The Divine Cosmos Forum is a group of individuals who communicate via on topics related to the work of David Wilcock. We are all here because we are interested in his work and how it relates to other information, personal experiences, etc. Group dynamics are prone to extremes, and these guidelines seek to define the common ground upon which we can have meaningful and informative discussions about topics concerning Wilcock’s work.

1. Participants are asked to keep their posts on topic. Possible topics include Mr. Wilcock’s written work, personal experiences and thoughts related to that work, material upon which Mr. Wilcock has based his research (Ra / The Law of One, Seth, etc. – see the list of recommended reading materials in the “Files” Thread under Announcements), and new scientific / empirical data related to Mr. Wilcock’s research. This is not an exhaustive list of proper topics, but it does give one a general idea about what is considered “on topic”. Our intention is that members are here to discuss this material and will have read at least a certain amount of the website. Many basic philosophical questions and concerns can be answered by reading the Law of One Study Guide.

This study guide is a distilled document of all major points raised in the Law of One series, and is highly recommended as a prerequisite for list participation.

2. Your presence in this group comprises a tacit acceptance of our core values and beliefs as set forth in Mr. Wilcock’s work and the Law of One series from L/L Research Company. While skepticism and critical thinking are always useful in the pursuit of knowledge, we cannot have meaningful discussions if we must constantly defend our fundamentals against those who choose to disagree. If an individual cannot approach the material with an open mind and respectful demeanor, they will make others uncomfortable, and in turn may receive uncomfortable responses. Such skeptics will be unsubscribed from the group if their criticism hurts the community spirit of the group.

3. Similarly, the New Age, ET, Metaphysical, and Alternative Physics communities are diverse, popular, and numerous. In order to have worthwhile discussion that is beneficial to those who are interested in the material, we must restrict our focus to topics that relate to our core mission. Members who selfishly use the list’s common resources without regard for its members’ shared interests may be unsubscribed. This includes those who insist on promoting / showcasing themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings.

4. We feel that the Law of One represents a complete body of spiritual teaching, which becomes increasingly useful the more that it is studied and applied. This group is optimally designed for those who have made a free-will decision to study the teaching and harmonize their own attitudes and behaviors with it, instead of endlessly searching for more “new” teaching to read. Be aware that Mr. Wilcock and his associates receive large volumes of email each day, and when a person “discovers” a new source of channeling they often email us and ask for our opinion. The recommended reading list is a direct result of this broad spectrum of feedback, and the vast majority of “popular” channeling is not included, and thereby considered off-topic. Such material is best discussed on other message boards devoted to the study and integration of those particular teachings. The question of one’s personal journey in integrating the Law of One teachings is of extreme interest and importance for this group, thus leading to practically limitless areas for personal sharing and participation in a “safe” atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

5. Spamming is strictly forbidden, and members who abuse the trust of the list by spamming will be immediately banned, and their Internet Service Provider contacted regarding the nature of the abuse. Using email addresses acquired on the list to spam members privately is also forbidden. Be aware that any discussion of a product or service for sale, or of a website designed to sell products or services, is forbidden, even if you do not directly profit from such a discussion. If you feel that a particular product / service is uniquely related to Mr. Wilcock’s work and worthy of discussion, please email a moderator privately before making any statements to the group.

6. Discussions that involve drugs and other intoxicating substances, pornography, foul language, racial / sexual / national intolerance, hate speech, politically subversive acts or planning, will obviously not be tolerated.

7. “Dead text” wastes bandwidth as well as disk space and reading time. When replying to a post, please quote only the previous text that is essential to the reply. This does slightly slow down the speed with which you may respond to a post, but is in consideration of the other members. Every time you respond to a post, your dead-text cleanup job should include all the advertising material at the end of the post which sometimes accumulates. The moderation team may edit or reject posts that violate this guideline. It only takes a few extra seconds but it makes a world of difference in the quality of our presentation.

8. Personal conversations should be conducted privately. Although the majority of our members are “lurkers” who do not regularly post, do remember that your posts are going out to hundreds of people who may not find private jokes or topics beneficial. Try to keep posts on topic at all times.

9. When sharing outside material with the list, please do it in the form of links with summary paragraphs. Posting long passages (i.e. more than 2 short paragraphs) of outside text, regardless of relevance, is prohibited. We do ask that you either summarize the content of the link in a paragraph of your own words and / or with a single-paragraph excerpt from the text itself. “Naked” links, i.e. links without summary text, should be avoided, as most members do not have the time to blindly research such links. If you are posting scientific material that you feel may be uniquely useful to Mr. Wilcock for his research efforts, it is all the more important that you make him aware of what the link contains, or else he will likely never inspect it.

10. Membership is subject to pre-registration and no one can post without first registering. By registering, the member‘s IP address is viewable by the moderators. This way, we prevent the list from being exploited for commercial or other purposes not related to our guidelines and can take steps to ensure our members privacy if exploited.  Approval after your registration can take up to 48 hours.

11. Individual posts may be subject to approval by the moderation team. Posts may be rejected without explanation. All posts become property of Divine Cosmos.

12. These guidelines are intended to help members participate on the list with the least possible degree of difficulties. They do not limit the authority of the moderator in any way. This is a public forum under moderator’s control and participation constitutes tacit acceptance of that authority, including the authority to accept and reject applicants and their posts. While this may seem arbitrary, it is necessary to preserve the character and usefulness of the list so that all may enjoy it.

13. Feel free to contact the moderators with questions and concerns.

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