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8/25/99: Reading: Clearing “Sex Karma” Part II

  ABSTRACT: This is a 20+ – page document that explores the incredible, thematic dreams and psychic readings surrounding my own, possibly final epic struggle with sexual desire. Right when I thought I had it knocked, a temptation was offered to me that was quite attractive. I suddenly was willing to pass up the spiritually sanctioned, long-term, very deep celibate relationship with Sabrina in favor of something that would bring quick physical gratification. I was really convinced that this new situation would be right for me, and most of the people around me had said so as well. Little did I realize how my unfolding karmic process was truly at work! My ultimate conclusion was to stay in the relationship with Sabrina and not veer off into other involvements. This conscious decision proved to be a very large karmic rectification, whose importance was far greater than I could have realized while I was in the middle of all of it. {Also, we will see the ongoing metaphor of the “negative communion” here, expressed as different types of foods mimicking the bread and wine.)   Thursday 8 / 5 / 99 – 8:25 a.m. At the end of this dream, I just realized that the whole Junior High School – style building I had been in was built on a soil foundation, and it turned to mud. The bottom two...

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8/16/99: Reading: The Moment is Soon to Arrive

  8/16/99 Monday 8 / 2 / 99 – 5:38 a.m. I went through another pretty incredible cycle just now. Towards the end it partially featured me flying through what appeared to be the fancy hotel I used to work at, with psychokinesis as sort of an Ascended being. I was trying to show people how you could climb this little ladder like the ones they had on the hiking trails, but it was very unsteady. [Note: This is obviously talking about the unsteadiness still surrounding our present Ascension.] After we went to this area that was kind of up on a hill, looking like a corner store in a giant shopping complex, we discovered very much of that hotel atmosphere inside. I was flying up and down, and I saw K F, a girl I knew in high school, coming out of the bathroom at one point. She still seemed to be mired in drugs, and that disappointed me when I realized that. It was just beautiful – the scenery and everything else was just beautiful. There was sort of a smooth transition between flying around in the beautiful hotel setting and then being in my car with my housemate Apostol. [Note: Our inner feminine selves are still mired in our self-indulgent behavior patterns, hence this is a reflection of the progress we must still make on ourselves.]...

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8/16/99: Reading: Clearing “Sex Karma” Part I

Personal Reading: Clearing Ra-Ta’s “Sex Karma” and Latest Earth Changes / Global Politics Update Tuesday 8 / 3 / 99 – 11:59 a.m. I just woke up from another dream that again placed me back at the farm. He ended up being well suited for a life challenging against tyrants. That is essential for our work to continue. We must reveal the scope and nature of this contact, and of the need to restore it on some level. In this dream I ended up right at the edge of the field before you would go in. The idea of J working there was in the back of my mind. I ended up seeing other kids whom I have never seen before. Extrasolar planets in alignment and conjunction. Younger than Art Bell, but having the same purpose in mind; to reveal the nature of exotic physics and the like. D: You must be referring to Joe Firmage. Yes, that is correct. There are a few other things that Firmage needs to know, and you can help him dramatically in this area. That is all for now. D: I am totally exhausted. Even though it is late, I feel like I want to sleep a little more. I did end up talking to two kids at the edge of the field, and they were both talking about drugs. This one guy...

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8/11/99: Reading: Prepare Yourself With Joy

Prepare Yourself with Joy: The Changes are Getting Closer Every Moment By David Wilcock  8/11/99     Saturday 7 / 31 / 99 – 6:09 a.m. [Note: Voice is very, very slow and distant. I did not know what I was saying at all.] It will be much easier for secret government supplies to take place when caterpillars are removed from the equation. Because we still very much want you to pupate and unfold your butterfly wings, we see the longhairs are sure to confer about this problem sooner or later. The upcoming eclipse will make it abundantly clear that the entire context of physical matter which best resides in a physical dimension is no longer as viable as it was once thought to be. [Note: The sentence about the “longhairs” appears to be telling us that today’s youth will eventually start working together to solve our shared problems.] The scattering effects of this conjunction will be visible for quite some of your time, as you would call it. That is important. Harnessed to a chariot that promotes foci of opportunities that would steer and pull forward the boat, so to speak, and once we exit the clean-up man, we no longer need to be so concerned about our misdeeds in the bakery. We do very much want the bread of life to arise within, and this is one...

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8/11/99: Reading: Cyclical Time

Breakthrough Wilcock Reading: Cyclical Time Friday 7 / 30 / 99 – 10:48 a.m. D: This dream was very interesting. I am very tired. I need to go back to sleep as soon as I can. This was a very long dream, a lot of stuff happened and there is a lot of plot in the middle that I am missing. The plot in the middle seemed to be related to me cleansing my colon. [This has to do with eliminating old habit patterns, hence all the addiction / recovery content.] R Y and a few other of the heavy drug users from high school were involved in this. It was towards the end of the whole thing. We were all leaving this place. Somehow, they had hoisted me up onto this raised thing that they were navigating through. It was partly like we were in a helicopter at first. They were basically dangling me off of the ladder. D: I am getting so much feed here that I have got to change my body position and just start doing it. It is just incredible. So after being on the helicopter, it was like I was on a forklift. They were trying to navigate me through this weird parking lot. There were all these military exercises going on in the sky. That is what part of it was! There...

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