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Change Fonts & Views

How to adjust the view of this site in your browser: Look at the top right on this page… and notice the plus and minus signs. That’s not just a design relic, a 12-step support group link, or a thumbs up or down for this site… that’s stuff you can use right now!  Click on them to change the way our website looks. Not enough? We HIGHLY recommend that you download the free Firefox browser. Using Firefox allows you to hit a simple keystroke (Ctrl +) to increase the size of the fonts AND the pictures easily and uniformily. And it works for ALL sites! It also kills all that blinky, distracting junk on websites that is really just an annoyance anyway. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do this instead of changing your screen resolution shown below. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… BTW, Mac’s Safari has this Ctrl + feature also.Don’t want to download Firefox or Safari? OK, then… …Here are some other suggestions on how to make the fonts larger: Number One: Get Glasses. Number Two: Go for the Lasik, only 99 bucks per eye. You won’t feel a thing except a modest financial hit, and you’ll be able to see your way out the door as soon as it’s over. Number Three: Intrepid Journeys to the Innards of Your Computer…If you are on a Windows...

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Website Requirements

Because of the vast amount of variations and other variables with computers, browsers, and internet connections, we have provided a list of compatible software and hardware to help you with your experience here at Divine Cosmos. You must have the latest version of your browser installed to use the features on this website. SCREEN SIZES: OLDER MONITORS MAY NOT SHOW ALL CONTENT Your screen resolution must be at least 1024×768. If you are running a screen resolution of only 800×600, (or the dreaded 640×480 you used to get in “Windows Safe Mode,”) you will not be able to see everything on the page at once, and will be forced to scroll across the page to read. (unfortunately, this includes WebTV users… there is not enough screen real estate on WebTV) This means that older monitors — especially those less than 15 inches wide — will negatively impact your viewing experience. Upgrading to a 1024×768 monitor is now very inexpensive. If finances are a major concern for you, try a local Salvation Army or Goodwill, or check out Craigslist or Ebay. It is not uncommon to see old monitors, at 1024×768 and higher, go for as little as 20 bucks. You can use the old one to keep your bedroom door from blowing shut in the windy season. Just don’t stub your toe on it. BROWSERS THAT WORK WITH THIS...

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Problems with our shopping system?

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, IT’S PROBABLY YOU, NOT US… YOUR SPAM KILLER MAY SHOOT OUR EMAILS DOWN: In 99.9999% of all cases, spam filters are to blame for not receiving confirmation emails from our site. These confirmation emails are REQUIRED for us to verify that you are a real person and have a valid email address. Please research and fix your email spam filter settings BEFORE you place an actual order with us. If we cannot send you a confirmation email for you to view, your order CANNOT be processed! This has become the single largest problem that we have with our customers… (the inability to get past their spam filters)… but everyone thinks they’re the exception. You’re not! Every time we investigate, this is what it always turns out to be. Trust! And again… once you get the email, click on the link directly IN THE EMAIL… do NOT paste it into your browser! (unless you are an AOL user, in which case you MUST paste it in your browser as AOL does not allow links inside of emails) In some cases the classic cut-and-paste move can cause even more problems. Hotmail users please read: For some reason, Hotmail accounts are not receiving our emails. There is nothing we can do about this. We send them, hotmail eats them. You never see them. Please try using gmail… it’s...

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