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Welcome to Divine Cosmos, the Official Internet home for the work of David Wilcock. Within this site are thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar, features many of David’s most inspiring psychic readings, and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change… and how it directly impacts our DNA.

A Brief History of David’s Experiences:

[Updated August 12, 2006]

Ever since age 2, David remembers having dreams of massive, metallic cylinders floating in the sky, along with bizarre psychic synchronicities during the day.

At age 5, David had a spontaneous out-of-body experience that greatly crystallized his quest for the truth of ESP, metaphysics and consciousness.



At age 7, David read his first full-length adult paperback book about ESP, entitled How to Make ESP Work for You, by Harold Sherman. He conducted successful telepathic experiments with his friends, and demonstrated repeated psychic accuracy while still in second grade, culminating in a classroom demonstration of his abilities.

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David’s parents divorced when he was 11 years old, and he quickly began gaining weight through emotional eating, trying to stuff his pain with food. As he got larger he started wearing black T-shirts to try to hide the weight, and became increasingly socially isolated. He reached his heaviest and most depressed point at age 15.

At age 16, David committed to a weight-loss plan, and soon had the first of an ongoing series of lucid dreams, consciously induced through a technique he learned in Dr. Stephen La Berge’s book, Lucid Dreaming. He lost 85 pounds by strict dieting during this year of his life, going from 225 down to 140. Perhaps 20 or so of those pounds were in his hair alone… you’ve gotta admit he cleans up good!


David’s grades also improved along with his self-esteem as a result of losing so much weight. The day he cut his hair people were stopping dead in their tracks when they saw him in the hallways. His transformation so impressed the faculty of Scotia-Glenville HS that David was awarded the Martin J. Mahoney Memorial Award for Personal and Academic Progress.

At age 19, after one bleary-eyed year of college partying, David went totally sober, and began a detailed journal of all his dreams on a daily basis. He has an unbroken record of dreams that continues to this day – some 14 years later. (Currently David averages 80-100 pages of this private journal writing every 15 days, between documenting dreams, important emails and life’s daily events. David considers meditative journaling and dreamwork to be essential to spiritual growth.)

David later graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a BA in Psychology and a Master’s equivalent in experience from his internship at a suicide hotline, completing his formal education at age 22.

David’s “graduate studies” with Higher Intelligence had already begun at age 20, by fully reading and absorbing an average of three metaphysical books per week; he integrated over 300 metaphysical titles between 1993 and 1995. David’s Internet research began in 1996, and soon replaced books as the predominant medium of study. Though Internet writing is often lower in quality than published books, it also contains much that cannot be found in libraries and bookstores, and the search functions are irreplaceable.

We now have nine feet worth of books from printed website articles, which David organized with a binding machine. This massive archive has spawned all three CONVERGENCE books published freely on this site, with book III, Divine Cosmos, being the most sophisticated in content and in writing style – hence the new name of the website. This archive also spawned Part III of “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” and the material for a trilogy of CONVERGENCE films – and we’re still only using a small portion of what we uncovered, though we do feel it is the BEST portion – the most inspiring and scientifically sound.

Wilcock’s preliminary, direct contact with Higher Intelligence was through a quick burst of automatic writing, which occurred at age 22, in November of 1995. A very small number of characters gave a Bible citation that was highly synchronistic and meaningful to David at that time, even though he had never studied the Bible. Three years of daily dreamwork and intense metaphysical research helped “tune” his mind to receive this one brief message. However, there was still another year of work to be done before it could come through sustainably, in verbal form. During this year only dreams came through – no further messages or sentences.

This automatic writing experience paved the way for David to begin reading the Ra Material / Law of One series in January 1996, channeled by L/L Research, based in Louisville, Kentucky since 1983. The Law of One integrated and explained all 300 books worth of David’s metaphysical research and his three years worth of esoteric dream research so well that he felt as if it had been written for him. It also seemed to clearly be implying that a major change – literally a dimensional shift – was coming to the Earth in the not-too-distant future. David was dazzled to discover that no one had ever written a book about the science of the Law of One series before, and he began writing some articles on Richard Hoagland’s discussion board in the summer of 1996.


In November of 1996, at age 23, David broke through to direct verbal contact with his own Higher Self, thanks to the tuning provided by the Law of One study and the ongoing daily dreamwork. This proved to be the most important single event of David’s entire life, and it utterly changed everything, taking all the outside studies and suddenly making them intensely personal. The source showed that it was outside of time and could accurately predict events before they happened with great precision, and it was also a fount of unending wisdom regarding how David could further grow spiritually. He had a lot more work to be done in releasing fear, increasing responsibility, developing his new scientific models, et cetera.

In September of 1997, David was told in a consciously induced OBE to move to Virginia Beach, Virginia. As soon as David arrived in Virginia Beach, many A.R.E. people recognized him as the spitting image of a young Edgar Cayce. Then, in November of 1997, after considerable speculation from self and others, David confronted his Source directly about the possibility of having been Edgar Cayce in a past life. The source said that “in short, the answer is yes… and with this knowledge comes great responsibility”, and other than the start of the channeling itself, this was by far the greatest surprise of David’s entire life. It was extremely difficult for him to accept this, but the readings insisted that he talk about it with others and spread the word. They also insisted that he either begin doing readings professionally and publish books for free online, or he would completely lose his ability.

Beginning in July of 1998 and ending in August of 2005, David conducted 500 paid personal readings as a full-time professional intuitive counselor. David’s first stab at a Convergence volume was published on the Great Dreams website in spring of 1998, and David’s own website, Ascension 2000, came online in February 1999. (No content has been deleted from this website since its inception, though we did change the name.)


The first complete volume of Convergence was posted on March 8, 1999, on Wilcock’s 26th birthday. The second volume was completed in late 2000, the first volume largely rewritten in 2001, and the third and most important volume, Divine Cosmos, in April 2002.

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? finally hit bookstores nationwide in 2004, though most of David’s work on the book was completed in 2003. The book was edited through at least three different passes by David, though he did not suppress any material that may have cast him in an unfavorable light – only striving to increase readability and round out the supporting data. Reincarnation? became the third best-selling book in the entire Frog Books’ catalog, though consistently left in a foul-smelling cloud of dust by Walter the Farting Dog.


David moved to Louisville, Kentucky in February 2003 to join forces with Jim and Carla, the two surviving members of the Law of One contact. He was soon followed by fellow members Vara in March and Gary in late April. David reliably paid 601 dollars monthly rent, shopped for the group’s food on Friday night and cooked the group’s food for the entire week all day Saturday (with fellow member Vara, who also did all the bookkeeping). David also regularly performed a variety of skilled labor tasks, including a complete remodeling of the basement, creating three new bedrooms and a large laundry room, under the direction and partnership of fellow L/L member Bruce, also known as LoneBear, who moved in as of December. Gary also provided assistance in construction.

This remodeling process proved to be the most grueling physical labor David would ever perform. He literally worked from the time he woke up to the time he went to bed every day, stopping only to take paid clients, cook group food all day Saturday and attend group meetings on Sunday. He began eating regular animal protein again to support his physical body’s muscular exertion, and discovered that his particular blood type really benefited from it – thus he allowed limited types of organic meat back in after a seven-year stint of severely disciplined vegan dieting. (Sorry to our dedicated vegetarians out there… some people can do it and some can’t.)

During this time, the Reincarnation? book came out, and during a short break, David also produced his first reading on CD, complete with his own ambient electronic background music, entitled “What is My Purpose?”


David was also tasked by Richard C. Hoagland to upgrade his interplanetary climate change research to a whole new level, and this necessitated a relieving end to the basement labor by the beginning of April. Up until the Hoagland initiative, David had relied heavily on the work of Russian Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev’s studies to argue that our entire solar system was rapidly becoming brighter, hotter and more energetic. Hoagland insisted that all Russian data needed to be thrown out for the purposes of skeptical Western scientists, and every point needed to be argued from a direct NASA study.

David generated well over a foot of new Internet research books in just a few months as a result of this inspiration, which led to the 2004 “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?” article series on Richard’s website, enterprisemission.com, and an appearance on the Art Bell show with Richard, followed by an appearance at the Bay Area UFO Expo later that same year.


Before leaving for the conference, David had dreams equating this career breakthrough with winning a gold medal in the Olympics, and on the way home he found himself on the same flight with a local Olympic gold medalist from Kentucky, who showed her gold and silver medals off to the crowd. David luckily had his camcorder with a blank tape in it, and filmed the whole thing as he felt this was the only way people would believe such a staggering synchronicity.

David moved out in October 2004 to get much-needed time and privacy to focus on his own work, while still providing crucial assistance for developing L/L’s rustic property Avalon, which was a real passion for both Bruce and Vara. It was intended to become a sustainable organic farm, totally off the power grid, and a possible conference center. David provided farm labor, including the completion of a large utility shed on the Avalon site, and complimentary housing for Avalon project director Bruce / LoneBear for an entire year. David’s three-bedroom Milton home was 3.1 miles from the Avalon site itself and an equally short distance from Madison, Indiana.

Larry Seyer, a nine-time Grammy award-winning recording engineer, guitarist and composer, heard David on Art Bell and booked a reading for the next available slot, which wasn’t until January 2005. In the phone call he told David he really wanted to work on a music project with him. A week later, David flew out to Electric LarryLand Studios in Austin Texas, and together they created the content and musical soundtrack for a three-CD series based on the Convergence material entitled “The Science of Peace.”


This CD series is intended for study groups, one disc per meeting, and the major points are re-iterated on each new disc as it goes along, making it easier to retain all the information. The music ranges from ambient electronica to jazz fusion and many points in between. It has yet to be publicly released due to possible information conflicts with the CONVERGENCE film, but should be out by the Spring of 2007.

David first met Billy Blake in February 2005 after a conference at a Science of Mind center in Pasadena on Valentine’s Day. The contacts David made at the Hoagland conference, particularly through Robert Perala, led to this opportunity. Billy was awed by David’s presentation and said that if it were turned into a film, it would be incredible. Thus, the CONVERGENCE film project was born – the realization of the gold-medal prophecy.

David spent most of 2005 combing through his entire nine-foot archive of science books to come up with a new arrangement of material to better present his concepts in a documentary. He stopped taking clients for readings in August 2005 to devote his full energy to the film. He came up with a trilogy of new material, none of which is really covered in the CONVERGENCE books but helps further explain the underlying concepts. A full book explaining the new material will be released in conjunction with each new film.

Bruce fully moved in to the Avalon utility shed in October 2005, since David was preparing to move to LA for the film. A variety of delays and “negative greetings” made it financially impractical for David to move until February 2006. Avalon was shut down soon after Bruce moved out of David’s house due to lack of funding, and Bruce moved back out West as of July 2006. No further live-in volunteers for L/L or Avalon are being accepted as of August 2006, leaving the core team of Carla, Jim and Gary at the main site.

David now lives directly off of Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California, a great location for Hollywood work, and is fully supported by his job as producer and creative director of CONVERGENCE. The decision was made in January 2006 to leave the documentary film for the special features section of the DVD and have the main film be a dramatic adaptation of the material. None of the three films discuss any potential connection between David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce – they all focus on hard, provable scientific facts that dramatically change our view of reality. David will star in the documentary but any character resembling himself will be played by a recognized professional actor in the theatrical version.

David co-authored a potential CONVERGENCE script between January and May 2006 that did not fit Hollywood quality standards enough to attract larger investors, still feeling too much like a documentary in disguise, so the whole project was handed over to a professional screenwriter in June 2006. The new first draft is expected to be completed by the end of September 2006 or earlier. We are all very excited about what the finished product will look like, and the effect it will have on the mass consciousness. The concepts are so revolutionary that even the most well-read metaphysical scholars will likely be surprised and entertained, yet it is also not written over the average viewer’s head.

David continues to perform psychic readings on world events and personal growth issues, and his work can be found throughout this site and in our MP3 readings archive, which was built with the assistance of Larry Seyer. David also continues to work on music by himself, with Larry and with other musicians, and further CDs are in the works, including music-only projects.

We hope you enjoy this website and spiritually benefit from the intense research and dedication that has gone into it. Thanks for being here!

Edgar Cayce/ David Wilcock Connections:

“The soul returns to earth in a body similar to its last one and has similar talents and inclinations.” – Plato


Comparison Pictures: Edgar Cayce on left and David Wilcock, right.

“Pictures of the average person taken at corresponding periods of two or even several lives would show little difference. The physical parents may or may not be the same, but the features furnished by heredity no matter from what parents, are the same for a string of lives, with the ordinary person.” – Thinking and Destiny, H.W. Percival

“The senses… are registered in our physical bodies in such a way that they are stamped upon our very faces. These senses… [seek] expression of the inner self – of which our physical bodies are material representations. For not only do the impressions received through the senses show forth that which is magnified in a single appearance or experience, but the whole impressions that have been received through all of our experiences, the registering being in our souls.” — Edgar Cayce, A Search for God.

An Extraordinary Astrological Recapitulation by Brian Mc Naughton

View the amazing synchronicity between Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock’s natal charts – virtually all inner planets are in the same positions on the two charts, with neat aspects for the outer planets. When the outrageous similarity in facial appearance, soul purpose and psychic ability is factored in, “chance” or “coincidence” is eliminated.

Introductory Essay on Wilcock / Cayce / Ra Connection and Website Goals

America’s most accurate and documented psychic was Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet”. There are numerous indications that David Wilcock is connecting with the same source of information that supplied Edgar Cayce with his data and may well in fact be his reincarnation. This article introduces you to David Wilcock, the story of his work and the main philosophies of this site.

Wilcock Interview with Rick Martin

A must-read! The fascinating story of Wilcock’s psychic development. Featured in the Spectrum newsmagazine, and at the Spectrum website, which now contains a complete text of this issue in two formats!

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