Tuesday 4 / 28 / 09

The criminal NWO cartel desperately needed another 9/11 to throw the public off the scent. Explore the ‘story behind the story’ you won’t hear in mainstream OR alternative conspiracy media!





Foot and Mouth. West Nile Virus. Ebola. Anthrax. Hantavirus. Mad Cow. Africanized bees. SARS. Avian Flu. Monkeypox. Drug-resistant TB. Flesh-Eating Bacteria. And now, Swine / Avian / Human Flu, or “Swine Flu” for short.

What’s the one thing all of these media-enriched diseases have in common? 

In every case, the mainstream news organs have taken the ball and run with it… FAR out of proportion to the number of people who ever actually end up dying. 

“Oh, but THIS TIME it’s going to be different… this could be The One…”

Haven’t you started noticing that the mainstream media ALWAYS wants you to think we’re right on the brink of apocalypse? 

Remember how every skirmish in the Middle East — like when Israel invaded Lebanon less than two years ago — is feverishly expected to suddenly turn into World War III and the Battle of Armageddon? It’s the same principle.

If it bleeds, it leads.

More and more of us are waking up to what is really going on… but if you are fairly new to the game, you may not recognize the same-old-same-old once it starts happening again.

We here at Divine Cosmos certainly do, and wouldn’t have even bothered to write up the obvious had we not gotten so many of your letters, some rather desperate-sounding, seeking our opinion. It’s much faster to write a post than handle them all individually. 

Then, the more we looked at it, the more we realized that this WAS a really big story… but not for the reasons the mainstream media — OR the anti-Obama conspiracy media — have been giving.



Let’s say you have an international criminal cartel. 

Let’s say this cartel just lost a very pivotal election — spectacularly! — and with it the vast majority of their political power. 



Let’s say this cartel knew they were just about dead broke, and that losing the election could mean almost certain financial defeat — so they pulled an incredibly brazen, public smash-and-grab to “Bail Out” their sprawling corporate octopus for just a little longer:




Let’s say this cartel is effectively bankrupt financially, with months or less of operating capital remaining, and is now teetering on the verge of complete collapse.

[Their bare-minimum budget appears to be about a trillion a year at the very, very least, and the portion of funding from the first round of TARP that went ‘missing’ is well under half that amount.]

Let’s say this cartel owns a major cable news station as well as certain key organs of mainstream print media.

Let’s say this cartel used these outlets to try to incite a public uprising, where civilians would overthrow their government, creating a whole new ‘Nation’ of states seceding from the Union to side with them:




Let’s say this cartel’s plan soon evolved into openly trying to finance and spark off a New American Revolution of “Tea Parties”, including offering their own “celebrity” newscasters’ appearances to entice their viewers to show up:


Image   Image


Let’s say this seditious campaign was a dismal failure, widely ridiculed for the astonishingly poor choice of ‘branding’ implicit in the name — a homo-erotic frat prank called ‘Teabagging’, named as such for the relationship between the appearance of a teabag and a rather enjoyable part of the male anatomy. 

Let’s say those few who did participate in the “Tea Parties” became even MORE educated as to what’s really going on, and who’s really to blame — namely the shadowy controllers behind the scenes, such as the Federal Reserve — and loudly helped spread the word to others driving by:




Let’s say one insider from this cartel, who happens to be a governor, suggested that his state could secede from the Unionwording it in a slippery ‘maybe’ fashion — only to have polls reveal at least 75 percent of his constituency vehemently opposed it. Another epic and highly embarrassing failure.




Let’s say the victorious new administration shut down this cartel’s secret torture prisons — gulags whose continued existence is an essential element of running a dictatorship, where they can detain and brutalize people without ever charging them with a crime. 

These secret concentration camps, of course, create great fear in the public, so they would never dare to oppose their tyrannical masters — but again, let’s say they have now been shut down: 




Let’s say the victorious new administration blatantly released memos implicating the highest levels of the cartel in war crimes — i.e. the torture of detainees — even though at least four different very high-ranking CIA officials screamed for them not to:




Let’s say that a prominent ACLU lawyer who helped force the release of the memos said “these are the first dominoes” that will lead to, at the very least, a purging of many high-level CIA officials:





Let’s also  say the victorious new administration is well aware of the prophecies of an epic shift in human consciousness surrounding the year 2012. 

Let’s say the new administration knew that releasing the torture memos and defeating the opposition would be a key part of the cleansing of our society — to fulfill the positive 2012 prophecies in practical  terms. 

Let’s say the new administration staged a photo-op in front of the AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL Aztec Calendar — whose timing system is almost identical to the Mayan Calendar… an image widely used as the main symbolic representation of the Mayan Calendar and 2012.

Let’s say that this very important symbolic photo was then directly associated with the release of torture memos in the news — and no overt mention of the significance was ever  given:




[Naturally, the choice of that particular location in the Mexico Anthropology Museum, and that one specific artifact’s relationship to positive 2012 prophecies, must be a coincidence. It’s just a photograph. No need to read in anything unusual about it. Moving on…]

Let’s say the victorious new administration, after first creating a huge public outrage by saying they would not pursue their enemies, then pulled a complete 180. 

Let’s say the new administration suddenly announced, last Tuesday, that they WOULD potentially prosecute those who operate and control this cartel — at the very highest levels — for having condoned and ordered torture:




Let’s say that this sudden 180 stunned and demoralized the criminal cartel’s media outlets — and all they could do was whine and complain about how it was a complete and total change of policy: 




Let’s say that during this same week, a two-year old, tragic story on torture ‘suddenly’ leaked out.

Let’s say that the leaked story is about a female military officer who witnessed acts of torture in Iraq, and was horrified by them. Was she ready to blow the whistle? To reveal all to the world? Very likely. 

Did she make a mistake, and telegraph her moves too strongly? Very likely.

Did she then “just so happen” to die of a (supposedly) self-inflicted gunshot wound? Unfortunately, yes.

Obviously, in a harsh wartime environment, where everyone carries guns, there is no possibility of foul play in something like this. She undoubtedly did it herself. Case closed. 

Again, the question. Why now? Why this week? Are the cabal’s secret methods — of using assassination to suppress the truth — being revealed so as to trigger a mass awakening?

Could the new administration, given all the other things it’s doing to bring down the criminal cartel, be behind this new leak? Think about it: 





Let’s say that a fairly innocent corporate underling was recently raised to power in the nearly-destroyed, highly corrupt Freddie Mac mortgage corporation, once all the higher-ups were thrown out:


Kellermann, a University of Michigan graduate who went to business school at George Washington University, worked for Freddie Mac for the past 16 years and was named acting chief financial officer last September when the government seized control of the company and ousted top executives.

Let’s say this underling stumbled over something he “wasn’t supposed to.” Something that could destroy the criminal cartel completely. Something that implicated the very highest levels — in a way that rhymes with ‘tush’.

Let’s say this underling found a BIG story… and he was ready to run with it, despite promises he might have made to dummy up:


In filings with the SEC in March, Freddie Mac said it had entered into a pact with Kellermann and two other company executives to protect them from liabilities and expenses in connection to any threatened or pending lawsuits.

Let’s say this underling made a mistake, and telegraphed his impending moves too strongly. 




Let’s say that during this same week, he ‘just so happened’ to hang himself in his basement. Unfortunately, this is true:




[Of course, there is no correlation between this tragic event and the almost immediate release, just a few days later, of another, similar story about a female military officer in Iraq from two years ago — suggesting the use of fake suicides to cover-up the corruption at the highest levels.]



Let’s say that during this same week, articles appear in mainstream media proving that the new administration is fulfilling its pledge to directly attack the corruption in the oil industry and break their ‘tyranny’ over our society:




[In my “Government Conspiracy 101” sociology class in college, with the sneaky title “Contemporary Social Issues,” we learned that the oil industry — a key part of the no-longer-ruling criminal cartel — has fought viciously for many, many years to suppress public transportation such as light rail, bullet trains, mass subway transit and bus systems, as well as any and all forms of alternative energy.] 

Let’s say that during this same week, the new administration also  announces initiatives to aggressively tackle the corruption in the credit card industry — another essential pillar of the criminal cartel’s illicit financing:




Let’s say that — yes — during this same week, ( ! ), an ex-astronaut gets widespread public and media momentum, including major TV coverage, to finally destroy the criminal cartel’s secrecy over their most jealously guarded issue of all — the UFO cover-up — after more than 60 years of violently-enforced silence:






Let’s ALSO say that during this very same week, the good guys behind the scenes at CBS News release a twelve-minute documentary on 60 Minutes smashing the criminal cartel’s manufactured myth that “Cold Fusion” is a fake.

Let’s say that this is a very bold step forward towards destroying their grip on oil and all other fuels, inevitably leading towards a Utopian era where money is no longer necessary because we have limitless energy completely without cost:




Let’s say all the above are true. (Along with many other facts we will share in later sections of this article, for those who staunchly refuse to see the obvious.) 

In that case, by all standards, it was a terrible, awful, no-good, very bad  week for the criminal cartel — and wonderful for everyone else who yearns to breathe free.



What to do, what to do?

Could you do another 9/11? Not on such short notice — and not when you’re flat out of money.

[When the Disclosure Project brought out 39 whistleblowers with firsthand knowledge of government involvement in UFOs at the National Press Club, all willing to testify before Congress under oath, 9/11 happened just five months later — right as momentum for the hearings had started building, even in spite of the controlled media. 9/11 was obviously a bigger story — and it totally blew out the disclosure movement.]


Let’s say the criminal cartel did not have enough money or time to do another 9/11-type event this time around.

Let’s say they did not have enough political power to incite a public uprising against the administration that is destroying them. [The “Tea Party” plans failed miserably and were widely ridiculed.]

Let’s say they really have nothing left to stop the inevitable from happening.

Their future hangs in the balance, and could be decided within mere weeks — given the speed with which things are happening these days.

What, then, do they need? Something cheap, something fast, something easy — anything to divert attention from their own VERY imminent collapse…


Think, think, think…



That’s it — a Sudden Distraction!

Time to call up the Controlled Media and create a huge mass panic. Dominate the news cycles! Don’t let anything else get a word in edgewise! Wall-to-wall coverage on this one issue! Stall, stall, stall!

Fear? Please? Fear!

There you go. Right. Fear. Fear.

You feeling it now? Fear? 

Getting it yet? Fear? Fear? 

Come on, I know you feel it. Don’t you? Don’t you feel FEAR? 




Oh yeah. OH, YEAH!! That’s it! Now you’ve got it! FEAR! FEAR!



<scenes of mass panic in the streets… you know you like it…>

Yes. Yes. YES!!! Oh my GOD that feels good, baby!

Do me! DO me! Just like the old times! Oh, it’s so good… SO, so good… 


Rush to the TV! Keep it on! Call your family! Buy masks! Swallow Cipro! Rush for a vaccine! Get the latest magazine! Buy the paper! Don’t Leave the House! Stay Glued to the Media 24/7 — Your Life May Depend On It! 


Here’s a video that makes the point clearly and WITHOUT fear:





NOTHING else was on television. Not for the entire weekend. Monday either. All the newspapers, all the magazines, all the websites were dominated by gripping headlines.

Most of the media is no longer controlled by the old guard, but when a story like this suddenly shows up, they have no choice but to cover it. And that they did. 

Jon Stewart did a wonderfully humorous two-part series on this ridiculous fear-mongering:



In the second part he uses humor to raise an awkward subject that everyone is starting to think about — could it be possible that the criminal cartel would have done this deliberately? 

By masking it as comedy, the thought goes out there, while everyone can just laugh it off.

Since Alex Jones has gotten so extremely popular on the Internet, there’s no doubt that the ‘Jason Jones’ character — from the “Center For Stuff I Heard From Some Guy” — is meant to be a hilarious parody… and it works!




Of course, the criminal cartel hopes that you’ll be as traumatized, terrified and fearful from their ‘Pandemic’ as you were from 9/11. A little “Shock and Awe” to jolt you into a complete amnesia about everything that happened before That Day.



But hey, why stop there? Triggering fears of a mass pandemic — the next 9/11 — is still not enough. Let’s give everyone, and particularly those damn liberals in New York, a good reminder of 9/11. Let’s make it really simple for them to put two and two together — This Flu Thing is the Next 9/11!

How could we do that?

Hmm… all right, I’ve got it!

Let’s fly a frickin’ PLANE right through the middle of New York, at a very low altitude — right around the Statue of Liberty!

Let’s have the plane followed by an F-16 — so everyone thinks it’s been hijacked, and is about to be shot down!

That’ll scare the livin’ pants off of ’em! That’s great!



That way, everybody will start thinking about 9/11 again — and realize that the new 9/11 is here with the Swine Flu Pandemic!

No, wait, wait, wait…

DUDE! I’ve got an even better idea!

What if we use one of the President’s own planes — Air Force One — and try to get the public to blame all of this on him!

Oh my God! Dude, that is SWEET! Let’s do it! Ha ha ha ha ha!!…

The Obama Haters Will Never Even Bother to Read the Articles Proving He Had Nothing to Do With It and Was Furious!! AWESOME!!!



Notice that when Fox wrote about it, there was not so much as a word suggesting that the Obama administration had in any way opposed this. In fact, they directly suggest he did it himself to scare people… what an evil, evil man: 

Officials say the Boeing 747 is used by President Barack Obama and called Air Force One when he’s aboard.

Then, of course, you have this handy little poll off to the right of the same article… we need to find out just how scared everyone really is about Our Last Hope, the Swine Flu.

If only 843 people answered, and not even half of them are scared, hmm… we might have a problem: 





It came out pretty quickly that Obama not only had nothing to do with this, but was furious about it. Yet, Jon Stewart had worked up a bit about the whole thing before that ever became clear:





Obviously, the old guard has not completely lost power. They still control parts of the Defense Department, including the backup Air Force One jet.

The problem with this ridiculous attempt to pin this all on Obama is that he DID say he was furious — it DID make it into the news. A member of the Old Guard may well have to take a bullet for this one — but they’ve got nothing to lose at this point, so why not? Read:


Later, aides told reporters that President Obama was furious about the flyover when it was brought to his attention. The White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, conveyed the president‘s anger in a meeting with the director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera, who issued the apology.

“Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision, ” Mr. Caldera said. “While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, it‘s clear that the mission created confusion and disruption. I apologize and take responsibility for any distress that flight caused. ”


As this commenter on Huffington Post writes, the people ARE figuring it out:

Comment from vabeachnet on Huffington Post:

This event sounds a lot like one of Cheney’s “moles” wreaking havoc in the Obama White House. The DOD is where Cheney has most of his moles stashed, and it would only have taken a couple of them to pull off this idiotic stunt.

There is no way that even a 1st Grader would have failed to realize the reaction people would have had to this. This has Cheney written all over it. The GOP is DESPERATE, and that is when they are at their most dangerous. They are likely to say or do ANYTHING they think will hurt the Obama White House.