Six different insider sources have confirmed that several spy satellites and computer systems for the Deep State have been blinded… in a stunning attack.

There is widespread agreement among these insider sources that some sort of major, visible action against this genocidal, globalist entity is now impending.

Three of these insider sources are only speaking to us at this time, at least in terms of any public figures they communicate with.

One of these sources is conveying the shared wisdom of five different military “units” of up to eight personnel each.

The code names of the now-disabled satellites are Snow White, Corona and Big Bird, followed by a one or two-digit number.

These covert satellites were apparently the communications backbone of the Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati / Deep State.


This mass shut-down of spy satellites appears to be a move that paves the way for swift actions that the Deep State cannot predict in advance.

This may come in the form of the unsealing of a whopping fifty-one thousand, seven hundred and one sealed indictments, and the arresting of the suspects therein.

Clear evidence also suggests that these perpetrators will be subject to military, not civilian, trials — meaning the proceedings will not drag out over ten or twenty years.

This is something all of us really need to think about and get clear on now, before any future data dumps that may throw us into emotional trauma.

Since the highest-level offenders will likely be prosecuted in DC, this mass event may come to be known as the Washington Trials, in homage to the Nuremberg Trials.

Now that these mass arrests may finally be imminent — after eleven years of reporting on this issue — this may be the most significant article we have written here in quite some time.


[UPDATE, 4:10 PM NEXT DAY, 9/9: This article hit 100,000 views in less than 19 hours, effectively a new record. It is definitely getting attention. See the end of Part Three for details.]

[UPDATE II, 7:36 PM 9/9: Q just said “Something VERY BIG is about to drop.”]

[UPDATE III, 9:57 AM 9/10: Fulford’s latest intel suggests the new FISA drop will reveal 9/11 Truth. Scroll to end of Part III for details.]



Our insider sources have been prognosticating “Mass Arrests” on this website since 2008, as we will delineate. Those same sources are among the groups saying it is now finally imminent.

Prophetic statements that can be audited with time-stamped records show that intuitive data predicting these arrests was coming in as early as 1999.

The Washington Trials may also pave the way for disclosure of classified UFO-related secrets in the aftermath, as our sources have been saying all along.

If this turns out to be true, now would be a good time to make sure you have emergency food and water on hand, as well as extra toilet paper. That is an important point.

There may be a temporary power blackout of up to two weeks in duration, as well as a freeze on travel, as the arrests take place.

Whether you believe this or not, and whether you appreciate the Alliance or not, we must not be blinded to the fact that an event of this size and scope could indeed happen.

Instead of saying this intel is definitely real, we will simply present the information we have gathered to you, and let you draw your own conclusions.

There have certainly been many “false alarms,” but that doesn’t mean these 51,000 indictments are just going to sit on the books indefinitely.

I consider it an emergency that I needed to write this, ASAP, despite being in an area with very bad internet access, if it even works at all. You will see why I feel that way.



If you had multiple clear signs that an event significantly bigger than 9/11 was coming, and you had the public platform to warn people, would you do it?

This article represents my own answer to that question.

On September 11th, 2001, 2,996 people died. Another six thousand people were injured — in an event that rocked the world, and changed our socio-political landscape forever.

Wars were declared on Iraq and Afghanistan, and were fought by a multi-national coalition in Operation Desert Shield.

The USA PATRIOT act choked American freedoms, and US airports filled up with ominous-looking body scanners and invasive TSA pat-downs.

A total of 8,996 lives were irreversibly affected by 9/11, either as direct casualties or injuries.

As of August 31st, 2018, the number of documented sealed indictments within the US court system, based on official records, is up to an astonishing 51,701.

This is not “fake news,” nor a “conspiracy theory.” It is a documented political fact — easily confirmed with government judicial databases.

The normal amount of sealed indictments for any given year is just over 1000.



Many of these indictments may carry the death penalty when they become unsealed. This is not my personal recommendation or desire — it is an inference from the available intel.

Q Anon has now indicated that these cases will be prosecuted by military tribunals and court martials, not civilian courts.

The scope of many of the crimes that will be exposed will be utterly sickening to people.

There will be stories about the suppression of free speech, social media manipulation and the deliberate writing of “fake news,” but that’s nothing.

Some stories will be horrific enough that they will likely go way beyond the minimum legal requirements for capital punishment.

Dr. Michael Salla’s latest article, released September 6th, 2018, contains a must-see analysis from Q Anon data that definitely suggests this will be a mass military trial.

Amendments were passed to the Manual for Military Courts-Martial in 2018 that make this possible, among other legal maneuvers.

Corey Goode’s trusted insiders also reported last week that military courts were being formed, and would work in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Attorney Generals at the state level.



Our intel is also saying that new data dumps are very imminent that could be far worse than anything we have seen already, including the so-called Pizzagate documents.

Q Anon is one source that teased at this by encoding the word DECLAS, or Declassify, into two enigmatic posts about Congress recently, followed by statements about shining light on darkness.

I have had many, many dreams over the years saying we should not demonize all Deep State operatives and go on a witch hunt with torches and pitchforks.

The events of 9/11 so deeply traumatized the American public that there was almost unilateral support for immediate, fierce, deadly wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is all too easy for good people to get caught up in a frenzy of blood lust when they are hit with sudden, major, incredibly threatening new traumas.

Therefore, I do think it is important for us to emotionally prepare ourselves to hear some very upsetting and sickening information, first off.

Second off, all of us need to be careful that we, as a collective, do not blindly support an endless succession of death penalties for whatever the charges may be.

Even if these are publicized military tribunals, I would hope we don’t see everyone cheering for one death after another like a Roman coliseum.



At the whopping, unprecedented count of 51,701 sealed indictments, this number is 17.25 times larger than the casualty count of 9/11.

That’s an event that is fully one thousand, seven hundred and twenty-five percent bigger than 9/11, if you count the arrested as casualties.

Even if you include the people who were injured in 9/11, the sealed indictments are still 5.7 times larger — or 570 percent — than the number of lives affected by 9/11.

It is possible that the information that will be declassified will also feel like a far greater attack and threat against America than the one we faced in 9/11.

This evil group penetrated far more deeply into the basic fabric of our society than most people would have ever dared to imagine in their worst nightmares.

The people who haven’t done their homework, and haven’t wanted to believe any of the worst stuff, will have gut-wrenching, sleepless, suicidal depression and rage when they find out the truth.

These are all very important points to consider.



It is an ironic historical fact that Soviet premier Josef Stalin, as well as US President Roosevelt, joked about executing 50,000 German officers for Nazi atrocities in WWII.

Stalin’s original figure was 50 to 100,000 officers at the Triparte Dinner Meeting at the Tehran Conference in 1943, at which time Roosevelt joked that maybe 49,000 would do.

Later, on February 4th, 1945, Roosevelt said he hoped that Marshal Stalin would again propose a toast to the execution of 50,000 officers of the German Army.

However, the total number of post-World War II trials of Nazi Germans were only 200 at Nuremberg, which got the highest-level criminals.

Another 1600 were prosecuted through traditional channels of military justice.

That all adds up to a mere 1800 indictments for the whole of Nazi atrocities after their stunning war machine was defeated in World War II.

At 51,701 sealed indictments, the Washington Trials will be 28.72 times larger than the Nazi trials, or two thousand, eight hundred and seventy-two percent bigger than the Nazi prosecutions after World War II.

Try to imagine the scope of crimes that are, by statistical definition, nearly three thousand percent greater than what the Nazis were held accountable for after World War II.

This is a shadow World War III that is being fought at a scope far beyond what most people could ever even imagine.



As Salla’s analyses and Goode’s data suggest, there will likely be military tribunals in all 50 US states once this happens.

However, we can also expect that the highest-level criminals from the legislative and executive branches will be prosecuted in Washington, DC.

The Soviets had requested that the Nazi trials take place in the German capital of Berlin.

Since Nuremberg was where the Nazi party had originated, and it still had a sizable courthouse that was undamaged by bombing, unlike Berlin, the trials were held there.

In this case there has been no bombing, and there should be sufficient space for the highest-level trials in various buildings in DC, such as Congress.

Therefore, although no one can truly predict what this event will be called, we can reasonably assume it may come to be known as the Washington Trials.



The Washington Trials name also embodies the spirit of the original revolution against tyranny that George Washington spearheaded, and thus carries archetypal power.

I do support the idea of criminals facing justice. I just hope we see plenty of prison sentences and not simply a revolving door of death penalties.

If we support a kangaroo court death-machine, we are adopting the very behaviors of the perpetrators we have sought to distance ourselves from.

Most likely the Alliance is planning on there being many prison sentences. Some of our intel has described the expansion and refurbishing of places like Guatanamo for this purpose.

I do also believe in the power of granting amnesty to those who become heroes, and help expose the deeper roots of the problem.

If someone truly wants to do the right thing, they should be able to go back to a relatively ordinary life, with monitoring to ensure they do not commit further offenses.

The many, many resignations and firings reported by Q Anon seem to represent a large number of folks who have already chosen this path.



Many independent journalists are covering this soon-to-be epic story without really understanding what a sealed indictment really is, or how it comes about.

Sealed indictments are often used to prosecute organized crime rings. They represent very serious criminal charges.

High security is needed due to the fearsome power of these corrupt organizations to prevent themselves from being arrested.

The members of the criminal cartel are unaware that a complex operation is being conducted against them until they all get arrested at once — in a surprise sting attack.



In my own hometown, over fifty drug dealers in Schenectady, New York were nabbed in a massive, coordinated operation in one night, on November 18th, 1993.

A huge group of over 500 cops, along with dozens of dogs, cop cars and helicopters, all gathered at about 2:30 AM in the parking lot of Schenectady County Community College.

They grabbed everyone while they were most apt to be asleep — in the wee “morning” hours just before sunrise.

This surprising event was covered in the New York Times, as follows:

11/18/93: Series of Drug Raids Focus on Street Level

Police officers made more than 50 drug arrests at houses and street corners throughout this city today in a series of early-morning raids.

About 500 officers from seven state police troops and the Schenectady Police Department made the mass arrests of street-level dealers in an attempt to choke off the city’s growing drug trade, said Thomas Constantine, the Superintendent of the state police.

“There has been an increasing migration of drug dealers from New York City, and this is exacerbated because all of these cities have their local people involved in drug traffic,” Mr. Constantine said.

“And as the two groups come together, there’s a great deal of violence.”



A friend of mine who lived in the Stockade area of Schenectady knew some of the people who were rounded up and captured that night.

These people had visited my friend occasionally, though he did not do drugs. He was a very social guy. We were working on an independent music album together that summer.

One of our songs was a rocker called “She’s Driving Me Crazy,” about a troubled girl who had started dating one of the drug dealers and kept running to my friend for emotional support.

The lyrics included, “She leaves an awful message, yelling at the phone. She’s dialing all day now. So scared. Scared of being ALONE…. Whoaa…. She’s Driving Me Crazy!!!”

I had just gotten sober from all mind-altering substances a year before, on September 21st, 1992.

My friend had worried that cars parked outside his house were watching him in the months leading up to the big bust — and he was right.

His drug friends were talking about seeing these parked cars in various other places as well, and getting strange feelings from them.

The female inspiration for “She’s Driving Me Crazy” was another one of the paranoid folks who kept saying how scared she was from seeing these creepy cars.

I observed one of the parked cars myself while we were working on our music. A man was sitting quietly inside of it, trying to look innocuous.



For some stupid reason, my friend was growing two scrawny little marijuana plants in a closet at the time, even though he didn’t smoke weed.

Some of these same “friends” had given him the seeds and encouraged him to try growing them into plants, “for fun.”

I had a very bad feeling about it. “What if that guy is out there because of you? Look, man, in my view you’d better start thinking the unthinkable. Right now.”

I told him he needed to harvest the plants immediately — which he did, with my help, that very day. I don’t know what he did with the leaves thereafter.

The problem was that if you got busted with pot plants, the cops weighed all of the soil as well as the plants themselves.

Thus, a couple of puny little saplings could quickly turn into a felony-level drug bust involving pounds of marijuana — on the books.

You could end up doing serious prison time for growing a little bag of “dirt weed” that wouldn’t be enough to get a hummingbird high.

In today’s world, with a majority of states having legalized it to varying degrees, this all may sound a bit quaint — but it was very serious at the time.



Just three months after we finished our album, the big sweep was made.

An incredible amount of secret work, over many months of time, went into making this mass arrest happen. My friend was left alone, as was the dealer’s girlfriend. Her fears of abandonment came true.

It is possible that if he hadn’t listened to my advice, he could have had a good part of his life ruined from the resulting arrests.

This personal event may be part of why I have no trouble envisioning a much larger mass arrest. Even though this has never been done before, it is at least theoretically possible.



If it took 500 officers from eight different police divisions to successfully round up 50 armed drug dealers, it may take half a million personnel to grab fifty thousand criminals all at once.

Furthermore, the Schenectady sting was all done in a few hours. The leaked plans for mass arrests suggest it could take nine days, or even up to two weeks.

This would give time for the same teams of operatives to pounce on multiple locations within a relatively short time window.

Let’s say it took about five days instead of one. In that case, you may only need 100,000 personnel instead of 500,000.

Bear in mind that I have been getting high-quality briefings — for years now — about huge covert teams that are already in position for this purpose.

They are living and working in plainclothes, but all they have been doing with the majority of their time is training for these operations.

This includes countless drills where they have exact layouts of the buildings they will be entering and what rooms they will target.

Security on these teams is absolute. They are very dedicated to the cause. That is why there have been no leaks of any significance about it.



In a planet with seven billion people, and many millions of soldiers internationally, we should not presume that such an operation is “impossible.”

It certainly could be done. It would just involve an extraordinary amount of covert communication as part of a joint, international exercise, just like the various police districts that converged in Schenectady.

In the final stages before the arrests, you would need to cut off the communications systems of the enemy. That appears to be what has just happened as of August 30th with the satellites.

Again, we will go through detailed coverage of what each briefing source said about these new developments in Part Three.

The briefings are consistent enough that I feel we need to take the risk and talk about this, even if it still ends up being delayed even longer.

For the people involved in carrying out these operations, the very future of humanity is at stake — and they are willing to risk everything, including their own lives, to save the planet.

I agree that these mass arrests need to be done, and remind you that we as a collective can help to ensure that it is carried out ethically.



In order to grasp how significant it is to have fifty-one thousand sealed indictments on the books, some additional explanation is necessary.

Each sealed indictment must be produced by a secret grand jury, convened for the occasion.

This is no minor accomplishment, as we will see.

The secret grand jury hears evidence and, if convinced by the information, it files a sealed order for the pending arrest of the accused.

No one can see who is named in the order until it becomes unsealed.

This work can all be done on paper, so electronic surveillance won’t work either.

For this same reason, I imagine these secret grand juries are being held in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) rooms.

These rooms are completely impenetrable to any type of surveillance, satellite-based, electronic or otherwise.



For this same reason, it is very likely that the Cabal has no idea what kind of a hellstorm is waiting for them inside those indictments.

The ‘discovery’ process is going to be very rough, and will happen all at once — hence the nature of mass, sealed indictments.

The Alliance was fully ready to do the arrests last year, only to have a wealth of new intel come in that dramatically expanded the operation. More on this in Part Three.

Bear in mind that one witness like Harvey Weinstein could give sworn confessions that could lead to dozens, if not hundreds of new secret grand jury trials and sealed indictments.

Weinstein definitely appeared to signal that he was going to rat out his colleagues by carrying a biography of Elia Kazan with him into his initial arrest on May 25th:



Here is what the Hollywood Reporter had to say about it:

5/25: Weinstein Carries Elia Kazan Bio Into Arrest: Is He Going to Rat Them Out?

A celebrated theater and film director, Kazan was a seven-time Oscar nominee for his films Gentleman’s AgreementA Streetcar Named DesireOn the Waterfront, East of Eden and America America, winning the best director Oscar in 1955 for Waterfront.

But late, in the Hollywood blacklist era, [Kazan] was called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1952 and became a cooperative witness by naming names, he also became a pariah in liberal circles….

Since Kazan named names to save his own career, is Weinstein signaling, as he prepares for the court battles ahead, that he won’t go down without a fight and is prepared to take others down with him as well?



In case you are not familiar with this history, 1950-54 was the so-called McCarthy era, headed by Sen. Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin.

The idea was that the Soviet Union was trying to infiltrate America through political and media circles, and distribute Communist propaganda.

This was deeply upsetting to a jittery American public, who was just five years away from the devastation of World War II when McCarthy gave his initial speech in February 1950.

In this speech, McCarthy said he had a list of “members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring” that had infiltrated the State Department.

Multiple Hollywood figures were targeted as secret Communist sympathizers. For its time, this was a very serious investigation.

Elia Kazan “sang like a songbird” and was personally responsible for many of his colleagues getting arrested and losing their careers.

According to journalists like G. Edward Griffin, the term “Communist” was really just a cover for the so-called Illuminati, Deep State or Cabal.

The Cabal does have its roots in an area of Russia known as Khazaria, around the Caspian Sea Basin — hence the often-seen term Khazarians.

Since Hollywood films routinely use visual symbolism, such as for foreshadowing, Weinstein may well have been tipping us off about his intentions by carrying the Kazan book.



Seven weeks later, in an interview from July 13th, Weinstein implied that “everyone” in Hollywood was doing the same thing he was doing.

Clearly, he was very unhappy for being “singled out.” At least that’s how he appeared to be thinking about it at the time.

Take a look, and notice the possibly intentional suggestion of the hand position in the cartoon of the man holding the drink:



This link and text was copied into my browser at the time, but the title and link was soon changed. The sentences I quoted here were later removed from the article, along with a few others.

So let’s read them:

7/13: Weinstein Says Everyone Trades Sex for Favors in Hollywood

[Weinstein said,] “Yes, I did offer them acting jobs in exchange for sex, but so did and still does everyone. But I never, ever forced myself on a single woman.”…

Hollywood has always treated women like dirt. In my book, the one that got caught should not pay for the rest of the bums that make these horrible films of today.


I do not share this writer’s opinions, but I wanted you to see this nonetheless.



Here is a link from on July 13th, before the ‘offending’ content was removed. Grab it now before it disappears!

In case it does disappear, here are two screen captures of the sections of text in question:




Again, let’s be clear that I do not agree in any way, shape or form that Weinstein never forced himself on anyone. He obviously did.

This is simply to document what we saw in the initial version.



Now this same article has been renamed “My Chat with Harvey Weinstein,” with a lot of text removed, and has the following caveat added at the end.

Here it is with the new URL that the previous link now automatically redirects to:

Update: A section of this article, in which I may have misrepresented Harvey’s conversation with me in New York last month, has been removed. It was my mistake.

We were discussing Hollywood and I may have misunderstood certain things about the methods of that place. I hope I have not damaged his case.


This careful statement was probably the product of threatened mainstream media moguls and not Weinstein himself, who likely knew exactly what he was saying… and the author agreed with him.

“Edits” like this are rampant in today’s online world… but they are not going to prevent the Washington Trials from happening.

Let me also say that I do not agree with Weinstein’s alleged comment that “everyone” in Hollywood is doing this.

There may be people like this in the largest studios, known as the “Majors.” They are in for a very rude awakening and huge upheaval.

Once the arrests happen and the bad actors have been prosecuted, these institutions will have to work hard to regain public trust.

Many other studios, from the “mini-major” level on down, are far less apt to have these sorts of negative characters in them, if at all.

It will be very, very interesting to see the films that begin emerging from these smaller studios once the suppression has been removed and they are free to be creative.

I frankly can’t wait to see the inevitable renaissance of stunning truth-telling films and series that will emerge after the Washington Trials.

Everyone will be clamoring for film and television that helps them process the shock and surprise of all this new information.



Now imagine dozens, if not hundreds of Weinsteins who are all singing like songbirds, providing actionable evidence for thousands of indictments to be filed.

Let’s not forget that the crimes detailed in documentaries like Amy Berg’s film An Open Secret are very intensely upsetting and sickening.

The Pizzagate investigation includes discussions of ritual sacrifices… and worse.

Once the accused individuals or groups are rounded up, formal criminal trials can then begin.

Sealed indictments are what you need to authorize mass arrests.

51,000 sealed indictments will certainly lead to mass arrests if they all end up unveiling in a joint maneuver, within a short window of time.

The true nature of what is contained in the indictments may require that many, if not most of the accused are all grabbed at once.



A secret grand jury is needed to create a sealed indictment. A secret grand jury is composed of twelve to twenty-three civilian jurors, who are sworn to absolute secrecy.

The grand jury hears from a prosecutor who must either be a county district attorney (DA), a state attorney general (AG) or a federal US attorney.

Sealed indictments can thus be generated from the county, state or federal level.

These indictments are therefore the work of the highest-level prosecutors in the US justice system, and are very serious.

Just like my Schenectady example, by the time these attorneys present their case, there may have been months of surveillance from private investigators and law enforcement that went into it.

Going back to our Weinstein example, the prosecutor could also show the grand jury a videotaped confession from an arrested suspect.

If a prominent person starts naming names, and the prosecutor can provide supporting evidence collected from surveillance and other means, then boom… there’s another indictment.

According to insiders speaking to us through Corey Goode, there have been many, many examples of this exact situation happening since some time last year.



The evidence against the suspect is heard without their presence in the proceedings, which is called ex parte.

If the jury finds them to be guilty, the sealed indictment is then filed on the official court record. No one in the public can find out the name of the accused, or the charges.

The indictment is not unsealed until the authorities are in the proper position to arrest the person — and whomever else they are working with.

In the case of a large crime ring, the arrest would require a sting operation, such as through a militarized police SWAT team with body armor and automatic weapons.

The hope is to avoid violence, but in certain cases the arresting officers may well encounter armed resistance.

This is very likely what happened in my own personal example of the 50-plus Schenectady arrests of drug dealers in 1993.




As Justin Birtwell pointed out in a recent Tweet, “An indictment means… someone is getting arrested.

“A grand jury has seen sufficient evidence that a felony has likely been committed, most often related to drug [and/or] human trafficking, and criminal conspiracy.”

Then in another recent Tweet, he said:

“The fact that there are currently 51,000 sealed indictments waiting to be executed and the press is not talking about it is the greatest evidence of a failed MSM (mainstream media).”

Clearly, the clock is ticking, and the architects of the MSM and social media censorship war are on the losing side.



Multiple Q Anon briefings recently suggested a huge number of mainstream media figures are included in the indictments.

There are now 4,643 indictments for Central California, 1,110 for Eastern, 2,027 for Northern / Silicon Valley, and 678 for Southern / Hollywood. (See chart below.)

That’s a staggering 8,458 indictments*… in the mainstream and social-media capitol of America.

And again, thanks to Dr. Salla’s research work, we can anticipate that the perps will likely get military tribunals instead of normal, drawn-out civilian trials.

Hence the media are literally fighting for their lives. This is very important to remember if you are reading or watching reports from that world.

A recent, disturbing example of this was a deceptively-edited Comedy Central interview of Jordan Sather on Q Anon, complete with canned laugh tracks added in.

Some people might actually laugh on cue when watching this, but for those who are aware of what is going on, it is downright terrifying.



These sealed indictments are easy to verify with the official website Public Access to Court Electronic Records. No one can dispute their existence.

Here is the latest chart breakdown from the @damartin32 team, showing the number of sealed indictments, district by district:



[*Notice that the numbers for May and June in the chart are identical. This may be because prosecutors took June off. We do not yet have enough info to know. If so, the above number estimates would be slightly smaller.]

The @damartin32 Twitter page that was posting these updates got “shadowbanned,” and a backup copy of this information was uploaded to the Scott’s Contracting Tumblr page, linked here.

A “shadow ban” means that people who subscribe to your news feed do not end up seeing your latest post on their feed, unless they specifically go out of their way to visit your page and find it.

This type of action is the result of a concerted effort from moderating staff within the social media company itself.

For this same reason, the more “shadow bans” someone receives in today’s world, the more likely they are to be telling the truth.

Please take a moment to share your email address with us in the event that we get “deplatformed.” That way we can stay in contact:




This story has just recently become much bigger than the issue of 51,000 sealed indictments, thanks to the Q Anon story of the disabled satellites we will cover in Part Three.

The Q Anon briefings began on 4Chan last October, and then quickly migrated over to 8Chan.

Various websites including allow you to read the updates as they come in. They are often quite cryptic.

Our insiders have reported that these posts are being used for various military ‘units’ to convey intel to each other in an encrypted manner that the public will not understand.

We are therefore seeing public as well as classified communications happening simultaneously in these postings.

Beginning around August 1st, the mainstream media has done an incredible job of attempting to marginalize and discredit these briefings.

This is one example from when it was first starting that appeared on, which aggregates the most popular, ‘viral’ content online:

8/1: Is Q Anon Real? Here’s What to Read

The 51,000 sealed indictments are very real, and there are often many new Q Anon posts per day to pore through.



On August 30th, the Q Anon briefings indicated that multiple Deep State satellites and computers were taken offline, as we will discuss in Part Three.

Additionally, Q soon alerted us to an executive order declaring September to be “Emergency Preparedness Month,” with advisories on what to do to get ready. The details are in Part Three.

One could certainly argue that this is a warning that major, disruptive events may take place before the end of September. This doesn’t mean anything will happen, but it is very much worth our attention.

Let’s put it another way: If a hurricane is heading in your direction, you make sure you are fully prepared for it, even if it then veers off track.

Since this specific intel leaked online, five different insider sources have confirmed that the satellites were taken down.

Admittedly, one only half-confirmed it by saying it was too dangerous to confirm, since all communications have now been compromised. All the others were far more specific.

They also indicated that this is a likely precursor to the unsealing of the indictments and the arrests and trials of the 51,000-plus accused individuals.



We have been openly predicting mass arrests on this site, as leaked to us by various insider sources, since 2008.

The greatest body of intel we had to draw off of before 2009 was the work of Benjamin Fulford, the former East-West bureau chief for Forbes magazine.

An example would be 2012 Politics III: Economic Revolution from September 19, 2008, which was written right during the start of the 2008 economic collapse.

Fulford’s sources were already reporting at this time that this collapse was engineered by an international alliance seeking to defeat the Deep State by choking off its money supply.

No one in the Alliance could possibly have imagined a 29 trillion-dollar bailout, using dollars printed out of thin air — but it happened anyway.

Once again, the “too big to fail” banks ran off with our money — in this case half of the world’s wealth — while most people had half or more of their entire life savings wiped out.

This collapse also swayed the 2008 election in favor of Obama, who the Alliance had originally hoped would assist them in achieving their goals.



Another classic example of a prophetic mass-arrest article is Great Awakening III: Deeper Insights Into NWO Defeat, from April 29, 2009.

At the time, the name we were using for this Alliance group of good guys was “Faction 3.” They were working from within the Deep State itself to bring it down.

Here is a direct quote from the article:

“In Faction 3 you have guys playing along, attending the meetings, putting up with things they don’t agree with (or even publishing it in their own words to protect themselves) who have been waiting for years — even generations — to spring the trap that we are now watching destroy the negative factions in real time.”


Again: this was April 2009, fully eight and a half years before the Q Anon disclosures and 51,000 sealed indictments began appearing.

The sealed indictments are the most visible manifestation yet of the anticipated “trap” that would “spring” and “destroy the negative factions,” as we wrote.

As you can see, we have been covering and anticipating these events for quite some time — well before most people would have ever believed it was possible.



Now let’s go “down the rabbit hole” in this section and Part Two before we get back to the nuts-and-bolts material of the latest briefings in Part Three.

As I have always said, the mass arrests could lead to a wealth of new information about seemingly ‘paranormal’ subjects, such as UFOs and psychic ability.

The same April 29, 2009 article I just quoted from includes citations from Nostradamus-style prophecies of mass arrests that I had published on this site a full decade earlier — in 1999.

The techniques I used to achieve this are very similar to those used by the military in classified projects, and were based off of those results.

Click here to read Part One of “The Great Awakening”, where more of these mass arrest prophecies are featured.

These words came to me in a dreamlike state that I achieved through using the same protocols as remote viewing, immediately after waking up in the morning.

These prophecies are so intense, and so precisely time-encoded to the mass arrests that appear to be getting ready to happen right now, that some back-story is necessary to set this up properly.



Courtney Brown, Ph.D. published Cosmic Voyage with Dutton on January 1st, 1996, and I bought it immediately.

The whole book was about remote viewing, and how to do it. He was specifically using remote viewing to gather interesting info about ETs.

Buying a published book was the only way to read good UFO-related material in 1996, since the internet was just getting started.

Most UFO figures’ websites at the time were basically just quick online commercials for their published books, if they even had a website at all.

I was among the very first to start creating “long form” content online and giving it away for free, beginning in 1998.

I began studying the Law of One series at the exact same time that Dr. Brown’s book came out in January 1996.

There were fascinating and highly specific connections between the two datasets in these respective volumes.

This included specific details about an alleged lost ancient civilization on Mars. It was clear that Courtney hadn’t read the Law of One, but the synchronicities were stunning.



The last third of Dr. Brown’s book had a detailed, methodical description of the remote-viewing protocols he had used to obtain this ET-related information.

Remote viewing was also a very popular topic on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell at the time, which was the number-one show for this entire field, with an estimated 20 million listeners.

A remote viewer could be given a set of random numbers as “coordinates” that matched a specific location — even a highly classified facility.

Neither the operator asking the questions, nor the viewer had any knowledge of where the coordinates were referring them to.

Nonetheless, the military was well aware that the best remote viewers could achieve stunning, 99-percent accuracy ratings, with enough practice.

This would include detailed sketches of the target location that were remarkably accurate.



I met the best remote viewer of them all, Joe McMoneagle, at the 13th International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, as of 2004.

For some strange reason we kept bumping into each other, seemingly by chance — whether in the lobby, the bathroom or the elevator. It became hilarious after a while.

I felt that we were both being influenced by synchronicity to ensure that we made contact with each other, which is exactly what happened.

Click here to watch a nine-minute video where he shared his results on remote-viewing an ancient civilization on Mars at this same event:



Here are two clearer images of the “Crater Pyramid” picture that McMoneagle remote-viewed and refers to in the video, with shots of it beginning at 4:57.

Notice that the Mars Surveyor image on the right has the white levels cranked up to obscure the geometric details of the pyramid-like object that are more visible on the left:



McMoneagle points out that this pyramid-like object would have been destroyed by the impact crater when it was formed.

Therefore the pyramid was almost certainly built after the crater had already appeared.

He and his guide had no idea what these coordinates were, or even what planet they were on, but he described a pyramid with gigantic rooms inside in the session.

This is very, very compelling. At the time he was batting a 99-percent accuracy rating for any and all terrestrial targets he was sent to.



Click on the following link below to visit the official CIA website,

There, you will find a transcript from what appears to be this same remote-viewing session from May 22nd, 1984, exploring an ancient human civilization on Mars:

The viewer (almost certainly McMoneagle) is describing huge pyramid-like buildings, obelisks, and humans who are very tall and thin.

This document was declassified in 2000, four years before McMoneagle publicly shared his remarks on this session at the conference.

Since McMoneagle was a career officer, it is very likely that he had been formally cleared and authorized to share the things he said in 2004.

The above McMoneagle video provides critical context for what we see at the coordinates he was being sent to in this transcript.

The first target was the so-called Face on Mars. The “Crater Pyramid” image above also becomes very significant in the session.



The people from this civilization were dying off from a planetary catastrophe at the time he visited, and planning on where they needed to go next — in a boat-like metallic craft.

They end up on a volatile planet with strange vegetation, which may well be an image of what Earth was like some 500,000 years ago.

[Although McMoneagle’s initial time target was one million years ago, it is common for remote viewers to time-shift to the most interesting moments at a given area.]

At the end of the 2004 video, McMoneagle openly states that he believes we on Earth are descendants of this civilization from Mars.

[If you think this is all BS, why don’t you write a hate letter to the CIA instead of to us in the comments section? Have fun. See if anything happens.]

Dr. Courtney Brown was following up on these leads and doing new remote-viewing research on these targets when he wrote Cosmic Voyage.



I had been remembering and documenting my dreams in writing every morning for four years when I started testing these remote-viewing protocols for myself.

Throughout this entire time I was getting remarkable future prophecies and useful personal guidance once I learned to decipher the metaphors.

The dreamwork had already forced me to stay very quiet and meditative when I woke up in the mornings, or else I would forget the dreams.

This meditative state was precisely what you needed to start out with in order to do the remote-viewing protocols.



By this point, I had already experienced well over a year’s worth of epic dreams where apparent ETs had wanted to communicate with me.

The sources in these “readings” soon identified themselves as being humanlike, angelic extraterrestrial beings who otherwise looked just like us.

They consistently pushed Christianity as being a great example of what they feel and know to be true — even though I was not a Christian at the time.

They had very strict spiritual codes they wanted me to follow in terms of morals, ethics, diet and my overall mindset.

They also got mad at me for thinking they were “space aliens” at first, and indicated that they were our long-lost brothers and sisters who were here to help.

This was long before insiders revealed to me how many different types of ETs there are who could pass for ordinary human people on the street.



Insider Pete Peterson revealed to me in July 2009 that the remote viewing protocols were specifically designed to stop people from getting detailed, verbal messages on an intuitive, “psychic” basis.

Peterson was instrumental in developing the STARGATE program as well as other remote-viewing programs that have still remained classified.

The “problem” was that once people learned these intuitive techniques, ETs would begin contacting them and giving them spiritual information — as well as provable data.

These people in the military were well aware that these ETs existed, and were trying to stop them from communicating with the public at large.

They knew the ETs had to follow certain sets of rules where they could not directly appear before anyone in the vast majority of cases.



Most of the ETs out there were benevolent beings who were working diligently to prevent the Deep State from achieving its “New World Order.”

Thus, the remote viewing protocols rigorously focused on obtaining visual, kinesthetic and olfactory information about specific places — not spoken words.

Ironically, I studied these same protocols and immediately modified them to target verbal data, instead of information about physical locations, which I did not need to know about.



The basic guidelines for these remote-viewing protocols were still the same:

  • Meditate on the quiet point within you, until you achieve mind awake / body asleep;
    • (Your eyelids will actually lock shut and it will require serious effort to move your limbs;)
    • (You can try to think thoughts or remember something, but it will take real effort to do so;)
  • Clear your mind of any distracting thoughts, document them if you have them and move on;
  • Avoid hunger, thirst or the need to go to the bathroom by taking care of these things in advance;
  • Pay attention to whatever naturally arises in your mind once you reach this state and document it;
    • (Remote viewers do this with drawing as well as speaking about what they are seeing;)
  • Do not analyze or attempt to understand the data whatsoever — be completely oblivious to it;
  • Have no emotional reactions to the process or the data you receive, and;
  • Just keep busy following the process and generating more data. Don’t stop.


Additionally, other insiders told me musicians are better at this than most people.

In particular, if you can play an instrument and sing over it at the same time, you have the ability to divide your consciousness into separate, functioning units.

In the case of remote-viewing verbal data, you put the chatter of your conscious mind in one unit and you listen around it… to also hear what is going on in the background.

By this point I had already been a proficient jazz drummer who could play complex four-limb beats and sing over them at the same time.

I had played gigs like these at venues on campus, like the College Terrace restaurant, as well as local bars like the Griffon.

Therefore, I could let my conscious mind have its own space and hear all the whispers in the background at the same time, and focus on those.

This phenomenon of seemingly nonsensical-sounding words in the background had happened to me for years already as I woke up in the morning.

I had never bothered to document any of them in the past — though at times I did notice that they formed interesting “word mosaics.”



This technique is something anyone can perform with the proper training. To do it properly is extremely difficult, but it is certainly possible.

A person who gets trained in remote viewing, and can prove their accuracy without question, could then modify the protocols to receive verbal data.

When this is done correctly, the results should sound predominantly unlike normal speech at all, but puzzling and deeply encrypted.

It takes a while for it to evolve to the point where you can do it properly and it still sounds mostly conversational.

By far, the hardest part of the process is getting yourself so deep in trance that you genuinely do not hear or understand what you are saying as the words come out.

The temptation to listen to the words and interfere with them is extremely, extremely difficult to overcome — but absolutely necessary.



The best modern examples of this type of “tuned trance telepathy” that I am aware of are:

  • the Edgar Cayce Readings,
  • the 1950s ET contactees,
  • the Seth Material,
  • the Course in Miracles,
  • the Ken Carey books (Starseed Transmissions and Return of the Bird Tribes), and;
  • the Law of One series from 1981-83.



Both the Cayce Readings and the Law of One came through in a completely unconscious state, unlike the others on this list.

This unconscious speech process seems to screen out much more of the mental interference, but is also far more rare.

There is no apparent way to train for it happening like this. Either you are fortunate enough to have it work this way, or you must do it semi-consciously.

Both the Cayce Readings and the Law of One also have dense wording that is quite different from normal speech, incidentally.

There are a few other sources that have the “ring of truth” and have appeared since 1983.

Some that I liked at the time I read them include We, The Arcturians by Dr. Norma Milanovich, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, and Songs of the Arcturians by Patricia Pereira.

However, in terms of mind-bending, verifiable information that could not be obtained through normal means, the Cayce Readings and the Law of One series are by far the most prominent examples.



The internet has made it far easier to publish these types of stories.

Every week I get notified of others who have tried to do this, so let’s just say that the number of lesser-quality offerings out there is vastly greater than the good ones.

The military research determined that most “natural psychics” could not be remote viewers, as they were far too comfortable with tampering with the results through their imagination and emotions.

It is entirely possible for a source of this nature to have a mixture of accurate data and conscious-mind-influenced distortions and inaccuracies.

Sadly, many people get drawn in by these various, contradictory accounts floating around today. I need multiple forms of provable evidence before I am convinced of authenticity.

Nonetheless, if you are following the proper protocols, there should be a wild abundance of undeniable evidence, such as accurate, Nostradamus-style future prophecies.

I would love to see the formation of an academy where these protocols could be taught properly, and produce verifiable verbal communications under controlled circumstances.

[If this type of ‘esoteric’ material does not interest you, and you just want to focus on the latest briefings we are hearing, feel free to skip forward now to Part Three.

You may want to come back later and re-read it from here after you’ve seen the latest briefings.

I do feel that the words that follow will provide you with very valuable context for the mass arrests that are now apparently heading our way.]



It was very common during the years of 1996 to 2002 for me to receive future prophecies that came true in the short term, using this technique.

I also had 500 clients from 1998 to 2005 who I pulled in dreams and readings for. The data was so accurate about their private lives that it was very common for women and men alike to cry.

This type of performance was not at all uncommon for anyone who got good at remote viewing, as I learned from various books and lectures.

You do not have to be special, unique or different to develop this ability. It is a skill you can practice and learn, just like playing the piano.

However, it is also entirely possible for your mind to tamper somewhat with the results. Therefore I would never dare to claim that my work was 100-percent accurate.

Bear that firmly in mind when someone tries to jump on a single sentence and claim that this somehow discredits the whole thing.

There was a great deal of concern about the “y2k” problem in 1999, as one example, and this definitely tampered with some of my results.

We did see a collapse of the “tech stocks” a year later in 2001, and part of this was caused by all the money they spent fixing the y2k problem.

I did the best I could, and the most cryptic and mysterious-sounding sentences always ended up being the ones that came from the deepest levels, and often had future prophecies in them.



I would occasionally see Nordic-looking humans wearing robes and standing in front of me, both male and female, in my mind’s eye as these words came in.

Part of the protocol from the Law of One and my readings’ own instruction was that I needed to achieve a state of total bliss, love and peace as I worked this process.

In many cases I would document the ‘visuals’ of seeing these beings as I spoke the words that I was hearing.

My reading transcripts in the oldest parts of the David’s Blog archive on this website are full of observations like these.



Only much later did I discover that these appeared to be the same beings who later contacted Corey Goode beginning in 2015, identifying themselves as the “Anshar.”

Emery Smith also worked directly with beings like this, who were simply called “Tall Whites” in the programs. (There are several different types of “Tall Whites.”)

Pete Peterson had extensive, direct contact with these beings and knowledge of their culture and mindset, which is highly spiritual.

Many viewers complain about Corey, Emery, Peterson, Tompkins and others’ testimonies having no provable data.

“Sure, you say you were in contact with ETs, but show me the evidence! Something! Anything!”

The prophetic statements in my “readings” definitely could not have been generated by any conventional means.

Of course, I cannot be sure exactly how this worked, but it did appear to me that these words were coming from angelic-type human beings.

If we end up in a post-disclosure society where human ETs have been formally acknowledged to the world, all of this will become far easier for most people to accept.



Every time I transcribed the tapes, they would invariably describe what I was doing right before I sat down — even if they were a month old.

I never took this phenomenon for granted. It was absolutely mind-blowing each time it happened, despite how consistent it was.

I am now working on the manuscript for Awakening in the Dream, my new book that will disclose all of this, slated for release in August 2019. It is already available for pre-order.

I wrote about some of these phenomena in the early days of this website, but I do feel my writing skills have improved considerably since then.

The “mind blowing” nature of what was happening to me is graphically illustrated on the cover:



Whether you agree with the method or not, the results were very interesting. The pending, potential accuracy of these messages is only now starting to become apparent.

All of the results I am publishing below still exist on the original time-stamped 90-minute cassette tapes, with my voice speaking the words in a slow, monotonous voice that at times is nothing but a whisper.

This speaking style is necessary to keep your mind from engaging with and attempting to understand what is actually being said.

Furthermore, the dates these readings were published can be easily proven with still-existing, time-stamped records on

If we do get a mainstream, public disclosure of the reality of extraterrestrial humans visiting earth, we may well discover that many people were being contacted telepathically through means like this.

Almost every insider I have spoken with who has claimed to meet ETs in person says they often communicate telepathically. They do not have to be physically in your presence to do this.

Both Corey Goode and Emery Smith confirmed the use of this method of communication while on stage with me at the recent Dimensions of Disclosure event.



Here is part of a prophecy we quoted in the article that appeared on October 4th, 1999, and was published on this site soon after, in Part III of the above article series.

This is a direct prophecy of mass arrests of the Deep State. In 1999. At the time I had no idea if this was even possible, or how it might happen.

All I got in this one was that “a new agreement [would be] reached in terms of international finance.” This obviously has not happened yet in any visible way.

It also said that “their plans of world domination [are not] going to happen… [instead] they will lose all that they had already gained:”


Monday 10 / 04 / 99 — 9:32 am

The Big Brother scenario is indeed real, and Big Brother is counting on us to not expose these truths as they have already been done.

The subjugation of the populace warrants their ignorance, and if they are to become smarter about what is happening to them, they might actually begin doing something about it.

Indeed, as we have already said, it is precisely the focus of experience that these [New World Order] individuals are now going through that will give them so much more to lose when the final steps into the basement are then made, and a new agreement is reached in terms of international finance.

So, if you can think in terms deeper than those portrayed in the media, you will see that there are indeed some serious thugs on the loose here.

When we speak of their plans of world domination, we are speaking of something that they do believe can and will be accomplished.

We are here to tell you that just the opposite is going to happen.

In their strive and quest for power, they will lose all that they had already gained, and gain nothing new.


This reading was originally uploaded to my website on November 3rd, 1999, under the title “Stock Market Crash!”

You can see a time-stamped copy of it here on The earliest surviving version now on Archive is from March 11th, 2000.

You have to scroll to near the bottom of the article to find the above quote, or just use a keyword search with “Find” in your browser once it loads.

Also remember that my own conscious words are in Arial font, and the readings appear in Times New Roman font to differentiate them.



The next day after the above came through, I had another reading that went into more detail. It was October 5th, 1999.

This reading was published on this site in Part One of “The Great Awakening”, as well as a date soon after its arrival in 1999.

Click here to visit an snapshot of my original website from November 28th, 1999. Scroll all the way down to where it says “Readings, Articles and Updates” to see all the time-stamped posts.

During that one year, I published every noteworthy quote that came in soon after it arrived. This later proved to have been a very useful exercise.

This session directly predicted that there will be “something like a coup over the military-industrial complex.” That, like a new international finance agreement, has definitely not happened yet.

It also said that “government is in for a massive cleaning,” and “at first [this event] will be interpreted as chaos and disorder.”

This all sounds exactly like what we can expect will happen when the 51,000-plus sealed indictments lead to mass arrests.

This excerpt has additional quotes pulled from the original in comparison to what I cited within “The Great Awakening.” The original is significantly longer:


Tuesday 10 / 05 / 99 – 8:41 a.m.

Once you start binding the loose bits and pieces together, you can see how all this is leading towards something like a coup over the military industrial complex and its stranglehold over this story regarding UFOs and the like…

The question then, is, “What would you do if the Saint Bernard comes to you with the whiskey under his neck in your final moments, giving you another chance?”

How would you approach these systems when this same phenomenon is going to be happening to them?……



We are not about to issue a blanket condemnation of government as a whole. However, what we do see is that government is in for a massive cleaning.

There are some whose strength will benefit from this, but at first it will be interpreted as chaos and disorder.


You yourself, the reader of these words, do have the opportunity to choose not to behave in such a manner at the time that this guidance is given.

We are not talking about fascist Nazi concentration camps that will be created and the like.

No, rather what we are discussing is the systematic breakdown of existing orders in order to make way for changes that will result….


When you have hooked up the cables and the wires to the ivory tower, and continued to watch what it is that is being pandered to you through the media and so forth, you are going down an empty road.

Like the gigantic rainforests, the aspects of society that represent the positive and the spiritual motivations seem to continue to be mowed down by the public opinion as it is contorted to be believed through the media….



We are tired of the house of delegates as well. That is the reason for the explicit political content of this dream…

The idea of this transformation of your society is indeed all-encompassing…

We now know what to expect and how we will get there. David has embraced these mission parameters just as you must embrace yours…

And so, for the thinking person, the question becomes this: What do I do when I want to eventually resculpt society to the way that it should be?

We advocate that you take some serious time in contemplation of these matters.


A time-stamped version of this reading can be found on The earliest one on file is from March 11th, 2000, as you can see here.

The title it was given was “Alcoholism and Politics Giving Way to a Fourth-Dimensional Government.” It was first uploaded on November 5th, 1999.

Seeing 51,000 sealed indictments on the books, and all the other signposts in the public eye such as the Snowden disclosures, the Q Anon leaks and the #MeToo movement, makes this all very exciting.

It is also quite interesting to note that the source of these words already knew “what to expect and how we will get there”… as of 1999.

With full access to the plans of the Alliance, and the probability of assisting them in this mission as well, this becomes plausible.

I certainly did not consciously know about any of this in 1999, just like remote viewers have no prior knowledge of their targets.

As Cosmic Voyage and other sources revealed, it was common for remote viewers to be able to gain accurate prophetic information about the future.



It is important to note here that the often-feared idea of people being rounded up into FEMA camps, as frequently presented by personalities like Alex Jones in the era where this came through, will not happen.

The reading made this clear when it said, “We are not talking about fascist Nazi concentration camps that will be created.”

These arrests will not be targeting truth-telling people in the public sector. The people in the sealed indictments are high-level criminals.

In the initial confusion, we can expect the Deep State to attempt all sorts of strategies to terrify the public, including the idea that thousands of alternative journalists are being rounded up.

There will be a short period of time where we will need to be extremely aware of the possibility of disinformation being released on a massive scale.



I had so many of these types of prophetic messages coming through in 1999 that I spent years looking for physical evidence to back them up.

It wasn’t until 2008 that the external data started to become compelling enough for me to publish it openly on this site, using my own name.

However, while fearing for my life, I first published a massive, five-part summary of this type of conspiracy data on the site as of July 7, 2003, under the alias Art Aqua.

It took me several weeks of non-stop, 14-hour days to write this, and I feel it is still very highly-relevant “required reading” for today.

Though I didn’t have any solid insider testimony yet predicting mass arrests, I presented many other facts that were trending in that direction.

I adopted a somewhat sarcastic tone that was consistent with the alternative journalists of the day on various conspiracy websites.

I expressed disgust from seeing everyone driving gas-guzzling SUVs that might only get nine miles to the gallon, thereby making the oil companies even more money.

I knew the Cabal had advertised these vehicles to people and made them appear sexy, even though most of them would never go off-road. Gas was kept cheap as another piece of bait to lure people in at the time.

Here are the five parts:


The Changing of the Guard, Part One: Game Over

The Changing of the Guard, Part Two: Illuminati Revealed

The Changing of the Guard, Part Three: Illuminati Life and Propaganda

The Changing of the Guard, Part Four: Secrets of Skolnick

The Changing of the Guard, Part Five: The Oracle


In describing my direct observations of an Independence Day parade in far-right-wing Kentucky in 2003, I wrote,

“Something is wrong here. Very wrong.

It almost feels as if this could be the last of its kind, a dinosaur social relic of a regime imploding with all the sound and fury of the last days of the Roman Empire or the sinister groans of the Titanic.”



This next excerpt from Part One of Changing of the Guard (2003) summarizes the content of all five sections. Remember, this was 2003, fully 13 years before Pizzagate:


The remainder of this Part One focuses on information related to a hidden worldwide power group known variously as the Illuminati, the Craft, the Family, the Brotherhood of Death, the Circle or “Moriah,” which very much exists.

Part Two contains data gathered from a defector of this cult [named Svali], as well as a personal account of direct evidence this author collected.

Part Three has more of Svali’s words describing what daily life as an Illuminatus is like, and is followed with a summary of how the cult message is being presented to humanity through big-budget Hollywood movies.

Part Four is a summary of some of the most pertinent Sherman Skolnick articles that show us where we are and where we are going, in regard to the “behind the scenes” politics now playing out on the world stage.


We will have a special focus on the long-term brewing scandal of massive amounts of counterfeit US money now in circulation, which could certainly collapse this economy “better and faster than bombs.”

The counterfeit is already here, and thus the deadline to have done something about it has long since passed.

Perhaps even more ominously, the estimated 30-40-trillion dollar JP Morgan derivatives pyramid teeters constantly on the brink of collapse, and could utterly wipe out the entire financial base of the so-called Illuminati practically overnight.

[DW: This did actually happen in 2008, and was only stopped by the epic 29 trillion-dollar TARP bailouts. The financial figure I gave five years earlier was about the same.]

All that is required is for gold to surge above a certain minimum valuation, perhaps as low as 400-450 dollars an ounce, and stay there for more than a few weeks.

Any prominent gold-oriented website, such as, is loaded with information from groups like GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Association) that explains how Illuminati central bankers have mercilessly attacked the spot price of gold in a desperate attempt to keep from going under – all the way under.

[DW: The Cabal found other workarounds to avoid this from happening as the price of gold slowly continued climbing.]

The more you learn about the problems that they are besieged with, the more that you realize that these guys must hardly have a single pair of clean underwear left in the drawer, based on how many things they have to be scared about….


Lastly, Part Five is a categorized summary of all relevant information on Walter Storch’s “Controlling the Media” series, which has 14 parts at the current time, and will be discussed more fully in just a moment.

By reading Parts One through Four first, the proper context is provided to more fully understand the background for the “leaked” disclosures of Part Five, which might otherwise seem impossible to believe or even imagine.


Without a full knowledge of the positive aspects of what we are now moving through, reading this information can create needless feelings of despair, almost suicidal in their intensity.

This is actually a representation of being woefully uninformed about the nature of these changes.

Now is the time to get sober and sit with the truth for what it is, allowing for the possibility that what we thought we knew was just a few trickling drops from an ocean of hidden information.

Many people are now beginning to learn about the occult negative aspects without having any faith in a higher principle that may be actively working to counterbalance it.

It is really nothing more than a free-will decision to accept one body of credible negative evidence while discarding the faith and optimism that speaks to the human heart.

[Consider] the similarity of current events to Biblical prophecy, and the positive world transformation that is said to occur thereafter….


The crown jewel of this article series in Part Five is a summary of an Oracle of sorts on Walter Storch’s no-holds-barred alternative media website,, specifically the now-14-part “Controlling the Media” series.

[This is] an incredible opportunity, perhaps unmatched in American history, to study the direct transcripts from the highest offices of the American corporate television media machine.

[These insider memos describe] exactly how each new political development is to be ‘spun’ so as to cast a favorable portrait of the Bush Administration.

Most people would flat-out refuse to believe that these memos could be authentic, as they might otherwise feel the need to vomit upon seeing the naked negativity and control of those currently in power.

Nonetheless, the case is very compelling, and the equivalent of proof of authenticity – the accurate prediction of a future event – has now been repetitively satisfied, the predictions published before they came true.



Some of the best parts of this same body of data were eventually used in Financial Tyranny, an epic Ebook I released here in 2012, now with 2.57 million unique views.



I did not have the courage to post these words on the Divine Cosmos site at the time, but they were heavily inspired by my prophetic readings from several years before then.

I couldn’t stand to keep all of this inside of me any longer, so I released it all in a large Ebook under an assumed name.

I thought it would “go viral” on its own, due to the advanced nature of the material, but at that time it did not.

I certainly was not going to quote from the Law of One, my own readings or any other sources that would make it obvious that I had written it.

Bear in mind that the prophecies I pulled in from 1999 had very accurately forecast 9/11 — two years before it actually happened.

By the time I wrote “Changing of the Guard” in 2003, I already had two years to meditate on this amazing “prophecy hit,” and contemplate what it really meant — both for me and for humanity as a whole.



I was also seeing that the mass public was extremely hateful and vindictive toward me for even talking about the intuitive work, attacking me in countless, unimaginable ways.

From 1998 to 2003, I personally engaged every single “hater” in writing, by email or in forums. That’s how seriously I took my work.

They invariably realized they had gross misperceptions about me, and changed their opinions. This was nonetheless very exhausting.

Before long I stopped covering my intuitive work altogether. I simply did not have the psychological resources to cope with that much hatred at the time, since I also never had a supportive relationship at home.

It has since helped greatly for me to discover that much of the hatred we now see against work like mine is coming from paid government trolls, as the Snowden documents uncovered.

The incriminating documents were released here, in 2014, on Glenn Greenwald’s website The Intercept. Everyone should be fully educated about this.

The readings guided me into some very, very hard karma I was required to go through, such as in the form of dysfunctional relationships that included verbal and physical violence directed at me in some cases.

[Thankfully, my relationship with Elizabeth has none of those elements, and is two and a half years strong.]



The resulting disruption to my emotions made me fear that I could not remain positive enough to follow the basic protocols, and thereby ensure that I would be getting quality information.

[Even now I have found it very difficult to decomplicate my life enough to where the long periods of solitude and meditation required to do this technique properly can be achieved.]

I decided to focus on the scientifically-provable aspects of my work instead, since most people just weren’t ready to hear about extraterrestrial / angelic communication.

This scientific research focus then combined with data from a much greater cadre of insiders who I met in 2004, 2007 and particularly in 2009 and beyond.

I must admit that getting provable insider testimony that validated the Law of One and my own results was a source of endless fascination for me.



There now appears to have been an overall, intended design for me to do these readings for a period of time, and then veer away from them to build more conventional credibility as a researcher.

Nonetheless, the 1999 readings were a time-stamped, provable resource of intuitive data that have stood the test of time, and came in during a period where I was not being abused and was not overly busy.

The 1999 readings also implied that 9/11 would be the secret handiwork of what they called “the Bush troops.”

They also commented on how this faction used fundamentalist Christians as a power base by telling them what they wanted to hear.

I added in some additional quotes from the original source material to enhance the impact for this new article as well, including lines that came in from the day before.

This extra material supports the idea of German Nazi sympathizers being imported to the US after World War II, through things like Project Paperclip:


Wednesday 4 / 21 / 99 – 2:15 a.m.

[Think about] things such as the Roswell crash, and their resultant effects on your civilization…

Although the discoveries will seem quite stunning, it is a simple case of the questions never being asked properly in the past.

This is not harassment, as it produces no distractions to others, and it annoys no one.

Rather, it is enlightenment, which comes at times through panic, and through the often horribly empty feelings that are brought to the surface when one is incapable of deducing the proper results therein…


It is time for the gladiators to step out of the cage.

It is time for the nuclear traitors to suit up into their fourth-dimensional bodies and leave behind the world that they have been so vehemently stomping upon in the present moment….

David saw an image [in a recent dream] of a swastika whose tips were sharp instead of rectangular, and whose image was rendered through the colors of the American flag showing up [inside of it,] through its geometries.

It is interesting and very depressing for us to see that the plan and the prophecies are indeed playing themselves out in such a literal fashion.


Thursday 4 / 22 / 99 – 4:13 a.m.

Ever wonder about the banking crisis? The top three most valuable computer gurus in the world still don’t realize how exactly they will be affected by this.

[DW: In present-day context, the “top three most valuable computer gurus” could very well be Google, Facebook and Amazon. Q Anon has indicated they are in the indictments.]

We have sought to undermine the Bush troops, and their influence on the global / political picture. This has failed us…

The other night, I had a dream about you, and it said that the strictest Christians have become the most diehard opponents to Christianity in its Fundamentalist forms — instead embracing the true reality of the Oneness of the universe…

There will never be a one-world hegemony of these financial powers.



I didn’t even capitalize the word “bush” in the above reading at first, since I wasn’t really clear on whether it was talking about THAT Bush.

However, less than two months later, on June 17th, 1999, a reading came in that seemed to talk about what “the influence of the Bush troops on the global / political picture” would be.

What you are about to read is an absolutely stunning prophecy of the 2000 election crisis, a full year and a half in advance.

In case you forgot, or were not old enough to remember this, the November 7th, 2000 US Presidential election did not have a winner.

Ridiculously, the election results came down to such a small number of votes in Florida that paper ballots had to be manually recounted.

Even then, with all the talk of “hanging chads,” the results could not be clearly determined. It had to go all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Everyone was held in limbo in an “interim period” from November 7th all the way through until December 13th, after the Supreme Court voted on the 12th for Bush, and former Vice President Gore conceded.

With that in mind, take a look at what was said:


Thursday 6 / 17 / 99 — 9:21 a.m.

The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked.

The interim period decides the next victor.


[3/19/09: This is an amazing passage, because it ended up perfectly predicting the election crisis in 2000 between Gore and Bush….

Gore thought he could control the vote recounts in Florida: “The vice president considers this (i.e. the managing of the 2000 election recount) his own authorship.”

The Bush / New World Order / Neocon faction had already rigged the election, right up to the Supreme Court level, hence Gore did “not realize that he (was) completely naked” in this battle, and could not possibly win.

The election did not have an immediate “victor.”

There was a prolonged ‘interim period’ between Election Day and the final decision, which came about through the Supreme Court. Hence, “the interim period decides the next victor.”

This “interim period” lasted over a month, from November 7th to December 12th, 2000, when the Supreme Court vote was cast.

I wrote about this amazing prophecy connection to the 2000 election crisis after it happened — first on November 24, 2000, when I discovered it, and then again on December 13, 2000 when Gore finally conceded.]



Again, remember that what you just read was brought through on June 17th, 1999, and published soon afterwards — a full year and a half before the 2000 election crisis.

It mentions the vice president, a crisis that leaves him completely naked, and an interim period that is required before there is a “victor” in the resulting battle.

The very next words that came through in this obviously accurate prophetic reading jumped another year forward in time, effortlessly.

What we see are very haunting references to what appears to be 9/11:


Higher and higher the chariot raises in the sky, and it will be seen by all.

The buildings will be smoking, the people will be crying, and at that point it will already have been done.

There will be other stages of it, of course, but this is an important point.


Two women hold each other as they watch the World Trade Center burn following a terrorist attack on the twin skyscrapers in New York Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. Terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center and the twin 110-story towers collapsed Tuesday morning. (AP Photo/Ernesto Mora)


These last three sentences were especially significant. Immediately after predicting that Bush would steal the election, more than two years in advance, it went right into 9/11.

I shared many other 9/11 prophecies like this in my second published book, The Synchronicity Key.

The “chariot in the sky” that “will be seen by all” represents the planes that hit the towers on 9/11. Everyone saw the images of these planes. Chariots are weapons of war.

The immediate result of this “chariot in the sky… that will be seen by all” is that “the buildings will be smoking, the people will be crying, and at that point it will already have been done.”



Though I did not see it at the time, this would prove to be one of a variety of intense prophecies that discussed 9/11 as an imminent event.

You can find a time-stamped version of this 9/11 prophecy on, from November 28th, 1999, by clicking here and scrolling nearly to the bottom.

The earlier prophecies from April 22nd about “the Bush troops” can be found here on, a little past the halfway point. The earliest surviving snapshot of this prophecy is from April 9th, 2001.

These time-stamped copies are proof positive that they were published well before the election crisis and 9/11 took place, in case anyone tries to accuse me of making them up after the fact.



The first of these 9/11 prophecies appeared less than a month after my contact began, on December 6th, 1996, as I discuss in The Synchronicity Key.

You can get right to this section by clicking here, to an snapshot of early readings from November 28th, 1999.

Then click here on 02 — Dec 96.1. Scroll a little past the halfway point and there it is, in stark black and white, from a January 24th, 2000 snapshot. Totally chilling.

The key passage is, “It’s the greatest science fiction story ever told. Rescue 911. CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage. A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim’s body.”

The title 911 is directly mentioned — with the only difference being that there is no slash in the three-digit number.

The “official version” of 9/11, still resolutely defended by the mainstream media to this very day, is referred to as “the greatest science fiction story ever told.”

Dr. Judy Wood was the first to point out images of steel beams dematerializing, suggesting the use of particle-beam weapons that turned most of the debris into dust:




The reading humorously described the non-stop mainstream-media saturation of this disaster by sarcastically saying, “CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage.”

“It’s the greatest science fiction story ever told. Rescue 911. CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage. A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim’s body.”

Then, a small number of the steel beams were left standing after the disaster, looking like an iron fence:



The 1996 reading also said this fence was “wrought around the victim’s body.” The beams in the World Trade Center were made out of steel.

Another name for an early, weak precursor to steel is “wrought iron,” showing another connection that distances this prophecy from “cast iron.”

The modern functional equivalent of wrought iron is mild or low carbon steel.


“A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim’s body.”

The 1999 readings we just mentioned also directly linked this event with the New World Order / Bush faction seizing control of the US government by stealing the 2000 election.

The 9/11 prophecy about the chariot rising in the air, the buildings smoking and people crying came immediately after the prophecy of the 2000 election theft.

This suggests that the election theft and 9/11 were both part of one larger operation, planned well in advance.

My insider Pete Peterson was given specific warnings about 9/11 — years in advance. He was told to expect and prepare for a complete breakdown of society, which thankfully did not happen.

Again, it was absolutely intriguing for me to have received these prophecies and then go out on a quest to find evidence to support them.

The 9/11 prophecies came true in a stunning fashion, and that led me to believe the mass arrests would also occur — someday.



In the immediate hours after 9/11 happened, I went into a writing frenzy. I realized I had multiple prophecies on this site of such an event.

[A very similar thing is happening now, as I see so many indications that we may finally be on the verge of seeing these mass arrests, which may at first be “interpreted as chaos and disorder.”]

Before midnight, on that very same day where most people were in complete trauma, I had already written the first of three articles revealing these 9/11 prophecies and how they fit together.

The articles came out on September 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2001 — back to back.

The sheer volume of provable prophetic data in these articles, from material that had already been published on this site, is very impressive.

An snapshot of my website exists as it looked on September 28th, 2001, shortly after I published all of this. Take a look.

The stunning accuracy of these 9/11 prophecies led me to believe that mass arrests would eventually happen — as well as the biggest prophecy of all, namely Ascension.



I first announced my work with Gaiam TV (now Gaia) on April 11th, 2013, in “Big Announcement: David Wilcock’s Weekly TV Show!” on this site.

At the time, I already realized I had gotten prophetic data in 1996 that showed how some higher force was involved in lining up this creative opportunity, seventeen years in advance.

This is an image of the front cover of the notebook I was using to record all of my dreams and to write down all the initial 1996 readings by hand as they came in, complete with a very analog price tag:



Here is the key quote that I wrote down while in a deep trance state on November 30th, 1996, just 20 days after the contact began:



My first appearance on Gaiam TV was with George Noory, who replaced Art Bell as the host of Coast to Coast AM on January 1st, 2003.

At the time I did the taping in January 2013, Gaiam TV was primarily a repository of yoga videos:

“Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing yoga.”

Among other things, I did end up covering the science of homeopathy on my show, such as through the work of Nobel prize-winning scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier.

Therefore, this passage really jumps out as an undeniable prophecy of my future involvement, two years before Gaiam was even founded:

“Homeopathic TV. Think of Art Bell doing yoga.”

Again, it also had a sense of humor, which is consistent with how these guides operate. Art Bell was the last person you’d ever imagine doing yoga.



Here is the full page from the notebook where this appeared:



I have also speculated that the line “Apples and oranges could be a pair, you know. If that lands national” could be about Corey Goode working with me on Cosmic Disclosure.



The idea of this show “landing national” certainly came true, such as the ads Gaia had in constant rotation for our show on Drudge Report during the 2016 election:



This advertising apparently caused our show to be seen and discussed at the very highest levels, since this was right during the hotly-contested 2016 US presidential election.

Drudge is the most popular news site in the world, and has somehow managed to avoid being controlled by the Deep State.

It has been THE go-to site for news media reporters for many years, and was absolutely instrumental in the 2016 election.

This is one of many reasons for why I am very appreciative for the help Gaia has given this movement over the last five and a half years:



Corey and I are certainly very different, and American vernacular describes different people as being “like apples and oranges.”

You can see the selected excerpts from this original 1996 reading on

At that point I did not publish all of the material, since I didn’t understand the significance of something seemingly as silly-sounding as Art Bell doing yoga.

If you scroll to the end of this snapshot of the page from April 9, 2001, you will see that I quoted everything on the written page up until “there is no need for a planned sacrifice.”



It is a huge blessing to have a protected repository of my life’s work on the Gaia network for people to discover, particularly in a post-mass-arrests society.

This clearly-prophetic 1996 reading has always stayed with me, and to me is proof that this work was a benevolent, angelically-supported mission come true.

Had I done these episodes through any conventional means, they very likely would no longer exist in any form online today.

We do NOT support or encourage any negativity being directed toward Gaia, and will have more to say on that point in a later update, but we needed to get this emergency article out first.

Some folks out there have had gross misperceptions, and turned them into outrageous, unfair and wildly untrue attacks. I do not support this.

Smaller studios like Gaia will very likely rise to a far more prominent and influential role in the post-mass-arrests world.

They should also experience a huge subscriber boom as more and more people awaken to the truth of what has really been going on — which is a good thing.



The image of this prophecy page was last published here in 2013.

Now that I am displaying it again, and have re-read it several times, I realized that it may have additional data in it about a completely separate issue that is very timely.

Notice that at the end, it says, “The following weekend, we are going to have a special function. (diet) Hop in for pizza.” (See the photo excerpt below.)

The “special function” may again refer to mass arrests the readings had anticipated on many other occasions. The pizza reference could refer to the now very well-known Pizzagate scandal.

Notice that right after “special function,” it says “diet” in parentheses. What is the second dictionary definition of the word diet?



This is therefore implying that the “special function” will take place in a legislative courthouse… like Congress in the United States.

This may seem impossible to believe, but after the number of accurate future prophecies I have personally seen work through me, nothing surprises me now.

It also said “hop in for pizza.” In American vernacular, “hop in” usually refers to taking a seat for a wild ride, like a rollercoaster.

This therefore suggests that the “special function” in the “diet” they are referring to could end up being quite a wild ride — having something to do with pizza.



The reference to a “special function” happening the “following weekend” could indicate the coordinates of my displaying this page for the first time on this site today.

I do not believe it is literally saying something will occur the weekend after I discovered and published this strange prophecy for the first time.

Having had experience with this before, I would say that a statement like this indicates the prophecy could come true in the near term, relatively speaking.

“Next weekend” therefore could refer to anything up to a few weeks or even months of time.

This might sound crazy to you, but I have had many dozens, if not hundreds of examples of “time-calibrated” prophecies just like this.



I am publishing the image of this written page again, right when the evidence suggests that the mass arrests the readings predicted may finally be about to occur.

This whole prophecy was cleverly disguised as a warning for me not to eat unhealthy foods. That’s how it slipped under the radar for so long.

However, instead of a typical saying like “You are what you eat,” we got something that was very precisely worded.

“What you eat is you, you know” could be a thinly-veiled reference to the claims of cannibalism that we often hear about in the Pizzagate data.

With all the signposts of imminent mass arrests now happening, this type of upsetting story may soon become something everyone is talking about — metaphorically as “the following weekend.”

The proximity of these sentences together is certainly very compelling, and we now know the code term “pizza” was widely in use in these circles well before 1996:



Notice also that the letter K in “you know” is oddly written, looking more like the star character under the number 8 on the keyboard.

This may have been an intuitively directed, intentional mistake, just like how remote viewers can get data from the movement of their pen.

Thus, it could be read as, What you eat is you. You now.” This may only further underline the apparent hidden message.

The reading did not need to say “you know.” That is a needless verbal pause. What we are seeing is an immediate doubling of the word “you.”

This issue affects You — all of us — now. And just a bit earlier, we were all told, “Don’t be a slave.” This was another reference to this same prophecy, for context.

Angioplasty is a reference to open-heart surgery or a catheter procedure to heal the heart.

This passage could indicate that the “special function” of mass arrests will be the equivalent of “emergency surgery” for Planet Earth.

Many other readings used an emergency surgery analogy for why these mass arrests will be necessary for the Earth to survive as a “patient.”

Again… this was 1996. And this pizza prophecy at the end was included in the original transcript I posted, as you can see on



The lines about “apples and oranges” and “Art Bell doing yoga” seemed so weird and off-base at the time that I did not include them among the quotes I published on this site in 1999.

I then picked it up again where it said “Don’t be a slave,” straight through and including the now-mysterious pizza section, where “what you eat is you.”

I remembered this strange line about “Homeopathic TV… Art Bell doing yoga” from 1996 soon after I started the job, and again featured it in the debut announcement.

Corey wouldn’t start a show with me for over two more years, so I did not grasp the significance of “Apples and oranges can be a pair” until much later.

Our work, with Gaia’s brave support, has most definitely paved the way for us to have a happier, healthier and brighter world, as well as full disclosure.

Prophecy hits like the above caused me to be even more on the lookout for mass arrests, which had been hinted at ever since 1996 and directly predicted since 1999.

And again, I am not saying this makes me different or special. These types of time-bending results are not uncommon if you train in the proper remote viewing protocols.






There is compelling evidence from multiple trustworthy sources that over 51,000 sealed indictments may be on the verge of turning into mass arrests.

This includes very time-sensitive data from Q Anon and other sources, indicating we should prepare for an emergency, possibly in September, and that spy satellites for the Deep State have been taken down.

That material will be covered in Part Three, and is a must-see.

In this section, we are going to review some of the most vitally important information we published on this site regarding the future likelihood of mass arrests.

We have also been linking these anticipated events with a disclosure of the UFO / ET presence as well, for many years now.

This section is partly intended as a resource for newbies and journalists to get up to speed, since this may be on the verge of becoming a gigantic news story.

Even if you are a regular reader of this site, you may not have read all of these articles or been able to see how all the pieces fit together.

It will take time to “do the homework” and read through the linked articles, but if mass arrests end up happening it will all be well worth it.




By the end of 2009, I had gained a terrific amount of new intel from Pete Peterson and an insider we call “Jacob” regarding the ongoing effort to defeat the Deep State through mass arrests.

Some of the most important data was written up in Disclosure Endgame, on December 13, 2009.

There was significant hope from insiders that President Obama would work to expose and arrest the Deep State, as I was writing at the time.

If McCain and Palin had won, we were told that things would have taken a much quicker turn for the worse.

During our very first meeting with Pete Peterson in June 2009, we got compelling intel leaks that Obama was going to make a formal UFO disclosure announcement on November 27th, 2009.

Airtime had been booked for all of the top TV networks in the nation and around the world.

Although we had been sternly warned that this date must remain absolutely secret, Bill Ryan leaked it onstage in his talk at the Project Camelot Zurich conference, on July 10th, 2009.

We had already agreed that we must never give out this date, but it just slipped out while he was on stage at the conference. Here is the transcript:

Bill:  David’s reminded me about something else that Dr. Pete Peterson told us about the end of this year.

What Dr. Pete Peterson told us was that President Obama was going to reveal the reality of extraterrestrial contact before the end of this year.

He said that he had been told this by people who knew that the television time on the networks had already been booked. The date he told us, if I remember it right, was November the 27th.

What he also told us was that it was one of these ritualistically significant dates, numerologically.

He said that what Obama was going to talk about was the reality of contact with six different friendly [humanlike] ET races.

When we asked him why he used the word friendly, he said: Well, some of them are unfriendly, but most of them are friendly.



I was horrified that this leaked in such a public, irreversible fashion, as it very likely meant that the disclosure wouldn’t happen then.

I refused to answer many hundreds of emails asking me if it was true — for months.

Bill Ryan and I continued to work together as colleagues after this, and he apologized privately for having leaked the date. I don’t want to stir up any trouble here, and we’ve all made mistakes.

I knew that once a huge plan like this was leaked to the public, it was very unlikely that it would actually happen. Leaks like this can also get people killed.

This was only one of several instances where, as I later found out, leaks I was directly or indirectly involved with caused serious problems for the Alliance.

For that same reason I have now become much, much more careful about what I say, and how I say it.

This is not a game, and people like me are not central to this effort. We are lucky to get much of anything in terms of intel, and the scope of these operations are far greater than we can imagine.

If people like me get in the way and disrupt these operations, we can easily receive significant threats, get completely cut off from all insider access, or worse.



After this security breach, the date for the disclosure announcement was then secretly moved ahead by less than two weeks, to December 10th, 2009.

The big “reveal” was set to occur right in the middle of Obama’s speech… as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.



Disclosure Endgame presented compelling pieces of evidence that Obama’s life was indeed threatened just before this event — in a very visible, dramatic fashion.

How so? The mysterious “Norway Spiral” appeared on the night of December 9th, 2009.

This was the very night before Obama was set to receive his Nobel Prize in that same region of Oslo, Norway, on the morning of December 10th, 2009.

We present conclusive scientific evidence in Disclosure Endgame that the Norway Spiral was deliberately generated by a HAARP facility in the area called EISCAT.

The astonishing precision in the circular symmetry of the glowing spirals here is not caused by an out-of-control Russian rocket.

You can clearly see that this phenomenon is being beamed into the air from a location in the nearby mountains:



In the above image, you can clearly see the beam shining up from the mountains.

Pattern-matching the mountains with Google Earth revealed that this location is right where EISCAT is located.

HAARP can produce glowing aerial phenomena with exactly this type of spiral shape under the right atmospheric conditions.

As the aerial phenomenon continued spinning, the center opened up into a mysterious, mathematically perfect black circle, as you can see in many images from the time.



Deep State / Cabal operatives then let Obama know this was a visible example of portal technology in action. The black circle in the middle was apparently a traversible wormhole.

The rotation of that area of the sky with these high-powered microwave beams was apparently enough to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time itself.

Obama was threatened that if he dared to say a single word about ETs or UFOs at the Nobel awards ceremony, they would open up a portal in front of Air Force One while he was onboard.

He and all of his crew would be killed instantly. No one would know where he went or what happened. His disclosure would then be discredited and covered up.

I did not receive this intel until after Disclosure Endgame was written, but it did come from a highly reliable source, who hadn’t even read the piece.

Although Obama may have initially intended to expose the Deep State and create disclosure, the force of manipulation, control, blackmail and death threats was just too great for him to move forward.



Interestingly, Deep State assets immortalized this entire series of events less than a year later, in the premiere episode of a big-budget TV series called “The Event,” on September 20th, 2010.



Notice the signature “33” in the E’s of the word “Event,” as well as the flagging of the letter V — an homage to the TV show describing reptilian alien invaders disguised as humans.

The premiere episode literally featured the President of the United States, a black man, about to make a mass ET disclosure announcement to humanity.

This included introducing us to an extraterrestrial, human-looking female from another planet.

Right before he is about to introduce her, a plane flies at them — reminiscent of 9/11 — only to disappear through a portal immediately before it hits them.



The resulting chaos disrupted the president’s plans to create disclosure. It never happened.

You can’t even imagine how stunning this was for me to see, particularly after the briefings I had received about the Norway Spiral, and the hard data that backed it up.

It is entirely possible that Obama had extraterrestrial humans waiting in the wings, ready to be introduced, at that same Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

Remember — the original briefing we got from Pete Peterson included the idea that six different groups would be introduced to us in the initial speech.

That makes the inaugural episode of “The Event” another shocking example of Obama being threatened in a blatant, public fashion that no one would understand.

Here is what the perpetrators might have intended to say to him:

“Look at what we can do. The public is so brainwashed that we can show them exactly what is going on, but no one will ever believe it. President? So what. You will just disappear.”



What follows is an original excerpt from the time when I wrote about all of this, complete with images.

The ultimate plan of “The Event” was apparently to demonize ETs and blame them for 9/11 and plans for mass ‘depopulation.’

[They also wanted to make the concept of Ascension seem terrifying and evil, where these ETs would get activated in “The Event,” but the rest of us would die.]

It might sound crazy for a show like this to imply that 9/11 was the work of extraterrestrials in such a blatantly obvious fashion.

However, if the Alliance was about to disclose the truth of extraterrestrials and UFOs, in this case through Obama, the Cabal wanted to pin their own crimes on their angelic adversaries.

Then, the people that may have been waiting in the wings to be introduced at the Nobel Prize ceremony could quickly be demonized and blamed for the Cabal’s own misdeeds.

Here is an excerpt from the article where this was discussed:


7/5/11: Media Disinformation About Disclosure and Ascension


In the first episode of “The Event”, entitled “I Haven’t Told You Everything” from September 20, 2010, ETs were responsible for hijacking a passenger airliner and using it as a weapon.

They literally tried to fly an airplane directly into the spot where the president was standing — right as Disclosure was about to occur, with the president introducing the world to a female human ET.

The plane then warped through a ‘portal’ right before impact — and the whole story was then covered up by the mainstream media.



Everyone who watched the show could obviously feel, on some level, that this was a significant nod to 9/11 — but it wasn’t entirely clear why this connection was being made.



The ‘synchronicity’ became a lot stronger in Episode 6, “Loyalty,” from October 25, 2010.



In this episode, the same ET portal technology was used to collapse a building into its own footprint — just like WTC Building 7 fell at free-fall speed during 9/11.



Is this all a coincidence? Given the amount of money invested in this show — both in production and marketing — and the seriousness of the charges the Old World Order is facing, I think not.



In order to understand what is going on, you have to think with the mind of the people who seem to be planning all of this.

Let’s say you are, in fact, responsible for 9/11, and are concerned that public hearings are going to emerge that will hold you culpable for it.

Let’s say ETs are working with terrestrial governments — i.e. the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) — to provide the necessary force to make you face the public.

[I have been documenting this in our China’s October Surprise article series — and there are very significant new things happening that I will be featuring in upcoming conferences and articles.]

What better way to cloud the legitimacy of the ETs, their inquisition and accusations than to put out propaganda that makes them appear to be responsible for having caused 9/11 in the first place?

This way, you confuse the public. People won’t really think much about any of this until Disclosure happens. Now they will be faced with the reality of human ETs visiting and interacting with Earth as “sleepers” — well before the official announcement was made.

Was 9/11 really an “inside job” from governmental forces here on Earth? Or, was it part of a vast, sinister conspiracy by negative ETs to discredit our elected governments — our protection — in their attempts to take over?




Another very significant article series in the ‘canon’ of our older works on mass arrests is entitled China’s October Surprise, as mentioned in the above excerpt.

The first article in this series has over 350,000 unique views at the time of this writing.

In it, we detail multiple efforts China was making to force the Deep State to reveal the truth about UFOs, free energy, advanced technology and the ET presence.

The Chinese delivered packages to leaders around the world in 2010, with plans for free energy — and threats that if this was not released, severe attacks would follow.

The resulting coercive efforts included multiple, bizarre, highly-visible EMP attacks against military and civilian targets that did not kill anyone, but sent a very strong message.

This included the complete powering down of 1/9th of the entire US nuclear missile arsenal.

The Chinese also fired a missile off the coast of Los Angeles, California on November 9th, as another dramatic warning.

Here are working links to the four sections for easy reference:


10/24/10: Disclosure, “The Event” and China’s October Surprise

11/27/10: China’s October Surprise II: Earth’s Quarantine Has Lifted

12/6/10: China’s October Surprise III: The Fight for Disclosure

12/11/10: China’s October Surprise IV: Live Radio Show


[Bear in mind that we have had countless Deep State attempts to hack and destroy this website over the years, and have had to spend significant monies to ensure its security.]



Here is the complete list of weird, anomalous events that occurred during this time, as summarized in Part III, with links.

The idea of all of these weird things happening in such a short time is definitely not a coincidence.

Someone was behind this, and our insiders had passed the intel along before any of this had started happening:


9/30: 6 Million Computers and 1000 Enterprises Hit by Virus in China (Opposing Factions — Insider War)

9/30: Start-up of Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant Delayed By Virus

(11/26): Stuxnet Virus Almost Impossibly Sophisticated (Extraterrestrial-Designed?)



10/21: Exxon Mobil Oil Refinery Near Chicago Has Equipment Failure

10/22: Oil Refinery in Rodeo, CA Has Equipment Failure

10/22: Brand New UK Nuclear Submarine “HMS Astute” Loses Power, Runs Aground Off Scotland

10/23: 1/9th of US Missile Arsenal Taken Offline for One Hour

10/23: US Lost Command of 1/9th of Nuclear Arsenal — Unprecedented, Enormous Failure

10/28: French Warship to Join US Fleet — Escalating Persian Gulf Tensions

10/31: French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Breaks Down Enroute to Persian Gulf, Loses All Power Systems, Dead in the Water


11/3: Electrical Fault Causes Largest American Nuclear Power Plant to Shut Down

11/4: Quantas Airlines Grounds All Airbus A380s After Engine Fire Over Indonesia

11/5: Engine Problems Hit Second Quantas Aircraft — This Time a Boeing 747-400

11/7: 911 Emergency System Equipment Failure in Atlanta

11/8: Quantas Uncovers More Engine Problems

11/8: “Complete Coincidence” as Two Different Nuclear Plants Shut Down Within One Hour – New York and Vermont

11/8: Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship’s Propulsion and Communication Systems Destroyed, Ship Stranded for Days

11/8: Equipment Failure Causes 15 Time Warner Channels (If Not All of Them) to Freeze for 90 Minutes

11/8: Time Warner Blackout Included NBC’s George W. Bush Interview and “The Event” Television Show

11/9: Massive Missile Launch Occurs Off LA Coast, Still Unexplained

11/9/2007: Chinese Sub Appears in US Navy Exercise — Huge Shock and Embarrassment (Same Day as 2010 Missile)

11/10: Mystery Contrail May Have Been An Airplane (Not)

11/10: Rocketry Expert Confirms The Mystery Contrail Was a Solid-Propellant Missile

11/10: Weird Line of “Fire” Hangs in NY Skyline (Scalar / Beam Weapon Technology, Threatening NY)

11/15: BP Texas Oil Refinery Fails, Releases Hydrogen Sulfide

11/28: Kansas Oil Refinery Has Equipment Failure, Releases Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide


12/4: Louisiana Oil Refinery Has Fiery Equipment Failure



The Deep State proceeded to have talks with the Chinese that were intended to pave the way towards the disclosure the Alliance was seeking.

All of this was occurring behind the scenes. Numerous promises were broken thereafter.

Many different underground Cabal bases were destroyed as a result of the betrayals. This created anomalous earthquakes and other phenomena.

Normal earthquakes ramp up to a maximum intensity over time. Underground nuclear tests create earthquakes that begin at the maximum.

The smaller, black graph is an example of a normal earthquake. The larger green graph is an underground nuclear test:



We saw two of these exact types of spontaneously massive earthquakes appear in less than 24 hours.

The first one was a 5.3 on the Richter scale, with an epicenter 180 miles south of the Denver Airport in Trinidad, Colorado, at 11:46 PM on August 22nd, 2011. 

This is well within the region of underground bases associated with and accessible from the Denver International Airport.

The second one shook NY and the entire east coast with a 5.8, and an epicenter right near Washington, DC, on August 23rd, 2011 at 1:51 PM local time.

This was the destruction of a highly luxurious and favored underground base for the DC elites, known to insiders as “Crystal City.”

These events were covered in Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed, on September 17th, 2001, currently with over a million unique views.

The story became even more interesting in Disclosure Imminent? Part II: Many More Bases Destroyed, on October 13th, 2011, the one-year anniversary of China’s October Surprise.

I was told that six more bases were destroyed in the immediate aftermath of the first two, and published that data in Part II.

I was also told that an additional 20 were wiped out after these next six as well, but did not leak that information at the time.



We covered an earlier example of underground-base attacks in Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths, back on January 15th, 2011.

In this case, satellite beams were used. This technology may not have led to the full-scale destruction of the bases, as we saw in the above examples.

The Cabal used HAARP to deflect beam-weapon attacks against underground facilities, but created massive, suspicious deaths of birds and fish in the process.

The birds’ bodies had bone-breaking blunt-force trauma that was greater than would have occurred from them hitting the ground.



Strange earthquakes indicated other underground bases being fully destroyed after the Cabal broke the treaty, beginning on August 23rd, 2011.

We reported about this on September 17th, 2011, and again on October 13th, 2011.

Again, we later heard that at least 26 major underground facilities had been destroyed between August, 2011 and January 2012.



Russian television interviewed me for a three-hour documentary about this intel, as we revealed here on August 6th, 2014.

It was seen by 21 million people, and we released a version of the video with English subtitles on my YouTube channel.

Our latest intel suggests that devastating, full-scale attacks against underground facilities have continued happening ever since.

The battle has heated up to such a huge degree now that it is no longer possible to gain accurate figures of how many facilities are being lost.

However, Pete Peterson has leaked that the US alone has well over 200 underground bases around the world.

This has greatly crippled, if not eliminated the possibility of the Cabal staging a “fake alien invasion” to try to install their “New World Order.”

In that sense, the damage that has occurred underground — and off-planet — in this shadow World War III will be vastly greater than we think.

All of the most important and mission-critical Cabal facilities are no longer above ground, and haven’t been for quite some time.

And now, eight more years have gone by since China’s October Surprise in 2010, and the efforts made by China and other countries are only now coming to visible fruition on the surface.



Bear in mind that the massive, ongoing destruction of Cabal and Alliance bases alike constitutes the most violent part of this “Shadow World War III” that is being fought.

A year later, on March 28th, 2012, I interviewed a new insider named Drake who had received detailed briefings about the coming Mass Arrests.

I posted a transcript and MP3 files of this interview on my site as of April 5th, 2012.

The audio has been stolen countless thousands of times by criminals on YouTube. Many hundreds of these copies have racked up 100,000 plays or more.

Unfortunately, these criminals cut out the beginning, where I give the date, and fool listeners into thinking it is a current, breaking story.

They post deceptive titles that say it is “NEW,” and put the date that they posted it into the title — all just to make a very small amount of YouTube ad money.

Due to the awesome illicit traffic this has generated, this one interview may well be the single most popular broadcast I ever created.

Click here to read the transcript, as it is very highly relevant to what may be about to happen.



You are about to see an excerpt from the Drake interview that details part of what we may expect to see when the mass arrests happen.

If you read the full story, it begins with Drake seeing a five-inch-thick briefing document in 1979 called “The Plan,” which outlined a blueprint for mass arrests.

This document had been secretly developed ever since a huge betrayal against the US military occurred in the Korean War.

US generals realized that battle plans they were required to report to the United Nations were being intercepted by the enemy in North Korea.

This led to massive soldier deaths by ambush. North Korea knew way too much about where the soldiers would be, and when they would arrive. It was devastating.

Through seeding misinformation in their battle plans, the US military discovered that the UN was leaking this data to North Korea. It was unimaginable treason.

The legendary G. Edward Griffin covered this story of treachery in his classic book, The Fearful Master, from 1964.

Copies are available on and in PDF form, but nothing beats having a physical book in your hands.



John F. Kennedy was deeply aware of the massive briefing document they called “The Plan.” He had tried to carry it out, only to pay the ultimate price.

The binder was already five inches thick by the time Kennedy saw it in 1961 or thereabouts.

Pete Peterson had many specific details about the same binder, and its contents, when I started speaking to him in 2009.

I was very glad to find someone else who knew about this, and published the interview with Drake immediately.



Let’s pick up at the point where Drake tells us what he read in the five-inch binder for “The Plan”, and the discussion he had about it with top military officials:


DK: The Plan was simple. The military was willing to back, with civilian authority, a resurrection of what we started out with, originally, in terms of [de jure] government….

DK: Now, The Plan is this.

The military will back [the civilians]… and believe me, you’ve got to have the military involved. Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t make a difference….

The military backs us up by way of federal Marshals [U.S. Marshals], who contact local law enforcement.

Local law enforcement actually makes the arrests….



DK: This does not include any military coup. It does not include any military action, and it does not include martial law.

None of that is going to happen.

What is going to happen is you will see federal Marshals backing up local law enforcement, taking people into custody.

There may be a stand of troops — in case they need extra bodies to snatch somebody that decides to run.

Or, let’s say there’s a whole bunch of people in a building, and they didn’t know there were 7,000 of them in there.

You’re going to need an extra hand in order to incarcerate all these people, put them on the bus and send them wherever they need to go.

So the military will act in a backup fashion, in some ways….



DK: What’s happening is this — the intent and purpose of this plan was to minimize the chaos involved in the action.

Now, when you arrest several thousand people in a city, it’s going to create a little bit of a hubbub.

People are going to see the military. They’re going to see a lot of policemen doing their jobs — and this will be on video.

I mean you’re going to have CNN and all the local news people. Everybody is going to have some kind of video of this stuff.



DW: And I assume these policemen will probably be in riot gear, which will have black uniforms and scary-looking stuff.

DK: Maybe. That depends on whether or not they expect problems with who they’re dealing with. Generally no, because it’s not a riot situation.

DW: Okay.

DK: It could turn that way. They’ll bring the gear. I mean, it’ll be in the trunk, most likely….

The Plan, basically, is to arrest these people. No destruction. No firefights. No gunplay or any kind of violence, if possible.

The idea of this is — no chaos, no violence, AND a legal way to do it — a lawful manner in which to conduct the operation….

DK: The Plan also offers protections of keeping the lights on, making sure the Internet works, that the phone works, you can flush the toilet, you can go to work and not have to worry about it….



DK: There are [laughs] a considerable number who need to be removed from office or their responsibilities: contained, retained and arrested.

Now my understanding is they’re planning to populate the FEMA camps with all these dinks. And I feel that’s appropriate.

They built them for us. Now you can go take a camping trip in them. [laughs]

DW: Karma is a bitch.

DK: Yeah, so I’m looking at that. Okay.



DK: Doing this is not, to me, as extraordinarily anxiety-producing as a lot of people would think. I’m not as concerned with this part of it as I am [of] what comes after. There is going to be some interruption.

In other words, you need to get some extra toilet paper and a few extra cans of canned goods.

And I’m talking about have enough for, say, a month or two. That should basically cover the lapse in time.

Not all the trucks are going to be running, so those groceries get cleaned out when everybody thinks that the world’s gone mad — or a little like they do during a hurricane.

DW: Right.

DK: Then, you know, if it doesn’t get resupplied, what are you going to do?

Well, this is why we got extra food. This is why a lot of people up here do. This is why people up here raise their own gardens.

Simply, you can [as in canning food] stuff and you put it up.

Having that extra not only is less expensive than going to the grocery, but just in case something does screw up real bad.

It’s coming for, say, ten days.



DK: I don’t know how many people consider the importance of this, but to me, being civilized does equate to the use of certain hygienic items.

One of those that I know of that, to me, is extraordinarily important is simple, plain ‘ol toilet paper. [laughs]

It might behoove people to think about not being able to go down to the grocery when you run out and get some more.

And I’m going to tell you, newspaper doesn’t make it. It’s hard on certain things that you don’t want to rough up…[laughs]

DW: [Laughs]

DK: You know. Very simply, I mean, you know, you have to think in terms of what do you use, okay?

And what do you use commonly? And what are the convenience items that might not be part of a shipment that does make it through, okay?

Or does get to you that’s not considered a survival-level item? Toilet paper, simple tissues for your nose, sanitary napkins for ladies …



DW: People can subsist on simple rice and beans, you know. All these elaborate products that a lot of these freedom sites are selling are not really necessary.

I mean, it might make you more comfortable, but if somebody’s really at poverty level, you can get by with just buying some kidney beans, some brown rice and just keep that in your pantry.

DK: Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t take a lot. The idea is this, okay? Yeah, lay up some extra toilet paper. If you’re lucky, you can find it on sale, go at it that way.

If you find something that you know really tastes extraordinarily good, but it’s $1.49 and they got the other ones two for a dollar, take the two for a dollar.

It’s not that much different and you can make out just fine on it. Add a little bit of spices to it and you’re good.



DK: Anyway, the survival part I don’t think is going to be all that critical, and I’ll tell you why.

The Plan itself reiterates many times — the portion that I read — that this is to be a non-interruptive, non-chaotic [and] peaceful — meaning non-shooting type of an action….



DK: I wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest with you, to wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the nation had been clamped down.

That clamp-down is complete.

The satellite systems will not work.

You will not be allowed to make international calls.

There’s going to be no traffic in or out of the United States — period….



DK: The reason for no international travel is to keep the bankers from loading up a Learjet and taking off. If they do so, they will be shot down.

This is going to be a complete, total clamp-down for a period of 72 hours, if need be.

Now, it should take about 24 hours for the sweep necessary to do the mass arrests, and all this stuff.

A secondary sweep will probably take another 5 or 6 days — to make sure they get all the records necessary to convict these people.




Notice that one of the things this insider said in 2012 is, “The idea of this is — no chaos, no violence, AND a legal way to do it — a lawful manner in which to conduct the operation.”

The 51,000 sealed indictments are obviously the result of a massive amount of work, tantamount to a “shadow World War III,” in which the arrests can be conducted — through lawful means.

Notice also that he said “the satellite systems will not work” as the arrests occur.

That is exactly what appears to be happening now, at least within the Cabal’s own world.

And with that being said, we will now proceed into Part Three: Stunning New Briefings.








As you can see in Part One, we’ve been anticipating mass arrests of a genocidal cabal of world elites on this site since at least 2008, with insider data.

These people literally wanted to kill billions of us, and continue desperately trying to do so. Therefore, some form of mass arrests are absolutely necessary.

We also were getting mysterious, dream-like prophetic data about mass arrests since at least 1999, and possibly as far back as 1996.

In 2017, I began covering the story of Mega Anon, an insider with seemingly close ties to Trump who was also predicting mass arrests in very specific detail.

Here is a link to the Reddit archive of everything she wrote. It is quite extensive and does not have the cryptic qualities of Q Anon.

Unfortunately, it appears that the archived links to what she wrote are now broken. I haven’t checked them all yet.

I do feel I pulled many of the most important quotes from them in my articles.

You can still read a text file with the complete collection of Mega Anon posts in it, at this time, by clicking here.



It is very interesting and revealing to visit the above Reddit link and read the excerpts that this user pulled out from the mass of content.

Mega’s quote from October 6th, 2017 still really stands out for me:

The goal is that when it’s all said and done, there will be no room for question, when it comes to the people.

He won’t have to disclose s#!t like 9/11, OKC, Vegas, Voter Fraud, Russia hacks or collusion, elections rigging, etc. specifically.

When he’s done, it will be a literal “mic drop” on the world’s stage.

No one ever again will have the ability to question who’s responsible for, involved in coordinating, etc. ANYTHING that has ever happened and been considered a “conspiracy theory”, ever again.

When he’s done, the entire world will just KNOW IT ALL. It really is THAT all-encompassing. Like Trump says, “you’ll see”. It just has to happen. We cannot be derailed. Ever again.


Next, consider these words from May 27th, 2017:

You don’t have to like Trump. You don’t have to support him and you don’t have to vote for him in 2020. It’s not about Trump. This far precedes him.

Don’t get caught up in the politics of it all because like your opinions, neither of them matter. We don’t have “parties”. We don’t “elect” those who represent us.

We don’t have (and haven’t for a VERY long time), the freedom of “choice”. (((They))) just let us THINK we do to divide/control us.


And consider this line from December 15th, under “SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! COMEY REFERENCES NUREMBERG”:

I mean, this IS what’s happening. It’s fact. Accept it now and move on.

You don’t need to make this political because (you) don’t like Trump. It’s not about Trump. That’s what they want you to think.

This is about all of them, the dirty establishment and YOU mattering again.

When this is over, you won’t be Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. You’ll hate them all.



She eventually reached out to me and spoke to me on several occasions late last year before cutting off all contact. I do hope she is okay.

It was very clear that she had extensive knowledge of the Alliance plan for mass arrests, and how far back in time it really went.

She wrote it all out on 4Chan, and I was stunned by how much it matched the intel I was receiving from other sources.

She made multiple remarks in our conversations that indicated she had direct, face-to-face access to DJT on multiple occasions.

I presented detailed coverage of her shocking material after the highly suspicious and traumatic Vegas shootings of October 1st, 2017.

Among other things, we heard rumors that POTUS himself was at the hotel in question on that very night, and the shootings were partly intended to stage an assassination that failed.

A good bit of timely investigative material on all of this was released in the Something Very Big is Coming article series, as follows:


Vegas Terror and Disclosure: Is Something Very Big About to Happen? October 11, 2017

Something Very Big is Coming, Part II: Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke? October 22, 2017

Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat? November 13, 2017



Mega Anon’s work may well have given the Alliance the inspiration it needed to discover a way to communicate securely to the public, as well as to their own covert units.

The first Q Anon posts appeared on 4Chan just seventeen days after I threw Mega Anon’s 4Chan work into the limelight with Is Something Very Big About to Happen?

I must say that I am very, very happy that the Alliance has started communicating their plans openly to the public through the Q Anon posts.

I was aware that these plans were in the works for many, many years, and often felt as if I was one of the only people out there telling you about it.

I have supported the Alliance military and intelligence community in what they are trying to do with this enormously complex operation all along.

That might change if they start trying to justify murdering everyone in the sealed indictments, but again, we also have intel that major prison facilities are being readied.

I wouldn’t care whether a Democrat, Republican or Independent was helping the Alliance. We simply need to see the job get done so our planet can heal.



The Q Anon material is now so vast and extensive, with multiple updates often coming in on a daily basis, that it is way beyond my personal resources of time and energy to research and cover it all.

[The last year has been the busiest of my life, between planning a wedding, buying a house, moving out of state, doing several conferences and working on a major new book all at once.]

In fact, I don’t think any one person could properly interpret and present all the Q Anon information at this point as it keeps coming out.

The sheer volume of raw data being put out by Q Anon has led to legions of online journalists putting the pieces together in articles and videos, which is terrific.

Part of my intention in writing Parts One and Two is to establish the historical context of how long I have been covering this story, along with some of the biggest highlights.

I also wanted to make the point in Part Two that Obama was apparently working with the Alliance to create disclosure in 2009 as well, and received his own death threats.

This planet-saving effort is therefore not at all a partisan issue. The track record of journalism I have on this site about it makes that point very clear.



The Vegas shootings occurred very soon after the sealed indictments began to be filed. That may not have been a coincidence.

Additionally, the Q Anon briefings began as of October 28th, shortly after the appearance of the masses of sealed indictments had begun.

In the beginning, Q Anon gave an uncharacteristically direct set of text that laid out the blueprint for mass arrests, as I quoted in Something Very Big is Coming, Part III.

Q admitted that they had to put out disinformation at times for operational reasons.

Therefore, the idea that these operations would begin in “the next several days” was incorrect.

However, Mega Anon told us that there was indeed a plan on the books to do the arrests within this exact timeframe, as a reaction to the Vegas atrocities, and they had to be scrapped.

Apart from that glitch, for whatever reason it may have happened, we got a remarkable view of what the mass arrest scenario will be like:



ID:pGukiFmX No.147567888 ViewReport

Q Clearance Patriot

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light.


On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4).

It is quite possible that the Podestas and Huma Abedin are in these same sealed indictments, exactly as Q Anon leaked in advance.]

Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted.

Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials.

On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out.

False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity.

Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full.

However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided, as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast.


We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens.

Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury.

Certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).


ID:pGukiFmX No.147567928 ViewReport

POTUS will be well insulated/ protected on AF1 and abroad (specific locations classified) while these operations are conducted due to the nature of the entrenchment.

It is time to take back our country and make America great again.

Let us salute and pray for the brave men and women in uniform who will undertake this assignment to bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people.

It is our hope that this message reaches enough people to make a meaningful impact.

We cannot yet telegraph this message through normal methods, for reasons I’m sure everyone here can understand.

Follow the questions from the previous thread(s) and remain calm. The primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides).

The spillover in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.”

God bless my fellow Americans.




I want to note something very important here. One of the very first Q briefings said the Emergency Broadcast System would be used to tell the public the truth.

You just read it yourself. I highlighted the relevant passage above in red. This system apparently bypasses all mainstream and social media censorship and control.

On September 6th, 2018, Q Anon posted information that the Emergency Broadcast System would be tested as of September 20th, 2018:



It is easy to miss the text on the phone in the above image, so here it is in a larger form:



It clearly says “Presidential Alert.” Once you see this in context of the other Q Anon posts — it is either very alarming or exciting, depending upon how you interpret all of this.



Here is another piece of intel, now almost a year old, that is still very highly relevant for today, if we are finally on the verge of seeing mass arrests:


[11/5/17, 6:49:36 AM] Corey Goode: Wow, just received a briefing.

The military is indeed getting ready for a potential decapitation of the Cabal with surgical strikes by SF [Special Forces] Teams.

They are already training by taping out floor plans of their targets on the floors of hangars and practicing kicking in doors.

They are also being briefed on their potential targets.

A “limited coup” is looking more and more likely.

In the briefing they once again stated the importance of having a minimum of 2 weeks of food/water in our homes.


[11/5/17, 6:56:31 AM] Corey Goode: It was further revealed that the Secret Grand Juries were almost totally complete with their investigations when everything changed.

They had sealed indictments being prepared when they received a cache of new info that gave them a wider net to cast.

Their investigation has since expanded dramatically….


CG: Most of the operations are non-violent, or what we wouldn’t typically think of as military.

They will range from propaganda, electronic warfare and covert teams that arrest people.

Some Secret Service/Body Guard positions were infiltrated, and some of these top figures are basically in custody and don’t even know it.


Many of the targets of these operations have their jets on 24-hour standby notice. Pilots are sleeping at air hangars, ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Many of the targets of these operations have been denied safe haven in some of the bunkers where they were promised sanctuary, which is typical Cabal.

The planes will be intercepted by the US Air Force if they try to leave US Airspace.

The hangars are under observation and they now have a way to shut down all underground shuttles simultaneously.




We are admittedly skipping over hundreds, if not thousands of newsworthy items to get us right up to the present, with the big news that hit as of August 30th.

Q Anon began releasing a cryptic series of posts, as follows:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2804728 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2804815 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2804843 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2804887 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2805130 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2805156 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2805214 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2805260 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2805326 



I was ten years old when the movie WarGames came out in 1983. It had quite an effect on me at the time, conclusively proving nuclear war was ridiculous.

It all centered around a hacker kid who broke into the US nuclear launch computer systems, named WOPR or War Operations Planning and Response — and nearly started a war in the process.

The line “Shall We Play A Game” comes from the following scene in the movie:



The signature line from this movie comes at the end, when the artificial intelligence of the WOPR computer, calling itself “Joshua,” concludes that nuclear war is unwinnable.

It wargamed out all possible outcomes of global thermonuclear war, and concluded “the only winning move is not to play:”

Joshua/WOPR: Greetings, Professor Falken.

Stephen Falken: Hello, Joshua.

Joshua/WOPR: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?


Q’s quote of this famous movie line indicates that the Snow White and / or Corona satellites may have also been related to nuclear guidance systems.

Therefore, Q may have anticipated that the Cabal could have launched some sort of nuclear attack before the arrests, and now they will not be able to.

This WarGames quote also implies that Q realizes “the only winning move is not to play” when it comes to nuclear war, and therefore it will be prevented.



Another group of satellites apparently were taken down right after the above, as follows:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 564cef No.2806559 


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d9f30e No.2807174 

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d9f30e No.2807228 
Main frequency bands TERMINATED.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd9bfd No.2810036 
Anonymous ID: 709118 No.2809998 
yup, DDOS, 502s, and captcha
with means OVER THE TARGET
Retaliation – ‘Horizon’ active.


The last quote suggests that some sort of retaliation against the Deep State is taking place, likely with the code-name “Horizon.”



The above quotes seem to imply that the GCHQ and NSA’s mass surveillance system was completely cut off by these actions.

We have phrases like, “BLIND EYES IN THE SKY,” “Main frequency bands TERMINATED, #Goodbye,” “Retaliation”, “OVER THE TARGET” and “NSA NO MORE.”

Their computers also seemed to be down, as implied by the phrase, “DDOS (Directed Denial of Service — a hack attack) 502s (bad gateway error, which is usually a server meltdown), and captcha.”

Later Q briefings suggested that one of the effects of this action was to force Deep State leaders to huddle together in person in order to have any communication.

This was mirrored in another Q Anon post from September 1st, which certainly carries a sarcastic tone.

Remember that a SCIF is a surveillance-proof Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, SS is Secret Service, and the flagging of the word “BILL” suggests this refers to former president Clinton:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9da84a No.2835711 

It must be hard to communicate.
Every moment together is a moment you should not waste.
Former President’s are still able to arrange SCIFs?
Does the American taxpayer ‘foot the BILL’ for the [12] hotel rooms in close proximity to the central SCIF?
SS detail(s) ordered @ max perimeter def?
Nice color choice.
It’s a shame the windows had to be blocked out to eliminate that view.



Even more provocative clues were given the next day, suggesting that troops (Operation Specialists) were preparing for the big mass arrest “event,” and would be working in military helicopters, as pictured:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 04b60a No.2848806
Played by ‘Operation Specialists’ [pre-event] last night.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 04b60a No.2848924 
Anonymous ID: eafdab No.2848894 

why did I get extreme goosebumps while listening to this??




This last image appears to have been taken through night-vision goggles.

This appears to imply that this is a photograph of the helicopters that will be used by “Operation Specialists” in the mass arrests “event.”



Another post from the next day, September 3rd, embedded the word DECLAS with a simple numerical code into a statement about an upcoming meeting of Congress:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a68ba4 No.2863057 

Both [C-3]h[A-5]mbers (House / Senate) in [S-6]ESSION tomorrow.
Where once there was [D-1]ARK
Th[E-2]re is now [L-4]IGHT


The obvious key to decipering this is D-1, E-2, C-3, L-4, A-5, S-6, or DECLAS.

In previous communications, Q had used DECLAS to indicate that information would be declassified.

There are two possible meanings here. One is that information damning to both chambers of Congress will be declassified, and that this would shine “light” on that which is seen as “dark.”

Another possible meaning is that Congress itself would be involved in declassifying information that will somehow be damning to the Cabal.

Other briefings have since come in from Corey Goode’s sources saying that a major amount of damning new information is about to be leaked.



An image of this same DECLAS message was then brought back again the next day, September 4th.

This time another enigmatic phrase was added, “A Week to Remember.” This may refer to this coming week of September 10-16.

It is even possible that the Alliance may want to time something around the anniversary of 9/11, which is on a Tuesday:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.184 

A Week to Remember.


Plans like this often get thrown off and delayed by necessity, so I would not presume that any of us could know exactly when this “Week to Remember” will be.

The “Presidential” test of the Emergency Broadcast System doesn’t appear until the following week, as of Thursday, September 20th.

Furthermore, it was the entire month of September that was declared “Emergency Preparedness Month,” as we are about to see.



At this point we get the Q quote that Dr. Michael Salla used to argue that these mass arrests will involve military tribunals, not civilian cases:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.192
Interesting line of questions?
Military Law v. Criminal Law.
Think EO.
Think HRC panic.
Do you believe in coincidences?
You have more than you know.


EO stands for Executive Order. HRC is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Again, Dr. Salla’s article breaks this all down very nicely.

The bottom line is that an executive order was passed that will allow for the sealed indictments to be processed under military law.



This was followed by another message on the same day, clearly forecasting major events that will be unfolding in the near future:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.194 


Fellow Patriots:
What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom].
The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries.
The snowball has begun rolling – there is no stopping it now. D5.Stay the course and trust the plan.
Protective measures are in place.
Remain BRAVE.
We knew this day would come.
United We Stand (WW).
Conspiracy no more.



Another sign of “big stuff” getting ready to happen was one of the things Q said the next day, September 6th:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 02b17c No.2907565 
Anonymous ID: 3a80bb No.2907383 


HEADS UP: Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test Planned –…


As we said earlier, the actual timing of this “Presidential” test is the afternoon of Thursday, September 20th, 2018.

One of the very first Q Anon posts again said they would use the Emergency Broadcast System to bypass media censorship and tell us what is really going on.



Then, let’s combine this information with a post from Q Anon dating back to September 1st, as follows.

Among other things, we are again encouraged to “sign up for (emergency) alerts on mobile devices:”


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: d1b112 No.2833619

National Preparedness Month is a time to focus our attention on the importance of preparing our families, homes, businesses, and communities for disasters that threaten our lives, property, and homeland.

During this time, we also honor the brave men and women who selflessly respond to crises and disasters, rendering aid to those in need.


These first responders, who work tirelessly to safeguard our Nation and protect our citizens, deserve our utmost gratitude and appreciation….

Tragedies are somber reminders that preparedness is a shared responsibility and that it is critical to maintain readiness.

All Americans can prepare for potential disasters by developing and practicing a family emergency response plan, assembling a disaster supply kit, signing up for alerts on mobile devices, setting aside emergency savings, and maintaining adequate insurance policies for their homes and businesses.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Ready Campaign outlines other important steps to best prepare for a major disaster.

This month, I encourage all Americans to take the opportunity to ensure they have an emergency response plan in place and ready to be properly executed.

Emergencies and disasters test the resilience and strength of families, communities, and our Nation. It is impossible to avoid every challenge and threat, but we can and must prepare for them.

By doing so, we can help protect our communities and save lives.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim September 2018 as National Preparedness Month.


I encourage all Americans, including Federal, State, and local officials, to take action to be prepared for disaster or emergency by making and practicing their emergency response plans.


Each step we take to become better prepared makes a real difference in how our families and communities will respond and persevere when faced with the unexpected….



If you have read all of this and are thinking what I am thinking, then wow.

There are far too many arrows all pointing in the same direction for us to simply ignore this.

Hence I am writing this all up even though there is extremely bad, almost nonexistent internet access where I am now.

If Q Anon is actually doing a LARP here, (Live Action Role Play, i.e. lying for fun and attention,) then this would destroy all the work, credibility and public attention they have built up over nearly a year.

Some of our audience loves this president and some despise him. I have heard the arguments from both sides in great detail.

Either way, I see how serious all of this is, and therefore feel there is a need to bring it to your attention.

If “nothing” happens, particularly by the end of the year, then it is safe to say Q will have been largely, if not completely discredited, as this is huge.

The need to write this up became even more obvious once I began looking at what other insider or alleged insider sources were saying about these same briefings.



Here are a series of updates posted on the Hal Turner Radio Show website beginning the night the Q briefings about the satellites came out.

I have featured this website in the past. There are at least some cases where they got accurate intel that matched up with what other trusted sources said.

This article appears to feature intel that was coming in from people in the CIA, and it began with them freaking out that seven mainframe computers went down.

Admittedly, the exact timing of when the Q posts about the satellites first went up was as of 5:30 PM Eastern time, a little less than an hour before this article appeared:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bd6786 No.2804728 


Nonetheless, this article is a surprisingly fast response, and the Q Anon websites may not be updating readers on new posts right away.

All of this suggests that what we are reading may be based on insiders having real-time reactions to whatever was going on:


Thursday, August 30th, 2018 — 6:24 PM (18:24)

Seven mainframe computers inside the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are now offline for an unknown reason.

The loss of computing has also caused a significant number of US Spy Satellites to go offline.



We are in potential danger.  I hope your vehicles have fuel and you have emergency food and water on-hand.

There’s no telling who did this or why . . . and now that some of our satellites are down, God only knows what may be coming at us.

Developing . . . . check back for updates.



Main Frames “Snow White” 3, 4, 6 and 7 are offline.

Sats Offline include: Corona 1,4, 8, & 16 are dark.


Additional Sat. Offline: Big bird 9 — “KH-9 (BYEMAN codename HEXAGON), commonly known as Big Bird[1] or Keyhole-9, was a series of photographic reconnaissance satellites launched by the United States between 1971 and 1986.”



Just spoke to the Pentagon.  The “official” line is “I have no information about any such event.  But if such an event were to occur, we would not discuss it publicly.”


Sources from the Intelligence Community now confirming to me several mainframes are, in fact, offline and several spy satellites are dark.  Techs working furiously to find out what happened and fix it.

Internal assessment thinking is “Someone targeted our spy satellite systems specifically.

“Someone is now moving certain things they don’t want us to see being moved.  This unexpected eventuality is major trouble on every level.”




GCHQ Bude, also known as GCHQ Composite Signals Organisation Station Morwenstow, abbreviated to GCHQ CSO Morwenstow,

is a UK Government satellite ground station and eavesdropping centre located on the north Cornwallcoast at Cleave Camp, between the small villages of Morwenstow and Coombe.

It is operated by the British signals intelligence service, officially known as the Government Communications Headquarters, commonly abbreviated GCHQ.

It is located on part of the site of the former World War II airfield, RAF Cleave.



All kinds of Imaging & Communications Satellites have now been compromised as well…


We are now experiencing an almost complete blackout of most of our “Black-Ops” Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) satellites. 

CIA now unable to perform certain “key hole” surveillance, and there are now GIGANTIC holes in our ability to intercept various signals; i.e. certain phones, certain radios, certain internet coms, etc.

Put simply, certain people who previously thought they ran the world, (i.e. the Intelligence Community within CIA and NSA) are now deaf, dumb, and partially blind.

Something massive is taking place.  Things like this don’t just happen.

Not sure where this is going, but whatever it is will be gigantic.



CinC NORAD has just declared “DEFCON 4”


The CIA has been trying to restart the super-computer mainframes.  They got three to re-start – and they immediately crashed again!  Four others are simply not restarting at all.


This is now just over 24 full hours that much of our Intelligence Community communications capabilities globally, REMAIN DEAD.



What I find interesting about this update is that it contains significantly more specific details than what one would have gotten just from reading the Q Anon posts.

Instead of just code names and numbers, we are hearing that the SIGINT and SATCOM systems are completely down.

We are told that this has apparently crippled the ability for the NSA and other groups to conduct mass surveillance on anyone.

This could be a more detailed way of explaining the Q Anon phrases like “BLIND EYES IN THE SKY,” “Main frequency bands TERMINATED, #Goodbye,” “Retaliation”, “OVER THE TARGET” and “NSA NO MORE.”

Without the ability to conduct mass surveillance, the “Operation Specialists, Pre-Event” can make their final moves and get in position without being detected.

Thus, as this purported insider source said, “Something massive is taking place. Things like this don’t just happen.

“Not sure where this is going, but whatever it is will be gigantic.”



Just four days after the Q Anon briefings telegraphed the shutdown of covert mass-surveillance capabilities, our long-term insider Benjamin Fulford weighed in.

Fulford has admittedly had insiders pass disinformation to him on many occasions. No one is disputing that here.

The bottom line, however, is that Ben does continue to get intel from various sources that lines up with what our own trusted insiders have said, in very specific ways at times.

Here is what Fulford’s sources had to say about the SIGINT and SATCOM mass shutdown:

“Good side” of Rothschild family says Trump will stage financial reset | September 3rd, 2018

The deadlock has ended in the undeclared U.S. civil war that lasted all summer.

The good guys have already begun a series of stunning moves against the cabal, including shooting down their secret satellites, multiple sources confirm….

The satellite shoot-down was first reported by the mysterious blogger “Q” and has been independently confirmed by three separate sources.

“On August 30, CIA satellites and supercomputers were taken down and likely seized by [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s new space force.

“GCHQ [British Intelligence] was removed from the NSA database, to also render cabal elements in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, and Israel deaf and blind,” Pentagon sources explained.



At this point I want to bring in the first bit of information from Pete Peterson, who is thankfully doing well enough now to be getting new briefings on a daily basis.

What Pete said is that the satellites were not “shot down” or destroyed. A curious, advanced, classified technology was used to make them invisible and unusable.

They still exist, but are not accessible in any conventional sense. They may well have been captured and removed from orbit, as Fulford’s insiders have suggested.

[UPDATE: Another investigative article with interesting elements on the satellite takedowns, with data not in this report, can be found here:]



Before we get into what other sources have shared with us, let’s continue with a part of what Fulford had to say in this update.

Note that this is the same wording as in the Hal Turner update above, but adds detail that it apparently came from “a CIA source in Asia:”


A CIA source in Asia who was involved in setting up the secret satellite network that was taken down last week issued the following warning to colleagues:

“We are in potential danger. I hope your vehicles have fuel and you have emergency food and water on hand. There’s no telling who did this or why.

“Now that some of our satellites are down, God only knows what may be coming at us.”…

The communications takedown is a prelude to both a military and financial offensive against the cabal, Pentagon and CIA sources agree.

For reasons of operational security, the Pentagon sources cannot say much about the military action other than “a U.S. military offensive is under way to terminate the defenseless and disoriented cabal.”…

“It appears the October Surprise comes early with the Guns of August, as Trump proclaimed on August 31 that September is ’emergencies month’ and he may drop ‘truth bombs’ about 9/11 and 3/11,” Pentagon sources explain…

There is also a lot of action taking place on the cyber front, with multiple sources saying Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are in the crosshairs, multiple sources agree….

The assault on the California-based tech giants is probably also going to lead to actual military occupation of many high-tech companies in that state, other Pentagon sources note….

[Lastly, CIA] sources say an off-world alliance will soon reveal itself to the world’s public.


This last sentence is particularly interesting, considering that Fulford has been very averse to passing along any UFO-related information in his entire 10-plus years of doing this.

Nonetheless, it fits in very nicely with the briefings we were getting in the articles discussed in Part Two.



With all of this in mind, I reached out to a trusted intel insider who I have had access to for some time, but who I rarely ever ask for updates.

[Please note: This is not Neil Keenan. It’s someone I’ve never talked about here.]

My friend has now shown me conclusive proof that he has access to another insider who is deeply involved with the Dragon Family.

The Dragon Family is the group that holds the majority of the wealth in China, and is the most powerful of a series of factions therein.

The Dragon Family had enormous amounts of gold stolen from them by the Cabal, in the story I reported in Financial Tyranny and the Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit mega-article.

The Dragon Family was apparently responsible for the “China’s October Surprise” event that we covered again here in Part Two, as of 2010.

I have heard many people claim they have contact with the Dragon Family, so I actually didn’t pay much attention to what my friend was saying for some time.

Now that I have seen hard proof in the recent past, this connection has become far more interesting.



First off, the Dragon Family is deeply and directly involved in hyper-classified “Secret Space Program” technology we have reported about for some time.

They used this sort of technology to create all the mysterious EMP-type equipment failures in the “China’s October Surprise” events of 2010.

For this same reason, they have a compound in America that is located near certain underground defense-contractor facilities that are rich with advanced technology.

My friend reported that hundreds of top Dragon Family personnel have flown out to this compound recently, and are signing off on a new financial system.

All the details have apparently been worked out, and everything is prepared to move forward. This would likely be a post-mass-arrests development.

This will apparently include a gold-backed US currency. We have also heard that multi-billion-dollar funds will be released to massively clean up and transform the planet.



I asked my friend to get me in touch with his high-level insider, who admitted to being a fan of my work.

I ended up getting rejected, in what I felt was a truly impressive way. To me, this only made him more credible.

If he was any kind of LARPer, the chances are very likely that he would have jumped at the opportunity to get me on the phone.

This insider made it very clear that he was under strict non-disclosure, and could not talk to me even if he wanted to. His whole focus now is on trying to make sure this deal goes through.

There was no denial of the idea that spy satellites were taken down, and a mass-arrest police action was imminent. The overall plan is enormous in scope.



The insider said that he has worked for thirty years to learn all the things he needed to know to work at the level he is now operating at.

For this same reason, he said the “learning curve” is so steep that it would take an extensive amount of time to get me up to speed, to where I could even understand the conversation.

Even if I had a few one to two-hour conversations with him, it wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to have even a basic framework for discussion.

Plus, he is under NDA, and couldn’t talk to me and fill me in right now even if he wanted to. Hopefully that will change.

However, he did say this, for all of us:


Tell him the coming change defies all imagination. We are living through history.



What could this “Mr. X” be referring to when he said “the coming change defies all imagination?”

The latest briefings I received from Pete Peterson seem to be filling in some of the cracks.

I asked Pete what intelligence agencies he worked for in his career, and it includes the CIA, NSA, DIA, DARPA and DHS.



First of all, we got confirmation on the Snow White, Corona and Big Bird satellites being completely disabled with a strange new advanced technology.

He said he could not explain what the Corona satellites are or what they do on the phone, but that they are “defensive devices.”

He confirmed that “a bunch” of Cabal underground bases have been wiped out in the recent past… a major increase.

He said that a new gold-backed currency will be released to the public after the indictments are unsealed and mass arrests take place.

Massive prosperity funds will be released to help stimulate and rejuvenate the world’s economy, ecology and infrastructure.

Social media giants will be publicly outed as being direct assets of the Deep State’s own intelligence agencies.

The declaration of September as “Emergency Preparedness Month” is very serious, and should not be taken lightly.

Quite controversially, he said almost everyone in Congress is included in the sealed indictments for various reasons.



Other details I got from Pete are too specific and sensitive, but I want to give you some of a sense of what was there.

He doesn’t know if an ET-related disclosure will happen right away, but he also feels it is “very unlikely” that we will have to wait very long.

There have been detailed plans on the books for some time to introduce us to multiple ET races, and those people are already here waiting for this.

At some point I asked him to explain what he meant earlier when he said, “Americans are all over the galaxy.”

He reported direct knowledge of 25 or 30 outposts we have throughout the galaxy. We have an average of 300 advanced craft per outpost.

These craft have anti-gravity and can fly at Mach 17 or beyond. Coast-to-coast flights in these “planes,” as he calls them, would take less than an hour.

Each outpost has somewhere between 400 to 1200 soldiers stationed there. Some outposts are larger, and some are smaller.

These outposts are used for trade relationships with important ET groups that have either information or technology we need.

Some of these outposts are on planets, and others are located in “neat abandoned stuff” that we found throughout the galaxy and re-occupied.

Some of the best stuff we re-occupied has only recently been determined to be about 20,000 years old.



For me, the most interesting material I got from him was regarding the plans for UFO-related disclosure, whenever they do emerge.

First of all, he said fifty of our own advanced craft have been flown in. The plan is to unveil these craft to show everyone what ‘we’ have, post-Disclosure.

From the way he described them, these will be very impressive sightings that will electrify the world.

Based on other things he said in the past, we can expect that they will look similar to craft we have seen in a variety of big-budget movies.

Efforts have been in place to teach certain insectoid-type ETs to speak English in underground facilities such as those run by Lockheed.

Apparently, these beings will use normal speech instead of telepathy whenever they are introduced to us.

At one point he said, “Language school is tied up teaching a bunch of crickets to speak.”

People from a total of ten or twelve different planets are here now, apparently waiting to be introduced to us at some future point.

Lastly, he said that many classic UFOs retrieved from various crashes will be made available to the public to see firsthand.

A movie will be made about all of this, and various World’s Fair-type exhibits will be set up in different major cities, where we can view the craft directly.



Another critical detail in trying to piece this whole puzzle together was released by our friends at Collective Evolution on August 24th, 2018.

In a NASA tweet from July, they revealed that a curiously flying-saucer-shaped craft was literally dropped off on the White House lawn.

The date this happened was Sunday, July 22nd, 2018.

Here is a close-up of the view of what this looks like, with the included caption:


NASA’s Orion spacecraft that flew Exploration Flight Test-1 on Dec. 5, 2014 is seen on the South Lawn of the White House, Sunday, July 22, 2018 in Washington, DC. Lockheed Martin, NASA’s prime contractor for Orion, began manufacturing the Orion crew module in 2011 and delivered it in July 2012 to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where final assembly, integration and testing was completed. More than 1,000 companies across the country manufactured or contributed elements to the spacecraft. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)



Here is a wide-angle shot of the same image, complete with the crowds beneath it:



Unbelievable. You can’t get much more obvious than this!

Here is a photograph of when the Orion probe was first being raised off the truck by a crane before being lowered into position:



And here is another photograph of this saucer-like object on the White House lawn, from a closer distance:




The next thing we would expect to see, at the time of this writing, is a very contentious “data dump” of new intel.

When we add up all the briefings we are getting from Q Anon, Hal Turner, Fulford, “Mr. X.”, Corey’s insiders, Pete Peterson and others, what we have here is a very compelling story.

Despite how horrible it was to try to do this with basically no internet, I managed to get it done. Now I can rest easy, knowing I did my very best to show you what I am seeing and hearing.

It is quite interesting that the White House has such a never-before-seen dramatization of the classic “UFO landing on the White House lawn” right in front of us.

As I have said to my wife and others, if this was a slot machine it certainly looks like we have a bank of seven cherries all lining up.

Since this article will very likely be blocked, suppressed, et cetera, please just tell your friends to visit and look for it.

I will leave you again with the words of “Mr. X”:


Tell him the coming change defies all imagination. We are living through history.



As a final action item, these sources also told us we are very much at risk, in various ways, by posting this information.

Therefore, please take a moment to leave your email address with us in case we lose other forms of communication.

This will not be sold or shared with anyone else. It will be solely used to keep you informed about what we are seeing, hearing and doing.

As an example, new article updates should lead to emails being produced. You may still have to dig them out of Spam or Trash, and should therefore label us as a Preferred Sender.

Thank you — and remember — forewarned is fore-armed. Be prepared… just in case any of this turns out to be true.

Plans can always change, for a variety of unforeseeable reasons, but it certainly looks as if we are getting closer and closer to an “Event.”




This article went live some time after 9 PM local time last night. I checked in here and it had already crossed the 100,000 mark by 4PM the next day, i.e. less than 19 hours:



This effectively breaks a new record as the fastest-climbing ‘viral’ article we have ever written on this site. We thank you for helping us.

Some people have been asking if these alleged satellite shut-downs only affect the United States. Remember what Fulford said in his latest update:

“GCHQ [British Intelligence] was removed from the NSA database, to also render cabal elements in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, and Israel deaf and blind,” Pentagon sources explained.

This implies that we may well see major actions in multiple locations, not just the US, if all of this intel turns out to be correct.

Again, no one can know for sure if this is really going to happen, but I do feel obligated to pass along what I am seeing, particularly since there are specific instructions about being prepared.



Now that millions of eyes are on the Q briefings, as a result of them going fully mainstream since the beginning of August, it is “now or never” in terms of promises and credibility.

The already enormous promises and hints we have seen about coming arrests just went even farther tonight, at 6:07 PM Eastern time:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: fd0a4a No.2950995 
How do you know when something VERY BIG is about to drop?
You have more than you know.


What they are obviously saying here is that the Deep State is attacking their credibility harder than ever because “Something VERY BIG is about to drop.”

FISA is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It rose to prominence beginning in 2005 when information first leaked about domestic wiretapping without a warrant.

Therefore, the intended message seems to be that the “big drop” will have something to do with illegal surveillance activities.

In the full context of everything we are seeing, this might one of the final moves that the Q team feels needs to be made before doing the arrests.



I was admittedly intrigued by Fulford’s latest briefing summary, and particularly by some alleged intel he received from the Pentagon:

9/10: Pandemic scare brewing as cabal faces doom

The center of action remains the U.S., where the military government backing President Donald Trump has intensified its takedown of the cabal.

Pentagon sources are saying the next phase in the attack will involve high-level Republicans like former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George Bush Jr.,

who both “will be taken down first for 9/11 treason so that the Democrats can’t complain when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are targeted.”…

[This] next step will involve incriminating Bush Jr. etc. by declassifying Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA) documents along with 9/11 documents from when Kavanaugh was Bush’s Staff Secretary from 2001 to 2005, the Pentagon sources say….

The Khazarian cabal is reeling, but they are far from finished.  The most deadly counterattack they could make against the Trump regime may come in the form of a stock market crash.

As you can see from the article in the link below, the corporate media has now begun a chorus of doom for the market and the economy:



This almost goes without saying, but if this is true, and the data drops on or around 9/11, it will obviously be quite a sensation.

For years, all the insiders and analysts we have spoken to have said that an open, public proof that 9/11 was the work of the Bush Administration would checkmate the Deep State.

This would also explain lines from Q such as, “What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom].”

This may also explain why the word DECLAS was encoded numerically, with numbers. This could now be seen as a hint to pay attention to numbers: i.e. 9/11, regarding what is declassified.

This also explains why the FISA references are significant. They will apparently expose critical corruption from the Bush Administration related to these issues.

Note also that this 9/11 is the 17-year anniversary of the tragedy, and the 17th letter in the alphabet is Q.

If this is all true, it would definitely appear that the Deep State will respond by trying to fabricate a sudden, massive economic collapse.



Another potential sign of a Deep State counter-attack is Hurricane Florence, now expected to collide with the US East Coast and produce devastation.

For many years we have laid out the evidence that the Deep State has classified HAARP technology that can generate and steer hurricanes.

This is done by using microwave beams to super-heat areas of the atmosphere, creating the necessary high-pressure zones to create and maneuver storms.

The timing of this storm is certainly very interesting, and troubling, if any or all of this intel turns out to be true:




Look at the map for anticipated landfall for this hurricane. It is anticpated to hit South and North Carolina, which is immediately below the US Capitol.

Some of the paths might take it directly up and through Washington, DC.

It could still end up turning toward the north before its initial landfall as well, based on its current position:



9/10: Hurricane Florence Rapidly Intensifying, Landfall Thursday

Florence has rapidly intensified into a dangerous Category 3 hurricane, and appears destined to strengthen into a very dangerous Category 4 hurricane by Tuesday as it heads towards the Southeast U.S. Coast.

Florence is likely to make landfall on Thursday evening or Friday morning on the coast of North Carolina or South Carolina, and the odds continue to increase that Florence will stall on Friday and meander near or over the coast for several days, making the hurricane a devastating rainfall and coastal flooding threat….

Our top intensity models unanimously predict strengthening of Florence into a Category 4 hurricane by Wednesday, and the storm is also expected to increase in size….

If Florence is a Category 3 or 4 hurricane at landfall, it has the capability of generating a 20-foot surge along a 10 – 40 mile stretch of the coast where the right-hand eyewall comes ashore.

If you live in a hurricane-prone location, now is a good time to make sure you have a preparedness plan in place!

Tropical storm-force winds may begin along the coast as early as Thursday morning, so be sure to have all your preparations done by then. If you are asked to evacuate for the storm surge, get out!




The “coincidences” are stacking up more and more here. The timing and anticipated landfall of this hurricane is certainly compelling and frightening.

If this really is the final curtain-call for the Deep State, it absolutely makes sense that they would use every tool they have available to try to throw it off.

If DC was thrown into chaos by a devastating direct hit and 20-foot storm surge, it could create ‘useful’ chaos right as Q’s “VERY BIG” drop is occurring.

The Deep State may also be simply hoping to create enough of a diversion to buy more time, and stop anything from being leaked right now.

For that same reason, we may not see anything drop, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Again… my goal in writing all of this is not to say anything is going to happen with absolute certainty. It is to connect the dots I am seeing and let you draw your own conclusions.

Please consider giving us a way to reach you in case we lose other means of communication in the resulting potential “chaos” if this is all actually true: