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7/26/00: Reading: Spontaneous Evolution

7/26/00   Sunday 4 / 16 / 00 — 8:56 a.m. [Note: The first part of this dream ended up predicting a future situation that would unfold in the next two and a half weeks. A man whom we shall call “T”, an acquaintance of David’s, was rather intensely asked to leave by JV, another mutual acquaintance. T ended up staying at David’s house for over two weeks and both understood that it ended up feeling like an imposition.]   D: This was a long and interesting dream series. I have now been asleep for about six hours, which is not really enough but it is a very good start. Apostol featured in heavily. He was in an apartment with me again, which I can’t say that I was totally excited about. [7/25: Right away we can see the parallel prediction being made; namely, of a person staying in the house who would be a challenge.]   D: At the very end I was playing guitar with Eric and some other friends, and I was surprised at how well I was getting it to sound. [7/25: As later stated in the reading, this has to do with the ability to get along with others as friends, thus transforming the situation of T’s stay in the house from a negative into a positive.]   You have had to lose a...

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7/25/00: Prophecy: All is Part of a Greater Plan

  7/25/00   [3/19/09: Spontaneously, and at the last minute, I got recruited for a grueling five-day Native American ‘Sundance’ ceremony. A woman was running it, which ran contrary to her culture — hence she was branching out from the traditional structure and called it a ‘Sun-Moon-Earth Dance.” The second half of this page has a dream that predicted, in explicit detail, that I would end up doing this ceremony — a full two months in advance. The first half contains a reading that reminds us yet again that the economic changes are all part of a bigger plan that is being carefully monitored by beings in higher realms in order to help promote the spiritual evolution of everyone here on Earth. Earlier readings need to be studied for full context of why this is seen as a good thing.]   Tuesday 4 / 11 / 00 — 6:53 a.m. D: There was a rather long dream section that involved something remotely like J’s barn, but it is more of a background memory. I want to say like a free energy device, there was something big that was being worked on. It was pretty exciting. Remember John Donne and his greatest achievements, which were the greatest stories ever told. You can already realize it by the time you have approached twenty-five years old, as life begins to teach more...

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7/13/00: Reading: The Discovery of Awareness

  7/13/00   Thursday 4 / 6 / 00 — 9:20 a.m. D: Okay, we are going to go in here and instead of doing a client reading today, we are going to do one for the general reader and / or my own needs. [Note: The reading begins by disciplining David to finish his immediate book-writing projects as soon as possible. Most all of the personal readings for him have been saying this, and it is now in progress as we post this article.]   We have almost seen the beginning of delay developing. The content in these dreams is designed to get you to focus on the goal that is at hand, so that you will complete it in as timely a fashion as possible. We know that it takes you some time and energy to get revved up [to do this work] again, but this is what you must do. The most influential topic of discussion resides in the standard mode of decay that can be easily seen when the immediate hurdles are overcome and the broadcast is then completed. [5/19: Once again the coordinates are amazingly tight to the present, as we did just complete the “immediate hurdles” of getting the phone service turned back on as well as “completing the broadcast” with Laura Lee. That broadcast was indeed the pinnacle of completion of all...

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7/4/00: Reading: Take Responsibility for Self-Acceptance

  By David Wilcock / Ra 7/4/00 [3/19/09: This reading has yet another example of economic prophecy data in it — prophecies which have now come true. Back when I still did readings, they consisted of a personalized dream where I acted and lived through the client’s own life’s issues, sealing off any conscious mind overlay from the data and answering the client’s questions with remarkable effectiveness. Once the dream was completely dictated onto the tape and analyzed, a reading then followed it. The client in question was a male college student who has participated in musical projects and...

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6/1/00: Reading: Supernova of the Self

  6/1/00 Thursday 3 / 30 / 00 — 4:10 a.m. D: In the dream I was having an apparent lecture from this guy who I spoke to on the phone last night, Michael Lawrence Morton. Only this was much, much more that he was giving me than what he has actually done. The number 432 kept being associated with the planet, and with a sphere somehow – so I think there is a suggestion there for me to look at that. I am investigating now the behavior of certain classes of phenomena. All I remember was that I was being given an incredible amount of information, and it was far more advanced than what he told me on the phone. Through simple Internet searching, I found his work, and it is one of very, very few that exists like this. So, it was nice for us to talk to each other. The crossroads have been reached as far as it will go. The aethermic modeling takes place when the immediate circumstances warrant such a change in favor of the new over the destructive power of the old. We insist that the vertical upliftments that arise within when one freely contemplates their own nature as God-beings will indeed intervene directly with many of the existing problematic constructs of mind and heart, and change them in positive ways. [tape ends]...

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5/25/00: Dream: Earth is Not a Negative Planet

  5/25/00   This dream/reading graphically shows us that we really aren’t doing badly as a third-density planet, compared to certain other cases.   Friday 3 / 10 / 00 — 9:58 a.m. D: I fell asleep last night on the couch, about 12:45 a.m. I didn’t even get up and come in here until around 6:30. It is now 9:59 a.m. This dream had some weird stuff going on, no doubt about that. A magnificent time, yes.   D: The image that comes to mind first was this really strange and scary-looking extraterrestrial that was very tall, about nine feet. It had a head that wasn’t quite human and very long arms. There might have actually been three pairs of arms, I believe, sort of like what you would see in one of those video games. This creature was very angry with one of its minions, and it reached out and slapped him across the face at one point. That was amazing to see, because he had such a reach. The arm shot out some twenty feet to make the slap. His head was definitely different. The mouth was very big, and the bottom of the head was wider than the top. After slapping this guy, this creature tried to pretend it was human. Its face looked more human, but it was still hugely tall. It walked through...

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5/23/00: Reading: The Stargate Will Open in 2012

  5/23/00   Wednesday 3 / 8 / 00 — 11:25 a.m. The pilots then scheduled the flight to be delayed a few more months, while the surrounding circumstances continue to occur in greater and greater fashion. You have all the experience that it takes to believe in the propositions set forth herein. And thus, don’t take our word for it when we suggest that the instreaming forces that create gravity on the Earthen sphere will indeed have edged upward, surrounding the May 5, 2000 timeline. [5/5/00: WOW. Here we are on May 5, 2000, transcribing these words for the first time…]   You can expect that there will be further changes and adjustments in the direction of the mystical as this proceeds further. Now is the time to become that person who loves a mystery, and who defines it moment by moment by the process occurring within himself. Very short circumstances there are for those who break loose of the cycle and pattern of karma. There are an infinite number of mediocre opportunities to be of service, and a far more intensive number of grandiose opportunities. In order that you not fall short of the goal, we do give you structure in terms of approximate timelines within which to finish this work. The Stargate will indeed open again at the approximate date of 2012 and thereabouts, but you...

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4/28/00: Prophecy: Archangel Michael on Economy & God

  4/28/00   Tuesday 2 / 21 / 00 — 4:30 a.m. [Note: Some dream content deleted. The setting was on a farm, hence Harvest or ascension. David had alfalfa sprouts growing out of his fingers in this dream, which he could cut off and eat.]   D: The strangeness continued, because it seemed that there was a hovering craft of some kind that they were working on. This craft was obviously supposed to be exemplary of very high levels of technology. Even though it was in the context of a farm, they were putting a lot of work into this. There was something that they hadn’t figured out yet in terms of how to do it, but they were getting really close… So again they were really close to solving the propulsion system. There was a billboard that at one time had something else but was long since run down. It had two rather small and simple glyphs carved into it, which appeared to contain the final secret to the propulsion system. Both glyphs were red inside where they were carved as opposed to the outside of the sign being white. One shape was like an arrow pointing to the right, and another shape was roughly rectangular, but it had circles on both ends that were half-circles, I think, and their tips pointed out at the top and...

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