Astonishing Reading: The Hero’s Journey

Wilcock Reading, April 2003

– Internet publication 5/31/03 –

By David Wilcock


[3/13/09: I retired from ALL client readings as of August 2005. I have left this article as it was originally written for archival purposes.] 



Now that we have the help of an executive administrator, within the greater context of living with Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty here at L/L Research, our psychic readings have taken a dramatic step forward in their depth and accuracy.

Though there have been many “gems” coming through as we worked through the six-month waiting list to become current, the following reading stands out as being truly exceptional.

This client asked that her name not be shared as there is personal information in the reading, but we do have the authorization to share the overall story and the text of the session.



Each reading begins with a 45-minute “intake conversation,” wherein I gather your basic information through three topic clusters — love/family/relationships, jobs/money/prosperity and body/health/diet.

This gives a blueprint of the major events throughout the course of your life, and allows me to see how your external environment has mirrored your deep subconscious issues, thus revealing what areas need to be focused on to enhance spiritual growth.

In this particular case, I heard that the client was a poet and musician during the intake, but we had not gone into any detail regarding the content of these poems and songs. Nonetheless, the entire reading was crafted around highly specific, detailed information, drawn directly from the content of her poems and songs.

She reported that there were “at least twenty” different highly specific references to her creative works in the reading, exhausting any possibility of denial that a higher source of intelligence was involved.

The entire reading, from beginning to ending, felt as if it were directly from her own higher self, finally having the chance to speak to her directly through me and explain its agenda.

What makes this so interesting is not simply that there was a telepathic “remote viewing” of the content of her own language of symbolism and metaphor, but that the reading actually explained the spiritual meanings behind the poems and songs that she had been guided to write, without ever fully knowing what their deeper meanings were.

One of these songs was specifically about a dragon that guarded an emerald city, and a classic sword-wielding hero who finally had to become the dragon in order to slay it.

This is the first time that the readings have ever mentioned an “emerald city,” that I am aware of, and as the words came out of my mouth I had no idea that they had such a specific meaning and value to the client.

Nonetheless, if I had been listening more carefully and / or were not in trance, I might have noticed that the client was in tears the entire time.

Remember that the “Ra” that is speaking is working through a male and female aspect of my personality that resides in fifth-density, and thus it has a completely different style and “feel” than the material in the Law of One series from 1981-84, which was channeled directly from sixth-density.

And without further adieu, here is the reading.



I am Ra. We greet you in the light and the love of the One Infinite Creator.

Logging off from the world is a noble yet dubious act. It is noble in the sense that it produces great fruits for the character, and dubious in the sense of how it creates a sense of disillusionment, of an inability to adapt to one’s present circumstances, as if there was some innate wrongdoing.

This comes about from the sense that there is great need on this plane and that one’s physical efforts will be most efficiently used when they are outwardly directed in public service to address this need.

The clock is ticking and the dinner bell has rung. We ask only that you seat yourself at the table with the remembrance of who you are in every moment, and the capacity to accept your meal and bless it for the nourishment that it provides.

Character flaws might seem to interrupt the process of your seeking, but it is these apparent inconsistencies that are the very tools of your awakening.

Thus the disillusionment that you feel in your recovery from your dark night of the soul is, in and of itself, the bud of the thousand-petaled lotus that is to flower into bloom within you.

Cutting the tethers to one’s former conception of self does then necessitate a plunge deep into the cavernous depths of the psyche. It is in these caverns where dragons lie and where glory and treasure may be found. It is indeed the archetype of the hero’s quest that you now embark upon.

The tattered and musty scrolls that you have unrolled and set on the hard oak table before you give a treasure map, long forgotten in the gilded pages of history, which leads back to an emerald city of great beauty and opulence. It is the jewel of self awareness that is kept within the self until such time as the necessities of unlocking have been met.

The hero’s quest, then, is to arise on a curtain of light, with your armor intact and your sword drawn, ready to swipe at those varmints of the self that would jump out from hidden corners and seek to drain your essence and leave you in a tattered state.

You have swung before. You have mounted your armor plating. You have worn chain mail and you have enabled the healing to move forward by the cutting away of that no longer needed.

In the distance twinkles the emerald glow of your self-awakening, that sense of renewal in the heart, that ability to truly open one’s self to others, to recognize that you are not a foreigner, for all is one, all is home: you are home now, where you are.

To be the light of the world is to recognize that second coming of Christ archetype for yourself, to see how you exist already in a state of completeness.



The condition known as fibromyalgia is a label that is applied to a neuro-physical condition which relates to the blockage of energetic instreamings of higher consciousness, often through the heart and throat chakras, thus frequently leading to complications in the body complex, leading to numbing and coldness of extremities and the difficulty in maintaining one’s normal weight.

The thyroid gland is challenged in maintaining its balance of the enzyme hormones known as T-1 through T-4, specifically T-3 and T-4. These imbalances perpetuate into the biochemical condition of the gradual degradation of the nervous fibers, which comes about through the disruption of the natural potassium / sodium balances which are required for proper transmissions of (electrical impulses through the) nerve systems.

The hero’s quest in this instance is a function of the degree to which there can be an energetic reconnection with the physical body, the body being the projection of the mind and therefore its teacher and mirror.

Thus, when investigating questions regarding the stability of the nervous system, one must look deep within for the ways in which the self seeks to ensure that shocks will not take place, and in so doing, toughen the emotional body so that there is always a sense of vigilance in the perpetual preparation against imminent apparent attack.

Thus the hero trudges forward with the armor weighing heavily upon the body complex, causing aches and pains in the movement through the catacombs of the psyche. Each successive conquest of the various demons of projection from the inner self regards the further balance as being enabled.

And thus as each mountain is climbed, the next mountain top then becomes visible. In some cases there is despair, upon reaching an apparent plateau, in seeing the next crest come into view.

Rather than loath and despise the opportunities that present themselves, we have the folly of joy in the questing self, in the further opportunity to suffer.

However, ultimately the experiences do not have a nature of joy or suffering; the experiences are only those movements which are necessary to bring the soul back to a greater degree of self-realization. And thus it is the attitude that determines the interpretation of the experience.

The emerald glow is that which is behind the dragon which guards the passage, and the dragon at this time is before you. Yet, the main gestalt in your life at this time is of the hidden dragon archetype, that in which the self enables the cocooning to occur and the liquefaction within said chrysalis to occur so there can be metamorphosis into the butterfly.

We have indeed asked you to cast aside the definitions of self that have been your label up until this point, and to recognize that in the wake of the abolition of definition comes the reinstallation of the original seeking urge that spurred your growth process in what you would call the past.

The sharks of the deep oceans of the psyche swarm around you, and you see triangular fins that point through the surface of the waters. They will eat you and consume your flesh until nothing remains. This is quite literally, as you have discerned, a death and rebirth process.

What is being digested is the elements that have felt in some way victimized by the outer world, leading to the ironing out of the inconsistencies that created such perceptions. These perceptions were reinforced by the fallout of those you had classified as heroes in the spiritual group of which you had been a member.

Much as one would saw away at a log in order to arrive at building materials, you needed to hack away the detritus that had clogged your mind into a jungle, in order to form a clean slate that would allow you to create your own forest without the crowding and the inconsistency of those who would form a cult.

We ask that you spend each moment that you feel pain or loneliness asking yourself, “Where is the love in this moment?” It is a balance that can be engendered during those times when your tricycle does not want to pedal, and you must sit and sulk because your toys no longer make you smile.

All souls move through pre-school and intermediate stages of development at various points along the time line of a given life, and there is the need for reintegration of those younger fragments of self in order that wholeness is attained.

Thus by virtue of the rather thick lenses that are needed for your glasses at this time, there is a sense of focusing, of bringing things into clearer view, that you may once again rend the veil that has been drawn around your eyes and mind to regain a greater sense of stability.

Recognize how the physiological nervous system disorder is a reflection of the more precise nature through which this condition of disillusionment has manifested itself.

The sky lights that have been built into your apartment of the psyche will allow the sunlight in at various times of the diurnal cycle, however one cannot simply abide by the window and wait for the sun to rise. One must endeavor to work within the darkness as well.

It is in breaking the egg that the omelet can be made and prepared for the self or others. It is the fracturing of the derisiveness with which the self has viewed self that leads to a renewed compassion for others. The inability to trust others is a reflection of the innate tendency within the self to fall back into criticism and judgment of oneself.

There has been a sense of wanting to ascribe power to others who are seen as greater, and this was the lesson of the cult experience. Physician, heal thyself.

The time for looking for heroes is past. You are the hero who wields the sword of truth, which slices cleanly through the miasma of disillusionment. The smoke, once it clears, reveals a congealed form after the crucible has duly melted down the base materials of the self, and left behind the alchemically transmuted gold in its wake.

When you are capable of grabbing the microphone and stepping up to the stage, you will indeed have a renewed sense of who you are and what it is you are doing.

The hidden dragon is that phase of your development where the crushing catalyst comes through the isolation. Since there has been an innate tendency to seek other heroes, the isolation allows for this process to be turned within.

Were you to be able to look in the mirror and see the face of the One Infinite Creator, without veiling, without criticism or judgment, then the ability to move into such realms of consciousness would be yours to attain as each cycle of initiation is passed and the gates have been cleared.

You have reached a rather rare state of development for those in the human plane, in that you have met with the guardian of the threshold and taken the assignment to see it as the self and to go within.

And thus, the slaying of the dragon actually comes by enfolding yourself into the dragon; feeling its wings, its sharp talons and its scales and fangs, and recognizing the aspects of yourself that can be sharp and sweet at the same time.

Recognize that you are a being with distortions and you are a being free from distortion at the same time. The apparent riddle that is set forth here is only instituted by the nature of the third density as it now stands.

For when you go to sleep each night, you are awakening from the dream that you have a physical body, and returning to the unbroken continuity of your grander existence. It is only when you apparently wake up that you are descending back into a realm that is of greater illusion.

And thus it is the conscious mind self that will be standing in awe and reverence at the time of your transfiguration, upon realizing that it is returning to an unbroken continuity, a continuity that understands everything that has transpired in the physical and has promoted catalyst in all its forms through the designing of dreams and the fulfillment of physical experiences that would be necessitated by the actions as then taken.

The dizziness of the rollercoaster is winding down. In its aftermath comes the renewal of freedom that is felt in the redefinition of self. You can indeed learn to trust others and to open your heart to others, and in so doing relieve the conditions in the neurophysical system. These conditions have everything to do with bracing against attack, and this comes from your sense of being an alien on the planet.

The whittling can indeed cleave the driftwood that washes on the shore from the ocean of mind into the form of the wizard, which can be the handle on the cane which you use to move forward on the path and ensure that there is no stumbling away from the central goal.

As you move forward on this quest, the emerald light glows in the distance, calling you ever forward, calling you back into the heart, back into trust, back into the ability to open the self to the self and to other selves without fear.

It is your choice to be hurt by others, to interpret their actions as hurtful in nature. Even if an other self were to lead to the death of your physical body, as was the fear created in your abduction experience, [*i.e. a kidnapping in the physical, not an ET contact,] there can only be the changing of your vibrational modality to that of the afterlife state, which is indeed more natural.

Since death is the ultimate root of all fear, and it is baseless, there is no fear. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, a popular colloquialism in your plane.

Once you explore the depths of the shadow, you have shined the light on it, and it no longer exists in such a form. Even the darkest corners of mind can be swept clean with the broom of self-acceptance, once they have been duly eliminated by the process of inner contemplative seeking.

It is for this reason that we have engendered this period of sabbatical for you so that the mushrooms that have grown up inside the mind can be harvested, and the ground once more tilled for newer and stronger seeds of a heartier strain to be planted therein, with the facilitation of grander states of self-realization as a result.

The amulet or talisman that you wear around your next on this quest helps to centralize you, but it can also over-amplify the degree to which you focus on the negative. [*No discussion was made about whether the client wore any jewelry before the reading began. Yet this also turned out to be correct.]

And thus, in dealing with any crystalline structure it is wise to be cognizant of how it can amplify all moods regardless of their nature.

When you spring on the trampoline of self, you can indeed bounce quite highly and even turn over in the air. Life is a series of bouncing movements, it would seem, and opening into trust comes about in reconciling the fact that life is like a trampoline game, whereby you must continue to jump and bounce and roll and pitch as needed.

The other selves around you have, as a capacity, the ability to say things or do things that may seem hurtful. But as stated, hurt is a choice; it is not a design. When you recognize that you can never truly be hurt, you disdain those aspects of self that would exist in shadow.

They are disappointed, because they enjoy being the victim, and they enjoy the food that victimhood provides them. If you are victimized by your body, then you have something to rage about for why you are not human and why you do not fit in here on this plane.

Again it is the insulation of the self against perceived outer shocks that leads to this nervous condition. It is the repetition of shocks with the increasing ability to accept and hold them in the auric field as positive that leads to the gradual relaxation of the nervous tissue, and the heavier assimilation of the potassium and sodium by the physiological system, along with the corresponding strengthening of the thyroid hormones.

This locus of control is a point of revolution that allows you to always maintain balance, even though life is tossing you around haphazardly. You have an anchor, and the anchor keeps you from drifting away. Your anchoring is in the knowledge that all things are acceptable.

It is the path of all entities to accept, to understand and analyze experiences, distilling the love and wisdom contained within them, while understanding that all experiences are potentially possible and acceptable.

You are here to make mistakes, as you would think of them, and to recognize that truly no harm has been done. If an entity meets with an apparent difficulty, it is precisely meted out by the higher forces as a systematic construct to enable the self to regain balance.

Thus as you walk along the docks and look out into the frothing seas, you can again step forward to the ship, cut loose the tethers, alight the sails and capture the wind that will bring you forth through realms of dragons and sea creatures and various beasties over the edge of the world, to again find new lands within yourself.

Now is the time for going on this quest, for cutting loose those ties that bind within the psyche and allowing yourself to again move forward, not outwardly, but inwardly.

Recognize that it is this crucible of remembrance that melts down the resistance that you have to opening your heart to others, and again brings you to the opalescent emerald city that the dragon has been guarding.

It is the opening of your heart that is the bounty that springs forth from the treasure chest stored deep within the recesses of the ocean of your mind. As you dive down deeper and deeper, holding your breath, attempting to again reach that pearl of greatest price, you find that you can breathe under water, that there is no drowning, there is only the ability to remain present in the midst of an apparently adverse circumstance.

All again becomes clear. The slate is clean, and the offal of the meat that was prepared for the psyche is washed away in the renewal of the personality.

The elevator bells ring and the doors open so that you may step inside and make a vertical ascent through the system of chakras with the understanding that it is not required to open the chakras, but rather to balance them. The behavioral advancement in your 5th and 6th chakras is quite advanced, as are the lower chakras as related to the body and the sense of self.

The blockage that has manifested is actually that within the heart; it is the simpler, childlike love that you feel in some level was taken from you by various experiences such as the abductions.

This childlike sense of trust can be yours again through the opening of the heart and the returning to unconditional love. This unconditional love must be sought for the self, and it is being sought within the context of erasing the definitions that have been set up around your personality so that you again see a true reflection of who you are without representation by the notches on ones belt, or the achievements as could be defined by one such as a father figure, that says “What have you done that proves that you are worthy to the planet?”

Rather than seeking the measurement stick of external representation, the process is one of internal understanding; of taking the cocoon of solitude and allowing it to become the sepulcher of release through which you again sprout your angel wings and alight into the heavens.

Now that your wings have truly grown, they are not formed of wax and feathers and so will not be melted away as you strive toward the sun. You shall indeed become one with your kin once again while in human form, through the opening of the heart.

The heart has thus far blocked the proper up-streaming of the kundalini forces, which has lead to the energetic pulsations and tremors as you have felt in meditation and the like.

The opening of the heart is a surrender. True love in the fourth-density sense is an allowing, and what you allow is yourself and others to simply be as they are, and to see the goodness in all. Even the murderer and rapist has goodness within himself, though it may be buried between many layers of coarse soil that would mar and dirty the veneer of the mirror for others.

We ask only that you accept yourself and accept the parts of self that have engaged in negativity in any form. Recognize that we are not asking you to be perfect, as perfection is not of your density.

You have a body that will continue eat and excrete, will sweat and otherwise engage in bestial acts of various sorts. This is the nature of the plane which you have incarnated within. It was known to you that this would be highly instrumental and useful to you in your soul’s advancement.

You will find upon returning to the realms from which you sprang that you have made enormous progress, and that this time of solitude has the ability to facilitate progress that would take thousands of years in higher realms. And thus all is well.

We want to remind you that you are loved more than you could possibly imagine.

We eagerly await the time that you shall approach the Throne of the Divine and sign your name upon the Akashic Records, thus freeing yourself from obligation to 3rd density and allowing your movement again into higher realms.

We apologize for the stilted delivery of this reading, as is required for the level five trance state.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai and amen.

– David Wilcock