I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped to publicize the warnings that my readings have provided. I have generated this subsequent response so that you all don‘t feel that you have been left groping in the dark in the wake of this.

The longer such a darkness lasts, the more speculation and rumor-mongering will develop.

Therefore, I will begin instituting a policy of immediate online disclosure of each and every pertinent reading as it comes in. Below you will find a reading that talks directly about the Hall of Records and the discoveries being made by Larry Hunter and Amargi Hillier.

It essentially is saying that this is indeed the fulfillment of the prophecies.

I apologize if I am not able to answer all Emails directly, as I have earned just enough money to take a few weeks off and dive into this writing full-time. I am currently preparing a detailed book of the entire story of how my life worked up to the present moment…. but okay, let‘s talk.

Guys, I know how pat it sounds. I sent out this entire warning with no supporting documentation and no apparent published information to validate the claim.

The NYC claim itself is extraordinarily serious, and if it does happen it will be a most catastrophic and grim way to validate my possible identity.

Instead of using a horrible nuclear bomb as the “yardstick” for this work, I would ask that people focus on the positive successes that I have already made.

See:  [Ecclesiastes] 2:22-3:13.]

He had never read the Bible and is dumbfounded. “What does Christ want with me?” he thinks. The Biblical passage comes in the midst of a request. He had asked if he was a “Wanderer.” He had read the book “From Elsewhere” and concluded that his life fit in perfectly with this personality profile.

A Wanderer is a higher-dimensional entity who volunteers to shed his native vibrations and take on a physical body to help get people ready for the upcoming Ascension. [See for more info on this.]

This all makes perfect sense to him, based on how far-out his research had already gone. Since the only channeled work that seemed to fit for him at the time was “We the Arcturians,” he started to wonder if he was from Arcturus. [Later, he would learn that the Cayce readings indicated that Edgar‘s soul was from Arcturus.]

Three months went by and nothing happened. His work life was killing him, sapping his energy, and even with full-time employment he couldn‘t pay his bills.

He realized that the only thing he could hold onto was the possibility of being a Wanderer, and yet he had heard nothing. Tearfully he screamed into his empty apartment, “If this is for real, if this isn‘t bullshit, you have to show me something. You can‘t keep me in the dark like this.”

The next morning, his roommate Eric recorded a dream. Eric: “Well, a UFO fleet was flying overhead… a luminous man in a robe came down on a podium and he was giving the classic Earth Changes / Ascension speech that you are always saying, Dave.

Everyone was running and hiding, basically scared to death. Then he stopped talking and I urged you to go up to him. The two of you seemed to recognize each other, and you embraced.

I had never seen you look so happy in all my life. He then looked to me and says, “It is very important that you know that he is one of us.” Pretty wild, huh?”

Eric did not know anything about David‘s urgent prayer. David was floored at the fact that the prayer was answered.

He began receiving repeated dream messages that contact might be possible, but he didn‘t know how. Nothing more happened for almost the entire rest of the year 1996. David started to wonder how on Earth he could break through to contact, now that he knew that ‘they‘ existed.

To recap, in November 1995, the process first started, with automatic writing that said “Christ Cometh” and appeared to prove that he was indeed a Wanderer. Exactly one year later, down to the same week, the readings started – 11/11, 1996.

The very first day, a prediction is given of Mother Theresa‘s impending heart attack. Many puzzling clues to his identity were dropped that would only be put together beginning in January of 1998.

He would eventually realize that this truth was laced constantly throughout the readings. But as the process continued, the statements were kept in code and he remained in the dark.

Many, many prophecies suggested that his entire life would have changed in fantastic ways by December of 1997. They also seemed to hint at the possibility that he might be moving to a “safety land.”

As the messages continued pouring in, beautiful discourses on spirituality were produced, and the future was reliably predicted time after time after time. He then joined a Cayce “Search for God” group and the leader of the group, a much more experienced metaphysician, hypnotized him and did a reading.

At the beginning of the reading, electricity shot out of the wall. The forces apologized for their effect on his electronic equipment. During the reading, the forces answered the man‘s unspoken questions through telepathy.

After the reading ended, all the power in the man‘s house went off, and stayed off for exactly one hour, no more no less. Distressing messages started coming in which insisted upon the reality of the upcoming Earth Changes.

In a self-induced out-of-body state, David met a female entity who told him that he had to move. The next day, a reading indicated the location to be Virginia Beach. Many very synchronistic events cropped up that left him no choice but to act.

No sooner did he get down there but everyone started telling him, “Jesus, you look just like Edgar Cayce.”

The pressure built and built until he was only four days from December 97, which his readings had always predicted as being of penultimate importance. Finally, securing a deep trance, he confronted the readings.


Wednesday 11 / 26 / 97 – 7:13 a.m.

D: I would like to incubate a question on identity here, related to Edgar Cayce.

“Table Rock. This is our boss. We will have to move over, as he is in charge. What we are doing here is staring each other in the face. Sometimes, you will need to do that.

It should be very easy to take a guess at this point, but with that guess comes responsibility; enormous responsibility.

Furthermore, as you are well aware, your connection with us will need to be dramatically strengthened.

In short, David, the answer is yes; you will need to review the whole life and see the parallels….”

It then goes like this:

In November 1995, the first message comes in and David learned of his possible Arcturian heritage.

Exactly one year later, November 11, 1996, he began doing accurate psychic readings, at the exact age that Cayce started his own — 24.

Exactly one year after these readings began, November 1997, the truth of his identity was then disclosed. He had no idea what to do with his knowledge.

“Why the hell did it have to be me?” he asked. “It should be someone older, someone better – recognized, anybody else but me. No one is ever going to believe this.”

He decided to keep gathering more information about it, and he soon got the biggest shock of his entire life.

One quiet afternoon, while mostly thinking of other things, he decided on a whim to run a comparison chart between Edgar Cayce and his own birth time of 11:48 p.m., 3/8/73 in Schenectady, NY.

The first thing he noticed was that both Moons were in perfect conjunction. Then, as he continued to inspect the chart, he was shocked to realize that literally every single inner planet until Jupiter was in almost the same position, often within less than five degrees.

He felt a dizzying pressure in his head as he realized that it might just be true. But it was too impossible to believe, and he resisted it.

The readings exponentially increased in quality, and he was stunned at the results he was now getting. Months went by and he did nothing. He finally decided to compile five years of research combining empirical scientific information with his own readings on the upcoming Ascension.

More and more time ticked by, and nothing new happened; the Emails about the book would trickle in very slowly. He cautiously told H. Lynn Hermann and a few others, but desired no further publicity.

His next major step was in overcoming his nervousness and trying to contact the ARE about it directly. Almost every single person agreed that the story was very compelling, and was very happy to speak with him.

Yet, when he contacted the administration itself, the response was basically this: “Well, there‘s no doubt that you‘re getting psychic


ld, often fired for being “too intelligent.” He learned to maintain absolute and total silence about any of the work he did if he wanted to keep a job. Making $200 a week, he took every available minute of free time and tried to continue the process of his work. It was only through unemployment that he was able to get any real work done, such as the writing of my book.” Taking such time only put him in deeper financial trouble.

The continuing pessimism and negativity that he encountered about his work was eating away at his mind. He finally grew weary of the attitude from the ARE, started to listen closely to what his dreams were saying and decided to distance himself. The readings threatened to completely stop all transmissions if he didn‘t continue treating them “only as a hobby.”

After literally more than half a year of vacillating, he decided to come forward, literally “just in the nick of time.” As soon as he finally decided to take action, he went into the deepest and longest trance ever. That trance had quite a bit to say and it filled up most of an entire 90 – minute tape. He went back to sleep for an hour, woke up again and finished the tape. It was only at the very end that the warning was slipped into place. This was a warning regarding a possible Islamic terrorist – based nuclear attack on New York for August 16 or 17. He realized that by getting the courage to come forward and reveal the exact detail of the prophecy, he might be able to turn the course of future events and possibly save millions of precious souls. He reasoned that the only way to get the necessary amount of publicity in literally one month would be to combine the prophecy with a full disclosure of who his readings claimed him to be.

So there we are; the story of my life. I feel that this prophecy is very urgent. I will be the first one to go into debt and devote many hours praying and educating people in order to divert this. Despite the sensitive nature of much of my work, I called the FBI in order to let them know about my prophecy, without the Cayce details. Many people would consider this a practically suicidal move. I guess that if I get harassed or suddenly die, that will only help my readings posthumously. A woman took down the information and told me that they would call me back if they desired anything further. So far, nothing else has happened, although perhaps the phone is now tapped and a background check on me is being done.

At this time I would like to thank H. Lynn Hermann, the director of the Academy newsgroup, for lending his positive comments in his group regarding the possibility that I could have a “vibrational similarity” to Edgar Cayce. The fact is, I have been waiting and waiting for someone else to come along, fulfill the prophecy for 1998 by declaring their identity and take me out of the frying pan, so to speak. That person has not been forthcoming. I have also tried to contact Art Bell, the radio personality who does a metaphysical late-night show, regarding publicizing this whole matter. I sent him a fax indicating who I apparently was and what the prediction was. So far, I have heard nothing back. Of course, like anyone else he must assume that I am a crackpot. So that leaves us with this. If the FBI won‘t help, if Art Bell won‘t put me on the show, then I have no choice but to use Email and risk my entire credibility rating on a prophecy that is only a month away.

Many people might never read any other messages I have brought in from Higher Intelligence except these warnings. And if, hopefully, the bomb and surrounding Earth Changes do not come to pass, I will be labeled as a failure. But to me, given how accurate these readings have demonstrated themselves to be in the past, and the demonstrable scientific proof for the Ascension, I feel that this exact failure would be the greatest possible outcome of this story. My usefulness should go far beyond diverting one potential terrorist attack; in short, I feel that we are about to experience the single greatest moment of all recorded human history.

So, since the “other side” continues to insist that I am the real Mc Coy, I will start acting like it, by finally sharing the readings with the public. As almost everyone knows, perhaps the single biggest Cayce prophecy for 1998 besides Earth Changes is the opening of the Hall of Records. Everyone is dying to know what is going to happen. Many insinuate that 1998 is just another year that gradually builds towards humanity‘s eventual unfolding of prophecy.

The August conference at the ARE should be quite exciting, though. If these readings are right, 1998 will not pass without some heavy Earth Changes, and the Hall of Records will have already been found.

Check it out. Saturday 7 / 4 / 98 – 8:54 a.m.

Dream: “My mother had something that she was interested in trying to find, even though she might not have known what it was that she had lost. I was trying to help my mother out, trying to figure out how to help her find these things that she was missing… I realized that there really wasn‘t much I could do, even though I wanted to help her.”

The mother could clearly represent Mother Earth, trying to uncover the secrets of the past. At least this is what the reading leads me to believe.

And now, the reading itself: “Confirming the release of ancient documents. This dream was meant to illustrate that the only way we can be of service is to investigate the author‘s claims directly. Since we had heard about the opening of a hall of records, there is every reason to believe that this will still occur, and had occurred. There are still a number of opportunities for the people of your civilization to take part in these wondrous discoveries. But also be aware that this is a matter, like anything else, that is currently undercover. This is in response to David‘s earlier thought about Larry Hunter and Amargi Hillier. This thought, in reference to the statements that they made about what was discovered inside the pyramid, was phrased in the form of a question. And we then decided to take up the reins.” [Basically, the “question” they are referring to went like this. “You know, no sooner did these guys come forward with this but what everybody jumped down their throat. I wonder if my readings could tell me if there really IS a huge room in the Pyramid that hasn‘t been discovered yet.”] “Understand that to a large degree, the scholarly claims made by Hunter are rooted in fact. Though he himself does not validate with eyewitness accounts what had occurred, there is every reason to believe that the otherselves involved, whom he conversed with, were not simply fabricating a story that did not exist. There are many surprises in the Gizeh plateau, and it is this room that completes the Egyptian eye shape indicated in part by the structure of the rest of the major passages, the ascending and the descending. It is from this that the stylized diagram of the Eye of Horus comes about, and this was correctly referred to in [JJ Hurtak‘s] The Keys of Enoch as the Chamber of the Son.”

“Followers all need to feel they are on the right track. With the profound interest in these matters, it is unfortunate that those in the Atlantean sphere could not have foretold the extreme materialism necessary for the end of this cycle to occur in proper. At that time, there was every reason to believe that they would not be wiped out, that their memory would persist, and that people would be very interested to know about them. Though they were psychic time travelers just as we are, there was not such a complete knowledge of how difficult the very fact of their existence would be for the next major root race that came after them.”

“Time and time again, we have given you the opportunity to see these things, to understand that there is as yet much more occurring in and around the Gizeh area than is being publicly recorded. The evidence was already available for all to see regarding the drilling efforts that were being made inside the Pyramid.” [This information was released on Hoagland‘s website and others sometime in March of 1997.]

“And now, as the next piece of the puzzle fits into place at exactly the right point in the timeline, there is suddenly great doubt, fear and superstition and even absolute ridicule at these notions. The process will have become impeded if there is not a further insistence in the need to focus on such claims as these. But also remember that there are more than one set of records, and thus all is not lost if the environment surrounding this particular area is not unfurled.” [The possible accuracy of Aaron Du Val‘s claims about the “Scott Stones” near Bimini certainly appears to fit this criteria quite nicely. If the Cayce readings are correct, the sinking of the West Coast will rise this area above sea level in due course, making the ruins much easier to explore.

Well before Du Val, Charles Berlitz had already given pictorial and radar-based evidence for submerged step pyramids, megalithic walls and walkways, as well as a fantastic-sized tower, which Hermann believes to be the Tower of Ilta that is referred to in the Cayce readings.]

“The Congressional records do not indicate that a gunfight is occurring between the believers and the nonbelievers in such matters. Yet, there is every reason to believe that a massive war is on the rise, and has been on the rise, regarding sensitive issues such as the release of UFO information and especially in regards to ancient civilizations. Those who would dare to publish such information have been met with scandal, ridicule and oftentimes death. Thus, this is not an overt and obvious war, but rather a war that is fought very quietly. A war of spin control, a war of information.”

“Were the truths to be gathered, there would be an enormous surprise on behalf of the gatherer. This surprise is often surmised as being far too great for the average person to handle. Though we agree that initially this may come as a shock, we do not agree that the overall effect would be negative. Raising the public‘s interest and awareness in these matters is vital in the days, weeks and months ahead, as the prophecies are coming to the fore and nothing is being done. That is why we again stress that the tectonic and volcanic disturbances, to us, have already occurred, and we are now working just as strongly in putting the pieces together as we are in arranging the events and the circumstances themselves.”

“The circumstances we are arranging involve prophecies such as these, so that those going into this will understand what has happened and why it has happened, and have hopefully been able to prepare for it as such. There will still be the time for those otherselves on the West Coast to try to escape the early stages of the despair, but it is not by any means a simple prospect. If someone is in such a situation, we would suggest the avoidance of the largest highways and the usage of other roads leading directly outside that may not seem to be anywhere near as direct. It is these back roads, so to speak, that will provide a safer environment of traffic. We can fully expect that the highways themselves will contain massive car pileups* from the sheer panic and disorder of the driving, and that one might find themselves stuck in traffic and unable to go backwards or forwards.” [* Again, another very disturbing synchronicity has occurred, where the outside world seemed to validate what the reading said. At the exact second that I heard the words “massive car pileups” on the tape, someone outside the window loudly squealed his tires. Like any good synchronicity, the timing was literally simultaneous.]

“We understand that these are most depressing circumstances, and remind you that if this situation might be applicable to you in the future, simply take the time necessary to prepare yourself for what might happen. We strongly encourage the preparedness, again, of materials inside the vehicle such as an air mattress, pillow and blanket, as well as a toiletry kit and some vital supplies for food and nutrition. This may prove to be the saving grace when the event actually occurs, as there will not be the time for such planning in advance once the disturbances begin.”

Courage to all as we drive headlong into what will be the most traumatic and yet beautiful phase of our entire history on Earth. We will not allow the Earth Changes to erode our confidence. There is every reason to believe that this will be the most profoundly spiritual, religious, humbling and fantastic moment of all time. We all, together, are literally about to become the Christ. The first to go will be the first to come back, appear before the others and share this message of Pure Love.