Payment Processing


We realize that security is a concern when ordering online — and because of this, we have chosen to use the very latest and most advanced technology for secure transaction processing online.

Our site’s SSL certificate is provided by GeoTrust, and you can check to make sure that it is current by clicking on the logo to the right.

Our merchant gateway account is, and you can check to make sure our status is current with them by clicking on their logo on the right also. The company that actually processes the credit transactions through’s gateway (Visa/MC, AmEx, Discover) is ChargeToday, out of Daytona Beach, Florida, in our case. (This will alleviate concerns many people emailed us about regarding PayPal, as does NOT have this reputation.)

Here are some common questions that we hope to answer regarding placing orders on this site:

–Why does it appear that I am going to another site when I click on the ‘Online Store’?

We use 2 different database-driven content-management systems to provide you with the information here at Divine Cosmos. Amember is the software that we use to take orders on Divine Cosmos.

–When I click on the ‘Access Subscriptions’ link it seems to take me to another website. Is this right?

Yes it is.

We use Amember for our subscriptions and it must have its own screen (i.e. not operate with a frame) when customers access their subscriptions.

Once you log in and click on your subscription/order, the link will then take you back to our site, so you can download your content.

In actuality, you never leave our site… it only looks that way. We run the Amember software on our server, so you actually never leave us… it only looks that way for a couple of seconds. The DNS number is the same.

–Why does my credit card statement say ‘Ascension2000’ when I ordered from ‘Divine Cosmos’?

Ascension2000 and Divine Cosmos are both registered to David Wilcock. Both are valid and are current. David had the Ascension2000 website, and his businesses stemming from it, going all the way back to 1999, when such a name actually still sounded cool. So that’s not a vacuum cleaner company on your billing statement… it’s just us. The new gateway is listed as Divine Cosmos, so this may be the end of Ascension2000.

If you have any other questions, please contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ link above.

– Webmaster.