There is compelling evidence from multiple trustworthy sources that over 51,000 sealed indictments may be on the verge of turning into mass arrests.

This includes very time-sensitive data from Q Anon and other sources, indicating we should prepare for an emergency, possibly in September, and that spy satellites for the Deep State have been taken down.

That material will be covered in Part Three, and is a must-see.

In this section, we are going to review some of the most vitally important information we published on this site regarding the future likelihood of mass arrests.

We have also been linking these anticipated events with a disclosure of the UFO / ET presence as well, for many years now.

This section is partly intended as a resource for newbies and journalists to get up to speed, since this may be on the verge of becoming a gigantic news story.

Even if you are a regular reader of this site, you may not have read all of these articles or been able to see how all the pieces fit together.

It will take time to “do the homework” and read through the linked articles, but if mass arrests end up happening it will all be well worth it.




By the end of 2009, I had gained a terrific amount of new intel from Pete Peterson and an insider we call “Jacob” regarding the ongoing effort to defeat the Deep State through mass arrests.

Some of the most important data was written up in Disclosure Endgame, on December 13, 2009.

There was significant hope from insiders that President Obama would work to expose and arrest the Deep State, as I was writing at the time.

If McCain and Palin had won, we were told that things would have taken a much quicker turn for the worse.

During our very first meeting with Pete Peterson in June 2009, we got compelling intel leaks that Obama was going to make a formal UFO disclosure announcement on November 27th, 2009.

Airtime had been booked for all of the top TV networks in the nation and around the world.

Although we had been sternly warned that this date must remain absolutely secret, Bill Ryan leaked it onstage in his talk at the Project Camelot Zurich conference, on July 10th, 2009.

We had already agreed that we must never give out this date, but it just slipped out while he was on stage at the conference. Here is the transcript:

Bill:  David’s reminded me about something else that Dr. Pete Peterson told us about the end of this year.

What Dr. Pete Peterson told us was that President Obama was going to reveal the reality of extraterrestrial contact before the end of this year.

He said that he had been told this by people who knew that the television time on the networks had already been booked. The date he told us, if I remember it right, was November the 27th.

What he also told us was that it was one of these ritualistically significant dates, numerologically.

He said that what Obama was going to talk about was the reality of contact with six different friendly [humanlike] ET races.

When we asked him why he used the word friendly, he said: Well, some of them are unfriendly, but most of them are friendly.



I was horrified that this leaked in such a public, irreversible fashion, as it very likely meant that the disclosure wouldn’t happen then.

I refused to answer many hundreds of emails asking me if it was true — for months.

Bill Ryan and I continued to work together as colleagues after this, and he apologized privately for having leaked the date. I don’t want to stir up any trouble here, and we’ve all made mistakes.

I knew that once a huge plan like this was leaked to the public, it was very unlikely that it would actually happen. Leaks like this can also get people killed.

This was only one of several instances where, as I later found out, leaks I was directly or indirectly involved with caused serious problems for the Alliance.

For that same reason I have now become much, much more careful about what I say, and how I say it.

This is not a game, and people like me are not central to this effort. We are lucky to get much of anything in terms of intel, and the scope of these operations are far greater than we can imagine.

If people like me get in the way and disrupt these operations, we can easily receive significant threats, get completely cut off from all insider access, or worse.



After this security breach, the date for the disclosure announcement was then secretly moved ahead by less than two weeks, to December 10th, 2009.

The big “reveal” was set to occur right in the middle of Obama’s speech… as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.



Disclosure Endgame presented compelling pieces of evidence that Obama’s life was indeed threatened just before this event — in a very visible, dramatic fashion.

How so? The mysterious “Norway Spiral” appeared on the night of December 9th, 2009.

This was the very night before Obama was set to receive his Nobel Prize in that same region of Oslo, Norway, on the morning of December 10th, 2009.

We present conclusive scientific evidence in Disclosure Endgame that the Norway Spiral was deliberately generated by a HAARP facility in the area called EISCAT.

The astonishing precision in the circular symmetry of the glowing spirals here is not caused by an out-of-control Russian rocket.

You can clearly see that this phenomenon is being beamed into the air from a location in the nearby mountains:



In the above image, you can clearly see the beam shining up from the mountains.

Pattern-matching the mountains with Google Earth revealed that this location is right where EISCAT is located.

HAARP can produce glowing aerial phenomena with exactly this type of spiral shape under the right atmospheric conditions.

As the aerial phenomenon continued spinning, the center opened up into a mysterious, mathematically perfect black circle, as you can see in many images from the time.



Deep State / Cabal operatives then let Obama know this was a visible example of portal technology in action. The black circle in the middle was apparently a traversible wormhole.

The rotation of that area of the sky with these high-powered microwave beams was apparently enough to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time itself.

Obama was threatened that if he dared to say a single word about ETs or UFOs at the Nobel awards ceremony, they would open up a portal in front of Air Force One while he was onboard.

He and all of his crew would be killed instantly. No one would know where he went or what happened. His disclosure would then be discredited and covered up.

I did not receive this intel until after Disclosure Endgame was written, but it did come from a highly reliable source, who hadn’t even read the piece.

Although Obama may have initially intended to expose the Deep State and create disclosure, the force of manipulation, control, blackmail and death threats was just too great for him to move forward.



Interestingly, Deep State assets immortalized this entire series of events less than a year later, in the premiere episode of a big-budget TV series called “The Event,” on September 20th, 2010.



Notice the signature “33” in the E’s of the word “Event,” as well as the flagging of the letter V — an homage to the TV show describing reptilian alien invaders disguised as humans.

The premiere episode literally featured the President of the United States, a black man, about to make a mass ET disclosure announcement to humanity.

This included introducing us to an extraterrestrial, human-looking female from another planet.

Right before he is about to introduce her, a plane flies at them — reminiscent of 9/11 — only to disappear through a portal immediately before it hits them.



The resulting chaos disrupted the president’s plans to create disclosure. It never happened.

You can’t even imagine how stunning this was for me to see, particularly after the briefings I had received about the Norway Spiral, and the hard data that backed it up.

It is entirely possible that Obama had extraterrestrial humans waiting in the wings, ready to be introduced, at that same Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

Remember — the original briefing we got from Pete Peterson included the idea that six different groups would be introduced to us in the initial speech.

That makes the inaugural episode of “The Event” another shocking example of Obama being threatened in a blatant, public fashion that no one would understand.

Here is what the perpetrators might have intended to say to him:

“Look at what we can do. The public is so brainwashed that we can show them exactly what is going on, but no one will ever believe it. President? So what. You will just disappear.”



What follows is an original excerpt from the time when I wrote about all of this, complete with images.

The ultimate plan of “The Event” was apparently to demonize ETs and blame them for 9/11 and plans for mass ‘depopulation.’

[They also wanted to make the concept of Ascension seem terrifying and evil, where these ETs would get activated in “The Event,” but the rest of us would die.]

It might sound crazy for a show like this to imply that 9/11 was the work of extraterrestrials in such a blatantly obvious fashion.

However, if the Alliance was about to disclose the truth of extraterrestrials and UFOs, in this case through Obama, the Cabal wanted to pin their own crimes on their angelic adversaries.

Then, the people that may have been waiting in the wings to be introduced at the Nobel Prize ceremony could quickly be demonized and blamed for the Cabal’s own misdeeds.

Here is an excerpt from the article where this was discussed:


7/5/11: Media Disinformation About Disclosure and Ascension


In the first episode of “The Event”, entitled “I Haven’t Told You Everything” from September 20, 2010, ETs were responsible for hijacking a passenger airliner and using it as a weapon.

They literally tried to fly an airplane directly into the spot where the president was standing — right as Disclosure was about to occur, with the president introducing the world to a female human ET.

The plane then warped through a ‘portal’ right before impact — and the whole story was then covered up by the mainstream media.



Everyone who watched the show could obviously feel, on some level, that this was a significant nod to 9/11 — but it wasn’t entirely clear why this connection was being made.



The ‘synchronicity’ became a lot stronger in Episode 6, “Loyalty,” from October 25, 2010.



In this episode, the same ET portal technology was used to collapse a building into its own footprint — just like WTC Building 7 fell at free-fall speed during 9/11.



Is this all a coincidence? Given the amount of money invested in this show — both in production and marketing — and the seriousness of the charges the Old World Order is facing, I think not.



In order to understand what is going on, you have to think with the mind of the people who seem to be planning all of this.

Let’s say you are, in fact, responsible for 9/11, and are concerned that public hearings are going to emerge that will hold you culpable for it.

Let’s say ETs are working with terrestrial governments — i.e. the BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) — to provide the necessary force to make you face the public.

[I have been documenting this in our China’s October Surprise article series — and there are very significant new things happening that I will be featuring in upcoming conferences and articles.]

What better way to cloud the legitimacy of the ETs, their inquisition and accusations than to put out propaganda that makes them appear to be responsible for having caused 9/11 in the first place?

This way, you confuse the public. People won’t really think much about any of this until Disclosure happens. Now they will be faced with the reality of human ETs visiting and interacting with Earth as “sleepers” — well before the official announcement was made.

Was 9/11 really an “inside job” from governmental forces here on Earth? Or, was it part of a vast, sinister conspiracy by negative ETs to discredit our elected governments — our protection — in their attempts to take over?




Another very significant article series in the ‘canon’ of our older works on mass arrests is entitled China’s October Surprise, as mentioned in the above excerpt.

The first article in this series has over 350,000 unique views at the time of this writing.

In it, we detail multiple efforts China was making to force the Deep State to reveal the truth about UFOs, free energy, advanced technology and the ET presence.

The Chinese delivered packages to leaders around the world in 2010, with plans for free energy — and threats that if this was not released, severe attacks would follow.

The resulting coercive efforts included multiple, bizarre, highly-visible EMP attacks against military and civilian targets that did not kill anyone, but sent a very strong message.

This included the complete powering down of 1/9th of the entire US nuclear missile arsenal.

The Chinese also fired a missile off the coast of Los Angeles, California on November 9th, as another dramatic warning.

Here are working links to the four sections for easy reference:


10/24/10: Disclosure, “The Event” and China’s October Surprise

11/27/10: China’s October Surprise II: Earth’s Quarantine Has Lifted

12/6/10: China’s October Surprise III: The Fight for Disclosure

12/11/10: China’s October Surprise IV: Live Radio Show


[Bear in mind that we have had countless Deep State attempts to hack and destroy this website over the years, and have had to spend significant monies to ensure its security.]



Here is the complete list of weird, anomalous events that occurred during this time, as summarized in Part III, with links.

The idea of all of these weird things happening in such a short time is definitely not a coincidence.

Someone was behind this, and our insiders had passed the intel along before any of this had started happening:


9/30: 6 Million Computers and 1000 Enterprises Hit by Virus in China (Opposing Factions — Insider War)

9/30: Start-up of Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant Delayed By Virus

(11/26): Stuxnet Virus Almost Impossibly Sophisticated (Extraterrestrial-Designed?)



10/21: Exxon Mobil Oil Refinery Near Chicago Has Equipment Failure

10/22: Oil Refinery in Rodeo, CA Has Equipment Failure

10/22: Brand New UK Nuclear Submarine “HMS Astute” Loses Power, Runs Aground Off Scotland

10/23: 1/9th of US Missile Arsenal Taken Offline for One Hour

10/23: US Lost Command of 1/9th of Nuclear Arsenal — Unprecedented, Enormous Failure

10/28: French Warship to Join US Fleet — Escalating Persian Gulf Tensions

10/31: French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Breaks Down Enroute to Persian Gulf, Loses All Power Systems, Dead in the Water


11/3: Electrical Fault Causes Largest American Nuclear Power Plant to Shut Down

11/4: Quantas Airlines Grounds All Airbus A380s After Engine Fire Over Indonesia

11/5: Engine Problems Hit Second Quantas Aircraft — This Time a Boeing 747-400

11/7: 911 Emergency System Equipment Failure in Atlanta

11/8: Quantas Uncovers More Engine Problems

11/8: “Complete Coincidence” as Two Different Nuclear Plants Shut Down Within One Hour – New York and Vermont

11/8: Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship’s Propulsion and Communication Systems Destroyed, Ship Stranded for Days

11/8: Equipment Failure Causes 15 Time Warner Channels (If Not All of Them) to Freeze for 90 Minutes

11/8: Time Warner Blackout Included NBC’s George W. Bush Interview and “The Event” Television Show

11/9: Massive Missile Launch Occurs Off LA Coast, Still Unexplained

11/9/2007: Chinese Sub Appears in US Navy Exercise — Huge Shock and Embarrassment (Same Day as 2010 Missile)

11/10: Mystery Contrail May Have Been An Airplane (Not)

11/10: Rocketry Expert Confirms The Mystery Contrail Was a Solid-Propellant Missile

11/10: Weird Line of “Fire” Hangs in NY Skyline (Scalar / Beam Weapon Technology, Threatening NY)

11/15: BP Texas Oil Refinery Fails, Releases Hydrogen Sulfide

11/28: Kansas Oil Refinery Has Equipment Failure, Releases Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide


12/4: Louisiana Oil Refinery Has Fiery Equipment Failure



The Deep State proceeded to have talks with the Chinese that were intended to pave the way towards the disclosure the Alliance was seeking.

All of this was occurring behind the scenes. Numerous promises were broken thereafter.

Many different underground Cabal bases were destroyed as a result of the betrayals. This created anomalous earthquakes and other phenomena.

Normal earthquakes ramp up to a maximum intensity over time. Underground nuclear tests create earthquakes that begin at the maximum.

The smaller, black graph is an example of a normal earthquake. The larger green graph is an underground nuclear test:



We saw two of these exact types of spontaneously massive earthquakes appear in less than 24 hours.

The first one was a 5.3 on the Richter scale, with an epicenter 180 miles south of the Denver Airport in Trinidad, Colorado, at 11:46 PM on August 22nd, 2011. 

This is well within the region of underground bases associated with and accessible from the Denver International Airport.

The second one shook NY and the entire east coast with a 5.8, and an epicenter right near Washington, DC, on August 23rd, 2011 at 1:51 PM local time.

This was the destruction of a highly luxurious and favored underground base for the DC elites, known to insiders as “Crystal City.”

These events were covered in Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed, on September 17th, 2001, currently with over a million unique views.

The story became even more interesting in Disclosure Imminent? Part II: Many More Bases Destroyed, on October 13th, 2011, the one-year anniversary of China’s October Surprise.

I was told that six more bases were destroyed in the immediate aftermath of the first two, and published that data in Part II.

I was also told that an additional 20 were wiped out after these next six as well, but did not leak that information at the time.



We covered an earlier example of underground-base attacks in Disclosure War at Critical Mass: Birds, Fish and Political Deaths, back on January 15th, 2011.

In this case, satellite beams were used. This technology may not have led to the full-scale destruction of the bases, as we saw in the above examples.

The Cabal used HAARP to deflect beam-weapon attacks against underground facilities, but created massive, suspicious deaths of birds and fish in the process.

The birds’ bodies had bone-breaking blunt-force trauma that was greater than would have occurred from them hitting the ground.



Strange earthquakes indicated other underground bases being fully destroyed after the Cabal broke the treaty, beginning on August 23rd, 2011.

We reported about this on September 17th, 2011, and again on October 13th, 2011.

Again, we later heard that at least 26 major underground facilities had been destroyed between August, 2011 and January 2012.



Russian television interviewed me for a three-hour documentary about this intel, as we revealed here on August 6th, 2014.

It was seen by 21 million people, and we released a version of the video with English subtitles on my YouTube channel.

Our latest intel suggests that devastating, full-scale attacks against underground facilities have continued happening ever since.

The battle has heated up to such a huge degree now that it is no longer possible to gain accurate figures of how many facilities are being lost.

However, Pete Peterson has leaked that the US alone has well over 200 underground bases around the world.

This has greatly crippled, if not eliminated the possibility of the Cabal staging a “fake alien invasion” to try to install their “New World Order.”

In that sense, the damage that has occurred underground — and off-planet — in this shadow World War III will be vastly greater than we think.

All of the most important and mission-critical Cabal facilities are no longer above ground, and haven’t been for quite some time.

And now, eight more years have gone by since China’s October Surprise in 2010, and the efforts made by China and other countries are only now coming to visible fruition on the surface.



Bear in mind that the massive, ongoing destruction of Cabal and Alliance bases alike constitutes the most violent part of this “Shadow World War III” that is being fought.

A year later, on March 28th, 2012, I interviewed a new insider named Drake who had received detailed briefings about the coming Mass Arrests.

I posted a transcript and MP3 files of this interview on my site as of April 5th, 2012.

The audio has been stolen countless thousands of times by criminals on YouTube. Many hundreds of these copies have racked up 100,000 plays or more.

Unfortunately, these criminals cut out the beginning, where I give the date, and fool listeners into thinking it is a current, breaking story.

They post deceptive titles that say it is “NEW,” and put the date that they posted it into the title — all just to make a very small amount of YouTube ad money.

Due to the awesome illicit traffic this has generated, this one interview may well be the single most popular broadcast I ever created.

Click here to read the transcript, as it is very highly relevant to what may be about to happen.



You are about to see an excerpt from the Drake interview that details part of what we may expect to see when the mass arrests happen.

If you read the full story, it begins with Drake seeing a five-inch-thick briefing document in 1979 called “The Plan,” which outlined a blueprint for mass arrests.

This document had been secretly developed ever since a huge betrayal against the US military occurred in the Korean War.

US generals realized that battle plans they were required to report to the United Nations were being intercepted by the enemy in North Korea.

This led to massive soldier deaths by ambush. North Korea knew way too much about where the soldiers would be, and when they would arrive. It was devastating.

Through seeding misinformation in their battle plans, the US military discovered that the UN was leaking this data to North Korea. It was unimaginable treason.

The legendary G. Edward Griffin covered this story of treachery in his classic book, The Fearful Master, from 1964.

Copies are available on and in PDF form, but nothing beats having a physical book in your hands.



John F. Kennedy was deeply aware of the massive briefing document they called “The Plan.” He had tried to carry it out, only to pay the ultimate price.

The binder was already five inches thick by the time Kennedy saw it in 1961 or thereabouts.

Pete Peterson had many specific details about the same binder, and its contents, when I started speaking to him in 2009.

I was very glad to find someone else who knew about this, and published the interview with Drake immediately.



Let’s pick up at the point where Drake tells us what he read in the five-inch binder for “The Plan”, and the discussion he had about it with top military officials:


DK: The Plan was simple. The military was willing to back, with civilian authority, a resurrection of what we started out with, originally, in terms of [de jure] government….

DK: Now, The Plan is this.

The military will back [the civilians]… and believe me, you’ve got to have the military involved. Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t make a difference….

The military backs us up by way of federal Marshals [U.S. Marshals], who contact local law enforcement.

Local law enforcement actually makes the arrests….



DK: This does not include any military coup. It does not include any military action, and it does not include martial law.

None of that is going to happen.

What is going to happen is you will see federal Marshals backing up local law enforcement, taking people into custody.

There may be a stand of troops — in case they need extra bodies to snatch somebody that decides to run.

Or, let’s say there’s a whole bunch of people in a building, and they didn’t know there were 7,000 of them in there.

You’re going to need an extra hand in order to incarcerate all these people, put them on the bus and send them wherever they need to go.

So the military will act in a backup fashion, in some ways….



DK: What’s happening is this — the intent and purpose of this plan was to minimize the chaos involved in the action.

Now, when you arrest several thousand people in a city, it’s going to create a little bit of a hubbub.

People are going to see the military. They’re going to see a lot of policemen doing their jobs — and this will be on video.

I mean you’re going to have CNN and all the local news people. Everybody is going to have some kind of video of this stuff.



DW: And I assume these policemen will probably be in riot gear, which will have black uniforms and scary-looking stuff.

DK: Maybe. That depends on whether or not they expect problems with who they’re dealing with. Generally no, because it’s not a riot situation.

DW: Okay.

DK: It could turn that way. They’ll bring the gear. I mean, it’ll be in the trunk, most likely….

The Plan, basically, is to arrest these people. No destruction. No firefights. No gunplay or any kind of violence, if possible.

The idea of this is — no chaos, no violence, AND a legal way to do it — a lawful manner in which to conduct the operation….

DK: The Plan also offers protections of keeping the lights on, making sure the Internet works, that the phone works, you can flush the toilet, you can go to work and not have to worry about it….



DK: There are [laughs] a considerable number who need to be removed from office or their responsibilities: contained, retained and arrested.

Now my understanding is they’re planning to populate the FEMA camps with all these dinks. And I feel that’s appropriate.

They built them for us. Now you can go take a camping trip in them. [laughs]

DW: Karma is a bitch.

DK: Yeah, so I’m looking at that. Okay.



DK: Doing this is not, to me, as extraordinarily anxiety-producing as a lot of people would think. I’m not as concerned with this part of it as I am [of] what comes after. There is going to be some interruption.

In other words, you need to get some extra toilet paper and a few extra cans of canned goods.

And I’m talking about have enough for, say, a month or two. That should basically cover the lapse in time.

Not all the trucks are going to be running, so those groceries get cleaned out when everybody thinks that the world’s gone mad — or a little like they do during a hurricane.

DW: Right.

DK: Then, you know, if it doesn’t get resupplied, what are you going to do?

Well, this is why we got extra food. This is why a lot of people up here do. This is why people up here raise their own gardens.

Simply, you can [as in canning food] stuff and you put it up.

Having that extra not only is less expensive than going to the grocery, but just in case something does screw up real bad.

It’s coming for, say, ten days.



DK: I don’t know how many people consider the importance of this, but to me, being civilized does equate to the use of certain hygienic items.

One of those that I know of that, to me, is extraordinarily important is simple, plain ‘ol toilet paper. [laughs]

It might behoove people to think about not being able to go down to the grocery when you run out and get some more.

And I’m going to tell you, newspaper doesn’t make it. It’s hard on certain things that you don’t want to rough up…[laughs]

DW: [Laughs]

DK: You know. Very simply, I mean, you know, you have to think in terms of what do you use, okay?

And what do you use commonly? And what are the convenience items that might not be part of a shipment that does make it through, okay?

Or does get to you that’s not considered a survival-level item? Toilet paper, simple tissues for your nose, sanitary napkins for ladies …



DW: People can subsist on simple rice and beans, you know. All these elaborate products that a lot of these freedom sites are selling are not really necessary.

I mean, it might make you more comfortable, but if somebody’s really at poverty level, you can get by with just buying some kidney beans, some brown rice and just keep that in your pantry.

DK: Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t take a lot. The idea is this, okay? Yeah, lay up some extra toilet paper. If you’re lucky, you can find it on sale, go at it that way.

If you find something that you know really tastes extraordinarily good, but it’s $1.49 and they got the other ones two for a dollar, take the two for a dollar.

It’s not that much different and you can make out just fine on it. Add a little bit of spices to it and you’re good.



DK: Anyway, the survival part I don’t think is going to be all that critical, and I’ll tell you why.

The Plan itself reiterates many times — the portion that I read — that this is to be a non-interruptive, non-chaotic [and] peaceful — meaning non-shooting type of an action….



DK: I wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest with you, to wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the nation had been clamped down.

That clamp-down is complete.

The satellite systems will not work.

You will not be allowed to make international calls.

There’s going to be no traffic in or out of the United States — period….



DK: The reason for no international travel is to keep the bankers from loading up a Learjet and taking off. If they do so, they will be shot down.

This is going to be a complete, total clamp-down for a period of 72 hours, if need be.

Now, it should take about 24 hours for the sweep necessary to do the mass arrests, and all this stuff.

A secondary sweep will probably take another 5 or 6 days — to make sure they get all the records necessary to convict these people.




Notice that one of the things this insider said in 2012 is, “The idea of this is — no chaos, no violence, AND a legal way to do it — a lawful manner in which to conduct the operation.”

The 51,000 sealed indictments are obviously the result of a massive amount of work, tantamount to a “shadow World War III,” in which the arrests can be conducted — through lawful means.

Notice also that he said “the satellite systems will not work” as the arrests occur.

That is exactly what appears to be happening now, at least within the Cabal’s own world.

And with that being said, we will now proceed into Part Three: Stunning New Briefings.