Listen to David go through two hours of detailed discussion about China’s October Surprise — and the greater push towards a defeat of the New World Order now occurring worldwide!


I could wait for the 12/12 to post this, but why not do it today, so we have more weekend time to enjoy it?

This weekend I am scrambling to finish my rewrites on The Source Field Investigations — my epic ‘master thesis’ that I am releasing with Penguin.

This is far and away the most advanced, sophisticated work I’ve ever done — and it should have quite an impact.

So many things have been going on in my life that I didn’t have the clarity to finally get to this rewrite — but now I do.

I completely rewrote the Introduction, giving it a far more powerful overview of the entire contents of the book. I also have added in two new chapters — one of which is an extension of material that was originally in the Introduction.

These chapters help further establish the idea that the Source Field, as I call it, truly is the energy of Universal Mind.

That point was established in the book already, but now I open up with it and it is addressed far more rigorously than I originally did.

I feel great about this — and I’m also scrambling to finish it because otherwise I’m holding up the rest of the process. I’m very, very pleased with the new pages and I’m sure the publisher will be too!

As a result of this urgency, the financial analysis of current events will come out later — possibly next weekend, possibly later than that. This is the holidays and I do want to actually relax for a while.


I am scheduled for a half-hour on Coast to Coast with George Noory on Christmas Eve.

I also was just featured in Ancient Aliens for the fourth time as of Thursday night. I was really pleased with how this episode turned out! The clip of me at the end was particularly intense and really helped drive the point home.

In case there are video uploads of it online, you would find them here:



I did a comprehensive show on China’s October Surprise as of this Wednesday. I addressed many issues you raised in the comments, letters, et cetera, and gave additional information I had not disclosed before.

The feedback on this show has been very positive. Many people prefer to listen rather than read, and this is definitely a great one to listen to.

I’m happy to work with Tom Murasso because I like his energy and his approach. There are no commercials, no other related interruptions, and if I run over our allotted time, we simply keep on going.

Best of all, when all is said and done there is an MP3 file you can download and listen to for yourself!

Here’s the link to Tom’s radio show page if you want to see it and access it directly from there:


I’d been meaning to do some audio work on this issue with China, and this was a great way to do it — because when you have people listening live and responding, it definitely affects the content.

Here’s the link so you can listen and enjoy for yourself!

I do thank you for your continuing support. Without your help, none of this would be possible, and I am honored to be able to do this work.

We are in a very interesting period of time in Earth’s history right now and even from one week to the next, we just don’t know how the story will evolve.

I look forward to seeing what pops up, and continuing to do my job unraveling all the knots and making it clearer and more understandable. More will be revealed. Enjoy the journey!