Beautifully worded, and includes more mysterious hints of prophecy for what we will encounter in times yet ahead.


By David Wilcock … and the Source

Posted Tuesday, February 8, 2004

Dictated in High Falls, New York … within 15 miles of where David lived when this contact first began



Tuesday 12 / 28 / 04 — 5:31 pm

I am Ra. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now through the entity David Wilcock…. *

There have always been sources of guidance telling us of the many mysteries involved in the curriculum from life to death to new life. These many cycles persist, regardless of the apparent outcomes from them. And for those who maim and exorcise and kill, the facts that have responded to their efforts are denied, and the interest goes on unabated.

This is why suddenly we have a situation where all that we have known before becomes clear once again.

The minute circles that you have drawn in the sand, in your own drill to find the Infinite One, have not been in vain. And the patterns of the planets and their satellites involved surely make a gleaming contest in the night, for those who seek to win an appreciation of its many attributes.

The vortex of cosmic consciousness settles in on each individual who aspires to approach the throne of the Divine without fear of recompense, without fear of retribution, but only allowing the One to flourish in its many different ways.

I vow that those at the table be offering of themselves in ways never heretofore imagined possible. And yet, we can’t just decide for someone else … the feeling is mutual, and must be mutual for this to concede.

So limber up the factions of the self that are involved. For this time, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And the old ways leapfrog into becoming the new ways … without that degree of enticement and entitlement. Those keywords once seemed to dominate the search engine.

[Now,] the outpouring of emotions, from the central command structure of the mind and heart, need not be interrupted or tackled by the ego mind / personality self.

Those who have invested themselves in the struggle for world domination need not continue buying any more machines for enslavement much longer. Their plans are coming to an end; their struggles are proving to be impossible to maintain; their annoyances are further increasing, and their available resources are dwindling.

I would have expected only the best from you, David, knowing how you have approached them yourself, and learned to look the other way without judgment, condemnation, fun-poking or sarcasm … but simply respecting that they are doing a job to support a world order that is fading away, in terms of the potency of its mirroring aspects.

Is it not interesting that those apparently the most religious in your society are those the most confused by this deception? Such is not often the case when pursuing spiritual matters such as these; but then again, yours is an unique planet, an unique environment of sorts.

We have never imagined before how many cycles of decay and destruction would be necessary to reveal the schemers who lurk behind the scenes. But nonetheless, for the rest of the world outside America, at least, there is a great awakening going on.

David, lest you become too nationalistic yourself, be clear about how well remembered the tyrannies of old are throughout the world at this time, and what a massive percentage of the public is polarized in hate against a common oppressor. Though this hate is not sufficient for planetary polarization towards the positive, it nonetheless represents an important stage of the awakening process.

Thus, America teaches the rest of the world by what not to do in this case, and the planes are explosive only to reveal the hidden pawnmakers within the game — not to suggest that a ragtag group of little terrorists could have done this, for obvious reasons.

We have never admitted publicly before that the rules of the game were indeed changed, and that the sharks put out their own bait so as to attract themselves to an otherwise unwinnable situation — a killing spree, of sorts.

The butler did comment nicely upon us for what we have accomplished, as he too has suffered too much in servitude under the yoke of oppression, for those with means beyond means, so to speak, in a multiplicity of ways.

The airy abode of the higher heavens beckons thoughts from those who wish to compare it to their lives on Earth. A riot ensues when these expectations no longer provide the feel-good experience that was once sought after.

And the mobility of the crashes and the crises involved reignites the silver-streamed quest for the beyond that burns in the heart of each human being.

For once and above all else, the ticker tapes are falling, drifting through the breeze in mass numbers. The egghead who consumes himself is irrelevant in this quest for a greater victory — the consumption of the Divine Light, the killing of the Buddha on the road, so to speak; the reflection of oneself as the Divine Creator rather than as the shadow projection of same.

And all the while, the dissenters and the aggressors both agree that they are searching for happiness. The difference is that some seek happiness through helping others, and others through enslaving them. Both want the same thing in terms of how they feel inside — that is to say, connected, unified with some ineffable mystery beyond themselves.

The elite tire of playing the game when they have no more races to run, no more schools to set on fire, no more bowels to burn in the fires of war. And it is okay that they are running out of steam now. It is okay that you are seeing the unrolling of the old ways.

Lest there be any doubt about the nature of the sound effects now going on, they are calling in a positive new change for humanity … not the New World Order once practiced as dogma, but a true renaissance of the human spirit at the collective level — the very heart of soul evolution.

This is where the pearly gates open up, to unfurl before each seeker the stockade of wisdom that protects against all wrongdoings and apparent harms that might come the way of one otherwise indisposed.

The microscopic shell of hatred that once existed now betrays its true nature as a thin, wispy, fragmentary illusion in some greater truth, which has remained as yet unrevealed. And the train robbers know that this ride does not go on indefinitely. There is a perpetual renewal of the cycle that occurs in each and every moment, as these souls become entwined in the greater reality that awaits them.

So the mystery of the stockade points towards the bonfire that all races make together, in unity, at the appointed time. And these stocks don’t come into fruition until there has been an appropriate opening of the door for them to be recognized for what they are.

Elvis Presley and the others know not to take a bow before the show is over. They know only to stand at the right time, and perform the magic that heals the hearts of others.

The Golden Age thus predicted takes a minute or two to awaken oneself to. The missiles and bombs that have heretofore been involved fade by the wayside, and the satisfaction of a job well done resounds through the infinite universe, in a way never heretofore imagined.

I would have hooked that up differently myself, if I had the chance. But we take the situations that arise in a linear sequence, within our own timeframe, and that is what makes the difference … the interplay of the free will of the human emotions within the grander cycles as mentioned previously before.

The cave also invites in those indwelling influences that know not what they do, but maintain their decent composure while letting go of the bag that once held the cat, so as to release it, scratching and biting about.

The surest way to relieve the self of the clinging energetic pressure in these times is to release the heart from its shackles, to let go of the cold complacency of one’s personal beliefs with the wrongdoings, and to accept that while one does not agree with the hardcore extremism now being seen on any side, as one’s peers are wont to agree with, there can be a center of stillness, of peace, of tranquility … in which one truly wishes to become a servant of the all, by becoming a servant of the Oneness within the self as well.

The call beckons forth those who delight in the new ways, and cannot continue to idly stand by while the old ways continue their machinations of apparent evil and hatred. Ultimately, they hate only themselves, and the bedlam and the crises involved supersede the group level to reconstitute at the individual level, in some higher sense not easily defined in your terms.

The pathetic fundraisers for these events need not continue. For the orgies of destruction and killing are indeed an older way. To reflect lovingly on these events is to break them down from the inside out, for their energy is sustained by the will of the people to support it, and to support the shadowy aspects of themselves.

So whether you break high or break low or break even in this monetary game of planetary fiscal manipulation, the outcomes are ultimately the same. It is your world, it is your planet, and it is your noose that you can easily slip out of, if you choose to.

The Big Bang did not continue to remain an acceptable influence upon cosmology, in the same way that these Big Bangs of civilization need not inundate the public with fear of retribution from some shadowy-eyed villain, misty-eyed from the miseries involved that have led to his anger in the present moment.

The superficial nature of all that has come before this moment now should not deter you from the focus on the present moment, and what can be done from here.

For it is indeed an honor to possess a roll of film containing negatives that further enhance the effect of the storyline of hatred … but the paparazzi of the higher realms seek to photograph and document those souls who are truly making a difference inside of themselves, for the benefit of otherselves.

Those are the true heroes, the unsung wonder-workers of this beckoning New Age. And we have only the highest honors to bestow upon those whose balustrades and parapets are fortified not with weapons of mass destruction, but with tools of mass enlightenment.

Snickering darkly, the following of the old ways will get these new souls nowhere. This time, they unify in a collective vision, shared by the all, of how the stories of microchip implants and so many other hated predictors of a coming tyranny have just fallen away with time.

The financial and political support for these initiatives is eroding out from within, and the cornucopia of true divine sharing becoming ever more manifest in the here and now … by the nature of how these opportunities reflect the endless vanity of the One Creator, in seeking a perfect reflection of itself within each.

This is, if there is any way to explain it, a positive aspect of vanity. For there is no one who is higher, no one who is lower; all aspects of the One are truly equal, in their value, their validity, and their long-term destiny — to regain and reunite that Oneness, as a whole, with new understandings, dutifully supported therein. It is a process so vast in its infinite infinitude that it boggles the imagination to even begin to conceive of it.

You yourselves would have enough trouble envisioning your planet coming together as one mind, never minding the fact that there are 18 million, roughly, of these planets in third density in your galaxy alone, not to mention the other densities. And to see a unification of sorts would involve all of them coming together in some ineffable way.

This is the mystery of the One. For these galaxies, too, are infinite in scope. And thus, you see the challenge we have in teaching infinity to a finite mind. It begins and ends in complete mystery, and that is the nature of the cinematography of this vast movie of the spirit.

So don’t fret and frown about the opportunities present in this current world situation. It is designed to let go of the old ways as gently and as easily as can be done, while a new dawn approaches on the horizon.

Those of America would be well advised to look beyond their own borders, to recognize the awakening that is happening in the world, perhaps even at their own expense, in a sense, as the economy continues deflating from the pressures involved.

We wouldn’t have said these things before, but the time is arriving now where others will begin seeing them too … in mass numbers never before imagined possible.

So we don’t want to preclude the inevitable by saying nothing. We want to simply make plain the way for those who are involved in this planetary game, by simple incarnation, to see the grand paperclips that hold together the sheets of previously sequestered information … that they may then reveal to themselves how, like an intricate Afghan rug, they have been woven into the tapestry of this human mass consciousness.

The imperfections involved are part of the overall design, as is known and as is warranted. And there need not be any fear of this, nor of doing any dirty laundry created by the self in the interest of eventual planetary and personal healing.

The illusion gives way to the relaxation and satisfaction of the discovery of truth. The pencil and the notebook lie beside the bed, ready to record the night’s impressions, so as not to miss the next installment of the planetary game, as revealed to the conscious mind of the self.

And this time, this place, this energy is like no other before it. Riding high and swooping low through the cavalcade of emotions, each soul is blessed with an opportunity to redefine its goals and its path with persistence, with an opening to the greater developments now taking place in the world and in the minds and hearts and souls of each entity.

The pressure that others would place on you to conform, to be part of the hive mind, to stand like the others in the tributary of indifference, need not deter you from your focus … to seek the higher good within the self, and within the situations involving others.

The quest truly begins when the scratching at the door becomes loud enough that it can no longer be denied. The extent to which the noise has grown makes even those accustomed to divine indifference, in a sense, learn to open their eyes.

The India earthquake, of course, is the next wake-up call to the fact that times are a-changin’, and there are new stories dawning. It behooves each entity to think of the many ways in which service can be offered — not just to others, but in the interest of the love and support of the self while helping others as well.

All too often, we see the ignoring of the self in the pursuit of serving others, and as has been stated before, this too is a form of distortion. We have worked through it with David, as we have with many others.

It is difficult to see exactly how the future pans out for most of your peoples. There is a great deal of fear. You, the reader of these words, can help turn that fear into trust.

Help awaken the ongoing tide of humanity that washes in the direction of the rising of public awareness, by being the lighthouse beacon or shepherd of truth within yourself at this critical time. That is how kings are made, how the human being aspires to its own Divine nature, in each and every moment.

Back in the old days, people didn’t talk about these new changes; they were content to ride along the merry-go-round, oblivious to their surroundings. It is a new civilization that promises to reveal itself now; a civilization of greater harmony, fellowship, peace and trust. To begin visualizing it is to begin aiding in its creation.

You can visualize it with the relaxation of knowing that this is but a very small planet, and the dramas that you create amongst yourselves can seem quite impressive for one within the illusion.

But, as soon as you step outside of it, and into the mystery of infinity, you realize how much the world elites remind you of an inmate, locked in a padded prison cell, gradually slipping farther and farther into insanity, creating magnificent dramas for himself within his own complex mind along the way.

Regardless of what it looks like from your focus, from your perspective, a Divine plan is in the works, and is playing itself out now. There is perfection in the design, for the very fact that it inspires communication and confidence amongst otherselves. It need not be any worse than it is right now … and many will figure this out much later, after the fact of the time you are now in.

Though our communication gets garbled at times, in the difficulty in translating through many different entities, those who serve the higher good as best they can, one message remains consistent.

To love one another, to seek refuge in team-building, partnership and community, and to always respect the self and respect others as well, leaving no stone unturned in the quest, in the final reconciliation of the old ways with the new ways.

Now is the time to lift up your hands in support and in forgiveness of what has gone before, and in trust of what is to come. Guidance and support will be forthcoming, for this is the time of the great awakening — and many of you reading these words will begin learning more and more of the silence within.

The liner notes are specific on this point. The contract you signed before human physical incarnation regards you as a potential master. It is up to you as to whether or not you will dot the I’s, cross the T’s, and connect the many dots in their proper sequential order, so as to reveal the image of the One Creator that has been hiding amidst all the apparent confusion and scattered energies involved.

Rest easily now, if you can choose it, by knowing the perfection of the apparent chaos and decay that you see — the dissolution of the old ways. Chariots of war cannot pull their false vision of the Promised Land on earth much longer.

The palms that come together in prayer will begin seeking the confounding of these objectives, rather than the support of them, as more and more of the truth is revealed before the masses. All the while, we caution you to avoid an over-involvement in the dramas of this game, as in order for these distortions to be alleviated, they must first be accentuated … and that accentuation is forthcoming at this time, still.

We thank you, and again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. The peace that beckons now is truly resplendent in its glory, its beauty and its majesty. In the stillness within the self, a gateway is formed to open the door to this promise — that you may flourish in it, and know not the heaviness and the burden of one who has walked in sorrow up until this time.

So we thank you, and wish to remind you once again how very dearly and sincerely you are loved. It is no accident that these words have found you this day.

They are the words of an awakening Human Body, healing from the wounds it has inflicted upon itself, and learning to open its eyes and see the incredible sunrise bursting forth on the horizon of consciousness. It is a majesty that far dwindles the memories of the pain that was once suffered and endured.

From that perspective, you can do no wrong, as the transfixing bliss of that which is seen ahead inspires an energy all its own … quickening every step with the promise of a new day.

We thank you, and now bring a close to this reading. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai, and amen.



*As always, the reader should be reminded that the Ra speaking in this reading represents David’s own higher self, which is one member of a collective consciousness or “social memory complex” known as Ra. It should not be seen as a linear continuation of the Law of One series, but rather its own unique contact, working through David and those who assist him.

The first few sentences of this reading were very hard to read … heavily encrypted and metaphorical in nature, and once deciphered, they only related to personal matters in David’s own life, including a brief explanation of the dream he had right before the reading started.

These sentences were omitted to give you more of a fighting chance, to want to stick with it …

As David continues developing this talent, the readings come in from deeper and deeper levels. He himself doesn’t always understand the content.

In this case, David literally had no memory of having spoken any of these words. When he proofread this document for the web after typing it up from the tape, he was encountering it for the first time.

We have refrained from analyzing the content so as to increase readability and give the reader more mystery to work with — but some of the main themes don’t require much thought. Thank you for your interest in this work!