Saturday 5 / 9 / 09

CONVERGENCE is on the brink of signing a major, A-plus-caliber screenwriter… but we can use your help! In the meantime, listen live to David at 5PM PT tonight with Rayelan Allan!


As you may know, I’ve been developing the CONVERGENCE film with my partner Billy Blake for over four years now. We’ve seen highs and lows, and roughly ten complete script rewrites — several of which I’ve done myself, after a massive study of the art of screenwriting that included detailed research of all the best books available on the subject — over 15 in total. 

The film has already transformed substantially — starting out as a documentary and evolving into a dramatic thriller that takes the feel of a Da Vinci Code storyline, but weaves in the most incredible scientific data I’ve put together. We do feel very confident that this is the best way to reach a mass audience with the knowledge we have to share.

Here and there in the past, I have alluded to a major new development that arrived earlier this year, and has the potential to create a quantum leap in what we can accomplish. More specifically, I have alluded to the fact that a major heavyweight talent may be about to join us within this very month.

Though we are not going to publicly reveal his identity at this stage, we can now tell you that we are on the brink of signing a highly in-demand, contemporary A-list screenwriter who has worked with Spielberg and other Academy award-winning directors whose names are instantly recognizable. 

More importantly, we literally could not have asked for a better writer in terms of the films he has done. It truly is as if the Universe sent us the single best person for the job — and he reached out to us directly! We would have loved to work with him, but would have never dreamed we could get him… and then he just manifested!

You may find what you are about to read interesting — as a window into the film biz if nothing else. I certainly knew none of this prior to becoming an executive producer of a major feature film! 



This writer strongly believes in what we’re doing, has read the script as it now stands, and knows he can make substantial improvements. And given his jaw-dropping filmography, all you can do is stand back and say, “Yes Sir!!”

We are open to everything, up to and including a complete page-one rewrite — bringing in information that we might otherwise have held off for sequels, so that our very first film will have the most tremendous impact it possibly can. And again… if we could tell you who he was, you’d REALLY get why this is so amazing.

Through most of this year, he has been hard at work on other projects — but he has finally navigated through them and arrived back into a moment of clarity and freedom. Now is the time where he is again ‘on the market’ and open to various bids for his talent — including all the major studios and their best players.

Thus, we only just recently have started moving into serious talks with him, because like me, he gets so wrapped up in his creative work that he rarely even surfaces for air.

He now has presented us with a clear financial goal in terms of what we need to raise to lock in his participation, and guarantee we will have him for the rest of the project. And it is very well worth it. The best part is that even though there is a ticking clock, clearing this hurdle is an achievable goal!

In fact, we may already  have done it. We have four likely candidates in play now, any one of whom could knock out the whole thing by themselves. Since there is a ticking clock involved, at this stage it’s really about who can step up to the plate and deliver before the others.

Given the propensity for negative greetings to throw things off, and / or delay them past the point where we can be effective, it’s important to make sure that we have covered all possible outcomes — and that’s why we’re here talking about this now.



Legally we are allowed to have up to 35 investors on this project. Anything above that is considered fraud by the SEC, which is why we can’t raise money in small increments where people send in 500 dollars and the like. This ‘ceiling’ is actually a good thing, as it prevents scam artists from setting up Ponzi schemes that rip people off by saying they’re doing a film and then running off to the Cayman Islands with their money.

We have a small core of ‘Stage 1’ investors, as they are called, who have financed the production and development of CONVERGENCE up until now. Signing this incredible writer will substantially  increase the likelihood that we will have a huge, blockbuster hit on our hands.

The meaning behind Stage 1 is simple — you get a significantly better deal in terms of the percentage returns by investing at Stage 1 than you do in Stage 2 or 3, where we have a locked script and a full budget to take to our large investors. That’s what they expect to see, because by then there is no ambiguity and they can be certain of what they are buying.

Just this past week one of the big players we’re in touch with said “Let’s see a script and a budget,” which of course we won’t have until we sign this writer and come up with a finished product!

Some lawyers actually howled at us for what we’re doing, because the extra ‘bonus’ percentages our Stage 1 investors will receive come directly out of our own portion of the revenue stream — not from ‘creative accounting’ where you simply re-arrange all the investors’ percentages on their side and leave yours untouched.

Those lawyers lost their jobs on CONVERGENCE, as our goal is to make the best possible movie we can. It’s not about the money. Once we achieve that goal, the rest will fall into place very nicely.



For just the next two weeks, if you are capable of putting in 10K or more as an investor, you can join CONVERGENCE and be part of our higher-yield Stage 1 crew.  Our goal is to have a great story at an affordable production cost, so as to insure the film is profitable enough that we can keep doing more of them. 

CONVERGENCE investors are also part of our LLC, which means that you get a percentage of residuals as well… including book sales, conference revenues and the like. 

As you may remember if you are a long-term or in-depth reader of this site, for the last two years our minimum buy-in has been 50K. Again, in light of needing these starter funds ASAP, we have reduced the minimum by 500 percent.

If you have an under-performing investment and can jump in and be involved, we will be eternally grateful to you. It would be a terrible shame to have this opportunity so close at hand and then lose it by not taking action, and thus getting blown out of the water by a major studio!



I feel very confident this is going to work, and amazingly it is only one of several  substantial developments that have suddenly all burst into view at the same time. Synchronicity has gone completely into overdrive — and 11 years of working 14 hours a day, seven days a week to bring you this information is finally paying off!

In fact, I have had to work diligently to support these developments, and that is why I haven’t had time to finish the next portion of ‘Great Awakening’ just yet. If these opportunities do come through, our readership will have very substantial increases — that much is for certain. 

When all these things combine with the power of the mega-album we just released, Wanderer Awakening, it is sure to be a magical combination!



Truthfully, I worked so hard this past week that I got a touch of the sore throat / high fatigue combo again, which was definitely scary… as the last time this happened, one of my tonsils swelled up to nearly an inch in diameter, as I wrote in an earlier entry of David’s Blog.

This throat problem plagued me through two different conferences, and almost forced me to rush to the emergency room on the seven-hour drive back from the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, fearing for my own life. I came home that night and ultimately spent more than two hours releasing a thick, gooey brown material out of my tonsil by gagging. It was profoundly unpleasant, but I was very relieved that I was going to make it!

Nonetheless, I’m doing all the right stuff this time around — including mega-dosing vitamin C and super-green powder, as well as nasal and throat irrigation with saline solution — and I’m getting better and better by the day.

Since all these new things have just happened, I’m torn as to what to release and when, because nothing is done until it’s done. Though Wanderer Awakening is real, and you can download and experience it right now, these other things all represent pending  situations at this time. Most people still have no idea what we’ve done on Wanderer Awakening, but in time I think it will reach a large audience!

It seems very likely that these other opportunities will all bear fruit, and by the beginning of next year we will be in a very, very different situation than where we are now… with a much greater international focus.

Suffice it to say that with this writer, CONVERGENCE could have as much impact as a film like 2001, Matrix or Close Encounters.



If you are curious and would like to know more, email my partner Billy Blake directly at [email protected]. From there, you’ll get his phone number, and set up a time to talk where he can answer any questions you might have — which will include full disclosure of the writer’s identity for serious contenders, et cetera.

We would love to have you join the team… and again, we need you! If we miss the window, the whole opportunity could be lost. This is a great way to harness the power of grassroots in order to accomplish a film at a true Hollywood blockbuster studio quality, but with fantastic content you’d never see otherwise.

Anyway, enough of that… let’s talk about the radio show I’m about to do in the next three hours… hopefully after another quick nap to relieve some more fatigue. This is again destined to be a classic!



In case you forgot, Rayelan Allan of has become our main go-to person for information about the “Good Guys” / “White Hats” / Templar faction of insiders. They are actively working against the Illuminati and the New World Order factions, and their story is quite fascinating — spanning hundreds if not thousands of years.

Rayelan has shared some amazing testimony with me over the phone, and our goal is to cover some of that material for you on the air — while also discussing the many tangible points I raised in the three-part “Great Awakening” series. There’s a lot to talk about, and I’m sure this is going to be a good one!

Here’s the information for how you can listen in. If you miss it live, you will probably have to wait a few days before it becomes available in the archive, but we will let you know as soon as that happens. 

The cool part is that this is the debut for the entire Rumor Mill News Radio network on a major FM station: WIFL 104.3 FM in Inglis, Florida. It covers the full Metro Area of Gainesville, Florida, so that is one way you can listen in tonight… beginning at 5PM Pacific time / 8PM Eastern.

We do have a call-in number, though I will give you fair warning — we only have two hours and may very well not have time for questions. Nonetheless, the magic number is 888-747-1968.

Otherwise, you can listen online at the following link:

For those who have satellite, you can tune it in with the following information:

Galaxy 25 (Telstar 5)
Transponder 5
Frequency 11836
Symbol Rate 20.765
PID 560


Wish me luck as far as my health and energy level goes… when you try to make super-human accomplishments you can be easily reminded of the frailties of the physical body! 

I will try to knock out the next part of “Great Awakening” as time, energy and health permits… so stay tuned, and be sure to check out the new show! I might have to soften my voice by a notch to help my throat, but it will still be an amazing ride! 



Before I go, I just remembered that I should update you about some conferences I’m doing as well. So many of you want to see me in public, and despite all the complications, I have continued to make myself available.

We still have a limited number of seats available for my New York Convergence event, coming up in just two weeks. This will be the very first time where I have the whole weekend to present my material, without having to cram everything into one or two short bursts as usual. Much of this material is not on the website, and everyone comes out with their mind completely blown by what they’ve just seen and heard!

Furthermore, Larry and I are investing in top-of-the-line sound equipment for my world debut as a lead singer on Wanderer Awakening, so it is sure to be a noteworthy event in more ways than one!



Then, from June 13th through the 21st, you can actually join me with a small group, not to exceed 30 people, on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. We still have six slots left at this point. It’s a great power spot on the shores of a wonderful lake, with breathtaking natural views as we’re surrounded by the Rockies.

Given how things are shaping up, this will probably be the very last time you can get me alone in such a small group for that long. Everyone who has done a small group with me before has been completely satisfied — it is truly a life-transforming event.

We will have complete control of Chateau Lake Louise for the week — no other guests to down-res the energy we will create together — and I will be presenting all my hottest information via Power Point presentations.

This is a pay-one-price event. All meals, events and travel to the various sacred sites we’ll be visiting are included. You can contact Kevin Fitzgerald at [email protected], and set up a time to talk, or try him directly by phone at 805-587-7734. Again, serious inquiries only, please.



Another new announcement is that I will actually be flying over to Switzerland in July to join the first-ever Project Camelot conference. It will feature Bill Ryan, ex-astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary, top-secret insider whistleblower Dan Burisch and me.

I will not be speaking much more than the others — I also will not be doing any extra-cost workshops — but there will be at least one panel where I will engage Dr. Burisch on many fascinating topics he has unique access to, and compare and contrast them with my own knowledge base on 2012. Everyone there will be able to witness this in real time, and be part of that group energy.

Burisch is also going to be disclosing some brand-new information for the first time, so this is sure to be a landmark event. We have never appeared together in public before, nor have any of our conversations ever been made public before — so this will truly be a unique experience!

You can find out more by visiting the Project Camelot website at We’re still ironing out the fine points of the schedule, but I will definitely be there come mid-July! Hope to see you there!