By David Wilcock, speaking as Ra

Published 9/9/02

Analyzed and Updated 9/17/02


Note: David’s own higher self is said to be a part of Ra. Therefore, when he does a reading, Ra speaks through his own unique lens of the mind/body/spirit complex.

This material has distinct differences from the Law of One material as channeled by Carla Rueckert in 1981-84. Thus, this should be preferentially compared to the previous body of Wilcock Readings for full context, not seen to be an extension of the Ra / Law of One Material.

In the Law of One series, dreams were said to be of high importance, but this topic was only briefly covered therein. Wilcock, by comparison, has an extensive knowledge of the language of metaphor and symbolism after 10 years of daily dream analysis work.

Hence, one difference with the Wilcock Readings is that cryptic and metaphorical statements are used in order to help familiarize the reader with the language of their own dreams. We have refrained from trying to analyze every statement like this so that the reader can do some of the work on his or her own.

Without that background in place, some Law of One scholars may feel uncomfortable with the material — we know now of two who did not contact us directly about this but nevertheless expressed some concern.

We originally rushed to publish this reading, and therefore did not include any comments.

Indeed, some of the content in this reading would be considered “transient” in the Law of One series, as it deals with the specifics of upcoming planetary changes.

Nevertheless, the calling for an answer to the confusion of the imminent future is so great that we were led to bring forth this message.


Monday 9 / 09 / 02 — 12:15 pm

I am Ra. We greet you in the light and love of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now.

Whether these entities are friends or foes is the only determinant of future courses of behavior.

When the sirens are sounding very loudly, there will be crisis opportunities for management that supersede the competitors’ worries of previous times.

The hypothalamus library stores and records all of this information, making it accessible to those record-holders who would then investigate the proper responses for a given emergency situation.

All and again, there are carpenters who exercise their woes in the form of planetary service and healing. And whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

The Christ Light within the self burns brightly, and the overlords do not understand in the midst of their dark rule and dominion of power how much strength exists in the positive.

The trappings and illusions of power are very hard to escape from, and the continual realignment of the self to new conditions is required. The flow of information process and management cannot keep up with the developments that are unfolding at this time.

Thus, there are several reasons for why this wealth of control is rapidly being lost. And in this sense of an unfolding of ability to control, there is a last, desperate wrenching effort made to seize up those holdings and opportunities that have not yet been compromised, and in so doing consolidate power.

Their war efforts are occurring right now, and thus it is foolish to assume that it is only a question of when said efforts will be underway. [DW: 1:11 on transcription. An obvious reference to the recent heavy bombardment of Iraq.]

This mismanagement of a crisis situation is charismatic on the outlook, as it pervades the entire social discussion at this time while continually not being acknowledged for what it is, but rather being continually debated and bandied about, as would a soccer ball in a vigorous soccer game.

The closing chapters of the Illuminati families are being written even now — Cossacks, Jews, Caucasians alike.

The underlying influences are to become intensified in the thirst and quest for power.

After a while, this quest no longer has any rational understandings, but the fruition of the effort is deemed possible by military force.

The staples have been introduced to hold up a new piece of paper on the bulletin board. It is the piece of paper that is the harbinger of future destiny. It shows only the truth of the archetype of that known as the Tower of Destruction.



May we remind you of the essence of this archetype, for it is written into the very fabric of the Creation as such, thus becoming a vibrant and active part of humankind’s inevitable future destiny.

These archetypes supercede either the positive or the negative path, as they emanate from the boundless infinite space of Unity that was the original Creation in the mind of the Logos as such.

The Tower of Destruction is an archetype that says that any materialistic grasping for power must inevitably collapse under its own weight.

The more common version of this card now seen features a king and queen being knocked off of a giant tower by a bolt of lightning that strikes the top.

Some have commented on the synonimity of this archetype of the lightning struck tower and that of the 911 event as such.

Even when an event such as this has been allowed to occur, it can indeed backfire, and this is a crucial point.

The connection between [the political developments that] occurred before and after the 911 event is too obvious for the mainstream to ignore.

The media has increasingly become a tool of propaganda, which speaks only that which the propagandists desire and is not even remotely evocative of the overall will of the people.

Stricter and stricter are the protocols by which illusory polls must be taken in order to insure that the garbage men can still have the illusion of control over their dumping grounds.

But rest assured that the majority of others are thinking like you are — the conglomerate being that is humanity as a whole reflects on these matters with great courage and great disdain.

Should you be one of those who live in America at this time, recognize that most of the others around you have not taken the mind control programming from the media as such. This is the vast, vast majority.

The catalyst becomes most easily determined by those comparisons with Hitler and his Wermacht war machine as such. The synonimity approaches one-to-one unity.

More and more will be discussed the reality of Project Paperclip, where over 1,300 Nazi scientists and staffers of high level were imported to the United States at the close of World War II, under the auspices of the belief that if they were not imported to the United States that they would be lost to Russia or to other countries as such.

It is these assets who brought with them the occult traditions from medieval Europe, ancient Egypt and elsewhere, and their influence added direct momentum to the unfolding of the plan for total world control.

And thus, when you perceive that there is a connection between the current state of affairs, as benevolent of a face as they may try to paint on it, and that of the ambitions of the Third Reich, you are indeed very correct. It was only that the movement was transplanted, but it never ended as such.

Recognize that we tell you these things not to be upsetting or a thorn in your side. Rather be attentive to the circumstances surrounding those in power, and see how the pincushions are increasingly being filled with more and more of the discrete reasons that can bring down a plan, no matter how complex and integrated it may appear to be at first glance.

The popular media all but dismisses the notion of the lung cancer that is now present within the negative elite, meaning that their very breath of life itself is extinguishing.

The body of humanity that exists in more prosperous first-world countries had up until recently been able to lure itself into a life where the ease and existence and comfort was a balm that soothed all potential musings on difficulty, sourness and pain.

And yet, it is this very bitter side of life that must be thoroughly examined, processed and dealt with in order to more greatly approach the unity and concrescence that comes when the heirlooms and the trade models are consumed in favor of the desire to again seek and become One.

Granted, there are opportunities for many to seek the Infinite One at all times — but there are also impressive opportunities for distraction when one exists in the midst of relative prosperity, even if that prosperity is only illusory and the actual wage and working conditions are quite poor.

[“Give them bread and circuses and they will not resist you.”]


It is the disruption of entrenched habit patterns that is the gift given by the negative elite, as this becomes the vehicle which leads to rigorous internal analysis and directing of the will towards a positive creative outcome.

The sails are set, and the marketing is in place for the positive side of the personality to come forth.

We have those at all levels of media influence who work with us, and who are overcoming the control and the illusion to bring forth the hidden agendas into light. A recent example from your own media shows how close this change is to reaching the next level.

On the CNN website in early September of 2002, there was an article that suggested that Connie Chung was to do an investigative report on the secretive society of which the current American President was a member.

This notice of an expose’ was removed relatively close to the time that it would be shown, and an alternative program slotted in its wake.

Nevertheless, this shows the degree to which high-level journalists are becoming capable of risking their own concerns in the interest of humanity.

[DW: This information was covered on Jeff Rense’s website at]


Therefore, be aware that what many have considered to be impenetrable secrets need only be potentiated by a flood-tide of public interest.

Once the floodgates are opened, it becomes impossible to control every level of the information pyramid.

Though there are moles in many organizations, there are far too many free agents for the power of the Internet to be restrained as such, and the dissemination and distribution of information relative to these concerns as it becomes increasingly discussed in the media marketplace.

We have often been asked to give a prophetic overview of the outlaying areas of the future as you would now think of it.

These conditions are as malleable as many other forces, and thus you are in utero, awaiting a materialization of causes and effects that will show a possible handshake that can indeed pull one out of the womb by reaching towards the light of the Christ self.

The shadows persist around you, but you can evade them with your attitude and your ability to focus on the positive once again.

Adam and Eve were colorblind up until the time of the eating of the fruit of the tree. And in that monochrome world, there was only the opportunity to be present in a state of euphoric bliss, without the necessary incentives for self-reflection.

And thus the knowledge of good and evil in one sense does represent the time where the veiling of the subconscious mind was created, and the opportunity for a negative path to exist was first introduced.

The media pundits and TV talkers alike are aware that the dragon of Revelation speaks even now, using them as a tool. And yet, they are terrified of these possibilities, since their own journalistic licenses are given them by hypnotherapists whose nefarious means can overpower the distinctions of choice, if and when properly applied.

The Redstone Arsenal is one such area where these goings-on have occurred, and there are of course many others.

Many are hungry to receive an obvious sign of an outcome, but as we said, the past lies in full view to be analyzed, and it is these cyclical directives of time that proceed into what you would think of as the future.

We are not afraid to state conscientiously again for the record that the idea of a rogue planet interrupting the space around the earth in 2003 is entirely a hoax.

However, it is wise to be aware of the fact that in the cyclical system set forth by Dr. Sergey Smelyakov, we do see the year 2003 as being one that contains the possibility of a totally unexpected regime change in the hands of those who would try to change the regimes of many others.

Thus be aware that you are in a position that has the opportunity of a standstill of these forces, if you will.

There will be surprising and even heartbreaking developments, but the intuitive self is more fully prepared for events in the ongoing years than for any immediate entire collapse of the basic patterns of living in day to day existence.

Big Brother can’t shine his floodlights on all others involved, and it is the movement on the sidelines and boundaries of control that eventually reaches critical mass and collapses the entire infrastructure.

It is when a point of dissatisfaction is reached that is so eloquently extraordinary that others again gain the courage to make those movements of power that supersede the fear of control and of being overthrown or hurt or injured as such.

The tapestry of time weaves a delicate strand through each potential outcome, and there are some outcomes with higher potential than others.

It is the retrograde motion of Venus in its orbit that determines, to some degree, how future events will unfold, and the sidereal motion of the planet relative to the Galactic Center has to do with the timing of events throughout each day in terms of how they are unfolding and where and when and why.

See these denominations as perhaps too specific to have been studied in the past, but rest assured that they do exist. And as one learns more and more about the Infinite Creator, one is capable of taking the understanding that dawns and applying it to the ins and outs of life, if you will.

Scotland will have a merry Christmas, as will others who have been involved in certain aspects of this plan. The Scottish Rite Freemason group may still appear to still be well ahead of the game as of the end of this year 2002.

Again we state emphatically that these concerns will rocket into a new layer of existence starting in the year 2003 and throughout the ensuing years.

We are the torch-bearers of the One Infinite who request only that you mingle your own vibrations with the Light and Love that is around you in each moment.

No matter how much you have been seduced in the past by all that glitters, you can recognize even now that it is not gold, and become more firmly dedicated to holding your ear to the ground and listening to the rumbling of the train before it arrives on the train tracks.

Be aware that all future probabilities move into loops of concrescence in what you would think of as the future. And in these concrescence loops, we see that there are node points where all possible timelines converge into a single given moment.

We have spoken of these moments as overall gestalts of change in your social patternings, based on the whims of your desire in part.

As the desire of the people moves towards change, the conglomerate being rises in the strength of its frequency, and this authorizes us to perform more direct interventions that allow for miracles to occur where only despair had existed before.

In the ensuing months and years, the pony will again be mounted, and the Pony Express will again become a form of information gathering and dissemination.

The colonial spirit of early America in the days of the American Revolution is being revived, and those otherselves within said sphere are becoming more willing to investigate serious and direct options to enable themselves to overthrow the strictures of control that are being placed on them by the Federal Reserve and federal government as such.

And thus you will see breakaway provinces — increasing evidence of local governments, in certain cases, that strive to regain more of their statehood and individual sovereign rights.

This fractionalization will occur as a direct byproduct of the bankruptcy that is within these provinces, and how there is no assistance and help being given them by said federal entity any further.

This is a time where the many changes will occur in a fashion that is unpredictable at the outset, but which has an ending that is entirely appreciable and capable of forward linear movement.

[Long pause]

The sacred cows again arise to the forebrain of consciousness, and there is a subsequent decrease in the desire and availability for red meat products as such. This is another development that you will be seeing, as the timber forests are seen to be increasingly threatened by the imperial elite.

So will you already know that at this time there are earthquakes and rumblings and shakings of the land, the likes of which have never before been seen.

This only increases the poignancy of the moment in the minds of the entity, to make it clear that the images being shown on television do not paint the whole picture of that which is truly occurring at this time.

We act as one guiding light, one beacon, one shepherd for those who would again seek to rise out of the pain of living in a banana republic and strive towards true constitutional democracy as defined. There will be increasing opportunities to relieve oneself of the Big Brother agenda.

Just be aware of the fact that this occurrence is not as rapid in its onset as many would like to believe.

The processes of change shall remain in a gradual state of punctuated equilibrium, where relative periods of quiescence are sparked by relatively major news events, which then increase slightly the potential, energetically speaking, for a time.

Each subsequent event causes a gradual overall increase in the speed of change, and in the desire for bureaucracy to be relieved in the favor of freedom.

We have told you before not to fear these changes, but to accept them as the press corps itself will again become a more responsible organ of Truth for the collective human body as such.

There will be missiles to be avoided and bombs to be dropped. There will be towers to collapse and regimes to be overthrown. There will be lights sent out to shine upon the pockets of darkness, and we will overturn some of these negative friends of yours and reveal the squiggling creatures hiding under the rocks.

As you become increasingly aware of that which occurs, we strive for you to adopt an attitude of converging peace within the self.

Recognize that these dormant potentials of the human organism are being again reawakened. Catalyst, as we have defined it, is any event that causes a greater striving towards Oneness.

In the higher realms, generally the catalyst is not of a negative variety, whereas in the third density there is extreme opportunity for forms of negative catalyst to exist.

With this negative catalyst comes the desire to alleviate the pain, and it is this pain of aloneness that strikes most severely when those entities realize that the gods they have invested themselves into — their nations, their government, their media, their leaders — have betrayed them that they will again seek the one True Light, the One Infinite Creator in all its majesty and splendor.

Many of those who claim to believe do exist in the quasi-atheistic state for the conceptions of God are quite incomplete and almost science-fiction in their limited awareness. There can only be peace, and a mind that accepts the reality of the existence of torsion fields and an aetheric energetic consciousness that permeates all matter.

Movement itself is consciousness. To throw a ball through the air is to create a wave of consciousness. To walk is to create ripples of consciousness. All movement in its many forms exerts a force of consciousness.

Many times we will find that torsion waves are being created by a certain accumulated pressure. This may exist, for example, if there is a hook that a heavy object is hanging on, and the hook is just about to break loose, causing the heavy object to fall.

There is a discrete change in the field that is given off in the area around that hook as it reaches this critical point where it is just about to break. This is one of many examples.

Another example would be those floorboards or even electronic objects where there is a certain surface pressure that reaches a point that a slight adjustment in size is required.

And thus you see that when we attempt to introduce what David calls threshold telekinesis, we can indeed monitor the function of these torsion signals that show when certain events are just about to reach their breaking point.

[We] then apply a certain degree of your conscious energy, since you are the one in third-density now, to these events, and in so doing to cause them to make a loud noise or to fall and collapse at a time that is most relevant to the workings of your inner thoughts.

And thus you can see how the outside world can speak to you if you are meditating and quiet.

There can be that popping noise from the wall that at first seems not to be relevant, but which in fact is a sign that we are deliberately timing that event in accordance with the flow of your thought patterns.

Similarly, objects can fall over as a result of their innate imbalance, and only the most gentle extra puff of energy must be given to cause that balancing point to shift.

The more that you become aware of how this is a possibility of how we can communicate to you, the more that you will start to see threshold telekinesis events.

Similarly, understand that there are many such events that are teetering equally on the precipice in the structures of the mass mind, and the movement of consciousness towards a greener ecological perspective, and a greener vibrational perspective as well.

Therefore be clear that we will be applying energy to those points that are on the verge of collapse in order to engender the collapse.

See these also as messages and signs that that which has been outmoded and has failed in its capability to provide peace will fall away in favor of that which introduces a higher realm of being.

Free will of course is still a factor, and there will be those negative events invited by collective free will, as always, but be aware that the distinction lines grow ever wider, and the more authorizations we are intended to perform by the will of the people, the more you will see manifesting.

You can aid us in this process even now by taking time out to refrain from simply clicking out of this reading and going on to the next thing, and instead take fifteen or twenty minutes to simply sit and relax with your eyes closed and bathe in the glory and the unity of the One Infinite Creator.

Know deep down inside that as the sweet honey drips from the lands of paradise, the fourth-density that you are now capable of entering, that you too may now taste this subtle but definite fruit of higher consciousness and eliminate the false graspings of desire and attachment that have so far bound you to the need to keep seeking from without for that which is truly within.

Never forget that we surround you in each and every moment, and are always looking for opportunities to make you aware of our guardianship. Never forget that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. We grant you that.

We now take our leave of you, and again remind you to have faith and confidence in the plan, knowing that at the time of the parting of the ways, we will be there to usher you through this process and hold your hand, to guide you to the course of your evolution that you are most highly suited for.

And thus there is no reason to be afraid, for all is One, and you are always under our care.

Thank you, and peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.



The following is a series of notes from our asc2k discussion group regarding the hidden time-encoded information in this reading and our attempts to analyze it — first the words of Pat Parker, then Lorin Baker, then Wilcock, followed by a note from professional astrologer William Foster:

From: sol72us / Pat Parker


Thank you for this reading. I really admire the high perspective and consciousness that comes out in these readings. This part about Venus was one of my favorite parts because of the beautiful heart shape patterned rose the retro makes – a tribute to love.



From: “ctx82003” / Lorin Baker


We are already working on this one. I see Bill F. also is.

The retrogradation of Venus is pretty predictable, and in my opinion, Ra seems to be focusing on a heliocentric view because he goes on to say that “The sidereal motion of the planet relative to the Galactic Center has to do with the timing of events throughout each day in terms of how they are unfolding and where and when and why…”

But we are looking at both helio[centric] and geo[centric astrology here.]

For conversational purposes the Galactic Center is about 27* Sagittarius.

I have been running some models viewing from Jupiter, thru the “time” of the geocentric orbit of Venus — to the Galactic Center — just doing some experimentation. This can be done because it will roughly align with Sagittarius, [where the Galactic Center is.]

[I am] also running models doing [the] same from the perspective of the Sun, and [the] perspective of the Galactic Center as looking from there back to Venus and the earth. [There is a] little bit of problem here, though, with exact coordinates.

The Maya were totally focused on Venus and we may now have a good indication of why.

I have studied their archeo-astronomy extensively and think there may be some very fruitful research based upon the comments of the reading.

It seems each time one reads this Ra messge, more comes from it.

Best Wishes,


From: “ctx82003” / Lorin Baker

If anyone is interested I show [the] galactic center [at] approx RA 17h 42.2m, DEC 28* 55

[I] will be gone during Mercury retrograde researching in [the] 4 corners area, hope you all have a great time [in] the next couple of weeks.



From: David Wilcock

Replying to: “ctx82003” / Lorin Baker

> David,
> We are already working on this one. I see Bill F. also is.

DW: Great. I hope you realize that I had no idea why they said that [about Venus retrograde]… but I don’t get in the way of the words.

I will say this — my gut instinct is telling me that in a not-so-subtle way, they were suggesting the timeframe for the Iraq invasion.

It seems to be no accident that [I now find out that] we’re heading into the next retrograde next month. I haven’t consciously been keeping up with astrology for more than a year so this wasn’t front-loaded.

Another interesting point to remember is that on Aug. 31, Jeff Wellman (who I trained some 2.5 years ago to do readings in my own style, and continues to improve with each session when he’s willing to try) got a completely different message regarding Venus — and he did not alert me to it until I had already put up my own.

So perhaps we need to look at both of them. Here’s what Jeff’s source said, in part, towards the end of the reading, from Aug. 31, 2002:

“For when all the positive thought forms are united, will there be grand solace from the worldly aftershock. We cannot speak anymore about the aftershock or the 2012 date, we can however tell you that it is wise to look to the stars and see the vocation of the master planet, Venus.

For this master planet can and will break its far east corner to come into orientation with that of Syria Major. It is a planetary line based upon the … we are beginning to lose our contact stream due to the fatigue that is setting in. We would like to thank yourself, and for your enthusiasm.

The rings of Saturn are but a gateway to the next Opera house. Let us run and abide your <snap> paperwork for, paper work for your contracts…”


Now admittedly this is pretty strange — the idea of a planet “breaking its far east corner” and all — but one could assume that if a planet makes it to the “far east” of its apparent path in the night sky and then turns a corner (i.e. the visible effects of a retrograde), then what we have here is Jeff’s source describing the EXACT same thing that my own source did, but using deeper trance lingo to express the point instead of the word “retrograde.”

It also refers directly to this as being associated with an “aftershock” of some kind – i.e. again tying it in directly with what my own reading implied about Iraq. (As you can tell there’s an article update brewing here…)

The idea of a “planetary line” fits perfectly with yet-unpublished material for Divine Cosmos that is associated with the work of Joe Parr, who found a direct relationship between fluctuations in a rotating pyramid experiment and the Sun intersecting an invisible line from the Earth to the belt stars of Orion.

This led him to conclude that there was an energy conduit between these stars and the Earth — and it was strong enough to have major effects on his experiments, causing the little pyramids to phase into a higher dimension and break loose from the propeller that was whirling them through a ring of electromagnets of continually opposing polarity. Somehow this “line” was responsible for these energy shifts.

Now “Syria Major” appears to be the star Sirius, since it does have a major star and a minor star, Sirius B, which the Dogon knew about well before it was ever actually seen and catalogued through a modern telescope.

So we need to check, first of all, if at any time this Venus retrograde will interrupt the path of this hypothetical line to Sirius. Perhaps this somehow will create a big blast of turmoil and economic upset, as per Bill’s suggestions about the meanings of Venus.

Now if we take this formula including Jeff’s data, which includes a mention of the rings of Saturn (i.e. Saturn is involved somehow in setting off the pattern) and the mention of paperwork contracts (a possible reference to either the invasion plans, the economy or perhaps Ascension itself) we have a better bead on this.

I’d say we need to compare / analyze the following things:

  • Venus retrograde;
  • The Galactic Center at 27* Sag;
  • The position of the star Sirius;
  • The position of Saturn, and;
  • The daily alignment of the Galactic Center directly over certain parts of
    the Earth for fine-tuned measurements.


It is possible that we could nail something down here. My reading was also strongly suggesting that previous historical cycles would directly impinge onto the present — so have there been any historic wars that would line up in a certain harmonic number of years (36, 72, 144, 288, 540, 1080, 2160, etc.) with the present time?

Eric Hadik’s article on “Cycles of War” is still available somewhere as a PDF file, perhaps on my website, I’m not sure, and I wrote about it soon after the Sept. 11th event last year, I believe. He also said that many things were converging into 2003. I think I summarized the best of them somewhere at the beginning of this year.

It’s obvious that Jeff’s contact is suggesting that the same energy conduit that Parr was talking about with the belt stars of Orion is also a factor with Sirius. That would certainly explain why the ancients were so keen on keeping an eye on it.

This may be one of the first things to be discovered once people understand the science behind it, due to its perceived effects. The source said ‘planetary line,’ which indicates how planetary positions could cause disruption.

By all means, let’s air out anything that we come up with here, since we need to go through the thought processes. Anyone collaborating who wants research credit for the article can have it. I’ll also forward this to Dr. Sergey Smelyakov along with a link to the original reading.

Peace be with you –

– David


From: William Foster

David Said: I will say this — my gut instinct is telling me that in a not-so-subtle way, they were suggesting the timeframe for the Iraq invasion. It seems to be no accident that we’re heading into the next retrograde next month — I haven’t consciously been keeping up with astrology for more than a year so this wasn’t front-loaded.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky apart from our sun. Known to the Egyptians as “The Scorcher” or “The Shinning One” this star is one of the great stars and it has the ability to make the mundane sacred; to make the ordinary charismatic; [to create] small actions that may lead to large consequences.

This may be positive for the individual or their needs may be sacrificed to the collective. It is positioned at 14* Cancer 6′.

On Oct. 10, 2002, Venus goes retrograde at 15* Scorpio 37′ and the very next day Saturn goes retrograde at 29* Gemini 5′. The Saturn retrograde chart has nothing but hard aspects with Saturn opposite the Moon, both in a “T” square to Mercury and Mars.

In fact, every planet in the chart is in hard aspect except Uranus and Pluto, which will prevent a nuclear incident. Venus is also Trine to Sirius. Also, note that the Moon in the Saturn retrograde chart is conjunct the Galactic Center at 27* Sagittarius and part of the “T” square between the Moon, Mercury and Mars.

This chart is very afflicted and sounds like war to me. Plus there are several very powerful astrological factors happening in Sep. ’02 which will presage this event that look like war or rumors of war.

On Sep. 21st we have: 1) transiting Mars square natal Pluto in the afflicted new Moon chart of Sep. 6th AND 2) a full Moon with a “T” square between the Sun, Moon and Saturn. Then on Sep. 28th/29th we have transiting Mars square the powerful June 10, 2002 eclipse chart.

The 6-10-02 eclipse chart [formed by the direct “lines” of how these aspects cross over the Earth’s surface] is the one with the Moon, Sun, Saturn and North Node Ascendants running crossing Saturn on the MC in the middle of Kashmir; which is the disputed territory between India and Pakistan.

The North Node Ascendant runs through both capitals of Pakistan and India. The Venus retrograde on 10-10-02 is trine the bright Star Sirius (Small actions which may led to large consequences). Vedic astrologers say that the Nodes of the Moon are instinctive with action happening that are not well thought out.

Therefore, David, I believe you are correct about not only a potential Iraq invasion but also a serious situation again developing between Pakistan and India; and probably a destabilization of the entire Middle East. Buy gold and Crude Oil and sell the stock indices.

Bill Foster



I am continuing to receive new data on what is happening. Apparently there is an acceleration taking place even since the reading came through, based on newly emerging, unforeseen events.

Though I did not record it, I received some words a few nights ago that suggested that the unraveling of these plans for world domination may happen even before 2003. There are some suggestions that this could be true.

For one, we now have world peace leader Nelson Mandela saying that “The US is a threat to world peace.”

More recently, Iraq offered to allow full, unlimited and unrestricted access to the UN weapons inspectors, and the White House dashed off a very hasty and thoughtless rebuttal of this idea, turning it down immediately.

Then the chancellor of Germany made a comparison between George W. Bush and Hitler that was covered in the mainstream media. So we’ll just have to “wait and see” what happens…

– David