Remarkable events are taking place in the world that verify many of the prognostications and insider disclosures David has gotten over the last 23 years.

We are indeed living in very exciting times. Civilization-defining change may well be right around the corner.

David has perfected his live video-streaming setup and despite all the hurdles, there are already four and a half hours of videos on Ascension you can watch now!



My life was forever changed in January 1996 when my study of over 300 different books on the paranormal was put into warp drive by discovering the Law of One series.

Finally I found a unified body of philosophical, spiritual and scientific teaching that actually fit all the pieces together.

As I have said before, this was like the written equivalent of the Roswell crash — an anomalous ‘technology’ from a highly advanced intelligence dropped into our world.

We could study the entire thing — every detail, every nuance — and this “celestial endowment” could transform our world in breathtaking ways.

Although I had largely memorized the content of the 300-plus books I had read, I did not see how they integrated into a greater whole until I read the Law of One.

Within a few months, I became aware that all the dreams I’d had about transforming into a light being were more than just metaphors of spiritual advancement.

They may very literally have been prophetic — of something that most people would call Ascension.

Once I realized that an event like this was heading our way, and saw how it all fit together, this became the single unifying element to integrate everything I was studying.



Life can be wildly distracting and unpredictable. These days, change occurs very swiftly and you either harmonize with it or get quickly spit out.

In Law of One terms, there is a massive intensification of “fourth density photons” streaming into the earth from our sun.

So much of the science in the Law of One required further research to flesh out that I have dedicated my life to doing so ever since.

The idea of photons storing information, with varying levels of complexity depending upon the photon, can now be well established.

The Law of One model therefore holds up to scientific scrutiny, which I have explored now in three different published books totaling over 2000 academic references.

If you are a regular follower of this work, you are probably well aware of the scientific arguments I have made over the years.

Though I love to “geek out on that stuff,” this also is very much a personal process that affects the ebb and flow of our lives each and every day.

If you are feeling constantly overwhelmed and challenged, guess what… you are right where you need to be. You are in the Ascension.



The Law of One model indicates that as there is an intensification of fourth-density photons to the earth, all the hidden negativity becomes visible.

This is certainly the case… like never before.

We have been saying for years that pedophilia would be exposed at the very highest levels, and that the Cabal’s spiritual center is the Vatican.

How about the third-highest member of the Vatican being convicted on child sex charges — the very man responsible for defending them against these allegations?


3/17: How Cardinal George Pell Became the Highest-Ranking Vatican Official Convicted of Child Abuse


What is not pointed out in this article is that Pell also allegedly had a critical role in the Vatican Bank’s scheme of blackmailing world leaders.



Equally gigantic in its own way is the great College Admissions Scandal of 2019. This also has barely begun to sink into mass consciousness.

Federal prosecutors charged 50 different people with rigging high-level universities to preferentially take in wealthy elite children.

Far more qualified applicants were being overlooked and the scope of the crimes involved is truly monumental, as this Forbes article reveals:

3/18: 30 Facts About the College Admissions Scandal

The U.S. Attorney in the District of Massachusetts charged 50 people in federal court as part of a long-running, nationwide conspiracy to illicitly gain admission for high school students to top colleges and universities.

Many parents apparently paid $200,000 and up to $6.5 million to have their children admitted to various college and universities.

Television stars Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (Full House, Fuller House) were charged as part of the alleged scheme….


This is just another of many examples where the “institutions” that once defined our world, and held great respect, have fallen.

If this level of “dirty tricks” is at work in “ivy league” universities, that means that the fabric of science and belief itself could also be heavily manipulated.

The endless loop of back-stabbing and butt-kissing becomes a perpetual-motion machine that prevented the truth from ever reaching the mass consciousness. No more.

The Alliance is almost certainly behind the College Admissions Scandal, the ongoing #MeToo scandal, the Vatican exposures and the huge backlash against tech giants.



We were about to do a live video this past week and Facebook had an unprecedented worldwide outage that lasted the entire day of March 13th.

The Great Facebook Outage wiped out Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for the better part of an entire day:

3/14: Did You Make it Through the Great Facebook Outage Without Calling the Police?

This started just a few hours before our scheduled livestream.

At the very last minute we switched to Twitter / Periscope, since we also recently lost the ability to stream to YouTube, as we had feared would quickly occur from the moment we started.

Most likely we won’t get YouTube live-streaming back until June 2nd, and in the meantime our workflow will be to stream to Twitter and then re-upload to YouTube.

For that same reason, please make sure you subscribe to Twitter @david_wilcock and YouTube at, with Notifications turned on to prevent shadowbanning.



Soon after the event took place, we got insider briefings that the Great Facebook Outage was actually an Alliance operation to pull incriminating data out of their mainframes.

Q Anon made a series of posts very soon afterwards that made this quite clear.

Somehow, the outage allowed Alliance hackers to get into Facebook and pull out all kinds of great stuff they will soon be making public. This is EPIC.

Another very odd event took place the next day, where the power went down all throughout Southern California for hours.

This was in a huge number of different locations all at once, and was very much like a smaller version of what we recently saw in Venezuela.

We had no idea if this was the Big One, where we would be down for two weeks, and we went and got more storable water and food as it was happening.

Take a look at this Southern California Edison power outage map. Does this look normal to you?



Let’s just say we can speculate, from an informed perspective, that this was no accident and that other similar operations as Facebook were being conducted.

What you are seeing here is a massive number of different power outages all over Southern California that lasted for hours.



Between recent briefings and what Q Anon is actually saying, we are hearing that some very major Alliance announcements are about to hit.

I would love to cover this in more detail, but I have a major life-changing TV shoot I am participating in later today.

If this works out, we might have a great new platform to get the message out by the beginning of 2020.

This show could have similar quality and positioning as Ancient Aliens, except that I will have a far more central role and the subject matter will be broader in scope.

I can’t say more than that right now.

This big taping ended up directly overlapping with our much-anticipated launch of the Ascension Mystery School, which is only open for new admissions through midnight tomorrow (Wednesday 3/20).

And unlike an ivy-league school, you don’t have to bribe your way in. We kept it as affordable as possible.

As soon as I get through this shoot and our launch, I am going to release our long-anticipated big article on Q Anon and how it ties into everything we are seeing. Hopefully this weekend.

Civilization-defining news stories like the above are coming in at lightning-fast speeds and it is nearly impossible to keep up with everything.

If Q and our own briefings are correct, we can expect far more events as epic as Cardinal Pell and the College Admissions Scandal very soon, with even bigger players involved.



So yes… a part of me would love to just “geek out” on all the information that is surfacing as these epic changes occur.

That, however, is only the technique… it is not the soul. The true spirit of what is occurring here is a personal renaissance within your own being.

The Ascension process, again, is the master key that unlocks all the doors of mystery within this confusing labyrinth we find ourselves in.

Though it can seem like a tired cliche’ to the war-hardened sarcasm of modern life, the Big Picture really IS all about “Being Nice.”

The more we behave in a positive “service to others” manner, the more our lives will grow, harmonize and evolve.

If we manipulate, control, deceive and lash out at others in “service to self,” we will find ourselves being completely ripped apart.

My most-recent live video captures this process probably better than anything I’ve ever put on camera or in front of a live audience before.

Out of everything I’ve done, this is the most important one to watch. I am extremely proud of how it turned out. Here it is:




This is the third video in our launch series that is still available online at this time.

The total collection of available videos is four and a half hours long.

If you didn’t catch them, here is Part One, What is Ascension?, and Part Two, Ascension Through the Ages.

Let me also say that we have been working our proverbial butts off with PayPal to try to get a PayPal Pro account set up.

This will finally allow us to securely do a three-part payment plan for the class, as so many of you have requested.

This has proven to be almost as difficult and stressful as getting a home mortgage loan. We may finally get it later today (Tuesday, March 19th.)

[UPDATE: Apparently it did work, so my team sent out the email we made to announce that landmark this morning at the same time I did this article.

Please make sure  you click on the email sign-up box at the top of this page, on the right, to keep informed in case we get further “deplatformed.”]



In the meantime, if you would like to sign up for the Ascension Mystery School, there is still time.

Visit our dedicated website at to see what all the fuss is about!

I will have more to say once I get off the treadmill here. I need to get back to sleep now so I am in good shape for today’s shoot.

We hope to see you in class… as well as the Great I-Told-Ya-So Party that will follow at some point yet to be determined!