Birds and fish are dying in masses as the Old World Order uses HAARP to defend its remaining assets. The tragic mass shooting distracted the public from this stunning issue — but Disclosure will not be stopped. [Updated 1/18/11]


The mass, worldwide bird and fish deaths are obviously not due to fireworks or cold weather. Nor can they be blamed on a thinning ozone layer or toxic gases.

I believe the birds are casualties in a worldwide war for Disclosure that has now reached critical mass — complete with frantic political assassinations in a last-ditch attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Brazil, Russia, India and China have all apparently been contacted by positive ETs who are finally intervening to stop these negative forces on Earth — by physically destroying their classified, back-engineered military equipment.

My insiders have told me the damage to the classified military infrastructure has been vast and unrelenting. This arsenal would otherwise have been used to fake an alien invasion — in the hopes of creating a worldwide dictatorship.

HAARP is being used to ‘shield’ the areas that are being zapped — but in the process it is causing obvious, mass deaths of birds and fish worldwide. The war has now reached critical mass — where it is starting to become obvious.

These same positive ETs have told the Indian government they intend to openly reveal themselves to humanity in December of next year. We are finally close enough to this event that ‘Management’ is now allowing the ETs to do some housecleaning.

The written clues I will share in this piece are a mind-blowing new advancement in the case. I have waited an entire year for the right moment to unveil this new information.

I will lay out all the evidence so you can make up your own mind — and link to an awesome two-hour radio show where I discussed all of this last Sunday.


I also want to tell you about a stunning experience in my personal life that involved UFOs directly contacting a close friend of my family — at an incredibly significant moment on New Year’s Eve, just one hour before 5000 birds fell from the sky in Arkansas.

Honestly, in terms of a direct, physical manifestation of ETs at a precisely-calibrated moment for maximum impact, this sighting is one of the single most fantastic developments in my journey as a UFO investigator.

The sighting happened at the exact moment that I watched a video of myself on the season finale of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel — telling the world how the ETs may be preparing us for open contact.


My brother was contacted in February 2002 by a blue orb that turned into a massive Stargate-type vortex on his ceiling — and gave him a telepathic message about Ascension.

The voice was as clear and clean in his mind as if someone were speaking to him directly — and it went on for several minutes. Here is what Michael said in his own words about it:

The message said that ascension is an incremental process that happens in stages. Seeing this energy for myself eradicated many of my doubts about unexplainable spiritual dimensions and energies, and solidified the foundation for the belief in a power greater than myself.

Up until this point, this type of divine energy had only seemed to exist in my imagination and in subtle synchronicities and psychic occurrences — not an orb of light HOVERING OVER ME!!!

It became clear that this message was a very personal one; this was the first step in my ascension. It seems that ascension is something completely unique to each individual. The discovery of divinity and the movement toward that energy is a completely individualized experience. This was a part of what I was told.

These ascension experiences will be very moving and pertinent to the one who is experiencing them and will probably vary greatly from person to person.

The idea of an ascension in stages was a totally new concept for me. I had always pictured David’s ascension model as something that would happen in one fell swoop, a “spontaneous evolution” as he says — but this new understanding showed me that the experiences could be individualized, and occur over a period of time.


The trigger for Michael’s contact occurred when I was meditating in a field and saw what may have been a UFO. I said, internally, “Now all I need is to see an orb of light that gives me an intelligent message.” Michael’s vision was in that same time window.

This New Year’s Eve event seems to be a direct follow-up to that original incident. This phenomenal new sighting, involving five different UFOs, happened to a close friend of Michael’s.

This also occurred within one hour of the mass death of 5000 birds — which really raised public awareness that “something is going on.”

I haven’t told the History Channel producers about this yet, but it is a remarkable development. I have no idea where it is going or when, at this point, but something very big is going to happen. That much is clear.



The UFOs appeared before our friend at about 11:50 pm, on New Year’s Eve in Upstate New York — Eastern time. The fallen birds were first noticed just before midnight in Central time — almost exactly an hour later.

And no, the ETs did not hurt the birds. I believe the UFOs manifested as a sign of hope that this madness is almost over.

The birds’ bodies displayed blunt trauma. They were crushed on the inside to a much greater degree than would occur from them falling out of the sky.

This requires a weapons-level force in the atmosphere and / or the ocean. This CNN article spelled it out (emphasis added):

Bird Deaths Caused by Massive Trauma
(CNN)The thousands of birds that fell from the sky just before midnight New Year’s Eve in Arkansas likely died from massive trauma, according to a preliminary report released Monday.
The birds, most of which were dead when they were found, were red-winged blackbirds and starlings. They were found within a one-mile area of Beebe, about 40 miles northeast of Little Rock, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said.
Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the commission, said the birds showed evidence of trauma in the breast tissue, with blood clots in the body cavity and a lot of internal bleeding. All major organs were normal.
He cited a preliminary report conducted by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission.
“Further tests will be done to rule out other causes, but the birds suffered from acute physical trauma leading to internal hemorrhage and death. There was no sign of any chronic or infectious disease,” the report said, according to the game and fish commission.
As of Saturday, between 4,000 and 5,000 birds had been found dead, said Stephens.
Karen Rowe, an ornithologist for the game and fish commission, said the incident is not that unusual and is often caused by a lightning strike or high-altitude hail.

This incident was later blamed on ‘fireworks’ — and that became the mainstream media ‘spin’.
Fireworks are much more likely to be fired off on Independence Day than New Year’s Eve. There is no evidence of blasts sufficient to kill five thousand birds over a small town near Little Rock, Arkansas.
If there was such evidence, the media would have been all over it.
Nor does this ridiculous government lie explain why the birds are now dying off all over the world.
Other ridiculous debunking stories as this has become a worldwide phenomenon include the idea that birds all over the world are now suddenly ‘overeating’.

Little Rock Air Force Base is in the same 40-mile vicinity as the mass bird death — and many insiders have said the Air Force is more involved in the UFO cover-up than any other military branch.
The ETs may very well have been attacking military assets stored at this base — which triggered the use of the HAARP shield.


Let’s back up a bit and look at the bigger overall picture.

Things were already looking rough for the Old World Order last year with Wikileaks, which you will notice was quickly buried into oblivion once it was clear that real damage was being done. And it’s not over.

Another major sign of trouble on the horizon is the shocking new revelation, on CNN, that fully five thousand, two hundred people in the Department of Defense purchased child pornography on the Internet:



Benjamin Fulford has extensively discussed a campaign by “good guys” in the Pentagon to cleanse the system of many toxic elements to pave the way for Disclosure — part of which will reveal that we already have usable Stargate technology.

This has been independently verified by my own sources in enough detail to convince me it is absolutely real. 

We are now seeing the blatant, public revealing of this campaign to purge the negativity in the Pentagon — and it aired on CNN as of January 6th, 2011.

Until this internal cleansing is complete, we cannot safely have Disclosure. Too many people would be killed and it might not ever even happen.

This assassination dilemma is all being spelled out in NBC’s groundbreaking series “The Event,” as we have discussed in earlier articles.


If you are thinking the “good guys” might be among the 5200, I thought the same thing. What if this is a blanket campaign to smear and discredit anyone who tries to make Disclosure happen?

I soon realized that idea simply doesn’t make sense. It’s the equivalent of trying to cure a headache by amputation. 5200 employees is an absolutely staggering number. How many Pentagon employees are even left after that?

We are talking about a massive, unprecedented purge. Do you really think this story is going to just disappear? I highly doubt it.

Believe me, the insiders do not EVER want damning information like this to get out into the open. You can’t get much more sociopathic and sick as a person than to be a pedophile.

Victims of these crimes carry permanent scars most of us could never even imagine — leaving them heavily traumatized and often collapsing into suicidal rages and hours of violent screaming and crying that threatens to tear the walls off of the house.

We’re not talking five, ten, one hundred or even one thousand perpetrators. To raise that number of criminals to 5200 people is to create the most fatal indictment of any government or military system in the history of human life on Earth.  

This is a huge story — and the loyal opposition will do anything to stop it from going public. I commend CNN for their bravery and courage in reporting this information.

CNN aired the story on Thursday, January 6th. The mass shooting happened two days later.


The mass bird and fish deaths are also a sign of true, absolute desperation. Technology like HAARP is now being used on a widespread level because the insiders literally feel they have no other choice.

Again — their goal is to avoid detection at all costs. They have never used this technology so blatantly before because they never needed to.

This technology can be used to energize the atmosphere and create a protective shield over a given area. Such a shield can effectively block energetic attacks that use a non-electromagnetic beam technology the Russians call ‘torsion fields’.

The problem with creating shields like this is that any living thing that swims or flies through it will not make it out alive — and their bodies will show mysterious blunt trauma.



In case you somehow missed this story, it is vast in scope — truly a worldwide phenomenon. Here is one decent summary of the bird deaths written by Mary Rose:

The mass animal death epidemic began in Beebe, Arkansas when about 5,000 birds fell from the sky on the New Year’s Eve. Right on the next day, 100,000 fish reportedly died along Arkansas River and another 2 million dead fish were found in Maryland.
Then, another 500 dead birds continued falling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana… Southeastern Sweden, Kentucky, Canada all reported the same phenomenon. Besides dead birds, 2 million fish died in the Chesapeake Bay and approximately 40,000 crabs were found dead in Kent in Britain.
The massive numbers of dead animals remain a mystery. At first, officials blamed fireworks on New Year’s Eve and extremely cold weather as the main reasons for the occurrence. However, fireworks were flying around only on one night, which doesn’t fully explain what is happening…


Here are some additional links on the scope and severity of this sudden new problem to help get you up to speed:
Huge List of Animal Deaths – Mostly US and Europe
Mainstream Media Covers Massive Worldwide Bird and Fish Deaths

Bird Deaths Officially Explained as Caused by “Overeating”

More Bird Deaths – This Time in California

Dead Blackbirds in Alabama
Global Phenomenon Shows No Sign of Abating
Map of Reported Bird and Fish Die-Offs Worldwide


The Daily Mail came right out and named HAARP as a likely explanation for these mysterious events:

Those who are wary of the U.S. government have preferred to point the finger of blame at its High Frequency Active Auroral Research ­Programme, or HAARP, which ­conducts research into the defence implications of ­harnessing the upper atmosphere’s ionosphere.
Some suspicious minds — reportedly including the Venezuelan ­president Hugo Chavez — believe the project’s research instruments are death rays that can excite ­electrons in the ionosphere and so ­create earthquakes, storms and power failures.
The UN Environment Programme yesterday played down Apocalyptic explanations, but said more research was needed into mass animal deaths.
‘Science is struggling to explain these things,’ said a spokesman. ‘These are examples of the surprises that nature can still bring. More research is needed.’
Greg Butcher, director of bird conservation at the National Audubon Society, the U.S. equivalent of the RSPB, said he was enjoying the speculation so much he ‘feels guilty’ debunking it — claiming that, in fact, fireworks are the most likely answer.



Again, these HAARP shields appear to be a faltering, desperate attempt to block ongoing energetic strikes that are systematically destroying any and all classified military assets of the Old World Order. 

These strikes began with the widespread, dramatic powering down of public-domain military and civilian assets in September, October and November of last year — as part of what I called “China’s October Surprise.”

I highly recommend reading and / or hearing all four previous installments of this series to get the full context:

CHINA’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, PART ONE: Disclosure and “The Event”

CHINA’S OCTOBER SURPRISE, PART TWO: Earth’s Quarantine Has Lifted





Last summer, in one single day of coordinated effort, China delivered packages to the private palaces of every world leader of every country. They were ordered to open the containers on October 13th, 2010.

The leaders were told the packages would destroy everything within a six-mile radius if they were tampered with prior to this date, and / or if they were not opened soon after this date.

On that fateful day, the leaders were shocked to find working free-energy prototypes inside these packages, as well as detailed plans on how to build them — along with many other amazing documents.

Every leader of every country in the world is now in possession of these materials. Someone will ‘break ranks’ soon enough. The negative factions were ordered to stand down and completely surrender. They did not.

They rushed over to China and begged them to reconsider over several days of tense, hand-wringing negotiations. China refused. The war started immediately thereafter.


Nine days after the packages were first opened, a brand-new British nuclear submarine, the HMS Astute, lost all power and crashed into the rocks on its maiden voyage — as a dead mass of steel.

The very next day, the US lost fully 50 different ICBMs in a single, cascading failure — the largest ever recorded in American history.

Eight days later, on October 31st, 2010, a French nuclear aircraft carrier completely lost all electrical systems while enroute to the Persian Gulf — to beef up the US military presence there.

Three days later, the largest nuclear power plant in America had massive electrical failures and powered down for nearly a month.

The next day, Quantas Airlines had a massive electrical failure in an Airbus 380 flying over Indonesia, forcing them to ground all their Airbus 380 jets.

Then, the very next day, Quantas had electrical failures in a Boeing 747-400 — forcing them to ground all of those planes as well.

Quantas is the official Australian airline — and Australia is a very key player in this geopolitical battle.


Three days after the stunning defeat of Australia’s airline fleet, on November 8th, we had four different significant events:

1. Quantas was forced to announce even more engine problems — which now plagued their entire fleet.

2. Two American nuclear power plants shut down within a single hour of each other.

3. Carnival’s premiere cruise ship, the Splendor, lost all propulsion and communications systems and became dead at sea.

4. Time Warner lost all their cable channels in Cleveland, Ohio for 90 minutes — during the exact time George W. Bush was on NBC, followed by the next episode of the Disclosure drama “The Event”.


The very next day after all these things happened, November 9th, a huge missile was launched off the coast of Los Angeles — another highly embarrassing moment for the crumbling Old World Order.

A rocketry expert confirmed it was a solid-propellant missile on CBS News. This missile launch occurred three years to the day after the Chinese surprised US forces with a nuclear sub.

Then, only one day later, on November 10th, a strange “line of fire” was seen in the sky off the coast of New York City.

As a sign of the positive intentions of whomever did this, not one death was associated with any of these events.

The missile and ‘line of fire’ was basically the peak of publicly-visible events. There were some oil refinery failures in Texas, Kansas and Louisiana after this, but not a whole lot else.

The systematic destruction of classified military assets continued after this — even as the more obvious, public displays stopped happening.

In the ‘normal world’, nothing blatant or visible was going on to suggest this war was still in progress — but all of that changed when the birds and fish started dying in mass numbers, beginning on New Year’s Eve.

This sudden, worldwide use of HAARP defense shields appears to have been in direct response to a new, deeper escalation in the ETs’ campaign against these classified military assets.



Many people have written in to voice their concerns about China wielding this power. I do understand that.

It is very important to understand that China may have fronted this effort, but they did not act alone. They are part of a greater worldwide coalition, which also heavily involves Brazil, Russia and India — working in an alliance with ETs. 

You will see new evidence that makes this case, very compellingly, in just a minute. I have waited an entire year for the right moment to bring this out.

No one believed the ETs were even allowed to do something like this. It went against THE RULES — a set of seemingly unbreakable natural laws which included a Quarantine of the earth against any ET intervention.

You can choose not to believe me if you want to — but after I was told about China’s ultimatum to the world elites, either to Disclose or suffer the consequences, all these crazy things started happening.

The only defense the elites can possibly try to use is a HAARP shield. They are frantic and desperate. That’s why we’re seeing all these deaths happening around the world. The mainstream media has had enough and is starting to tell the truth.


If the ETs working with Brazil, Russia, India and China were not actively destroying the Old World Order’s secret military infrastructure, we would probably experience a devastating, fake alien invasion some time soon.

In fact, the “Alien 9/11” may have already happened by now if it were not for these countermeasures. The ETs were likely able to see when this was going to happen, using time-viewing technology, and they took actions to prevent it.

This fake invasion would have been the final ‘trump card’ the insiders would have played to cling fiercely to their remaining shreds of power — and get the entire world to unify against an ‘Alien Menace’. 


The insiders have been telegraphing their plans for many years with ‘alien invasion’ movies.

Don’t think for a minute they were wasting money. They planned on really doing this when they needed it most — and that time would be right now, based on all the evidence we’ve been discussing.

It is therefore no a surprise that the alien invasion TV show ‘V’ has suddenly been dusted off for a second season, after a long hiatus — as if no time had elapsed.

The human-looking, seemingly benevolent ETs are now going to reveal their true, hideous nature:

ABC Dusts Off ‘V’ for Second Season – Makes Insectlike Reptilian Aliens
Even evil Visitors deserve a makeover.
The green wasp-waisted creature, pictured here in a rendering by the production design team, is a Visitor in ABC’s alien-invasion series V underneath its human-looking skin. It’s a far cry from what the extraterrestrials looked like in the ’80s cult classic.
The depiction, seen exclusively in USA TODAY, “is really cool,” says Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, the queen of the visually deceptive Visitors.
“What I like about it is it doesn’t look like any particularly recognizable species. It’s like a conglomeration of all these different lizard types. It even looks prehistoric. There’s something like a T. rex about it, with a lizard mixed with a Komodo dragon.”
Bits of the Visitors’ physical appearance will be revealed over the 10-episode second season, which begins tonight (9 ET/PT), with the full creature appearing in the season finale.
Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum first needed to develop the back story of the Visitors before coming up with a visual look. One helps explain the other.


No one on the inside expected there to be any tangible opposition to their Alien 9/11.

This widespread destruction of their assets is the endgame maneuver in a plan that stretches back for over half a century, as I’ve been reporting in the previous articles of our “China’s October Surprise” series.

There is absolute shock and horror within the insider ranks now, based on everyone I am in contact with who is at the necessary “need to know” level. Every ‘toy’ they own is being destroyed. It is bad for them and terrific for everyone else.

Once they are sufficiently defeated, we will have a Disclosure event that will stun the world — and will almost certainly become the most significant event in recorded human history.

Multiple plans are in place to reveal the truth — but it won’t work until “Murder Incorporated” is finally brought under control.


It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. A massive number of weird equipment failures happened in October and November last year. Birds are now dropping dead all over the world from blunt trauma. Something is going on here.

These energetic technologies are no longer a ‘fringe’ discussion. The story has gone totally mainstream.

The insiders do not ever want to be detected. That is the worst thing that can happen. Believe me, they know they are creating a massive spectacle by having dead birds dropping out of the sky all over the world and fish washing ashore in mass numbers.

Fireworks? Please. Why don’t you just say it’s “swamp gas” so we can all have a good laugh about this?

The reason why this is happening is because they feel they have no other choice. I doubt these bird and fish-killing countermeasures are even working, but it’s all they’ve got.

They’re going for broke. They know the public is going to find out the truth. Full Disclosure. Everything.

They wouldn’t dare use this destructive shield technology unless it were truly Checkmate — and they had no other moves left to make.


What can you do when you’re backed into a corner? Delay. Distract. Divert. Create a humanitarian catastrophe that will dominate the headlines.

Right on cue, we had a massive tragedy — a political assassination attempt against one of Obama’s close friends and allies in Congress.

This diverted everyone’s attention from what otherwise could have been a story that reached ‘critical mass’ in mainstream awareness — the use of HAARP and the 5200 Defense Department personnel who were caught downloading child pornography.

Giffords was announced dead by NPR and other news outlets, who then had to post an embarrassing retraction:

NPR and other news organizations reported earlier Saturday that Giffords had died.

NPR member station KJZZ in Phoenix reported the recently re-elected Democratic congresswoman and six others had been killed by the gunman, based on a source in the Pima County Sheriff’s office.


This tragic, disgusting and despicable act may have bought the Powers that Were a little time, but at this point it’s like trying to use a Dixie cup to bail out the Titanic.

They have only delayed the inevitable. Once this story runs out of ‘juice’ they will try to create another one of equal or greater intensity to keep the momentum going.

They do have tools that can create natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis, but these energetic signatures are visible well in advance of the event — and can be counteracted.

As I’ve said before, we’re in for a rough ride here, and this is all part of it — but the results of all this will ultimately be very positive.

I highly doubt Gabrielle Giffords was expected or intended to survive, which may explain the initial announcement of her death — and that’s part of what makes this such an amazing story.


I’ve been documenting and analyzing my dreams on a daily basis since September 1992, and have had thousands of undeniably accurate prophecies of future events over the last 18 years. 

I had a series of dreams beginning in late December that told me a significant disaster was going to impact global consciousness. At the time I did not know exactly what it was.

The last dream was the day before the shooting — and very clearly seemed relevant.


In the first dream, I was riding on the back of an airplane with my mother and brother. It was similar to riding on the back of a giant bird, and was quite a marvelous experience.

Suddenly our plane plunged out of the sky. We experienced a sickening fall into the ocean. It was so fast that I barely had any time to react — except to put on a lifejacket and pray that I wasn’t going to die.

We landed in the water. Smoothly. I was not harmed. In fact, I didn’t feel any impact and wasn’t even wet.

The plane sank. It had been a part of our family, but now it was gone. We didn’t have time to think about that — we just had to keep on going.

My mother and brother then had boogie boards that fired up like jet-skis. They were motorized, and you could ride them without any trouble. I apparently had one too — and as I floated there in the water I was trying to figure out how to get mine started.


The image of riding on the back of a plane, like a bird, and then having it plunge out of the sky may have been describing the bird deaths, which had not yet started by this point.

Water in dreams is emotion. The more water, the more emotion is involved — so this was clearly predicting a massive emotional event. My dreams often predict coming world events due to my experience and public position.

The dream did have a ‘happy ending’ — as we were not harmed by our landing. Things changed, but we just kept right on going.

Gabrielle Giffords’ husband is an astronaut — and until the Space Shuttle came along, astronauts had to land by making splash-downs in the ocean.

He and his wife were obviously brutally traumatized — but they did make a safe landing.


I also had two ridiculously intense dreams where volcanoes went off. In both cases, they looked tremendously destructive, and almost certainly not survivable. The second volcano dream showed up the day before the shooting.

In the first dream, I was staying at a conference facility on a beautiful small island surrounded by water. It appeared to be Hawaii. The only visible thing in our majestic view of the ocean was a pyramid-shaped volcano.

There was a charity event that was getting ready to happen for disabled children. However, it was poorly organized. There were not enough seats and hardly anyone was showing up. No one seemed to care.

Let’s not forget that Obama was born in Hawaii and there has been a great deal of fake controversy over his birth certificate. The volcano looked a lot like the classic ‘Illuminati’ pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.


Suddenly, everything shook. I rushed over to a big picture window and was horrified to see the volcano erupting to an incredible extreme.

It literally looked like a massive flamethrower. Rivers of lava were blasting out so fast, at such high pressure they were almost shooting straight up.

They shot so high in the atmosphere, and were surrounded by such withering black smoke, that it was unlike anything I could have even imagined. No other dream I’ve ever had in my life featured such an intense spectacle as this.

This did not look like anything you would normally associate with a volcano — it seemed to be much, much bigger and much worse.


Before I even had a chance to breathe, tongues of lava raced across the surface of the ocean — right towards where I was standing. All I had time to do was to say, inside my head, “Well, this is it — I’m about to die.”

Then, at the last possible second, the river of fire split in half, and diverted around the island. We were spared!

It wasn’t over. Massive chunks of airborne lava smashed down into the ocean around the volcano. As they hit the ocean’s surface, they triggered a massive tsunami.

Oh $#!@.

The wave was now coming. Fast and furious. There was hardly any time to run.

The wave hit the picture window and smashed it into thousands of tiny pieces. Just like it had been hit with gunshots.

Water (a surge of emotion) rushed into the hotel (the public’s home consciousness), but I could still move quickly. There was now about a foot of water on the ground. It was going to rise fairly quickly, I felt.

I ran into another room and there were a series of life preservers there. I grabbed a yellow one and put it on — and there were others.


I immediately saw a highly advanced motorized yacht to my right — ready for escape.

There, standing by the yacht and waving to me, was a person who I had a major professional falling-out with in real life. 

In the dream, this same person brought me to the island in the first place — some time ago. An obviously wealthy, elite man owned the boat and was about to zoom off as its captain.

Immediately, whatever differences we may have had between us were gone. I was offered a rescue off the island and I took it. The boat was actually quite luxurious and was stocked with delicious food and drink.

There certainly was tragedy, but we made it. We survived. It was not the end. Just a change.

Again I zoomed through the “ocean of emotion” quickly and easily after a major disaster. In the airplane dream it was a motorized boogie board. In this dream it was a motorboat.


This dream may very well have been about President Obama and the threat of his own assassination. This shooting made it very personal and in-your-face. I believe this is why my dream had obvious Hawaii references.

However, the dream also suggests that Obama may now be allying with former enemies in the Pentagon against a common enemy.

The highly advanced nature of the yacht may well indicate the ET-back-engineered technology the Pentagon is planning to disclose to humanity once the Big Moment finally arrives.

This scenario, reinforced by my dream, is consistent with other insider data I’ve been sharing with you.


This dream was also interesting in that before the volcano erupted, no one seemed to care about the disabled children. Now, in the wake of the mass shooting tragedy, there has been a huge backlash against violent rhetoric in the media. It may well create a permanent change.

As one real-world example, after the shootings, the CEO of Fox News ordered everyone on his staff to “tone it down.”

Three days later, Glenn Beck had a remarkable change in tone that would have been nothing short of a miracle had he not obviously been ordered to do so:

This is probably the best speech he has ever given, and with all sincerity, thank you Mr. President, for becoming the president of the United States of America last night.

If you want to see and read Obama’s speech for yourself, you can go here:


Arianna Huffington expressed how important it is that this tragedy be used as a vehicle to permanently change how politics and media run — by public demand:

While we don’t know all the facts yet and the story is still unfolding, we know enough to know that we need more than a little soul searching.

The fact that the gunman is clearly mentally unbalanced does not absolve us of the responsibility to consider the atmosphere in which the shootings occurred. “Shootings of political figures are by definition ‘political,'” writes James Fallows. “That’s how the target came to public notice; it is why we say ‘assassination’ rather than plain murder.”

And the atmosphere in which this horrible tragedy was born, nurtured, and carried to its wretched fruition is toxic.

Of course, there are always going to be unbalanced people, just as there are always going to be viruses in our environment — but what most determines whether those viruses make us sick is the strength of our immune system. When it is stressed and compromised, infections can easily take hold.

And there is no doubt that our collective immune system is worn down, making us more susceptible to the kind of infection that turned that Arizona parking lot into a killing field.

While there has never been a golden age in our democracy’s history, there have been many times in which our national immune system was much stronger.

“The press is our immune system,” Jon Stewart said during his now-more-prescient-than-ever Rally to Restore Sanity. That’s true, but I’d take it a step further: we are all the immune system of our democracy.

And this calamity should serve as a wake-up call that we need to bring more urgency to strengthening it.

It’s very easy, as we’ve seen over the last few years, to ignore the toxicity — partly because we’re swimming in it. But it’s time to recognize the obvious: our society is in danger of coming apart at the seams — from our overheated political rhetoric and crumbling infrastructure to our rising poverty and shrinking middle class.

This is not a call for passionate debate to come to a halt. But there is a huge difference between passionately disagreeing with your opponents and crudely demonizing them, between considering them as adversaries to be engaged and treating them as enemies to be targeted.



This event may also be Sarah Palin’s Waterloo — by the direct design of her handlers.

All the chest-thumping threats of violence, including putting Gabrielle Giffords’ district in the crosshairs of a rifle on September 24, 2010, has come back and bitten her savagely.

Palin’s lack of personal culpability or genuine remorse in her public statement may have effectively sealed her political fate, according to at least one Congressman.

Even worse, she used a highly anti-Semitic term in her speech — “Blood Libel” — which refers to Jewish people being accused of sacrificing babies and drinking their blood. Here are her exact words:

If you don’t like a person’s vision for the country, you’re free to debate that vision. If you don’t like their ideas, you’re free to propose better ideas.

But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

There are those who claim political rhetoric is to blame for the despicable act of this deranged, apparently apolitical criminal. And they claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently. But when was it less heated? Back in those “calm days” when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols?


Everyone quickly realized what Palin had said. The term itself is highly unique and it is very unlikely that she knew what it meant:

Palin — after remaining essentially silent for three days — amped up the rhetoric in a pointed counterattack, accusing “journalists and pundits” of manufacturing a “blood libel” against her by suggesting that she somehow is to blame for the toxic political atmosphere in Arizona.

There are few more freighted phrases in the history of hate than “blood libel,” which is the ancient and false accusation that Jews secretly murder Christian children as part of their religious rituals. This anti-Semitic attack has resulted in countless pogroms and massacres through the ages.

Saint Sarah, it seems, is now comparing herself to one of those martyrs.

Notably absent was any second-guessing of a single word or action of her own over the last two years.


Remember — Palin’s violent website, as well as this speech, was very likely manufactured by others. Therefore, I consider this to be a deliberate “controlled demolition” of Palin’s political career. The shootings occurred less than four months after her website featured Gabrielle Giffords’ district in the bullseye.

Most likely, the reason her political career was torpedoed is that she is too much of a free thinker and ‘maverick’, and cannot be trusted to follow orders.

Her handlers appear to have deliberately sacrificed her to try to draw negative attention away from themselves for inciting violence on such a mass scale through all this rhetoric — through networks like Fox.

This also helps create a power vacuum so another contender, who is more controllable and capable of actually winning an election, can secure the Republican presidential nomination for 2012.

The difference between Palin and Obama’s speeches couldn’t have been more blatant, as this New York Times editorial revealed.



Rather than screaming in weeks of trauma, the public has a marvelous story of triumph to cling to. Gabrielle Giffords is alive. She is now thinking and responding — opening her eyes and moving her body with intelligent responses to commands.

She may still end up with a physical or mental disability, as the children in my volcano dream — though I am praying that will not be the case and she has a full recovery. 

Either way, this event will profoundly increase public awareness and sympathy for those who have such challenges in their own lives.

Furthermore, the healing between factions at the end of the dream also suggests the political divisions will quickly evaporate in the wake of this event. People are realizing that we are all human beings and we all need to pull together and support each other.

Those who continue to insist that violence can solve our problems will be isolated, quarantined and expelled from the body of the public like a virus. This is all part of the Great Shift we are going through.



The second volcano dream came in the day before the shooting. It was Friday, at 3:30 AM.

By this point I knew something big was about to happen. I did not post anything here as I was frantically working to finish the final round of edits on my book. In hindsight I wish I had — but I was just too busy.

In this dream, a mountain erupted right near my house. The mountain was sitting next to the same ocean where our plane had fallen in my first big disaster dream.

In this case the volcano did not spew lava. It belched out a thick gray goo that haphazardly slimed many different areas. It was followed by a sickening burst of blood-red liquid. After this, everything stopped.

It was literally as if the Earth itself had just vomited and bled.

My house was completely covered by this material. It was higher than the height of my roof. How could I ever make it back in there?

The driveway had a river of gray and blood-colored goo running down. There was no way to even try to access the property. It seemed like quite a disaster. I lost everything.


Strangely, upon closer inspection the grayish goo looked exactly like cooked oatmeal. The reddish goo running over the top of it looked identical to raspberry jelly.

I didn’t actually try to taste it, but the whole thing did appear to be an eruption of nourishing ‘comfort food’, in the greater sense. It was enough to feed thousands, if not millions of people.

Firemen and police were standing by. Officials like this are usually a symbol of ETs in dreams. They told me that this would all clear away naturally when the rains came. Everything would be fine — and I would again be able to get back into the house.

They told me the clean-up would take until the following Sunday — which is the day I am posting this article. After this time I would be able to access the house again.

The very next day we had the mass shooting. I finally put the pieces together. I was under such strict deadlines with my final edits that I had to wait until I could create a decent window to write this up.

All three of these dreams seemed to have been prophetic of what just happened. I was actually glad it wasn’t any worse. 

Each of them featured a disaster that pulled people together, looked impossible to survive, but ended up being OK. Thematic elements of volcanoes and oceans linked all three of them together as a whole.



Now as we head into Part Two, I will share the stunning new information I’ve been quietly holding onto for the last year. We will also explore the political assassination of John Wheeler III.

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