completely freak out, we would have a great foundation to build on.

I invited her to the conference and she accepted almost immediately. We had a very nice conversation.

I found out that her father had just died. I was very sorry to hear that. She was still grieving.

I also felt that I would be able to help her with the grief process, because it sounded to me like she was feeling very alone at the time.

I knew that reconnecting with me as a friend would probably help her feel better, and I have always had the ability to empathize with people even in the most intense situations.

Trauma and sadness do not scare me in the least. Those are often some of the best times to be able to truly reach someone at the deepest soul level and help them make a positive change.


Daniel: I must say that your approach is a prime example of what it means to be patient; you took your time, David, and it certainly paid off.

David: No doubt.

Daniel: Well done.

David: Thank you.


David Wilcock wedding picture. Married to Elizabeth Wilcock Oct 14, 2017.


Daniel: Let’s introduce Elizabeth to our readers now and hear her perspective on the similarities that you both share. Thanks for joining us, Elizabeth; it’s good to have you here.

Elizabeth: It’s good to be here. Thanks, Daniel.

Daniel: From what I understand, you and David had both lost all hope in finding your soulmate or life partner before you met each other. What were some of the defining qualities and similarities that drew you together?

Elizabeth: David and I have known each other for five years in total. We knew each other for three years before we got together, and I’d like to share a little bit about how we united if that’s okay.

Daniel: Certainly.


Elizabeth: I do feel as if my father had a lot to do with it. As David said, my father had just died.

I had been in Las Vegas, navigating the last week of my father’s journey, and I was right there with him as he crossed over to the other side.

I was singing to him and it was a deeply profound journey for both of us, as well as my brother who was also there.

My father had emphysema, so it was a very traumatic death because he couldn’t breathe and he was gasping for air.

It was very difficult to be with him and to hold space for him as this was happening, as he was pleading to get out of the hospital. He was in no state to leave.

I held that space alone with him for five days, looking into his eyes, helping to get him to focus on the light and to navigate his death.


Three days after my father died, I was lying in bed at his house, in a completely darkened room. I opened my eyes to see this very bright, scintillating light to the left of the bed, and it felt like my father.

I’ve seen spirits my entire life, and so I felt very happy. I felt an extreme sense of joy.

I said, “I’m so glad, Dad, that you’re in a good space. I’m so glad that you’re connected to the angels.”

I felt like he was very grateful for my presence there at his death.

Then, I said to my father, “Dad, now that you’re on the other side, maybe you can help me with something. Maybe you can help me find my beloved.


David and Elizabeth Wilcock at a film premiere, 2016.


“Maybe you can see things better over there, and help me locate him.”

Shortly after I asked my father for help, I got a text from David, inviting me to Contact In The Desert.

I had never thought of David as boyfriend material and I had no idea that David and I were ever going to get together.

I always thought he was a great guy, and I loved the brief conversations that we would have when we ran into each other once or twice a year.

It never even crossed my mind that he would be my beloved, but I had always wished that we had more time to talk.

I definitely accepted the invitation, because I needed a break.

I had been in Las Vegas dealing with my father’s death for a while, and it had been very intense. I welcomed the opportunity to take a little vacation.


As I drove out to Contact In The Desert, I was not planning to go on a date at all. I was just planning to meet my friend David and hang out for a couple of days.

Once I got there, David and I were able to spend uninterrupted time together for more than hour, for the very first time.

It was so comfortable, it was so joyful, it was so happy, it was so lighthearted, and it was so easy.

After about twenty-four hours of being with him, it just dawned on me, like a recognition, that we were going to be together. I knew that he was the one.


Elizabeth Wilcock with her brother and stepfather, being escorted to her wedding to David on October 14, 2017.


I will have to say that before then, I had lost all hope of finding my beloved. I had been on a conscious search for my soulmate for six years, and my entire family was praying that I find him.

In the months before my father passed, he kept telling me that I had to find a good man to marry. I think they were all worried about me.

Despite my intention and prayers, I was not finding him and losing hope.

On the Thanksgiving before David and I got together, I remember crying in my mother’s lap. At that Thanksgiving, all of the couples started sharing stories about how they met.

There I was, alone again at another holiday, with no beloved to share with my family. I started crying at the dinner table, and later that night lay my head on my mother’s lap.

She wiped my hair out of my eyes and told me everything would be okay. My family had been praying for me for a long time, and I have to tell you they are very happy that David and I have found each other.

My mother and step-father were already fans of his work. When my 96-year-old grandmother met David, her exact words were, “He’s a keeper. I really like him. I hope you marry him.”

She was at our wedding, and was very happy to receive David into our family.


Picture of David and Elizabeth soon after they got together in 2016.


Daniel: Your grandmother sounds lovely, and your date with David gives a whole new meaning to Contact In The Desert. You truly had a contact.

Elizabeth: That’s funny… and true!

Daniel: The experience you had with your father is sincerely touching as well, and I appreciate you sharing that with us.

Were there other experiences like this that surrounded you and David in the spiritual realm that you can share with us?


David: I’d like to take this question first, and I am sure Elizabeth will have some interesting things to say as well.

I live a life that is spiritually attuned, by choice. I pay attention to synchronicity; in fact, I wrote an entire book on it.


David Wilcock’s second New York Times best-seller, The Synchronicity Key.


Our experience of getting together was infused with all sorts of very bizarre and synchronistic events.

The first night that Elizabeth and I were talking at the conference, she mentioned that she was seeing a blue light over my head as I spoke about certain ET-related things in the kitchen.

Only two minutes later, my colleague on Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode, texted me very urgently, saying, “Go outside right now!” He wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Elizabeth and I went outside and looked up in the sky. Within only a few minutes, we realized that there was a point of light about the same size as the stars, maybe slightly larger, which was blue.

The strangest part was that it was exhibiting non-Newtonian movement. In other words, it was not just drifting like a satellite.

It was moving in different directions, and it was clearly changing its position in terms of its orientation to the stars in the background.

It would go up, it would go to the right, it would drift to the left, it would go down, and in looking at its relationship to the other stars, it was very clearly moving in unusual ways.

We watched this star, or whatever it was, for probably about an hour. We called it the blue blinker, because it would blink on and off.

Only later did we find out that many other people at the event had been watching it as well, and everyone was calling it the Blue Blinker.

Eventually we just gave up, because it was continuing to do the same thing for a very long time.

During the time that we were watching this, she asked me if she could lie next to me in the hammock, and I was perfectly comfortable with that.

I didn’t try to make any advances on her. We just held each other and watched the show.

It felt very sweet and very natural, and she was impressed by my ability to remain neutral and relaxed.


Elizabeth: I felt very safe with David. We have a mutual female friend who is very close with him, so I always felt that David was the kind of guy who could have a close friendship with a woman and not have to make it into something sexual.

During the time of the Blue Blinker, I still had no idea that David and I would be an item, but I felt really safe with him.

After my father’s death, I also felt pretty sad and vulnerable, so I asked him if I could come lay down with him in his hammock, just as friends.

He accepted, and just like he said, he made no moves on me. He made no attempts at anything, which felt very safe to me. It was very refreshing, and just what I needed.

I was able to tune in to him energetically in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do just by talking to him.

I looked into his soul, and I noticed that he was solid — like a rock. He was so stable and strong.

That really impressed me, because I thought that with him being such an intellect and a cosmic thinker, he might feel really airy-fairy. This was not at all the case.


Elizabeth was lying in the hammock on the left before coming to join David in the hammock on the right.


David: I have to admit that when she came and laid down next to me, I was ecstatic. Deep waves of relief flowed through me.

I was also confident that if this was really meant to be, it deserved patience and respect.

We had all the time in the world to get to know each other, and the best thing I could do was to simply relax and hold space for us to be together.

I felt as if my entire life was flashing before my eyes — all the pain, all the trauma, all the sadness — and for the first time, I actually had a situation that felt clean, healthy and right.

When I was staying in Canada a week before, I had no internet access at all. I had been practicing fingerstyle guitar for as many as seven hours a day, and had worked on a bunch of songs from the 1970s that were very romantic and heartfelt.

I ran through the entire repertoire that night before the blue blinker appeared, looking into her eyes as I sang to her.

I certainly made mistakes, but she didn’t care. She could feel my love, my pain and my sincerity.


Once I started thinking this was really going somewhere, I asked synchronicity to give me a dramatic sign.

We were staying in a house that had a dartboard on the wall. I walked up to it, grabbed a dart, stepped back twenty feet and said, “If this is meant to be then okay, Universe, I want you to let me get a perfect bullseye on the first try.”

I had done a little bit of dart playing in my freshman year of college. I wasn’t great at it, but I did know the basics.

I don’t think I had thrown a single dart since I was in college in 1992. Even on the best night, you’re not going to automatically hit the bullseye just because that’s what you’re shooting for.

This was a pretty daring move. I only threw it once, and it landed directly in the center. I shouted out in amazement, and we took a picture of it.

Daniel: Outstanding.


The bulls-eye shot David scored immediately after asking for a sign about his connection with Elizabeth and throwing a dart.


David: Once we started sleeping next to each other in the same bed, I began having incredibly profound dreams and much more intense spiritual experiences.

This included clearly audible and loving voices speaking to me.

Another profound event that happened early along was that both Elizabeth and I had a spontaneous recall of an apparent past life that we shared together.

Whether this is literally true or not, we were both seeing the exact same things in a visionary type of state. The number of correspondences went way beyond chance, in both of our opinions.

We appeared to have lived in Europe during the Renaissance period. In this case, I was a nobleman and she was more of a country girl.

We fell in love, but then she disappeared, and I never knew what happened. All I knew was that she had left me, and never came back.

This caused incredible trauma that I never really healed from. It was as if there was a great emptiness in my soul from then on. I used many addictive behaviors to try to heal the pain.


Many people believe I am the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, a deep-trance psychic who performed over 14,000 documented “readings” where he would speak with seemingly omniscient intelligence while he was unconscious.

The language was very odd. He could diagnose people’s health problems in this state and prescribe unique and effective treatments where the mainstream community had written them off for dead.


David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce, showing many obvious facial similarities, less so with the haircut.


He also delved deeply into people’s past lives, and showed how these traumas were still affecting them in the now.

The Cayce Readings described him as having had certain lifetimes that were extremely prominent and influential, while others in the recent past had taken a far more negative turn.

In the run-up to his lifetime as Edgar Cayce, he apparently had been a womanizer, a gambler, and an alcoholic for two different lifetimes.

Edgar Cayce also had a problem with alcohol and cigarettes as well as a very difficult marriage in his own lifetime.

All of this multi-incarnational pain and trauma had continued through into my own life as David. I realized that all this pain had resulted from how strongly we had fallen in love, hundreds of years ago.

Then I had lost that love, and my soul could never really heal the wound.


Elizabeth: We both got the strong intuitive sense that I was dying from tuberculosis. I didn’t want him to get drawn into the pain and heartache of seeing me die.

He had important responsibilities and I didn’t want him to abandon them just to sit with me while I slowly died for months on end.

Instead of dragging him through all of that, I decided to just go off and die by myself.

David: What was weird was that she remembered that part on her own. I had already seen her coughing blood up in a psychic vision.

I did not say it out loud because that’s one of the things you can do to help verify information like this. Then on her own, she remembered dying of tuberculosis.

It was truly amazing, because each of us started to feel like we were in both places at once.


David and Elizabeth Wilcock on the upper deck of their wedding venue, Oct 14, 2017.


I had the same experience when I was reading the details of Edgar Cayce’s death — right down to very clear memories of how the walls had looked.

This made me realize that this feeling of never really connecting with anyone, never really having love in my life, had actually extended through multiple lifetimes.

It was very likely the same reason why Edgar had spent four years away from his family in Texas while his children were still very young.

He was trying to use his readings to drill for oil and bring in much-needed funds, but his business efforts were plagued with constant setbacks.


Edgar Cayce in front of an oil well he built with investors in Texas.


This also served as an excuse for him to stay away for a very long time. I have long since realized that he wouldn’t have left his family for that long if he hadn’t been very unhappy.

In that life when she first abandoned me, I had really gone down the tubes. I had become a wasted person for the rest of that life as well as the next one.

[It is a known fact to Cayce scholars that his readings claimed his previous two lifetimes had been as an alcoholic “lost soul.”]

I was able to create a much better situation as Edgar Cayce, but the pain still lingered.

It’s a beautiful story in terms of how multiple incarnations after this trauma occurred, we were able to reconnect and remember what happened.

It actually resolves a lot of threads in the Edgar Cayce saga that up until then were not really explainable.


In case your readers don’t know this, I also have an astonishing facial similarity with Edgar Cayce.

The reason why that matters is that Dr. Ian Stevenson from University of Virginia was an MD psychiatrist who studied over 2,000 children in the Middle East who claim to remember past lives.

Of that number, he had been able to do research for about 1,200 of them, and find provable evidence that they had been remembering accurate details from other lifetimes.



They consciously remembered their names in some cases. They remembered names of other people.

They remembered where they lived, what their house looked like, or things like paintings that were on the wall.

In some cases, they remembered very complex things including many people’s names, their interactions, and who their family members were.

These were all verifiable. The kids would actually be taken to the houses where they would remember secret rooms and so forth.

In some cases, unsolved murders were actually cracked, and the killers confessed.


The point is that I fit Dr. Ian Stevenson’s scientific criteria for reincarnation very nicely, because I have what many people see as a stunning facial and character similarity to Edgar Cayce.

I began reading books on developing my ESP when I was only seven years old, and was getting very accurate results all the way back then.

When I read Edgar’s own writings about how he struck out with women, I felt very uncomfortable, as I had been making exactly the same mistakes in my own life.

This was long before I realized that I had any connection to Edgar Cayce.

[David just covered this material in front of a live audience again for the first time in many years at Conscious Life Expo.

This is one of many interesting things you will see if you help us out by ordering the video collection.]


The classic David Wilcock / Edgar Cayce comparison photo, first released on this site in 1999.


You don’t see the facial similarity unless you look at pictures of him when he was in his early 20s, and I didn’t even see any of those until the fall of 1997 — a full year after I had begun doing my own psychic readings from a conscious level.

I had received very accurate future prophecies as well as a wealth of spiritual guidance and tutelage from what appeared to be a higher intelligence.

In all of Dr. Stevenson’s cases where kids remembered accurate details, they looked the same as they did before.

Dr. Jim Tucker, who is also from the University of Virginia, inherited Dr. Ian Stevenson’s work, and said that you can use forensic police software and actually get a near-perfect face match when somebody remembers an accurate past life.



It is also strange to note that Elizabeth’s father’s name was Edgar. Her grandfather’s name was also Edgar.

Her great-grandfather’s name was also Edgar — so her father was actually Edgar the IIIrd.

This is just one of many strange synchronicities that we found as we compared our life stories.


The woman who introduced Elizabeth and me is literally the spitting image of Edgar’s wife’s cousin and best friend Stella. There is no discernible difference between the two of them in their facial appearance.

Once I showed her the pictures, she revealed that she had named her cat Stella, and had loved her for many years.

In fact, almost every character of significance in the Cayce saga has re-appeared in my own life as someone who I ended up living with.

Consciously I was unaware in each of these cases that we might have a past-life connection when we first met and became friends.

The facial similarities in every case are astonishing, and there are still several examples that I have not gone public with for privacy purposes.

There have also been many karmic entanglements that I have had to unravel, and the Cayce story has been of invaluable significance in understanding why various things needed to happen the way they did.


Edgar Cayce’s readings also said he had been a major Egyptian political and spiritual figure during the time the Great Pyramid was built, which he dated as starting roughly 11,450 years ago.

This lines up very nicely with the research of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock regarding the so-called Giza alignment.

The three pyramids at Giza line up with the three major stars in the belt of the constellation Orion, and the Nile River corresponds with the position of the Milky Way Galaxy.



Since the stars drift by one degree every seventy-two years in the night sky, there is only one time in the past where heaven and earth are properly aligned.

That time was calculated as precisely identical to what Cayce had reported in his readings for when the Great Pyramid was built.

The Cayce readings indicated that his name had been Ra-Ptah, and he was one of the two main people who designed and built the Great Pyramid.

Ra-Ptah apparently had multiple wives in that lifetime. His last wife was with him when he passed on, and her name was Tar-Ello.

When I first did the Conscious Life Expo in 2005, a woman came up to me and gave me a transcript from a Cayce book about all of this.

By sheer happenstance, as Elizabeth and I were getting ready to move only a few months ago, I was going through old papers, looking for tax documents, and I found this photocopy from the book.

When I read what it said about Tar-Ello, it described Elizabeth 100 percent.

[This appears to be from the Edgar Cayce book The Egyptian Heritage, pages 32-35, though it was not labeled. The chapter title is “The Departure of RA.”]


It’s exactly the same way she looks with the blonde hair, blue eyes, thin figure, and all the personality characteristics.

Ra-Ptah even called her Little One, which was a nickname I had already been calling her in this lifetime.

We discovered that Tar-Ello had helped Ra-Ptah conceal his imminent death from his fans per his own request.

He did not want to tell people that he was about to die. He just wanted to disappear.

After he left, people got very, very upset with her, because they felt that she had concealed it from them and they were not allowed to say their goodbyes.


Then, we realized that this was a major karmic cycle that was still affecting us now.

There was some kind of past life memory of everyone becoming so angry at her for helping me transition in secret, and the shame and fear still lived in her heart.

This may have had a lot to do with why Elizabeth has been dreading any publicity with me whatsoever for the past two years.

Finding that document filled in some very valuable cracks.


Most Cayce scholars do not pay much attention to Tar-Ello, but here we are seeing that her role as my final wife in that lifetime became all important for this one.

We decided that we had unfinished business to attend to, and part of healing that karma was to come forward.

I know this might sound metaphysical and woo-woo, but the more you study reincarnation, the more you see the scientific basis of it.

Eventually you realize there is no other adequate explanation for these phenomena.


Daniel: What you’re doing certainly takes courage. I think it’s fair to say that in this life, you’re putting it all together quite beautifully.

David: Thank you. There’s one more synchronicity that I think is really important to share, which happened after she moved in with me in July of 2016.

On one of the first nights that she was sleeping beside me, I had this very intense dream that caused me to speak out loud.

Elizabeth: He laughed, actually.

David: I was laughing in my sleep, and she basically woke me up while I was still sort of in the dream.

She was asking me what I was laughing about, and at this point in time I didn’t know anything about her father, except for some basic details.

I said that I was seeing a man who was in some kind of a jumpsuit, and he had this pizza box.

He was being very funny and theatrical with the pizza box. He was opening it up and pulling out all these items that were much too large to have fit into it.


Elizabeth Wilcock’s father, Edgar the IIIrd.


They were the type of items you would get at a home improvement store like Home Depot.

There were all these housewarming gifts, very useful things that we would need for the house. As I described this man, I realized that it had to be her father.

I had no idea that the descriptions were 100% accurate. As I was describing to her what he looked like, she said, “Yes, that’s my father.”

Elizabeth: My father had been in the Air Force academy, which he loved, and while he was in it he wore blue jumpsuits.

So I would imagine that he probably wanted to wear his blue jumpsuit while he was on the other side, because it made him feel so good. He was really proud of his time in the Air Force.

David: Then, when I later saw a picture of her father, it was the same man I had seen in the dream. That blew me away.


Daniel: That is truly amazing on many levels. I must mention, on a lighter note, that I find it comforting that we get to enjoy our wardrobe in the afterlife.

I have personally become somewhat attached to a few of my vintage items. You know what I mean?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Daniel: All of these synchronicities are remarkable, and I think it’s very cool the way you are reading the signs together.

David: There is another synchronicity that is really good too.

Daniel: Bring it.


David: Before Elizabeth and I got together, my colleague Corey Goode had been having some very interesting ET contacts.

That’s another long story, but suffice it to say that Corey appears to be having in-person contact with multiple different ET groups, mostly benevolent.

One of the groups that he claims to be in contact with consists of human-looking people who apparently live in giant caverns inside the earth, who call themselves the Anshar.

Before Elizabeth had shown up in my life, Corey had gotten a very specific message from this Anshar priestess named Karee.

She told him that two people were being steered into my life by the Anshar themselves, and that they were going to have a very positive spiritual influence on me.


Leon Kennedy, David Wilcock and Michael Wilcock at the wedding, Oct 14, 2017.


I was actively looking for who these two people would be. The first one who came in ended up being the minister at my wedding, Leon Isaac Kennedy.

He is a legendary Motown DJ, a Hollywood star who appeared in Chuck Norris films, and a spiritual friend to many of the top celebrities, including Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Junior.


Elizabeth ended up being the second person I was told to anticipate. Karee’s primary description of herself was as a priestess.

Once Elizabeth and I got together, I realized that she was about to launch a program called the Priestess Path. That was very, very bizarre.

Then, later we find out from Corey that Karee’s sister had been specifically working on Elizabeth almost full-time to give her precise telepathic information.

Elizabeth was able to recognize this psychically, and actually had intuitive visions involving this same person.

Elizabeth was given her name, which we are not allowed to disclose at this point. I told Corey the name and he was freaked out, because he was not allowed to tell me what Karee’s sister’s name was.

Elizabeth: He didn’t admit that the name was correct until I told him about it myself.

David: That is correct. Corey didn’t tell me that the name was right, but he just acted really freaked out when I shared it with him.

Later, Elizabeth talked to him separately and told him the name she had gotten, and he confirmed that it was the same name that he had been given. This again was very, very interesting: very, very bizarre stuff.

Daniel: Absolutely. It’s really validating as well.


Elizabeth: We like to try to cross-validate things like that, even with each other.

Daniel: No doubt. I am sure a lot of David’s followers would like to learn more about you, Elizabeth. Tell us about your personal journey. What were you like as a child?

Elizabeth: As a child, I felt that I wasn’t from here. I was very quiet and shy. I was already seeing spirits as long as I could remember.

I had my first conscious out-of-body experience at age two.

As my babysitter was walking me to the community swimming pool in Newport, Oregon, I saw myself from the tops of the trees, looking down at my toddler body.

I had my first communication with a deceased Indian spirit at age three at a grave site on our lot in Oregon.


Elizabeth Wilcock on her fifth birthday party.


I was also very empathic, so I could hear people’s thoughts and see their auras.

I preferred not to speak to people, because I already had gotten a lot of information just from seeing them, and the words were more confusing to me.

I preferred to speak to animals because I could understand them better and they were easier to be around.

This may be due to emotional trauma I experienced as a child. I was bullied regularly, and that caused soul loss from the shamanic point of view.

I was also a tomboy, so I preferred to play out in nature with the guys, climb trees and catch crawdads in the streams. I refused to wear dresses until I was in my thirties.

My childhood definitely had torturous elements, and my main dream was to save all the animals in the world.

I could feel the suffering of the animals and how they were dying at the hands of humanity, and the environmental crisis.

Growing up as a teenager, I excelled in track and became a national track competitor. I placed in the Junior Olympics in the 400, and I was a state champion in the 800 for a couple of years.


Elizabeth Wilcock running in first-place position at high school track competition.


During my peak competitiveness in track, I developed bulimia, which was an eating disorder that became so severe I was taken and put into an out-of-state hospital during my senior year of high school.

That was all very traumatic for me; not only having a life-threatening eating disorder, but then losing all of my friends from high school and having to start over.

The problem was that after about two months in the hospital, when I came out, I was actually worse than when I went in.

I hid that fact from my parents as I went off to college, where I was left with this life-threatening eating disorder all on my own.

I was really killing myself. I got down on my knees and prayed one day. I said, “God, this is too much for me. I need help.”

I had already been introduced to shamanism at age 17, when I read my first book on the teachings.

The interesting thing is that David and I both read the exact same book on shamanism at the exact same age of 17.



Shamanism became very dear to me, because this is a path that acknowledges the existence of the soul and gives you tools for healing it.

They recognize that there are spirits. They deal with the spirit world, and I had already been living in that world for my entire life.

I began training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.



After I had been working on my own shamanic practice for about three months, I began to specifically ask for my bulimia to be healed.

I did a ceremony one night in order to heal it. I fell into a trance state, and I demanded that my personal power would be returned to me three different times.

In the vision I was having, the lost parts of my soul were brought back into my body. I gasped three times as the full power of my soul returned, and the bulimia was healed.

At that point, I dedicated myself to the healing path. I knew that all I wanted to be was a healer.

I continued training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and graduated from their three-year course in Advanced Shamanic Healing.


Another powerful awakening I went through was a near-death experience on the night before my nineteenth birthday.

I was taken from my body, which had plunged into a desperate state.

Once I left my body, I discovered that there was a guide with me.

I heard my heartbeat flatline. This was the most terrifying experience of my entire life up until that point. I fought it stridently, with every fiber of my being.

Once I completely acquiesced, I left my body. My guide was there waiting for me as I emerged on the other side, and I heard what appeared to be an angelic trumpet blast.

I then began having the most profoundly wonderful and beautiful experience of my entire life, beyond anything I could have possibly imagined.

I was greeted by many golden angels and beings of light, who were all cheering for me. My guide proceeded to take me to the ends of the universe, and revealed how it was created.



I was shown how the universe was built from many different pairs of opposites that interpenetrated one another. This was the foundation of all creation.

As I saw these elements, I was unifying with the fields of information they contained, and getting huge revelations as I made my way back to Source.

At the time I had no idea what the I Ching was, but later on I was introduced to it and believe it to be a mystical embodiment of exactly what I saw.

I was then unified with what I believe to be God for a time. This experience was profoundly beautiful and amazing.

Words cannot express the quality and depth of information I received at this point, except that it was a wealth and a being-ness that was normally only reserved for the afterlife.

Then, I was brought back down into my body through what I understood to be the Christ light and the Trinity, and put back into my physical form, which I could barely use.

I could not talk or walk for hours as I was rebooting my brain. After that experience, I knew that my life’s path was going to be a spiritual one. I was definitely going to walk the road less traveled.


After I graduated from the three-year course in Advanced Shamanic Healing, I entered into the Martial Arts.

I originally began training in the martial arts with a grandmaster who was a three-time Vietnam Veteran.

He was a salty character who had a metal plate in his head, and I trained in his dojo for three and a half years.

Then I ended up marrying a martial art master, and trained and received instruction from masters and grandmasters for an additional ten years.

We opened five martial art and medical qigong centers, and trained thousands of students. I earned five different black belts, and became the first female master instructor in our organization.

In our lineage, in order to become a master instructor, you must have a minimum rank of five black belts.

You need to have trained under a master for a minimum of ten years, and you also need to have owned and run at least one martial art school.

Those were the requirements when I earned my Master Instructor degree at the time.


For me, this training felt like a major past-life contract, if you will. I feel like I have the soul of a warrior.

The teachings I was exposed to were originally intended to train the elite warriors of a country who were dedicated to protecting their loved ones and leaders.

There are many psychological disciplines and codes you are taught that help to ensure that no enemy can compromise your individual or collective safety and security.

Another key aspect of these ancient teachings is that they fully respect and understand the spiritual components of the battles they are fighting.

This background has been of invaluable assistance in my work with David, as there are many unseen components that we deal with, often on an hour-by-hour basis.

Even after all of this training, I find that I am constantly being challenged to apply what I know in new and unique ways.


Five-star black belt / master instructor Elizabeth Wilcock in leopard stance at United Martial Arts Association of America dojo.


I was incredibly grateful to connect to these ancient warrior lineages, and to receive the codes of these warriors, which I now share in my current business, the Priestess Path.

I had lived in this martial art world for well over a decade, and loved being there.

Then I got a very strong message that I needed to leave and go out on my own, in order for me to truly live my authentic dream and find my soulmate.


I gave everything up, left everything behind and started on a solo journey. That lasted six years.

During that solo journey, I taught qigong, and I continued with my workshops.

I lived very simply on an organic farm with twenty-seven other people sharing a kitchen and bathrooms, all in order to stay committed to my true life’s work.

Part of my commitment was also to find my beloved.

This lasted for six years with no results, so I was really losing hope and getting very weary. However, I had been successful in staying true to my spiritual path.

Right before I met David, I had developed the Priestess Path, because I had honed in on the best way for me to give back everything that has been given to me.

Through the Priestess Path, I provide initiations for women that I received as I apprenticed in shamanism, the martial arts, Taoism and more.

I was definitely on my path. Then, as fate would have it, I was finally gifted with my beloved. It was a true surprise, and it came just in the nick of time for both of us.

We were both ready to throw in the towel completely, and resign ourselves to being these quirky, strange and lonely people who never had a relationship, but just shared everything they had with the world.

Thankfully, David and I were then gifted with each other.


Daniel: Well, I can certainly see what David sees in you. It’s an extraordinary journey you’ve been on. With who you are as a person, I can understand how David fell for you.

Elizabeth: Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say that.

Daniel: I think it’s fair to say that the public sees David as this mystic scientist. What are some of his traits that the public doesn’t get to see?

What was it about David that made you fall for him? Can you share that with us?

Elizabeth: There are many beautiful things about David that the public does know: his brilliance, his genius, his courage and his scholarship and exposure of the Cabal.

The things that people don’t usually see are his goofiness, his playfulness, his dear childlike little-boy side, and his deep sensitivity and compassion.

He’s tirelessly working on his mission, and I fully support it. I’m happy that he has a holy cause. I needed to be with a man who had a holy cause.

I’ve been trained by warriors, masters and grandmasters who stand for things. I needed to be with somebody who had that level of alignment and impact.


Daniel: Never under-estimate the goofy little boy. I love it. It’s really inspiring to see two people go through so much adversity and come together the way you both have.

David: We have been friends ever since we first met. I was very impressed with Elizabeth from the beginning.

The real key for me is how will someone treat me in my day-to-day life? Will she treat me with respect? Will she treat me with kindness? Will she treat me with compassion?

For whatever reason, this had been very, very difficult to achieve — in fact, nearly impossible.

There is no doubt that Elizabeth is able to hold space for what I’m doing, courageously, without trying to make fear-based decisions that might be more in the interest of her own protection rather than what would be best for the mission.


David and Elizabeth Wilcock showered with lavender confetti just after exchanging vows, October 14, 2017.


She is very loving and kind to me on a daily basis and I am grateful to have found consistent, supportive love.

I feel we’re both completely committed to what we’re doing together as individuals. That sense of purpose to me is all important.

We make a great team. We complement each other. We’re always laughing, joking around and having great conversations.

We’re able to understand each other and provide the emotional support that we both need. She is very kind and respectful to me.

We are truly able to see each other as equals, give each other the space that we need to do what we need to do, and also to have total respect for each other’s work and the significance of that work.

I did not think that something like this would ever be possible. I had basically become hopeless.

The fact that it finally happened is totally amazing, and it has improved my life in ways that I had never thought would occur throughout my entire forty-plus years before we got together.


Daniel: I really feel like our readers will get a good sense of the two of you as a couple, and as individuals. My last question is this. What do you feel your mission is, together as a team?

Elizabeth: We both have very clear and similar missions to help anchor in the sacred here on earth, so that the light prevails.

We both do this in our own different ways. My way is through the Priestess Path, by sharing initiations and wisdom teachings that come from these ancient lineages and offering them to women.

I help empower women to stand up and anchor in the sacred in their own bodies, and in their communities.

In that way, I am helping to co-create environments of health, beauty and peace, both internally and externally.

Also, from my warrior training in the martial arts, I encourage men to protect the sacred and the innocent, and to honor the feminine. That’s my main message.

Although David’s work is not the same as mine, I truly support him and I can get behind what he is doing as he follows his specific calling.


David: Before we got together, I felt it was very important that whoever I was with would not just be a supportive partner, but would truly have her own quest that was virtuous.

I didn’t want to have a situation where somebody’s whole life was wrapped up in my calling. I wanted her to have her own unique talents and abilities that I could help to support and encourage.

I was impressed when Corey’s contacts from the Anshar said they fully endorsed what Elizabeth was doing, and saw it as being of significance.

They were putting a great deal of time into telepathically communicating with her in dreams, to clarify and enhance the effectiveness of her message.

It was very important for me to be able to get together with someone who actually had a platform that expanded and extended upon what I was doing, and had the intuitive gifts to get accurate messages that I might otherwise miss.


Elizabeth can say things as a woman that I probably would not want to say as a man, because it might not have the credibility and it might not carry the right emotional tone.

To have her say it is great for me, because now our message is being expressed jointly, and we’re both serving humanity in different but interconnected ways.

I tend to focus a lot more on intellectual and scientific subjects, but I can speak eloquently on emotional and psychological issues as well.

I feel that Elizabeth specializes more in those emotional and psychological issues, and I am
often surprised and delighted by the things I will hear her say when she is doing an interview or a video.


David and Elizabeth Wilcock climbing the stairs just after exchanging their vows on October 14, 2017. Photo by Jana Peterson.


It’s a very nice complementarity where we both have similar intellects and gifts, but we’re using them in different ways — and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Daniel: Well, thank you. I’m really glad that the two of you were able to get your message on record, and I know our readers will appreciate it.

David: Thank you! We have both enjoyed it.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Daniel. I am honored by the opportunity to share our message as a couple for the first time with you and your readers.

Daniel: Thank you both for taking this time to share with us, and we wish you all the best in your mission together!



We thank you for all the positive and supportive comments! We really appreciate hearing your kind and loving thoughts and blessings.

Someone asked about the ‘synastry’ between Elizabeth’s natal astrology chart and my own.

Believe it or not, we didn’t even take a look at it until a few months ago. Elizabeth had a Vedic astrologer check it out.

In conventional astrology, the compatibility of a couple can be easily measured in how well their birth planets are aligned.

Those who have studied the similarities between Edgar Cayce and me have been amazed by the fact that we have very, very similar charts.

In fact, my chart is so similar to Cayce’s that it is the closest alignment you can achieve in a 127-year period after his death. I covered this data again at the Conscious Life Expo in January.

As it turns out, the astrologer said Elizabeth’s natal chart matches David’s so well that it is at least a “one in a million” perfect match, if not one in ten million or even higher.

The astrologer actually said this was the best alignment two people in a love relationship. He called it the “Shiva-Shakti Alignment.”

With that level of astrological complementarity, he said it would have been “only a matter of time” that we got together after we first met five years ago.

This stunning birth connection, along with the names of three generations of Elizabeth’s fathers all being Edgar, suggests this was all planned out before we were ever born.

So there you have it!



DAVID’S BIO: David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations. David is revising and upgrading entire branches of science, and modeling a new narrative of human history that reveals how we are sharing our universe with races of highly advanced beings. Sign up for the latest exciting news at https://DivineCosmos.com

ELIZABETH’S BIO: Elizabeth Wilcock is the creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light, which empowers women with sacred knowledge about body, mind, sacred relationship and Spirit. She holds five black belts in Shaolin kung fu and qigong, and is the first female master instructor in her martial art organization.

She also offers co-ed programs on shamanism and qigong, with the intention of empowering men and women to anchor in the sacred and experience their highest potential. https://www.elizabethwilcock.com



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We are mostly finished with the next article update, which will address current issues head-on, including the shocking censorship striking multiple scholars in this field.

This includes the stunning, instant, multi-platform bans and deletions doled out to David Seaman and Jordan Sather in the last two weeks.

In both cases, their entire life’s work of YouTube videos were permanently erased as well as their entire social media presence — showing coordinated efforts never before seen.

Social media and YouTube has just proven to be a honey trap that can be completely ripped out from under you if you have not built other avenues to get your message out.

As I learned, however, when YouTube told me my videos were “permanently deleted” after a fake Teddy Bear copyright attack, they were immediately re-instated once I pointed out their mistake.

We wanted to release our wedding announcement now, to help debut the new site upgrade, before delving back into these other areas.



This has been a very busy moment of time, for reasons we will discuss in the next article.

The Alliance has moved from a “planning” to an “operational” phase. Many of the specifics are still classified for operational security purposes.

This stunning censorship does suggest that some major, positive developments are on the way soon enough.

Q Anon is finally posting for the first time again since February 23rd, as another example of just how busy things have gotten recently.

The Deep State folks would not be de-publishing entire platforms of truth tellers if they weren’t extremely concerned about whatever developments are heading their way next.

We have been told to anticipate new “data dumps” at a Snowden level and beyond, as just one example.

Q Anon has also said “watch the news this week” both yesterday, Saturday 3/3, and today, Sunday 3/4. What will transpire is anybody’s guess at this point.

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A couple of folks were complimentary of our wedding but suspicious of Leon, simply because of his affiliation with Hollywood.

I decided there was an opportunity to clear this up, and give you my first-hand perspective.

Leon was personally trained by Muhammad Ali for his roles in a series of films where he starred as a boxer, including Body and Soul.



The Turkish poster for Body and Soul is racy, and shows Ali as the looming villain figure he must face off against:



He played an FBI agent who helps Chuck Norris in Lone Wolf McQuade, and they traded Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali stories while having great fun on set.

Leon was treated disrespectfully by Hollywood after a run of very successful movies led to a few with lower sales. Their motto is “You’re only as good as your last film.”

He decided to walk away from that world in the early 80s and become a minister.

Despite being a close spiritual advisor to Michael Jackson from the time the Jackson 5 started up to the Beat It / Thriller phase, he was not aware of any occult elements.

His extensive experience in offering spiritual counseling to leading public figures has been very valuable in helping me navigate my own life challenges.



It is absolutely possible for someone to work in the entertainment industry and star in films, and not be a part of the Cabal / Illuminati.

This group is very closed, tight and secretive. A star would go through extensive “grooming” before ever receiving a formal offer to join.

Furthermore, this group is very racist, so anyone who is not Caucasian is not likely to be asked in — and if they did manage to get some access, it would still be minimal.

Leon is fully aware of everything I talk about and is in support of it. He introduced me on Monday night at this past Conscious Life Expo.

Almost everyone in the entertainment industry is aware of the problem we are facing… they simply don’t talk about it.

Elizabeth and I are happy to have Leon as a close friend and spiritual advisor.

We have had enough conversation with him to see that he is very aware of the spiritual war we are fighting, and has chosen his side wisely.