David will be speaking at the Mirror Centre in Amsterdam next Saturday, July 2nd — so don’t miss it!


I’m here in the UK for the London Convergence — and we just had our first night. It’s going very well! I always do an hour or so of “freestyle” at the beginning — and tonight’s opener was about as good as anything I’ve ever done in front of an audience.

I slept 16 hours last night… quite a marathon… and I feel great! Now the problem is getting my body to actually fall asleep so I can get up tomorrow and keep going…

It was so much work to get ready for this trip… and now that I’m actually here, I genuinely feel like I can relax. The only problem is that the article I wanted to finish isn’t quite done yet… but I’ll explain more about why that matters in a second.

I am absolutely thrilled about this new piece. I couldn’t have done it before because some of the material I will be presenting is brand new. It is an epic, seismic shift in the entire 2012 / Law of One discussion — and I am honored to be able to present it to you.



In case you are interested in the personal stuff, lots of opportunities have been heading my way lately… including three different television offers that have all just appeared in the last week alone.

Two of them would be very substantial breakthroughs compared to my existing level of involvement in Ancient Aliens. Any one of them would be a terrific way to reach people if they succeed… so I will keep you posted.

It could be that these are just the beginning… and I will have to decide exactly what I would most prefer to do, and turn down many other offers that come in, as I’ve already had to do with conferences, indie videos and radio shows.

I do apologize. It was well-intentioned but naive of me to think I could start posting new stuff every week right in the middle of this very serious crunch time. I am constantly working on time management and trying to juggle more things than I actually have time to do.

Honestly… even with the consistently reliable access to my Higher Self, the support team I have and the spiritual focus I maintain, it has been extremely difficult for me not to choose to feel stressed out.

It is certainly wonderful to have all these opportunities emerging, and I don’t feel sorry for myself in the least about working so hard.

I just have lots of judgment calls to make right now about what is the best use of my time and energy — to serve the greatest number of people in the highest possible capacity.


I’m simultaneously working on learning orchestral flute, oboe, fingerstyle guitar and the Final Cut Studio suite of software for video production… not to mention all the other things.

I invested in a brand new Imac to be able to render out motion graphics and videos — both for my conferences and for new stuff to release online — but there is a steep learning curve in mastering all the necessary software.

Once I do, however, I will be able to max out on production value like never before — and I am seriously looking forward to that! Plus, Apple just launched a brand-new version of Final Cut, so now I want to learn the new stuff first.

Musically, if I don’t play an hour of guitar a day, my calluses disappear, which can make it hurt to play for very long… and the lip positions and fingerings for the flute take a lot of practice as well.

I haven’t started in on the oboe yet, but I got very clear dream guidance to learn both of these wind instruments.

My Native American flute actually broke in the flight case before our Denver event on the weekend of June 10th, which was sad as I’d had it since 1993 — but it has become a crisis / opportunity. I can probably glue it back together, but until I do it is almost unplayable.

Two different people from the Denver audience gave me new flutes to play — including a mid-range A, a double A with a second flute that harmonizes with the first, a high A, a D bass flute and a mid-range G.

These keys blend nicely with each other so it worked very well. I never had a chance to practice on any of these flutes — I had to wing it — but it ended up being the best live meditation I’ve ever given, and the audience was blown away by the results.


I’ve only recently started considering it a vital element to play my own instruments during our meditations, which also feature live electric guitar and keyboard strings.

The wind instruments give an immense contribution to a spiritual meditation — and flute and oboe have always been my favorite sounds in the old 70s Tangerine Dream psychedelic albums.

I thought orchestral flute was too complex and difficult to learn — but I was delighted when I got notes to play within minutes of when I started working through video tutorials on developing your “embouchure,” or lip position.

You have to cycle through three different lip positions to do low, medium and high-octave notes — and in the last three weeks I’ve nailed the lower and middle octaves, all the way down to the low B, and have started getting results on the high end as well.

The fingerings for the oboe are similar, which is good. It has an embouchure that is supposedly even more difficult than the flute, as you have to blow directly on two reeds in your mouth — but I don’t think the dreams would have suggested it if I couldn’t actually get it.

We are planning on recording these meditations and offering them to conference participants and the general public on our site, some as complimentary and some for a fee… so this is part of why I’m taking it more seriously. We don’t want everything sounding the same!

It feels wonderful to be bringing music back into my life. In college it was one of my main pursuits, and I played drums in progressive jazz bands after college… but then steered away from it as my UFO studies really took off.



Internally I always shoot for doing a new article every week, with Friday as my ideal deadline… but there are lots of things I have to do to get ready for my book launch, including writing new articles that hopefully I can share with you soon.

The book is making wonderful progress. Thanks to your help, we’re now a third of the way towards our goal of 15 thousand pre-orders, which is required to debut on the New York Times bestseller list.

Though this may seem trivial or materialistic, getting on that list can make a huge difference in terms of how seriously this scholarship will be taken by the mainstream.

If Disclosure hasn’t already happened by the end of August — and at this point I don’t think it will have, though there are lots of intriguing rumors floating around — this book can be a powerful tool to speed up the process by a very substantial amount.

All the science needed to explain the many mysteries of the UFO / Ancient Astronauts phenomenon can now be found in a single volume — and even know-it-alls and regular Divine Cosmos readers should be very surprised by all the new things they will find.

This has already caused a great deal of buzz in the industry — and I can’t go into all the specifics just yet. We also got our first mainstream book review that will debut as of July 1st — and I was amazed to see that they really got it.

The publisher did move the release date to August 23rd. This was an internal decision that I had no control over and was not informed about, so I apologize. We have had to work very hard to get it out within the time constraints we were shooting for.


Amidst all these other initiatives, I have also been working intensely on the CONVERGENCE script, which is now very close to being finished — and it keeps getting better and better.

I am very excited about what this movie has become. One of our favorite taglines is “this movie will do for pyramids what Close Encounters did for UFOs.” It is a fictional story… not a documentary… and it’s really coming together beautifully.

Considering our main writer was the author of CONTACT with Carl Sagan, namely James V. Hart, we have the creative muscle to make CONVERGENCE really spectacular.

Jim did Hook with Spielberg, Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Francis Ford Coppola, and other classics… so with his contacts we have a magic key that can open any door in Hollywood just with a phone call.

Jim’s contacts are responsible for some of the TV opportunities that are now suddenly appearing as well. I feel like it is a good thing that this didn’t show up any earlier, as I would have been totally overwhelmed.


Many people ask us when we will move into production. We have several entities in orbit that could finance the film, none of which have any ties to the Old World Order that I can discern, physically or intuitively.

Some people believe that everything in Hollywood is Illuminati controlled. There is definitely a pervasive influence within certain circles, but it is by no means all-powerful. Those who believe it is are basing that opinion on limited knowledge and experience.

For example, despite the films Jim has worked on, he honestly has never experienced any hint of this influence in any of the films he’s been involved in over the years as a writer and producer.

At this point we are expecting a final script delivery imminently — hopefully by the beginning of July. We had two major meetings in the past week and it keeps getting more and more refined and focused as we go along. 

Once we have script, we need a budget — how much it costs to make the film. Once we have script and budget, our next task is to attach a director… Jim has already been working with me to shop for the very best… and secure production financing.

Once the director gets involved, it becomes his or her baby. That is why I am not in a position to hire anyone, despite being the executive producer… so please bear that in mind. We get lots of emails from people wanting jobs on the film.


Amongst all these other things, I have been working on a new piece for a while now… and it is definitely shaping up to be one of the most substantial things I have presented in a long time.

This material could easily expand into the sequel for Source Field Investigations, my new book… as one example.

Certain works cannot be rushed… and this is one of them. I worked on it throughout my entire flight from Los Angeles to London and it was already well underway before then.

We are about to present breathtaking new documents, audio testimonies and video revealing extensive contacts with human ETs in the 1950s and 60s.

The PDF of original, scanned supporting documents alone is 75 pages long… and it could well be that not more than 20 people have ever seen them since they were created — some 50 years ago.


I had acquired the documents seven years ago but had lost track of them. I was very surprised to find out that I hadn’t even read a lot of them at the time. If I had — even once — it would have changed everything for me. 

The beings that wrote these documents are outside of time. The quality is so good that I will have to inaugurate this into the Books section of the website. They clearly seemed to be writing for the present — not for the 1950s.

In fact, I found something in one of the documents that I had just heard from an insider on the phone the day before… and considered it to be “hot new data.” Yet here it was, exactly as I’d heard, in this document from the 1950s!

This material clears up a lot more questions surrounding what we can expect from the 2012 prophecies. The prophecies in these documents are not as ambiguous as what we see in the Law of One series, but every bit as credible.

This material is so important that all of it will be released free of charge. It is a serious game-changer and the whole situation has evolved into being from what started out as just my next idea for an article.

I probably won’t be able to finish it properly until after the London Convergence ends — but it will be very well worth the wait.

Everything I have written in The Source Field Investigations is a stunning, scientific validation of what these alleged ETs were saying in the 1950s — including the physics of how time travel is attainable.

I’m trying to have a little vacation between the end of London and the beginning of Amsterdam — but I do hope to have the article out some time this coming week nonetheless. It’s already well on its way.

These ETs advise against haste in the documents… and that’s part of what made me realize it was better to do it right the first time.



This is a busy month… I’m in Europe until after my Holland event on July 2nd. I then will be speaking in Boston from July 15th through 17th. Then, beginning on July 22nd, I have a nine-day sacred tour in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies.

I’ve never worked this much in such a small time before — but it is quite an adventure! Los Angeles is hot during this time of the year anyway, and I don’t like having to run the AC, as it starts to give me respiratory problems after more than a few days.

Surprisingly, only about 20 people have bought tickets for our Boston event so far — even though this is our only conference in the Northeast United States for the remainder of 2011. Every other event, before or after, has had much better attendance.

We won’t break even on Boston unless more people sign up, but that won’t make the quality of my presentation any less! By then I might be able to bust out the orchestral flute in the meditation as well… and may also do some fingerstyle guitar. 

This unusually low turnout does mean I will have more time to connect with each participant on a personal level than I normally do — and it also brings people together and makes the audience more of a family.

Our Canadian Rockies tour numbers are at about the same number — and our previous round was my favorite sacred tour of all time. The mountains we saw on a daily basis were so stunningly beautiful that it actually made my head hurt, at times, just to take it all in.

If you are interested in the Rockies tour, you can contact Kevin Fitzgerald at [email protected] or 805-587-7734 for more information.


In the meantime, I am about to speak in Amsterdam on July 2nd — next Saturday. At 60 Euros, this event is significantly more affordable than our normal conferences, allowing more people to come — and the quality and content is well worth it.

I am going to be delving into the contents of these brand new documents I uncovered, as well as presenting a comprehensive investigation of the science and prophecies of 2012.

I have less time to work, but that makes my presentation very tight and focused — and with hundreds of slides, it’s like watching a documentary movie happening in real time, right in front of you!

This is our last scheduled event in Europe for this year — so don’t miss it!

All the information is available at the 2 in Spirit website:


I also can confirm that I will be speaking at Project Camelot’s Awake and Aware event in Orange County, California on the last weekend of September. The speaker lineup is impressive, and you can get tickets at http://www.projectcamelotproductions.com.

In the meantime, hang in there… this new article is well worth the wait, and once you have this book of documents, you will have a source of spiritual nourishment you can keep consulting for the rest of your life.

Be well… and we’ll see you soon!