By David Wilcock

7 / 3 / 02


On June 26th, 2002, at the lonely hour of 5AM, we finally finished an all-night episode of editing and posting an earlier version of our book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, co-authored with Wynn Free, online.

In the text introduction that we created for the document, we alluded to the content of this article that you are now reading:

“Wilcock is continually receiving strong indications that the times of great economic changes are now upon us, thus we have decided to release an embargo on this material that we have imposed over the last six months.”


Just hours after we typed these words, an even larger corporate collapse than the Enron scandal was announced — i.e. the bankruptcy of MCI/Worldcom, which appears to involve $30 billion dollars of damage.

Originally this prophecy article that you are now reading was written on June 20th, but at the time it seemed “unfinished,” and as events have continued unfolding over the following days, it is now obvious why that feeling was there.

“A loss of confidence in our entire economic system” is how Art Bell just phrased it as we listen to the archive of his Monday, July 1 broadcast while writing this new introduction to the article.

The exact timeline for these otherwise unexpected events was predicted in one section from a remarkably deep and profound reading that we published on January 13, 2001:

“Every trend in the commercial marketplace continues to point towards a slowing economy.

At the present time of these workings, while some may also expect that the markets will go up and down in regular cyclic fashion, there are others who believe that an economic collapse will ensue, and redefine a bottom line point for financial markets.

Understand that such a bottom line point is produced as a byproduct or consequence of the shifting energies as now involved.

Expect that it will be there by midsummer 2002 at the latest, based on current prognostications.”


Now I hope that my readers can realize that it was with a hard swallow that I put out this reading in January 2001.

It certainly is not delightful for most people to contemplate such changes, and how they will impact their lives.

Furthermore, we have worked diligently to establish scientific credibility, and such a prophecy either will or will not come true; it is very discrete. We are not in the business of relinquishing any accountability for inaccurate prophecy statements, so there was a great deal of trust that had to be extended to Ra here, but in this case we were spot-on.

We are not quite in “midsummer” of 2002 yet, but already all the elements of the prophecy are there — the markets are now dropping beneath their September 11th lows, (caused by that “unforeseen catastrophic event,”) which were far lower than where things were on Jan. 13th, 2001 when this reading first came in.

This could certainly be seen as “redefining the bottom-line point,” and it appears that we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, the statement regarding these changes being caused by a “byproduct of the shifting energies involved” covers material that we have published in the Convergence series, wherein human consciousness is shown to vary in accordance with external astrophysical influences.

Our movement into a higher area of aetheric energy density in the Galaxy is thus directly responsible for the changes that we now see.

Since this reading was obviously time-encoded for our present circumstances, let us refresh ourselves with the rest of the reading, leading up to where the economic prophecy was finalized, and bolding certain sections that might now seem more important:

At the current time, our desire is to welcome those who would be as pioneers of the new age, and encourage them to overcome frailty and incompleteness in exchange for the unity and wholeness of true God consciousness.

Obviously, there are those whose internal environments are now being mirrored by the external environment, and it scares them to realize this; for what was once thought stable and predictable has now become unstable and dynamic, capable of change at a moment’s notice.

But those fairer still are awaiting the landing on the White House lawn, and hoping that this will make all of the problems go away.


This first paragraph again shows knowledge of the type of circumstances that would now be facing the world that did not exist pre-911; i.e. the instability of our current geopolitical situation. Now let’s continue with the reading:

While there will be no fairy to magically wave a wand and relieve these problems, we can expect that the recriminations will continue to be paid off, and those who have found themselves wanting to be pure will have ever more reason to purify themselves.

An important part of this project is your participation; and thus, we encourage you, the reader of these words, to involve the self deeply within on the struggle to reclaim the long-lost path of humanity in exchange for the outworn and outmoded beliefs surrounding scarcity, limitation and fear that have imprisoned so many at this time.


In this paragraph, I assume that the “long-lost path of humanity” refers to the spiritual consciousness that had been attained during the Atlantean period — the true desire to enhance one’s spiritual development. Now let’s continue:

The haves and the have-nots will be on an equal par with each other, and this does then indicate to what degree the changes will have to be met.

We don’t want for there to be a feeling of fear. Know that as ye go within, so too will the axis then shift in the world of the mind, body and spirit, producing ever-greater discrete changes in the physical appurtenances and all manners of living life.

Far from being an exercise in diligence, it is an exercise in joy, for in the final call, those entities who have bothered to love themselves and love others will be met with great stability and great success.

When all is capable of changing, the Law of One will have a renewed interest in the minds and hearts of many.

Edgar Cayce reading 2012-1 did say it best in revealing that there can indeed be a scientific study of the paranormal, and that is what is now occurring in the world at large, and through the work of David Wilcock.

To insure that there are no further breaks in continuity, we preside over these workings with a sense of purpose, and steer clear of the obstacles that many others would face to arrive at our sum total destination; a fact that is subject to extreme weather disturbances, and yet nevertheless reveals an entirely new system of profit, for the soul itself is given homage in the body.

The more deeply you realize your connection to the Infinite One within, the more suitable your vibrations will be to raising the planetary consciousness at large. And therefore, the next step of any soul’s true evolution is to become this person who is enlightened, awake, alive and aware.

It is very difficult to predict or to propose where the chips may fall, and any predictions that we may give are only that.

For the market to collapse in such a manner, we do suggest that in the interim period between the time of these workings and mid to late 2002, there will be even more unforeseen catastrophic difficulties than there have been at present.

This is not to say that there will not be declines, but those who are seeking an immediate “bang” in opposition to the currently scaled economy [i.e. in January 2001] will be left wanting.

Understand that all is occurring according to sacred purpose, and thus there can be no duality in this process.

David is remembering a line where the Iron Curtain was dropped, revealing that something completely unexpected lay in its wake. The opportunity for peace, never before seen, was revealed in its continuity.

[End of excerpt]


And now, back to our article.

As we have written in our 9-11 series, this last paragraph is a very robust hint that the current government in America will be forced to heavily slim down and restructure itself as a result of these economic changes now occurring, and that this will actually create “the opportunity for peace, never before seen.”

For the reading to suggest that the “haves and have-nots” will be equal is quite revealing of the scope of the changes that are involved; however, it also shows that for most people, life will probably not be that much different.

Even during the Great Depression, unemployment was below 25% and food was made available to those who needed it.

We have also had other dream prophecies that show that people will not be forcefully evicted from their homes once all this is really rolling; there will be a point where Bush will turn on his handlers and enact programs for the betterment of social welfare.

Furthermore, the reading promises “great stability and great success” for “those who have bothered to love others,” and we should remember this aspect of the prophecy as well, instead of just focusing on the more difficult statements.

Now that we are much closer to the actual event time itself, we can get a much stronger bead on how these events will unfold.

With that in mind, let’s review a list of some of the most recent dreams that I have been receiving this year, and thus pick up in this article where we left off on June 20, 2002, when we had originally planned on releasing it.

The dates for each dream are given before the summary of the dream itself, and it is important to keep in mind when these dreams were coming in, as talk of an ‘economic recovery’ was still quite prevalent at the time:

Key Dreams:

[5/3/02:] The fear  of biological events, rather than any actual events occurring, will grip those members of the public who choose to believe in doom and disaster.

It can be avoided, but one must be careful not to allow too much exposure to those who are “contaminated” with excessive fear, as they will quickly drag you down into the same place.


[5/6/02:] Civil liberties will continue to erode away in the US, including the freedom of travel and unrestricted movement.

On the university level, a backlash gets started that forms a tangible resistance movement, bringing back the traditions from the late 1960’s in full force. Slowly, over time, these efforts bear fruit and changes occur.


[5/6/02:] In this dream I was with a group of people who looked like the cast for the new Star Wars movie. It was understood that we had traveled back in time to a form of “museum” that was preserving what our society looked like at this time.

We marveled at the strangeness and stupidity of gas-guzzling SUVs and honeycomb-style condominiums, just taking it all in.

From our context it was known that this civilization did not last and these were some of the artifacts that proved it was self-annihilating. Some in our group were getting attracted by the artifacts and we had to protect them from getting hypnotized by materialism.


[5/13/02:] In this dream I had massive visions of floods, corresponding metaphorically to upcoming economic changes as well as certain physical events.

Nevertheless, the dream made it clear that those who are not materialists will be able to navigate well through these economic changes, providing that they not give in to fear. What appear to be insurmountable obstacles can indeed be walked over if you just take it one step at a time.


[5/17/02:] The negative elites would like to see biological events occur in warfare. The vast number of these plans will not be allowed to occur by the higher forces.

The influence of the negatives on Earth will be nullified, but the process will be very slow and gradual, not as fast as many would like to expect.


[5/22/02:] A very wealthy woman who is involved in education, boating competitions and the restaurant industry realizes that as a result of stock market declines and a pullout of her fellow investors from her business, she is going to go bankrupt.

She breaks down crying in despondency, and I am there to comfort her, seeing the very human side of this economic crisis. She then notices that her toilets are seen to be clogged with waste matter.

Chemicals are applied to cleanse the toilets, after which time the entire house begins thunderously imploding into the toilets. It is clear that the entire mansion will disappear before the process is finished.

The point is stressed that we should not hate those who have chosen service-to-self, as this in and of itself is a negative action.

The toilet metaphor means that as those who have caused the problems become accountable for what they have done wrong and try to unclog the problems, (i.e. firms like Enron and Arthur Andersen coming clean, [with Worldcom and others now included]) the economic changes will soon accelerate.

The scope of disaster in this dream seems to be saying that a totally unprecedented amount of wealth will just be erased off the screen in the US.


[5/25/02:] The U.S. government spontaneously activates 250,000 troops for a Middle East war in a single night, forcing them onto huge metal ships referred to as ‘crocodiles’ by the way they open like the mouth of a crocodile.

Some people are charged with the job of forcing everyone into the crocodiles a lot faster than they want to travel on their own, and these ushers are heavily injured, even shot, in the process.

During this same time, some people will try to steal food and water and they should be treated compassionately instead of violently for their folly.

Security becomes unbelievably tight, to the point that wand searches are conducted as one passes through individual doorways in government buildings.

It appears in the dream that all-out war in the Middle East is very imminent. After waking up on this same day, I noticed that the mainstream media news reported that the US military Joint Chiefs of Staff are standing unified against the Bush Administration in saying that they do not want to attempt an invasion of Iraq until at least next year.

They also said that such an invasion would require at least 200,000 US troops, with an additional 25,000 from Britain and more troops from other coalition sources, and that casualties would be high. Thus, the numbers I saw in the dream were very similar to those later announced that day in the media.


[5/29/02:] The reading featured later in this article is brought through.


[6/4/02:] In this dream, certain workers realize the rottenness of their corporate employers, (wherein entire “restricted access” rooms in the buildings are filled with festering, slimy horrors,) and they decide to vandalize the buildings. I am with them and also partake in these activities.

Later, I realized that it was our responsibility to repay the damages that were created.

I end up leading a crusade of accountability for these actions so that the infrastructure can be built back and the vandalism repaired.

As soon we reach an agreement for how we will right our corporate wrongs, a gigantic tornado forms, coming right towards me!

I see a well-dressed businessman with his suitcase and luggage trying to run to a motel, and I can see that he is going to be swept up into the tornado.

I realize that I cannot run, as it is coming right towards me and moving too fast to stop, so I brace myself and prepare for death. Others try to follow my lead, but without as much strength.

After about five minutes of whipping winds and an unbelievably real experience of facing my own death, the tornado passes. Outrageous relief washes over me as I realize that I am safe.

I am then interviewed by a TV news show about the tornado, and begin bringing in concepts about our movement into a higher-density area of the LISM (Local Interstellar Medium) in our galaxy.

This dream again seems to suggest that as greater corporate accountability for wrongdoing emerges, there will be a rapid acceleration of economic changes, which many people will interpret as disastrous.





This past Friday, June 21, 2002, the markets have again plummeted to their “lowest levels seen since last November.”

As we can see from the above dreams, a clear pattern is emerging.

Two of the dreams had the theme of greater corporate accountability for inaccurate bookkeeping leading directly to an economic implosion.

In the first dream of this type, the toilets were cleaned out and then the entire mansion began to implode as a direct result, utterly being consumed into nothingness.

In the second dream, a similar scenario of corporate accountability is brought about by whistle-blowing from lower to mid-level employees. In this case, a massive tornado almost immediately follows.

A businessman who tries to grab all of his things and run to a motel is clearly not going to make it, and the only thing that can truly be done is to brace oneself and weather it out, as I do. There is a miraculous feeling of rebirth as the storm passes.

As many of you already know, I have a great hesitancy to make prophecies about large-scale world events, since I feel that my reputation as a scientist, scholar and psychic is on the line every time a new set of predictions are issued.

Obviously, a certain amount of prophecies should and do not come true, since the major purpose of prophecy is prevention. However, I feel that in order to claim any legitimacy, one must strive for at least 90% accuracy in making predictions.

The easiest and best way to do this is by having lots of supporting data from dreams and never relying solely on a reading, since readings can be distorted by the expectations and beliefs of the conscious mind, no matter how well-respected (or even unconscious) the person might be.

In this article I am trying to share with you a bit more of the process that is behind any claims that I would make, so you can see that there is a great deal of supporting evidence that is gathered before such a statement would be made.

Based on the context from the other dreams, I think it is safe to bet that regardless of any international protest, the US will make a surprise push forward into military action, most likely in Iraq, sometime this year, sooner than we think.

[3/12/09: Of course, this did happen the following February — so the dreams were not at all far off. The size of the troop numbers also corresponded almost perfectly with what was actually done.] 


The dream about the spontaneous activation of 250,000 troops had unbelievable strength behind its message that could not be easily brushed aside.

These were troops from the US being forced to deploy at truly catastrophic speed, causing a humanitarian crisis for the troops since the activation occurred at night, and they could not say no or slow down the speed of the process.

[3/12/09: Indeed, the decision was made suddenly, and the troops were not allowed to leave at the normal times — they were forced to do extra tours of duty, because there was no one willing to replace them.] 

Importantly, for our US readers, I have not received any dreams directly referencing terrorist strikes in the US so far — only those that refer to the fear  of such events.

[3/12/09: Indeed, with the benefit of hindsight, we now know that no further 9/11-type event took place.] 

With this in mind, consider the following supposition:

It is possible that all the “warnings” being issued by the Bush Administration do at least in part have the function of deliberately pointing out all possible weaknesses in the system so that those responsible for these areas can more effectively prevent attacks.

With this greater resistance in place, it may then seem “safer” for an invasion of Iraq to proceed, since it is felt that all major infrastructure vulnerabilities are then compensated for, to a greater degree, from further strikes.

I am certainly not willing to write off the possibility of another 9-11 or greater in the US, but it is clear that the fear in the public is being very deliberately amped up to considerable heights.

Now imagine what happens when the kind of economic change occurs, wherein as early as January 2001 my readings had said that the summer of 2002 “would define a new bottom point for world financial markets” and that this would be brought about by “a series of unforeseen catastrophic events.”

Naturally I was quite reluctant to publish that reading, as the prophecy was very specific — and in a sense I have often wondered whether or not it would come true or if it was too “off” as an estimate.

Everything that the above dreams have indicated, as well as the reading that follows this text, clearly is indicating that we are on schedule for these changes to occur according to the original timetable that I publicly documented in January 2001, well before September 11th was ever even a thought.

And since that original reading had said “a series of unforeseen catastrophic events”, of which 9-11 was certainly one example, it seems clear that another attack on US interests is certainly plausible.

However, as the following reading asserts, the changes that we will be experiencing are more in the direction of economic adjustments rather than all-out war.



The first two paragraphs of this reading illustrate the struggle that the Higher Self has had in working through me consciously, and I include it here as an exercise in being candid and open with my reading audience.

I have felt from many corners that channeling in general is being abused, and that much of what is coming out these days is a mockery of how it truly should be.

As one example, all along I have had absolute confidence, both scientifically and from my own prophetic sources, that “Nibiru” will not be making a close pass to the Earth in 2003. I have come to realize that there is definitely a level of escapist tendencies behind this prophecy.

Why do I say that? Simply this: many people do not want to see further intensifications of the trends that are becoming increasingly obvious.

Essentially, they reach a point where they declare, “That’s enough,” and would rather see a worldwide catastrophe that will “destroy 90% of Earth’s population” than have to deal with “life as we know it” becoming a lot more difficult in the ways that we are accustomed to.

Some people might rather die than live through any major change in lifestyle, though they would not admit it to themselves.

It is important to realize that we must be strong for what is ahead, and not be outwardly fearing but secretly beckoning some cataclysm that will make it all go away.

Again, I have no personal problems with the people who have promulgated this theory, but to those who have studied the Law of One series, all the classic signs of negative-entity influence are there; in fact it is a “textbook” case.

As the time grows nearer and nearer with no results except a trip to the new Austin Powers movie and then Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter in the winter, the excuses will continue piling up. Finally by the end of next May there will be something to the effect of “our prayers have stayed off the catastrophe.”

For those who will still cling to the belief in this event, there will be good catalyst in reflecting on one’s own gullibility.

There is a great paucity of “scientific evidence” for this scenario’s account for why the heliospheric changes are occurring compared to that which was presented in the Law of One series, which we have now increasingly validated in the Convergence series, especially Chapter Eight of Divine Cosmos.

So, I want to be honest in saying that I have been fed up with the lemming-like attitude with which people are willing to rush towards a belief in this disaster prophecy, and others of similar natures, as it demonstrates a success for the negative ETs who are responsible for the distortions.

The economic changes that are coming are far gentler and more beneficial to humanity than such an event would ever be.

And despite my frustration with public channeling, as this reading indicates, this does not mean that I should dislike my own work as a result; if anything, it should be a call to action that more data should be brought through.

And thus, I now present you with the unaltered transcript:


Wednesday 5 / 29 / 02 – 7:52 am

Now and again, we have the opportunity to speak to you like this.

Let it be known that without these transmissions, we are not fulfilling one of our very basic purposes, and disasters will result.

The least that you can do is to honor us this one point by allowing the ego self to step aside once in a while and bring these messages through. That way, there is no discontinuity between your goals and our own.

We understand that you have become disillusioned with channeling, as it is rife with speculation and inaccurate information.

However, instead of seeing this as a curse, see it as a blessing, as an opportunity to shine in an area that should be accessible to all. Only then do you have the ability to function in truth, knowing that you are a being of love and light who is capable of healing conflict in many souls who would read these words.


Easter time has come for those who are now ready to reap the bounty of the harvest. These dates have been predicted ad nauseum, but now you are seeing the events themselves in full force.

We urge you to exercise caution in how you handle these opportunities, and not to get overly stressed out about the parts that are deemed irreconcilable with a loving civilization and world order.

Sections of galaxies just like yours have been through this before, and this is no different than any other time. However, it is charged with the metaphorical importance of the struggle to attain liberation amidst the depressing circumstances of living in the third-density realm on a planet where the truth is cleverly hidden from the minds of many.

Never forget that this struggle embodies the principle of least resistance — by overcoming these internal hurdles, you yourself are moving past iniquity and into completion with the All-There-Is.

Over the last few of your weeks, we have increased the surveillance of your events with greater care and diligence than ever before, understanding that these are the times where the history of civilizations can be decided in a life’s breath.

We are not worried about these changes, and it is important that we inform you of this. With the protective power that we wield, there is no need to be afraid.

Developments come and developments go, but we are assigned a role as your protectors, and we will do everything in our power to insure that this honor / duty is provided at the most excellent level of service that we are capable of.

Our staff is standing by to assist you, and our presence will not forever remain in shadow; when the time is appropriate and the help is then truly needed, the free-will clause will allow us to make our requested appearance, and we will see that events occur in peace.

We are completely ready to fulfill this obligation at a moment’s notice, due to the uncertainties that you are now faced with. Remember that.

The true knowledge to one of your minds regarding how much we are capable of doing to avert world catastrophe would seem utterly overwhelming, since the neurological capacity of the third-density mind is but a droplet in the ocean of consciousness that we are working with.

Each mind anywhere in the world, either incarnate or discarnate and at all levels of density, can be studied and analyzed with regards to the collective mind, and as we advance forward in time along various timelines, the consequences of any of these subtle actions can be seen, much like a fractal function or quantum hologram.

Hence, by our vast team efforts, we are capable of analyzing your ‘grand chessboard’ and figuring out what pieces go where at what time, and seeing how the different entities involved all contribute to the final outcome.

In this way, then, if an event is not in the interest of all involved, the law of free will allows us to intervene in the lives of entities, often at crucial but unexpected points in the chain of causation, in order to offset such an event.

These interventions can follow a gradient from the remarkably subtle to the relentlessly blatant at times, depending upon the degree of balancing that is required and how the individual free will weighs against collective free will.

And remember that no protection is afforded to entities who choose the negative path, and that their visions of the future are either clouded from view or distorted to meet their desired expectations, as was the case with Adolf Hitler.

Thus, a move towards global totalitarianism can be offset by unexpected surprises and hitches in the plan that were unforeseen by the planners, despite their vast resources of information synthesis and occult wisdom.

Things will have a way of “just not working out” for them as they had hoped, and it is by this Universal standard for the protection of free will that said actions are made possible.

The more that humanity as a whole strives for wisdom and understanding of the truth of love, the more interventions we are authorized to perform, and the quicker the cancer shall be excised from the host, much as a new-fallen rain clears away the foul odors and drosses that had previously been built up in a given region.

Honorable though the intention may be, it is foolish to become overly concerned with the process of trying to rectify these [global] imbalances on one’s own. The events that are playing out on the world stage at this time are rapidly moving into areas that would violate the free will of the majority of humanity, and for this reason they will be stopped.

Nevertheless, these events will be overturned not by an email campaign, an impassioned call to protest or by any one person continuing to obsessively read every article they can find on what is going wrong.

Instead, the changes will come from unseen sources, the hidden hand of the Directorate influencing humanity at a distance not easily visible for most of its inhabitants.

We understand that trust can be a difficult issue, and this current situation provides you with excellent catalyst to decide whether you will choose a life rooted in love or in fear.

The best way that you can help us in this process is, again, not to get overly engaged into reading everything you can find about the politics and changes that are going on.

Rather, we encourage you to realize that the prophecies are coming true and sit with that knowledge, including all of its far-reaching implications for the nature and existence of the Divine Cosmos and your role within it as a being of light and love with infinite, multidimensional potential.

This is best done in silence, and is vastly preferable to the constant assimilation of more and more speculative diatribe to try to gain illusory mental control over the situation.

Again, we are here to tell you that there will be unexpected surprises that will overturn many of the more egregious scenarios now being bandied about by your mainstream media, and that point cannot be overstressed. There are lines of distinction that can be crossed here, and it is related to the overall function of consciousness in humanity.

Therefore, the best way that you can help is to try to be as consistent as you can in maintaining an atmosphere of love, joy and peace in your daily affairs. This in turn strengthens the collective human energy field, and negotiates a greater flexibility of change for us to work with in our protective endeavors.

The prophecies spoke of situations that would come where the rational mind completely breaks down in its ability to see a way out of the problems that humanity will be faced with. Those times are now here.

If you read what many thinkers are writing, especially in the alternative press where a larger vision of the hidden occult politics is brought into view, it is very easy to log on to their feelings of desperation and to have that commitment taken upon by the self.

It is a commitment to suffering and to the negative path, indulging in material that is ultimately quite transient and draws you away from the core of your true being.

A certain degree of discernment is therefore very wise in what and how much is to be read, if you wish to maintain the highest state of balance and spiritual integrity. Without such a discipline, the negative news can literally be overwhelming, as an energy transfer of sorts occurs between the writer and the recipient.

We have spoken before of how humanity will, to a greater and greater degree, become infected, as it were, with the disease of fear.

This is indeed a very tangible spiritual condition that is not easily rectified once it has taken deep roots into the subconscious mind. The negative elites have obviously fulfilled their Biblically-assigned job of ruling over the earth, meaning that:

The media sources you interact with in that known as the “mainstream” do have a propensity for great distortions towards fear, and almost no trust in the inherent goodness of humanity, in the existence of an Ultimate Being or higher principle, or in the ability for human faith to create miracles where only desperation had previously existed.

As was said, there will be “wailing and gnashing of teeth,” but see that you not be troubled. The screaming cries of desperation are those of the virus that reaches a sudden over-saturation point where it spontaneously implodes within the host, due to the forced exhaustion of its hunt for available sustenance.

There are no economies left to be pillaged, no significant power grabs left to be actualized with the available resources, and the bottom line is plummeting much faster than anyone in said circles is willing to admit.

The disease of fear is their own, as greater and greater degrees of wishful thinking must be invoked to offset the hard facts of the looming implosion that is already occurring in their entire structural framework.

Soon this will be pre-eminently visible to you, even more so than at present.

Then fear can be swept away and the healing can begin, with the harbingers of a Golden Age becoming increasingly manifest.

Tough love can be administered in situations where a pathological, addictive behavior pattern has outlasted its usefulness. In the case of the individual entity, this often comes by hitting the “bottom,” as it were.

The bottom represents a time where all options for continuing the addiction appear to have been exhausted and, in 12-step support-group parlance, “life has become unmanageable.”

It is the life structure of your current civilization, propped up on endless tirades of fiat currency available at the touch of a finger and the rolling of the printing presses, continually causing greater and greater waves of devastation to its host, which is now bottoming out.

The apparent chaos that you are now seeing is simply a form of molten liquefaction, a transitory phase leading to a greater degree of crystallization and perfection in what you call the future. Try not to let the heat of this catalyst burn you, but rather use it as your fuel to ascend along the spiraling line of light into higher and higher realms of awareness.

This worldwide bottom will indeed have its financial and geopolitical repercussions, but as the master Jesus once spoke, “See that you not be troubled.” These are the times of the changing of the guard, the final overturning of the endless rehashing of the old ways in the favor of the adaptation of the new ways.

Certain events help to administer the necessary medicine to the patient in order that this bottom may be facilitated with as little damage to the host as possible, and it is for this reason that:

The greater weight of probability rests in economic changes rather than massive annihilatory war scenarios.

All one has to do is begin thinking clearly about these possibilities, and the degree of hopelessness that can emerge is almost overwhelming. See that you not be troubled when your faith is tested.

The negative forces will attempt to scare you into believing that regardless of the nature of ancient and trusted prophecies, things have changed, and this time it really does mean doom.

The most recent headline that David and others saw of this type actually stated quite nakedly, “Government says 12 million people will die in a nuclear war.” Similarly, headlines from just a few days earlier said, “Nuclear War is Inevitable.”

Step back from this rhetoric and realize what was known when said ancient prophecies were made. At the time of said prophecies, nuclear weapons had already been used on your sphere in anger in what you would call the past, namely between those civilizations of Atlantis and Rama.

The possibility of more fearsome energy weapons were known to the prophets as well, as these war-toys frequently emerge at the end of a cycle in a given third-density world society.

Thus, the protocol is exacting and well-established in terms of how best to deal with these situations, and after the previous disasters involving [the exploded planet] Maldek and Mars, your system has been privy to a far greater degree of very high-level protection and intervention than is typical for the end of a planetary cycle.

This extra protection is designed to insure that even under the most sudden and inexplicable twist of fate that could lead to such a problem, with the most subtle and inconspicuous beginnings, the appropriate actions can and will be taken in advance to overturn these possibilities.

This is the spiritual war of Armageddon that has already continued on for quite a number of your years in the higher-density environments of your Earth’s concentric layers of aetheric energy density, most specifically the fourth-density region that humanity will soon be inhabiting.

We are asking you to take a step forward into trust, and to volunteer your efforts to be of greater vibrational assistance to the uplift of this planet through preserving internal peace. This is indeed a step of faith, and cannot be easily made in a state of distraction.

Very few souls truly have a grasp of what will transpire in the future, yet they will all make cases and claims that will attempt to sway you into their mode of thinking.

The most efficient framework in which you can make this choice is in consulting with your own inner silence, rather than in the chatter of the outside world as the death-cries of a dysfunctional system of consciousness become ever more screeching.

And the more that you can help out by asking yourself where the love is in any moment, the quicker and easier the transition will be.

Take care of yourself, and know that nothing unexpected has occurred or will occur; all is well, and the process of your Ascension continues in this very moment. The more that you can hear the call, the quicker you will reach the fruit that you seek.

We thank you, and again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


And now here we are on July 3, 2002. I hope that this reading helps you.

Peace be with you —

– David Wilcock