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7/7/99: Reading: “Worlds Within Worlds”

  By David Wilcock  Performed June 10, 1999 Posted 7/7/99    [Note: This was done as a professional client reading for a close friend whom David has known for over six years. This reading is almost unsurpassed in its level of quality and depth, and now stands as one of Wilcock’s finest examples of work. Another contextual note is that the subject of the reading had a long conversation with David just before the reading about his idea of the “infinite database.” In this concept, every event and circumstance in a person’s life is similar to a link on a database, and every word in each person’s “book of life” has a link to another entire database. Therefore, there is nothing but infinity, as every time you click on a new link you find even more. The readings address this concept of multidimensional reality very directly, right off the bat. Furthermore, understand that this client is naturally just under five feet tall, and the reading addresses the concerns that come with having a physical body of this nature from birth.]   We have come from the worlds within worlds within worlds, bearing the message to you of the eminent domain of known scholarship in higher realms. Bearing this in mind, you keep minutely focusing on what it is [that] defines your existence through a basic set of parameters that...

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6/23/99: Prophecy: Wars, Earth Changes and Ascension

David Wilcock et al. 6/23/99   2009 INTRODUCTION [3/20/09: At this point I was very heavily stuck on the idea that some phenomenal event was going to happen on August 11, 1999. My readings started the morning after I had a long conversation with Joe Mason of greatdreams.com on the phone, and he made a strong case for Nostradamus having flagged this conjunction.  The idea was that the “Grand Cross” planetary alignment could cause enough energetic stress on the Earth to create a hyperdimensional energy shift. Even better, I had been seeing “numerical synchronicities” on clocks for years, and on August 11, 1999, the Sun would go into a full-halo corona — a total solar eclipse — at exactly 11:11 am GMT. Since Mason’s words had directly led to my contact opening up, I had reason to believe he was right about this date as well. By this point it was less than two months away and I was looking for anything I could find in my readings that suggested it might be real. Again, this is why it is important to keep an open mind in doing intuitive work, and never to see intuitive data as entirely factual — only something you can use to point you in a given direction. Nonetheless, within this body of material we have an amazing prophecy come through: a very precise prediction...

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6/23/99: Reading: “Awaken Now”

[Reading Conducted January 1999] [Note: This is a rare example of a case where the readings spoke as an “I AM” presence instead of a “WE ARE” presence. It is directed towards you, the reader, from the Source.] Awaken now. There is no need for any more wasted time, for you have been ripening so nicely. I just want to get a minute to speak with you, for there will always be those times when I am unable to say what I am really feeling, and what is right for you. I am the beginning that has no ending, the creative source from which your mind, body and spirit springs. The indomitable attraction that creates the striving and yearning within you for reunion, reconnection, revivification in the Source. Do you understand who I am? Do you understand and know that I am you? I ask you this simple question, and this is a question that you must ask yourself in this moment as you read or hear these words. Who am I? Now just think about that for a moment. Allow it to sift through your thoughts, flipping the pages of the cookbook from one to the next, discovering indeed what it is that you have created. What was your first impulse when I created this question for you? Did you think of your name? Did you think of...

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5/2/99: Prophecy: Nostradamus on October 1999?

  Nostradamus on October 1999: Will Current War Produce Land Shift?   5/2/99   [3/14/09: This is included to show how much I’ve progressed since the early days. I automatically assumed that the “darkest eclipse” Nostradamus referred to in the cited excerpt had to be August 11, 1999, which at the time was a major point of interest for me as it was a major “Grand Cross” astrological event and a good millennium marker. It certainly is possible that a “major or epic land shift” would have happened to balance our collective karma had the world’s attitude about the Kosovo war not been positive and supportive enough. This is precisely what I was told in a reading. Here I was examining the possibility that such an event had been prophesied long ago.]  In this article, we are reprinting what might be the single most important section of a book by Francois Masson called “The End of Our Century: According to Prophecies, Cyclic Projections and Other Means of Knowing the Future.” Although this book was written in 1980, it used the obscure science of cyclology to predict exactly when the fall of the Soviet empire would occur- in 1990 / 91. [Articles on cyclology will be forthcoming on our www.ascension2000.com website.] What we will be looking at here is a remarkable correspondence of a rarely cited piece of text from...

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2/23/99: Reading: Upcoming Earth Changes?

  Upcoming Earth Changes? 2 / 23 / 99   [3/14/09: This was one of the very first posts I ever made to my ascension2000.com website after establishing it in February 1999, including content I had already written starting in 1998. It is included here for historical purposes. At the time I was listening to a lot of Art Bell, and got caught up in the fervor of the idea that either a pole shift or the y2k computer collapse was imminent. People on these types of shows believed this idea so strongly that it had quite an effect on my own thoughts, causing me to interpret my data selectively so as to support the concept. This is partly included as a warning to everyone about what can happen when you get too caught up in the ‘fear and doom’ climate on the Internet, which will always tell you that disaster is right around the corner. Thankfully I grew out of this ‘phase’ fairly quickly!]   Hello. I have finally decided to write this article after more than an entire month of dreams, affirmations, visions and “readings” regarding an upcoming and serious earth movement. It is my understanding, based on the research that I have been doing with Higher Intelligence, that the Earth needs to make an approximately 20-degree adjustment in its orbital rotation position. This adjustment comes about...

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