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YOU ARE LOVED: Know that you are a precious and beautiful person. A being of limitless potential. David is merely a messenger who can help you awaken to your own Inner Guidance.

DAVID DOES NOT GIVE READINGS ANYMORE: As of August 2005, David permanently retired from oneonone client work, due to the substantial energy it took to perform.

DAVID DOES NOT HANDLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Almost all order problems are solved by the “READ THIS” link below. Please try this first before emailing the webmaster.

PLEASE KEEP LETTERS SHORT: In order to continue producing the content we all enjoy, David’s email participation is limited. A few per day may be answered at random, and responses will only be 12 sentences long. We do love and support you on your journey!

WELLWRITTEN FEEDBACK MAY GET PUBLISHED: If you share insightful or heartfelt feedback about something we wrote, your content MAY end up on this site. If you DON’T want potential publicity, please say so.

SEE DAVID AT THE NEXT CONFERENCE: If you want to see David speak in person, we try to do at least one conference a month. We use richly detailed visuals and satisfaction levels are extremely high.

DAVID DOES NOT PSYCHICALLY SCAN HIS EMAILS: All the answers you need are within you. David should never be confused with your own Higher Self, which will eagerly step in if you begin meditating.

NO ONE IS TREATED PREFERENTIALLY: Every soul is precious beyond measure. David strives to be a great mirror, so if you see yourself in him, then he’s doing his job on the planet.

FRIENDS WELCOME ON MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK: They are primarily there for you to network with others, leave feedback and receive updates. Please do not send apps, group requests or forwards, as otherwise it is unusable.

THE BEST WAY TO FEEL A PERSONAL CONNECTION: Try Wanderer Awakening, The Science of Peace or What is My Purpose to experience David’s energy with music! These works are intensely personal and speak directly to the deepest part of yourself where we are One.


Other Information:

Director, Divine Cosmos and Executive Producer, Convergence Pictures, LLC: David Wilcock

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David’s Infrequent Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/david_wilcock

Composer/Engineer of Wanderer Awakening and Science of PeaceLarry Seyer

Discussion Group Director: (Only For Forum-Related Issues): Christina (Chris) Hamilton

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