Before September 11, 2001, when people would ask me, “Am I going to make it?”, they would usually be referring to whether or not I / we thought they would Ascend; i.e., whether their own degree of service-to-others polarity was sufficient for them to participate in the Earth’s movement into fourth-density positive, which we have now built an extremely thorough scientific case for in our work.

After September 11, and with each successive event unfolding, the question of “Am I going to make it?”  is often now in reference to whether or not they, and the world, will remain intact for the next day, week or month.

One word: RELAX.

Millions of inhabited planets in this galaxy alone have been through similar cycles, and there are literally billions upon billions of entities far more advanced than us who watch with interest.

As most of you are aware, I had a recent injury to my hand, and due to all the synchronicity and symbolism surrounding the event, I felt that it referred to much more than just my own life.

Oftentimes when one is in a position of public influence, certain dramatic events and / or injuries in their lives can be portents of the future, as major events cast their shadows in time.


Bush with bruise


The most recent case in point is President Bush’s bizarre and unfortunate accident where after several days of feeling weary, he allegedly choked on a pretzel while watching NFL football alone, went completely unconscious, fell flat on his face causing bruises and a cut next to his eye from the edge of his glasses, and then woke up to his two dogs looking at him with concern.

Now, Dr. Heimlich, inventor of the Heimlich maneuver, has publicly stated that he feels that Bush may well have died had he not fallen on his stomach, which likely was what forced the pretzel blockage out.

Invariably, some on the Internet will insist that this is a complete cover story and that something else totally unrelated happened, somehow tying it in with mind control and sinister agendas, but in this article we will analyze the injury at face value.

Many spiritual teachings maintain the idea that there are very few accidents, especially when it comes to those involving the physical body being damaged; and this is certainly not intended to insult the President, merely to give a wider perspective.

For someone in his position, every event that occurs in his life is highly charged with metaphorical symbolism. The Higher Self (i.e. our own sixth-density future self that programs and guides over all of our incarnations) has a much higher degree of control over what happens to the physical body than we might otherwise imagine.

Telekinesis is actually used far more regularly and easily than we are led to believe, but most of the time it is subtle and unrecognized in order to preserve our free will.

Personal testimony on topics like these are what bridges the crucial gap of believability, so in this article I’ll be discussing my own experiences with synchronicity that involves telekinesis in certain “threshold” forms.

By “threshold,” I mean that I am not talking about large objects levitating in the middle of a room; there are no “Jesus miracles” going on here. Instead, I am referring to events involving our interaction with allegedly inanimate matter that are so precisely timed and symbolically meaningful that the idea of chance can be effectively ruled out.

Lately, such events have been happening to me almost every day, in forms that are anything but subtle. Sacrifices are made, some small and some much larger and more painful, in the interest of the overall good.

The tapestry of personal karma can be woven in with symbolism regarding larger-scale issues in order to convey useful messages — and by all accounts, what you are about to read is a fantastic example of this unfolding in real-time, with blueprints of the future as well.

For a more mundane and typical example, I was planning to go to see a movie Sunday, but my Higher Self didn’t want me to go. I heard the statements of protest quite clearly, but I had already put my jacket on in defiance. As I was heading for the door, I accidentally kicked over my water jug and had to run and clean it up off the carpet.

That was all it took for me to know that I truly wasn’t supposed to go — the time is so crucial right now that I need to be completely focused on my work.

The subconscious part of myself made sure that my foot was in the right place at the right time to knock over the water, though normally I am very careful, and I had no conscious desire for my movie plans to be foiled. Such instantaneous physical feedback in response to my thoughts and psychic guidance is the norm, not the exception these days, and usually I don’t even bother to catalog the events anymore since they are so frequent.

Before getting back to Bush, his accident, my accident and its connection to possible world events that I am seeing in the future, let me give another recent “instant-feedback telekinesis” example. This past Saturday, I awoke from an intense prophetic dream after an early evening nap, and as I finished typing it up I had both Hideo and Sabrina in the house.

I described my vision with high energy, since I had seen other similar things before, and the message seemed to be urgent. Yet, as I walked back into my bedroom I told them that I didn’t think that the dream situation indicated any real danger. As I said the word “Danger,” I flipped the light switch. The bulb flashed bright blue and then went dead with a clicking noise, leaving darkness in its wake.

A skeptic could say that the bulb could have burst at any time and there was no connection to my simultaneous utterance of the word “Danger,” but to me this is just one more example of how telekinesis was blended with synchronicity to give me a message.

Russian physicists have discovered that tungsten, the metal in light bulb filters, is the most responsive to human psychic energy of any metal that they are aware of. (It is another neat coincidence that this happens to also be the best metal to use for a light-bulb filament.)

Based on further Russian physics research that I will be fully documenting in The Divine Cosmos, it is certainly within a human being’s subconscious capability to blow bulbs at important times. So, it was at this point that I realized that my visions had reached a “critical mass” and I needed to write this article as soon as possible.

The events that I am seeing are extremely serious, possibly in the very near future, and here I will offer specific details — a risk / obligation that I am not normally willing to take. My biggest hope has been that the time window is wide enough that I still can make a difference for people by writing and releasing this so quickly.



I would like to issue the following disclaimer before you read the subsequent paragraphs. This is an advanced article that presupposes a good knowledge of the material on this website, especially the power of synchronicity and symbolism.

Bearing that in mind, within each person is the One, and for that reason, the events that unfold in our personal lives can be metaphorically connected to the grandest events, personalities and archetypes unfolding on the Earth.

It may seem to some readers who are less familiar with metaphysics that I am attempting to put myself or Sabrina on some sort of pedestal, narcissistically comparing our own lives and their events to those of the whole Earth.

Understand that this is no different than what occurs in the lives of others, were they simply willing to learn enough of the language of metaphor to be able to interpret their lives as if they were decoding a dream. No claim of superiority or Messianism on either Sabrina or my part is implied by the following analysis.



The chain of synchronicity is focused around a very difficult event that I have not publicized until just now. On June 2nd of last year, Sabrina was struck, as a pedestrian, by an erratic driver traveling 35 mph on Atlantic Avenue.

She was thrown 10 feet into the air and suffered lacerations and bone breakages. I was not present at the time, but was later informed of this by a police officer who came to my door. He couldn’t even guarantee me at the time that she was still alive in the ER, so I literally had to sit down right where I was as he told me this, the blood being constricted from my head in shock.

In the early days of intensive care we had a few scares where we didn’t know if she would live, and as she started her recovery she was in tremendous pain and was almost immobile.

We learned from the trauma-hardened intensive care nurses that 99 percent of people struck as a pedestrian at that speed are either paralyzed or killed, so in many senses the fact that she survived without any spinal cord damage was a miracle.

Since it happened while she was crossing the street, the investigating officer was required by hyper-conservative Virginia law to write her a ticket for “jaywalking,” as occurs in every case where a person is hit in the street.

The court date he set for her trial?

September 11, 2001, 10:00 am.



Sabrina spent four weeks in the hospital, one week in the rehab hospital and then came home, requiring round-the-clock, roll-up-your-sleeves direct care from me.

This was extremely stressful on both of us, and I personally felt terrible about not having worked harder to get my projects done in the earlier months when my readings had so strongly urged me to do so immediately.

Now, I was in a state that was far too scattered and difficult to get anything done except attend to her needs and maintain a minimum participation in Web browsing and answering my endlessly bottlenecking email load.

The fact that I was unable to do anything else caused me great stress, and tensions were at a peak. The pressure had finally started cooling off a bit in early September as she began walking short distances again and gaining some independence, not requiring day-and-night service.

Then, on September 7th, she began experiencing a bizarre and inexplicable loss of nerve sensation on the tops of her hands and wrists, (yes, the areas of the body corresponding to crucifixion,) just a few days before September 11th.

Since these areas had not been directly injured in the accident, it was a very anomalous and unpleasant surprise for her to wake up to one day. This caused a renewal of difficulty for both of us. After the fact, it appeared that the body was graphically illustrating the upcoming disaster.

Upon deep reflection, I realized that her hand event completed the metaphor of illustrating a correspondence between her accident and the metaphorical “crucifixion” of the collective soul of Western humanity on 9-11.

The idea of a “mass crucifixion” falls in line with Cayce’s concept of the “Christ Pattern” corresponding to end-time events, where the whole Earth must go through crucifixion-style events before Ascension.

For that final morning of September 11th, our lawyer had asked us to arrive to court by 9:30, meaning that we had to be in the car by 9. Since I don’t “do” mornings and allow my dream-guided intuition to be my morning alarm, I awoke with surprisingly few minutes to spare. I did not fuss, but just quickly typed in a massive prophetic dream that we will discuss below.

Amazingly, my typing began at the exact minute that the first plane hit the tower.

Already, this dream had me thinking that some big event would soon be underway, an event that could produce martial law, and that it was big enough that I should contact Art Bell to get on the air and warn people about it. Little did I know that I was already too late.

Throwing on clothes, toasting two pieces of millet bread and peeling and bagging a grapefruit took a little longer than it should have, so we left the house a little late. Most interestingly, we did not listen to the radio at all while we were driving, so we had no knowledge of what was going on.

This in and of itself was unusual, as normally our dynamic is that I want it completely off and Sabrina wants to hear it, so we end up compromising in 15-minute intervals. But this particular morning, my protests for silence and clarity before the court case won, and we did the entire 25-minute drive with no radio contact at all.

After all, if she lost this case then any hope for a legal settlement would be completely scuttled, and I wanted us to stay focused. The idea of listening to the radio felt very psychically distasteful to me at this time.

We made a few wrong turns when we were near the courthouse due to the extreme tension we were feeling over the case, so we didn’t enter the building until about 9:45, with Sabrina in a wheelchair so that we could transport her for longer distances without walking.

Furthermore, once we got inside the court building, no one ran up to us in a frenzy and told us what was going on. Our lawyer actually knew about the events already, but surprisingly enough he chose to only discuss our last-minute legal information that we needed before going in, since we were already late and had to focus and be calm.

The next thing you know, we were passing into the jam-packed, funeral-quiet chamber, and were mindful of the signs that forbade anyone from talking whatsoever. The cop who had written the ticket was there at the door and smiled broadly, clearly quite glad to see Sabrina looking better; it was something good for him to focus on with his own knowledge of the dire events unfolding on the world stage.

We went in and sat down in the front row, as I always did in college classes, so I was right behind all the lawyers. Furthermore, this area had the greatest amount of space for Sabrina to maneuver in the wheelchair.

Almost immediately I was surprised by what broad liberties were being taken with this “rule of silence” by the lawyers, who huddled, scurried around, chattered louder than whisper-level and seemed curiously unified with each other.

At first I thought, “Wow, what a disrespect for the rules of the road these lawyers have cultured here.” But as I listened more, I started piecing a story together as I overheard their excited prattle — (two towers… airplane crashes… the Pentagon.)

Just as so many people have said, it all seemed so surreal, all the more so because here I was in this giant square polished wooden room, packed with people who are not talking to each other, and amidst all that I was hearing I was still quite concerned about the outcome of our case and what long-term impacts it would have on Sabrina.

Then, a young corporate woman in the crowd behind me got a call on her cell phone and called out much too loudly, “Oh, my God!” I turned and looked back at her in the ruptured stillness with a facial expression of surprised annoyance, as I think people are often quite rude when they use cell phones in public, but she just looked right through me, her eyes quite dissociated from her surroundings.

I was surprised at how blatantly she broke “the rules,” knowing that she could be risking the success of her whole case by doing that, or even getting kicked out before it had ever started. I did not immediately realize that her yell was also related to the events unfolding.

However, my curiosity compounded as I heard the murmur that there was a “full military recall”  and “ThreatCon Charlie upgraded to ThreatCon Delta.”

Well, that was it. At this point, I realized that I had indeed seen the future in my dream:

Something big WAS going on, and it indeed involved a major event, possibly a simultaneous, multi-pronged terrorist strike at the US government, necessitating the immediate activation of all military personnel.

At first I felt that it was a military attack that combined attacks on airliners with separate attacks of a different form on the Pentagon and possibly the Washington Monument.

I didn’t know but what the Pentagon had been completely blown up. The lawyers did say “two towers,” and the Washington Monument didn’t really seem to have any military significance. The only two that I knew of that were close together would be the World Trade Center.

But that would be so big… it just didn’t seem possible and I certainly didn’t want to rush to any hasty conclusions, so I just left it open-ended in my analysis, focusing on what I did know. I would learn the details soon enough. But the Pentagon, for God’s sake!

Wow. There was no telegraphing of hostility from Russia or China, and the fact that airliners were down definitely made me think “terrorism.”

On a level deeper than my immediate shock, there was a sense of nervous excitement, as it raised the immediate possibility that the Ascension event was much, much closer than I had believed.

Furthermore, the very fact that the event was unfolding while I was in such novel circumstances, i.e. the most important court case I had ever attended, showed that some amazing, pre-planned synchronicity had been involved in all of this.

On another level, I still was in doubt and denial; nothing this big would ever really happen, would it? Of course not. After all, I and so many others had seen epic changes upcoming in the very near future, and I had started to wonder if the prophecies were all wrong.

I even sent a recent post to my email group chiding the metaphysical community for its “alcoholic” perspective, which could be loosely paraphrased as follows:

“After sampling a few drinks of worrisome global trends, suddenly people think that we are about to get hit hard and be reeling, stumbling drunk with disaster.

Maybe the prophecies are wrong, and this whole dysfunctional society is just going to keep on lumbering along as it always has, never “drunk” enough to pull out of the fatally crippled markets, tip over and fulfill the prophecies of economic collapse.”


So, with my curiosity at its peak, I wrote down the details I could make out, realizing that if this was indeed a real event, then the writing itself would forever freeze that moment in time — (and it might even become a collector’s item for Cayce fans who finally learn about my work long after I’ve left the body.)

I passed over my written hypothesis to Sabrina, who was so focused on her case that she didn’t even listen to what the lawyers were talking about.

(Since developing my psychic ability I have become quite adept at listening to two conversations simultaneously, even if I am participating in one of them and the other one is at a much lower volume.

It probably comes from four-limb independent percussion studies and learning to play complex rhythms and sing at the same time, as well as the psychic ability to “listen around” your conscious mind to the deeper thoughts and images that emerge.

You would be amazed how much information you can gather, regarding what others really think about you, when you can hear two conversations at once. You’ll never be able to do this if you have TV or radio on as background noise on any consistent basis.

I literally cannot have a conversation under such circumstances without great effort, since I hear and register everything that is being communicated.)


As soon as I saw the judge emerge, I intuitively knew that Sabrina would win her case due to the emotional identification and empathy that would be produced, as she and Sabrina were easily the two most beautiful women in the room, and they both had similar looks.

The judge was a relatively young and attractive blonde woman, wearing the standard black robe. “Ah, what amazing luck we have,” I thought to myself, breathing a luxurious sigh of relief.

The judge would see herself in Sabrina and say, “What would I do for myself if I knew that I had to win this case in order to fully recover from such an accident?”

I also realized that the cards were stacked in our favor even more due to the fact that if this global event was indeed real, then there would be great sympathy for injury cases — and Sabrina was the only one there with crutches and / or a wheelchair.

In short, we were amazingly well taken care of by the unseen power of angelic-guided synchronicity. Little did I realize exactly how much of it there was at this time!

The judge mounted the central seat of power and went through her opening speech with a wide-eyed, unblinkingly robotic and highly authoritative demeanor that was so vivid that words cannot describe it.

There was an amazingly true and real, even archetypal feminine strength being given off, no Barbie doll here — and the vibrations from the rest of the people in the room were extremely intense, and in a strange way very sacred.

Like everyone else, I was riveted to my chair and nervously hanging on every word that she spoke, even while knowing that she had spoken the same words every day on the job.

At times it seemed that she was talking too fast and rather absentmindedly crashing through her script, but the eye contact, Amazon Woman stone-power face and energetic vibrations she was giving off were fantastic; it was like a collective inhale that never exhaled.

Here was a woman who could be on the cover of a magazine or in a music video, would obviously look like a multimillionaire if her poker-face ever cracked a smile, and was now standing completely in her truth and power: “I AM YOUR JUDGE. RESPECT ME.”

It was a satisfying and amazing role reversal in this sex-soaked society that is all too quick to objectify women who look like her into very narrow categories, which come complete with specific expectations.

Everyone there was worried about their own case and whether they would have to pay a fine or even be jailed, but now they were also concerned about much larger world events as well.

When she called for the immediate release of all military personnel from the courtroom, I really knew that something was definitely going on. You could literally taste the fear.



As the intensity continued building, I strongly reflected on my dream of that very morning, which had convinced me that an epic event, possibly a gigantic land movement, was imminently due. In the dream, I was already late for an airplane flight, which is one of my most clearly established dream metaphors for Ascension.

I was trying to find my bag while in the environment of my old school, and this was a symbol for my ongoing need to hurry up and finish my projects so that I will be fully prepared for the big transformation.

Finally I found my bag, but I was immediately approached and told that I couldn’t leave.

Some sort of martial law had been declared and I was stuck in the middle of it.

Without appearing to have much choice in the matter, radio talk show host Art Bell was now acting as a military dispatcher for the masses.

The common people were now forced to suit up in military fatigues and march in formation, and I realized with disappointment that I would have to join them before I could go on my “flight.”

I was given a pea-green military uniform, just a T-shirt and khaki pants, and told that I had to go change into it, even as I had found my belongings and was now ready to board my flight.

Just as I was starting to get frustrated about all this, I heard the marchers singing a repetitive little song that perked my interest:

“Praise ye, Praise ye, we’re in for planetary motion.”

I wondered, with interest, why in the world they would be singing this, and at that moment I woke up. As I typed the dream into the computer, I realized that this was a prediction of possible martial law being declared in America.

Even when the picture of Bin Laden “mysteriously” fell off of a shelf onto the floor and stared up at me, I did not think of other metaphors of “earth-shaking events” that the dream data could relate to; I immediately assumed it was some form of natural catastrophe.

And again, later I would see that the exact minute that I awoke from the dream coincided with the timing of the first airliner’s impact.

In the car, on the way to court, I had said to Sabrina,

“Something really big is about to happen. For the dream to so forcefully be telling me to call Art Bell and make such an extreme prediction about earth changes and martial law is very bizarre. I don’t know exactly what this event is, but I feel that it is coming very soon.”


I had already decided to call Art as soon as we got back from court, but by the time the judge sent away all the military personnel for rescheduling of their court dates, I realized I was too late.

Whatever this mega-event was, it now had already occurred, and Art would be deluged with calls from many different previous guests who had a far more familiar rapport with him than I did.

I certainly did not want to bother him, and calling him after-the-fact would have looked like a cheap and very poorly timed hoax designed for attention-getting at a time of crisis.

Also, of course, we were quite nervous about how Sabrina’s case would turn out that day — and we ended up being the first regular case that was heard.

As I wheeled Sabrina up to the bench and the trial began, our lawyer seemed much too nervous considering the solid case that we had against the alleged “jaywalking” ticket, as he was visibly shaking.

Only later did we learn that he was a military reserve pilot and was well aware that his services may be required at any moment.

I was surprised at how loud his voice was while he argued our case; not a single person in the room had any doubt about what was being heard. I kept my head bowed in respect the entire time, never looking at the judge’s face.

Things got bad when a little argument over details erupted from the judge towards our lawyer, and then became very tense when the police officer provided some resistance, saying that certain witnesses thought that her hat was “floppy” and could have obstructed her view, thus indicating negligence.

A strange calm and sense of inner light and purpose came over me.

It gave me enough nerve to literally turn my back and walk away from the stand without asking, going to grab that same hat, which we “just happened” to have with us that day.

Our lawyer improvised it right into the script as evidence, and Sabrina put it on and showed that it did not obstruct her view.

I felt an incredible rush of relief as the police officer recanted his viewpoint and agreed that there was no visibility problem with the hat, now that he had actually seen it.

That was it: a few more sentences from the lawyer and the judge went into her closing statements:

“(Blah blah blah…) I hereby find the defendant not guilty. Case dismissed.”

BANG! Down came the gavel. Signed, sealed, delivered. We won! Oh, the relief! Thank God!



All these proceedings were loud enough for the whole crowd to have heard what was going on. After quickly fetching the rest of our stuff, I pivoted her chair around 180 degrees and headed straight down the center aisle of the packed courtroom.

Everyone looked at Sabrina in the chair with unusually great compassion as we left victorious. Only once we got outside the chamber did our nerve-wracked lawyer, fresh off his cell phone, reveal what was going on in the bigger picture with expert conciseness:

“Four planes were hijacked. Two struck the Twin Towers and they have now both completely collapsed to the ground in just the last few minutes.

Another struck the Pentagon and there was an explosion there as well.

The fourth seemed to have been going towards the White House but crashed in Pennsylvania.”


The realization of the true hugeness of what had just occurred put me into a very psychedelic, altered consciousness as we headed back to the car, and I was very glad that I wasn’t the one driving.

The combination of such a massively rewarding tension-resolution cycle regarding Sabrina’s court victory, followed so immediately by the most significant world news of my entire generation, was quite a heavy combination. My mind crackled as all the pieces started fitting together:

“Yes, the prophecies are true,” I thought. “Everything is now coming to pass exactly as I have been told. How long have I felt that the Ascension was so impossibly far away, an event that I have been patiently expecting for so, so very long?

How many times, even with all the scientific and spiritual proof that I have gathered, have I secretly feared that it just might not ever come, the days dragging out into years as we wait, wait, wait with no further results?

What if it were now? What if today is it? How do I know that this is anything but just the beginning of the war that I have seen coming for so long?

Haven’t I always said that at the moment it would happen, it would be “right now?”

Therefore, the only way you can imagine it is to realize that you are in the “right now” at this very moment — and you can indeed feel those same emotions of total joy, release and wonderment right now?

No, no, it will not be a “future” event when it happens. It will be the most fantastic physical experience imaginable, and it will all be happening in real time, just like now.”


My psychic preparation for such an event in advance was so significant that I never felt any terror or fear. If I was to die, I was plenty ready, although I hoped that I had some additional time left to finish writing my books.

We hastily drove to a neighbor’s house to watch the event a few times on his TV, where the event was now being pinned on Bin Laden.

I remembered how his picture, just a scrap cut out of a Time magazine and discarded in a heap, fell off the bookshelf that same morning and was staring up at me as I typed the dream in. It just happened to be that day that it fell — another example of exquisitely timed “threshold” telekinesis synchronicity.

I watched the crash footage in amazement, as certain scenes looked almost identical to those I had experienced directly in dreams a few months earlier — especially the shot of people running down the street in terror as the gigantic dust cloud from the collapsing tower chased after them like a huge monster.

And I do mean it when I say that the television images were “identical.” I then managed to get through long-distance to California on our neighbor’s brain-nuking cell phone, and I calmly discussed the “chessboard” with Dr. Mandelker.

We both concluded that the “final stage” before Ascension was now underway. We both agreed that such an attack was a stroke of diabolical military genius, and couldn’t possibly have worked more to the favor of those who perpetrated it.

So “flawless” was the execution of this evil plan that Scott rated it a “10” in terms of its effectiveness. And what a surprise to be popped on “America, the Un-Invadable.”

How I wished in hindsight that I had transcribed and posted my dream of the missile attack on NY that featured such an identical scene of disaster!

I made the point that this was their one shot. Whatever rogue group was responsible would probably never be able to use that particular method of mass destruction again; the surprise of the “airplane as a missile” gambit was a one-trick pony.

Dr. Mandelker agreed but reminded me that there could certainly be other events of different types; all it took was motivation and persistence on behalf of the perpetrators.

Since we both had been expecting something like this to have already occurred well before it did, we were not shaken by it. We speculated as to how much time we had left before “The Big Event” of Ascension itself, and Mandelker remarked with surprise about how he now realized that it may occur well before 2010-2013.

I then proceeded to rush home and put an entire article together summarizing the prophecies I had published about the event in advance, posting it online that same day for maximum effect, not knowing if other events were to immediately follow or even how long we had left to use the Internet.



So there you have it. What came next is preserved in my 9-11 series of articles that most of you have probably already read.

Despite the shocking severity of Sabrina’s injury and the utterly incredible synchronicity of our court experience, we decided not to publicize the details of her accident at all until the healing, legal and financial processes were all well taken care of.

(She is walking and doing very well now, a recovery that the doctors have said is miraculous.) I made this decision right from the first day that she was hit, as I wanted to significantly reduce any chances that this knowledge could be used against us.

[I do not, however, feel that any foul play was at work with the accident itself, at least from any third-density Earth sources.]

So, from June onward, Sabrina’s accident put me into a mindset of dealing with an almost inestimable degree of shock and pain (i.e., my closest friend literally almost died and required my full direct care after leaving the hospital,) and then I had to work through it day after day and keep it secret from my Internet community for safety and privacy issues.

In a deeper sense, both of us were processing the emotions of an extreme event that had not yet occurred in the near future, but nevertheless “weighed” heavily in the energetic sense, where events cast their shadows forwards and backwards in time.

The 9-11 event was shockingly devastating and bloody, and made it impossible for our society to “walk” and function for a while, much in the same sense that Sabrina had to gradually recover and went through extreme anguish along the way.

(This is not to say that her accident couldn’t also symbolize other yet-unforeseen events as well.)

So, in summary, the September 11th experience was, for Sabrina and I, charged with an unbelievable amount of metaphorical symbolism. Everything that transpired could be analyzed as if it were a dream.

Obviously, the key message of the “dream” was the idea of major disasters, Earth Changes and the Ascension experience, but the specifics are where it really gets interesting.

First of all, on a surface level, that day in the courtroom seemed to be showing us that people would stick together and continue to function in the midst of very extreme and distressing events.

The court remained in session, policemen were policemen, lawyers were lawyers, people were people, judges were judges and everyone continued to function during the peak of the insanity. That was certainly a reassuring aspect to the whole equation, showing the resiliency that our society will have as changes continue.

More importantly, the metaphor-laden events of “Armageddon,” “Judgment Day” and “Ascension” were all acted out on the stage of symbolism with remarkable clarity and insight. Everything fit “the script” amazingly well, as we shall explore in the next few paragraphs.

As the world was reeling and towers exploding and falling, we were in a court of law where the Universal Feminine archetype, a model-beautiful woman, had now been restored to full power.

Everyone there was being “judged” for their own “sins,” in this case alleged transgressions of Virginia law — a picture-perfect metaphor for “Judgment Day.”

Sabrina was judged to be completely free and innocent of negligence, showing that we need not fear what will be.

Furthermore, we did not learn the full story of the attack until the trial was over and we already had won, although I had written down scraps of data on the back of my research text regarding “2 towers”, “Pentagon” and “airplane crashes” while I sat in court.

Symbolically, our incredibly-timed “court synchronicity” seems intended to show that:

There will be a time in our not-too-distant future where one or a series of distressing and epic events are occurring on the planet but we are not sure exactly what they are, as we will be cut off from our typical access to media information.

This will occur directly before Ascension, and we still will not know what was going on as we undergo the experience itself.

This concept corresponds to our experience of being in court, knowing something big was going on but being unable to find out exactly what it was.

In the future, this experience alone will feel paralyzing since we are so addicted to instant information gratification, but we will have plenty to contend with in our own local environment.

Prior to this “final” point, martial law may have already been declared and the public forced to participate, seen in my dream on the morning of 9-11 with the organized marching and public media figures calling people to action.

(I do not, however, get the impression that large groups of “dissidents” such as people in my field will be herded into “work camps,” as certain theorists speculate.

There may well be groups that would like this to occur, but I have been told repetitively in readings that there will simply not be enough staff or willingness for such witch-hunts to occur. In fact, government and authority will be on the backseat as local institutions claim back power, and it is highly unlikely that the American public will allow their “right to bear arms” to be repealed.)


Returning to my dream on the morning of 9-11, we should remember that I was waiting for an airplane flight but I had not yet been able to leave. Metaphorically, this indicates that the Ascension would be delayed by the martial-law-related events surrounding the flight in the dream.

At the dream’s end, an epic planetary motion was predicted. This obviously corresponds to the polar shift that the physics prescribes for the Earth as the Global Grid finally moves into its new position.

Then, at the minute I woke up, the first plane struck. This establishes remarkable symbolic correlation between the 9-11 event and the pole shift itself, thus showing how the events of Sabrina’s and my own life that day corresponded to the “Ascension” or “end time” period.

Bearing that in mind, we could see that by the time we were driving to court, both towers had been hit, possibly indicative of a two-stage polar shifting movement of the earth’s axis, here represented by the towering pillars.

It is well established from our previous work that a mass boarding event will occur right before such a polar shift, where angelic entities in piloted spacecraft will be lifting people off of the earth to safety.

Soon after the plane hit the first tower at the end of my dream, symbolic of pole shift as the dream indicated, I was Sabrina’s passenger on the road driving to the court.

This special drive could be symbolic of the “assisted journey” of Ascension itself, with Sabrina representing the wounded Mother Earth going through its own graduation and bringing its inhabitants along with it for transformation. Let’s not forget about Sabrina’s bizarre “crucifixion” numbness that had started just a few days before.

Along these same lines, our driving to the massive court complex would represent the linking up of the “scout ships” that will be picking small groups of people up with the larger “mother ship,” where we will temporarily reside.

Then, in this context the court trial itself is the symbolic equivalent of the all-important “Judgment Day.” As written in the Bible and other sources, each of us must face ourselves and our own actions at this all-important time, and the metaphor of a trial is indeed quite useful for what this process will be like.

The next level of meaning was when we proved that Sabrina was not blinded by the material world, i.e. her hat, that no negligence had occurred, and that the trial was decided in our favor.

This is a potent reminder that even though many Lightworkers have their own obstructions to work through, the clarity of our sight is enough for the positive polarity to be firmly rooted. Indeed, those who have loved others as they love themselves and are still recovering from their own “wounds” of Earth experience will be able to graduate and move on into fourth-density positive.

And again, this entire “Judgment Day” process will occur before we actually learn exactly what events had taken place on the Earth before we left. In the 9-11 court metaphor that we went through, Sabrina and I were unaware of the details of the event until the case had ended.



And now the synchronicity starts to build even more, once we note that:

Six months to the day before Sabrina had her accident, I had a dream that prophesied the event in remarkable detail, including where the physical damages would appear on her body.

This six-month period is an excellent cosmic cycle to watch, being exactly half of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Whether or not any of the rumors on the Internet about the 9-11 event being an “inside job” are true, the fact remains that in this same prophetic dream of mine, six months to the day before her accident, I saw militant figures dressed in black who were herding Americans into cars and then causing the cars to explode by igniting their gas tanks.

Once again, I was able to be literally airlifted out inside a green canvas military bag at the last minute, which is yet another Ascension metaphor.

It is now proven that Pearl Harbor, on Dec. 7, 1941, was allowed to occur in order to incite the apathetic American public into participating in World War II, and September 11, 2001 was exactly 60 years after this event — another “perfect” cycle that appears over and over again in the science of cycles, or cyclology.

That does add scientific strength to the idea that at least some level of the US Government was aware of what was coming and purposefully allowed it to proceed, though no one can truly “prove” this yet.



Now, we’ll investigate the metaphorical data of my own injury, first reviewing the events themselves and then their possible meanings. For you see, the plot gets even thicker when we see that my own hand injury occurs on Dec. 1, 2001:

  • EXACTLY on the night of the Full Moon
  • EXACTLY six months after Sabrina’s prophetic accident
  • EXACTLY one year after my amazingly detailed dream of Sabrina’s accident


This clearly shows that all of these events are intended to be seen together, forming a unified, cohesive symbolic message.

If we remember, the most significant Ascension dream that I have publicized in Shift of the Ages featured a full moon as a key part of the metaphor for the day that the Ascension finally arrives.

These cyclical connections between the three events are astonishing, but I couldn’t publish them until now. Furthermore, the conditions immediately before my accident were highly strange and rich with symbolism as well:

  • Only a week before Dec. 1, a nearby neighbor’s house burned up
  • This was the third time that such an event had happened
  • The fire correlated precisely with a major blast of spiritual revelation that I had
  • This was the third time that such a revelation took place before a nearby fire
  • Each of these fires were progressively more damaging than the one before
  • I had experienced at least five dreams that foretold of this fire in advance
  • We lost the use of our water in the kitchen for three days before my injury


To review, the first fire occurred in December 1996, just after I started doing readings and found amazement and validation from reading “Seth Speaks.” The details of this event can be found in the beginning of the Early Readings Archive on this website.

The second fire happened in January 2000, just one day after I discovered the Galactic Constant, a single number that is the mass common denominator for every orbital movement in the entire Galaxy, which is correct down to the last second.

(The time derivative for celestial motion in any star system can be calculated by dividing round numbers into this one single constant, and the answer will be correct down to the second.)

The third fire of November 2001 happened just as I realized my finest vision for assimilating all of my research data together into one work, which became tangible as I wrote out a complete, detailed outline for a new book, The Divine Cosmos.

When a fire occurred for the third time while I was in such a uniquely inspired mode, I knew that it had powerful implications. Soon afterwards, I had a session with a Chinese Medicine healer who was amazed to hear my story, and correlated it with an excess of the “fire” energy of inspiration; i.e., I needed to learn how to control my own “energy” better.

On the way back home, our path was blocked by road work, and a careless dump-truck driver almost crushed us under his car, causing both of us a fright before a female employee got him to stop.

Then as soon as we got free and turned right, I was literally stunned to see the title of my main book, Convergence, made into a very fine illuminated sign of Times New Roman italic metal letters against a brick background. I also often wrote the title of the book in italics, using the same font, so it was quite impressive.

This event of leaving the healer’s house was another layer of the Ascension metaphor. The dump truck incident corresponds to a pressing world crisis, in this case the emotional “dumping” of the apocalyptic fear of most people on this planet, and the possible threat of injury or death.

But then, the feminine spirit intervenes and we are released at the most intense and poignantly scary moment. To miraculously see the word Convergence right after this clearly strengthened the idea that the overall series of events, including those of my upcoming injury, were symbolic of the conditions surrounding Ascension.

Then, we also have to contend with the metaphor of our water shutting off. On one level, this could indicate a lack of availability of water for many people before Ascension, but on a deeper level it also correlates with a lack of spirituality on behalf of much of the planet.

We had the water fixed on the day after I came home from the hospital and had finally gotten control over my nausea, and we will explore this metaphor later.

And now, we return to an analysis of my hand injury on the night of Dec. 1, 2001. As I wrote in my last article, a deep-blue drinking glass (vessel for holding water, a metaphor for the human body “vessel” and its holding of the spiritual energy of the soul) shattered in my right hand (signifying energy-out, whereas the left is energy-in.)

Running to the bedroom, I bled directly on the printed copy of my own life’s work, Convergence III, and one of my most important research documents, “Central Oscillator and the Space-Time Quanta Medium” by Oliver Crane.

Sabrina came to my aid while I was screaming, and put a light-blue towel over my wound. A quote from Buddha regarding our thoughts creating reality fell to the floor amongst the blood and shattered glass, and the clock in the car read “4:44” as we headed off to the ER.

Once I got there, I learned that two other guys had almost the exact same injury as myself, at the same time that I did — and even the skeptical medical profession admitted that it was a “highly bizarre” correspondence.

So, in context of the six-month cycle connection to Sabrina’s accident and following symbolic court trial, this event can be analyzed for its metaphorical meaning.

First of all, we can assume that the fire across the street, the water problem and my injury a week after the fire all refer to events that are all still in our future. Immediately it is interesting to note that Sabrina’s nerve problems started happening as we got extremely close to the time of the towers collapsing.

Now, here I am with the sensation in my right pinky shut down, writing this article. The exact six-month cyclical timing of my own accident seems to indicate that it refers to an event as big or bigger than the “911” event.

In fact, since I am the person most directly responsible for putting this work out to the world, and it was the largest injury of my life, it could be intended to show equally large implications for the world.



So, the order of events surrounding my own accident does give us a timeline to work off of. For starters, we can assume that my hand injury refers to a very major event, and that the fire and water incidents refer to other events that will occur prior to that point.



So, before the big prophesied event that my own accident refers to, we have an “explosion,” if you will, that was “very close to home,” corresponding to the house burning across the street. My readings have long contended that the most distressing events would also occur at the times of greatest spiritual inspiration.

This “formula” was in place with my own symbolism at the time, as I was highly inspired before and after the fire occurred. Nevertheless, the fire was distressing. This, I unfortunately must report, appears to be a prophecy of a nuclear event occurring between India and Pakistan, and / or other explosive events.

Those who are familiar with this work will know that the higher forces responsible for guarding the Earth, known locally as the Council of Nine, have agreed that they will not allow us to destroy the Earth with nuclear weapons, and are fully capable to stop it if we tried.

This has been amply demonstrated and documented by The Disclosure Project, and has caused the US Government to consider the Visitors to be hostile, not realizing that such events are a protective measure.

So, although the capability exists for them to stop nuclear devices, it is a major infringement on our free will and would constitute the point where they would officially have to reveal themselves before humanity, whether we were fully “ready” or not.

I now have received two recent dream confirmations that they have voted to allow a limited exchange to occur surrounding the India-Pakistan situation. I do not know if they will allow any other escalations to occur, and I did have someone send me a dream recently where the ET presence suddenly and abruptly appeared all over the skies of the world.

If the event were allowed to occur without infringement, this then activates many other potential chess pieces on the board very quickly.

Cool heads will be required at lightning speed in order to ensure that war not escalate, such as between the US and China, which may well have been part of Bin Laden’s “master plan” of attracting the US military presence to that exact area and using his minions to incite further chaos between India and Pakistan.



Although this is not directly related to a fire, I have also seen epic distress occurring in Chicago and possibly other US cities. Though I was informed right from the beginning that the anthrax scare was largely a farce and it was no more dangerous than inhaling your own urine in a powdered form, I appear to be seeing a very distressing attack of some sort in Chicago.

The “surface metaphor” of the dream, meaning what I actually saw before any symbolic analysis was applied, seemed to indicate bioterror, and that the trail of the pathogen might be through food. In the dream I saw a form of vegetable stew that kept showing up all over the place, mostly spread out on various floors, with the look of vomit.

This stew was so virulent that just to step on it with a shoe was to invite the possibility of getting sick and dying. Every person who died was a man wearing a business suit.

I do not believe that any pathogen exists that would be so severe as to travel instantly through the sole of a shoe and cause death, so I have a quite strong feeling that this is not about biological or chemical weapons.

In this dream, I kept frantically riding up and down different elevators to try to solve the problem. This is another angle that makes me think that it isn’t actually about bioterror, as this elevator metaphor could very easily refer to sudden, wildly whipsawing market movements, possibly triggered by other violent events.

Since Chicago is a financial district, the vomit is most likely only a metaphor for the queasy “sickness” that people would feel as the markets plummeted so suddenly, possibly rallying and crashing several times in quick succession.

The idea that the vomit made the suited men “die” could be more metaphorical than literal, meaning that their life savings had been evaporated. This certainly could feel like death to some people, especially those with a lot to lose.

As we shall see, the next dream in sequence also strengthens the idea that this Chicago event is not bioterror-related. So, although the probability for such a strike is not all that high, I do recommend being very wary of buying any food that is not prepackaged and sealed from a known source.

Vegetables and fruits should be from small, non-local organic farms only, and thoroughly washed and rinsed before eating. I would also strongly recommend not buying anything from street-side vendors, as this might also be a factor. Much of the “vomit stew” that I saw was in the streets or in corridors of buildings leading to the streets.

Metaphorically, we have the concept of food that is hastily chewed and left undigested by the stomach, then suddenly manifesting everywhere in a vomited-up form and causing near death for professional businessmen-types, who were desperately trying not to step in it as they tried to go about their business.

We can see how close this is to the recent event that occurred with President Bush, choking on food and nearly dying. In dreams, food usually refers to the “bread of life,” the “bounty of the harvest” that is true, loving spiritual energy.

Stew is a form of food that combines many different ingredients together, just as in this case a city combines many influences together. This all could combine to suggest that the spiritual integrity of Chicago’s financial district has gone quite sour, and that large-scale karmic principles will come into play to create balance.

I did desperately want further clarification on this, since it affects many people’s lives, and I may have gotten my answer this past Saturday while Hideo and Sabrina were here.

If we remember, this was the dream that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, where I woke up, said that I didn’t feel I was in any danger, and then on the word “Danger” I tried to turn on my light switch and the bulb blew.

In this next dream, I ended up in a dormitory-style room in a multi-story building, in a city next to a body of water that I feel was fresh. (This reinforces the idea that it was Chicago, but it could also be Minneapolis or other cities.)

Suddenly, all the lights went out all over the city and in my building. Just three seconds later, I heard a massive combination of male voices, many of younger boys, chanting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) three times in quick succession.

The chant was so loud, so precise, so widespread and had so much hateful energy behind it that I was quite shaken up; whatever had just happened to the lights seemed to be terrorist-related — and there were a large number of perpetrators, all coordinated together.

I went out into the hallway and a young Caucasian boy ran by in a panic. He was apparently an employee of the building, and I asked him if the power went out. He was in denial and said that it had not, and to prove his point he pointed at a digital clock with glowing green numbers that was still running. Nevertheless, all else was completely pitch-black.

Still shaken by the chant I had heard, I walked to the window. To my surprise, I saw riots occurring in the streets. Many of the rioters were Arabic. The biggest surprise of all were that the rest of them were all young Chinese men, some wearing glasses and appearing to be college students.

There was an intensely insidious atmosphere in the air, but I was not afraid and felt that I should just stay where I was.

[3/12/09: In hindsight, this dream appeared to be predicting an enormous power blackout in the Northeast. In the immediate post-9/11 world, there were undoubtedly many people who feared it was an act of terrorism — and the circumstances surrounding the blackout were indeed very strange. My speculation about the dream’s meaning, which follows here, obviously went well beyond what actually happened.] 

To recap, when I woke up from this, after typing it up I told Sabrina and Hideo that I just had another distressing future vision. As I walked back into my room to turn on the light, I said, “But I don’t think that I was in any danger.”

As I said the word “danger,” I turned on the light switch and the bulb went bright blue and then expired.

Again, this seemed to be a bit too conveniently timed to be coincidence, and I concluded that synchronicity had once again spoken loudly: “This is a real event that may very well occur, and you need to write about it.” The bulb event also reveals data about the nature of the attack itself.

With this second data point again suggesting Chicago, which is a major financial district for the US, the puzzle begins to assemble. It may be that an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) weapon will be set off in Chicago one night after the sun goes down.

Such a weapon renders all electrical devices, including the vast majority of cars, completely inoperable. This could explain the metaphor of my bulb suddenly blowing out in my actual waking world, as well as the fact that the green digits of the clock were still visible in the dream, so it was not a “normal” power outage.

This EMP weapon appears to have been smuggled in by Chinese, most likely coming in through western Canada and then jumping the border with the device into Chicago. Once it goes off, a planned, organized riot ensues.

Many people from the Western regions of China are Muslim, we must remember, and I saw Chinese and Arabs rioting together in the streets. It appears that their goal was to take advantage of the EMP-induced anarchy to use arson against the various buildings of the financial infrastructure, and / or set off other bombs or missiles at the same time.

This explains the suddenly violent market collapses that the other dream seemed to suggest in that area. I did not see them in gas masks, so it does not appear that they were trying to do anything biological. This again suggests that the “vomit stew” in the first dream was not in reference to a bio-chem ploy.

Now, if we go back to the original event where the fire occurred near my house, we remember that we lost our water in the kitchen a few days after the event. In “symbolic time” like this, that span of a few days could indicate a few weeks, months or even longer cycle periods. Whatever the timeline is, that metaphor was quite direct.

Literally, we could not use our kitchen sink at all, and this was where we had a specialized water filter hooked up. We were forced to buy bottled water and do our dishes in the bathroom sink.

So, this symbolic event seems to indicate that at some future point after the would-be Chicago event, people in certain areas will have limited access to water, which could cause great hardship.

And indeed, an EMP bomb may disable the water systems in a given city if they have any electrical components to their function, which they most certainly do. However, I feel that this could also refer to a more widespread problem in society, corresponding to larger gestalts of change related to overall economic collapse.

You see, my dreams are telling me that a sudden, major stock market contraction is set to occur in the near future. This could well be timed in accordance with such strikes as I have outlined above. Large corporations will be collapsing quite suddenly and without warning as earnings plummet.

Part of this could definitely be triggered by the fact that Internet-based corporations on the NASDAQ are now being required by new regulations to post “write-offs” that are estimated to have a collective value of one TRILLION dollars.

At the peak of the NASDAQ bubble, companies like Time-Warner bought AOL and paid enthusiastically high values for them. The way the law used to be, these profit losses were considered a “grace” that did not have to be reported, but all that is about to change.

And this is only one of several imminent shocks that are about to arrive, including the possible collapse of the Japanese financial system.

[One last-minute addition to this article before we go to press. I had a dream which actually featured a visual description of corporations suddenly going bankrupt and folding up, their giant buildings suddenly left vacant as their influence scatters to the wind.

I had never put much stock into the fact that it was inside a Kmart where I saw this change occur, and I am not sure if I even indicated that in writing when I first posted that dream online. Just today as I am putting this article online, I discover that Kmart is essentially bankrupt.

The S&P 500, long considered to be the group of America’s strongest stocks, just kicked off Kmart from their list, obviously so that its losses don’t drag down their overall bottom line. Billionaire Martha Stewart is also considering pulling out.

The company’s stock prices have now sank to 36-year lows after their bottom line has been continuously clobbered by Wal-Mart and Target, with stocks sinking by 45% down to $1.27 a share. This shows amazing “time-locked” coordinates with when I actually am ready to put out this article, just another addition to the “synchronicity pile.”]


This metaphor of market collapse came across in a dream where I was a direct participant in the action. In dreams relating to investing, my father often symbolizes the “Everyman” and woman. In this case, I discovered that my father had a big gambling problem with the “LOTTO.”

I went into this dingy basement-like room and saw that there were many rough, square boxes painted light yellow, all stacked on top of each other. Each box said the word “LOTTO” on it. I was told by others that my father had a real gambling sickness, and that the boxes needed to be taken away from him in order to stop it.

He had been covering it up from others, but we (representing the spiritual forces surrounding humanity) were well aware of what was going on.

I was told by the others there, all women, that most of the boxes needed to disappear. Somehow, I became the one to take on this responsibility, and it would involve telekinesis. I was very surprised at how much energy I had to store to do it, and it made my whole body shake and yell.

I held my hands out to the sides and slammed them together with a massive energy blast, and suddenly the vast majority of the boxes had simply vanished. I knew that they were not truly gone, but had just been moved into a higher plane of existence for the time being.

Now for anyone who thinks that this implicates me, I can assure you that I am not an advocate of violence, terrorism or rebellion in any form. Whatever transpires on the Earth is outside of my control or desire to control, although I do feel that cataloging these dream prophecies may help to stop or reduce the intensity of these possible future events.

We must remember the “Maharishi Effect,” where a group of people meditating in a city caused the overall index of violent crime to abruptly plummet. The dream simply involved me in that role to increase the drama for me, so that I would remember the details and quickly see its meaning.

I have often advised my father to get out of the markets and put at least some of his money into gold. Again, the fact that there was a sudden energy blast and a quick disappearance of the symbolic LOTTO boxes suggests the use of an EMP weapon.

So, the overall weight of evidence makes the strong suggestion that China and others are ready to strike one or more US cities with EMP technology, most likely involving Chicago. Such a device causes a massive pulse of electromagnetic energy that literally melts the wires of all electronic equipment in its vicinity.

Surprisingly it does not damage the human physical body to any significant degree. There is no quick or easy recovery from the use of such a device, and it would fit in well with the Muslim jihad principle of not killing innocent people in war.

This may occur at about the same time that a possible nuclear event transpires between India and Pakistan, further adding to the reeling tension. Let us also remember that we can tease out a timeline for how these events will occur.

The fact is that these explosive events correlate to the fire near my house, and four days after this fire, I lost the use of my drinking water. Then, three more days in advance was my hand accident, which corresponds to the biggest Earth Change of all, as we shall see, leading directly into the Biblical event that we call “Ascension.”

Remember that I said that days of time could indicate longer cycles of time in the world. Other cycle analysis that has been conducted by Eric Hajik pinpoints the time between now and 2003 as uniquely intense, so it may well be that the nuclear event, EMP event, economic collapse and interruption of water supplies could all occur within this timeframe.

Now the next event on the timeline dates back to the dream that I had on the morning of September 11th. We remember that I saw that martial law had been declared, directly involving the public, almost immediately before the “Ascension” event took place. This seems to be the last major event that occurs in the timeline before the big change.

So, some time after the events above, I expect to see a more constrained and repressive form of martial law transpiring in America. I do not feel that we should expect the “Ascension” at any time before this occurs, and this is a point that I have been dreaming about for years.

Obviously, things would have to get quite intense for this to happen. One likely possibility is that it is an after-effect of the “War on Terrorism,” which might correlate with Muslim nations ganging up and deciding to abruptly cut off the oil. Such an event may be triggered by a widening of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which I have also seen erupting into a great war for many years.

While we have reserves in place, such a petroleum strike would cause an almost immediate change in the whole way that our society functions. As such an event worsened, the access to petroleum products would most likely be reduced to military, police, ambulance, fire, 18-wheeler food transportation and public transportation.

This would obviously cause millions of people to be out of work and have nothing to do. I have had other dreams where large groups of people are held in large emptied-out corporate office buildings. Civilians patrol the areas to ensure that everyone stays seated.

People of all different races are in the room, all well-dressed. A woman who appears to be developmentally disabled starts acting out and is brought to a private room.

I feel somewhat worried, but an African-American man next to me tells me to “just relax,” that all they wanted or expected me to do was to relax. So, I did manage to relax, and started doing work on my laptop computer.

I feel that all of the above scenarios contribute to the idea of martial law coming into effect. However, in the longer-term view I have also been given repetitive data for years now that show the US federal government collapsing in much the same way as did the Soviet Union, and there are cycle analyses that strongly support this idea.



For example, in Francois Masson’s book that I have posted online with the new title The Harmonic Cycles of History, clear and astonishing correlations are shown between Roman and United States history. These all correspond to a time interval of one cycle of the Zodiac, which is 2,160 years.

These cycles precisely link WWI and WWII, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Watergate and the presidency of Jimmy Carter with near-identical events and personalities in Rome. Sometimes the correlations are so exact that they almost line up to the day.

You take a Punic War in Rome, advance it 2,160 years forward in time and you get a war in the US. You take a blazing government scandal involving Scipio Africanus in Rome, advance it 2,160 years forward in time and you get Watergate, which is almost identical in the way the events played out, and so on.

My analysis is not intended to attack or defend the US, merely to present the facts dispassionately. I had often wondered why the Roman cycle seemed to “wear off” after the early 1980s, as the timelines no longer seemed to mesh.

I figured that some other cycle had to be in effect, but I wasn’t sure which one. Interestingly, just hours before I cut my hand on the glass, I discovered another cycle.

In order to understand this cycle, we simply divide the 2,160 year cycle by four. Half of 2,160 is 1080, the famous “lunar number” of sacred mathematics, and half of 1080 is 540, which corresponds to a musical note as a number of vibrations of air in one second.

So, things get interesting if we investigate a 540-year cycle. The final collapse of Rome is seen by Masson as being in 1453 AD, corresponding to the military overthrow of the city of Constantine by Muslims.

If you advance that 540 years into the future, you see the first attack on the World Trade Center building in 1993.

Prior to the 9-11 event, it would be hard to see how the original WTC attack corresponded to the Muslim sacking of Constantine, but we must remember that in cyclology there is always a window of plus or minus 11 years around any event, corresponding to the solar cycle.

So, if we add an 11-year orb to 1993, that means that the 540-year Roman cycle indicates that a collapse of the current status of the US Government could occur by 2004 at the latest.

The fact that the 9-11 event occurred at the exact same location as the 1993 event shows that they are very strongly connected in the same cycle. So, the cycle equivalent of the “fall of Rome” was foreshadowed in 1993, but actually was set in motion in 2001.

There is a definite case that can be made for cycle theory regarding the foreshadowing of the 9-11 event itself, where many different cycles all converged on that particular time.

First of all, we have the work of Russian scientist Dr. Sergey Smelyakov, who used the Earth’s relative geometric positions to the Hale-Bopp comet to foretell various events. Based on this analysis, he had forecasted a major catastrophe in the Western Hemisphere related to war, within days of the actual September 11th event.

This prediction was published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine at least one year in advance, and can easily be found with Internet search engines.

Furthermore, as written in the October 2001 issue of Inside Track by Eric Hadik, throughout 1999 and 2000, research had shown that war cycles were coming into focus for the period of August to October of 2001.

These cycles continue on into the future as of the time of this writing, and the fact that such a strong event occurred on September 11th event gives much stronger support to the idea that future warlike events will occur in tune with the cycles as well.

In the midst of Y2K anxiety, November 1999, Hadik wrote,

“All my long-term cycles still point to the year 2001 as being more significant than 2000… events in 2000 could pale by comparison to what will occur in 2001.”

We have posted the PDF file of Hadik’s key newsletter on this site since it is so filled with rigorous long-term cycle information that shows extreme consistency and validity.

Our concern for this article is the prophecies regarding the future that can be gleaned by studying this document. And, in accordance with Bush’s accident, Hadik indicates that “every major event is preceded by subtle ones.”

As we previously stated, the Pearl Harbor bombing occurred on December 7, 1941, and the September 2001 event fits perfectly into a 60-year cycle, which is seen as highly important by cyclologists.

Another surprising fact is that September 8, 2001 was the 50-year anniversary of the peace treaty signed between Japan, the US and its allies, which again shows cycle theory at work.

Another interesting point is that 7×19 or 133 months (11 years 1 month) after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990 is also September 2001. This strongly suggests that he may have had some level of participation in the planning of the attack.

This 133-month cycle is nicely tied in with the 11-year flow of sunspot activity and has “pinpointed many critical wars in the recent history of the Middle East and their impact on America”, as follows:

  • 1945: Cycle begins, first Arab/Israeli War
  • 1956: Second Arab/Israeli War
  • 1967: Six-Day War with Egypt and Arabs
  • 1978/79: Saddam Hussein’s rise to power and Iranian hostage crisis
  • 1990: Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait


Based on Hadik’s analyses, significant attacks on Israel are predicted for early 2002, and the sunspot cycle in question that strengthened the September 2001 event continues forward until May of 2002, thus putting a significant “charge” on this period of time for war and economic failures.

March 2002 is seen by Hadik as a time for a possible major downturn in the value of the dollar, as well as other markets. If we take a 12-year cycle after the Soviet collapse and Gulf War of 1991, which has also proven effective in cycle studies, then we see 2003 as another time for the peak of hostilities, not just for the US and Middle East but also the possibility of Europe or Russia as well.

On the longer term, Hadik’s cycle studies show a period of late 2001 into 2003 as well as a period of late 2001 into 2008 as both converging into a very dangerous period regarding war and its concomitant economic effects; it is interesting in contrast that the US Government recently announced that the war might go on for six years (2002+6=2008.)

So, all of the above cycles add scientific strength to the events that I have been seeing in my dreams and visions, which I have covered above. To me, the most startling discovery was of the 540-year correspondence between the sacking of Constantine and the two WTC events. This appears to foretell a collapse of the US Government.

Quite interestingly, in his master work “The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Calendar,” Dr. Sergey Smelyakov also highlights the years 2003 and 2008 as being extremely major. However, in this case he has done so by applying a “phi”-based transformation to the Mayan Calendar cycle.

I will have much more to say about this when I finish writing The Divine Cosmos, hopefully by mid-March, and his work was discussed in my Yahoo online conference and email group, which is open to the public.

I have speculated that 2003 and 2008 may correspond to the first and second “waves” of Ascension, as have been predicted, prior to the final “energy gate” of 2010-2013 being crossed. That certainly is a speculation and could easily be misguided, as we can never be sure exactly when these events will occur.

Again, it appears that there will be a major change in US politics, and Smelyakov’s work agrees with my 540-year cycle as pinpointing this for 2003. Most likely the federal government will retain military status and not much else, and most power will go back to the hands of the states, some of which will join together into regions.

That is the strongest probability that has been continually shown to me over time. More recently, I have had dreams where local communities were being held collectively responsible for solving their own problems on basic issues such as water sourcing and drainage, and that aid is given preferentially to the communities that are more willing to do their own work.

Those who do not dig their own pipelines and wells, and those who do not solve their own sewage problems simply do not have convenient drinking water and sanitation. Solar calculators are highly prized commodities to have, especially for small business owners.

I have also seen the possibility that major food shortages could occur in cities, leading people to look in dumpsters for food and eventually end up migrating out to suburban areas.

[3/12/09: Thankfully, many of these scenarios were thrown off by the positive progress we’ve made as a society, moving ever more in the direction of love and forgiveness of others.] 

However, even this is not yet the final chapter. The war cycles are considered “extremely dangerous” through to 2008. Even after the US government may have significantly decreased in the scope of its power, further surprises are still ahead, culminating in one or a series of major events.

One scenario that has shown up in more than one dream in the past is a non-nuclear cruise missile attack on a US city such as New York. Although that dream may have simply been about September 11, I cannot rule out other possibilities.

The image of missiles, not airplanes, was very strong, and there were at least six of them that just kept coming in and coming in, causing massive damages. It was an unbelievable vision to see.

And this is where my hand injury comes back into the picture, as I have seen on several occasions that events like these will be the last stage before the “Ascension” is underway.

Again, it is very interesting that I discovered the 540-year Roman cycle just hours before my hand was cut. We must remind ourselves of the timeline for the events that unfolded symbolically in my personal life, regarding the fire, the loss of water and the hand injury all within a week.

In terms of global events, the time between each of these events can expand into days, weeks or months of time, or possibly even larger chunks such as two month intervals.

This shows that such a fall of the US Government, if it does indeed happen, would probably be within several months of the “final” events that directly lead to the polar shift / Ascension scenario.



So, let’s remember the details of my hand being cut again, as I wrote in the last article and will now review. First of all, we must be reminded that my hand injury corresponds to very major and distressful events for humanity.

The time of the accident, December 1st, was exactly six months after Sabrina’s prophetic accident and exactly one year after my prophetic dream of her accident.

The prophesied event causes major damage both to individuals (bleeding on my own writing) as well as other countries, including Europe. (O. Crane, the author of the other book I bled on, lives in Czechoslovakia.)

The event or events involve a large loss of blood and the shattering of structures. Furthermore, it partially cuts off the “nervous system” of humanity, seen symbolically in this case by the loss of feeling that I experienced in my right pinky.

The symbolic equivalent of this nerve injury could refer to the idea of a widespread media and information shutdown, causing confusion. If we remember, this concept was also reinforced by our “court synchronicity” of not knowing what was going on during September 11, 2001 until we had already left our own metaphorical version of “Judgment Day.”

In terms of real events, such a shutdown could be a byproduct of a continuing diminution in the availability of petroleum products, it could correspond to the use of EMPs that knock out electronic communications, and it could also refer to other events such as massive solar emissions or conventional warfare attacks.

(Remember, large-scale nuclear war will not be permitted by the guardian forces surrounding our planet.)

So, let’s do a metaphorical roundup of the initial setup of my injury:

  • It is very late at night on the Full Moon, meaning symbolically that the prophesied event occurs very closely before the time of Ascension.
  • The vessel (glass) that is shattered is deep blue, corresponding to the indigo or sixth-density level of consciousness. (The glass also had Mickey Mouse in the stars, grabbing onto the edge of a crescent moon and hanging from it. This may also refer to the idea of the human soul reaching to its cosmic heights.)
  • The glass is empty of water, meaning that the Spirit has already moved out of that vessel; the physical body has been left behind.


In the Ra books, they state that at the time of Ascension, we leave behind our third-density body and move into the indigo level of consciousness, but then even that is shattered as our “water” of Spirit moves forward into the seventh, violet-ray level where our complete life review occurs.

Nothing remains of who we were except a “distilled” form, so it does quite literally mean the shattering of our previous vehicles of consciousness in a sense, including that of the fifth or indigo level.

We remember that Sabrina seems to have taken on the karma of Mother Earth regarding 9-11, including the physical nerve pain corresponding to “Mother Earth’s crucifixion.”

So, symbolically in my own accident six months later she can refer to the soul of Mother Earth, embodied by the angelic forces who come to usher many humans away from danger at the time of the great land movement. Interestingly,

Sabrina stopped my screaming and bandaged my wound (i.e. the healing of the Original Wound of feeling separate from God) with a light-blue towel.

Beings that would fly in ships and appear human to us are fifth-density, and this is the light-blue level, so this also forms an interesting Ascension parallel.

Again, the blood and shattered glass represents the loss of the physical “vessel” or body — which is not actually physically painful. The “pain” has more to do with the psychological stress of the events that are unfolding on the Earth at this time.

The next event occurred as I was leaving the house, where a Buddha quote on an 8½x11 sheet of paper abruptly fell to the floor amidst this blood and glass. The sheet falls from a high place on the refrigerator to the ground and is pointed directly at me.

The refrigerator stores food, metaphorically indicating the “bread of life,” the fruits of the Harvest / Ascension and the bounty of Universal Energy. This telekinesis synchronicity reinforces the concept that guidance and higher intelligence is swooping down “from above” to our level and comes directly to us:

We are what we think.

All that we are arises from our thoughts.

Speak or act with a pure mind,

And happiness will follow you as your shadow, unshakable.


The metaphor becomes even more interesting when we consider the next stage of events:

  • Sabrina’s car is yellow, which is the color of the third-density realm that we are now in.
  • As I said, the metaphor of my getting into her car seems to relate to the time that humanity is “taken up” in the “clouds of heaven,” the Biblical term that strongly suggests UFO activity.
  • The readout on the car’s clock features black letters against a green background, and the numbers that I see when the car is started are “4:44.”
  • The clock represents time, moving forward in time, the conclusion of a cycle of time and moving ahead to the green or fourth-density level.
  • In Pythagorean / Pyramid numerology, “4” is the number of physicality, i.e. the Earth as it is now, as four circles put together form a square, which denotes the metaphor of physicality in geometry. The number three, conversely, denotes perfection in the triangle.


Therefore, the powerful synchronicity of seeing three “4’s” in succession on a green background of a time measurement device in a yellow car that is about to drive forward would mean,

“The perfection of the yellow-ray physical Earth as seen in the “end of time” of a major cycle, moving forward into the fourth-density Earth that is to be.”


And now for the next order of events:

  • The car brings me to the gigantic hospital, again corresponding to the idea of smaller “scout” ships docking with the mother ship in the “Ascension” scenario.
  • By the time I arrive in the ER, I am calm and jovial, and set about to helping others in worse shape than me by helping a woman in her wheelchair and consoling others who are in shock about being there.


All of this fits well with what my readings have described about what this moment of arrival would be like, and the kinds of things that people like myself will be doing. If we are aware of what is going on, we can be of great service to others who are completely astonished and bewildered by the whole process.

And now for the events that occurred once I was actually admitted in:

  • The fact that I ended up in a place of healing, on a hospital bed, probably refers to a process where angelic forces repair any damage to the aetheric body of the humans once they have been brought up.
  • The X-ray could symbolize advanced technology that they will have to determine exactly where the aetheric damage had occurred.
  • Then, once the X-ray is done, my consciousness is altered by the intervention of the metaphorical equivalent of higher beings — i.e., the nursing staff gives me mind-altering medication.
  • While they depart, I start a brief reading that Sabrina writes down in the room with me, relating directly to issues surrounding Ascension:


The one with the most soul music wins. This music defies consideration; it relieves the pains of despair. It is you in your true essence. The pursuit is internal, and related to issues of self-respect.

My dad seems to say you are free of concerns — my heavenly father, to be sure. It is true, lasting peace that awaits your planet, and the relieving of pain and pressure is near.

Those who transgress these concerns can again renew the joie de vivre, or the joy of living in the Now. A peaceful place within yourself has been sought, and you are equipped with the tools necessary to see yourself through it.

The cerebrum’s last triune is a process of healing; it is the complete overturning of the shadow self.


Then, the most amazing part of this grand synchronicity connection is that the physician informs me that two other people have had the same exact injury as I did, one of whom is in the next room. This is a clear demonstration of the fact that what I went through (metaphorically the Ascension) is also happening to other people in the same way.

While I undergo “surgery” in an altered consciousness, I am captivated by the white light of the fluorescent light bulbs over me. This metaphorically corresponds to the life-review that occurs in the violet-ray density, the healing of the fragmented self, all done in clear “view” of the White Light of the Oneness.

The metaphor continues when we remember that after the final life review / Harvest process is complete, many of us will be choosing to return to fourth-density Earth. So, when I leave the hospital, i.e. mothership, the darkness has ended and the Sun is out, meaning that the Earth is now beginning to be renewed.

When I get back to where the accident actually occurred, symbolizing the Earth, I must clean up the blood and shattered glass while also undergoing terrible nausea. This is symbolic of the cleansing of the now fourth-density Earth that must be conducted by those who are first to return.

This metaphor was realized both in the form of the literal cleaning of the broken glass and blood as well as my vomiting, which has more to do with the purging of the intense emotional energy left over from third-density.

The water is then turned back on the next day, corresponding to the renewal of the “flow” of spiritual energy into the Earth’s grid, which is the next stage of its healing.

And now for the final stage of the metaphor:

  • Finally, after the all-important “three and a half days” of time after my accident, symbolically corresponding to the balance-point between third and fourth density, I undergo the second surgery to reconnect the nerve.
  • In order to have this surgery, I must go unconscious.
  • When I awaken, a cast is on my hand.
  • I must undergo a year-long program of healing to restore full sensation to the nerve.


All of this has meaning, as it indicates that once the immediate clean-up of the Earth has occurred, those who did the work must depart (i.e. my going unconscious before surgery) while the foundation for the instreaming of fourth-density energy is established on the newly-cleansed Earth (i.e. the nerve reconnection surgery, corresponding to the extraterrestrial re-configuring of the Global Grid once the energy flow into it has been restored.)

The healing takes place and gradually gets better, corresponding to the early difficulties of establishing a new society on the newly-transformed fourth-density Earth.

And cyclically, on some level, the “I” that now writes these words is already there, traveling back in time to describe this metaphorical equivalent of these events that were so dramatically played out in my own physical life.



Now bearing all of this in mind, let us consider Bush’s accident, which I only found out about once I had already been mentally composing this new article. First and foremost, I feel that it is indicative of the onrushing future events as the unprecedented, massive Enron scandal erupts into the world’s view.

If the full details of this scandal are made public, and it appears that this is already underway without much media suppression, then everyone will quickly remember how different and uncertain the conditions of his election were in the first place.

According to many news sources, the scandal is actually so big that it could easily qualify as the largest government scandal to be exposed in known history. It could potentially nullify the validity of almost everyone in his administration, since the tentacles of the Enron octopus had woven themselves into so many areas.

And despite the seemingly surreal power that the “negative elites” have, we must remember that they are famous for making stupid mistakes and getting foiled, as occurred with the Watergate scandal and Hitler’s disastrous military campaign into Russia, for example.

The media now has a vested interest in not appearing to be completely controlled by power interests, and they may jump on this scandal simply to try to gain back public authority.

Furthermore, to me it appears that they are very scared of losing control, though they are in denial about it, and their fear is making them do very stupid things.

This agenda has allegedly been in place since Albert Pike formulated it in 1871, scripting out three world wars to consolidate power, with the third involving a racial conflict between Christians and Muslims.

However, though their plans were thorough, they also are unrealistic, since there is a positive ET force in place that will insure that they never can do any more than the mass public invites upon themselves through their collective free-will decisions to be of service to self.

Add an ongoing Congressional investigation into the concept of 9-11 possibly being known in advance and allowed to occur, or even helped along in some way, and you have a royal mess on your hands.

(As written in Convergence III, metal can be liquidized in the presence of certain high-energy fields, such as created in a tornado. It does not necessarily hurt a human body as this occurs. Such ability may already be in the hands of certain groups, possibly usable by satellite.)


Then, add the massive events that I have foreseen occurring as well as a sudden, highly significant economic collapse. The Bush administration may try to stay in power in the form of a military dictatorship simply because no other elected option exists, regardless of the rottenness of the scandals involved.

This could make for a very unhappy public. Another possibility is that this accident shows that Bush’s own life may be in danger because he is not willing to follow the dictates of those in the background.

I did have a dream that very clearly indicated that he would betray his “handlers” by giving money back to the people once he realized that it had been stolen. I honestly don’t think he is aware of anywhere near the full picture of what is going on “behind the scenes.”

If this were true, he may very well be targeted for assassination, in which case this accident may be symbolic of the fact that he will survive such plots.

So, the metaphor of his accident is as follows.

  • Bush wasn’t feeling good, which could directly correspond to the onrushing scandals and other challenges he faces.
  • He is alone, symbolically indicating that no one will come to save him from the mess that is created by the six different Congressional committees investigating the Enron problem.
  • He is watching a distracting, trivial football game, indicating that he does not want to mentally face the problems.
  • He then chokes on a pretzel. Pretzels are associated with twisting and contortions, here indicating the binding predicament that he is placed in.
  • He literally loses consciousness and falls flat on his face. This could well be a reference to how damaging the scandal will be for his Presidency, leading to impeachment hearings and possibly surreal constitutional interim solutions. The bruise he sustained literally looks as if someone had punched him in the face.
  • If he had not fallen and given himself the Heimlich maneuver, he may well have died.
  • Lastly, his dogs are looking at him with curious concern when he comes back to consciousness. Since dogs refer to the animal self of human beings, this could indicate a much lower status for him after the scandal has erupted and been brought to term.


One other point that I would like to address here is the idea that Bush’s accident is symbolic of the American society as a whole.

As many spiritual sources have often said, there needs to be such a “collapse” in order to avoid the Earth being destroyed. Similarly, Bush needed to sustain his injury in the fall in order to escape death. There are many layers to this metaphor.

Many major media groups, including the BBC, have been documenting ties between the Bush family and Bin Laden, through business partnerships and the like.

I had a dream last year that featured a relatively hollow pyramid of stone blocks with another pyramid inside of it. In the cavity between the two pyramids, sewage was being stored, but the voices of certain educated people in the public had opened the floodgates and drained out the sewage.

More recently I had another dream of this type where I was clearing out festering corpses from an area near a house, again with strong Pyramid images associated with rottenness and decay being uprooted and discarded.

Of course, the Pyramid image correlates with the Great Seal of the United States on the back of every dollar, so the metaphors here are quite direct. Both of these dreams came in before the Enron scandal ever emerged, and now in hindsight they are clearly prophetic.

Seen together, I feel that this Pyramid metaphor refers to the Illuminist “New World Order” element of those behind the scenes with Bush and his entourage, being rooted out, exposed and properly dealt with.

Amazingly, the major media is starting to use these words in articles and even put out a link to the work of a man named McIlhany, who has actually done an incredible job of weaving together the history of the Illuminati and whose work is easily found online with search engines.

I am led to believe that there are very strong political forces that may have even been a part of this group in the past but are now planning on “outing” it for the good of all humanity.

The original Grand Atlantean Plan for a New Order in the world certainly did not involve the negative overlay that has since been put on it, and it appears that the original understandings have long since been lost.

One example of Illuminati exposure would be Stanley Kubrick’s final movie, “Eyes Wide Shut,” which has a very disturbing cult sequence and was not actually intended to be fiction.

I have completed reading the work of “Svali” at, an ex-Illuminatus, and feel that she has gone much farther than anyone else alive in exposing this group; their most prominent whistle-blower. She says that they plan on revealing their full agenda to the earth by 2020, and do not care if people write about them because they are confident that the masses will never believe it.

The very fact that they think they will still have a third-density physical earth to have power over by then shows their lack of awareness of “the big picture.” This material is almost impossibly thorough, far too specific for one person or even a small group of people to have ever concocted as a hoax.

However, I must make ample warnings that it is extremely disturbing material to read. Only small amounts should be read at a time and you should be ready to counterbalance it with uplifting literature if you decide to delve into it.

If you have any history at all with abuse, especially sexual, then reading this material could be very triggering, though thankfully Svali warns in advance when any article goes into specifics.

Overall, the type of material that is already being shown in horror movies and other forms of media has paved the way for the public to eventually learn that such a group, doing such practices, would actually exist.

If both Bush Father and Son are members as some allege, then I do not feel that George W is anywhere near as loyal to the group as is his father. It is even conceivable that the general public may learn about some of the details of the group, though I actually doubt that most will until after Ascension, honestly.

The important point is that the group’s power will be taken away by performing the very actions that they think will consolidate it, i.e. the restriction of personal liberties and creation of a martial-law environment.

This has been the platform that my readings have taken right since the very first day. It is also possible that all of these changes could correspond cyclically with the fall of the Roman Empire.

If the federal government is reduced, more power goes locally and a more constitutional government of the people is set up, that alone would be enough to fulfill the prophecies.



Another prophecy worth mentioning is that the “Illuminati” do not want Disclosure, since they are so dependent on oil money for their financing.

I have been given a quite graphic dream indicating that a “Brain Drain” of sorts will soon be underway, where large numbers of people with top-secret clearance who had worked on UFO-related projects will be systematically harassed, imprisoned and / or assassinated in ways made to look like accidental death or suicide.

Be on the alert for news stories regarding the unusual deaths of people who had worked for defense contractors, government agencies or NASA.

This has already happened with five scientists involved in work related to DNA and gene sequencing. At the Disclosure Project’s Executive Summary Briefing I attended, I was told that most of the top-secret UFO contracts of secrecy that specialists had to sign will be expiring on Jan. 1, 2003, and my dream indicated that the negative elites might try to stop the “problem” of people legally speaking out before 2003 ever arrives.

However, the surrounding evidence tells me that though some or many people will be killed, the negative forces will be stopped before most of them are taken out.

One further point is that the “chemtrail” issue is rising in popularity ever further, with legislation now being introduced to Congress calling for a full investigation — see for details.

It appears that the main purpose of this is to attempt to stem the tide of global warming, as Richard C. Hoagland’s recent article on points out.

When other forms of social upheaval are underway, there might well be a “floodgate”-type experience where this issue and many others all come out at once.

The key fact that works against the negative elites is that the energy coming into the Earth is not a neutral fourth-density energy; it is fourth-density positive energy. For this very reason, negative forces literally cannot continue to hold their frequency under the increasing energetic “pressure,” and will inevitably be fully exposed.

How long this will take, and in what order it will occur, is anyone’s guess, though Bush’s accident suggests that it is far sooner than we might think.

And again, let’s not forget the synchronicity of the timing between my decision to publish this article about body injury synchronicity and then Bush’s story coming out in the mainstream press simultaneously.

Over and over again, my dreams have shown me the game plan. Global events get very intense, progressively worsening, but there comes to be a point when things are at a peak of difficulty where there is a sudden shift.

This is the moment where enough human beings have started thinking about others that the necessary vibrations for fourth-density are reached.

When this critical mass in human consciousness is attained, the Grid will no longer be restrained from making a shift. Since this is a cataclysmic event, the angelic forces arrive just prior to the event to “bear up” those who are qualified and agree to proceed. All of this is well scripted out in the Book of Revelation, once properly interpreted.

I haven’t even bothered to make “prophecies” about weather changes, earthquakes, volcanoes and the like, as this is a simple and inevitable byproduct of the physics and requires no psychic ability to discern.

I do feel that these inevitable changes will only hasten and exacerbate the sociological changes that we will be seeing at the same time.



Also, I expect there to be an ever-increasing body of data showing anomalous changes in the Sun, planets and in interplanetary space, should anyone choose to look in closely, as it corresponds to the overall increase in energy that is streaming into the Solar System at this time.

Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara recently put up an article about this on the Enterprise Mission website, showing NASA’s recent discovery of how significantly the icecaps of Mars have melted in just one year.

The planetary changes to look for are increases in temperature, luminosity, magnetic field strength, atmospheric density, earthquake / weather / volcanic activity and cataclysmic change. Impulses of energy from our Sun will be seen to travel faster and faster through space, and the scientists will continue scratching their heads.

Also, the visible light at the front end of our heliosphere, caused by the excitation of moving into a new energy field, will also get progressively brighter for those who study it.

More and more theories that approach what we have discussed in our scientific research will be aired in public as the anomalies continue to stack up and demand explanation.

Also, let’s not forget that this prophetic period of our time also has the possibility for wonderful spiritual strides to be made in humanity.



The team of Paulina Zelinsky and Paul Weinzweig of Advanced Digital Communcations or ADC has now confirmed the existence of a massive submerged city off the western tip of Cuba, about a half-mile down into the water.

This has now been photographed by submarine equipment, and Stonehenge-type circles have been seen as well as pyramids, roads and buildings.

National Geographic has already gotten the rights to break the story, and the latest word is that more research and photography will be done by or before the summertime.

I recommend reading Linda Moulton Howe’s website to keep up with this emerging story, and to see the amazing side-scan sonar picture that has now been leaked showing an overhead view of what is down there.

If the idea of Atlantis comes into view, then many other pieces of media-suppressed information could come to light and cause a dramatic shift in the way the mass public sees the world.

The “whistle” may even be blown over discoveries that have already been made in and around the Giza plateau, corresponding to the idea of a “Hall of Records.”

Although this has long been seen as wishful thinking, we must remember that there is indeed a public acclimation process in place, and that such giants as the Disney corporation did not release the animated movie “Atlantis,” based on research from the Edgar Cayce readings done here in our library in Virginia Beach, for no reason.

This may have something to do with why I am being told over and over and over again that I am going to have a much wider media exposure than I do at present, and it is a fact that Shift of the Ages is soon to be published in Japan in February and I have already been asked to speak there.



Furthermore, it is possible that a greater awareness of the UFO reality could come out this year. Many forces in power are working very actively for this to occur.

Technologies that have been suppressed may also emerge at this time, as I feel that the whole debacle with Dean Kamen’s invention known as “It” or “Ginger”, now officially called “Segway,” was designed to float out a balloon of how the public would react to the idea of anti-gravity technology.

A mass movie on crop circles is soon to be released with Mel Gibson in it, and we already know that they duplicated an important formation that showed a key planetary alignment for 2039 in the movie. (This formation was one piece of evidence that originally made me so focused on that particular date.)

Also, Richard Hoagland now has a contract with RKO Movie Studios to do a picture that exposes the entire interest of the Mars / Moon connection, as well as the NASA cover-up, in a dramatic fashion. This also could be a major force for social change.

I also have a great movie script in mind, but do not know if I have the time or the inclination to try to sell it to an idea-starved Hollywood. We’ll have to wait and see.

[3/12/09: This, of course, became one of my major points of focus beginning in 2005, with the CONVERGENCE film.] 



Lastly, I want to include data from a recent dream I had. I saw an African-American couple sitting on the edge of a sharp, craggy cliff amidst a meadow of green grass. They were picnicking together happily.

Then, to my shock, I see a giant round boulder come bouncing down the hill, and I realize in advance that its bounce pattern will cause it to land right on top of them.

However, because I had already seen this coming, I was able to warn them and get them to move out of the way just in time.

So, by alerting each of you to these future possibilities, the awareness and prayerful consciousness that we have can help stop them.

There is no reason why the transition has to be difficult, but all of that hinges on the consciousness of the people. We can make significant positive changes by focusing on healing ourselves and our own issues as much as possible, maintaining a prayerful, expectant attitude no matter what events are unfolding on the world stage.

It is a glorious new civilization, a Golden Age, that awaits us. Peace be with you.