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12/22/98: Reading: The Birth of the Christ Within Us All

Led by a few insightful followers to the appropriate destination, the few who were able to understand did indeed again perceive the Christ light within the heavens. These heavens were of a different sort; namely, the light essence coming from within, in those heavenly realms of the higher consciousness. For those who could but perceive it, an awesome sight, resplendent in its glories and completely unfettered by the material concerns. For those who would try to spread it out and admire its beauty as though on a surgical table, there will only be great surprise, as its majesty eludes any classification or taxonomy. It is not to be discussed, nor talked about as though something you could understand or grasp conscientiously. What you can do is approach its knowledge by following its demands. The demands it places are very simple; to view those otherselves as the Self. To embrace the true principle of Christ, and to identify completely with that awareness in your own person. To make it abundantly clear to all those involved that you yourself have followed these commands, not out of a feeling of guilt or fear, but rather out of an innate sense of responsibility to thine own fellow man. Such responsibility needs be generated from within, from the realization of the oneness of the One True Being, that soul essence or entity that is...

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12/12/98: Reading: Clinton Impeachment Hearings

  [Opening note:] This is the second to last night of my vacation. I needed to report a very substantial synchronicity that just happened this moment. I was getting very clear verbal messages combined with visual images, and for the second time recently, the visual images also were humorous, and got me laughing. It seems strange to hear yourself laughing in the room at visions that are all occurring inside your head. There was a point that was reached where I saw a guy with a pair of pruning shears, as though he was going to cut something. He was showing them to me and talking to me, drawing special attention to the shears and closing them dramatically. At the same instantaneous moment that he closed the shears, there was a very loud popping noise in the room. That convinced me to take the time to dictate here, even though I am feeling tired and was not very interested in doing this. [Note: This pruning vision seems to be the real beginning of the reading, demonstrating how the whole issue of Clinton’s impeachment could be seen as a pruning or cutting back of the Oval Office as it now stands. The very first sentence of the reading seems to refer to this metaphor of pruning, commenting on how Clinton certainly has been trying to remove the undesirable aspects of...

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12/12/98: Prophecy: Princess Di

In other articles, we have touched on the difficulty of getting information past the conscious mind. The forces in the readings could make prophecies, even as specific as an exact indication of the circumstances surrounding the Heaven‘s Gate suicide, but I had no idea what they were until the events themselves happened. This was also the case in a long series of dreams and readings that predicted the death of Princess Di. Like Heaven‘s Gate, this event also happened around a major astrological event that included an eclipse. The date is now August of 1997, and by this point the process had become more refined, the messages longer and smoother. Here is the first prophetic dream that occurred, written here in condensed form. The dream starts with a few sentences from the psychic source involved in the readings.   Sunday 8 / 10 / 97 – 7:08 a.m. Title: “The Death of an Important Governmental Figure” Reading: “I really could answer the phone right now. Though lines are busy, I can take the call. You need to work with us on this. You didn‘t notice we were talking about that before. “ Right away there is an indication of a desire on behalf of these forces to communicate something to me, something that apparently is very important. It also indicates that in the past, I didn‘t notice what they...

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8/22/98: Prophecy: Hit or Miss? David’s NYC Bomb Prediction

Hit or Miss? An Update on David Wilcock’s NYC Bombing Prediction   As many of you will be aware, I made a prophecy at the beginning of July that indicated the possible threat of a nuclear strike on New York City for  August 17th, 1998. Thankfully, due to our own efforts of prayer and of alerting the proper forces, this strike has been avoided. I do wish to thank all of those out there who worked with the readings in sending their own positive energy to make sure that this would not happen. What I would like to comment on it this time is the fact that it does appear that much of what the readings said did indeed come to pass, though not in the form that we originally thought it would. The prophecy itself came through at the beginning of July, during a period where I was deeply involved in the question of whether to continue in the working world or to go forward into doing business for myself with the readings. After I made the decision to do readings, and to get out of the mainstream wage slavery environment that I had been placed, I was blessed with a very long and very serious level of trance; it was by far the longest, and perhaps the deepest I have ever had. During this trance, much information...

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