Our Divine Cosmos servers were completely taken offline for several days due to an unprecedented viral attack — but we’re back online and good to go!


I just finished up three conferences, three weekends in a row — the Atlanta TruthCon, the Conscious Life Expo and the Miami Convergence. It was quite an intense schedule, but I managed to deliver six completely unique talks — two in Atlanta, three in Los Angeles and a new all-weekend talk in Miami!

The results were wonderful. The crowds keep getting bigger as people realize that what I’ve been saying is true –and as my own grasp of this material expands, the intensity of what I can convey keeps increasing. I was told by my own staff that my talk in Miami was the best I’ve ever done — and there’s another one coming up soon in Dallas!

I made great connections with Bob Dean, Steven Greer, Michael Tellinger and Stanton Friedman at the TruthCon, and was equally thrilled to be on George Noory’s 2012 panel at the Conscious Life Expo — though there were so many panelists that no one got very much time to talk. Dannion Brinkley and I had a lot of fun, as always.

I caught a respiratory virus at the TruthCon, and started feeling the effects of it the very night I came home. It was the hardest I’ve suffered through anything like this in two years — as overall I’m much healthier now than I was in the past, where I worked myself much too hard.

We did get a lot of frustrated emails from people wondering where the next update was, but I could only do so much under these conditions.

Some people requested I write something short just to let everyone know what was going on, but those articles often trigger a raft of complaints as well — in this case wondering why it isn’t more substantial.

However, after this hack attack, a short update seemed warranted. I could complain at great length about how difficult my life has been recently, but even if I wanted to, I don’t have the time right now to do it.



In the midst of this almost impossibly complex schedule — I only had one day off after Conscious Life Expo before I flew out to Miami, still coughing green mucus — I also was dealing with the final deadline for The Source Field Investigations, where I review the final copy-edited version of the manuscript and lock in all the images we will be using — and their permissions.

At this point I’m still not done with all that work, but hoping to be finished very soon, as the entire release date hinges on whether I can meet this final deadline or not.

In the future I really don’t want to be this busy anymore. I will almost certainly write other books, but this one was the grand synopsis of my life’s work, with over 1,060 different references — and therefore nothing else will ever be this complex or difficult again.

It has been interesting to be so immersed in this material — between doing my events and working on this manuscript — while I was also suffering with this illness. Many people have caught this virus and it is a nasty one — no doubt. I’m finally just about through the worst of it now, which is a great relief.


It seemed rather holographic that our site was viciously attacked by a virus — the worst we’ve ever had in the entire time I’ve had this website online since 1999 — while I was still getting over my own virus.

This is the second time we’ve had a very powerful attack on our site since the beginning of the year. The first attack in mid-January destroyed nearly three weeks’ worth of posts to the discussion forum, and actually ruined much of the equipment in our server’s computer system, including the motherboard and hard drives.

In response, we’ve now instituted a far more robust backup system, so our data is far more secure than before. And whenever I actually write something new, there are multiple backups made — so I will probably never lose any written data.

Please do not mirror our articles on other websites. This does not help protect us and is copyright infringement, and we do issue complaints and takedown notices. Excerpts with links are always the way to go.

It took several days to restore our service in this latest round — and during this time, more than one dire-sounding message appeared when people tried to access this page, including “Forbidden — you don’t have permission to access this server” and the even more depressing-sounding “Account Suspended.”


It would be cheap and easy to blame this on “the government” or other nefarious insider groups opposing my work, but that does not appear to be what we are dealing with.

The reality, at least as far as we have been able to determine, is that this is the result of hackers from China and other countries who attack sites that use our particular form of software. 

They try to literally hack and take over the site — and install a completely different webpage that appears to be selling watches and handbags.

In order to get there, they have to begin by attempting to crush the life out of the site using a mass, coordinated “denial of service” attack — bombarding us with so many hits from different virus-compromised computer systems that no one can access the site.

This started happening to us as of this past Saturday, and we only just now recovered as of Wednesday.

They do not discriminate about what types of sites they attack. The problem is widespread and once you know the details, there is plenty you can find out about it online.


The Internet community is responding to these attacks by consistently improving security — and as it gets harder for them to get results, they get increasingly desperate — and target the sites with the highest amount of traffic.

In this case it almost worked, and we found plenty of evidence of their attempts to completely rewrite files on our site to sell watches and handbags, including the main page — but they were not successful.

We get illegal sales comments all the time that try to pass through as regular comments, but we do read everything and we block them. If you attempt to ‘buy’ the items from these websites, you never receive anything and your credit card information is then stolen.

We have isolated and quarantined the problem and I can assure you that your transactions with us are absolutely secure. What they were trying to do is rewrite the entire website and direct you to an entirely different payment gateway under their explicit control.

These crude methods are nowhere near sophisticated enough to break through the multiple firewalls of security associated with our own payment systems. We have the highest quality transaction systems available, and they are explicitly designed to withstand these attacks.



All that being said, I must confess that I have had some very, very intense prophetic dreams lately… and another one this morning.

Typically I don’t write about these dreams until after I see what they are leading up to — but in this case, I have had such a cluster of them in a short time that I do think something may be fairly imminent.

The last time around, this all seemed to be leading up to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting — and the event was very soon after one of the dreams. In this case I believe they are forecasting economic and geo-political events that may be fairly imminent.


In the first dream, I was at a location that was a combination of my mother’s house and where I live now. A series of giant balls of ice seemed to be catapulted towards us in the distance.

It actually looked quite beautiful at first. They were traveling in a long parabolic arc and it’s not something you normally see. I was quite surprised by it.

At first I didn’t think they’d hit us, but they all started landing very close — so I had to duck and cover. As they landed, the whole ground shook. Some of them missed us by only a few feet.

Miraculously, none of them actually hit our house — though if one of them had, it would have destroyed it completely.

I ended up having a 1930s-style antique car that I needed to move out of the way to safety, as otherwise it could get hit by these giant balls — so I did move it. Everything seemed to be safe where I ended up going, and I felt like it would end soon.

In reality, my mother was going through a lot of trouble from ice and snow during this time, and I thought that might have been it.

Also, since water is emotion in dreams, frozen water indicates emotional difficulties — feeling emotionally frozen by events happening in your life. These seem to be collective dreams — and this first one occurred as the US was blanketed in a snowstorm.


Just three days ago, I had a dream of an absolutely colossal-sized ocean area made of rippling, broken, brownish-gray ice. It all looked like the Arctic. I can’t even describe how huge and how intense the ripples were.

The entire surface of this vast area of ice was constantly undulating — like a vast body of water that was really churning. It was as if I was seeing a vast, frozen ocean, covered with broken ice, that was now experiencing incredibly huge waves.

One undulation could easily move up and down as much as 1000 feet. There was no way to predict exactly what parts would undulate — and obviously anything of this scale was extremely dangerous.

In the beginning, there were roughly two halves to it that seemed to move in symmetry, with a dividing line down the middle — but the symmetry soon ended.


Military guys — adolescents — were trying to surf these waves, beginning at a high point and then skiiing down on their feet. They were being quite reckless in the face of how incredibly it was moving — like a gigantic living creature.

At this point the severity and intensity of its movements seemed to double. They then realized it was much too dangerous, and they could easily be killed. I was one of the ones who warned them — but it was obvious.

I was able to surf over it without any problem, and now I needed to do so — as otherwise it could become a serious problem.

Only by tracking its movements could it be studied and analyzed so as to prevent further damage. Apparently I was one of the only people who could do this safely — but I had absolute confidence. 

At the same time, the military kids went on to do something else to get their kicks — and they ended up diving into a large fishtank with living fish in it.

They did not care about the fish that were being splashed out of the tank and killed by their antics. I was forced to personally write them up and hold them responsible for this reckless behavior — and I did.


The third dream was this morning. In this case, I was in a woodsy area that looked like the Northeast United States. I apparently had a house near this area.

I knew that a volcano was going to go off, and I knew that when it went off, it would be a massive explosion made entirely of oil.

People didn’t believe me that this was going to happen. I had warned them about it and they didn’t believe me. Then, suddenly and without prior warning, it started going off.

At the very beginning it was a single stream of oil coming straight up out of the mountain I could see in the distance. It was almost contained, as if it could be turned into an oil well. 

It still looked huge, and potentially quite problematic, but it seemed like it could be controlled.


Then there was a much, much bigger blast. Suddenly and without warning, literally everything you could see in this vast area, of many square miles of forested land as far as the eye could see, was covered with oil.

There were entire settlements — cities with streets, buildings and houses — that were now covered with oil in the wake of this event.

Furthermore, it seemed to be flowing out of the ground so fast that it was like a massive river of oil coming out. The undulations of the river reminded me of the undulations of the ice in my other dream, but on a smaller scale.

There was still plenty of green — it wasn’t like every single thing was completely covered with oil — but the scope of damage was vast. It had all the hallmarks of the Gulf disaster, only this time it was on land.

I knew this disaster would not be able to be contained for a while, but that ultimately it would be brought under control and everything would be restored.

I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to stay in my house — and in the short term it did look pretty awful. However, I also knew the first rainstorm would wash away a lot of the oil.


I do believe these dreams are talking about economic events. The US government is flirting with a possible shutdown. There is ever-increasing unrest and regime change in the Middle East. And this morning’s dream is predicting something that could shake things up, for a while, as much as the Gulf oil volcano once did.

It’s very unusual for me to pass data like this along in advance, but in another case I had a massive dream that Michael Jackson died in my arms of a heart attack — and a short time later, he did die of a heart attack.


Furthermore, these dreams are very similar to the ones I passed along after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. One dream had me plunge out of the sky while I was flying, but I was OK.

A second dream involved a volcano going off near an island and I was able to flee, but only after significant destruction had already occurred.

A third dream involved a volcano going off near my house, covering it in what looked like cooked oatmeal and a top layer of raspberry jam. I knew it would be a while before I could access my house, but everything would clean up.

This redundancy shows me that although Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting was part of the story, these dreams appear to be speaking about something bigger that we haven’t actually seen yet.


I do think the negative elite are on their last legs — and though they were not apparently responsible for this website attack, I do feel that metaphorically all these things are interrelated.

The message, as always, is to prepare but not to panic. One consistent element of these dreams is that things look bad but there are miraculous ways to get through it that are not visible while it is happening — at least not to most.

I had the same data during the BP oil spill while everyone was shouting “doom and gloom” on the Internet. I expect that whatever is about to happen will also make people think and say the same things.

Ultimately, this is all part of what we have to go through to pave the way for a better, brighter future. The negative will not go down without a very hard fight. It does seem that events are reaching a “critical mass” and the next phase is going to hurt, but will be necessary for us all to go through.

I have to get back to my book now, but I’ve done my part in passing these dreams along — and will continue to pass along anything else that has this type of quality to it. Once things calm down in my schedule I will write a fuller update.

I do recommend you study our new video, Access Your Higher Self, as I now have released all my own methods for how to capture and analyze your dreams, and make direct contact with your own Higher Self for guidance and support. Thanks!



My webmaster informed me that someone wrote in and was worried that his credit card data may have been compromised by this attack. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even if a hacker completely defeated our security and got into the “back end” of the website, and then systematically went through each and every line of code in every file we have, he would never even find a single credit card number. Nothing.

Granted, he may be able to download our videos and MP3 files that would normally be by subscription only — but this would be the full extent of unpublished data he could access.

When you make a transaction, your financial data is securely locked away in only one of two places — either PayPal’s own servers or Authorize.net, our credit processor, which has a very robust security system that is completely separate from anything on our own site.

No passwords are stored on our server either, if a hacker wanted to try to access our bank accounts to withdraw money we already took in.

There is simply no way that anyone could use the data on our server to steal our money or anyone else’s. Any such theft attempt would require that you click on a suspicious link and enter your credit card data in an unfamiliar area that is not SSL certified. Most browsers would be screaming at you in bright red letters to stop before you could ever finish the job.

We get people trying to pass these suspicious links into our comments section at least once or twice a week — but we never let them through.

‘Nuff said.