By David Wilcock

May 20, 2002

Updated May 21, 2002


A number of events, including blatant hint-dropping at the level of international media, has led me to conclude that another Sept. 11th-style event is likely to occur within the U.S. soon, possibly within less than two months from the date of this article.

As most readers know, I do not make prophecies lightly, especially on issues such as this. If the event is stopped, then I do truly believe that it will be a miracle.

So many different forms of indication, including my own prophecies, have converged on this point that this short update was required to explain how I came to this conclusion.

I will also cover the remarkable synchronicity surrounding the release of Star Wars: Episode II, and how it relates to these events.

A good place to begin would be to read our previous prophecy update, which admittedly is quite a long article.

It predicts the possibility of an upcoming problem with Chicago where a device would be used that would disable all electromagnetic equipment without directly hurting people.

Many, many layers of synchronicity and prophecy all converged to suggest that this was a real possibility.

This article was posted in January, and the following February I received more updates, which I put into an email to our Yahoo online discussion group. Up until now, I have not published them directly on the website.



The main focus of my February prophecy update was that if the public sentiment towards Bush suddenly turned, then we could expect some highly damaging events soon to follow.

These events may be allowed to occur, to a degree, by the “Guardians” of this planet, which are the ET races responsible for ensuring that we do not create a planetary cataclysm.

I have dated my new comments for this article and placed them in parentheses as we go along:

From: David Wilcock

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 01:45:11 -0500

Subject: Re: [asc2k] weird weather / more future prophecy visions


I have received another series of highly charged future prophecy images in the last two days. Here’s the short and skinny of it:

It is useless and actually dangerous to try to criticize the negative elites at this point. The ball is already in motion and we did our job five, ten, twenty or more years ago. The public’s going to take care of the rest.

[5/20: There are more and more reports of steps of suppression being taken against critics in these areas, both in legal terms as well as in actual events.] 


Enron is just the very beginning of a huge and very rotten mess that will be exposed, and we need have absolutely no fear or concern over how far it will go, or when. It is happening now and it is irreversible.

[5/20: This is continuing to come true, with the amazing collapse of the AOLCNNTIMEWARNER empire, their stocks now almost reduced to “junk” status. General Electric is starting to be similarly affected, and there are definite signs that others are soon to follow.

Other dreams that I have had consider that on our future timelines, it is already guaranteed that the corruption surrounding this entire state of affairs, grown right into the government itself, will eventually be rooted out — to the higher forces it is already considered a part of our history.]

[3/12/09: This prophecy, of course, has now definitively come true with a collapse that is being called “worse than the Great Depression” at this time.] 


The positive forces are working extremely diligently to have our planetary adjustments come in the form of these revelations rather than changes related to, say, nuclear problems.

However, it is very likely that we will see a mega-hurricane of unbelievable proportions later this year as part of the planetary adjustment. This hurricane will either be literal or metaphorical depending on the consciousness of the people.

[5/20: I have not had any further dreams of weather difficulties, but this does not mean that they won’t happen — just that it is one area that has not been as correlated. Certainly, the hurricane could be a metaphor for other events that are swift and damaging, and that is what I would tend to think at this point.]

[3/12/09: The “mega-hurricane” did happen three years later — in 2005 — with Hurricane Katrina. I was wrong on the exact timing, but it’s much more difficult to get the timing than it is to get the overall nature of an event.] 


If the public can digest and process the information instead of running into denial, then higher-intensity changes will not be needed.

[5/20: Unfortunately it appears that mass consciousness has still not shifted enough for us to avoid some of the larger-scale events. The key, then, will be to move through these events without going into a state of excessive fear.]

That’s all from one dream. Then there’s this from this morning:

Pay close attention to the admitted level of public appreciation for Bush.

[5/20: As seen in point 6, the key is to determine when the public starts turning on him. Consider the recent cover-page from the British magazine “Daily Mirror,” Saturday, May 18, 2002 that we have posted at the beginning of this article.

The bottom third of the image says it all: “America Turns on Bush: Fury at 9/11 Failure.” Perhaps even more extraordinary is a quote from May 17 at

“[TV news anchorman Dan] Rather said that “patriotism run amok” is making it difficult for journalists to provide Americans with all the information they need about the war in Afghanistan and to hold the Bush administration accountable.”

Implied in this same article is Rather’s critique of what was known when regarding the 9/11 event:

“…one finds oneself saying, I know the right question, but you know what? This is not exactly the right time to ask it…”]


Expect in the future that the Bible Belters will see that he [Bush] has not been “true to his word” and will strongly turn on him.

[5/20: This originally appeared in the dream as a large group of people in an auditorium throwing rotten tomatoes at Bush when they realize that he and his group cannot sing Christian hymns very well.

I now consider the dream to not just be about Christians, but rather about society in general not adhering to a belief that Bush and associates have the highest of positive intentions.

Just in the last few days before this article was written, the Bush administration has admitted some degree of foreknowledge of the 9-11 events, which has effectively opened Pandora’s Box. In order to maintain effective control on their part, very serious evasive actions will need to be taken to deter this focus.]

[3/12/09: Of course, this prophecy came true, to the point that the Republicans tried to completely avoid any mention or endorsement of Bush in the 2008 campaign.] 


Expect that very soon after this starts happening, there will be a massive increase in the amount of war on the planet [as well as the advent of martial law in the US.] This may include the US using nukes to some measure, and may be allowed by the Guardians to a degree.

[5/20: This is the part that has not yet happened. It is also correlated with another set of prophecy data that we will discuss after this email is finished, relating to recent mailbox incidents perpetrated by 22-year old Lucas Helder.]

[3/12/09: Of course, the Bush administration did invade Iraq in 2003, and it was far more intense, substantial and long-lasting than most ever believed.] 


Those who are walking their spiritual path and not making noise will be overlooked by the machinery as this starts to happen, and are therefore safe. The dream said that they are seen by the machinery as simply being “hamburger meat” and thus unimportant.

The machinery is big, dumb and slow and only senses sudden fear and movement. Many, many people will slip through “the cracks” without any difficulty.

The most intense problem areas will be urban, as they are “dead” without constant imports — and if you don’t think that we’re going to lose petroleum products, think again.

The 70’s crisis was caused by a 7% dip in supply. Best to have a workable contingency plan in place if you live in such areas and know less-traveled routes to get you to more remote areas if need be.

[5/20: This part of the dream was extremely distressing, but it had an important message. Several other dreams since this point have repeatedly emphasized that fear will spread through the public almost like an infection in a hospital ward.

It will be important for those focused on a spiritual path to avoid any significant interaction with media sources and / or with other people who are afflicted by this “infection.”

Indeed, this is the time of the Shift of the Ages, and we can certainly expect many changes, but it is very important to remember that everything that occurs is being guided by a higher principle.]

[3/12/09: Thankfully, we have completely avoided these more extreme prophecies from coming true thus far. Apparently this is because we have progressed as a society better than was expected.] 


Expect that significant riots will ensue in the US at this point that are largely fueled by strong sentiments from the African-American community. Again, these will primarily be in urban centers and will form a sort of “chain reaction” as word spreads in the media — which is actually a significantly problematic development.

[5/20: This is also bolstered by my later data, discussed below, which pointed to the mailbox incident before it actually happened, and showed that it could well expand into something much larger than originally expected. Please note that I am not a racist by any means — this is simply what I have seen in the prophetic visions. I do not know exactly when these events are expected.]

[3/12/09: Again, this prophetic scenario has not happened — and hopefully now will not.] 


I was shown very strongly and grotesquely that to seek revenge against the negative elites is to perpetuate the same archetype of “The Dragon” from Revelations. Believe it or not, this is exactly what “they” want people to do.

[5/20: People like Lucas Helder, and / or rioters in the future, appear to be completely unaware of the fact that any violence not only does not solve the problems, it actually intensifies them dramatically.]


We can all have a positive effect on others by pointing out the futility of any physical efforts – only “prayer power” works.

These future scenarios are still malleable, but are “hardening” into place as more time proceeds.

So, the relatively tranquil and enjoyable life that I am having finally getting all these projects finished has been spiked by these intensely shattering dreams. We’re NOT out of the woods yet, by any means, and if I don’t share these experiences then I’ll have more of them.

The worst-case scenario is that you die. Then, it’s on to the next game, where you hang out in the time/space realm before the Ascension. No big deal.

The only question is how you will serve where you are, and whether you will allow love or fear to be your master. Furthermore, know that the vast, vast majority of Lightworkers have very high amounts of protection and will pass through these experiences unscathed.

Peace be with you –

– David



The next major data point was a dream that I had just a few days before Lucas Helder placed damaging equipment — pipes packed with black powder that would go off if moved — in mailboxes throughout the Midwest, causing harm but not death to several people.

These events were accompanied by a letter with a large degree of metaphysical overtones, which were primarily intended to say that “the government controls you through fear.” A giant search ensued, and as soon as he was caught the story almost immediately disappeared from any discussion.

Helder’s actions became evident on Friday, May 3. That previous Tuesday, April 30, I awoke with a dream where I was in the upstairs area of the house that I grew up in. Someone who I knew in the past, who was an active drug user with a certain degree of mental problems, ended up throwing a spherical, one-inch diameter red ball with a fuse at me, which landed on the stairs while it was lit.

It could have been just for smoke, or it could have been more destructive, like the classic “cherry b…”; I was not sure.

I wanted to put it out as fast as I could, but the only thing I could find that would work was a dry paper towel. To my shock and surprise, as soon as I threw the paper towel onto the orb, it created a bright flash, and now a large, square area on the left half of the carpet was completely charred.

I was very upset about this, thinking that the damage in the house would be very hard to live with. At this point, an angelic female entity approached me and said that it was not actually a bad thing; the old carpet would now be taken away and a new and improved carpet would be laid across the entire hallway in its wake.

After having a dream like this, I was then looking for signs in the ‘real world’ to try to see what the smoke-ball type event would be. I felt that once I could pinpoint that event, I would then look for a media effort to “cover it up” immediately afterwards.

However, I also knew that the effort to “cover up” would only further exacerbate the problem, and a far more major event would follow soon afterwards.

This chain of prophecy seems to clearly relate to the events with Lucas Helder, but I do not believe that we have yet seen the event that “scorches the carpet” yet.

My guess is that this will be an event that occurs in the US, and it may or may not be related to nukes. I have a strong sense that it is not nuclear in nature.

[It should go without saying that we are absolutely against the actions of Helder, and feel that such actions do far more harm than good, feeding directly into the negative agenda. It is also interesting to notice the strong symbolic connection between the name “Lucifer” and the name “Lucas Helder,” also the word ‘hell’ and ‘holder’ in the last name.]


One symbolic clue from the dream is that the charred area formed a perfect square and was on the left side of the carpet.

Metaphorically, the square is a symbol of hardened 3D consciousness that does not have the benefit of a higher spiritual perspective. Furthermore, the left side represents the service-to-self polarity.

So, this dream may well be an indication that the further events that transpire will ultimately create an overall shift in consciousness away from materialism and self-serving polarity. That would explain why the angelic being said that a better carpet would be laid in its wake.

If we remember the incredible musical performance that was commercial-free on all TV networks after Sept. 11th, we can easily see how another event may make an even further shift towards compassion in the public. That is what this dream seems to be telling us.

I do feel that the positive ET forces that protect this planet are not likely to allow any major nuclear event to occur on US soil, simply because of how quickly it could lead to all-out war with the possibility of destroying the Earth.

We have already seen from Disclosure Project testimony that these ET forces have full capability to shut down nukes if they so choose. Therefore, I am inclined to think that if there is another 9-11 in the US, it will show up in a different form, such as the electromagnetic strike or a conventional set of bombs going off in a series of locations simultaneously.



As far as our current political landscape is concerned, Warren Buffett has recently stated publicly that the threat of a nuclear attack on the US is “inevitable,” and this has raised a great deal of suspicion that it is a “signal” among the elite of what they would hope to have happen to further their plans, since Buffett is one of the wealthiest, most elite people in the world.

Furthermore, US government sources such as Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice have very recently been saying that they are intercepting the same “pattern” of communications within apparent Al-Quaida members as have occurred prior to September 11, and that these communications hint that another major event of that magnitude is on the way.

This form of a setup in the mass media is as clumsy and deliberate as the classic archetypal comedy gag where we already know that the funnyman is about to get a pie in the face.

If you think that this is “all like a movie,” you’re right — because it is all being carefully orchestrated and spin-controlled every step of the way.

[3/12/09: Again, it appears that such an event was very much planned — and thankfully was thrown off by positive, intervening forces.] 


In the alternative media such as the Jeff Rense website, an increasing number of independent commentators are predicting that the negative elites very much need to have another event of Sept. 11th magnitude to take place in order to keep their agendas on track, and will therefore do whatever they can to hasten the process along.

It is believed that in the presence of a second event, now being well-foreshadowed in the media as related to Bin Laden, the public would stop questioning the administration and fall back in line with the events as planned.

It does now appear that the negative elites have no other option left but to heavily endorse and help along such an event — but in their desperation, they may well be too sloppy in the execution of the plan and thereby bring about their complete downfall.

Sudden, majorly stupid moves are indeed a fundamental characteristic of the negative elites, since the service-to-self path is allowed to exist in the Universe but is not afforded spiritual protection or the ability to see into the future to any significant degree.

Think of how Hitler was influenced, in desperation, to invade Russia in the winter and how this caused his war effort to completely collapse, and then you will have one related example. The Watergate scandal would be another related example.



Another almost unbelievable synchronicity is the timing and content in this past weekend’s release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

As I illustrated in our discussion group, I came across an early version of the script for this film prior to its release, but obviously did not repost it since it was not a legal transcript.

Some of the quotes in the script that were directly related to the corruption of politics never made it into the final cut, but all of the most important ones did. Here, we will try to write about the underlying meaning and connection of the movie to today’s events without spoiling any of the best scenes and plot twists.

The exact synchronicity of the timing of the release of this movie with the Bush administration’s admission of some degree of prior knowledge of 9-11 is nothing short of miraculous, especially for those who have already been following the Star Wars series and know the ‘big picture’ of the story that is being told.

For those who are not aware of it, I will briefly summarize the story so that you can understand exactly why this convergence of events is so remarkably timed. This will almost be akin to an “article within an article,” but it is all related to our present moment in history — all the more because of the fact that Star Wars is indeed the most popular movie franchise of all time.

Another key factor that plays into the success of the franchise is that the movies were heavily based on Joseph Campbell’s writings on recurring archetypes in human civilization, especially that of “the hero’s journey”, also known as the “prodigal son.”

Both Luke and Anakin Skywalker fulfill this role.

So, the movie taps into the deep roots of the collective subconscious of humanity, and this adds to its depth. It certainly also factors in to why the movie has now so remarkably touched on present-day events.

Almost all moviegoers are aware that the lead character, Anakin Skywalker, will eventually turn into Darth Vader, who becomes the ruler of the “evil empire” that is depicted in episodes IV (Star Wars: A New Hope), V (The Empire Strikes Back) and VI (Return of the Jedi.) [1]

This is accompanied by the transformation of the peaceful Galactic Republic into the evil Empire. Eventually in Episode VI, Anakin turns back to the positive polarity when he watches his son Luke being killed by the evil Emperor’s bolts of lightning, and upon realizing his folly in taking the negative path, Anakin in turn kills the Emperor.

This final act brings about Anakin’s own imminent death, during which time he removes his helmet and we see that he is indeed a white, pasty, “unformed” man who had become locked into the corporate structure of the Empire and his own machinelike identity as Darth Vader.

By going back to the positive polarity, he then rejoins his master Obi-Wan Kenobi after his death, and their Jedi apparitions stand side-by-side with smiles on their faces, congratulating Luke and his cohorts for their bravery. [2]

Episode I, “The Phantom Menace,” released in 1999, was widely criticized for being too commercialized and child-oriented, nevertheless many important plot elements were established there.

We learn that the Jedi Order is the most spiritually advanced protective force in the Galaxy, with abilities far beyond those of most other beings, including telekinesis, mind reading and the ability to influence others’ thoughts.

Most importantly, we learn that young Anakin Skywalker has a higher percentage of “midichlorians” in his blood than any other person the Jedi Council had ever found.

We are told that midichlorians are microscopic organisms that work in symbiosis with a Jedi, and are responsible for their ability to use the Force.

Since Anakin has more midichlorians than anyone they have ever discovered, they conclude that he was most likely the embodiment of a long-standing pseudo-Messianic prophecy regarding one who would come and “bring balance to the Force.”

However, the meaning of “balance” is never explained — and it is obvious that what Lucas is actually referring to is the catalyst of a negative polarity forming where none had existed before.

Indeed, at the beginning of Episode I there has just started to be unrest in the Galaxy. This is the beginning of a negative polarity, whose ultimate cosmic purpose will be to trigger growth in an environment that was previously seen as one of stagnation, where committee after committee is deadlocked in endless discussions and nothing is ever accomplished.

This new unrest centers around a group called the Trade Federation, which is trying to gain total control of the commerce of the wealthy planet of Naboo by creating a trade blockade.

The accent of the green-skinned beings of the Trade Federation seems to be an obvious reference to the Japanese of World War II, much as the Evil Empire seems to be patterned in part after Nazi Germany.

Remember that in World War II, Japan was seeking to form the “Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere,” essentially enslaving other countries financially believing that it was in their best interest.

The Trade Federation is attempting to do the same thing in this movie with the trade blockade, and their voices are classic parodies of anti-Japanese propaganda cartoon characters from the World War II period.

The Trade Federation beings also seem to be patterned after “reptilian ETs,” long held to be working in concert with the negative elites on Earth, since they have the green skin and almond-shaped eyes.

It is on Naboo that we first meet their Queen Amidala, and we learn that her real name is Padme. Furthermore, Padme secretly travels with a retainer who looks exactly like her and who poses as the real Queen, in order to reduce the possibility of her being assassinated.

In Episode I, young Anakin is brought into the Jedi Order, but due to his age giving him a late start and his reluctance to leave his mother, there are serious questions about his ability to become a Jedi.

Later, Senator Palpatine puts his hand on Anakin’s shoulder and says with a smirk, “We will be watching your career with great interest.”

Palpatine also tricks Queen Amidala into proposing a referendum that gets him elected as Chancellor of the Republic.

This manipulation is made possible since Amidala’s “main ally in the Senate,” the positively oriented Chancellor Velaurem, was not doing enough to sidestep the endless deliberations regarding how to end the blockade of her home planet of Naboo.

“I will not allow my people to suffer and die while you discuss this in a committee!” she yells to the Senate. Her carefully manipulated vote for new leadership then puts Palpatine in the top position of power in the Galaxy.

In Episode I, we are also granted glimpses of the hooded, evil Darth Sidious, who trains the main villain of the first film, the red and black stumpy-headed villain Darth Maul. It is clear that Maul was obviously intended to look very similar to the classic Devil archetype.

After more than one viewing of Episode I, it certainly appears that Sidious and Palpatine are the same person, since they obviously have the same voice and the same face, are both played by Ian Mc Diarmid, and Sidious indicates in the movie that he has “control of the Senate.”

The Jedi council reveals that Darth Maul is a “Sith,” the evil counterpart to a Jedi, even though all members of the Sith were believed to have been wiped out before.

Yoda informs us that with the Sith, “always there are two; a master and an apprentice.” This is their first warning that there must still be other enemies that they have not yet found.

Open war with the Trade Federation breaks out on Naboo at the end of Episode I, and by cooperation between the human members and an aquatic race known as the Gungans, the attack is effectively stymied.

(This sets Padme up for much greater danger in the second film, since she had effectively waylaid the plans of the negative elites, who did not intend on losing the war. Think “World War II” for the real-world contrast, and the delay that was created for the negative elites’ plans by Hitler’s defeat.)

This “cooperation in times of war” seems to be a not-so-subtle reference from Lucas to the need for different racial groups on our own planet to work together to solve our problems.

Jar-Jar Binks is the key Gungan character in the movie, and Lucas was widely criticized for how similar Binks’ mannerisms were to a dreadlocked Jamaican comedy character with excessive clumsiness.

However, it is very clear that this similarity was not an accident, as Lucas wanted to make sure that we saw the connection and applied it to our own social issues.

Consider how Rep. Cynthia Mc Kinney, an African-American, was treated after she first proposed the idea that the Bush Administration should be investigated for what they may have known before the 9-11 event actually took place.

Though no directly racial attacks were used in the mainstream media, she was treated as if she were as clumsy and goofy as Jar-Jar was in Episode I. Indeed, the amount of character attacks that she came under was almost unbelievable in its intensity and ferocity.

Thus, the point that Lucas is making is that, aside from a notable few such as Gen. Colin Powell, the mainstream corporate media does not portray the African-American people as equal. This is a preposterous and racist notion that Lucas was hoping to shed some light on, but no one really seemed to understand it.

The battle on Naboo is ultimately won when young Anakin inadvertently gets stuck in a spaceship on autopilot, and then ends up destroying, quite by accident, the central control system that runs all of the remote-controlled “battle droids” on the battlefields of Naboo.

This miraculous mistake was the big turning point in the war, as just when everything seemed hopeless for the Gungans and the Naboo, suddenly all the war machines powered down and were rendered ineffective, and victory was attained.

At the time that this movie was first released, I wrote about how this spontaneous, sudden powering-down of all the battle droids seemed to be Lucas’ tongue-in-cheek prophetic reference to the “y2k” problem.

The idea was that without a source of energy, the Empire could not sustain itself, and the wars against the common people would stop.

Remember that at the time the movie was released, there was still a widespread belief in society that the turn of the computer calendars from 1999 to 2000 could send technological civilization as we know it into a grinding halt.

The first movie ends with a celebration on Naboo and an honoring of those involved in bringing about the victory, while the seeds for future episodes are well sown. And that brings us to Episode II, the inner workings of which most people had no clue about until this incredibly charged weekend…



As Episode II begins, we read the following:

There is unrest in the Galactic Senate.
Several thousand solar systems under
the leadership of the rebel leader, Count
Dooku, have declared their intentions to
secede from the Republic.

This separatist movement has made it
difficult for the limited number of
Jedi Knights to maintain peace and
order in the galaxy.

Senator Amidala, the former Queen of
Naboo, is returning to Coruscant
to vote on the critical issue
of creating an ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC
to assist the overwhelmed Jedi.


First, some background. In Episode I, the appearance of Darth Maul revealed that the evil Sith race still persisted, though the Jedi believed that they had died out.

This is a strong indication that the advanced visionary powers of the Jedi are now no longer sufficient in their ability to spot evil and deception, and thereby maintain peace and order in the galaxy.

In Episode II, this growing fear of the Sith has led to an interplanetary movement to secede from the Republic, headed by Count Dooku, a rebellious Jedi who has left the Order.

The remaining non-separatist members of the Republic now wish to vote on the creation of an ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC to boost their safety in the galaxy, since the Jedi alone are now ‘overwhelmed’ by the separatist movement. Now:

To understand how this all relates so marvelously to present-day politics, think of the Sith as the Illuminati, the ultimate negative force on the planet that everyone innately, subconsciously knows must exist from Biblical prophecy, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim.

Think of the Jedi as the combined intelligence and strength of the United Nations, most of which truly do believe that they are protecting the world from such negative forces but are now citing “intelligence failures” surrounding the 9-11 event.

Substitute Count Dooku’s place in the plot of the movie for Bin Laden’s place in current politics, and think of the word “terrorists” when the rebellion is discussed. Remember that Bin Laden and cohorts honestly believe that they are fighting the “Great Satan,” or the Sith as seen in the Star Wars franchise. In this case, then:

  • The Galaxy of Star Wars symbolizes our planet;
  • The Republic of Star Wars symbolizes our United Nations;
  • The Jedi symbolize our armies who believe they are “peacekeeping” forces, and;
  • The Rebels symbolize the current terrorists hyped up in the media.


Now you may want to re-read this section on Episode II from the beginning again, bearing all this in mind. Already we can see how remarkably the movie’s outline fits with current events if we make a few symbolic changes… but just wait, as it gets much, much better.

Returning now to the plot of Episode II, we soon find out that the ARMY now being voted on already exists — someone has ordered fully 200,000 well-trained clone soldiers from the planet Kamino that are fully ready to be used, with a million more soon on the way.

These clone soldiers are “independence inhibited,” meaning that they will follow orders without question and are totally unafraid to die.

[This part of the plot may or may not be directly related to current events. Already, Israel is calling up their reserves and the US military is voting on a program to allow shortened military terms for new members to sign up.

This aspect of the plot, metaphorically speaking, may become more visible as the need for larger armies becomes more apparent in the “war on terrorism.” It certainly appears to also be related to the advent of unprecedented martial law in the US and other countries as well, against the interest of democratic government.]


The clone-making Kaminoans believe that the Republic, through Jedi master Sido-Dyas, put in the order for the clone army. [The name “Sido-Dyas” is rather unsubtly similar to (Darth) “Sidious,” which may be Lucas’ indicating that it is all part of a negative plot.]

However, in reality neither the Republic nor the Jedi Council knew anything of this order, and Master Sido-Dyas was already believed to be dead when the order was placed ten years previously.

To make matters worse, even the sheer existence of the planet Kamino had been omitted from the Republic computer archives of all known planets in the galaxy, and was only found by dumb luck.

It is believed that only a Jedi could be capable of omitting a planet from the records like this. Clearly, a dark and sinister plot is at work and a “palpable” (Palpatine) evil is now being felt.

Think about how all of this would start to add up from the outside if you were a Jedi: [positively-oriented member of the United Nations:]

You find out that the Sith (ultimate evil group) still exist, but your best defenses did not pick them up.

Others now lack confidence in your abilities to protect them.

Many who doubt in you have now organized a (terrorist) rebellion against you out of fear.

This (terrorist) rebellion further strains your ability to protect the Galaxy (the Earth.)

The remaining members of your Republic (United Nations) now want to vote an army into being for their protection against this (terrorist) rebellion.

If created, this new army could easily supersede the defensive capabilities of the positively oriented Jedi (non-corrupt world leaders) in manpower and firepower.

If this army were somehow able to get into the hands of negative forces, your ability to defend the Galaxy (Earth) against a full-blown dictatorship would be completely wiped out.

As this politically sensitive vote is coming up, you suddenly discover that such an army already exists, creating an immediate and very serious problem.

Even worse, it appears that the creation of this army is an inside job, from someone within your own ranks, since the planet responsible for creating the army had been erased from your archives… and only a Jedi could do this.

Then, if the vote for the army passes in the Senate, the army is immediately available to be used for good or evil, depending on the whims of the leadership.

Now you do not know who to trust — you may find out that the enemy is within.

If the negative forces already have control of the Republic, (United Nations,) without your conscious awareness, then this new army could allow them to form a dictatorship and gain total control of the Galaxy (Earth.)


With this in mind, we now turn our focus to the political importance of Senator Amidala, since she was the main opposition leader against the formation of this “ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC.” (Now think of the USA PATRIOT act and other measures designed to subvert the US Constitution and expand political power.)

In the first movie she was the Queen of Naboo, but in this movie we learn that it was only a temporary job, but that she has remained in politics as a senator.

Padme / Amidala feared that such a military consolidation of power could easily lead to a dictatorship, since up until that time it was the responsibility of the Jedi (those in the world’s governments who honestly believe they are working for good) to maintain peace in the galaxy.

At the very beginning of the movie, an assassination attempt is made on her, further suggesting that “someone” does not want the formation of this ARMY to be interrupted.

(Think of the numerous people who end up dead when they oppose such measures, such as the chief witness who was about to testify against Enron and then committed “suicide.”)


After the first assassination attempt, Obi-Wan and his apprentice Anakin are put in charge of protecting Amidala on the industrial planet Coruscant, where the Senate meets. (Coruscant is like a high-tech version of New York City, where the United Nations meets.)

Then, after a second assassination attempt, Palpatine convinces Senator Amidala that it is not safe for her to stay on Coruscant, and the Jedi Council puts her under Anakin’s care while Obi-Wan is sent off to try to determine who is plotting the assassinations.

This becomes Anakin’s first “real assignment,” which Palpatine praises him for.

The pairing of Anakin and Padme allows their romance to blossom, but it also gets Padme out of the picture politically, putting the clumsy Jar-Jar Binks in her place in the Senate.

Most importantly, we see how Chancellor Palpatine, who is now the head of the Galactic Republic, pumps up Anakin’s ego and privately tells him that if he “trusts his feelings,” then he will become “even more powerful than Master Yoda,” though Yoda is considered to be the top Jedi.

Most moviegoers shouldn’t have difficulty figuring out that Palpatine is actually an evil character who intends to overthrow the democratic Republic and instill a dictatorship, and is in the process of building up Anakin to be his puppet leader as Darth Vader.

As a result of Obi-Wan’s investigation, we discover the existence of the “lost” planet Kamino, and the formation of the clone army under an apparent order from the Republic.

The Kaminoans believe that they are working for the Republic, and so when Obi-Wan shows up, they tell him that they were expecting him (a Jedi) to arrive and check on their progress.

Obi-Wan, not openly revealing his ignorance, plays along as if he already knew why he was there. The Kaminoans tell Obi-Wan of the Republic’s order for the army through Master Sido-Dyas, although Obi-Wan realizes that Sido-Dyas already appeared to be dead when the order was made. [3]

Furthermore, on Kamino we learn that the bounty hunter Jango Fett is the prototype that all the clones are based on. Obi-Wan does not yet realize that Fett is also the one who was hired to try to assassinate Senator Amidala.

Under allegedly friendly but suspicious questioning by Obi-Wan, Fett indicates that he was not working for Master Sido-Dyas, as the clone-making Kaminoans believed, but rather for another entity, Lord (Darth) Tyranus — yet another new name that we have not heard of in any of the other movies.

After this questioning ends and Obi-Wan departs, Jango then senses trouble, puts on his uniform and tries to leave with his son Boba as soon as possible.

Once Jango is already outside and about to enter into his ship, a battle with Obi-Wan ensues.

As a result of this battle, Obi-Wan is able to plant a homing device on Fett’s ship and track him back to planet Geonosis, which ends up being the location where Dooku’s rebellion is being organized.

[Notice the similarity between “Geonosis” and “Genesis” — Lucas is trying to suggest that the “balance of the Force” is being born on this planet, by the crystallization of the negative polarity.]


Quite serendipitously, Obi-Wan happens to overhear Dooku’s plans to take over the Republic. This information is wired back to the Jedi Council.

Several key members of the Jedi Council as well as Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Jar Jar Binks are in the room as Obi-Wan’s information comes in, and the fully evil intent of the rebellion (again, think Islamic terrorists) on Geonosis becomes known.

Shaking his head in disgust, Palpatine indicates his need to be granted “full emergency powers” so that a war effort can be mobilized against this newly discovered (terrorist) rebellion.

His problem is that “someone” in the Senate needs to propose such a referendum, or else it cannot be done. We then see Senator Jar-Jar Binks massaging his chin and thinking deeply as he realizes that he should be the one to do it.

Palpatine knows that Padme / Amidala would not have fallen for this ruse, but Jar-Jar does not think deeply enough to see the entire chessboard and figure out what deception is occurring.

So, in a subsequent scene we see how the manipulated Senator Jar-Jar ends up suggesting that immediate and full emergency powers be granted to Chancellor Palpatine to stop the rebel (terrorist) insurgency.

The Council in turn passes the ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC (USA PATRIOT) bill in response to this threat and sends in all their Jedi as well as the ARMY itself (upcoming martial law in the US and abroad) in full force to try to stop the (terrorist) problem on Geonosis.

In the meantime, we have seen Anakin tell his female interest Senator Padme that he feels that democracy isn’t working, and that someone “strong and wise” is needed to override the various committees and make commands as to what they should do in order to ensure safety.

With a clear look of worry on her face, Padme then says, “That sounds a lot like a dictatorship,” and Anakin then gives a rather cruel smile and says, “Well, if it works…”

So, by this point, even if most audience members are totally unaware of the remarkable synchronicity between this movie’s overall plot and its connection to current politics, they can’t help but feel some chills as this scene plays out between Padme and Anakin.

Even if they do not understand the full implications of the six-episode Star Wars message, they can certainly sense how similar the events of Episode II are to our own events, and also how those events lead to the formation of an Evil Empire in Episodes IV-VI.

Lucas himself seems to have noticed, with some surprise, how much his movie related to current events, as he stated in interviews for Time Magazine before it came out when he discussed “how easily a democracy can turn into a dictatorship.”

By the end of Episode II, we realize that by pinpointing the rebel (terrorist) movement to a specific planet (a nation such as Iraq, Iran or North Korea) a major event has been manipulated to occur wherein most of the remaining Jedi are brought into a major battle that will trim down their numbers substantially — thus eliminating the major opposition to the eventual formation of the Empire.

The entire Jedi Order (United Nations) has been fooled by this ruse, since the key missing component is that “both sides are the bad guys,” and that those pulling the strings don’t mind if extensive damage is caused to their own forces (the World Trade Center and Pentagon) as long as their own agenda moves forward.

The next big key is that people are already getting the message after the first weekend. One of the most popular alternative movie review websites, “Ain’t It Cool News” with the often-crude Harry Knowles and his associates, reveals how easily most Star Wars fans see the connection between these plots and current events.

Millions of young people will read these words: (Be warned that if you read the article itself before seeing the movie, you will be almost completely spoiled on the plot, and it is better to see the movie without spoilers on the best scenes if you can avoid it.)

What is the goal of the battle [that is manipulated into being at the end of Episode II]? Well, if you want to be a dictator, you pit two sides that you are allied with into a fight, with your enemy in the middle. The goal of this whole conflict was multi-fold.

  1. Put Palpatine in position to assume War Powers, thus effectively making him a dictator.
  2. Put the clone army at Palpatine’s fingertips.
  3. Kill as many Jedi as possible in the crossfire, thus crippling their abilities to adequately uphold the law of the Republic.
  4. Test the strength and weaken the Jedi; watch how they respond and look for weaknesses.

By the time you reach the end of this film there should be many questions and things to ponder.


By the time we get to Episode IV, which was the original Star Wars film, Anakin has become Darth Vader and the Empire has consolidated itself into total control of the galaxy. (Think “New World Order.”)

All of the Jedi are now dead except for Master Yoda, who has become bitter and cantankerous, going into hiding on a murky, dreary planet.

Luke Skywalker becomes the Messianic archetype upon which the entire fate of the Galaxy rests, by rediscovering his own Jedi powers in an atmosphere of complete oppression.

We continue with another quote from Knowles that shows how clearly he understands the synchronistic connection between the political maneuvers in Episode II and the events now unfolding in our own world:

What’s the point? The point is for this democracy to be turned into a dictatorship, those that protect the sanctity of the government and the ideals that keep it free… MUST BE ELIMINATED. That is the Jedi.

If the Emperor reveals himself, his power ebbs. Hidden, behind the scenes, you control and push both sides of the chess match. If you control both sides long enough, you win. This is brilliant TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE STRATEGY!

The lessons being taught here are every bit as important and relevant today… In the world we are currently in.

One cannot empower a government or an individual to have limited controls over the freedoms we cherish, unlimited powers over our military and absolute power over a domestic police force to go hunting for traitors in our midst.

No matter how nice the leader at the time may be, they can be taken out. They can be destroyed, and the one that steps in could be the nightmare.

Is it over-complicated?

Not for me. I can see it pretty clearly… This is the story of how centuries of peace fell apart — how a Government so sure of itself — so powerful — so Self-righteous and full of faux security could just hand the keys of the kingdom to EVIL INCARNATE.


Now again, let’s remember that Knowles’ website has millions of readers and is widely considered to be the most popular of its kind.

To me, based on all of this evidence, it is eminently clear that the entire Star Wars saga, through George Lucas, has been carefully guided by Higher Intelligence to bring a message to this planet.

Lucas himself does not appear to be psychic enough to have consciously foreseen what would now be happening in global politics and so precisely time the release of this movie to correspond with these events. Indeed, he seems quite surprised in recent interviews by the connection between his movie and current events.

The political intrigue regarding how a democracy can turn into a dictatorship is remarkably well timed to the events in the present.

I also believe that the negative elites realized this synchronous connection between the movie and current events, but far too late to do anything to stop the movie from being released.

However, their efforts were visible in that several of the top movie critics in the mainstream media seemed almost desperate in their efforts to say that it was a “terrible movie” that should be completely avoided.

However, due to the already incredible performance of Episode II at the box office and the power of word-of-mouth, this movie is one statement of truth that cannot be suppressed.

This movie also reminds us that evil never wins, and if more people can understand the miraculous gift of synchronicity that has occurred here between Episode II and current events, they will far more quickly be able to adjust to any future 911-type events that occur, not forgetting the political games that are going on behind the scenes.

As Harry Knowles adequately stated, the key here is to see how the agenda of the negative elite is to “play both sides against the middle.” There is an Illuminist philosophy known as “ordo ab chao,” meaning “Order out of Chaos.”

It is felt that by funding both sides of a conflict, evolution is stimulated in humanity and they will always end up allied with the winning side.

At the end of Episode II we see that Count Dooku (bin Laden) is actually Lord Tyranus, and that he has now become the Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious / Palpatine (the true leader of the negative elite.)

This makes it very clear that both sides are working together. This too has amazing prophetic significance when we consider the reports of collusion between the administration behind George W. Bush and their engagement with Bin Laden, including the fact that both were major shareholders in the Carlyle Corporation, which stood to benefit directly from Sept. 11th due to the sharp rise in military expenditures thereafter.

When considering this miracle of synchronous timing, again we must keep in mind that it is a wonderful gift to humanity that has been worked through Lucas and his associates, probably without his conscious awareness to a large degree.

It reminds us that we need not fear these political changes that are ahead, as in the end good shall triumph over evil. The planet is definitely moving into fourth-density positive vibration, as our numerous other writings have shown, and this event has been prophesied in almost every source of spiritual teaching on Earth.

When you weigh in Enron, the now-erupting scandal surrounding prior knowledge of 9-11 with George W. Bush (Anakin W.?) and Vice President Cheney (VP Palpatine?) and the situation in Israel, to name a few, it appears that this movie, which will be seen by almost everyone, will have a significant subconscious impact in helping people to see the truth of exactly what is occurring on Earth at this time.

And that is a very encouraging thing, showing the miracle of how the positive forces can work, even with such an apparently slow-moving entity as the Star Wars franchise.

The timing is just “too good to be true,” and the awesome digital effects and telekinetic events in the movie are a clear-cut vision of what fourth-density Earth will be like. So go see it!



Most recently, this morning I had a very strong dream that essentially told me that “time has run out” for me to finish Divine Cosmos and I must “turn in” something as soon as possible to the world via the website.

Bearing that in mind, I have a lot of work to do and will now end this article so that I can get back to finishing the book. I may even release Part One of the book before Part Two — such is the urgency that I am being presented with.

Personally, I continue to be unafraid of the future. I expect further chaos, and possibly even martial law, but I am not going to allow these possible events to deter me from knowing that we are truly in a magnificent time of transformation.

– David Wilcock



[1] I want to thank my senior-year college roommate Artie for first teaching me the deep meaning of the Star Wars series and the story of Anakin Skywalker.

[2] Rumors abound that Lucas may do three more sequels after Episode VI that depict the final destruction of the remaining parts of the Empire, and Lucas recently made an “accidental” comment about how he was using the events in the early movies to “set up Episode Seven — uh, I mean Episode Four.”

Episode III is scheduled to finish three years from now in 2005.

[3] This plot twist with the Geonosians and their clone armies may well be Lucas’ own musings on the ET races known as the “Greys.” In the original script for Episode II, special attention is placed on the fact that the Geonosians have gray skin, ‘almond-shaped eyes’ and that their quarters seem to be ‘made out of light.’

The idea that their planet is “erased from the records” is metaphorically similar to the UFO cover-up being performed by someone “within the Jedi” (i.e. the world governments.)

Furthermore, many abductees / contactees have reported their belief in the fact that the Greys are creating large numbers of hybrid humans and ETs, and this is almost the same as what is occurring on Geonosis in Episode II. Many movies and television shows have also suggested that there may be an “alien invasion” being planned.

It would then appear that on some level, either conscious or subconscious, Lucas is suggesting that the Greys may also be innocent pawns in a cosmic game being played by larger, unseen negative forces, represented by the Sith.

On this level, it appears to be harmless metaphysical speculation that is not rooted in any actual cosmic truth of the relationship between ETs and humanity.

If Lucas is drawing off of the Book of Revelation for his archetypes in this instance, then his hypothesis might be that at some point, there will be cooperation between our world government and ET races against a larger evil force, all the while the ETs not realizing that they are being used by that same evil force.

This, however, is not central to the deeper symbolic connection that the movie has to current, real political events.