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12/14/96: Readings: First Half of December 1996

[Updated 3/14/09] What follows is the raw data from the first half of December 1996 — the earliest days of the Wilcock Readings. Published on-site since 1999, you can see how the readings predicted an upcoming car crash for David, and ultimately tied it in with a remarkable prophecy of 9/11 — which at this point was still five years away!   What follows is the raw data. The readings are the main text, and everything else — comments and / or dream data — are indented.    Mon. 12 / 2 / 96 – 7:00 a.m.   In your cap and gown, think about what you are shopping for, for a moment; aquamarine, the colors of the spectrum. Control your data, flowing in through information. Slow down the matrix [of your thoughts.] Your work has many serious overtones. Many people feel they are lost. It’s quite appropriate in this society, though. How do you think I feel about it? I never say anything to cause this. This is my speakerphone; this is something you can watch – it will be around for many years. We need some purchasing orders badly. [Note: Obviously the statement about them “needing purchasing orders badly” indicates that they want many others to do the same thing that I was doing here.]   Silence is your greatest ally. We’re really proud of you; you’re...

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