Call in this Sunday for a Disclosure tour-de-force with Richard C. Hoagland, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan — truly a ‘Dream Team’! We’re getting closer and closer to the Big Moment — and now you can hear the collective wisdom of these speakers as we share our views!

All four of us are in contact with significant insiders — and everyone agrees that the Old World Order is already trying to make a last-ditch attempt at collapsing the economy. Personally I do not believe they will succeed, but there could be a rough patch.
At the same time, we’re in the midst of a fascinating Disclosure horse race. It keeps getting more and more intense — and there are layers to the story that none of us have said publicly yet.
This protected format gives us the opportunity to speak freely and really get into detail about what is going on. Knowing it will not be broadcast all over the Internet allows us to leak information we otherwise could not — or would not, for our own safety.
Richard and I have had some conversations about “The Event” privately, and that is a fascinating discussion. Here you have NBC putting out a show in prime time that blatantly describes a struggle for Disclosure in the White House.
Richard has insights into The Event that I hadn’t ever thought of. I’ve always wanted you to be able to eavesdrop on one of our conversations — and now you’ll get the chance!
I like to focus on the pragmatic things — so one of the focal points for me is going to be scientific disclosure — how the ETs built the Pyramids, the science of stargate travel, explaining the Global Grid and natural dimensional portals, the deeper meaning of the 2012 prophecies, and more.
Since I will have finished all the edits for The Source Field Investigations by then, all my latest, greatest new stuff will be very fresh in my mind — so I come loaded with a great deal of hard evidence to back up these astonishing ideas.
There will undoubtedly be some drama in the show as I want to have a discussion with Bill about his powerful and controversial new insider, who does not think anything will happen in 2012 — but still has some very fascinating and unique perspectives.
We can expect a lively debate where Hoagland and I share our views of what we think will happen in 2012, Kerry will add in her own valuable perspective, complete with her background of multiple insiders — and Bill will likely want to play devil’s advocate.
The synthesis of ideas that comes out of this type of discussion is definitely worth the effort it takes to get there!
Kerry has already publicly stated she doesn’t think China has our best interests in mind — so China’s October Surprise is going to be another intriguing discussion we will have.
The evidence is undeniable that a wide variety of bizarre equipment failures are happening all within a short time. The recent decrease of these failures out in the open suggests that at least part of the behind-the-scenes objective has been fulfilled.
Others, including Duncan Roads of Nexus Magazine, have independently leaked their own insider testimony of this same situation — and there were similarities and differences to what I heard.
Some of the ‘leaked’ independent story seems like disinformation to me — and it will definitely be interesting to hear everyone’s take on what’s going on and see how we find consensus on this issue.
Whether China has our best interests in mind or not, this war between factions could create some very interesting results — and this story updates so quickly that there will undoubtedly be new information about it by this Sunday.
I will be bringing in the latest from Fulford and my own sources about what seems to be an ever-accelerating defeat for the Old World Order. We will discuss various scenarios of what will happen, how it will happen, and when.

Here’s a statement I got from Hoagland about some of what he will be discussing:
Hoagland will be presenting new Ritual Evidence of an official ‘NASA ritual calendar’ to its own version of ‘disclosure’ — linking it simultaneously, symbolically, to ‘2012’ ….
He will discuss in-depth, in the three-hour teleconference, a half dozen of these repeating “ritual signs” present in current events–
And, explain their interrelationship–
Leading to venturing an “educated guess” at … “what comes next?”  🙂
This is bound to be a fascinating area of discussion, as I have no idea what these six ritual signs are right now… but there’s undoubtedly going to be some wild times in finding out!
I’m sure the Masonic symbolism will come up at some point — and all of us have fascinating insights as to this secretive organization and how blatant they are becoming in what they put out there.
I want to ask Richard about the insider who told him Mars’ moon Phobos was hollow on the inside and clearly is a space station. We had Buzz Aldrin, a NASA astronaut, openly leaking this story to the public and then meeting privately with Obama before a major space summit.
Richard did tell me recently the person who was going to disclose this got intimidated — unfortunately — but it will be interesting to find out if this story still has ‘legs’, and what might come out of it.

This is inherently an improvisational art form — but we’re going to take the time to really get into it and it should be quite fascinating. And the 2PM Pacific time slot allows Australians to get up early and Europeans to stay up late so everyone gets to enjoy the show!
Since this is a tele-conference, you have a chance to call in and get your own questions answered as well!
Providing all goes as expected, we’re also hoping to have an area where you can see video feeds of each of us as you hear us talk.
I can’t guarantee this will look terrific, as we’re all going to be using Skype and patching into a central hub, and the audio might not sync with the video — but if nothing else it adds a new and exciting layer of possibility to the event!
Richard picked the price of $39 — of course because it’s “19.5 times two!” Why not beat ’em at their own game, he asked? This conference will help all of us during a time we need it most — and we sincerely appreciate your support.
Here’s the writeup from Project Camelot about this event — hope to see you there!


Click below to purchase tickets:
This 3 hour conference will be via password protected audio stream with a video component — and call-in number for questions.
We will talk about Disclosure of all kinds, how disclosure is rolling out, the latest evidence and secret testimony we have received, and our take on where we are headed.
Access information will be sent out approx. 1-2 hours before the event begins on December 19th.


  • Richard Hoagland
  • David Wilcock
  • Bill Ryan
  • Kerry Cassidy
We regret that at this point we can’t offer a toll free number or 800 number — therefore you are likely to incur a long distance call charge unless you have a free long distance telephone plan, use a discounted plan of some kind, or have a Skype account (recommended).
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Regrettably we are unable to provide the teleconference for a reduced rate after the day of the event.
IMPORTANT: We need to pay the speakers. Please understand and help us make these teleconferences possible in the future by supporting our efforts! All profits go to support the work of the speakers and to pay our engineers (Tommy & Steve).
We hope to see you there!

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As a personal note, I finished my taping of the professional version of “Access Your Higher Self” on Sunday — with the cameraman who did Michael Moore’s last two movies and the History Channel shoots for Ancient Aliens.
Last night we deployed the source tapes into post-production — so it’s full-steam ahead!
It took us a while to get everyone’s schedules to line up, as our cameraman is constantly working — and I’ve had my hands full with the Source Field Investigations rewrite as well. I do apologize for the delay from our original planned shoot time!
We used the same type of camera George Lucas used for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The result looks fantastic — and I expanded and improved the material based upon your suggestions!
There will actually be four videos, each of which hovers around an hour in length — some less, some more. The finished version will have music, visuals and an incredible professional look!
You can already watch what is online now when you order the playback-only version of the original online conference. In a way, this is where I first ‘wrote’ the presentation — like a first draft.

I refined and expanded the presentation in four key areas for the professional version, despite how blown away everyone was by the original.
First of all, I made new slides for the beginning section where I discuss the true nature of Mind as an energy field.
I brought in even more evidence that this is how we actually think, and why that helps us contact our Higher Self — we really just have to break the conditioning.
The section on dreams now has several more slides where I go into additional details of what various symbols mean — conferring even more value than the original!
Then, in the section where I actually teach you how to do deep-trance psychic readings, just like I’ve done since 1996, I created a raft of new slides — and broke the whole process down much more sequentially and systematically than in the original. 
There are also new exercises I give in the professional version that I had forgotten to mention in the original — but were very helpful for me when I first got started. These techniques include what I call “Climbing the Ladder” and “Deep-Sea Fishing.” I also made specific slides regarding shielding out negative influences.
I also added another entirely new section of slides and discussion on how to have a business doing psychic readings for others.
I went through my full list of ‘intake questions’ to ask your clients and map out their subconscious, and discussed important hazards you face in the work and how to minimize potential difficulties.
This was based on some very minor critiques we had. All these issues have now been addressed — and the finished product has been strongly enhanced by it!

If the bad guys ever ‘got’ me, I now have left a complete inheritance to the world — great music, great videos, a wonderful film script, an incredible book, remarkable weekend conferences and sacred tours, some great TV appearances, and a comprehensive tutorial on how to do what I do psychically — much of which is completely proprietary information. 
I don’t think the Man’s gonna get me — I certainly hope not — but I realized that I’ve now left no stone unturned, and it’s a great feeling. There is nothing left that can be suppressed. It’s all been put out there now! Full Disclosure!

Our cameraman and his wife were so blown away by what I presented, and the fact that my delivery was literally flawless for four hours — no “cut, let me say that again” — that they said they want to be our first customers when it comes out!

Anyone who orders Access Your Higher Self will get this new post-produced version as soon as we release it — hopefully before the end of the year!

You can download the original version right now, and will be notified of a new download area as soon as the professional version is available. Enjoy — and thanks again for your holiday support and good wishes!


So many of you have written in kind thoughts that I really appreciate it. No one wants to be shamed when they’re trying to do a good job and get paid a responsible fee for it.

I’ve had many people tell me I could have charged much more for a complete teaching on how to do psychic readings. As I say in the video, I have held nothing back. This is everything I know to teach you about how to do what I do.

If you practice these techniques as I explain them to you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start getting results — and accessing your Higher Self!




Don’t forget I’m speaking at the Atlanta Truth Convention on February 4th-6th. I have a Friday night keynote and an extended Sunday workshop you can order separately.

I also really hope to see you at one of my weekend extravaganzas:

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Also be on the lookout for an eight-day extended retreat in the Canadian Rockies coming up in July. We are moving our Italy tour to September/October due to a schedule conflict. Sorry if you wanted the original June window!

We just did this Rockies trip last year, but it was so fantastic and so enjoyable — particularly since we take over the whole chateau and there’s no one else there but us — that we decided to do it again!

Attendance will be strictly limited to not exceed the capacity of the chateau and two tour buses with comfortable room for everyone — and you can find out more by contacting my friend Kevin Fitzgerald at 805-587-7734 or [email protected] by email.

We’re going to see some different mountains this time, but I expect it will be just as memorable and stunning as the first! This was my favorite sacred tour out of any I’ve ever done — Egypt, the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, et cetera — and I’m looking forward to the next conjunction!

I’ll bet my CONVERGENCE screenwriters Jim and Amanda will totally be on board to do this as well — so they should also be a great addition to the family!