Earliest Wilcock Readings Predict 9/11, Economic Collapse

By David Wilcock 12 / 07 / 02

Internet published 12/21/02

It’s the greatest science fiction story ever told. Someone comes in – Rescue 911. CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage.

A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim’s body… An impenetrable wall needs only be potentiated by positive energy…

Wilcock Readings, Attack on America, 12/06/1996 (5 years before 911!)

Spirit authorities are connected, but they won’t directly intervene without good reason.

When people disappear in the buildings, sometimes you have lost them. Getting closer to that state known as sleep; that state known as New York.

Wilcock Readings, 12/21/1996

Millions, all over the world, will be able to see shades of red that will come when these rides and attacks begin.

Fear not, for the breath of the Divine is behind these events, is watching these events, knows of them and will do everything in its power to stop these events…

So be not dismayed by events as you witness them transpire…

Know also that many other things that are happening at this time are beyond your control, and they will manifest, and you will need to deal with them appropriately as they arise.

We will do our best to try to give you some form of advance notice for them.

Wilcock Readings, 1/26/97

World Trade Center bombing really shook things up. The next time one tries something like this, it will become a much larger story, if the details are worked out properly.

Wilcock Readings, 7/9/1998,(3 years before 911!).

What you are about to read is a set of prophecies I have documented as early as 1996, posted publicly by February of 1999, which are only now becoming clear in our ever-increasingly uncertain socio-political atmosphere.

This material is powerful enough in its implications to be prefaced with a review of who we are and how we got here.

Our website has consistently focused on the esoteric truth of a radical energetic change in our entire Solar System that is reaching an Omega Point in our near future.

Spoken in plainer English, one could think of this event as a fulfillment of the prophecy of a New Heaven and New Earth given in the book of Revelations.

In Chapter Eight of our latest book Divine Cosmos, volume III of the Convergence series, we have outlined in never-before-seen scientific detail the case for there being a massive, irreversible energetic change taking place throughout the entire Solar System, causing unprecedented solar and planetary changes.

In Volumes I and II of the Convergence series, we have gone into greater detail on the connections between consciousness and the more easily visible energy changes that we see in the Solar System at this time. Our Time of Global Shift seminar tour, of which I am the Research Director, brings these issues out to the public in an informative multimedia format.

On the face of it, many may have trouble with the idea that concrete changes such as a 410% increase in worldwide natural disasters between 1963 to 1993 could be related to changes in the mass consciousness of humanity.

As we have often stated, this is due at least in part to a latent bias in the scientific community that seeks to automatically discard any notions of divinity from a “scientific” inquiry. These areas are considered to be beyond the capacity of science to examine, and hence they are shoved aside as being unimportant to the scientific process.

However, American prophet Edgar Cayce made an interesting prophecy in 1939 that suggests that all of this will be changing very soon:

When there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able as any other phase of human experience. (2012-1)

In fact, this prophesied unification of science and spirit has already occurred, but due to various political factors it is being suppressed from the mainstream media and from the vast majority of “peer-reviewed” scientific journals. With the Convergence series, hopefully completed and out in paperback early next year, I have done my best to provide the most comprehensive, unified model of “suppressed science” that has ever been attempted up until this point. One very important aspect of this work has been to keep the focus on empirical data from doctoral-level scientists, and only draw sparingly from intuitively derived sources. The vast majority of people who speak about these changes at this time are doing so from a platform of “channeled” information, and unfortunately it appears that there are endless distortions being created by a number of well-meaning but misguided people as a result.


As you may know from the material on this website, I started out as a scientist, pursuing a BA in psychology and completing crisis counseling internships that I was told had given me the experiential equivalent of a master’s degree. I also minored in jazz studies and have grown to be an accomplished vocal and instrumental performer, soloist and composer, which has provided a good balance against my scientific work. Most physicists don’t consider psychology or music to be a “hard” science, but nevertheless I was given ample experience in the use of the scientific method and statistical analysis in classes such as Statistical Psychology and the graduate-level Experimental Psychology, and learned about the “laws” of music in my theory classes. Now, I feel that physics, psychology and music are all just about the same – we are studying the mind of God in every case.

While I was still in my second year of college, in 1993, I learned that those in the highest echelons of NASA were aware that several extraterrestrial spacecraft had crashed on the Earth, and that we had since been able to reverse-engineer many of their technologies, literally fueling the entire birth of the Computer Age as we now know it. Suddenly a literal Pandora’s Box of the mind was opened before me, and I realized that psychology and music was only going to be a subset of what I was here on Earth to do.

It took about two weeks for me to regain some semblance of a “normal” life, but I was forever changed – imbued with a burning desire to know as much about the subject as I could – and I went on a research binge that was very intense for three years, where I was reading about five books at a time and finishing one or more each week. Also, as of the fall of 1992, I had started diligently recording my dreams each morning, becoming aware that it was a highly trustworthy and accurate source of spiritual guidance. Most of my dreams I did not fully understand in the early phases, but soon I began to see undeniable connections between the dream metaphors and the events that were occurring in my own life. I had a surprising number of accurate future prophecies come through in those dreams as well, which was highly interesting to me.

As I have often written, by the time I graduated college in 1995 I had reached a profound crisis. I had intended on pursuing a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Psychology, but I was fired from the first “real job” I took in the field for being “too friendly” to the patients. Suddenly I had to confront the idea of my own academic dreams collapsing, while at the same time being aware that my passion for the dream research and the information on various esoteric mysteries had only continued to increase. As Chapter Nine of my book Wanderer Awakening indicates, this life crisis formed fertile ground for new seeds to be planted as I found the book “From Elsewhere” by Dr. Scott Mandelker, which finally suggested a connection between the outer world of UFO and ancient civilization studies and the inner world of meditation and dreamwork. It also suggested that direct contact with these extraterrestrials might well be possible through a telepathic mind-link process, where the person speaks words that they hear from these beings, hopefully with as little distortion from the conscious mind as possible.

It was only shortly after graduating college in 1995 that I found even one recent “channeled” book from alleged extraterrestrial sources that I considered as possibly being genuine. Increasingly I felt that with the rise of the free-for-all world of the Internet, the shocking accuracy and strange syntax of someone like Cayce or Nostradamus had been replaced by an armada of “false prophets” dishing out verbose, wishy-washy regurgitations of timeless principles of spiritual truth.

These “teachings” were often tailor-made to spiritually vindicate the apparent personal problems of the teacher, such as one person’s conviction that you need to have sex with whomever you want in order to “heal the root chakra,” or others who said that you don’t need to worry about diet as long as you “bless” your Big Mac. These “teachings” were usually coupled with a dramatic passion play of complex “factoids” about when “doomsday” will strike the Earth and which ET group is doing what to either create it or prevent it. Most of the time there isn’t much given in the way of practical advice for soul evolution, above and beyond impersonal platitudes about love that ignore the deeper psychological challenges we all face. Often, by the time you got done reading something like this, you have learned nothing from the true proving grounds of human emotion, how to empower yourself on the struggle for self-acceptance in a hyperviolent, hypersexual, anti-intellectual culture that condemns its visionaries and lauds its oil-soaked rich and famous.

As a result of all this obvious confusion, this where I kept coming back to in those early days: “What happened to the miracles? What happened to the incredible, undeniable prophecies that send you reeling with their time-bending accuracy?” Cayce’s source was diagnosing people’s medical conditions on a daily basis and prescribing treatments for them, with no other source of information than their name, address and promise that they would be sitting at home in a quiet state of mind at the time that the reading was done. Cayce also said that others could do what he did, “if they were willing to pay the price.” Well, what was the price and why wasn’t anyone paying it?

I would continually say to myself, “Why should we have to believe that the rather ungainly and meandering syntax of a Cayce reading could never be improved upon, or his psychic accuracy matched or even somewhat approached by another channel?” There was talk, talk, talk in great abundance, but the entire contents of these books or websites would fluff away like a pile of goose feathers once the all-important doomsday would come and go without incident. It certainly seemed that the average New Ager had very low standards in the metaphysical meat market, and would just beer-goggle the next bright and shiny fad in sequence with unflinchingly rose-colored glasses and an Austin Powers “Yeah, Baby!” grin. And with the glut of unlimited information on the Internet, when one would fall away there were already 20 others, equally questionable, ready to replace it.

My mind started to open up a little more when I learned about the science of remote viewing. When it is done properly, by pioneers such as Joe Mc Moneagle, ordinary people can achieve results very similar to Edgar Cayce’s. A trained remote viewer can be given nothing but two numbers, by an experimenter who also does not know what target the numbers have been assigned to, and proceed to give exact descriptions of the target in question. Since this science was developed for a military application, the technology was designed to describe particular geographical areas, where objects exist in those areas and what those objects looked like. The trainee would cut their teeth on known targets, such as a unique water fountain in a park, and would not be permitted to “go to the next step” until they had 100% accuracy in being able to see and describe the known targets.

Obviously, such a process requires there to be a part of the human soul that can leave the physical body while the person is still conscious, visit a distant area and report back to the body what it is seeing. The remote viewers called this process “going into the Matrix,” and the popularity of this concept via the Art Bell show was a direct influence on the mainstream movie of the same name. Earlier in 2002, Mc Moneagle was able to use remote viewing to bring Japanese investigators to the exact city, street, building and apartment number of an unsolved missing person case, under strict protocols to avoid any possibility of deception (i.e. the case was randomly chosen out of many right before he began the process,) and all of this was filmed for television while it was in progress.

Thankfully, this is the type of phenomenon that Cayce was famous for, and we are now seeing that the procedures for gaining this type of intuitive contact have been formalized with a rigorous set of protocols. This development has not yet percolated into the Internet channeling community by any means. These protocols are all designed with one quintessential point in mind: the conscious mind must be kept “outside the loop” the entire time. The person is given a complex series of exercises that requires them to throw out data as fast as they can receive it, and to be so focused on completing the exercises correctly that the data itself is ignored. They are explicitly prohibited from making any attempt to analyze the data as it comes through or to have any types of emotional reactions to it. This quote is one of many from Dr. Courtney Brown’s first book, Cosmic Voyage, which was a strong influence for me at this time:

The rules of SRV enable a viewer to avoid using the intellectual processes of his or her conscious mind until after the remote viewing session is completed. Deviating from the protocols even slightly invites the conscious mind to intervene in the process. To do this would court disaster, since the conscious mind would try to interpret data on the spot, thereby activating the mind’s imagination. Experience has shown that this seriously compromises the accuracy of the data, which is why untrained natural psychics are generally not reliable remote viewers. Not analyzing the data until after it is collected is the single most important characteristic of SRV. Without this, remote viewing is no more reliable than having a daytime fantasy…

In my experience, with few exceptions, I have not found channeled information to be reliably accurate when compared with remote-viewing data. Typically, channelers introduce humans to ET brothers and sisters who say that they are the good guys and who warn humans to watch out for the bad guys. The channeled beings then proceed to offer a variety of information regarding the past, present and future, together with warnings and admonitions. But the material typically is not consistent across channelers, nor (again) does it usually agree with remote-viewing results. With remote viewing, researchers can control both what is observed, the training of the observer, and the conditions under which the data are observed. Inaccurate data can be isolated and discarded using rigorous screening and checking procedures. But channeling allows none of this. One simply has to believe the channeler or not, and beliefs are not a satisfying substitute for objective observations that can be verified and corroborated independently.

I had the chance to meet with both Drs. Mandelker and Brown in the fall of 1996 at a UFO conference, and Brown admitted to me that there are some “exceptions” as he calls it in the above passage, and that Cayce would definitely be one of them. This strongly suggested to me that the same rigors of remote viewing would have to be capable of being tailor-made to a process of receiving verbal information instead of visual data about a particular place. More recently, Joe Mc Moneagle has stated that for those who have continued developing the process, the rigid protocols are not necessarily needed. The viewer simply becomes accustomed to reporting whatever they see and hear in their minds once they attain the proper meditative trance state, which is subjectively detected by reaching the “mind awake, body asleep” level, where effort must be exerted to move the body but the mind is still conscious enough to speak. Once the person has sufficient experience, going “free form” in this process can attain equal or even greater accuracy than through the stricter methods. Though, much like learning to play an instrument, you need to learn how to crawl, walk and run before you can fly.

So, even though I did not find Brown’s book until January of 1996, I already had an understanding that if I was to receive any intuitive information accurately, it should occur by some process that would bypass the conscious mind completely. That means that you might get some very weird sentences, since you’re not paying any attention to them as they come in. Within days after reading Mandelker’s book in the fall of 1995, I experienced a preliminary connection with Higher Intelligence through “automatic writing,” which is actually not at all recommended by Cayce’s own source as it has huge possibilities for distortion. I only did it once, but the results were quite something. Along with my friend Jude who performed the same process by my side, I allowed my non-writing hand to make movements without paying any attention as to what they meant.

After a series of apparently random, flowing motions, I concentrated very heavily on the brow or “third eye” area of my forehead, and suddenly my hand jumped to life and scribbled out a few characters on the page, totally as if it were disconnected from my conscious control at the time. It was very, very bizarre, very fast and extremely precise, like a machine. Immediately after it stopped I urged Jude to turn on the lights as I had “really gotten something.” The passage turned out to be a Biblical citation that spoke very directly to the crisis that I had just gone through regarding the loss of a job. Since I had very little Biblical experience, this was highly surprising to me, as was the fact that the message also quite clearly spelled out the words “Christ Cometh” right before that. I had no idea why I would be getting such a Christian-oriented message at that time.

As you can read for yourself in Wanderer Awakening, over the next year there were increasing signposts pointing towards an exhausting and yet invigorating conclusion: that some form of angelic / extraterrestrial intelligence wanted to make direct contact with me and use my scientific / esoterically-trained mind to give various forms of information. Dr. Mandelker had suggested that his readers study the work of an entity known as Ra, which came through a dedicated group of three people well back in 1981 as the end-product of research into channeling going back some 20 years to 1961, well before all the modern Internet New Age razzmatazz and sideshow hoopla had ever gotten started. And my own automatic writing message clearly had the word “Ra” written into the “th” at the end of the words “Christ Cometh.”

I found this Ra series to be quite unlike anything I had ever read or encountered before, as it truly fit the criteria of being something more intelligent than a human mind could produce by itself – hence “higher intelligence.” Surprisingly, many of Ra’s words correlated perfectly with brand-new scientific breakthroughs that were coming out at the time, and which continue to emerge. Even more surprisingly, there were extremely specific similarities between the UFO-oriented data that Dr. Brown was bringing in through remote viewing and the statements of Ra. Since the Ra Material was quite obscure at the time, and Brown had made no mention of there being any source that corroborated his own data, I was almost certain that he had never seen it. I confirmed this when I interviewed him after his presentation.

So, what we have just been through is a description of some of the early experiences I was going through that led up to the establishment of a direct verbal connection with Higher Intelligence. I diligently studied all the material I could find on the protocols of remote viewing, and found that my multi-year experience with being able to recall dreams in specific detail was of great benefit to the process. The final key came to me from Joe Mason, now of www.greatdreams.com, who taught me about the “Dream Voice” technique. In this process, you record the “junk” going through your imagination, for better or for worse and without any judgment or analysis, when you are first waking up in the morning and can still remember the data from your dreams. Remaining as motionless as possible in bed, you don’t look back or show any interest in what you are hearing and writing until it is over, and then you go back and study it. The data often comes through in a very unusual and cryptic style, using the dream lingo of metaphor and symbolism to express itself. And from the very next morning, this is exactly what I started to get.

Many people have had difficulty with reading the early results of my work, as these sentences were coming in without any conscious awareness of what I was saying. I feel that ultimately all of the deepest “channeling” efforts must start out sounding roughly the same way, as from my own experience I believe it is just about impossible to truly bypass the conscious mind and have every sentence be perfectly coherent without extensive training – yet most Internet channeling seems to start out from the very first day in very ordinary, understandable “postcard” language, with perhaps a few interesting new vocabulary terms thrown in.

There are forms of channeling that involve lighter trances, where the person has more control over the content, but such work typically will not demonstrate the accuracy levels seen in a Cayce or Nostradamus – and typically there will be distortions, particularly when dealing with “cosmic factoids.” Contrary to what some believe, I do not explicitly discourage people from studying such material; what does disappoint me is the degree to which a seemingly endless amount of negative publicity comes to the field by virtue of the large preponderance of this type of data. I have tried to maintain high integrity in both scientific and intuitive work, yet most people who are not already “into” these things feel it is ridiculous. Many people email and send appreciation, yet the average TV-watching “consumer” in society has a bucketful of laughs stored up for such people, which hides their own fears over being out of control of “reality” as they think of it. We are addicted to “being right,” and people do not want to give up the comfort of the status quo. But here we are, so let us proceed…

If you study the progress of my work, you’ll see that it took session after session after session to create truly readable information. Since I recorded everything in my mind, including stray thoughts about my jobs and acquaintances that had no real usefulness, the early data has needed to be filtered down to the best sentences that were coming through – but even these can be puzzling. In this article I’ll be showing some of the most startling examples of how these sentences, much like a Nostradamus quatrain, didn’t make sense at the time but are far more understandable now.

There are many, many examples of accurate prophecies that have already come to pass, some in the near term from when the readings were done, some in a one to three month window, some six months, and some even occurring over a number of years. I’ve thus far avoided the temptation of making a “hit list,” though the supplemental that I wrote for my book with Wynn Free is a nice encapsulated blow-by-blow of the biggest events of my life. These are documented elsewhere in our website archives. The focus in this article is not so much on my own story as it is on those prophecies that are either already visible or now considered much more likely than before.


And that brings us up to the present. It seems that one of the consequences of the energetic change that we are now going through is a propensity towards fatigue, ill health, bad moods and lack of motivation. In a sense, many of us are personally taking on the vibrations of the collective consciousness, for better or for worse. Now is the time that maintaining a good attitude matters most, as all the precursor conditions for the time directly prior to Ascension have now manifested in some form. Indeed, it is a unique time of choosing – and the choice is whether to trust the process or give up on “all this spiritual crap” and return to the fallback position of creature fear and paranoia, our own inheritance from the animal kingdom.

Right for now, new psychic data is valuable, but old, documented psychic data that is coming true is obviously more notable. Therefore, I have felt that one of the best services I could provide would be to give an audit of data from my own early readings, going back six years now (hard to believe,) showing a consistency in the prophetic statements regarding the future that we would be involved with, which is now our present reality. Remember that I only have posted a small percentage of the cryptic early messages I was receiving, so a few of these early sentences will actually be new – but in all cases the sentences are posted in the order in which they were received. All of them have been documented on audiotapes, old hard drives, CDs to key people and printed and bound copies, and the vast majority of them have been online since 1999.

As far as the formatting of this article is concerned, any time that you see three periods after a sentence, that indicates that there is intervening material that has been deleted, mostly in the form of additional cryptic sentences, many relating to the jobs I had and people I was interacting with in daily life – the chatter of the subconscious, perhaps. In this article the readings are in italics and my own comments are in the normal form, with my initials preceding them.

The first prophecy comes from the very first day that my readings got started:

11 / 10 / 96:

[David: Should I consider joining the Masonic Order to learn more of these ancient secrets?]

Most things in this world are a lateral hell. Freemasonry is a vertical hell; you can go down much quicker…

Country-continuity shaded by an invisible hand which controls the sound in the lower ear. The sound of Hades – it massages the temples…

A book called The Greek Mythologies – tombstone, talking about a 70-mph wind from everyplace – pause for the government’s actions to be completed… The meaning being that, it could be better, for there is sometimes touch and significant contact with the devil. [There is] a different way of doing it for those without much to say.

DW: I’ve always loved this particular passage even though it has a rather foreboding flavor, as I was so delighted to have “broken through” to verbal contact with Higher Intelligence for the first time on this occasion. The question on Masonry was actually the very first question I asked once I realized that I was in contact with a higher intelligence, since I was willing to do whatever was required in pursuit of spiritual truth. Everything that we are now witnessing on a mass scale is lining up with this very first set of prophetic statements. Even the “ostriches” of our society are starting to see how an invisible hand that is negative / evil (Hades, the devil) oriented, based on secret societies such as the Masonic Order and the Skull and Bones society (of which our current administration are members,) is controlling the continuity of our own lives in the United States and other countries. Other than the more obvious idea of a pressure in the head and in the lower ears through some energetic force, which is also alluded to in the Ra Material as “useable gadgetry,” another interpretation of how this force would “massage the temples” is the idea that various religions have been infused with this negative influence as well.

This first prophecy also says that we must “pause for the government’s actions to be completed.” Government is intentionally designed for continuity, not completion – yet this statement indicates that there will be a completion point, that all of these negative agendas will indeed reach an end. The reading establishes the idea of a pole shift by talking about a 70-mph wind from everyplace, and we have spoken many times about how the mass boarding event or “first wave” of Ascension happens before any such cataclysmic activity, to preserve the free will of those who have stayed positive. Additional analyses of this first passage can be found in the archives. Now let’s continue with more excerpts:

11 / 12 / 96:

The Light centered in the chakra diagram; we’ll use them from now on. Do you know the eight? A half-word; it means as much as Liberty at a price. Yeah, that means you. Those reluctant to find out will never know the truth.

This fragment of the second passage I ever received is another coded message, with the key phrase being “Liberty at a price,” something that we are undoubtedly now seeing with the evident complete disregard for the US Constitution in the current administration. This reading warns that if you are reluctant to discover the truth about what is going on, then you will never truly understand the “big picture.” It’s quite a shock to realize that there are illusions being played out in the mass consciousness of simply staggering proportions.

So the biggest question here is what the “half word” is referring to. The passage begins by saying that “from now on,” meaning in the passage itself, there will be a discussion of the chakras and the associated levels of density, which is Ra’s term for the various dimensions or planes of existence. When the reading asks “Do you know the eight,” they are speaking of the Octave, the density level at which Oneness is re-attained. So, the “half word” would represent the halfway point in the human system of seven chakras, which is the point of three and a half.

The three and a half point of spiritual vibration represents the majority of humanity, who has not yet activated the fourth chakra level of awareness – which has the qualities of unconditional, selfless love. Since this quality has not been attained in the mass consciousness, the liberty of those in the United States and other countries will come “at a price,” which is a rather unsubtle way of suggesting that there will be huge problems with government tyranny before the shift itself is completed.

11 / 18 / 96:

Look behind you; the (House of) representatives will do absolutely nothing of value.

DW: With hindsight this seems to be predicting that the legislative branch of the US government will do “absolutely nothing of value” to stop the negative agendas from unfurling in the days prior to Ascension – hence the reading says, “Watch your back… Liberty will come at a price, and change will not happen from within the government itself.”

11 / 22 / 96:

Believe it when I tell you the end is coming. The end of organized materialism. You’ve gotta listen to your own inner voice. Nothing else will do. The voice of your ego will destroy you. These things are to be discussed, not repeated.

The things you think of will come from higher and higher places. To facilitate this transition demands concentration and respect, an easier job than one might imagine. Be fruitful in your life and do not fall prey to the forces which conspire within you to bring you down. Know that salvation awaits. The Green party [i.e. those of fourth-density vibration] lends its archetypes to your aid. Be friendly unto thyself, and know that you are one with God.

DW: This excerpt predicts that before we see the time of Ascension, we will witness “the end of organized materialism,” and that it will be important to strengthen the connection to our own inner voice through “concentration and respect” in order to receive guidance, being careful not to “fall prey to the forces which conspire within you to bring you down,” namely fear.

11 / 23 / 96:

That’s what some of these things are; children on their way to school. At this juncture, crucial information is being given to you; the monetary involvement is high… I stopped singing a long time ago. When I sing now, I find there are not so many players around me. That’s the interesting thing about this; it switches places…

I have a dream for you. Lie back and relax and we’ll bring it in.

[David: I did sleep, and my dream was about two-way contact with Jesusand playing music on stage, meaning that I was one of the “players” while he was “singing.” Hence these words were all coming from Jesus.]

Soon we will sit down and begin to redirect your thoughts. What I don’t get is why you are so against the idea. It isn’t part of the test for you to ignite the Source in flames. It’s been so long since we’ve been interrupted that off the top of my head I can think of no reason for your reluctance… Someday, this will be your job, too. You must take lessons…

Volunteer – I told you it would be this way, so here we go. Thank you for obliging to consent to this contact. You are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

DW: This reading makes it clear that from early along in the process, I was in contact with the essence of Jesus. I find it interesting that Jesus said that there are “not so many” people who can listen to his “song” at this time – most of humanity, spiritually speaking, are still “children on their way to school,” meaning that they have not yet arrived at basic understandings. When Jesus mentions the idea of “switching places,” this seems to be a comment about the extreme difference between modern Christianity and the teachings that he originally gave, which focused on universal love and acceptance. This schism has never been as obvious as it is in our present moment.

Though this essay does not focus on all the early Cayce clues I was being given, I will say here that I puzzled for some time over the statement “It’s been so long since we’ve been interrupted.” Once they told me who I had been before, it finally made sense that I had interrupted the work by dying. And as you know if you’ve read these books on the website already, I was definitely unhappy about discovering that I now fit into a category that I had previously ridiculed – the “famous person reincarnated to complete the job.” Nevertheless, I have been told that it is my duty to brave the slings and arrows of possible public condemnation in order to spread this message. In these early days I didn’t even have the vaguest idea of where all of this would end up going. I was quickly told that I needed to be typing everything into the computer, which I did.

11 / 24 / 96:

I’ve orchestrated the next 10 years starting from now. We’ve discussed it, and you know this is true.

DW: This prophecy, compared with other pieces of data, tags the year 2006 as one possible finish-line point for the time when the proposed mass boarding would occur, followed by the pole shift. Other intuitive insights I have had much more recently, not yet published, suggest that it could be as early as the middle of 2005 – but of course, all things change with time.

11 / 25 / 96:

You’re going to have to stand up… If anybody sees me, I’ll give you the signal… Be aware of the tandem about to erupt. Heaven and Earth will not be possible until you get this stuff done. Treat everything with the utmost seriousness.

DW: Here I am told in “utmost seriousness” that “tandem is about to erupt,” and that I will have to “stand up,” meaning to get this information out to the public. There is also the suggestion that I will be “given the signal” by the higher forces if anyone is doing sufficiently accurate channeling work to be worthy of attention. The “tandem” they refer to has been increasingly obvious since Sept. 11, 2001.

11 / 28 / 96:

Any assignment we give you could be anytime in the next seventeen months. Don’t go anywhere. National Public Radio, Radiology may not be far behind. You’re going to lose respect if you listen to some jackass and hinge everything on that.

DW: Seventeen months after this reading is approximately when I first contacted the ARE, the group founded after Cayce’s work, and told them about the reincarnation story. Within a year afterwards I had started to establish an Internet presence, and indeed I ended up nationwide on Art Bell on two occasions by April of 2001. I did also listen to certain prophets of doom on Art Bell and ended up giving some inaccurate information that was consciously influenced by this. With reference to ‘radiology,’ it could simply mean that I would learn how to be an articulate radio personality, which I have indeed done by practicing the skill of “conversation as meditation,” as I call it. The objective is to eliminate all verbal pauses while speaking, such as “uh,” “um,” “like” and “you know,” and always try to use sentences that will look good on paper if transcribed. You should try it, as it is an excellent way to turn life into your meditation.

11 / 30 / 96:

Saturn returns, it can’t possibly be Homeopathic T.V. Think of Art Bell doing Yoga. Maybe something will come of it, maybe some other time.

DW: Hindsight is advantageous here. The time of Saturn Return is in the late 20s of a person’s life, heading towards age 30. I will be turning 30 in the Spring, and it was just last year that I was on Art Bell twice. There’s also an implication that I would not get any large-scale publicity, such as being on TV, until after the process of self-examination during Saturn Return was complete. Hence it has not yet happened, though the seeds are in place for it to occur in 2003, possibly.

12 / 2 / 96:

Many people feel they are lost. It’s quite appropriate in this society, though. How do you think I feel about it? I never say anything to cause this… This is my speakerphone; this is something you can watch, it will be around for many years… We need some purchasing orders bad. Silence is your greatest ally… It harkens back to issues of responsibility.

[David: “I seem to think that I am either choosing to manifest a girlfriend, or you are setting this up for me regardless of whether I choose or not. What are your thoughts on this?”]

Linear tube thought, this thought answer will be stated with Paul. We have always tried to give you direction without pushing or forcing. The receipt of a female into the life processes could be most extraordinary.

DW: This passage is included simply as another means of showing the long-term accuracy of the readings’ future vision. It turns out that I would begin living together with Sabrina in 1999 just as my immigrant roommate Paul / Apostol was phasing out of my life, hence a clear window into the future is demonstrated here – the answer to my question about “manifesting a girlfriend” “will be stated with Paul.” Also, as I originally noted, when I transcribed this reading into my notebook I found out that my brother’s friend Paul had written something into the following page without my realizing it. So, we have a double prophecy for two different time periods, one very near term and one much longer term. Then consider what follows:

The patriarch is winding down, landing with such a force in each stanza. More and more, the barriers are toppling. Those who have faith in the one capitalizing on the shopping [are misguided;] we all know by now that this is a malevolent force that will soon disintegrate…

Just analyze the diagrams [of the future] in the Bible. Murder is still being sung in the hearts of foul men. Save thyself up on the river. Know that the decades of tyranny are over.

Accept that circumstances have changed; there is a new understanding now that is being brought out into the light. People will not be the same; with the speed of thought, they will fly and travel. The reason [we are telling you all this] is for YOU to provide a cloaking mechanism, when all goes platinum. It will divide the Mormon records as those of the Church, as usual.

DW: Most of this is self-evident. The reference to a time “when all goes platinum” seems to be about the final 2012 gateway itself, where I have stated my belief that there is strong evidence that the Sun will give off a super-flash of energy at this time, historically linked with mass extinction / speciation events. At the time this reading came through I was unaware of such a possibility.

12 / 3 / 96:

In unison, the voice of the Creator sings out, but who shall decode the signal? Continued assumptions prove incorrect. It is our pledge to be of assistance despite the circumstances.

We are very near the heart – some of us [are] Greek, [some] Spanish. We have discovered a new way for doing those things that you [humanity] have had such problems with… I had a similar thing happen in church. Those who learn the truth of religion will find themselves in an inverse position to the dictates of society.

Our sensors indicate that you will now have a companion… An idol, you will meet her. 

It is about to be centralized again; I am sorry… By 2010, germs will have rid the Earth of many problems. Overpopulation is nothing to scoff at. It’s like when you have this much as opposed to this much… [Image of a person gesturing with two hands, showing different weight levels between them and the attempt to balance it out.]

[David,] once you hit that girlfriend thing, then you’re really going to notice a difference. Once you’ve had a chance to say a few words, then you’re not being who you really are. You think I’m playing sarcastic: no. You should be quite up front about the things you believe. It is only through that, or else you have lost it…

Who is to question your sanity? There are many copycats, but that is why this book will be original. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

DW: This excerpt implies that much of the world’s population will have already disappeared by 2010, thus supporting the readings’ premise that there will be a pole shift prior to this time. Untold millions of people live in horrible circumstances of starvation on account of the overpopulation in the world, and less population is the only equitable solution, which will occur by the ever-present corrective forces of nature. Again we have statements predicting my long-term relationship with Sabrina in this passage. Already by this time they were speaking of it as a certainty, though I would not even meet her for two more years. Other passages not published here actually gave a name very close to Sabrina’s birth-given name and were so blunt as to say “You will have a great relationship with [Sabrina.]” It is very affirming for me to go back to these passages and realize that they were indeed telling me the truth the entire time, as honestly I didn’t know how much to trust them.

12 / 3 / 96 – 7:26 p.m.

I have a feeling you’re not alone in this; the children will understand the new standard. Obscure light refractions are diffusing into the population. The mirror is kept gleaming brightly. In the forest of thought, the storm is dissipating, as a free expression of thought comes to the mind, flowing and dancing freely like a magical sprite. The cloaks that have enveloped us will be cast away, for there is a new shade under the sun. Those with wings shall soar above…

Swiftly come the messengers of destiny, bringing with them the notions of a new age. It is but for you to perceive it that it may become reality… Its scope is historic in ways you cannot even comprehend. The abysmal failures and longings of the past will no longer hold sway over you. Confused in a box, many will open to new surprises… Those abuses of intellect will fade away.

The technological abuses of Earth’s history will fall away. What you choose to believe is for you to decide. The choice is around you, and you may drink of it. No one survives in the pathways of the dead… Fear not, for God is with you in the Light and Love of infinite creation.

12 / 4 / 96:

It’s time for another cycle to go around. Come with me, and I will show you the way to the Light. The path is slippery, so one must run carefully… I’ve been here for a long time, and I know you pretty well by now. Don’t forget that there are starving kids, Afrikaan, African. It’s basically a series about the hopes and doubts of living and growing up in America. Look to the end of the book for some insights on that one.

DW: This implies that at “the end of the book,” meaning as we move closest to the time of the mass boarding event, that there will be a greater number of children starving in the United States… a prophecy already coming to pass. As can be studied in the archives, other parts of this exact same reading contained one of the most shockingly accurate prophecies of all time; an exact description of the day, time and circumstances of which I would have a car accident, including the fact that I would be written a ticket on a 3 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. Like other metaphorically “encoded” prophecies, you typically don’t “get it” until the event has already happened – but then once it does, almost anyone can put two and two together and see it for themselves.

12 / 4 / 96:

And the meek shall inherit the earth…

12 / 5 / 96:

Think deeply about what you are planning on embarking on. Many great rescue squads have come into being. Their illustrious voices sing high the praises of the Creator. To give you details at this point would be redundant…

You lied to me about certain things, and that was hard to compensate for. And the truth is, some of it goes way back to the mind essence of what I was saying before. Truly the highest order is to know one’s Self; everyone has a similar weakness…

It is aesthetically pleasing for me to see you growing, and I know that one day we will integrate in views together as One. I know that you are going to finish with accolades and high honors. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

DW: Well before I ever had plans of taking this material to any public level of exposure, the readings were telling me that I was part of a “rescue squad,” and that I needed to be very honest to myself about my shortcomings in order to make the proper growth and know the Self.

12 / 6 / 96:

If a person is sick, they need constant attention. If a person is real sick, they need to collapse. In a smaller church, prayer is a very strong system. I’m aware of myself choosing attractive names, which is not good. You know it’s Christmas when Joshua presents himself to you. Sometimes a habit must be dropped cold turkey in order to leave it. All pleasantries have been exhausted; there is no other way for the energy to flow. The patriarch must be denominated.

It’s the greatest science fiction story ever told. Someone comes in – Rescue 911. CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage. A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim’s body. He likes to do that. An impenetrable wall needs only be potentiated by positive energy…

File Photo of 9-11 Wreckage, showing “Cast-Iron Fence”

The essential concept will be felt so strongly that it cannot be ignored. In the context of the rest of the people, the material you present is truly a magical gift.

DW: This selected excerpt from Dec. 6th includes a passage that I typically only saw as being an illustration of the car crash that I was about to have less than 30 minutes after I finished dictating these words. I always used to assume that “cast-iron fence” was a line talking about a car accident. But why the word “fence” instead of something more directly suitable, like ‘wall?’ In context we can see that this could be a prophecy of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist strike on the United States – the “person” being referred to in the first sentence being the United States, “real sick and needing to collapse… [the] habit [of world domination] must be dropped cold turkey.” Hence, “all pleasantries have been exhausted… the patriarch must be denominated.”

This is then referred to as a “science fiction story,” possibly meaning that people were led to believe a host of lies, such as that the ID card of one of the hijackers would be found in the rubble of the World Trade Center building by the FBI so quickly. Both the notions of a “cast-iron fence” and an “impenetrable wall” also could be referring to this. The girders left standing after the World Trade Center collapsed looked exactly like a giant cast-iron fence. Overall, what we see here is that there is a tremendous capacity for the readings to see into the future. And consider this quote from a year and a half later, on July 9, 1998:

World Trade Center bombing really shook things up. The next time one tries something like this, it will become a much larger story, if the details are worked out properly.

12 / 8 / 96:

Like mind think alike, so we want you to rest. How about money for Christmas? You’ve gotta pay the mortgage. It doesn’t move. While I’m up here, I’m glad I signed up this year. The insurance will be outrageous. I’m putting a hot water bottle here and here. It’s more like direct quotes than sayings. Tyrannical indeed. The substitute teacher turned out to be right.

Street signs – I find fault in the system. A lot of this New Age $hit coming through is bogus. It hurts the ideals so much that little remains. Everything is intertwined into one affair… The triangle allows the UFO flaps. I want you to squeeze it closed…

DW: At the beginning of this December of 2002, I had a dream where I was shown to be hiding away all these street signs that warned of dangers ahead. This dream inspired me to try to put something together for the website. Now, as I dip into the archives, the dream seems to be referring back to this time-encoded information from six years ago. Even though people want to buy Christmas gifts for others this year, they have to pay their “non-movable” bills, such as car insurance and rent or mortgage, which will become “outrageous” expenses as the changes continue. Hence we can expect that retail sales this Christmas will be even more dismal than those of the previous year – and data is already trickling in to suggest that. The “insurance” could also be a reference to the War on Terrorism, ostensibly trying to “insure” that no harm comes to the US while actually being quite outrageous to the mainstream public.

I believe that the “substitute teacher” refers to these readings and others like them, who have come in to act as a substitute for the older teachings that people no longer give as much attention to. Hence, once we would arrive at the future they are describing here, we would see that the United States is “tyrannical indeed,” and hence “the substitute teacher turned out to be right.” The triangle being referred to at the end is referenced in the Law of One series, which says that the collective negativity of the people opens up certain random portals for negative ETs to pass through the protective energetic shield that has been erected around the Earth. The implication is that higher-quality channeling work can raise consciousness and reduce these problems.

How do you distinguish between bipedal and other forms? That is the hardest thing to point out. I’d like to thank you for pointing things out. We can’t stand by and let somebody else listen to the walkman… I like the design. If it works for you, don’t abandon it. Other patterns are forming. The breath of the divine will make people say “$hit.” You don’t want to hurt yourself, in whatever manner it might be.

We’ve got Jesus on the other line. He’s sad, because of the registerings of this picture. This guy called him last night – a black guy. He looked at us before he called in. He just wanted to find information related to college and serendipity… You could put all this on your website, or feel free to keep it confidential. It reads a little difficult if you try to put too much information in…

Do you plan to drive? Arsonists line the streets – beware. The world will shake when you make these revelations. (Music:) “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?”

DW: The first paragraph above talks about how people may become very animalistic in their fear, unlike a human“bipedal (two-legged) form” in these last days – something that is “hard to point out.” The spiritual changes that occur on the Earth “will make many people say $hit.” Then the readings say that Jesus is disappointed by how few people have “registered” for the Ascension process… only a small number are loving enough to be able to stay with the Earth as it moves into fourth-density.

When we look at the last paragraph above, we see more prophecies of events that have not yet happened. It implies that driving through certain areas, probably urban, could become dangerous because of vagrants who might try to firebomb cars simply to try to steal whatever the people driving have inside. There will be many earthquakes occurring as this is going on. Then there is a musical quote that discusses the politics of gain and loss, which will be a much more prevalent drama in the future than it is even now.

12 / 10 / 96:

The channeling takes precedence; you solved the point… I know you saw it coming; that’s why I said, “Come Back, come to the Light…”

The amphibious creatures will sustain; nature will accept some new people… Avoid a catastrophe and see how it looks… Oh, boy, I guess I’m gonna find out later…

That’s the partnership of this – it’s three working with one, behind those who term themselves upside down. You find a whole range of available energy…

My megastar program – yes, he talks to me. Yes, this is Stone Age, Stonehenge. What I heard, they’re coming down here. Swordfights, mine enemy. The patriarchy will be dismantled. Let’s see when the big happening occurs. June 3rd, July 10th. By that season, people will be sick of it.Scissors on the ground, $hit like that. I just don’t want to see people beginning to hurt themselves. This will be a very crazy time for most.

DW: This passage has lurked in my thoughts ever since it came through. Finally, with the benefit of time and seeing that other readings in this period were speaking of six years in the future, I can state more confidently that could turn out to be a prophecy of June and July of 2003, and that this will be a time where we will see much more concrete signs of “the dismantling of the patriarchy” coming about after the “swordfights,” or wars will have been created, coming out of a “Stone Age” mentality. Continuing:

Third stone from the sun; time to do some puddle-jumping. In my opinion, it might be very good for you to be familiar with the feelings that I am going to have. Several include encasements; dealing with infective tissue, infected waste. I can deal with it, as long as I can handle it. Like I said, it will be no problem; you’ll be able to see something.

DW: This is a very clear, very uncomfortable but unambiguous prophecy stating that there will be some possible problems with bioterror and / or strange diseases before the first wave of Ascension begins. Recent dreams I have posted on my website continue to reinforce this prophecy, and recently we have seen several ocean cruise ships take on mass infections, along with other outbreaks of strange illnesses.

12 / 14 / 96:

There’s no rainbow [in the mass media,] so now you should know it’s OK, in order to save your challenges. I asked you that yesterday; how do you feel about it? It’s getting to be a progressively worse situation than the last time. Our country is burnished [polished] to death, sublayered only once by people who are dedicated to change it…

Unglue all related manuscripts. There is a new, immediate story. There is no room to fit the downstairs apartment before it’s truly monumental. Fear is thine worst enemy. Something about the dollar will be increased, and the White House will also be increased. We are calm about it: it is just a matter of fact.

DW: Remember that this was in 1996, only just at the beginning of the “bubble” in the Nasdaq, which seduced tens of millions of opportunistic investors into the lure of quick casino cash. Now, after the fact, researchers such as Adam Hamilton of www.zealllc.com have shown that the entire Nasdaq bubble was created by the artificial manipulation of our currency. More specifically, there was a sizable increase in the amount of MZM (money of zero maturity) cash currency being pumped into the US economy.

The Federal Reserve – a private, non-governmental corporation of international bankers hired to run our financial system – took the gamble that all this extra capital would be used through bank loans as credit for speculative investments – and the gamble paid off. Even though the “bubble” had started collapsing by April of 2000, as a result of the aftereffect of this artificial increase of the American economy, the Bush administration has passed through very expensive tax cuts that benefit the wealthy, as well as a tremendous increase in the military budget and the largest reformation of government in more than 50 years with the formation of the Office of Homeland Security. The first line of this passage warns us that the mass media will show no sign of hope, thus it will be important to draw upon internal resources of faith and trust.

12 / 16 / 96:

If the soul declared its anthem to you, you would have no choice but to listen. These powers connected with the Art Bell show are as blind as ever. It’s easy to see in this material world… Everybody wants a security clearance and wants to jump over [to the “other side” of knowing the truth about ETs and other government secrets.] But, that’s not always possible; in fact, it’s highly improbable… These things don’t have validity anymore because there is too much chance.

You can be fanciful and fruitful without riches. I like that idea a lot more. Nuke ’em is the official attitude. Death awaits in a great steel capsule. Have you noticed how funny it is that almost nobody seems to think of nuclear war anymore? It would make the lesson that much more poignant. Forget about the war. Let’s just talk about accidental splashdown. It could happen. I think just being human on this planet would cause a background anxiety.

Once you fall asleep while talking, we can control how deep the information goes. After the TWA [800] bomb / crash, who was responsible? Read, and read again. A host of uninvited guests, both big and small. [D: Image of one of my green, missile-shaped earplugs standing on end. Image of CIA’s mind control program, and the concept of “mass dreaming.”] They wanted to see if they could broadcast more than water in a wheat solution, just by the thrill of the touch.

You don’t know; why does everybody say that? A big hand at the pound am I, but not big enough… That’s your problem; I don’t know if it’s Republican… I would go for months without prayer, you know. There is no real difference between you and the spirit world, but one of perception. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

DW: This passage is a bit more tricky to understand. Clearly, the first paragraph is talking about the fact that many of those who would be guests on Art Bell and other forms of metaphysical media are not as aware about the truth of secret projects as they would like to portray. The second paragraph implies that we may yet experience some sort of limited nuclear activity before the shift process is complete. (Over and over the readings have said that any large-scale nuclear conflicts will be interrupted and prevented. The current implications are that almost any nuclear activity will be suppressed.) Then, the third paragraph talks about the hidden forces behind the downing of TWA flight 800, which the reading refers to as a “bomb/crash,” clearly implying that it was shot down.

The last sentence in the third paragraph, (they wanted to see if they could broadcast more than water in a wheat solution,) which I omitted in the past archive, seems to be talking about “separating the wheat from the chaff,” with water being used to mean “chaff” in this case. It seems that what the reading is suggesting is that the secret government was attempting to see if they could have something like an airline disaster occur, i.e. TWA 800, then “broadcast” information that proves there is a cover-up in place through the media, and still keep the cover-up intact. It worked – and the reading implies that this successful “test” was used to increase confidence for future things of the same nature, such as forcing the public to believe that the jet that crashed into a district of New York shortly after 911 was entirely accidental. No one wanted to believe otherwise, and thus the public went along with it.

The last paragraph seems to be directly related to the message in the previous one. The idea here is that people love to say “I don’t know” when faced with an uncomfortable truth – they prefer denial of the unpleasant over facing it directly. The next sentence says that the higher forces are “not a big enough hand at the pound,” meaning that they need our help to rid the Earth of the “stray dogs” that are causing trouble for us, i.e. the negative elites. This is then followed by the sentence that directly fingers the Republican party as a big part of the problem, which is now more obvious than ever in December of 2002. The last sentence subtly implies that prayer can make a big difference in turning around these problems, hence this is how we can “help out the higher forces at the pound.”

12 / 21 / 96:

I hate to drive in this area. Lots of items [are] for sale these days. Describe Chuck Shramek’s meditation. [D: Triggered Hale-Bopp ideas & companion. Idea that the comet is a fragment of the exploded planet of Maldek.] Remember when I told you about the scoundrels? On the good side of it, there’s always a way out.

DW: Chuck Shramek was the “amateur astronomer” who first dazzled the world about the idea of a companion object to the Hale-Bopp comet through the Art Bell show. This was soon followed by Dr. Courtney Brown’s remote viewing of the alleged object, which led to him making the public statement on Art Bell that he felt it was actually a UFO filled with intelligent beings led by Buddha in the afterlife state. This Internet media hype led to the mass suicide of 39 people who were members of the Heaven’s Gate cult in March of 1997, and the subsequent wreckage of Brown’s metaphysical career. Chuck Shramek died under quite suspicious circumstances within another three years. Bearing all this in mind, let’s analyze the passage.

The passage we have chosen starts with the line, “I hate to drive in this area. Lots of items for sale these days.” On the one hand, this could be a prophecy of future times when many stores have closed in poorer areas and are littered with For Sale signs. It also seems to imply that the higher forces did not want to talk about issues like the Hale-Bopp companion, which are “for sale” in the mainstream Internet media. Hence this is “Chuck Shramek’s meditation,” meaning that he was concentrating on how to make his story as popular and sellable as possible. The next sentence, “remember when I told you about the scoundrels,” seems to refer to the reading from five days earlier, Dec. 16th, which we have listed above. This reading said that “those powers connected with the Art Bell Show are as blind as ever.” This was well before Clear Channel Communications bought out his parent company. (www.clearchannelsucks.com) The last sentence says that “there’s always a way out,” implying that this is “the good side” of the problem with channeling-based hoaxes. The obvious conclusion here is that these prophecies have deadlines, and once the deadline passes the public hysteria will quiet back down.

It is interesting to see how this problem has again surfaced to a level that possibly even surpasses the hype of the Hale-Bopp Companion, through the Nibiru 2003 hoax. Arguably, this hoax had a massive acceleration in its popularity brought about by publicity from the Art Bell Show, including the producers allowing certain others to buy permanent advertising space on the website selling videos talking about the alleged flyby of this planet past the Earth in May 2003, ostensibly causing the deaths of 90% of Earth’s population. This hoax might still lead to problems far worse than the 39 people who committed mass suicide in 1997, if people truly believe that their lives are about to end. Interestingly, the reading said that “there’s always a way out” of these problems, and now Art Bell has permanently retired, thus dramatically reducing his public influence, since he was far more popular than any of his stand-in guest hosts who were signed up to replace him. Now let’s continue with another passage from that same day:

Spirit authorities are connected, but they won’t directly intervene without good reason. When people disappear in the buildings, sometimes you have lost them. Getting closer to that state known as sleep; that state known as New York.

DW: This passage is very interesting, as it seems to be the second of several subtle prophecies of the upcoming 9-11 disaster. It first mentions the idea that even in the case of a mass disaster such as this, “spirit authorities… won’t directly intervene without reason.” Hence, “When people disappear in the buildings… (“[in] that state known as New York,”) sometimes you have lost them.” So 9-11 is one example of a large-scale disaster that the higher forces couldn’t intervene in, because the level of damage to the Earth wasn’t high enough to warrant a full-scale revelation of the extraterrestrial presence, which would interrupt the free will of humanity. It also states that New York is an area of “sleep,” meaning a relatively low spiritual vibration.

1 / 4 / 97:

[Q: Can you speak on some of the mysteries that are concealed in some of the ancient secret orders, such as the Masons?]

Many of those greater truths you understand already. The problem is that even the greater man will never reach it, because there is a great deal of fear as it approaches…

Many of the ancient mysteries can be unraveled further when you correlate them with how the UFO information is handled by the policymakers. [Image of beautiful black woman in stunning white robe holding her hair in her hand:] You should realize that any time, anywhere you go, we will be right there with you, even in the hardest of times.

1 / 26 / 97:

Millions, all over the world, will be able to see shades of red that will come when these rides and attacks begin. Fear not, for the breath of the Divine is behind these events, is watching these events, knows of them and will do everything in its power to stop these events…

If we have one wish, it is to see you travel through the energy blockages that have held you back, so that you may ascend and rise to a new level.

So be not dismayed by events as you witness them transpire, for it is important that you remember that these events would not have taken place if there wasn’t a distinct reason for them. Know also that many other things that are happening at this time are beyond your control, and they will manifest, and you will need to deal with them appropriately as they arise. We will do our best to try to give you some form of advance notice for them. Every night we are trying to implant upon you various forms of knowledge and wisdom through your contact in the dreaming state…

1 / 31 / 97:

The time is coming soon when people will lose motivation to work on themselves because of the intensity of the experience they see on the outside. We are aware of this. It is our desire to insure that people will work more on the inside, because these experiences are designed as a catalyst in the first place.

2 / 2 / 97:

I am now aware that there was a constitution passed with bylaws putting up a range of statutes for those people who seek freedom of speech, freedom of thought. You should not stray from these teachings; they will give you peace of mind.

This is the proverbial “smoking gun” passage that shows how the forces were well aware of the constitutional assault that had been in the works at this point, now nakedly obvious.

For me, to see all these prophecies come true isn’t negative at all; it simply reinforces the overall model, which suggests that these are part of a new myth for humanity – the death of the old to make way for the birth of the new. Try not to get caught up in the death part.

I might keep going with this idea and generate a Part II for this article and so on…

Peace be with you.

– David