Human ETs visited Earth in the 1950s and told us Ascension would be attainable in the near future, thanks to a natural cycle. Stunning new videos and documents have emerged to make the case!

Beginning in the late 1940s and early 1950s, human ETs began a systematic campaign to contact people in many different countries around the world.
How could there be humans that look like us — but were never born on Earth?
In my new book The Source Field Investigations, debuting August 23rd, I give wonderful new evidence that DNA begins as an energy wave — and does not require any physical molecule to exist.
The structure of DNA therefore exists throughout the Cosmos. We are a Universal and Galactic design, not a product of random mutations on Earth — and humans have independently evolved on many different worlds.
In my opinion, this is the single biggest surprise that we have in store for us when Disclosure finally does occur — and it definitely will. It is a question of when, not if — but some will refuse to believe it until it actually happens.
There is dramatic evidence of a media campaign to tell us the truth that is continually becoming more and more powerful and persistent — but the latest details will have to wait for future articles.

Being outside of time, these ET visitors to Earth have been doing their best to prepare us for a coming Golden Age that, in their view, was extremely imminent — even in what we call the 1950s.
This was definitely not the first time they had come here.
I will be making this point, and many others, in a comprehensive new 90-minute documentary film that we expect to release on my YouTube channel before the end of the month, free of charge — entitled The Source Field Investigations.
We filmed this movie at the Boston Convergence and it is now in post-production — with the same quality as our much-loved Access Your Higher Self video series!
I expect this new video will be at least as popular as 2012 Enigma — and perhaps more so, as I grounded it even more in provable science from the book, and tied up a lot of loose ends from the original classic. I’m very excited about it!

Interestingly, UFOs were sighted over London within an hour of when we began the London Convergence last month. UFOs then appeared over Holland within a day of when I spoke in front of nearly 200 people in Amsterdam.
There is no way to know exactly what this means, if anything. It could even be hoaxers deliberately targeting us. Many of you have emailed us about this… and I did want to mention it, since you asked me to.
If these are provably genuine UFOs and not CG hoaxes, then this seems to be the next round of what happened on New Year’s Eve.

As 2010 was right about to become 2011, I was watching myself on History Channel, saying that the ETs want to end the secrecy — and have a Galactic Family Reunion.
Simultaneously, a close family friend witnessed five basketball-sized red UFOs hovering over a field — just a few miles from where I was staying at the time.
She was breathless — it was her first sighting. I highly doubt it will be the last. The phone was excitedly ringing within minutes of when I finished watching the video — just after it became 2011.
The biggest “bird fall” event occurred in this same exact window of time. Thousands of birds fell out of the air in a seemingly HAARP-related incident, as their bodies showed massive trauma.
I realized right away that this was likely the result of the Old World Order desperately trying to fight off an ET attack against their arsenal of exotic toys — based on what I had already published by this point.
This sighting event had a huge impact on me — and I really haven’t had time to absorb the full implications, except to keep an open mind and stay focused on my job.

Ancient history is loaded to the bursting-point with evidence of human ETs visiting Earth, as I have revealed in seven episodes of “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel, in the upcoming video, and in the new book.
Nuclear war was a very real threat in the 1950s, as it remains today. We don’t hear about it as much anymore, but the largest nations of the world are armed to the teeth with planet-killing weapons.
This problem has apparently caused the ETs to intervene much more directly in our planet’s affairs than they normally would have — in order to prevent the possibility of nuclear exchange.

If you are a regular reader of this website, you will already be well-versed in what I have called “China’s October Surprise.” Most of the articles in David’s Blog since November 2010 have been discussing this amazing story — at least to some degree.
The story keeps getting more and more interesting — and there have now been huge new developments, as the media lit up last week with reports that a cigar-shaped mothership hovered over the base where 50 ICBMs went offline last October… for 26 hours.
The sudden, unexpected release of this news story provides compelling new proof that my sources were correct. As far as I know, I was the only major UFO investigator to have connected all these dots together and published them in advance.

UFO Seen During October 2010 Nuclear Missile Power-Down

Robert Hastings: Unidentified Aerial Object Sighted During October 2010 Nuclear Missile Incident

PR Newswire

TAOS, N.M., June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman III missiles.

The five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching those ICBMs—Alpha through Echo, comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron—would have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption.
This dramatic story was leaked to Mark Ambinder, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, which published it three days later. The U.S. Air Force then quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that a back-up launch system could have performed the task and claiming that the breakdown had lasted a mere 59 minutes.
However, the latter statement was untrue, according to two missile technicians stationed at F.E. Warren, who say that the communications issue, while intermittent, actually persisted over several hours.
Significantly, these same individuals report sightings by “numerous teams” of an enormous, cigar-shaped craft that maneuvered high above the missile field on the day of the disruption. The huge UFO appeared similar to a World War I German Zeppelin but had no passenger gondola or advertising on its hull, as would a commercial blimp.
The confidential Air Force sources also report that their squadron commander has warned witnesses not to talk to journalists or researchers about “the things they may or may not have seen” in the sky and has threatened severe penalties for anyone violating security. Consequently, these persons must remain anonymous at this time.
The disquieting information was provided to noted researcher and author Robert Hastings who, over the past seven months, has interviewed law enforcement and civilian eyewitnesses to ongoing UFO activity near F.E. Warren’s ICBM sites between September 2010 and April 2011.
Hastings has just published a detailed exposé on these developments titled, “Huge UFO Sighted Near Nuclear Missiles During October 2010 Launch System Disruption,” which may be read at:
(The article can also be located at The UFO Chronicles homepage by placing its title in the Google “Site Search” box.)  
The October 23rd missile incident occurred less than a month after Hastings’ September 27, 2010 UFO-Nukes Connection press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., during which seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era. CNN streamed that event live; a full-length video is at:
According to the veterans, including two retired colonels, the still-classified incidents involved the sudden appearance of a mysterious aerial craft that briefly hovered over ICBM sites and sometimes disrupted the missiles’ guidance and control systems; during one December 1980 case, a disc-shaped UFO sent down laser-like beams into a nukes storage depot…. 
Hastings concludes, “The UFO sightings near F.E. Warren’s missile sites in recent months—by Air Force personnel and civilians—represent the latest chapter in the UFO-Nukes Connection saga. Its well-documented history, as revealed in declassified U.S. government files and military eyewitness testimony, extends back to December 1948.
Countless official denials about the reality of the situation have been issued over the years but, sooner or later, this amazing story will break wide open. What we need now is a courageous government whistleblower to come forward with the facts, and some daring journalists willing to treat the story seriously and write about it.”  

Major Huffpost Article on October 2010 ICBM Shutdown by UFO
“We’ve never had something as big as this happen,” said a military officer who had been briefed on the event, according to the The Atlantic. “We can deal with maybe 5, 6 or 7 at a time, but we’ve never lost complete command and control and functionality of 50 ICBMs.”….

This isn’t the first time UFOs have been reported by military personnel at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. In 1965, several people, including the base commander, informed the Air Force’s Project Blue Book — the official Air Force UFO study between 1952 and 1969 — that their base was inundated by sightings of unknown aerial objects, including a large white oval-shaped craft.

The above account was included in the 1972 book, “The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry,” by the late astronomer J. Allen Hynek, who served as Project Blue Book’s scientific consultant.
Two years later, in 1967, Robert Salas was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The former Air Force captain was monitoring a launch-control center equipped with 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles when UFOs appeared in the sky above them just as something unexpected occurred to the 10 defense weapons.
“As we looked at the display board in front of us, the missiles began going into an unlaunchable, or no-go, mode. They couldn’t be launched — it went from green to red,” Salas told AOL, explaining how it was extraordinary that so many missiles could malfunction at the same time.
In the aftermath of that incident, Salas and his crew were told to keep quiet. He reported, “They wanted us to sign papers, saying we’d never talk about this and swear we wouldn’t even talk to our wives or any of the other airmen on the base — nobody.”
“If I went public with this while still in the service, I would’ve been in Leavenworth [maximum security federal prison], breaking stones into little pebbles,” said Salas, one of the officers Hastings presented in Washington last September.
This may explain why Hastings’ unnamed sources are so reluctant to go public about the recent series of events at Wyoming’s F.E. Warren base….
“The overarching issue is that the U.S. government will not admit the reality of UFOs and the fact that they are superior craft piloted by unknown entities [who] have a distinct and ongoing interest in this nation’s nuclear weapons program,” Hastings speculated.
“That’s just not something that you’re going to admit to the public. And that’s clearly the policy they’ve pursued since the 1940s.”

Daily Mail on UFO Nuke Shutdown
CBS Article on Last Year’s Press Conference About UFOs and Nukes
Larry King Live Show — Interviewing Witnesses on UFOs Shutting Down Bases
Rense and Robert Hastings — Video of Radio Interview on October UFO / Nuke Shutdown


Some backstory is required to make sense out of these events — so I will fill in a few of the details I’ve already covered in several other articles.
In short, human ETs crashed in Roswell and other sites, were treated badly by the US Government, and began secretly working with China to make plans that still have not reached their fruition — but involve the defeat of the bad guys and the freeing of our world.
This does not mean the ETs endorse China, nor their policies. It does mean that they needed sufficiently powerful allies on the ground to counteract a great negative force at the proper time. Earth humans still have to do most of the work ourselves.
This intervention required coordination with “Management” ETs that are much more powerful and evolved than those who require UFOs to travel. I have discussed this unseen spiritual ecosystem for over twelve years now on this website.

This discussion heavily relies on the data within the Law of One series, arguably the most verifiable material of its kind due to the extreme amount of provable scientific data in it.
The majority of this data has now been summarized and validated in The Source Field Investigations — though I don’t even mention the Law of One series until the very end. It’s not necessary — the science stands on its own, and is elegantly and deeply verifiable.
ETs have not been allowed to intervene on Earth beyond a minimal level, due to what has been called the “Quarantine” — imposed by “Management” to protect Earth humanity’s free will from undue influence.
We’re all here to learn to love each other. Earth is a school, and Management insures that you will never have a greater opportunity to see the negative than to see the positive.
The degree to which they work to maintain this balance is extremely complex — and up until recently, was so subtle as to be practically undetectable by anyone, including the Powers that Were.
Not anymore.


The Quarantine led to a false complacency within the Old World Order forces, who came to think they were running the show.
They actually believed the benevolent ETs were totally powerless to do anything to stop them, via universal law — and could only stand back and cry in horror as they enslaved the planet. 
This point was well-established in “The Rulers of the World,” Bill Ryan’s video interview with “Charles” — a man allegedly sent to kill him, only to have a last-minute change of heart.
On his site Project Avalon, Bill has now ‘outed’ Charles as a negative influence that attempted to infiltrate and destroy the organization.
I do feel that Charles gave insider information as it had been told to him in the original video interview — and these insiders do believe the ETs will just stand back and let them do whatever they want.
It should have been obvious all along that this wasn’t really true — because ETs have been systematically deactivating nuclear sites ever since Earth humans began building them… regardless of what country they were in. This includes China, India and Russia.
The ETs don’t usually destroy the sites — but they are clearly testing out their capabilities to completely shut them down in the event that any significant nuclear exchange was planned.
The Old World Order spent billions of dollars making propaganda movies to prepare humanity for the ultimate 9/11-style false-flag operation — a massive and totally fake “Alien Invasion.”
What they apparently didn’t realize is that this “Alien 9/11” would violate universal free-will laws every bit as much as a nuclear war — and therefore fell under the same jurisdiction in the eyes of Management.

In the year 2010, the Quarantine lifted. We may not know exactly when it happened — but I had clear insider testimony that the Alien 9/11 was about to be launched, only to be checkmated by a dramatic ET intervention that caught them all by surprise.
Many different nuclear-related ‘toys’ were deactivated within a very short period of time — as well as attacks on Australia’s national airline Qantas, as there is a great deal of insider activity there.
Here are some screen captures that tell the story as it came in — and these are only some of the events that all occurred in less than two months’ time:

Just today, a news article emerged that is setting up China to be blamed for EMP attacks that knock out electronics. There appears to be an insider effort to blame all of this on China should the story start unraveling… so as to not include ETs in the mix.
The next step is to say, “Wait a minute, look at all these things that happened in October and November 2010! We thought China didn’t have it working yet, but we were wrong!”
It’s all a big lie. China didn’t do these things — their ET allies did. Interestingly, the ETs didn’t completely defeat all military capabilities — merely weakened them, while giving them the illusion they still can fight back.
This is like watching sports fans who refuse to leave the arena — long after it has become obvious there is no possible way their team can win the game.

What I’m hearing from various insider sources is that we are very, very close to a complete reboot of the world’s financial system. China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa and other nations have allied for this common cause.
As the Old World Order clings to the very last threads of financial and worldly power, they are now putting out dire-sounding warnings about “global economic collapse,” “financial armageddon,” et cetera that will occur if the US doesn’t go even more into debt.
Remember — whatever they are saying, usually the opposite is true. When they put this much energy into trying to scare you about something, usually it means it’s actually a really good thing. So let it die! Until this happens we will not get Disclosure.
I continue to hear that most of the Washington establishment is on 24-hour notice to flee the country when it all blows back in their faces. The Fox News scandal was not part of an insider plan, and it appears to be accelerating with stunning speed.
As a last-ditch effort to survive, I have heard the insiders want to do as many as 1700 different damaging events, coordinated all at once, through Al-Queda operatives in August — after Ramadan, when Muslims are in their greatest patriotic fervor.
I do not believe this will succeed, and mentioning it is a good way to prevent it. For months now I’ve been hearing they plan to have everything come to a head in August, and now I see media evidence that these rumors were accurate.
Thankfully, we have powerful friends helping us — and they’ve been here all along.

As those 5000 or so who saw this article when it first went up can attest, I wrote and published the above, and was all done with edits, by about 4:45 AM.
I woke up to see these headlines — in which this specific prophecy, which I had heard very recently from insiders, had already started coming true:
I’m not sure what the connection is with the Prime Minister of Norway, but undoubtedly we will find out soon. These things are now being exposed at lightning speed.
It could just be an ‘ordinary’ event, but the timing is very (unfortunately) synchronistic with my just having posted about false-flag events of this sort.
This is all the more indication that these folks are willing to fight hard, all the way down. They are desperate. Each move like this is akin to a heroin junkie looking for one last fix. They will be exposed, rooted out and forced to stand trial, as we are now seeing.
Disclosure is not an easy battle… but we can win this. And we will.
It is written into the very fabric of Time.]

The 1950s contacts included sightings, materialization cases, in-person meetings, full boarding experiences of UFOs, and a wealth of useful information that can transform our world.
According to the Law of One series, multiple cases proved that the Earth human ego could not handle the contacts. Various personality distortions emerged that disrupted or destroyed the best-laid plans.
For this same reason, in-person contacts by ‘Confederation’ positive ETs had been discontinued by 1981, when the Law of One series came through — and it appears to have dramatically decreased after the 1960s.
I have massively increased my research into these areas recently, and now have a much more elaborate perspective on how many people were contacted in the 50s and 60s, what they were told, and how their egos ran out of control in many cases.
An astonishing amount of data was left behind from these contacts – including photographs and film of UFOs in flight, audio recordings of ETs speaking, hundreds of pages of written documents, and a host of scientific breakthroughs… including working technological devices.
The vast majority of all this data was almost completely lost – but much of it has now been rediscovered and made public.
Some of the most important parts will be made public for the first time ever within this article – including vital documents that may have only ever been seen by a few hundred people over the last 50 years, but are of fantastic quality.
I believe the ETs who wrote these words knew there would be a time where all this material would be rediscovered and brought forth to a much greater audience.
Their contactees did not stay in the proper receptive frame of mind indefinitely — but it did occur long enough for fairly clean messages to get through.
Although much of the original material was lost, we have more than enough to understand the thrust of what the ETs said.
All of this was precursor material for the Law of One series, which was the true apex of human-ET contact in modern times. The 1950s material directly paved the way for the Law of One in the early 1980s.

Before we get to these never-before-seen 50-year-old documents, and what they actually said, I want to begin by having you see a truly remarkable video.
Honestly, this video has created a radical shift in my awareness. Reputable academics in Italy are finally coming forward with documented testimony about their extensive contacts with human ETs.
I knew that human ETs were contacting people in the 1950s and the 1960s, but that they had discontinued this work in the 1970s.
According to the Law of One series, they apparently found out that the people who were directly contacted invariably got a Messiah complex or other such “personality distortions”.
I was completely unaware of how many contacts had occurred, and how worldwide the effect truly was – at least not until I saw this video.
More importantly, this video serves as an introduction to the large collection of 1950s and 60s documents I will be featuring afterwards, in downloadable PDF form, free of charge.
The links to each 10-minute section of the video are accompanied by written summaries I put together to help organize and study the contents of the video all at once.
In this sense, even if you don’t watch the videos you will get the gist of what was being said — and it is stunning.
First off is the trailer for the documentary – which sets up the story nicely.
The Friendship Case – Documentary Introduction
The Friendship Case
In 2007, Stefano Breccia, an engineer from Marque, living in Ambruzzo, published his book Mass Contacts – publicly revealing evidence that more than 100 people had repeated, direct encounters with human extraterrestrials living in numerous secret bases here on Earth.
The main figure in Breccia’s account is the writer Bruno Samaciccia. The case is said to have taken place mainly in and around Pescara. It all began in 1956.
[By this year, many of the classic “contactee” cases had already happened in the US. It seems the ETs were starting to learn their lessons about how negatively this affected people, and decided to offer friendship and spiritual teaching in this case rather than focusing on Golden Age prophecies.]
Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella are still alive today and were also there during these 1950s contacts. Stefano Breccia is a well-known figure in science and academia, and this helped inspire Gaspare to come forward and be filmed for this television special.

Samaciccia called the beings the W56. [In Breccia’s book he explains that “W” stands for “double victory” as well as George Washington, and 1956 was the year it all began.]
The W56 were a group of ETs coming from different parts of the Universe. They looked very much like Earth humans but ranged from 1 to 6 meters in height.
The first encounter took place in April 1956. Bruno was there with two friends – Giancarlo and Julio. They were investigating Rocca Pia castle, which they had acquired a mysterious map of — and felt there were secrets to be discovered.
One night at Rocca Pia, two people appeared and spoke to them. One of them was very tall and the other was only about three feet in height.
The tall captain of the ET group was named Dimpietro. Some of the names given to the ETs were Sigir, Sigis, Itaho, Kenio, Sinas, Saju, Meredir and Romulus.
These names were given to them by the people – as they themselves did not work with names.
Part Two

The ETs made their bases by opening a hole underground, compressing the material of the earth into hard walls. The base requires a force field to remain in use – and once they turn the field off, the earth naturally re-assumes its original shape.
[It appears the ETs are displacing the atoms of the earth into a parallel reality known as ‘time-space,’ liquefying them, and then pushing them into walls while they are in that configuration.
The science of how all this is possible is revealed in my upcoming book The Source Field Investigations. Apparently, once the ETs turned the field off, the walls just sprang back to their original form.]
The bases did not have to have an entrance. The ETs just opened up a hole in the ground and that got them in.
The ETs’ most important European base was in Italy. One of its entrances was at the Rocca Pia castle.
Their main base was down in the depths of the Adriatic, almost in contact with the continental shelf – and it stretched from Ortona to Rimini.
Next in the video, Roberto Pinotti, C.U.N. Secretary General, described the case of American policeman Herbert Schermer.
On Dec. 3, 1967, in Ashland Nebraska, Schermer had a close encounter with ETs and was brought on board their ship. The humanlike beings told him the pilots of UFOs on Earth have bases underground and below the seas.
We then hear a quote from Gaspare DeLama – who said Bruno was telepathic, had been in contact with the ETs, and visited their bases. Gaspare and others saw Bruno as the main contact with the ETs.

The Friends asked for logistical assistance — industrial quantities of fruit, also industrial quantities of metals including strontium and barium nitrate. The contactees had no idea what these materials would be used for, but now they are commonplace in electronics.
[In Breccia’s book it is explained that the ETs did not actually eat the fruit. Instead, they used it as raw material to extract nutrition out of – for their own sustenance.
One single green pill they would make could feed the body for at least a day or two – putting conventional “superfoods” to shame.]
The W56 would teleport the entire load of fruit out of the truck once it was loaded and brought to the right spot. No outsider could witness the unloading. The truck drivers needed to be brought away from the truck and given excuses. The unloading would last just a few seconds.
This was a very expensive process. Sometimes the Friends paid part of the cost, occasionally all of it. They would materialize the money in a box as needed in front of one of the team members.
Most of the time they did not pay for any of it, which created more than a few problems. Bruno ended up paying most of the expenses. Others contributed when they could. This kept the sense of group cohesion tight.
Yes, it was expensive… but imagine the wonders these people were experiencing in exchange for their gifts!

At 6:48, we hear the Friends’ philosophy that in order to be able to operate among us, humans had to express their goodwill in a concrete way. They said “help us to help you.”
Many people received saucer sightings by appointment – having been given the place, date and time. This allowed the team to get organized with film equipment in advance.
Gaspare DeLama took a series of photos of a flying saucer over Milan. The photos ended up in the second issue of Domenica del Corriere in April 1962. The sighting took place at the end of February 1962 in Milan.
Witnesses were Gaspare de Lama, Bruno Samaciccia and journalist Bruno Ghibaudi, who had authored numerous articles on UFOs. He was one of the first journalists to seriously address the issue.
Gaspare remembers a sighting in the countryside of Pino near Milan. He took excellent photos as well as a short film. The W56 asked Gaspare to choose the place.
Gaspare took two minutes of film, some of which was shown in the documentary. The UFO flutters and wavers in the air due to the presence of slightly-spiraling gravitational fields.
Furthermore, the dark area on top of the saucer was said to have been caused by a condensation effect. In one photograph, as seen in the next section, the saucer is remaining stationary, and does not appear to have this dark area at all.

Part Three
More of Gaspare’s photos of Friendship Case UFO sightings are shown as we head into Part Three.
A saucer followed Gaspare after he got back in the car and drove away. Bruno took an additional photograph – showing the craft without the dark condensation around the top.
The photograph was analyzed – and it would have been very difficult to produce high-quality forgeries back in those days without digital technology.
Giuseppe Garofalo, a researcher, was unable to find any evidence of a forgery in any of these photos, such as a small-scale model suspended by cables, superimposed images or processing with 3D graphics.
Alfredo Benni, a computer analyst, confirmed that the object was quite large – roughly four to five meters (12 to 15 feet) in size. This agreed with the testimonies of the people he spoke with.
The object fits perfectly with the lights and shadows of its surroundings. It is perfectly placed in its environmental context.

An enormous amount of film and photographs were produced. Many have been distributed indiscriminately. Many have been lost and even stolen.
Many more were locked in the drawers of other participants who do not want to make themselves known. All the available material to date is thanks to Gaspare de Lama and Stefano Breccia.
Breccia: “There were literally hundreds of photos, videos, audio recordings. Many people had the chance to personally meet the W56 – a considerable number of people in Italy alone.”
Breccia has a file with the names of 120 people who were involved in some way – and those are only the ones he is aware of. There could be many others he does not know about. The people were from all walks of life – a true cross-section of society.
Friendship was also active in France, Switzerland, and Germany – particularly in Germany. Also in Siberia, Argentina and Australia – with other places likely as well.

Teleportation was used to materialize and dematerialize various sorts of objects – including slips of paper that had hand-written answers to questions asked by the people present at the meetings.
Gaspare: “Their technology is infinite. There were so many things I saw. The ones I remember the most were the teleports. Their film reels, or sometimes even written notes or film clips of flying saucers that we would then watch, just came from above.
“They materialized in mid-air in the room. Sometimes they came from the floor and tapped me under the chair. Sometimes I saw them materialize in the air.

Communication also happened through normal radios. Two identical radios side by side – one had their message, the other had the normal broadcast on the same station. Gaspare bought a radio and Bruno told him to leave it on the countertop and in five minutes they would prepare it for him.
Five minutes later there was a loud crack and a greenish flame, and Bruno then said it was ready. They immediately greeted Gaspare through the radio. The ET speaking was Sigir.
He could also change the frequencies and the broadcast continued.
Some broadcasts were recorded with the reel-to-reel devices existing then. Gaspare still owns some of the tapes. This documentary features the first public airing of the voice of the W56 after so many years.

6:08: Transcript of message:
“Dear friends. Dear sons. Do not mistrust us, as none of us will waver. Stay together. Stay together. Stay together!
Tolerate your weaknesses – fighting and improving your humanity and your friendship towards us.
Our world is hard for you to understand, dearest. That’s normal. Anyhow, with affection and trust, you can be close to our hearts. [We are] always open towards you and [you can] understand us more.
We embrace you with warm affection and authentic friendship. Yours, Sigir.”
The Friends would also insert themselves into normal television programs. Gaspare recalls watching a film and having it interrupted by scenes of their saucers flying. In the background the ETs’ voices were greeting them.

A fourth witness who accepted Breccia’s invitation to be interviewed for the program was the professor of design Paolo di Girolamo. His experience was very brief – he only met the Friendship group a couple of times.
Di Girolamo knew Consul Alberto Perego and the journalist Bruno Ghibaudi personally. Ghibaudi put him in touch with Bruno Samaciccia in Pescara. Paolo had with him a letter he had written for the W56.
He was welcomed into a living room and put his letter on a console. Bruno said they should be getting some news at some point. He turned the radio on.
He then heard a piercing whistle – really a very loud hissing sound. He heard “Sigir here. Paolo – be honest with us all. Be honest with us all. Be honest with us all.” Three times. Then another voice said, “Let’s get the goods.”
The goods, in Di Girolamo’s opinion, had to be a big parcel Samaciccia had taken, all lined in black and placed on top of the television. “There was a very loud crackle and a real blinding purple flash – just like that – and then there was nothing.”
The event left Paolo speechless. The group then went out into the street. When they came back inside, he realized the letter he’d left on the table was gone. They talked about who might have taken it, but nobody understood. Samaciccia’s wife also denied touching it.

Part Four
Bruno urged everyone to go out into the street again. It was late at night and no one was around. Paolo felt something land on his head.
It was a little piece of paper, all folded up. It was a scorched envelope. They opened it up and it was the letter he had left on the console.

W56 used objects they called “nuclei” that allowed them to make the phenomena possible or to amplify them – including telepathy.
They could be placed in objects, in rooms, or even in the bodies of living creatures – including people. Gaspare says these nuclei were necessary for them, just like you need to have a phone if you want to receive a phone call.
Bruno had a German shepherd named Dick. The W56 told Bruno his dog would play an important role in the contacts, and in certain operations that called for the help of the humans.
The dog became a sort of amplifying antenna. They asked Bruno to bring the dog to the seaside.
At their command, which was telepathic, Dick went into the water. The Friends then treated him, placing nuclei under his paws.
Dick was almost always with Bruno. A video is shown of a UFO film taken by Bruno while Dick looks on.

The W56 group described a conflict with other beings they called “Juiros,” but which Bruno renamed the CTR – which is a contraction of the word “Contraries.”
These beings are not ethical – they were materialistic, virtually the opposite of the W56 in every way. They didn’t speak of a war, but they did call it a conflict. They said one reason they were here was to keep the CTR in check.
The Friends called them “science worshippers” and said they had no scruples. Their greatest fear was that Earth humans were following the same path the CTR had already covered.
[Interestingly, in Breccia’s book there is a table of where the “good guys” and “bad guys” in this epic saga came from. Some of the “good guys” came from the Pleiades. Two of the home stars listed for the “bad guys” in Breccia’s book are in the constellation Orion.
None of the W56 are listed as having home planets around stars in Orion.
This was another stunning confirmation of the Law of One series, which repeatedly indicates that the negative ETs operating in our airspace are headquartered in Orion — and they are even referred to as “the Orion group” in the Law of One.]

For the W56, the feelings of friendship, affection, love and harmony that they were creating between themselves and the human group, just as we do among other human beings, were not just defining the quality of their relationships.
Breccia: “For them, cohesion, friendship, loyalty and things like that are not abstract concepts, but rather a living entity that they call Uredda. This living entity is fostered precisely by the sense of loyalty – and was contrasted by an alter ego that was called Bredda, which was essentially the opposite.”
Gaspare de Lama: “This energy served as a sort of fuel, let’s say. A driving force for some of their means of defense – or anyway for some of their tools.”
[DW: This is a very central element of my Source Field book, and I was very gratified to see it emerge in this documentary — as I now have assembled the scientific case to prove that this is really how it works.]
The friendship, or Uredda, was very important. If the group hadn’t kept the harmony high, or was even dismembered, they themselves would have fallen victim to the CTR — who might well have destroyed their bases.
[DW: This is another wonderful correlation with the Law of One series, in which the harmony of the group was constantly stressed as being all-important.
L/L Research was specifically told that if they didn’t maintain exceptional harmony, their contact could actually be replaced by a negative entity posing as a positive. This is a frequent, unfortunate problem in channeling cases.]

The W56 said that love, in its most basic sense – as well as ethics, respect and altruism – should guide every thought and every action.
They said these values were essential to insure a safe and healthy evolutionary progress – a lesson that humanity had to put into practice if it wanted to avoid the risk of terrible self-destruction.
The mere thought of doing harm was inconceivable to the W56, and the sense of ethics and morality pervaded their every action, their every gesture, their every thought – even their technology.
Their machines were consciously impregnated with it – a concept that for us is unimaginable.
Breccia: “They said they were incapable of causing harm to anyone. They said that even their very devices would refuse to harm anyone.
Ethics permeated everything about them to the point that they would refuse – indeed, they said that if they weren’t able to avoid harming someone, in that case they would self-destruct.”

Ghibaudi was an important element, as he was able to publicize the information that was given by the Friends. Ghibaudi took pictures of a UFO over Montemario in Rome, which attracted the attention of Cesare de Sabatini.
The famous filmmaker interviewed him, and put the piece in a documentary film entitled The Mysteries of Rome.
7:37: The words of Ghibaudi emphasized what the W56 had said was one of their main tasks on our planet – controlling the nuclear armaments belonging to the superpowers, in the fear that man might make the terrible choice of using them, and unleashing a total war.
In fact, this is one of the key themes of the entire story of worldwide contactism. Adamski, Siragusa, Menger and many other contactees receieved the same kind of message from extraterrestrials.

The W56 actually intervened with their UFOs and their technology – using the help of previously trained terrestrial operators – to stop a situation that seemed it might lead to something irreparable. The incident occurred in 1967.
Breccia: “So an operation managed by human beings was launched, which was designed to disable all nuclear warheads in the Soviet Union and in the United States in the face of a situation that seemed risky, that might degenerate from one minute to the next.
There are books written by officers of the US Air Force, by now retired, (Screen shows “Faded Giant” by Robert Salas and James Klotz) which tell the story of how their battery of Minuteman missiles had been rendered inactive by flying saucers that were involved in the area.”
“Faded Giant” contains military documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.
Three images are then shown from a nuclear test, shown right after it went off. The third image seems to show an Adamski-type flying saucer to the immediate bottom left of the explosion — but this could as easily be a shadow in the explosion.

Part Five
Consul Alberto Perego wrote four different books on UFOs and how they relate to governmental decisions. There are many clear UFO photos in his books.
Some were said to be from inside the cockpit of a flying saucer – and the images were given in the video, as seen here.
They are not stunning, but they are interesting — as I’ve never seen any other purported photographs of something like this.
Perego cited the dates and locations of various sightings, but he never mentioned who took the photos in his books.
The places were almost always the classic zones where the W56 and the Friendship group were active, including Milan, Pescara, Frankevilla and Monte Salbano – and the photos were made by people who were part of Friendship. We’ve only learned this now.
For Gaspare de Lama, Alberto Perego was of paramount importance. Perego made him aware of the vast implications of what was happening. Perego had a great sense of idealism, and was very pure and cultured.
He intended to publish a tell-all book, but never actually did. Gaspare has a letter from Perego where he states his intention to do this.
“For the revelation of the new reality, I bet on two men who have disappeared from the scene – John (Giovanni in video) 23 and Kennedy.
“As is well known, Kennedy died five days before my report went into circulation. As you have seen, everyone keeps quiet, or pretends not to know. In 1965 I hope to publish “I’ll Tell All,” but I believe I’ve already said a good deal.”

3:01: “Another purpose of the presence of the W56 was to help our evolutionary process – to push us to a higher level of understanding.
“That’s why they had been on our planet for a very long time, and even shared with us some of our suffering in the matter.”
[Wilcock note: The main reason I bought Breccia’s book was in the hopes of hearing more about this — and sharing it with you. Unfortunately, he did say there were things the ETs said that he kept hidden, as he felt we weren’t ready to hear it yet.
However, Breccia makes multiple mentions of certain key contactee stories from the US that clearly establish that the ETs are here for our evolution into a Golden Age — so by inference it seems Breccia is aware that the W56 were saying the same thing.
This also seems to explain why he was willing to say a little more to the TV producers than he said in his own book years earlier.]

The Friends also revealed that their real name was Akrij. Stefano Breccia has done research on this name, and discovered some very interesting aspects.
Breccia: “The word Akrij is a plural noun in Sanskrit that means “The Sages.”
“At that point, I tried to see it in Egyptian. I discovered there are two very similar words.
“The first term, Akriju, is the name of these definitives, which usually means “the wise people.” Then it occurred to me to inquire into other languages. I discovered that in classical Greek, Akrij means Akeo, or “people in high places.”
In classical Arabic, Akrij means “group of friends,” or something like that. As a proper noun, the word is fairly common, fairly widespread.”

Count Richard Jiamfre gave Eugenio Siragusa a strange handwritten letter from Voltaire. It was addressed to the legendary Count of St. Germain. The letter has phrases that fit perfectly with the idea of an alleged ET presence in human history.
The date on the handwritten letter was June 6, 1761.
“Your long road through time will be illuminated by my friendship for you – even at the time of your revelations about the middle of the 20th century.
“Because of time, the talking pictures will not be able to be stored in memory. May your wonderful flying machines bring you back to me.”

The epilogue occurred in the 1970s. The people around Samaciccia failed to deliver on the expectations of the W56. The group gradually and irreversibly fell apart. The Uredda disappeared and the fears of the W56 seemed to come true.
This dramatic moment coincided with a phenomena of the Adriatic – a great wave of UFO sightings that occurred between October 1978 and January 1979.
The CTR seemed to get the better of the W56. The W56 seemed to be fed up with Samaciccia and company and decided to bow out in a spectacular way.
There were dramatic disturbances in the climate over the Adriatic, as well as a wave of UFO sightings.
Nonetheless, there is good evidence that the contacts continued to go on in Italy and elsewhere.
[Clearly the makers of this video are not aware of the story of the Law of One series as an outcropping of the 1950s contactee cases in the US and Canada — which they did briefly mention.]
The W56 defined themselves as “the precursors of the spirit world.” They gave an immense example of love, dedication and respect.
The Friendship Case – Full Playlist

I wrote up this comprehensive summary of the video you just read, as I found there were so many pieces of information in it that I had a hard time remembering everything and documenting the specifics so I could write about it later.
Now we’ve got it all summarized in one place, so it can be studied at a comfortable pace.
I realized right away, after seeeing this video, that I needed to revisit the 1950s channeling materials and commit to new research in this area.
I had already acquired documents from L/L Research that were of very high quality — and served as the direct written inspiration and ‘tuning’ that allowed the Law of One contact to begin.
The folder had been sitting in my files for years, and I’d hardly even looked at what was inside it since the year I lived in Milton, Kentucky, when I was first scanning the pages into digital files.
I was definitely not disappointed when I went through it all again. The story behind this material is truly impressive — but I will save that part for the introduction to the PDF file I’ve put together so you can read them all yourself. 
By clicking on this next link, you can access the collection of 1950s documents from “contactee” cases that appear to be highly accurate – describing our movement into a Golden Age and the spiritual principles we need to get there.
You will meet W. B. Smith, a Canadian government employee, who identified about twelve different people, in different geographical areas, who could all give the same answers to a 100-part questionnaire he devised, partially from classified information.
Since Don Elkins of L/L Research had direct contact with W.B. Smith, he was able to acquire actual documents that were ‘vetted’ by Smith’s process — as well as others that were of equally high value.


I forgot to mention that finally, after all this time and all these delays, we have finally nailed down the right way to tell the CONVERGENCE story in a feature film.
Jim Hart, the author of CONTACT with Carl Sagan, begins the final work on the script as of today — now that we know exactly what we’re doing — and expects to be FINISHED in four days!!!
This is very exciting news, because we have multiple financing options already lined up. Hopefully we can move quickly and with the right people to get the job done.
This film is an excellent way of using a major Hollywood film to communicate a message we so desperately need at this time. We took some of the best points in The Source Field Investigations and built a whole fictional storyline around them.
Things will undoubtedly start moving very quickly from here!]
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A provocative examination of ancient prophecies and how they seem to align with the latest research in quantum physics—and whether both fields hint at an impending new age of consciousness.
Wilcock, whose popular online documentary The 2012 Enigma was the genesis for this book, has spent 30 years investigating connections found in writings left behind by prehistoric civilizations and how they relate to the physical universe.
His research led him to the conclusion that ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Hindus and others have left clues that may reveal the secret behind the year 2012, and that the date itself is not indicative of an apocalyptic event, but the start of an epoch that may usher in a higher state of consciousness. 
Wilcock argues that this transition will be guided by a living energy field—and that this energy field, which he dubs “the source field,” is the fundamental building block of all space, time, energy, matter and biological life, and may be a crystallization of a united, symbiotic consciousness that we all have the ability to tap into.
The author provides wide-ranging evidence to support this claim, citing dozens of scientific studies and first-person testimonies, and delves into the mystical connections between DNA, energy and light. [DW: There are actually well over 1000 different references in the book — but they all start with number 1 at the beginning of each of the 20 chapters.]
He argues that the makeup of the entire universe is geometric in arrangement and motion, and that the year 2012 coincides with many natural astrological changes that could affect human intuitive abilities (namely through the activation of the pineal gland, an idea that is referenced by many ancient cultures).
Much of Wilcock’s scientific data is cutting-edge: For example, an idea like the holographic principle fits perfectly with his notion that time may actually exist in three dimensions.
However, readers should be prepared for some fantastical discussion of alien intelligence, crop circles and time portals.
At its core, Wilcock’s theories rest on the idea that mankind can usher in this transcended age by expressing love and kindness toward each other and the world—a worthwhile endeavor regardless of one’s beliefs about 2012.
Debatable, sure, but the author writes a narrative as fast-paced and scintillating as a sci-fi novel.

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