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The Shift of the Ages

The Shift of the Ages

David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis of planetary transformation.

Topics include:

  • Hyperdimensional physics
  • The global grid
  • Atlantis
  • The true meaning of crop circle formations
  • The mayan calendar
  • The great pyramid
  • Secret societies
  • Hidden planetary solar and galactic time cycles
  • The hall of records
  • Geometric dynamic structures in the stock market
  • 12,000-year old submerged pyramids in japan

A staggering amount of rarely seen information is beautifully tied together in 21 chapters to arrive at a provocative conclusion:




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  • I am doing my usual September sabbatical in Canada and getting quite a bit out of the meditation and solitude. Major, major life shifts for the positive are happening. I very likely will be coming out with an article some time this week, so stay tuned!
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  • It is with deep sadness that I must report that Pete Peterson passed away in Boise, Idaho yesterday, apparently of natural causes. I will be making a more substantial public statement after I have had a chance to process this.

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