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How To Enable JavaScript

How do I enable JavaScript in my browser? In order to use this website, you will need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. To do so, please follow the instructions below: Internet Explorer (7.0) Select ‘Tools’ from the top menu Choose ‘Internet Options’ Click on the ‘Security’ tab Select the ‘Internet’ zone Click on ‘Custom Level’ Scroll down until you see section labled ‘Scripting of Java applets’ Select ‘Enable’ and click OK Click ‘Yes’ in Warning dialog box Internet Explorer (6.0) Select ‘Tools’ from the top menu Choose ‘Internet Options’ Click on the ‘Security’ tab Click on ‘Custom Level’ Scroll down until you see section labled ‘Scripting’ Under ‘Active Scripting’, select ‘Enable’ and click OK Netscape Navigator (4.8) Select ‘Edit’ from the top menu Choose ‘Preferences’ Choose ‘Advanced’ Choose ‘Scripts & Plugins’ Select the ‘Enable JavaScript’ checkbox and click OK Mozilla Firefox (1.0) Select ‘Tools’ from the top menu Choose ‘Options’ Choose ‘Web Features’ from the left navigation Select the checkbox next to ‘Enable JavaScript’ and click OK Mozilla Firefox (1.5) Select ‘Tools’ from the top menu Choose ‘Options’ Choose ‘Content’ from the top navigation Select the checkbox next to ‘Enable JavaScript’ and click OK Apple Safari (1.0) Select ‘Safari’ from the top menu Choose ‘Preferences’ Choose ‘Security’ Select the checkbox next to ‘Enable JavaScript’ Please keep in mind that upgrading your browser or installing new security software...

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How to Register for our Online Store

Divine Cosmos has two places where you can register. The first is for our online store which can be found here: Online Store Registration And the second is for our Discussion Forums which can be found here:  Discussion Forums Registration Eventually, our plan is to combine these two registration processes into one in order to make things easier for all of you. However, there is quite a bit of programming that has to be done in order to combine these two completely seperate pieces of software that we use. So until the combining is finished, there will be two. Both registration processes require that you be able to receive our emails as we send out a confirmation email to you immediately after your register. There will be a link in the email that is sent to you that you need to click on to verify that the email address that you entered is valid. Once you have done that, you can login to the area that you registered for… If you registered for the store, you can make a purchase, if you registered for the forums, you can make a post. It is totally ok to be registered for both of these on this site at the same time.  And you can either use the same login and password or choose a different one for each… that is totally...

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Divine Cosmos Convergence Conference Itinerary

The literary and topics presented are subject to change and will vary for each conference. David is constantly updating his material and because of this a firm unchanging syllabus is not possible. However, the schedule posted here should give you an idea of some of the topics that will be discussed and an approximation of the kind of schedule that will be used for the weekend. Generally, there will be lunch breaks that are long enough to give you time to walk or drive to a restaurant of your choice. Friday, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM: Introduction and Latest News: Meet David Wilcock, Larry Seyer, Marta Waterman (David’s mother). Latest News from David concerning world events and insider information. Possible musical selections from Wanderer Awakening (This varies and sometimes time does not permit). Guided Meditation then Announcements concerning the weekend’s activities. Saturday Morning Session: 10:00 AM to Noon: Edgar Cayce Readings on Atlantis / Ra-Ta Law of One Series on Ra’s involvement with Egypt and Atlantis Worldwide evidence of ancient civilizations ’ pyramids, ruins, artifacts, written legends The Global Grid ’ how all these ancient sites are interconnected in a living energy grid that shapes the Earth, and has multi-dimensional properties Carl Munck’s Code ’ worldwide ancient structures refer to their positions on a global set of coordinates with the Prime Meridian in Egypt Pyramid technology ’ including breakthrough...

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Guidelines for Participation in Forums

The Divine Cosmos Forum is a group of individuals who communicate via on topics related to the work of David Wilcock. We are all here because we are interested in his work and how it relates to other information, personal experiences, etc. Group dynamics are prone to extremes, and these guidelines seek to define the common ground upon which we can have meaningful and informative discussions about topics concerning Wilcock’s work. 1. Participants are asked to keep their posts on topic. Possible topics include Mr. Wilcock’s written work, personal experiences and thoughts related to that work, material upon which Mr. Wilcock has based his research (Ra / The Law of One, Seth, etc. – see the list of recommended reading materials in the “Files” Thread under Announcements), and new scientific / empirical data related to Mr. Wilcock’s research. This is not an exhaustive list of proper topics, but it does give one a general idea about what is considered “on topic”. Our intention is that members are here to discuss this material and will have read at least a certain amount of the divinecosmos.com website. Many basic philosophical questions and concerns can be answered by reading the Law of One Study Guide. This study guide is a distilled document of all major points raised in the Law of One series, and is highly recommended as a prerequisite for list...

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Discussion Forums Read Me

You are about to enter our Discussions / Forums area. Our forum uses it’s own registration system and is separate from our Online Store registration. If you are not logged in to our forums, you will see something similar to the picture on the right in the upper right hand corner of your browser: If you are registered and logged into the forums you will see something similar to the picture on the right in the upper right hand corner of your browser: If it does not say “Welcome” then you are not logged in. You will need to...

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Is This Site Secure?

Payment Processing Absolutely! We realize that security is a concern when ordering online -- and because of this, we have chosen to use the very latest and most advanced technology for secure transaction processing online. Our site's SSL certificate is provided by GeoTrust, and you can check to make sure that it is current by clicking on the logo to the right. Our merchant gateway account is Authorize.net, and you can check to make sure our status is current with them by clicking on their logo on the right also. The company that actually processes the credit transactions through Authorize.net's gateway (Visa/MC, AmEx, Discover) is ChargeToday, out of Daytona Beach, Florida, in our case. (This will alleviate concerns many people emailed us about regarding PayPal, as Authorize.net does NOT have this reputation.) Here are some common questions that we hope to answer regarding placing orders on this site: --Why does it appear that I am going to another site when I click on the 'Online Store'? We use 2 different database-driven content-management systems to provide you with the information here at Divine Cosmos. Amember is the software that we use to take orders on Divine Cosmos. --When I click on the 'Access Subscriptions' link it seems to take me to another website. Is this right? Yes it is. We use Amember for our subscriptions and it must have its...

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How to play MP3 files

STEP ONE: DON’T PANIC… IT’S NOT AN MP3 WHEN YOU FIRST DOWNLOAD IT: OK. At this point you got your email, you clicked on the link from inside the email, and you got to your dedicated niche on the site, available for a short time, where you clicked on download links. Then you downloaded the files successfully. Good. Now you might be wondering why they are not playing when you dragged and dropped them into Itunes. It didn’t work, did it? Here’s why: they are not yet MP3 files! You jumped the gun, my friend! Each file you downloaded does not end in .mp3 — it ends in .zip. Zip files are compressed files that contain data inside of them. This makes the files a lot smaller, and your downloads a lot faster. You cannot play zip files. However, both Macs and PCs have the ability to extract data from the zip files and place those files onto your desktop. The size of the files gets larger once they are extracted. STEP TWO: EXTRACTING YOUR FILES OK. Look for the .zip files that you downloaded from our site. Once you have found them, click on them. Just an ordinary double-click with the left button on a PC, or a single click on a Mac. In either case, you should then see a window open with the MP3 files inside...

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  • I believe I had a Marial Apparition last night. Something very intense appeared that felt like ten people looking at me in one spot. Bluish-white energy. It freaked me out. It was right after I put in the data about Fatima into the book. More later!
  • This is a great example of a circular vortex affecting herd animals who have natural bio-location. Inside these areas, very interesting things can happen with the right technology. This science is coming sooner than you think. https://t.co/Qon446qhQn

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