THE ASCENSION: “Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?”

By David Wilcock

9 / 26 / 03


[3/13/09: This client reading proved to be a great overview of our Ascension model, and was posted for that reason. We stopped doing all client readings in 2005, and thus they are no longer available.]



Ok, this is David Wilcock. (Specific personal client data omitted) This is a psychic reading. It’s a process whereby I go into a deep state of trance and contact a higher form of my own self, which can speak from a perspective that’s not bound by space and time.

Our purpose for conducting this session today is to focus on some spiritual questions that are relatively common for seekers, which are specifically regarding one’s purpose for being here, and how well that purpose is being fulfilled.

We’ve had a discussion that centers on issues regarding sexual orientation and the choice of whether to be strictly heterosexual or whether to also accept a more androgynous leaning in the personality.

The entity who we’re speaking with has been through a very brutal marital situation, which was quite inordinately abusive. It seems to be a further iteration of his relationship with his father, in some measure, except that it now was transferred to the opposite sex.

So as a result of this situation, a great spiritual crisis was produced, leading to a period of time of alcoholism and a loss of direction in one’s workplace.

What essentially seems to have pulled him out of that, as far as I can tell, is discovering that he was indeed not strictly heterosexual but has more of an androgynous soul, and that he could rebel against his programming by finding happiness in partnering with another male. So then the extent to which that has become part of his spiritual quest is very important and that’s something we’re discussing.

He has shared with me that he is writing a book, and this book describes in rather gritty detail some of the hardships that he has been through. It also details the awakening process that centered around finding the book Conversations With God and having a flight delayed for 7½ hours, which enabled him to have time to read the entire book… otherwise, it wouldn’t have happened.

This occurred in 1996, and that event became sort of a centralizing, polarizing force in leading him to esoterica and study.

He also shared with me that his life was comprised mostly of patterned behaviors fueled by a sense of obligation, up until he really started to have this crisis, when he then started to think for himself. Up until that point, he had done everything that society had warranted.

He followed his parents’ guidelines, but was not allowed to get angry; he was not allowed to question the guidelines. There was the implicit assumption that whatever his parents told him to do had to be right, and therefore had to be God’s way.

So there are some very big issues here that were chosen before birth, as far as seeing the obligations that society lays on us and then translating that into what really matters for us once we start using our own discernment. So, those issues are also on the table.

Lastly, we are dealing with the question of being a wanderer — a soul that is of extraterrestrial / angelic origin that volunteered to come to the Earth to be of service to humanity — and how effectively can one serve in this capacity by writing such a book.

I specifically made mention of the need to be very cognizant of how one is speaking. The speech patterns at the present time that this tape is first being made are such that when the entity is speaking about something that is familiar and comfortable, it’s relatively fluid speech.

However, when the entity is talking about issues that are deeper and more personal and more spiritual in nature, there are a lot of starts and stops and a lot of verbal pauses, especially the words “um” and “you know,” those two forms. This would be heard quite easily if a tape was made of the entity’s vocal performance in any sort of telephone conversation or otherwise.

So there is a need to refine and enhance the quality of one’s speech in order to facilitate this ability to speak in front of an audience and be heard. I call this “Conversation as Meditation,” and you can practice it every time you talk to someone.

Also I would state that the effectiveness of one’s service has a lot to do with how quickly you can get right down to the deepest issues. Instead of talking in vague generalizations about your own experiences, you actually get into short, fast, specific details that convey a great deal more emotional potency. That can make a big difference in terms of how people hear your message.

In other words, I recommend that you express yourself by pointing out the conflict in all its gritty detail, rather than to simply say, “I went through a dark night of the soul in the year 2000 where I was an alcoholic,” or to say, “I had a tumultuous relationship with my ex-wife… thank God I got out.”

Hey… if a plate got thrown across the room, let’s hear it! If your framed portrait photograph got smashed on the corner of a desk in anger, with glass flying around the room that took weeks to get out of the carpet, let’s hear it!

If there was violent disagreement with frothing mouth and earthworm veins popping out on the forehead and you can see the top and the bottom of the iris and both sets of teeth, then hey, let’s hear that! That’s where I’m coming from.

Now, what we’re going to do is a two-fold process. This process is a protocol that is designed to allow me to go into trance and sustain it at a deep level so that I can produce speech from that state. As you can tell, I already maintain somewhat of a trance state throughout the entire work from the moment I pick up the telephone, but I will be significantly deepening it from where I already have been.

This process is two-fold. The first part involves playing the Native American flute. This is a unique composition specific to the energies I have picked up throughout this conversation.

Once I play that composition and then finish it, there will be a brief pause after which I will say a prayer. That also is something that is a ritual that I have worked up myself over a number of sessions. It’s basically the same from one session to the next, and is designed to invoke strength, protection and guidance, to insure that no negative influence will tamper with the work itself.

There will be a pause at the end of that prayer, about 2 minutes in length or maybe a little less, and then I will begin speaking as the source Ra.

This is not Ra as it was expressed in the Law of One books, but Ra that works through my own unique mechanism, which at various times has been called The Three or David’s Guidance System. So, without further adieu, let me start playing the flute and we’ll get this process going.

Oh, let me say one more thing. The extent to which you can meditate and get into a nice deep state of trance and relaxation is the extent to which some of the more miraculous things will happen in the reading itself.

Some people get really wonderful amounts of validation, and it has everything to do with how much they can go to the place where the reading is being created.

[Prayer omitted as it is always the same]



I am Ra. We greet you in the light and love of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now through the guidance system of the entity David Wilcock.

There are doors within doors, corridors to be traveled, questions to be answered and tools of awakening to be discovered.

The maze of the mind might seem a labyrinth at times, as there is the question of how one may look upon one’s existence as air traffic controller and question whether or not this occupational configuration is a true manifestation of the optimal path for one who has chosen service as a way of life.

The misgivings of the past have their undoing in the mind, which chooses to view certain experiences through a lens of self-criticism and judgment. The corkboard can hold a dart, regardless of how well it is aimed, after having been fired. There are those efforts that have missed the mark, so to speak.

The question of one’s purpose is truly the question of how cognizant one is of the game, in this case the dartboard, and how effectively that game can be played for the mutual benefit of other selves involved on your physical plane.

The vacuum cleaner deftly swoops up those detrimental pieces of lint that have gathered themselves in the carpeting of the house of your mind. Day by day there are those bits and pieces that fall to the ground, discarded seemingly without notice, which nevertheless form a residue of sorts. This residue then becomes that which is tread upon in one’s path.

We do want your pathways of the divine to be well kept. Therefore, it is a requirement that for greater levels of soul advancement, there [will] be the karmic housecleaning from time to time, the understanding of the disparity that may exist between one’s self-concept and that which is more optimal from a perspective that looks outside of space and time.

Thus, there are those mousetraps, if you will, which have some degree of tension in the spring and which have the cheese set out for the unwary rodent. The tension is not yet understood consciously, nor is the nature of the trap.

We are not intending to speak in any threatening sounding way, but simply to advise the ways in which one can be lured by the temptation of having a derisive attitude toward oneself.

The entity has certain issues with the identification of sexual orientation as such, feeling that to truly use the “G” word, so to speak, is to cast an unfortunate label upon oneself which does then make one the equivalent of the devil in many a fundamentalist Christian church.

Recognize, now, that we are cutting the tethers that have anchored you to the world of materiality. If you are to soar above, there must not be this baggage. The baggage is created in the ambiance of self-condemnation.

We would state for you, quite emphatically, that this is a Creation of boundless depths of insight, all of which are informed by the process of free will.

The action of free will upon experience is that which produces the catalyst for the remembrance of the One.

Each day, the motorboat is started up at the time of the morning, and the motorized process by moving through the waters of spirit again occurs through the process of arriving at one’s place of work and becoming part of an automated system, such that the automation continues to float and function in a flawless manner.

Without air traffic controllers there would be no opportunity for those other selves upon said planes to arrive at their proper destination.

The extent to which the airplane is used as a vehicle for soul transformation should [also] not be undermined. Indeed, many souls who would take an airplane flight are not routine business travelers, but rather those who are on a pilgrimage of sorts.

This can come about in a variety of forms.

  • It can come about through one who is visiting family some distance away.
  • It can come about through one who has found a Godsend in a new relationship, but finds that this relationship requires travel.
  • It can come about in one who has desire to have a vacation and break the monotonous drudge of life.
  • It can come about in one who is investigating having a new place to live, and thereby changing one’s external circumstances so as to form a more fluid and complete life existence.


The tangled knot of sorts that has wound itself into your heart has been in the process of unwinding. We would ask, therefore, that you recognize that it is a process, and do not contend yourself with feeling as if there is no further work to be done.

We are not attempting to state that you have been doing this, but rather that you become more completely aware of the fact there are still those points of resistance which do impede the flow of energetics through the mind/body/spirit complex.

We do want you to be aware of the extent to which your speaking, as David has suggested, is a measurement of the amount of flexibility of consciousness at one particular moment. When we speak of flexibility, we speak of the ability to use the spectrum of density levels or instreaming and outpouring rays of vibratory energy.

This flexibility is necessitated for the higher workings. It is a flexibility that comes about through one being balanced, self-knowing and self-aware.

The balance, therefore, could come quite surgically and directly by stating to oneself that if bisexual is the nature, or if gay is the nature of ones’ personal choice, that this is utterly and completely acceptable.

[Though controversial, especially for the more conventional religious types, the Law of One philosophy, as expressed in the L/L Research series of five books from 1981-84, states that “All paths are acceptable at the proper time and place for each entity.” — DW]


There are more and more of those in this society of yours who are recognizing that which is implicitly understood in higher realms; namely, gender is only a consequence of third density incarnation. Gender becomes increasingly irrelevant as one moves outside of third density.

There may still be enough of a leaning in a particular soul so as to define the soul as more male or female in its overt vibratory status; however, since the physical body is much more of a thoughtform in nature, it would be equally possible for an entity that is feminine in its overall vibration to manifest a masculine form for a certain period of time and vice versa.

There are increasing cases of those babies that are born with androgynous sexual organs, meaning that both sets of equipment, if you will, exist. This is but one form in which the DNA molecule is rebelling against its third density shacklings.

While this androgyny is not a product of the fourth density body, so to speak, it rather has more to do with the essence of souls coming in at this time, which have not yet made a firm decision as to gender preference.

We do want the entity to be aware of the degree to which this fluidity of thought affects all other areas of inquiry. The fluidity of thought comes about through the meditative peace that is gained inside.

The entity has indicated that there was a bout of alcoholism surrounding your year 2000, as time is measured. This, of course, is a statement of the sense of defiance and rebellion against the uptight and stuffy, constricted atmosphere that society has presented in many forms.

The entity is one who was content with the behaviors that were predefined by the conservative Judeo-Christian, Protestant mindset. Thus, one was to be the hive worker and perform a series of maneuvers along a predefined set of criteria.

The system of rules itself is worshiped as God, though on the subconscious plane.

It is not truly the thirst for the One Infinite Creator that sustains entities who follow such paths, but rather the thirst for structure, the thirst for a very clear definition of right and wrong, seen and unseen, known and unknown, good and evil, so as to remove the opportunity for internal seeking, deliberation and analysis.

If one has a rather immature concept of the universal cosmology which includes such things as implicit forgiveness once one is saved by the Blood of the Lamb, so to speak, then there is not the need to pulverize the questions that have required such pulverization.

Rather, they can remain as rocks that tumble about in the mind, and can temporarily be sealed over with platitudes that state that as long as one continues to pay tithes to the church or to otherwise repent for one’s sins, as they have been called, then a balance of sorts is created.

The relative balance/imbalance of one’s personal vibrations is never questioned in such a format, but only the extent to which the predefined set of criteria are then being met.

May we state a very important point, which is that the extent to which an entity is harvestable for fourth density has everything to do with making a choice? This, by its very nature, implies that one must break away from consensus thinking in order to make sufficient choices to be harvestable.

To put it more bluntly, an entity cannot simply be content with a given system of spiritual teaching, follow that system without ever questioning it, and truly be fourth density harvestable, even if that system of thought is one in which service to others is defined as being an essential cornerstone of belief.

May we state quite clearly that true Service to Others is that which comes about through internal deliberation and analysis.

True Service to Others does not mean that you [are required to] go to a soup kitchen and begin spooning out that which is sought after by those who are homeless. True Service to Others does not mean joining the Peace Corps and moving off to some third-world country that is in desperate need of assistance, or otherwise giving of oneself in this externalized form.

Granted, these are expressions of service to others in a certain capacity, but when we state the term Service to Others, we are attempting to use three words to define something which is altogether more nebulous.

The true essence of Service To Others cannot be contained within the overt semantic description that the words provide.

It is, rather, a statement of a status of being that is arrived at once one has achieved some degree of unveiling of the conscious motivations that underlie the self.

The extent to which these motivations become conscious is the extent to which the soul has evolved.

So when we speak of conscious motivations, we speak of the more complete form of consciousness, which does include that which your peoples would normally define as sub-conscious.

To become conscious of that which motivates the self is to become aware of the choices that have been made [in life], and of the extent to which most entities have declared martial law over their own free will in their minds.

So when we state Service to Others as being the desirable path, that path has greater complexity than simply attending church or appeasing those around you and making them happy.

The Service to Others path is a path of integration of self, and through that integration of self, becoming aware to some degree that there is no separation between self and others.

This is decidedly different than one only looking as far as to see it as being a function of volunteering one’s time in such things as a soup kitchen or otherwise.

Therefore, this path is, in one sense, rather difficult to define, and any attempt to use one concept or one set of words is flawed by its very nature.

The reason why we decided upon the term Service to Others is to hone in on that which approaches the greatest degree of truth as a system of meditation for an awakening soul.

Yet a soul that only thinks of service in the conventional form will not truly grasp what it is that we are teaching.

It may seem that we are wasting words or talking circuitously about this issue, but it is rather important since the Service to Others path is that which is required for an entity to become harvestable.

To summarize these musings as have been heretofore presented, let us state again the overall concept of what Service to Others truly means. From here we will then move forward to a delineation to a greater degree of how the entity then plugs in to such a system.

The true Service to Others path that is required for an entity to become harvestable is an internal decision that is made without the props that are provided by the material world.

An entity that practices service to others and yet does not question anything beyond a given religious structure is not likely to be harvested, because this religious structure, by its very nature, implies that those outside of the structure are not to be served.

In the Christian distortions, an entity that is not “saved by the Blood of the Lamb” is, by its very nature, condemned.

On the overt, outside level, these entities appear to be condemning all others who do not follow their ways.

On the more covert, internal, subconscious level, what these entities are actually doing is separating and isolating those aspects of themselves that they do not find favorable, and by making them the Devil, continuing to reinforce the partitioning and separation of the self.

Therefore, this is a form of war against self. In the vast majority of cases, those who have adhered strictly to a fundamentalist religion do not have the discernment to be able to incorporate the positive path to a significant enough degree in order to be harvestable.

It is required that an entity read its sacred scriptures, but not be bound by the interpretations of human beings to the words.

In order for one to cope effectively with the stressors that the physical world presents, one must have a more fluid perspective, wherein the essence of service is seen as being all-inclusive.

These words have always been hidden in that which came from the Master Jesus and other teachers, as in, “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.” The neighbor does not have to be Christian for this to be in effect.

The Service to Others path is a path wherein, truly speaking, one does experience all things desired. This means that one has cut off any sense of obligation to a given social structure.

[I often point people to page 170 of the Law of One, Book One, in which it states, “The proper role of the entity is, in this density, to experience all things desired — to then analyze, accept and understand these experiences, distilling from them the love/light [love and wisdom] within them… Nothing shall be overcome; that which is not needed falls away… All things are acceptable in the proper time for each entity.”- DW]


Those who are harvestable are not conformists by their very nature. Those who are harvestable are not those who go along with the party line, those who never question the institutions of society.

Those who are harvestable have superseded the need to be identified with a system of beliefs that is specific to one given culture or religion or government.

You will find that those who are ready for fourth density are those who have adopted a unique system of beliefs that is tailor-made to what interests them.

We have stated that an entity on the positive path must experience all things desired, and yet this alone is not sufficient. For once these experiences are sought after, they must then be understood, accepted, integrated and forgiven. Only when this is accomplished is the entity then capable to distill the love and light that can be found inside ones’ experiences.

The extent to which an entity is capable of distilling its experiences through free will is the extent to which an entity has polarized on the positive path.

The negative path is a separate discussion, dealing more with the love of self and the distillation of ones’ experiences in the direction of seeing others as being subservient to self.

Therefore, the entity at this time may be feeling as if the occupational configuration is not truly “service to others enough” to be a fulfillment of one’s spiritual path. Recognize that in one sense this is, as David might say, “old world thinking.”

The implication is quite clear. In order to be on the positive path, one must be capable of doing one’s own thinking. Doing ones own thinking, by a very specific process, involves looking beyond that which society would define as spiritual.

And thus we would ask the entity not to fall into often-seen trap of feeling that one must be doing something that most entities on your plane would define implicitly as “spiritual” in order to be moving in the right direction.

In a sense, one could say that society requires all forms of employment. Every role is spiritual in the sense to which society requires all these roles to function. If every entity were to take the path of the Buddha and put on a robe and sit out on the street with one’s begging bowl, then nothing would ever get accomplished and there would be no ability for society to move forward.

Similarly, when you move into those higher realms that are much more spiritual in nature than the third by virtue of the degree of unveiling that is then made possible in the mind/body/spirit complex, we do not have a situation where every entity is a teacher. There are those who do, and there are those who teach and there are those who nurture among many, many other delineations.

There are all sorts of different job descriptions for entities in higher planes. Many of these jobs do revolve around service to those in lower densities, specifically the third. And there are many ways in which that can take place.

There are those entities, for example, who are responsible for configuring the evolution process on a given planetary influence such that the design of the varying insects and animal and bird and fish and humanoid species, etc., do then fall in line with the given materials that are present in that particular planetary influence and with the innate vibrations that are present in that area. This is but one of many jobs that can be accomplished.

So, the entity did exist in a similar job capacity prior to becoming a physical human being in third density. This is an important point. The air traffic controller is not that much different from the job that the entity had prior to physical incarnation. And thus, this job has been gravitated towards, in a sense, by virtue of how there is a similarity with one’s previous experiences.

This air traffic control is then considered to be a glorious service in the sense of how, in the original entity’s position that we are now speaking of, it involved the coordination of many different shuttling efforts that were being made to and from what you may think of as a mothership.

In this process, then, there is a great degree of care that must be sought after in ensuring that these pathways which are then created do not interfere with the free will of the beings on the planet, by being constructed in such a way so as to evade radar and optical detection.

There are very advanced systems in which the entities can sense if an entity on the physical plane is detecting such a ship and can, therefore, offset such sightings by enabling such things as a cloaking mechanism or otherwise.

And thus, in one sense, the air traffic controller in its original job description as the entity then sought it was a protector of free will, a protector of the right for those entities who are still existing in darkness in third density to choose whether or not to be on a spiritual path. For if an entity sees such a craft and does not want to have seen it, then there is a transgression of free will through an unwelcomed initiation into mystery, if you will.

Therefore, we want to be ever-more clear in stating that you can look beyond that which is in front of you and see the deeper ramifications in which one understands that all is sacramental. Every job is truly sacramental if one understands the true degree to which spirituality is implicit in all.

And therefore, again in discussing the Service to Others path may we state that what you are doing career-wise does not directly have anything to do with this path.

Instead, the extent to which you serve others and follow that positive path has to do with making your own decisions, to accept yourself, to love yourself, to forgive yourself, to look upon the past and distill the various things that have happened, to find the love and the wisdom that was present in those moments when you might have felt betrayed by your mother or father, when you might have felt as though the world had turned its back on you and left you bitter and unaware.

A spiritual person touches all whom they meet by the radiance that they give off of self-acceptance and self-understanding. Once this becomes the guiding force of your actions you will find ever-increasingly that your speech becomes more fluid, that you do not need to use verbal pauses such as “um,” “like,” and “you know.”

To an increasing degree there will be a comfort with living, a comfort with one’s sexual orientation and no need for shame or blame.

If another self on your plane chooses to judge you for any number of things, it is their position to do so and their right as a free will entity to do so. It does not mean that you need to take in this opinion in any way, shape or form.

Therefore, the barbershop pole does then spin and the dancing colors do then show where it is that you will get a haircut and, in so doing, transform your physical appearance. The hair that we wish to cut is that which has grown unsightly on the etheric body rather than the physical body.

In giving you a haircut, then, we are trimming up the aura and making it more presentable. It comes about as a presentable form when you become presentable to yourself, see yourself as whole and complete and pure, see yourself as the light, as the love… as the One Infinite Creator.

Recognize it in yourself first.

Recognize that all is acceptable and that you are good in every way.

And then, move forth to see how all others are reflections of that One Infinite that can only truly be understood in its deepest ramifications within.

And therefore, the world is your mirror, as are all others.

We do thank you and want to remind you that you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. We have exhausted our time available for this working. We thank you. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting love. We require a period of two and one half minutes to reintegrate David’s consciousness into this physical form. Adonai and Amen.