In the “consciousness science” that we have modeled on this website, particular importance is given to certain dates in our history when an energetic threshold point is crossed.

As of February 19, 2003, we have entered into a higher zone of interstellar energy for the first time since the period of 1990-91, and the revolutionary effects of this new energy should become increasingly obvious throughout the rest of this year.

It is also an interesting “coincidence” that the unique date of 3/3/3 would arrive only two and a half weeks after we enter this new zone.

For more details on the scientific background behind what we are speaking of, the reader is encouraged to peruse the Supplemental to Divine Cosmos, as well as our recent psychic reading of December 2002, conducted by Wynn Free.

The man who rediscovered this energy system in modern times, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov, refers to these “bifurcation points” as times where the following changes occur while we move into the new energy:

  • Global natural cataclysms [on Earth] and phenomena in space [supernovas of nearby stars within our own Galaxy];
  • The coming of Great Teachers of humanity, as well as outstanding philosophers and scientists;
  • The originations of calendars (as systems for measuring Time/Space);
  • Demographic trends (specified by the population of China as an indicator of world trends);
  • The formation and interaction of worldwide religious/philosophical systems and States.

The changes are certainly also political in nature, as in the time that elapses between each point, new centers of civilization undergo a prolonged consolidation into full-blown empires, followed by a relatively short period where new cultures are birthed in these centers.

Then, at the time of the “bifurcation point,” these new cultures clearly separate themselves from the “parents,” and in so doing they experience a sudden and tremendous flourishing and expansion. At the same time, there is a rapid and unexpected decay and contraction or even disappearance of the “parent” civilizations.

Dr. Smelyakov has clearly discovered the hidden pattern behind these apparently disconnected moments in history, and we have every reason to believe that the cycle will continue to behave in the future as it already has in the past.

Hence, we now have an instrument that allows us to make clear predictions about our own imminent future, both on the geo-political and personal levels. This should be a source of extreme comfort to those who feel any sense of despair when looking at current events, as the outcome can be clearly discerned by studying previous repetitions of the same pattern.

You can only imagine the satisfaction that we felt when the worldwide peace march of February 15, 2003, just four days before the actual bifurcation point itself, turned out to be the largest gathering of human souls for one single collective act in our known history.

Perhaps as many as 12 million people broke their normal routines and marched worldwide to deliver the message, “It’s the Oil, Stupid.”  Like it or not, the Establishment-controlled corporate American media was forced to give coverage to this unprecedented international outpouring of voices unified by the desire for world peace.

What is even more impressive is that in earlier periods, hundreds or even thousands of years separated these bifurcation points, and now this worldwide peace march occurred within a four-day window of the exact date that Dr. Smelyakov’s calculations produced.

We knew that something “big” would have to happen for this cycle to be proved accurate, and we were not disappointed. The new culture of peace was defined on February 15, 2003.

It has already separated itself from the “parents,” and now we can lend our own energies to its sudden, tremendous flourishing expansion, while the “parent” world order decays into irrelevance. We get to choose how peacefully this process occurs by the attitude that we have as we move through it.

It is important for the student of our work to remember that the time elapsed from one bifurcation point to another is not the same for each point in the cycle; it becomes increasingly shorter in length as we approach the critical time period of the end of the Mayan Calendar, in December of 2012.

Far from a speculative and useless number, our research has concluded that this Mayan Calendar end-date corresponds to a physical location of interstellar space that our Solar System will have passed into as of this time.

This area of interstellar space has a measurably higher energetic charge, and this is not a case of an on-off switch or a red light turning to a green light: the energy has been bleeding into our system for quite some time.

We are already having significant energetic increases and are feeling their effects as we drift into the area of highest concentration.

Each “bifurcation point” is a relatively sudden shift into a higher energy zone. As Chapter Eight of Divine Cosmos shows, this instreaming new energy has already led to significant transformations in the status and behavior of our entire Solar System.

So, for one who has already read this website’s sections, the next obvious question would be, “How do we explain an event in time and space that not only affects the energy state of our Solar System, but of our collective minds as well?”

In this case, the simplest answer is also the most correct one; God does indeed exist, and every nook and cranny of the entire Universe is filled with an intelligent, living energy source.

The higher the vibrational speed of this energy, the higher the amount of intelligence and compassion we will find. By drifting into a zone of higher energy, we are automatically becoming closer to God, ready or not.

So, now that we are moving into an area of higher vibration, we are experiencing a collective awakening unlike anything ever seen before.

For those who accept unconditional love, the transition is rather easy to make; and for those who do not, there will be no end to the shock and dis-ease that is produced, eventually leading to an inability to maintain a physical body on the Earth. This might seem to sound rather harsh, but it is simply the way things are.

Now is the time to sort out what is real and what is unreal; and if we attach ourselves to the world of the material, then we can certainly become captivated by a very convincing illusion that Armageddon is upon us.

On the other hand, if we do our homework, study the material and educate ourselves about what is really going on and why it is happening, there is no need to have anything but trust in the triumph of unconditional love and an eager anticipation of the coming Golden Age for humanity.

Be advised that previous bifurcation points have already been correlated with the following massive political changes:

3113 BC: Emergence of the Sumerian, Chinese and Indian civilizations, arrival of Krishna

1147-46 BC: Fall of Troy (became complete by 1194 BC), discovery of Tibet and China by the Europeans

550 BC: Fall of Babylon (began in 588 and became complete by 539 BC), coming of Buddha, Zoroaster, Pythagoras, Plato, Lao Tzu, Confucius and other great teachers

70 AD: Fall of Jerusalem’s Temple, great transmigration of Eurasian peoples to the West, formation of Christianity and spread of Buddhism in China

820 AD: Miraculous disappearance of the Mayan Empire and its people (documented by 830 AD), formation of new Russian civilization

1285 AD: Mongolian invasions and takeovers of China, Japan, Java and Punjab, decay of new Maya, foundation of English Parliament, Ottoman Empire, Moscow and Lithuanian princedoms, dissemination of Zen Buddhism in Japan

1572 AD: Siberia subjugated by Ermak, Black Plague in Europe, reformation of Moscow and Lithuanian Princedoms into kingdoms, uprising of Huguenots in France, religious riots in Japan, birth of the Renaissance and Reformation, establishment of worldwide empires, dissemination of the scientific realization that the Sun is at the center of our Solar System

1718 AD: Tibet is taken over by the Manchurians, Russia is reformed into an Empire, Newton creates a physical and mathematical foundation for the sciences

1752 AD: Disappearance of feudalism in Europe, formation of colonial empires such as the United States, commencement of industrial revolution, discovery of Uranus

1861 AD: Abolition of serfdom in Russian Empire; wars, revolutions and riots in many areas on ideological and religious grounds, publication of Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, discovery of Neptune

1926 AD: Worldwide economic crisis, World War I which killed about 50 million people, split of the world into two “superpower” systems with the eventual threat of nuclear war, discovery of planet Pluto

1968 AD: Vietnam War and worldwide peace marches such as the Woodstock festival. Smelyakov defines it as the age where the consciousness of the public begins to collapse, due to our inability to adapt to the consequences of our frontal breach into unprecedented spheres of knowledge and technology, thus making humankind the hostage of its achievements.

This is seen with the computerization and informatization of life, the exploration of Space, the awareness of an ecological crisis and the apparent futility of efforts to slow it down, the gasoline shortage and recession of the 1970s, et cetera.

1990 AD: Collapse of Soviet Union, consolidation of New Age movement through “Harmonic Convergence” of 1991

The above are some of the most significant political events that have occurred in previous bifurcation points. We also see the world’s most severe earthquakes at these times, with nothing of such great significance between them. As we get closer and closer to 2012, we can expect the pattern to continually intensify.


Having said all the above, I want to switch gears a bit and discuss my own unique personal experiences with this most recent bifurcation point. I have realized very clearly and unexpectedly that the worldwide events also correspond to personal events of great significance.

The story of my own life around this time, and of the events that have now culminated in the publication of this article, constitutes extremely strong proof on the direct experiential level that this cycle is indeed working. Since I was only looking for global events, I was essentially blindsided by how they would precipitate into my personal life.

As most of my readers are aware, all the key points of my scientific model in the three-volume Convergence series were derived from a series of communications with a high-level extraterrestrial intelligence known as Ra.

Many people have claimed to produce such “channeled” communications, and to their dismay it is rare that I will give any of such works credence. My own standards for quality are extremely rigorous, including that of my own material, and in the Law of One series that Ra produced, every standard was not only satisfied, but utterly and boldly surpassed.

The two surviving members of the team that produced this material, Jim Mc Carty and Carla Rueckert, took on an almost mythological significance to me, so I was naturally inclined not to attempt any communication with them.

So frequently have I been betrayed by those who got close to my work that I concluded I was “better safe than sorry,” as that was one betrayal that I was not willing to put myself at risk of, since the pain that I would feel was far too great to risk.

After all, I had built an entire life around the Law of One teachings; and if they did not directly approve of me, then I would feel that I had failed in my life’s purpose. It is similar to a person who never reaches out to someone who shows them obvious signs of affection for fear of being rejected.

Hence, I discovered the Law of One series in January 1996, and literally four and a half years would go by before I would actually speak to Carla Rueckert on the phone for the first time; a time I think of as having worked towards my Doctoral degree in understanding the One Infinite Creator, studying the Law of One material and integrating it with a wealth of scientific research.

This led to the production and publication of my first complete dissertation on the Internet as of December 2000, entitled “The Shift of the Ages.

It was also in late summer of 2000 that I reconnected with Dr. Scott Mandelker, who wrote the book “From Elsewhere” which was of pivotal importance in my spiritual awakening.

It led me to realize that I was indeed an angelic / higher dimensional soul who had volunteered to come to Earth and “play the human game” for the purposes of raising consciousness. It also directly brought me into an active study of the Law of One material from the L/L Research team only two months after I read it.

Dr. Mandelker was the first person to strongly believe in my ability to make a successful career for myself in the field of metaphysics when I met him at a UFO conference in Connecticut, exactly one year after I first read his book.

After four years of elapsed time, I had authored a very comprehensive website with enough traffic to clearly establish a presence in the mid-range category of Internet popularity in the metaphysical field.

My hit counter only counts unique visits to the main page, and at the time of this article it is right at the 300,000 mark. At the time, Dr. Mandelker was approaching me about promoting his newest book, Universal Vision. I was more than happy to assist him in this effort.

In the phone call where we discussed this and other issues, I raised the possibility of doing a Law of One seminar. I essentially said:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we created a seminar where the top scholars of the Law of One material could get together on the same stage and present a unified body of information talking about the Ascension process that humanity is now going through as a whole?

You could lecture on the Law of One material as it relates to East-West psychology, I could discuss it from the scientific perspective, Carla and Jim could discuss it from their own experience of having brought it through and working with it over the last 20 years.

We could get John Major Jenkins to fill in all the background about the foundation and importance of the Mayan Calendar.”


Mandelker responded, “Well, that would take a lot of money, and that’s something that we don’t have.”

I answered, “Yes; and if the higher beings want us to do it, then we’ll find the money.”

Less than three months after this conversation, my grandfather, Donald Frederick Wilcock, Ph.D., passed away, and I soon discovered that I would inherit a modest amount of money that was well under what the average middle-class American citizen would earn in one year, but nevertheless far exceeded anything I had ever had access to before.

Upon the guidance of my readings, most of the money was parked in pre-1900 Napoleon III gold coins, each having .1876 ounces of gold in them.

I was guided to buy the coins when gold was at a supreme low of about 261 dollars an ounce, and subsequently placed a buy signal on my website when gold went even lower, down to an incredible 251 dollars. Recently, of course, gold spiked at 390 dollars an ounce, and we have every reason to believe that the current price of about 350 is still an incredible deal compared to where it will soon go.

At this same time, I found a Roland TD-7 digital drumset for a great price on Ebay so that I could again practice drumming without making any disturbing noise, after a four-year absence. I also scored a Korg 01/W keyboard for 400 dollars, which I already had extensive experience with since my mother had owned one since the late 1980s, at which time it was considered industry standard state-of-the-art equipment.

Other than those two items, paying my mother 1000 dollars that I owed her from previous debts, and using enough cash to support my operating expenses for a couple of months, I put all the remaining funds into gold.

I have since sold off slightly over two-fifths of my original purchase in certain tiny increments in order to keep food in the refrigerator and the phone and lights operable when I entered into times of extreme financial peril; and thankfully, one of those two fifths is still “in the family,” stored by my associate Dr. Hideo Izumoto in a secure location.

In late November of 2000, the four-year anniversary of when I first met Dr. Mandelker and the five-year anniversary of when I first read his book, we had another telephone conversation where he offhandedly revealed that someone had approached him with a very intriguing question:

“If I could get you some decent funding, what would you want to do with that money that would help to raise the spiritual consciousness of humanity?”


As Mandelker kept talking, he told me that he had decided that the best thing would be to do a seminar tour that laid out the case for “Harvest” or “Ascension” on earth, as defined in the Law of One series.

He already had decided that he wanted the main body of the work to be a three-part seminar: Science, Prophecy and the UFO Phenomenon, with a brief summary at the end that framed all of this data in the spiritual perspective of the Law of One series.

As he explained all of this to me, he also said that he was having difficulty finding a person to be the Research Director for the science section. I immediately responded by saying that he simply would not find a person more suitable for the job than I was.

Surprisingly, he was really not familiar with my website material and therefore thought that I was “only a channeler,” not realizing that I had done quite extensive and groundbreaking scientific work as well. Once I started explaining to him what I had found, the deal was quickly closed and I was hired as Research Director.

It was remarkable how quickly my vision of a “Law of One seminar” had come to pass; the only problem was that all we were doing was a Friday night presentation and a Q&A section on Saturday, with no other guest speakers connected to the Law of One. Our first show of this variety was in Chicago, the second in Boulder and the third in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Each time there was noticeable tension between Mandelker and myself onstage, documented in video recordings from each event, which I would frequently hear about in private conversations thereafter.

Anyone inside the “gossip circles” of my discussion group is already well aware of these issues, as by the fifth event in Huntsville, more than half of the entire audience was aware of the personality differences between Mandelker and myself, and openly assertive public confrontation came towards him from the audience about his desire to keep me from talking for too long.

Many of my most trusted supporters were telling me that I should get out and do something entirely on my own. After all, I was essentially being asked to give a summary of my life’s work in 35 minutes on Friday and another 10 minutes on Saturday, which is obviously not even remotely possible, given the complexity of a 900-page trilogy of scientific material.

The rest of my contributions were limited to whatever questions the audience would ask me. I was also expected to answer these questions as briefly as possible and would invariably be chastised, often right in front of the audience, about taking too much time to answer them. Yet, as soon as I answered one, someone else would ask me another, and on we went.

Hence, most of the tension centered around Mandelker feeling that I was too verbose in my presentations and not adhering to the strict time guidelines that he had set up in his business plan. Indeed, the most “serious” incident was in Santa Fe, where I took 52 minutes to deliver a presentation that I thought I could hold to Mandelker’s desired 35, and the tension was quite palpable.

The problem was that the majority of each audience, perhaps with the exception of Santa Fe, had come to the seminar because of a familiarity with my website and a desire to see me speak in public, and the bulk of audience questions after each presentation would invariably relate to my material.

By the time we finished Santa Fe, I had become quite distraught over the fact that we were spending a considerable amount of grant money to put on a show that was practically free for people to attend, as our door price was only five dollars, and which only went through Friday night and Saturday morning.

Nevertheless, we were paying complete expenses for three people to fly out and give a full multimedia presentation in a high-end hotel with good advertising to support the event.

I asked Mandelker to remember the original conversation that we had about a Law of One seminar, and bringing everyone together to discuss these key issues. Since most people could spend an entire weekend with us, why not make it a three-day event?

My pleas were heard and addressed, as our next seminar was held in Louisville, Kentucky, the hometown of Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty, the surviving Baby Boomer members of the L/L Research team.

We had established a brief professional relationship with John Major Jenkins in Boulder, and Mandelker and I eventually agreed to give both Jenkins and myself two-hour lecture presentations on that Saturday, as well as to reserve Saturday evening for Carla and Jim. Sunday would be an entire day devoted to question-and-answer, with all six speakers assembled onstage together for a unified panel discussion.

And thus, it was in April of 2002 that the Louisville event occurred, which truly represented our finest achievement as a team. This is the first time that I’ve actually even tried to write about it, because it seemed that any words I would use could only cheapen the divine nature of the experience that we all shared.

Of course, there was the requisite tension between Mandelker and myself, but by this time I had become self-confident enough that I was able to turn it into more of an Abbott and Costello comedy routine than an awkward nightmare.

After all, I was still on the recovery curve after nearly losing my companion Sabrina to a devastating pedestrian encounter with a two-ton missile traveling at 35 miles an hour on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia. If I could get through that, then I could get through anything.

Our local advertisements had literally done nothing; when I asked how many people had made a pilgrimage to Louisville for this event because of reading my website, every hand in the entire 52-person audience went up.

Hence, everyone had been interested enough in this work to make that personal sacrifice of the hero’s journey, to endure the trials and tribulations of earning the funding and clearing the time to make the quest for the sacred fire of antiquity that we were there to offer, the arcana of formerly secret knowledge that can now be shared publicly without fear of punishment or assassination; at least most likely not.

My two-hour presentation that Saturday gave a tremendous amount of new information that would show up in Divine Cosmos two months later, and some of which has still not been published.

Hence, everyone got much more than they bargained for; it was not simply a review but rather a re-integration of what they already knew into an even higher and more complete level of understanding. Everyone felt the thrill of this new information and it infused the entire group with great excitement.

No one seemed to be getting any sleep, and no one cared. Once we stopped talking, the group would turn inward and find great connection with each other. Life-long romantic partnerships were established at this event, at least two that we directly know of, and one of them happened to Rosi Buchanan, who was also our administrative director for that event.

She has since married her romantic interest and is expecting a child with him in the near future. For myself, I had a great spiritual connection with Carla and Jim, although brief, and I was quite eager to work with them again.

During the Louisville event, Emerson King from the US Psychotronics Association was in the audience, and he contacted Dr. Peter Moscow, the president of the organization and a Louisville resident, telling him that he really needed to come and see the rest of the event.

I then met Dr. Moscow and was invited to speak at their upcoming conference that July. This was definitely the next “big break” that I was waiting for, having already been on the Art Bell Show twice the previous year. Slightly over a month before the conference, I finished and published Part One of Divine Cosmos, and therefore was able to have limited-edition printed copies ready for vending at the event itself.

I now had the opportunity to present my material on my own terms to a community of peers in the scientific community, who were already aware of the basic and intermediate stages of my research, allowing me to move directly into the expert level.

And indeed, Dr. Moscow told me that my July 2002 presentation was at a “university graduate level” and “extremely well done.”

At this conference I also got to meet some truly amazing people who had made many great contributions to the field, including Dr. Glen Rein, who discovered that the energy of unconditional love has a direct effect on the DNA molecule, causing it to expand and thereby promote greater health and well-being in an organism.

The next major event was in my invitation to travel to Japan in October 2002 to support the limited-edition release of my first book The Shift of the Ages, titled “Tenkan no Jidai” or “Paradigm Shift” in Japanese.

The scheduling requirements forced me to only have two full days to recuperate between returning from Japan and doing our next and final seminar as the Time of Global Shift team in Huntsville, Alabama.

I was under great financial and temporal pressure in getting ready for this event, as I needed to manifest a passport, an updated version of my Power Point presentation for Huntsville and the finances to pay off all my bills for November after I had just gotten done paying off October. Things got quite intense towards the end, but by selling some gold and working very hard, I was able to make it happen.

Of course, Japan was a true watershed experience in my life; the immersion into an entirely new culture where a Caucasian person is now the outsider, as not more than one in 5,000 people I would see were white, and in fact the only people of African descent I ever saw during my entire stay in Japan were a husband and wife in the airport.

I had studied and loved the culture all my life but especially after having Yumi as a girlfriend in college, and I knew enough of the language to fight my way through some very basic conversations.

Dr. Izumoto traveled with me as my interpreter, and together we delivered approximately 17 psychic readings, five lectures and four musical performances during the time we were there.

We hardly ever stayed in any one place for more than two days, and unfortunately about halfway through I went through a quasi-kidnapping type of event, where I ended up traveling in some form or another, either car, boat, ferry, subway or bullet train, for a total of 36 hours in two days.

What was even worse was that I was denied sleep during this process, being awakened at 6:15 am on the first day and 4:15 am on the second day.

During this time we went from Nagoya to Mt. Fuji to Onakoro Island and back to Nagoya once again, touring a few sacred places very briefly as we went; about 10 minutes at a shrine near Fuji, about 10 minutes on the top of Fuji after a brutal one-hour traffic jam on the way up, about 10 minutes at a small shrine near the home of the woman who accompanied us on the second day, and about 40 minutes at a shrine on Onakoro Island and another 40 minutes in front of a breathtaking view of the sea and mountains on the island.

For comparison, this is just about equivalent to someone driving halfway across the United States and back in two days, stopping long enough at the Grand Canyon to look around, sip some air and relieve themselves before turning around and going back home.

I had already been overstressed before those two days, but afterwards I became truly, deeply sick.

I then had the continuing experience of literally living the celebrity lifestyle, giving lectures, performing highly accurate psychic readings, signing autographs and taking pictures with many people, being given the highly sought-after “Emperor’s welcome” at Esai, the largest spiritual center / shrine in all of Japan, as well as being filmed for a Japanese documentary.

All the while, I had a consistent, unrelenting and nearly uncontrollable desire to cough the entire time. I knew I was was very, very sick, with such extraordinary fatigue that I literally wanted nothing more than to crawl into a bed somewhere, anywhere, and not come out of the room for at least five days except to eat and excrete.

This was capped off by another 23 hours of solid travel time to get back to the States, wide-awake the entire time. First, we had to get up very early to get a ride from the hotel in Nagoya to the subway for a 30-minute ride to the station.

There, we picked up the Shinkansen bullet train, which then brought us on a two-hour ride into Tokyo. In Tokyo, we had to wait an excruciatingly long time for the red subway to take us to the airport. Once we got to the airport, we had well over three hours to kill before our flight got started, which began with an 11-hour (!) direct flight from Tokyo to Atlanta, the big hub of Delta Airlines.

Then we had a two-and-a-half-hour layover followed by another one-hour flight to Virginia Beach, where we navigated through customs and thankfully our ride was already waiting for us when we queued up for the agonizing wait for Hideo’s giant maroon suitcase to move through the baggage claim.

My absurdly naïve schedule then had me needing to duplicate CDs and print more books for Huntsville in two days before leaving, while also dealing with the contortions of a body that thinks nighttime is daytime and vice versa, having finally gotten adjusted to living on the opposite side of the globe.

Suffice it to say that I did the books and basically wrote off working on the CDs due to sheer exhaustion. The quick jaunt to Huntsville truly seemed like no big deal in comparison to what I had been through in the previous month.

Our turnout for Huntsville was less than half as big as any previous event that we had conducted, since it seemed that most of the people who had really wanted to go to the “Big Law of One Event” had done it in Louisville. On the first night I realized to my horror that I had sent Dr. Mandelker the wrong presentation, so that all the new things I wanted to say did not match up with the sequence of slides.

This forced me to do some very last-minute deletions of slides from the presentation and the need to go through the show without strictly adhering to the script. In many ways I felt that it was one of my best presentations, if not THE best, for that very reason, but unfortunately the video camera did not capture the audio that night.

By Saturday night I had found great camaraderie with Mark Comings, Mandelker’s original choice for my position as Research Director, a man who arguably has more in common with me than any other male I have ever met in my life.

Since I was quite naturally attuned to the Japanese schedule, we ended up staying up that night and talking until 6:30 am, neither of us noticing the passage of time.

Since Comings is monitored even more heavily than I am, it was wonderful to have a private space where we could talk about whatever we wanted without surveillance, and we made maximal use of the time.

I ended up giving him 11 copies of Divine Cosmos to distribute amongst his colleagues, with the hope of spreading the word to a larger audience in the California area.

Naturally, I slept right through Jeremy pounding on the door Sunday afternoon to tell me that it was almost time for me to be onstage for the panel discussion. However, I knew exactly when it got started, and had left my room only about 10 minutes after it began, meaning that I got there about 15 minutes late.

I went to my chair without comment and soon after I arrived, most of the questions again started coming my way. Mark and I again had long conversations that night, but I clipped it off by about 1:30 am this time.

I still managed to get up before anyone else and have morning breakfast with Carla and Jim before again departing on an airplane to go home. That conversation was the most time that we had ever shared together, as up until then my interactions with them had been predominantly non-verbal in Louisville, along with about four or five telephone conversations.

This conversation really opened up a wonderful new avenue, as we got along quite nicely and they invited me to speak at their annual “Homecoming” event which was in the first week of February 2003.

After this event, I returned home and essentially spent my entire profit margin from Japan on the Yamaha Motif keyboard, which is just about the most wonderful music workstation that affordable money can buy at the present time, with the ability to duplicate almost any sound that you hear in music on the radio (with the exception of the classical music which is not as well-represented).

It was a grand completion to the studio that I had already been building up with an eight-channel Behringer mixer, the Yamaha SW1000XG sound card, the Korg MS2000 analog modeling synthesizer and the Creative 6GB Nomad Jukebox for making direct-to-digital recordings off the mixing board, in addition to the Roland TD-7 and Korg 01/W that I had purchased after my grandfather passed away.

During this time, I spent a few weeks with Sabrina before she embarked on a trip out to Oklahoma to reconnect with family and old friends and acquaintances. This was a semi-permanent move due to a personal family crisis, and it became increasingly clear to me that we had arrived at a natural point of separation since she was essentially transferring her whole life back to her hometown.

Thankfully, I had managed to fulfill one of her most consistent desires, which was to have a completed demo of a song that she had written so that she could shop it out to various record labels. In fact, this was the major catalyst that got me to complete my studio in the first place.

I left in the second week of December to go to my mother’s new house in upstate New York, and on the way I had a flat tire and had to stay in the Best Western of Seaford, Delaware, room 211, which had a great view of a lake behind the hotel and was surprisingly inexpensive.

Nevertheless, this event, coupled with my father shaming me into buying everyone Christmas presents even though I had spent the profits on the keyboard, caused my bank account to again bottom out.

I wouldn’t realize until about January 15th that I had bounced the check on my landlord for the first time in the nearly three years I had lived there, but that’s a bit further along in our story.

While recovering from a month-long post-Japan illness at my mother’s house, and really enjoying the thick blankets of snow that I had not really lived through since moving to Virginia Beach in 1997, I received a portentous email from Dr. Mandelker.

He told me he wanted to discuss my airline tickets for the next event in Portland, which will still be held in Portland, Oregon this April, although I will not be attending it or presenting there. Not thinking much of it, but also knowing that the pattern was for harsh criticisms to come my way after an event, I called him on the phone.

During this call, I found out that apparently one woman in the audience at Huntsville had really gained a strong dislike of me in many ways. Without getting into details, Mandelker in turn relayed all of her mean-spirited accusations to me as if this was representative of the audience’s experience as a whole.

He added this to the standard litany of complaints about talking too long and taking up too much time, which literally collapsed under discussion, since I had been very careful not to tweak the guidelines. As in the previous four or five telephone conversations, I was ready to call off the whole thing right then and there, but somehow I got through it and preserved the partnership.

I was quite surprised to check my email on the laptop after this phone call and find out that at the exact time that Mandelker and I had been going through a very heated discussion, Carla had sent both of us an email saying that we both needed to work out our personality problems with each other and move through the anger and the tears, or else there would be a separation!

At the time I took this as a great sign that we would work it out, not looking at the other side of the equation at all. I wrote Carla a letter back expressing that I was very enthusiastic about all of this, and had worked diligently to listen to every criticism and truly weigh it out with honesty and candid humility.

Carla’s letter did not explicitly favor either one of us, and implied that we both had to make significant concessions in order for this to work.

After reading the letter I called her immediately and we had a long discussion about what I could do to help out.

From what I was told thereafter, Mandelker only sent a very brief email response to her letter and only seemed to acknowledge that it validated all of his points that I was the “weak link” in the team and that “no one else had this problem” but me.

I returned to Virginia Beach early in January, and when I went into Sabrina’s room I really felt that her energy presence had moved out of the house for good.

It was a deep inner knowing that I couldn’t really explain, as she still had a fair amount of possessions there, but none of them were essential. A short number of days later my old friend Angelica called me, and the Mandelker issue came up relatively quickly.

In a matter of ten minutes Angelica was able to get me to see clearly that I really owed it to my audience to give them a seminar where I could speak for as long as they wanted me to. It wasn’t right to have everyone coming up to me and back-talking about the politics of the event every time I would speak.

I also realized that it boiled down to an issue of self-respect; there was no real reason to ever assume that these issues would go away, and the longer I participated in this the worse it was going to get, likely leading to the embarrassment and personal scarring of being fired.

So, before I even went to bed that same night, I wrote my formal letter of resignation and sent it out to every member of the team, including our regional administrators and moderators for the discussion group.

I did not go into any explanations at the time, and a few people in the discussion group later expressed a desire to see it work out and for us to resolve our differences.

On the personal level I would never have imagined that I would actually quit, and for the first two or three days I felt pretty badly about it, but I soon realized that it really was an issue of self-acceptance and forgiveness, and that is what ultimately pulled me through.

Within two days of really regaining some level of personal equilibrium, I received the infamous pink slip in the mail assigning me a fine of 30 dollars for a returned check.

This time it was the rent; something that had never happened before. I immediately activated a good crop of clients for readings and began immediately processing the requests, and I got so captivated in trying to generate funding that I did not call the landlord.

He then called me two days later and was extremely unpleasant on the phone, to say the least. In no uncertain terms, he told me that I either needed to get the money to him by Monday (it later became Tuesday since Monday was a bank holiday) or else I would have to find another place to live.

I interpreted this as meaning that I might suddenly be forcefully ejected from my own space in a matter of two weeks if the donations did not arrive in the mail on time, or if I again hacked into the dwindling supply of gold coins.

Once again I was receiving the abusive father treatment, and even when I hand-delivered him the money in seven crisp hundred-dollar bills, including the rather exorbitant 63-dollar late fee that I rounded up to 75, he still treated me with disdain and did not allow for any release of tension, except for a very quick smile as I was heading out the door.

I certainly wasn’t expecting a hero’s welcome, but I also was searching for some kind of clue that I could trust him in the future “if” there were economic upheavals that made it difficult to pay the rent on time. His attitude revealed that I was in jeopardy.

Any shock to my income and I could be homeless in a matter of a week and a half; and if Sabrina were to eventually live with me again, it would affect her as well as myself, which was even more unpleasant of a thought.

So, I was suddenly confronted with the heretofore-unimaginable idea of moving out of my sweet spot in Virginia Beach, which was a great space for the price, listed as a resort property in the paper although it really wasn’t, but only four minutes’ walking distance from the oceanfront.

Every move I had made in the past was into a better situation, and I had a hard time imagining how I could outdo what I already had. Perhaps by now you’ve figured out where all this is going;

Dr. Izumoto and I drove the 10 hours from Virginia Beach to Louisville on Groundhog Day, which was incidentally also my father’s birthday. After what we had been through in Japan, and the extreme stress of navigating the drive to New York, the tranquility of Route 64 all the way into Louisville seemed almost too easy.

That night in Carla and Jim’s living room, I delivered a very humorous retelling of my experiences in Japan, turning the whole thing into quite the uproarious comedy routine, even more than what I had done when speaking at the Fellowship of the Inner Light earlier in January.

I felt a tremendous, spiraling energy in the living room that was stronger than anything I had experienced before, and I absolutely loved the house, the grounds and the whole area.

From that first night onward, I also became acquainted with Vara L, and each night we would talk from 10pm until somewhere between 2 and 5:30 am. The amount of synchronicity that began emerging between her entire personality and life experiences with my own was literally astonishing.

She had already become a key member of the L/L Research team on her own volition by providing Carla with invaluable assistance in checking all the quotes for the Wanderer’s Handbook.

Furthermore, she had top-notch professional experience as an executive secretary for the vice-president of one of the world’s pre-eminent computer software companies.

In the history of Edgar Cayce’s life, almost every scholar invariably points to the arrival of his “twin flame” Gladys Davis as being the moment when everything completely turned around.

It is only from this point forward that there is any clear, unbroken written record of his readings, and the energy of her presence seemed to be invaluable in bringing forth a higher level of quality from Edgar’s unconscious mind.

She continued to work with the readings until her death in the 1980s, and without her support it is unlikely that most people in Eastern and Western civilization today would know the name Edgar Cayce; or as the Japanese say, “Egah Cayshee.”

In working as executive secretary for this extremely busy man, Vara would navigate him through 12 meetings a day and between 300 to 700 emails a day. In short, she was his backbone, and without her multi-tasking support capabilities he would have completely fallen apart.

No other employee had been able to keep him together like this before. A series of weird politics had led to him losing his job as of November 2002, and she was let go in December since the company really didn’t have much for her to do once he left.

When she spoke of what she did for this VP, I finally became aware enough of my deepest fear in life to look at it head-on. Ever since making a complete life commitment to this work as of June 1998, I had basically been flying by the seat of my pants, constantly navigating financial troubles and alternating between periods of extreme productivity peaks followed by months-long troughs of writer’s block and creative meltdown.

I was smart enough not to try to do readings during these times as I only wanted them to originate from the highest and best sources possible.

Now, with my story being given huge press in the Japanese magazine Anemone, with a circulation of 40,000 issues, and the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” being released with North Atlantic Press as of August 2003, with widespread tabloid publicity almost destined to follow, the juggernaut was released; like it or not, my career was going to expand.

And yet, I had already been stretched past the breaking point as it was, and the snapping had affected my landlord, my family and my loved ones, even leading to the karmic backlash of a glass breaking in my hand and severing a nerve to my right pinky in December 2001.

Things had not gotten better since that time; they had only intensified. I could easily see my 50-100 emails a day expanding to 300 to 700 or more with the advent of these changes.

So, even if Vara had nothing to do with it, just hearing about the fact that someone could actually do all that for another person and keep him running gave me a sense of newfound hope that I had been severely lacking.

I realized for myself that the old adage “the more the merrier” held true for this work, and that by accepting the emergent offer from Jim and Carla to move in with them and work as a team, I could significantly ease the burdens that I had faced from doing almost everything by myself — with a few notable exceptions including Jeremy and Tasha, Ed and Andi, Albert and Harriet, Gary and Tiffani, Chris, Enoch Theos and Sean Colquhon.

After Vara had already returned to Palo Alto, California, she documented a series of dreams, visions and brief sentences of psychic readings that made it clear that she was being guided to move to Louisville and join the team. This only added to the overall weight of synchronicities that had been coming in fast and furious, which may be made public in the future.

She was already in the advanced stages of moving, and all she had to do was to change the destination. As I write these words she is resting in a hotel somewhere in the Southwest after the first day of a four-day journey to arrive here to Louisville.

I myself arrived here less than a week ago, and handled all the obvious stresses of moving myself into a single room with definite finesse.

Today is really the first day that I have been fully settled, and Jim and I have begun working on preparing and painting Vara’s room to her specifications.

Most of the major furniture possessions in my house were donated to goodwill to help fund addiction recovery programs, which I feel quite good about. My landlord was certainly surprised and unhappy that I made the decision to move, but you do have to crack some eggs to make an omelet, as they say.

I have had a number of dreams that indicate that a great future is ahead. I am aware that I had promised the public that some form of addition to Divine Cosmos would be ready by this all-important date of 3/3/3, but instead I had a personal shift that is very similar to the global level of the “bifurcation point” that we have entered into as of February 19th, 2003.

With the infrastructure that is really needed now coming into view, we have the collective opportunity to take this mission to the next step, with Carla and I acting as the primary speakers. To that end, we have already done two psychic readings together, which are posted on the L/L Research website at

Let’s look back to what I wrote earlier about this crucial time:

The changes are certainly also political in nature, as in the time that elapses between each point, new centers of civilization undergo a prolonged consolidation into full-blown empires, followed by a relatively short period where new cultures are birthed in these centers.

Then, at the time of the “bifurcation point,” these new cultures clearly separate themselves from the “parents,” and in so doing they experience a sudden and tremendous flourishing and expansion. At the same time, there is a rapid and unexpected decay and contraction or even disappearance of the “parent” civilizations.

Now I get it; on every level. It would be nice to be credited with being one of the great scientists or philosophers that such bifurcation points produce, but either way I feel confident that our humble efforts are sufficient.

For those who had scheduled reading slots that were disrupted by this, Vara will be contacting you sometime within the next week for rescheduling, and I do apologize for the inconvenience.

No one has been more surprised by all of this than myself, and I am more than happy to have the profits from my work go directly towards funding this team effort of L/L Research. There was a lot to give up, but what I have already gained is beyond measure.

Rest assured that the enormous creative and financial freedom that this move will produce is going to lead to the long-awaited culmination and fulfillment of my written services in the coming months, including publication of the completed three-volume Convergence series.

Peace be with you.

– David