Is the Swine Flu a last-chance, desperate attempt on behalf of the NWO to avoid their imminent spiral into total defeat? Read on as we conclude this portion of our groundbreaking investigation!




The flying of an F-16 assisted Air Force One jet at a very low altitude over New York was so stupid, so ridiculous and so blatant that it must truly be seen as a very last-ditch move by the criminal cartel to avoid complete destruction. 

The story has gotten juicier while we’ve been writing this article. We now find out that in classic 9/11 style, the sternest warnings were issued to keep this absolutely secret from the public — at all costs: 



This excerpt, from the same CBS article pictured above, says a mouthful:

NEW YORK (CBS) — A furious President Barack Obama ordered an internal review of Monday’s low-flying photo op over the Statue of Liberty.

CBS 2 HD has discovered the feds will have plenty to question.

Federal officials knew that sending two fighter jets and Air Force One to buzz ground zero and Lady Liberty might set off nightmarish fears of a 9/11 replay, but they still ordered the photo-op kept secret from the public. 

In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD, the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in and around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.

“To say that it should not be made public knowing that it might scare people — it’s just confounding,” Sen. Charles Schumer said. “It’s what gives Washington and government a bad name. It’s sheer stupidity.

The flyover — apparently ordered by the White House Office of Military Affairs so it would have souvenir photos of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background — had President Obama seeing red. He ordered a probe and apologized.

It was a mistake. It will never happen again,” President Obama said.

The NYPD was so upset about the demand for secrecy that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly vowed never to follow such a directive again and he accused the feds of inciting fears of a 9/11 replay.

Did it show any insensitivity to the psychic wounds New York City has after 9/11? Absolutely. No questions about it. It was quite insensitive.”



As we wrote here in a previous article, the criminal cartel very likely aced a whole plane full of people, making it look like a crash, because there were two people on the plane who had just met with Obama about re-opening 9/11 hearings. You can refresh your memory on all this by clicking here.

This criminal cartel still hasn’t figured out that Obama is too tough to be intimidated by threats of assassination. He was undeterred when ’24’ featured a Black president who was then shot and replaced by a female president, obviously intended to be Hillary. He still ran for President — and won — despite these obvious threats. 

Since everyone on the inside can pretty easily figure out that this flu virus is likely not a mere accidental “freak of nature”, let’s threaten the president again — by deliberately infecting someone he just met in Mexico, badly enough that he dies the day after he shakes Obama’s hand:

Mexican Archeologist Shakes Obama’s Hand, Dies from Flu Next Day:

Was there a hope that this same archeologist would give Obama a bad case of the flu — in fact a lethal  case? Could this have possibly been a biological assassination — or at the very least a healthy scare, in an attempt to terrify him into backing down?

Obviously, that didn’t work either. He’s still here, and he’s not stopping.



Karma’s a biatch. And in this case it came back around very quickly. Obama’s administration knows the game, and knows how to play it very, very well.

Just when the criminal cartel thought it had everything going their way — for just a brief moment — their pet news story is dashed on the rocks.

Something Even Bigger happens — and it’s nothing short of a miracle.

With this one event, it is now politically IMPOSSIBLE for the criminal cartel to block the legislation that will destroy them.

In a stunning event no one could have seen coming, Senator Arlen Spector suddenly flipped his political affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

In one fell swoop, Democrats suddenly gained a 60-seat majority in the Senate — thus finally earning the filibuster-proof majority that the criminal cartel has so bitterly fought to stop, such as by the protracted challenge of Al Franken’s victory in Minnesota.   




The headlines blazed with the story — the effect of this stunning switch is nothing short of ‘devastating’:




Specter is one of an ever-increasing number of ‘insiders’ who are sick to death (pun intended) of the games and the fear-mongering. They are “Mad as Hell and Won’t Take It Anymore.” And they’re turning against the puppetmasters and organizing to bring them down.



This IS like watching a remarkable football game play out in real time, and I must admit it is frustrating just to take the time to put all the pieces together even in a minimal fashion… this has taken a lot longer than I first expected it would.

Nonetheless, the point we should see here is that every move this criminal cabal — the Republican / Neocon / Skull and Bones / New World Order faction — has made to stave off their own imminent defeat is being smashed to pieces.

Even better, their counter-moves are entertaining and stunning in how much more rapidly they speed up their own destruction. The public will not tolerate many more Chicken Little scenarios, and this fake flu ‘pandemic’ is no exception. It is entirely a creature of the media. Driving in your car is far more likely to hurt you than any flu ever would.

This recent comment on one of our articles from “Aether Ore” is a nice summary of how obvious it has been that this is far from a real epidemic: 

The cure for Swine Flu!  Do the math 🙂

Everyday on the news the top story has been about the looming swine flu epidemic.  Phrases like “governments in panic!”, “state of emergency”, “could kill millions” are tossed out like maple syrup at the waffle house. 

The media appears to be actually trying to make it look dire and certain that there will be a world wide health crisis coming to your doorstep any minute.  They seem to be trying to cause a panic!

Yet the figures don’t add up to anything like an emergency.  There have been 20 cases of flu in the US since the story broke (not all of them confirm as flu, much less swine flu).  That’s 20 out of 300 million people.  In other words it is more like a statistical insignificance than an epidemic.  You have a better chance of being struck by lightning while being mauled by a bear in Antarctica than getting the swine flu.

Even if one considers the case in Mexico City (population 20 million), there were only 1,200 or so confirmed cases and 83 deaths attributed to the flu.  Even in crowded, squalid conditions, the odds are still remarkably low of getting the flu.

The cure for the epidemic is simple: there IS NO epidemic.  The real question is, who is paying these news guys to try to incite panic?



I’ve already had a few of these kinds of emails. Conspiracy-minded folk assume that the problem is much worse than it really is. They instinctively want to believe this IS a pandemic, and the media fearmongering is true.

As we were finishing up this article, new information came to our attention. The death tolls in Mexico have already stabilized — the virus is already burning out, the death tolls very low:

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The toll from the swine flu epidemic appears to be stabilizing in Mexico, the health secretary said late Tuesday, with only seven more suspected deaths. But health officials said they “fully expect” to see U.S. deaths as the virus keeps spreading around the world…

Cordova said many of the people crowding hospital waiting rooms complaining of swine flu symptoms actually suffered from other ailments — and many of those suspected of having the virus were treated and sent home.

“You can see the total of new cases,” Cordova said, pointing to bar charts that showed a rise and fall. “In the last days there has been a drop.”

Only 26 cases, including seven deaths, have been definitively confirmed to be swine flu, Cordova said.



Not one to be outdone by the likes of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert — or perhaps just in an inadvertent burst of self-effacing humor — CNN appears to have joined in the fun of ridiculing this pathetic attempt at fundraising by the NWO:






Before we can end this article, we have to go through one more uncomfortable discussion. Everyone familiar with the conspiracy media is automatically going to ask me if this is a synthetic, man-made virus.

The bottom line is that it probably is.

The simple fact that such an anomalous, unprecedented virus, combining material from three different hosts, appeared spontaneously in so many different places around the world — at such a marvelously well-timed moment to divert attention from the imminent downfall of the New World Order faction — is a very strong sign of wrongdoing. Let’s look again at the article we just linked to above:

The United States stepped up surveillance at its borders and warned Americans to avoid non-essential travel to Mexico. Canada, Israel and France issued similar travel advisories.

Cuba became the first country to impose an outright ban on travel to the epicenter of the epidemic. Argentina soon followed with its own ban, and ordered 60,000 visitors who arrived from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. in the past 20 days to contact the Health Ministry.

Meanwhile, Mexico was eliminating reasons for tourists to visit. On Tuesday, the pyramids and all other archaeological sites were put off limits nationwide, and restaurants in the capital were closed for all but take-out food in an aggressive bid to stop gatherings where the virus can spread.

Experts on epidemics said these kinds of government interventions are ineffective, since this flu — a never-before-seen blend of genetic material from pigs, birds and humans to which people have no natural immunity — is already showing up in too many places for containment efforts to make a difference.

Outside Mexico, confirmed cases were reported for the first time as far away as New Zealand and Israel, joining the United States, Canada, Britain and Spain. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the U.S. has 66 confirmed cases in five states, with 45 in New York, one in Ohio, one in Indiana, two in Kansas, six in Texas and 11 in California.

“Border controls do not work. Travel restrictions do not work,” said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl, recalling the SARS epidemic earlier in the decade that killed 774 people, mostly in Asia, and slowed the global economy.


With that being said, I have personally spoken to one whistleblower who revealed that — much to the frustration of the negative elite — it has proven to be “extremely difficult, if not impossible, to kill large numbers of people with biological agents.”

The reason for this is that viruses are very, very unstable. They mutate so quickly they can lose their lethality very rapidly. There is a fascinating energetic component to why they are not threatening that we will discuss as well.

Everyone in the alternative media is bringing up the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 — but that was nearly 100 years ago.

Millions of people died at the time. That is true.

Now think about how long it has been since anything of that scope has happened again, despite the obvious (for some) intent of those who would like to see it happen — up to and including the possible release of manmade viruses to get the job done.

SARS may well have been one such synthetic, deliberately ‘seeded’ virus — and despite all the fearmongering, as you just read, only 774 people died from it worldwide. 



As has always been the case, diseases like this are vastly more likely to strike people with depressed immune systems — such as will occur when you live in poverty and squalor.

Much of the world has made substantial improvements in healthcare, sanitation and hygiene since 1918, not to mention nutrition, available antibiotics and better treatments — both allopathic and natural.

Of course, as is the case with any public environment, you want to follow standard infection-control procedures. Sneeze into your elbow, not your hands. Open doors in public places with your elbow or back if they push open, or use your sleeve if a knob must be turned or pulled.

Wash your hands frequently, and especially if you’ve just touched any common surfaces. In public bathrooms, feed your paper towel from the dispenser before  you wash your hands, so they don’t touch a common surface once they are clean. Use your spent paper towel to open the bathroom door so you don’t have to touch it.

Do not rub your nose, touch your eyes or put your fingers on your food or in your mouth if possible, unless you know they are clean. Wear rubber gloves if you need to touch someone who may be infected, and change them after each sequence of contact.

And remember, even at home you may have someone infected, so if a flu is going around it’s a good idea to practice these protocols at all times. I learned them from working in highly-infectious environments with Hepatitis B and C, caring for the developmentally disabled. 

My friend and confidante “Henry Deacon” — a whistleblower who was placed in a variety of extremely classified projects — again reminded me recently that simply taking vitamin D3, either at 2400 or 5000 IU, can almost entirely eliminate the threat of viral infection and disease.

And the best way to ‘take’ vitamin D is to simply get 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight on your skin, without sunscreen, each day. 

Remember — even a historic “worst case scenario” like the Spanish Flu of 1918 was not a worldwide outbreak. It has simply never happened, and it never will — viral infections don’t work that way.



The largest outbreak in Western memory is the bubonic plague. Again, that has now been widely attributed to the fact that in those times, there was fecal matter literally running in the streets. Everyone just dumped their chamber-pots outside. Breathing that atmosphere makes you far, far more likely to contract a deadly disease.

This is precisely what is happening in La Gloria, the area of Mexico that has been hardest hit by the swine flu. La Gloria is only 12 miles away from a gigantic, festering nightmare: vast, open pools of pig feces exposed to the open air, in flagrant violation of any sane sort of environmental precautions (emphasis added):

Lawmakers in the eastern state of Veracruz are now charging that large-scale hog and poultry operations [owned by the US and run in Mexico] are “breeding grounds” of infection that are making people sick and fueling the pandemic.

On Sunday, the state government of Veracruz confirmed swine influenza in a five-year-old girl in the village of La Gloria, located near a massive US-owned hog facility. The bodies of two other village children who died in February and March will be exhumed and tested for signs of the illness, local media reports said…

The industry statement that this disease was not transmitted from pigs to people contradicts virtually all Mexican government statements so far, including Mexico’s Health Minister, Jose Angel Cordova, who said the virus, “mutated from pigs, and then at some point was transmitted to humans.” Whether they were Mexican pigs or not remains a mystery, of course.

As Philpott pointed out in his post, Mexican newspapers have been reporting for weeks that residents living near Granjas Carroll’s massive hog facility at La Gloria are falling ill with severe upper respiratory diseases. One five-year-old girl in the village just tested positive for swine flu – the bodies of two more children who died recently are being exhumed.

According to an April 5 article in La Jornada newspaper, “Clouds of flies emanate from the lagoons where Granjas Carroll discharges the fecal waste from its hog barns — as well as air pollution that has already caused an epidemic of respiratory infections in the town.”

More than 400 people had already been treated for respiratory infections, and more than 60 percent of the town’s 3,000 residents had reported getting sick, the paper said. State officials disputed that claim, and said the illnesses were caused by cold weather and dust in the air.

The problems began in early March, when many neighbors of the hog CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) became sick with colds and flu that quickly turned into lung infections, causing local health officials to impose a “sanitary cordon” around the area and begin a mass program of vaccination and home fumigation.

“According to state agents of the Mexican Social Security Institute, the vector of this outbreak are the clouds of flies that come out of the hog barns, and the waste lagoons into which the Mexican-US company spews tons of excrement,” La Jornada reported. “Even so, state and federal authorities paid no attention to the residents, until today.”

The state legislature of Veracruz has demanded that the Smithfield subsidiary turn over all documents and environmental certifications on its three massive waste lagoons, but so far, the company has only supplied information on one of them, news reports said today.



Once again, the lure of ‘maximized profit’ is what brought these companies to Mexico in the first place:—-nat_b_191408.html

Officials from the CDC and USDA will likely arrive in Mexico soon to help investigate the deadly new influenza virus that managed to jump from pigs to people in a previously unseen mutated form that can readily spread among humans.

One of the first things they will want to look at are the hundreds of industrial-scale hog facilities that have sprung up around Mexico in recent years, and the thousands of people employed inside the crowded, pathogen-filled confinement buildings and processing plants.

Industry calls these massive compounds “confined animal feeding operations,” or CAFOs (KAY-fohs), though most people know them simply as “factory farms.”…

In the last several years, U.S. hog conglomerates have opened giant swine CAFOs south of the border, including dozens around Mexico City in the neighboring states of Mexico and Puebla. Smithfield Foods also reportedly operates a huge swine facility in the State of Veracruz. Many of these CAFOs raise tens of thousands of pigs at a time.

Cheaper labor costs and a desire to enter the Latin American market are drawing more industrialized agriculture to Mexico all the time, wiping out smaller, traditional farms, which now account for only a small portion of swine production in Mexico.

“Classic” swine flu virus (not the novel, mutated form in the news) is considered endemic in southern Mexico, while the region around the capital is classified as an “eradication area” — meaning the disease is present, and efforts are underway to control it. For some reason, vaccination of pigs against swine flu is prohibited in this area, and growers rely instead on depopulation and restriction of animal movement when outbreaks occur.


Here’s the deal: Viruses mutate very quickly within a single human host. They start by invading a single cell and transforming it into a virus-producing factory.

Even within that single cell, the viruses will mutate tremendously before the cell wall bursts and they ever get released. Each new cell that gets infected, and becomes a little virus factory of its own, creates even more mutations.

As the viruses then spread from person to person, the mutation count goes into the trillions. They quickly burn themselves out, mutating into irrelevance, never spreading very far. 

It is extremely rare  for viruses from two different, unrelated animal species to combine into one.

It is also extremely rare for an animal virus to mutate into a human virus.

To then have a virus combine from TWO animal species — AND also be infective to humans — is even more outrageous.

To then have this ‘new’ virus pop up, simultaneously, all over the world — at such an incredibly expedient time for the loyal opposition — strains credulity to the breaking point.



We know scientists can make viruses that cross over from animal to human, and vice versa. Just over a month and a half ago, on March 3rd, the mainstream media announced that scientists had created an HIV virus that could infect monkeys:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Scientists have created a strain of the human AIDS virus able to infect and multiply in monkeys in a step toward testing future vaccines in monkeys before trying them in people, according to a new study.

This strain of HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus, was developed by altering a single gene in the human version to allow it to infect a type of monkey called a pig-tailed macaque, the researchers said on Monday.

The genetically engineered virus, once injected into this monkey, proliferates almost as much as it does in people, but the animal ultimately suppresses it and the virus does not make it sick, they said.



Another potential argument a skeptic might make is that tight security protocols at government-controlled biological facilities are far too exacting to ever allow rogue agents to sneak out infectious materials.



No Crime Apparent In Missing Germ Case


FORT DETRICK, Md  (UPI) — No criminal misconduct had been found as yet in the disappearance of a deadly germs from a U.S. Army biomedical facility in Maryland, official said Wednesday.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command said investigators were nearly done with their probe into how the lethal pathogens disappeared from Fort Detrick’s infectious disease laboratory in Frederick, The Washington Post reported.

Christopher Grey, a spokesman for the criminal investigation division, said the command “has found no evidence to date of any criminality related to the unaccounted-for items,” the newspaper said.

Three small vials of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus were determined to have been unaccounted for last year, Caree Vander Linden, spokeswoman for the laboratory, said.

The virus is mosquito-borne and usually causes a mild flu-like illness. However, it also cause brain inflammation and death. It has potential for germ warfare but is far less lethal than some other agents.

The existence of the investigation was first reported by the Frederick News-Post.

It was nice of the Army to not blame or accuse anyone for the missing, lethal pathogens. No one is held responsible — just look the other way ma’am, nothing to see here. 



Ever since he first hit the scene about two years ago now, Benjamin Fulford — former Asia-Pacific director for Forbes magazine — has said that China and Japan were both well aware that the SARS virus was deliberately engineered in an attempt to reduce population. Specifically, it was tailor-made to target Asians.

According to Fulford’s testimony, the group responsible for this was the Neocon / Republican / New World Order faction. And a very short post he wrote to his site recently has been forwarded like wildfire all over the Net:

The release of a US bio-weapon in Mexico was a fatal mistake for the Illuminati.

The criminally insane owners of the Federal Reserve Board, faced with inevitable bankruptcy, are once again trying to save themselves by creating mayhem. However, by releasing a bio-weapon in Mexico, they have most surely lost the support of almost everybody in the alphabet soup agencies and the Pentagon.

Their plan to use the pandemic as an excuse for martial law will blow up in their faces. There can be no doubt this was the last straw. It is time to take them down. All patriotic Americans must rise and save their country from the grips of these madmen. The world is watching you, America, and praying for your success in regaining your freedom.



Fulford’s initial story about the SARS virus being a targeted bio-weapon against Asians was sensational enough to even reach the Colbert Report.

Again, the guys running these Comedy Central shows know a lot more than they lead us to believe. By ridiculing someone, or something, you simultaneously inform people and get them thinking the unthinkable. 

By writing them off as tinfoil-hat wearing kooks, you make it impossible for anyone in the controlled media to attack you. They would look ridiculous.

So, in 2007 you had Steven Colbert openly discuss the Illuminati, Benjamin Fulford, and the agenda to depopulate the planet with bio-warfare. By treating it with humor and seeming sarcasm, it slips past the media censors: 




The tinfoil hat is easy enough to wear, and laugh at, but when you start seeing so many things happen all at the same time, you have to be willing to ask the potentially-embarrassing questions.  

Talk of the ‘Illuminati’ is no longer fringe or conspiracy theory only, as of the impending release of Angels and Demons, the big-budget sequel to Da Vinci Code.

Bear in mind that in the book, the Illuminati are said to be a very real secret society — a group of well-intentioned scientists who have opposed the tyranny of religion. Many people will get their first introduction to this group through the propaganda of this movie, and we will work strongly to counteract it as we get closer.

If you look very closely at this following screen capture from their trailer, you can make out letters that say ‘ALTARS OF SCIENCE’ in the center of the Illuminati logo, which reads the same upside down as right-side up:




This is not an accident. The Illuminati IS a real group. This could very well be a multi-million-dollar infomercial to try to soften up the public for their ultimate Revealing of their identity. Click here to read my incredible, ever-more timely, three-part expose’ on the Illuminati’s endgame agenda, entitled “The Revealing,” and why it is already failing miserably:




These guys have turned the Darwinian theory of evolution — which is not even true, in the face of credible scientific data that is not at all Biblical or Creationist — into a religious belief. This is what they mean by worshipping at the ‘Altar of Science’.

Think about it. Darwinian evolution teaches that those most effective at killing are at the forefront of evolution: “Survival of the Fittest.” They honestly do believe that they are helping us evolve by creating chaos, which then forces us to re-assemble into a higher level of Order, as we said in Part One.



And for those diehards who do not understand the difference between Factions 1, 2 and 3 — the Rothschild Illuminati (1), the Neocon NWO (2) and the Templar / White Hats / ‘Good Guys’ (3), wait for the next section of this article.

Name-dropping ‘Z-Big’ and a few other Bilderberg / CFR / Trilateral members as Obama advisors is NOT sufficient to implicate the entire administration, in the face of the evidence we have already shared.

What we are learning from Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News — who has a direct birth lineage to the Templar / White Hat faction and had contact with them at the very highest levels — is that these groups are loaded with double agents.

Stargate SG-1 discusses them as the Tok’Ra — members of the evil Goa’Uld who have been secretly waiting to destroy them, as double agents, for many, many years. Horribly, they have to play the game, doing things they really don’t want to do, in order to keep it up — but they finally get their chance to revolt, and they take it.




Remember — As I say in my article The Revealing, Illuminati whistleblower Svali says “there would be a mass exodus” out of this group if they felt like they could get away with it and avoid being killed.

What we’re now calling Faction 3, to differentiate between Illuminati (1) and NWO (2), has been planning this, according to Rayelan, for well over 100 years, minimum.



It is very premature — and short-sighted — to paint everyone with an ‘EVIL!!!’ brush and assume that because they’ve been in these groups to any degree, they must be flesh-eating sub-human monster creatures who should be destroyed at all costs.

In Faction 3 you have guys playing along, attending the meetings, putting up with things they don’t agree with (or even publishing it in their own words to protect themselves) who have been waiting for years — even generations — to spring the trap that we are now watching destroy the negative factions in real time.

Go get the DVD for the first “Tomb Raider” movie if you want to see how the Templar faction exposes the Illuminati — by name if you watch the special features — and reveals the use of stargate travel. You may even notice how she is wearing a Templar shirt in one scene… oh wait, here it is right here:


Image   Image


You can paint a target on someone because of their name, or because they went to a particular group meeting, but let’s not rush to immediately condemn the entire administration — despite some very disappointing things it has done — in the face of all the positive evidence I have shared here. It’s rough in there, and believe me, they have done a great job considering what they’re up against.



In the next part of this article, we will show conclusive, unavoidable proof that your most beloved conspiracy websites are being positively bombarded with fake articles, written by the Pentagon, to discredit the Faction 3 / Templar-led initiative of Obama’s presidency.

You will see documented insider proof that even in 2004, it was well-known that the economy was about to collapse, and the alternative media was being saturated with fake conspiracy articles to lure people off of the real issues. The budget for writing these articles — just in one ‘compartment’ — was as much as 100 MILLION dollars a year. Think about it.

This also includes financing public figures to make websites that look ‘grassroots,’ and plead for money, but their entire mission is, in fact, completely financed by the negative elite. Neither Alex Jones nor Jeff Rense are in this category, but both have widely publicized this propaganda, believed it, and have thus gone rabidly anti-Obama — to the point of ridiculously over-the-top attacks.




Along with them, many people write and viciously attack me for daring to say something other than what they already “know” is true from their Pentagon-fed psyops propaganda.

Fear not… if the overwhelming evidence I’ve shared here so far is STILL not sufficient, the next article will do even more… and future events will eventually compel even the staunchest ‘haters’ to reconsider.

The Pentagon duping of the entire “conspiracy media” field is a HUGE story, and you won’t find it anywhere else but here. We’re about to break that part of the story, and with it we hope it will spread far and wide.

With all that said, let’s get back to current events, and finish the thoughts we’ve already been exploring here — such as the idea that this ‘Swine Flu’ could have been deliberately engineered and released to try to prolong the inevitable for the dying negative factions.



Moving back to the subject of depopulation, and “seeing patterns where none exist,” let’s keep the tinfoil hat on a little longer. Here’s another ‘pattern’, if you still feel like playing the game. 

Last Friday — just as the media started having a field-day with the new ‘pandemic’ — a highly-acclaimed biomedical researcher who made “exceptional contributions” to drug development and toxicology — was found dead in his car with chemicals — an apparent ‘suicide’:

FIVE emergency workers and the wife of a leading cancer researcher were rushed to hospital after the scientist killed himself using highly toxic ­chemicals.

Dr Thomas Friedberg, 59, was found at the wheel of his Peugeot car parked outside his home by his wife Veronica around 6pm on Wednesday.

Mrs Friedberg tried to revive her husband and called the emergency services, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The eminent scientist and father of three, who worked at Dundee University’s Medical Research Institute, based at Ninewells Hospital, is understood to have committed suicide.

Police and two ambulance crews raced to the small cul de sac in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, and found unidentified chemicals inside the car…

Dr Friedberg’s colleagues yesterday paid tribute to him as an eminent scientist who made an “exceptional contribution” in his field, and as a “warm and kind” colleague. The respected researcher spearheaded breakthroughs on how proteins cause, and hinder, the treatment of breast and lung cancer.

Professor Martin Pippard, Dean of Dundee University’s School of Medicine, said: “We are deeply saddened by news of Dr Friedberg’s death.

“He had made many important ­contributions in the field of cancer research, particularly in drug develop­ment and toxicology.

“He was a much respected and loved colleague of many in the School of Medicine and across the university.

“Our thoughts are with his family.”

Professor Roland Wolf, director of the Biomedical Research Institute, where Dr Friedberg worked, said: “Thomas was a warm, kind and much loved member of the Biomedical Research Institute.

“He made an exceptional contribution to the research programme of the Institute and will be greatly missed.”


Again, the timing here is curious. Very curious. 

And now for the good news…



For many years now I have studied formerly-classified Russian research into ‘torsion fields’. These fields actually provide the raw energy that forms and sustains matter and life as we now know it.

Unfortunately for mainstream scientists who want to directly measure everything, these fields only exist in a hyper-dimensional space. [More specifically, they exist in what we could think of as ‘time’, if you assign it three dimensions as opposed to Einstein’s single ‘Fourth Dimension.’]

Since they are outside our own three dimensions, torsion fields cannot be directly measured here — only their after-effects, which result once they have been subjected to vibrations.

Even more bizarrely, there is a great wealth of scientific information showing that the fields themselves are intelligent and conscious — that consciousness is, in fact, a universal phenomenon. That is precisely what my Hollywood film CONVERGENCE will be all about.

[We are now moving towards signing a very major talent with extremely high credentials, and are still looking for potential investors to get us across the finish line. Let us know if you are seriously interested, or could help us find someone who would be, and the full details will be disclosed.]



Physical matter, at its smallest level, is built from vibrations in the torsion fields. The fields themselves usually behave like a fluid, and when you vibrate any fluid at ‘pure’ sound frequencies, you naturally get geometry.

This was aptly demonstrated, as I have said many times before, by Dr. Hans Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’ experiments, as you can see here:




All you are seeing here is a clear liquid that is filled with tiny white particles known as colloids. Each frame of the above picture simply represents the geometric pattern you get when you vibrate this fluid at different sound frequencies.

The frequency creates the geometry. Get it?

Physical matter, at the tiniest level, is built from ‘sacred geometry’ that has crystallized out of torsion fields. That is the biggest missing secret of mainstream quantum mechanics. 


Amazingly, the majority of viruses have a perfect ‘sacred geometry’ within their structure, most commonly seen as the icosahedron:




Even more stunning is the Russian researcher Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev’s groundbreaking study, where he proved that a disease could be energetically transmitted  into healthy cells, hermetically sealed, at a distance:




This proves that viruses are not simply ‘physical things.’ Kaznacheyev proved that they are frequencies.

Kaznacheyev used existing tissue that was already veering towards ‘dead’ because it has been separated from the protective biofields of the host organism. He was then able to send the energy frequency of viruses into these separated, unprotected cells.

The frequency of the virus alone was able to re-arrange the genetic material in those separated, unprotected cells and spontaneously generate the virus, thus causing the infection to form.

You can see how the ‘sacred geometry’ of the virus is a crystallized waveform by looking back to Dr. Hans Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’ diagram once again. This is how it really works. 

Though the Russians understand this energetic component, thankfully the New World Order / Neocon faction does not. This is why hardly any of their purported attempts to infect large numbers of people ever actually work out. 

Even if they DID understand the frequency component, and found a way to try to use it, that still wouldn’t be able to hurt people. Russian pyramid studies clearly showed that higher-intensity torsion fields automatically out-resonate anything that could be harmful to life — even turning toxic poisons into inert, safe substances.


One of the data points we collected for the CONVERGENCE film concerns Dr. Daniel Benor. He compiled the most exhaustive collection of ‘healing studies’ ever done — fully 191 studies where the power of the human mind alone was used in various attempts to heal everything from single-celled organisms to plants, animals, birds, fish and humans — even at great distances such as from New York to Los Angeles. 

Of these 191 studies, fully 64 percent showed that the simple focus of the mind upon healing another lifeform created a very substantial healing effect.

THIS is another one of the major pieces of ‘suppressed science’ that the criminal cartels of the world have wanted to suppress.

By this same system, viruses will not take hold unless the consciousness / torsion field ‘frequency’ of the person is diminished enough to allow it to activate. 

These healing studies do show that a positive, upbeat and ‘loving’ attitude is not merely a psychological phenomenon. The positive attitude actually raises ‘energy’ in the body — i.e. torsion fields — that dramatically helps prevent disease.

In this case, the energetic component of these viruses is unable to activate, and they remain dormant — and are soon wiped out by your white blood cells.

Again, this is another component of how we live in a highly structured reality. Events such as plagues and diseases do not happen at random. They flourish when the conditions of consciousness allow them to.

Even if you yourself do not have a sufficiently positive, loving attitude to out-resonate these problems on your own, it has been scientifically proven that getting other people to pray for you can have a very substantial healing effect. 

Other people’s naturally-occurring torsion fields can be directed towards you, to pump up the frequency of your own ‘energy’ sufficient to shatter the viruses or bacteria causing the problem. 

And with that said, we’re just about done here… at last!



In Part One of this article series, I went through an astonishing variety of prophecies I published online in 1999. Those dates can be verified through services such as The records are out there, and have been out there this whole time. And they are astonishing.

The entire scope of the economic collapse we’re now dealing with was spelled out, as well as the fact that the Bush Administration — and the powers behind it — were responsible. The prophecies clearly said that this collapse would pave the way for the complete exposure and downfall of this negative, criminal cabal, and that a “new agreement in terms of international finance” would replace the old, corrupt system.

This has not yet happened, but given how accurate everything else has been, there’s even more reason to believe that we really are OK. Read for yourself:

Monday 10 / 04 / 99 — 9:32 am


What we are looking at here is a stifling of the individual human mind in an attempt to create great fear.

We do not want these to appear to be isolated situations that cause extreme panic, but rather more as the lay of the land — as the symptoms of the overall malady that has struck the Earth at this time.

The Big Brother scenario is indeed real, and Big Brother is counting on us to not expose these truths as they have already been done.

The subjugation of the populace warrants their ignorance, and if they are to become smarter about what is happening to them, they might actually begin doing something about it.

Indeed, as we have already said, it is precisely the focus of experience that these [New World Order] individuals are now going through that will give them so much more to lose when the final steps into the basement are then made, and a new agreement is reached in terms of international finance.

So, if you can think in terms deeper than those portrayed in the media, you will see that there are indeed some serious thugs on the loose here.

When we speak of their plans of world domination, we are speaking of something that they do believe can and will be accomplished.

We are here to tell you that just the opposite is going to happen.

In their strive and quest for power, they will lose all that they had already gained, and gain nothing new.

However, in the midst of all these calamities, the brokers and stockpersons will begin to see a new form of commerce taking hold. They will not need to make money any more, as the credit is up.


I am happy to share these prophecies and thoughts with you, and again thank you for your letters, comments and product orders that help us stay afloat. Our brand-new Wanderer Awakening project is getting rave reviews, and already nearly half of the songs have been made into ‘fan videos’.

When I have the time — hopefully very soon — I will revise the Wanderer Awakening order page and dynamically embed the best videos for each song I feel is appropriate to share. This new treasure for “Moonlight Shines” from 5Cauac really impressed us with its production value and use of motion graphics:   


Be sure to maintain a positive attitude and realize the illusory nature of fear, as it is so very important in these critical times. You do help control the ‘frequency’ that will, in turn, determine how quickly the negative forces will be defeated!



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It may very well have been a directed attack — but the nice thing is that, like a fake pandemic, all it does is make you sneeze and ache a little, maybe take some time off to sleep, but then you’re back up and running!