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12/19/02: Prophecy: The Shape of Things to Come in 2003 (And Beyond)

  Wilcock Reading 12/05/02 By David Wilcock Conducted by Wynn Free – Internet publication 12/19/02 –   DW: We communicate now through the entity known as David Wilcock, and we are ready for your first question. WF: Thank you. Could you explain how in the cosmos you are able to communicate through David? DW: This material has been covered before, but we shall speak briefly on this point. The connection that we have is what we have previously referred to as a narrow band vibration. This means that the degree to which the in-streaming energies penetrate through the vehicles...

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9/20/02: Prophecy: Calmly Preparing for the Future Changes

  A psychic reading by David Wilcock 9/20/02   [DW: See Politics and Prophecy: The Destruction of the Illuminati for the immediate precursor to this reading. We have deliberately put this reading into an email-ready format. At times, it is phrased in metaphorical / symbolic language to cause the reader to think in higher levels of consciousness. I was unaware of the content as I dictated it this morning, nor when I typed it in on the keyboard, as it was very slow and hypnotic. Please review the materials on this website to see the formidable track record of accurate prophecies that have come from this source — including a statement from December of 2000 that said that the “bottom line point for global financial markets” would be “redefined” as of Summer of 2002.] [3/12/09: I added headings to ease comprehension of each section. The time this reading was preparing us for is now happening, and it is quite validating to see how relevant it is today.]    Friday 9 / 20 / 02 — 11:38 am The things we have to be grateful for are many. And believe us when we say that the song never stops playing, but the symphony still recedes into the distance at certain times in order to more fluidly and effectively bring out those aspects of the personality that are most in need...

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9/9/02: Prophecy: The Destruction of the Illuminati

  By David Wilcock, speaking as Ra Published 9/9/02 Analyzed and Updated 9/17/02   Note: David’s own higher self is said to be a part of Ra. Therefore, when he does a reading, Ra speaks through his own unique lens of the mind/body/spirit complex. This material has distinct differences from the Law of One material as channeled by Carla Rueckert in 1981-84. Thus, this should be preferentially compared to the previous body of Wilcock Readings for full context, not seen to be an extension of the Ra / Law of One Material. In the Law of One series, dreams...

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7/3/02: Prophecy: We Were Right About the Economy

By David Wilcock 7 / 3 / 02   On June 26th, 2002, at the lonely hour of 5AM, we finally finished an all-night episode of editing and posting an earlier version of our book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, co-authored with Wynn Free, online. In the text introduction that we created for the document, we alluded to the content of this article that you are now reading: “Wilcock is continually receiving strong indications that the times of great economic changes are now upon us, thus we have decided to release an embargo on this material that we have imposed over the last six months.”   Just hours after we typed these words, an even larger corporate collapse than the Enron scandal was announced — i.e. the bankruptcy of MCI/Worldcom, which appears to involve $30 billion dollars of damage. Originally this prophecy article that you are now reading was written on June 20th, but at the time it seemed “unfinished,” and as events have continued unfolding over the following days, it is now obvious why that feeling was there. “A loss of confidence in our entire economic system” is how Art Bell just phrased it as we listen to the archive of his Monday, July 1 broadcast while writing this new introduction to the article. The exact timeline for these otherwise unexpected events was predicted in one section from...

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5/20/02: Prophecy: The Next 9/11?… and Star Wars Ep. I and II Analyses

By David Wilcock May 20, 2002 Updated May 21, 2002   A number of events, including blatant hint-dropping at the level of international media, has led me to conclude that another Sept. 11th-style event is likely to occur within the U.S. soon, possibly within less than two months from the date of this article. As most readers know, I do not make prophecies lightly, especially on issues such as this. If the event is stopped, then I do truly believe that it will be a miracle. So many different forms of indication, including my own prophecies, have converged on this point that this short update was required to explain how I came to this conclusion. I will also cover the remarkable synchronicity surrounding the release of Star Wars: Episode II, and how it relates to these events. A good place to begin would be to read our previous prophecy update, which admittedly is quite a long article. It predicts the possibility of an upcoming problem with Chicago where a device would be used that would disable all electromagnetic equipment without directly hurting people. Many, many layers of synchronicity and prophecy all converged to suggest that this was a real possibility. This article was posted in January, and the following February I received more updates, which I put into an email to our Yahoo online discussion group. Up until now,...

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1/16/02: Prophecy: David’s 9/11 Experience and Prophecies

Before September 11, 2001, when people would ask me, “Am I going to make it?”, they would usually be referring to whether or not I / we thought they would Ascend; i.e., whether their own degree of service-to-others polarity was sufficient for them to participate in the Earth’s movement into fourth-density positive, which we have now built an extremely thorough scientific case for in our work. After September 11, and with each successive event unfolding, the question of “Am I going to make it?”  is often now in reference to whether or not they, and the world, will remain intact for the next day, week or month. One word: RELAX. Millions of inhabited planets in this galaxy alone have been through similar cycles, and there are literally billions upon billions of entities far more advanced than us who watch with interest. As most of you are aware, I had a recent injury to my hand, and due to all the synchronicity and symbolism surrounding the event, I felt that it referred to much more than just my own life. Oftentimes when one is in a position of public influence, certain dramatic events and / or injuries in their lives can be portents of the future, as major events cast their shadows in time.   Bush with bruise   The most recent case in point is President Bush’s bizarre and...

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12/20/01: Prophecy: David Lacerates His Hand, 9/11 Connections

  By David Wilcock 12/20/01   [3/25/09: This is technically a personal update, but there are clear stories of prophecy in it, so we have filed it under “Prophecy” accordingly.  By this point I was in such a dark, miserable space in my personal life that the entire year had gone by with hardly any website updates. This tragic accident was definitely part of an initiative to jump-start me back into productivity rather than sinking even further into bitterness and isolation.]   Sometimes the fragile world of the personal collides with the global in very direct ways — and staying on the “cutting edge” of New Thought can have quite literal implications. On Dec. 1, 2001 at 4:35 am, after working late, I slipped on the kitchen floor with an empty water glass in my hand and caught it on the countertop, causing it to shatter. I suffered two lacerations to the upper palm of my right hand, both perpendicular to the fingers, one on the thumb mount and the more significant one under the right pinky at about 6mm depth and 2.5 cm length. Amazingly there was no tendon damage, no glass fragments and the cuts were very straight and symmetrical, though I did sever a nerve and superficial artery to the pinky. I definitely screamed at first, and while running into my room in a panic, I...

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