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11/24/00: Prophecy: 2000 Election Crisis Predicted in 1999

  By David Wilcock 11/24/00   Major, documented psychic “hit? ” You decide. “The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked. The interim period decides the next victor. ” – Wilcock Readings, June 23, 1999   If Gore is indeed “completely naked ” in this showdown, due to issues such as blocking the military overseas ballots, then the reading indicates that he won‘t win the election crisis – which the reading suggests is “partly his own authorship. ”   Documented Prediction of Election Chaos? This article was originally posted here on June 23, 1999. Now, in context, it is shockingly prophetic and apparently “time-stamped ” to our own present moment – and events this big can certainly be seen ahead of time in the collective consciousness, especially “planned ” events. By an intuitive flash, we were spontaneously led to look up the word “Gondharva ” on www.alltheweb.com – and of course, ours was the only article with that word, found in two places – here and on Greatdreams. [3/20/09: The real word is “Somvarta”, not “Gondharva,” and I did change it in the original document.]  The key sentence is: “The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked. The interim period decides the next victor. ”...

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11/8/00: Reading: The Downfall of Separation Consciousness

  11/8/00 Sunday 6 / 18 / 00 — 7:55 a.m. D: At some point in this dream, my father was featured. There was a very complex amount of stuff going on. My brother might have also been involved in some capacity. There was something that we were striving and reaching for. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but we had to keep working and working on it. Let me dictate the most significant part, which just happened at the end. It does seem as though it was holographically related to other parts of the dream as well. It was on the grounds between the elementary and the junior high school. There was a younger scientific-minded kid involved. I just cued on the words, “Internet Pornography Websites.” These words should help you to understand what we are admitting here. That is important. D: I understand now. That is exactly what this dream is focusing on. [Note: In other words, as we read the reading itself we will see that here I was going through old issues regarding pornography, which is so saturated throughout our culture and society, especially with young men. Once the scars have been in place it takes years of dreamwork and healing to fully overcome them.] D: Anyway…   Nevertheless, his issue was to stem from the machine of conscious opportunities, wherein the complete package...

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10/25/00: Prophecy: Cycle Analysis Predicts Market Crash

  10/25/00 [3/19/09: First, we will include the posts from the former website to show what we predicted, before it actually happened.]    THE PREDICTIVE UPDATE POSTS 10/13/00 – Stock Prediction: If some of the Cowanites are correct in the technical discussions now circulating, expect a “major panic type sell-off ” in the stock market that will begin early next week (10/16-10/21), possibly fluctuate briefly and finally bottom out between 10/24-10/26 before regaining some measure of sensibility. This cycle is also obviously responsible for the escalating global tensions at this time as “it‘s all relative. ” Although hundreds of...

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10/13/00: Reading: War in Israel / Healthy Diet

  10/13/00   Astonishing Wilcock Readings “Hit:” War in Israel Predicted Almost Down to the Day, Three Years in Advance   DW: First, let’s begin with the article that emerged yesterday: Israel Strikes – Palestinian Authority Declares War Middle East NewsLine 10-12-00 RAMALLAH – Israeli attack helicopters struck Palestinian targets in the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority has declared war. Palestinian Authority officials said that hours after four Israeli soldiers were killed by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah Israeli attack helicopters struck targets in Gaza. They said the police headquarters in Gaza City near the office of PA...

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9/23/00: Dream: Masons on Mars

  9/23/00    [3/19/09: There are also readings in this excerpt, but we gave it a ‘dream’ title because the dream is certainly interesting — it suggests a Masonic-oriented secret-government presence on Mars. Witness testimony such as Project Camelot’s “Henry Deacon” suggests this may, in fact, be true.]  A highly complex and intriguing dream about the possible long-term knowledge and direct exploration of Martian anomalies highlights this second section from May.   Wednesday 5 / 17 / 00 — 7:34 a.m. D: This dream had some precarious moments. At the very end just now I hadn’t been watering my plants, and they wilted on me. I had opened up some dresser drawer cabinets while I was in there, and they were looking wilted.   He regroups for a moment and allows this whole process to become much more certified than usually possible. The contest winners all agree that the detrimental effects of such salvage efforts are overcome by the positive ones. And thus, don’t fail to submit a resignation form to those outmoded beliefs and attitudes of the past when they are so newly restructured in the here and now. You have all the tools necessary to overcome past programming and mental conditions in favor of the new information. But we can indeed say that the future is very bright, and you will need not be so concerned about...

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9/22/00: Reading: Charring and Restructuring Society is Not Our Goal

  9/22/00    Wednesday 5 / 10 / 00 — 9:39 a.m. D: What an incredible, incredible series of dreams this was. There was a lot of content surrounding trips, traveling of one sort or another. It seemed as though the traveling was going to take place on an airplane, and there were different airplane stations involved.   A distinguished professor such as yourself will indeed see that the next cycle of events involves a battery of probabilities. We are intending for you to succeed, and that does involve success in the long run on many different levels. Enjoy the opportunity to be of service in the situations that present themselves to you each and every day, and you will find that this mystical arranging power of life’s events will again hold sway for you. [7/11: This has a more than coincidental connection to the fact that I transcribe this after just returning from the airport with my first fully paid flying lecture trip away from home. Of course, I did not know this at the time that the dream and reading came in. Even more interestingly, the reading referred to me as a “professor,” and the talk I hosted took place in a college lecture hall.] Thursday 5 / 11 / 00 — 7:56 a.m. D: This would be a real hard dream to forget, because it was...

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9/15/00: Reading: The Impermanence of the Physical

  9/15/00   [3/19/09: Obviously, by this point the dot-com collapse was well underway. I now knew that my readings had not misled me when it came to the prophecy of an economic collapse. The beginning of the following reading mentions this.]   Thursday 4 / 20 / 00 — 8:21 a.m. The market bloodbath continues for a while longer. We have always tried to determine where the greatest opportunities lie, and how you yourself can best navigate through them. We have already explained that what was believed to be anathema to normal social functioning before has now become almost passe’. In the meantime, we do acknowledge that we exist, and that there are going to be a series of revelations made sometime soon this year, based on current probabilities as we see them. That should interest you very much. [5/21: This is exciting indeed. I have no conscious memory of saying these words. 9/15: As for the series of revelations, in doing this research I have overturned a wealth of astonishing new information in the last few months, all of which will be seeing its way into the finished product of Convergence III. I am also extremely encouraged by Richard Hoagland’s open acknowledgement of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 as a hyperdimensional event, and I will be sending him a copy of the book in hopes of expanding...

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9/5/00: Reading: The Calling Card of the Higher Realms

  9/5/00   Monday 4 / 17 / 00 — 11:31 a.m. D: Wow. This was a wild, wild series of dreams. No jet noise this morning, so I slept very solidly, even though I went to bed late. We are then seeing the future importance of the Platonic Solids by initiating a new system of thought on the topic, based upon the notions of vibration and how they have come across to the individual seeker. What we tack on here is the literal effect of how much your magazines will affect others. If we put it back, (which is right,) and even if we get to a certain point, the Platonic Solids must become the driving force of the harmonic cycle. And without these solids to consider, then the whole proposition pops out of acceptance. [9/4: This is obviously referring to my own (Wilcock’s) research, and the fact that no matter where it takes me, the Platonic Solids must remain at the forefront of the hypothesis.]   There are those times where you are made just like us, and in so doing we had to use two natives to get to the point before publishing it in order to survive. [9/4: So far I have indeed had two different possibilities for publishing that have not worked out. This is the only meaning I can think of for the...

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