In Hyperspace, Dr. Kaku describes the life of an enterprising young mathematician from India known as Srinivasa Ramanujan.

The equations that Ramanujan came up with are still considered to be the most important parts of creating a model for the higher dimensions, including how many dimensions there must be.

If the Octave model of Ra and the ancient mystery schools is indeed accurate, then the best mathematical proof we could ever hope to find would be if Ramanujan‘s equations also added up to there being eight dimensions – and this is exactly what we find.

Remember, now, that Ramanujan is from India, and this is the country where all the Vedic texts were written, as it was the original host to the Rama Empire.

Let us also remember that the ancient texts have already given us a solution for the puzzle of how we can integrate five Platonic Solids and the sphere into an Octave of eight geometries.

The mystery only deepens when we learn how Ramanujan got his information: as Kaku writes, “Ramanujan used to say that the goddess of Namakkal inspired him with the formulae in dreams. ”

In Hyperspace, Dr. Kaku states the following about this exceptional man. It is not important for us to understand every term that Kaku uses, just the overall message that he is giving us about what Ramanujan discovered:

Srinivasa Ramanujan was the strangest man in all of mathematics, probably in the entire history of science. He has been compared to a bursting supernova, illuminating the darkest, most profound corners of mathematics, before being tragically struck down by tuberculosis at the age of 33, like Riemann before him.

Working in total isolation from the main currents of his field, he was able to rederive 100 years‘ worth of Western mathematics on his own. The tragedy of his life is that much of his work was wasted rediscovering known mathematics.

Scattered throughout the obscure equations in his notebooks are these modular functions, which are among the strangest ever found…

In the work of Ramanujan, [i.e. the modular functions,] the number 24 (8 x 3) appears repeatedly. This is an example of what mathematicians call magic numbers, which continually appear where we least expect them, for reasons that no one understands.

Miraculously, Ramanujan‘s function also appears in string theory… In string theory, each of the 24 modes in the Ramanujan function corresponds to a physical vibration of the string…

When the Ramanujan function is generalized, the number 24 is replaced by the number 8. Thus, the critical number for the superstring is 8 + 2, or 10. This is the origin of the tenth dimension.

The string vibrates in ten dimensions because it requires these generalized Ramanujan functions (based on the number 8) in order to remain self-consistent. In other words, physicists have not the slightest understanding of why ten and 26 dimensions are singled out as the dimension of the string.

[Now read the next sentence carefully, and remember that this is being spoken by a highly regarded mainstream scientific authority figure:]

It‘s as though there is some kind of deep numerology being manifested in these functions that no one understands…

In the final analysis, the origin of the ten-dimensional theory is as mysterious as Ramanujan himself. When asked by audiences why nature might exist in ten dimensions, physicists are forced to answer, “We don‘t know. ” [emphasis added]

As we progress, we will explain why modern physicists have added two more dimensions to Ramanujan‘s elegant eight-dimensional model. But for now we will continue exploring this front-runner of future science.

After years of seclusion, Ramanujan was finally able to get some attention in the Western world regarding his abilities. This came about through a letter that Ramanujan wrote, which found its way to “the brilliant Cambridge mathematician Godfrey H. Hardy. ”

…The letter from the poor Madras clerk contained theorems that were totally unknown to Western mathematicians. In all, it contained 120 theorems.

Hardy was stunned. He recalled that proving some of these theorems ‘defeated me completely.‘ He recalled, “I had never seen anything in the least like them before. A single look at them is enough to show that they could only be written down by a mathematician of the highest class.

[Interestingly, the number 120 is very fundamental to harmonic theory, as it represents a musical frequency or vibration. It is very possible that all 120 are important for a unified model, such was the way that Ramanujan‘s mind worked.

Since the aether‘s behavior is entirely based on vibration, it is not surprising to see that Ramanujan had 120 theorems in his letter – as this number has many, many divisors, and thus there is a great deal of ‘vibration‘ within the number – which we will explain in later chapters.]

Kaku then describes how the Cambridge mathematician Hardy and Ramanujan began working together, and then says,

Unfortunately, neither Hardy nor Ramanujan seemed interested in the psychology or thinking process by which Ramanujan discovered these incredible theorems, especially when this flood of material came pouring out of his “dreams ” with such frequency.

Hardy noted, “It seemed ridiculous to worry him about how he had found this or that known theorem, when he was showing me half a dozen new ones almost every day.” [emphasis added]

Kaku then describes a scene that took place between Hardy and Ramanujan, which to the metaphysical reader seems to be a classic case of psychic power.

Hardy vividly recalled, “I remember going to see him once when he was lying ill in Putney. I had ridden in taxi-cab No. 1729, and remarked that the number seemed to be rather a dull one, and that I hoped that it was not an unfavorable omen.

“No, ” he replied, “it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as a sum of two cubes in two different ways. ”

(It is the sum of 1x1x1 and 12x12x12, and also the sum of 9x9x9 and 10x10x10.)

On the spot, he could recite complex theorems in arithmetic that would require a modern computer to prove.

[It is quite interesting to note here that 9 and 12 are the fundamental numbers that we will keep working with in the frequency cycles of our harmonic Universe.]



In the next paragraph, we receive information about Ramanujan’s health. At first, our inclusion of this information may seem tangential and unrelated to the point, but actually it is not.

It seems that for a person to work with these higher psychic energies, they need to be extremely well grounded. The work can take a tremendous toll on their lives, even leading to death.

Always in poor health, the austerity of the war-torn British economy prevented Ramanujan from maintaining his strict vegetarian diet, and he was constantly in and out of sanitariums.

After collaborating with Hardy for 3 years, Ramanujan fell ill and never recovered. World War I interrupted travel between England and India, and in 1919 he finally managed to return home, where he died a year later. (Pg. 176.)


The story of the death of Ramanujan does closely parallel the story of many psychics. It is quite common in abduction literature, Eastern mystical arts and psychic circles for vegetarian diets to be a necessary component to achieving contact with higher dimensions.

The author‘s own Higher Self insists upon this, and in the case of the “awakening ” of well-known psychic Gordon Michael Scallion, he suddenly found that could not eat the foods outside of the diet without getting violently, physically ill.

The extraterrestrials working with Whitley Strieber told him in the book Transformation that he would physically die if he didn‘t follow the diet that he was given, which centered around the need to give up refined sugar.

In fact, in We, The Arcturians, a series of channeled works by Dr. Norma Milanovich that closely parallels the material in the Seth and Ra books, we find this same information:

The physical bodies need to be tuned occasionally and we find this is the weakest of all three areas. In humans this is sometimes the most abused body also.

We see that your ingestion process includes many items that do not quicken the vibration, but instead actually retard it. Such items are those of your animal life forms, sugars, and white flours.

These are not harmful to the body, as such. They are only harmful to the vibrational increase.

When you do not know that you need fuel for the increased frequency, then the foods you consume do not bother you.

When you are on an accelerated path, the foods that you consume can either make or break your energy patterns.

In fact, there are presently many Beings on your planet that can tolerate only the consumption of the highest forms of energy.

[Incidentally, Dr. Milanovich‘s sources repeatedly refer to an octave of dimensions, as do Scallion‘s. The “Arcturians ” also model the Universe on what they call “liquid light. ”]


So in essence, bad diet and intuitive burnout killed Ramanujan. This closely parallels the story of Edgar Cayce, the well known American psychic.

Cayce performed in-depth psychic readings for many people, which had an unparalleled accuracy, giving him the oft-quoted status as “America‘s Greatest Psychic. ”

Once in trance, Cayce could medically diagnose people at a distance whom he had never met, and prescribe accurate herbal treatments that neither he nor anyone else had previously heard of.

The more popular that Cayce became, the more readings he did, and his health quickly deteriorated as a result. His sources also laid out a complex dietary set of guidelines, and Cayce continually flaunted them, refusing to stop smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and eating the pork chops that he loved.

Though his sources urged him to curtail his work, which eventually reached up to eight deep-unconscious-trance readings a day, he never did, and he died of burnout as a result.

The same basic effects took their toll upon Jane Roberts, as she was unable to stop drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and passed away before her time.

The out-of-body traveler Robert Monroe also seemed to become overly disconnected from his physical body, according to some we have spoken with who met him in person before his death.

The Law of One contact almost destroyed Carla Rueckert‘s health completely, and it took her years to recover. Lastly, the story of Paul Solomon, another deep trance psychic in the Cayce tradition, is curiously similar as well.

In the Law of One series, Ra explains this problem by saying that the more that the spiritual body of a human being travels into the higher realms, the more its level of aetheric vibration increases.

If the physical body is not also kept “up to speed” with rigorous dietetic and exercise practices, then the normal connection between the body and Spirit becomes increasingly strained. Ultimately, if not taken care of, this leads to the premature death of the physical body.

As Carla, the channel for Ra, has stated in private interviews with Wilcock, “To truly do this work, it takes a life. ”

He agreed, as his own contacts are extremely strict about diet, exercise and health in general, and all of his waking and sleeping hours are dedicated to his purpose — no time is “wasted, ” and even recreational activities must be carefully planned out and scheduled. No television or other mind-altering substances are to be found in his ‘physical intake‘ of the world.

With regards to the energy transition that is occurring on the planet in general at this time, it is wise for everyone to make a stronger effort to obey the principles of a healthy diet.

However, it doesn’t become truly life-threatening unless a person is deeply involved with trance work in some form or another, and even then it is really not that difficult to teach oneself to stop craving certain unhealthy foods and to stretch and take regular walks.



And so, it is easy to see that such apparent miracles as Ramanujan’s calculations of the harmonics behind the taxicab number 1729 were not being done solely in his thinking mind, but were actually coming through a trance state.

In this state, he had access to a realm of pure information and knowledge, which would then provide the answers that he desired. It also took the same toll on him as it has for other pioneers who have not yet enjoyed mainstream acceptance.

If there were no proof to believe that Ramanujan could get data like this, then a skeptic could just brush it off as coincidence.

However, the author has completely, redundantly proven to himself and to others that psychic techniques such as those used by Ra and Seth are able to access information, such as future prophecies and scientific data, in ways that can later be proven to be valid.

Ramanujan is really a front-runner, in the sense that he used these abilities to make scientific advances. It is obvious that such techniques will become much more common as public awareness continues to expand.

Again, we now return to the problem that we have in harmonizing our theory with the physicists, in that they have apparently deemed it necessary to add two more dimensions, for a total of ten.

Digging into footnote number 13 on page 346 at the back of Hyperspace, Kaku says that the two additional dimensions are added in order to “preserve the symmetry of the string. ” He then says,

However, two of these vibratory modes can be removed when we break the symmetry of the string, leaving us with 24 vibratory modes, which are the ones that appear in the Ramanujan function.


If you haven‘t been paying close attention to this discussion so far, please read this paragraph carefully: What Kaku is telling us is that two extra dimensions were added to Ramanujan‘s equations because the physicists feel that the strings could only vibrate if they are symmetrical.

This is something that was “added on ” to Ramanujan‘s data after-the-fact.

So, given the nature of Ramanujan‘s extreme mathematical genius, coupled with an extremely legitimate psychic contact, they obviously did not feel that such “symmetry ” was needed, or else these numbers would have been included in the work.

Our latest research on this topic suggests two different reasons for why this “added symmetry ” may be a mistake: One, the missing symmetry is probably explained by the ‘zero-point energy’ that actually exists between the so-called ‘strings,‘ which are actually nothing more than waves within this unified energy; and Two, the Superstring physicists were not aware of the basic geometries that are formed when the aether vibrates.

No extra dimensions are needed; they simply come into being by the “magic ” of vibration.



More recent physics from Tony Smith, freely available on the Internet for those who can understand them, (as they are extremely complicated, draw extensively on the reader‘s foreknowledge of advanced scientific jargon and are therefore almost completely unintelligible to the non-technical reader,) do indeed reveal an elegant, Octave-based “eight-dimensional spacetime ” model, which depends entirely on “Platonic Solid ” geometries.

Here we will cover the extreme basics of this model, which Smith and other specialists refer to as S3#, a rather dull-sounding and “Godless ” name.

It is interesting to note that Smith is open-minded enough to incorporate non-traditional sources of information into his investigations, such as material from the ancient Mayan Calendar and the channeling work of Krsanna Duran, who claims to be in touch with beings from a planetary system around the star Sirius.

So, we begin with Smith telling us what the geometry of this Octave model of “dimensions ” actually looks like:

WHAT DOES S3# LOOK LIKE? Here are some images from the WWW pages of Richard Hawkins, [], who calls S3# the Mayan Time Star. His pages contain many more images and movies that help you understand how S3# looks, and also how a lot of other things look.


What we can see here is that Smith feels that the geometry of this Octave model can be found in the work of Richard Hawkins, through what he calls the “Mayan Time Star. ” So, let‘s next visit some of Richard Hawkins‘ website for context.



In this next excerpt, Hawkins discusses this Mayan Time Star model directly, showing his belief that there can be energetic structures in time that correspond to the Platonic geometries.

We will learn more about this as we proceed into the later chapters of this first volume:

The TimeStar of the Maya is 5 interpenetrating tetrahedra whose vertices [tips] lie on the 20 faces of an icosahedron. [See Figure 5.1 below.] According to Jose Arguelles, time is symbolized by a tetrahedron.

[Note: We can actually back this statement up with the work of WD Gann and Bradley Cowan, as we will see later in this volume.]

The 260-day sacred calendar of the Maya, which consisted of five 52-day cycles, is symbolized by five tetrahedra.

Five tetrahedra have a total of 20 points [as each tetrahedron has four corners – three at the base and one at the top.] One of the basic numbers of the Mayan calendar is 20.

The Earth’s internal geometry and the solar-lunar cycles were represented by the 20 points of the TimeStar (five interpenetrated tetrahedra) and in the sacred cycle of the Maya.

Compare Plato’s most complex solid, the icosahedron, which is comprised of 20 faces centered on the points of the five interpenetrated tetrahedra. [emphasis added]


It is important to realize that what we are seeing here is that you can take five tetrahedrons and stick them together in such a way that when you play connect-the-dots between their points, you will naturally form the icosahedron, and / or the dodecahedron, as the two are closely related. (See Figure 5.1 below.)

This is another surprising way in which we see the symmetry between the different shapes. Even more interesting is the fact that these five tetrahedrons, when combined, give us all the needed coordinates to build any of the five Platonic Solids directly.

And even more interesting yet is that this idea first came from Krsanna Duran, who claimed to have channeled it!

The idea subsequently triggered the interest of physicist Gerald de Jong, who then modeled her ideas on a computer and discovered that she was right!

Again, it is very unlikely that Duran could have figured this out on her own, or would have had any motive or desire to do so – it took one of the few specialists in the world who actually understands higher-dimensional geometry to verify and model what her source had said.

We will read more about this in the next excerpt below – and first we will give some background to explain this curious concept.

Space and time are unified in our model, which can be confusing at first.

When we think of time, we can think of certain events that are created as we move through layers of aetheric energy density. One of our premises is that the planets are held in place by spheres of aetheric energy at a certain density level.

Since we have multiple planets in the Solar System, we also have “spheres within spheres ” holding them in place – spheres which are nested inside of each other like the layers of an onion or the Russian “nested dolls ” toy called the Mastrioshka.

There will always be a series of ‘nested spheres‘ no matter where we look at these energy fields, including the human aura.

As documented in the first Edgar Cayce book “There is a River, ” the Edgar Cayce Readings once said that Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune now correspond to the eight dimensions  or densities – we know that Pluto isn‘t in fact a “full ” planet but rather a “planetesimal ” due to its tiny size.

So, in Ra‘s model, each planet travels along the edge of a spherical energy field, which holds the planet in place.

Rotating energy fields continually emanating from the Sun, which look like ever-expanding flower petals, are what drive the planets along.

The current models of why and how the planets revolve around the Sun are vastly inadequate, as the Sun contains fully 99.86 percent of the entire mass of the Solar System – so if we were only dealing with Newtonian gravity, the planets should have crashed into the Sun a long, long time ago, since it is much more massive than they are.

Remember that we are discussing invisible energy structures, but they can indeed be detected with the proper instruments – and they often do have subtle magnetic energy signatures. The “flower petals ” we are referring to are seen in what NASA has named the Parker Spiral, for example.

So then you ask, “OK, so if each planet is supposedly orbiting around a sphere, then why are the orbits not perfect circles, but rather stretched out into ellipses? ”

Good question! The planetary orbits become elliptical as these spheres are slightly flattened as the Solar System moves through the “local interstellar medium ” or LISM of our Galaxy.

So, the spheres that hold the planets in place must also have a certain underlying geometry in them, caused by vibration of the aether. Then, as our Earth orbits the Sun, we pass through various geometric structures created by these different ‘nested‘ spheres.

As the Earth gets closer to a line or a node of any of these geometries, the intensity of aetheric energy that we will feel on Earth increases – and this has a direct effect on consciousness. If you think that this has something to do with astrology, you‘re right… but that data will come later.

It is also important to remember that Ra tells us that the Sun has all of the eight densities within itself. This gives us a strong clue that there must be at least eight levels of density inside of the Sun, which would be layered inside of each other like an onion.

Of course, each of these density layers would also have its own geometric structure. And when we remember that each density has seven sub-densities, and so on, we can see that the Sun would need to have a deeply multi-layered structure inside of it for this model to “work. ”

This is exactly what Dr. Oliver Crane suggests in his breakthrough paper, Central Oscillator and the Space-Time Quanta Medium, which we will discuss in Volume III.

We apologize in advance for the complexity of the ensuing few paragraphs as we attempt to explain the mystery of the Mayan Time Star. We can now consider this very intriguing possibility that all of the Mayan Calendar cycles may actually be clocking out the movement of geometric structures of energy.

(We will be covering the Mayan Calendar in far more detail in the second half of this volume.)

Our own intuitive / rational research on this suggests that this geometric structure of five interpenetrating tetrahedra actually exists at one spherical level of density… inside the Sun.




So, we do know that the Sun rotates exactly 26 days along its equator. Ten of these cycles add up to 260 days.

Harmonics theory predicts spheres within spheres, on an energy level we cannot normally perceive. One way to visualize this is the different layers we now see inside the Earth — the core, the mantle, et cetera.  

It appears that one of the spheres inside the sun is rotating exactly ten times slower than the equator does at the surface, creating a total cycle of 260 days. (The “powers of ten ” are very important in the behavior of harmonic numbers, as we will see as we go along.)

So, if there is a sphere of energy inside the Sun that rotates once in 260 days, then the Mayan Time Star geometry that Duran discovered may be the geometric pattern of frequency that exists inside of it.

The points of the five tetrahedrons could then be seen to divide up the sphere into five equidistant “zones ” across its surface.

Each of these ‘zones’ would then take 52 days to rotate past a fixed point on the Sun‘s surface, as the entire sphere rotates in 260 days.

So, as the Mayan Time Star structure rotates, it changes in its orientation to the other geometric structures nested in the Sun. (Some of the other geometries are easy to detect, such as the octahedron, as we shall see in volumes II and III.)

As the different geometries attract and repel each other, the Sun‘s overall energy output is affected, especially in the sense of the torsion fields or “waves in the aether ” that are being released.

(We could visualize this by having a bright light, and then passing different brightly colored sheets of clear plastic in front of the light, going in opposite directions. If a red sheet passes in front of a blue sheet, then they will combine and we will see a purple light.)

So, if each geometry is radiating frequencies that directly affect human consciousness and biological activity, then their various angle relationships to each other could create an ever-changing balance of influences. This might well explain the science of astrology when we are dealing with the orbits of the planets. 

The Mayans wanted to be aware of, and graph out, these changes in the Sun‘s aetheric output, as certain times that were more energetically charged were very useful for consciousness-raising ceremonies, especially within their pyramid structures.

Ra tells us in the Law of One series that high-level sixth-density beings gave the Maya the information that allowed them to construct this Calendar.

Ultimately, it is very likely that ALL the major cycles in the Mayan calendar — baktuns, katuns, et cetera… have a hyperdimensional component that can actually be observed and measured within the Sun. As the geometries counter-rotate and interpenetrate one another, there is a constant rise and fall of influences upon consciousness.

It is also almost certain, by this same logic, that a grand geometric alignment occurs within the Solar geometries at the end of the Mayan Calendar. The best way to visualize this is to see each node on each geometry as if it were the nozzle of a hose, releasing water.

As the geometries line up, their nodes cross over each other. The ‘water’ can increasingly escape the blocking effects of each ‘wall’ of geometry, and make its way to the outside. The more the holes all line up with each other, the more water gets to squirt out from the Sun’s surface.

This may well cause a much larger “gating” of energy to come through, which in turn affects consciousness as well as causing interplanetary climate change.



[This section added 11/26/07]

I discovered strong supporting evidence for this “nested geometry” energetic effect occurring in Jupiter, as I published in the “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?” article I co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland.

Jupiter has a very obvious pentagon surrounding the North Pole. NASA calls it a “quasi-hexagon” and fails to note how obviously it fits with a pentagon shape.

Here’s the main point: the area inside the pentagon is much colder than the area outside the pentagon. That’s how they discovered it. The orange color in the image below represents the level of heat.

When I took the shape of a dodecahedron and overlaid it across the sphere of Jupiter itself, fitting one face perfectly inside the pentagonal ‘hole’, I was astonished to see that it was perfect… absolutely no cheating or alteration to either image was necessary: 



Dodecahedral energy field and its effects on Jupiter’s arctic heat profile.  


This makes a very convincing case that the aetheric energy streaming into Jupiter has to flow through this dodecahedron force-field in order to reach its destination at the core. That one face acts as a “gate” that all the energy flows through, whereas the walls of the pentagon form a boundary that stops the energy from spilling over into neighboring areas. 

Why would it be so much colder, then? It could be that this smooth flow of energy into the face of the dodecahedron stops the molecules from vibrating as violently as they normally would, holding them in an orderly pattern like ice crystals. This would, of course, directly lead to a decrease in heat, since heat is nothing more than a measurement of how much a group of molecules are vibrating. 

As this next image shows, Jupiter also has a very clear tetrahedral energy pattern as well. The vortex effects of the tetrahedron can be seen in the position and activity of the Great Red Spot — a single storm that has been spiraling, in the same place, for over 300 years, as recorded by astronomers ever since telescopes were invented:



Tetrahedral energy field in Jupiter. 


More recently I found NASA studies showing anomalous X-ray activity that occurs precisely at the north pole, shooting a gigawatt of energy through our entire Solar System every 45 minutes, like clockwork.

This next image shows you what the source of emissions actually looks like — in the pink area. Not only is it at the exact rotational North Pole of Jupiter (not the magnetic North Pole,) it even LOOKS like the top of a tetrahedron:



Tetrahedral energy field emerges at Jupiter’s arctic pole.  


Then I had to know what could be causing these flashes. I found the rotational period of Jupiter and divided it by 45 minutes. Lo and behold, there are precisely 15 X-ray flashes for every time Jupiter rotates once on its axis.

There are three sides to the face of a tetrahedron and five sides to the face of a dodecahedron. Three times five is 15. Therefore, it is certainly likely that these X-ray flashes have to do with the nodes of two counter-rotating geometric energy fields colliding with each other, causing big bursts of energy to be released.

In our physics model the same behavior you see in a planet is also occurring in a star. Therefore, on Jupiter we may well be seeing a smaller, easier-to-understand example of geometric cycles colliding with each other, just as we have suggested is occurring in the Sun, measured by the Mayan Calendar.

Later in this book we will analyze some longer-term cycles in the Sun that very much suggest this is what we are seeing.



Now we return to Tony Smith’s article, which features an image of this Mayan Time Star formation of five inter-penetrating tetrahedrons. 

What follows is Smith‘s attempt to geometrically explain how you could have a “particle ” that requires two complete rotations, or “spin 2, ” in order to return to its original position:

How did Richard Hawkins find out about the Time Star? Krsanna Duran says:

“… I wrote an article about what the Sirians told me about five interpenetrated tetrahedra embodying and unifying all prime geometries [i.e. the Platonic Solids,] which was published in January, 1995.

Richard Hawkins read the article and sent an email to Gerald de Jong about it. Gerald de Jong constructed a computer model of the five interpenetrated tetrahedra to discover that it did all the things I said it did with extraordinary elegance…”

The Time Star is one of my favorite Archetypes.

Start with a dodecahedron.

Five tetrahedra fit inside the dodecahedron:



Figure 5.1 – The “Mayan Time Star ” of five tetrahedra inside the dodecahedron. (Smith)


The alternating permutation group of the 5 tetrahedra is the 60-element icosahedral group.


This last sentence is simply a very fancy way of saying that the five tetrahedrons fit inside an icosahedron, which has 20 faces with three lines per face, or a total of 60 “elements ” if you don‘t count the lines as ever being shared between two faces.

From here, Smith goes through a complex model that we presented in earlier versions of this book, but we now feel that it is unnecessary as Johnson‘s physics is a more complete model. For now we will keep things simple.

The key point that we should take out of this is that there are indeed mainstream physicists who are making findings that are in complete agreement with the model that is seen in the words of Seth and Ra, as well as the ancient Atlantean and Raman systems.

Therefore, no skeptic can easily dismiss the idea that Platonic geometry is important in understanding the Universe, since some of the best thinkers are working on these very problems.

Furthermore, Smith‘s model does not have the burden of the “two extra dimensions added for symmetry ” that is in the Superstring model – the symmetry arises from the Platonic Solids themselves. At the time of this writing, the link to the page we have quoted from is as follows:



In our next chapter, we will take a very close look at the underlying spherical units that make up the dimensions.

Once again, we will enlist the services of another mystic who has not attained the scientific scrutiny of Ramanujan – namely Jane Roberts, the channeler of Seth.

As these are conscious energy units, they have a mind of their own and are quite fascinating. With this reading, we will provide a solid backbone for many other discussions that could splinter off of the main topic, which other writers may choose to pursue.

The point behind all of this is as follows: as these units are the fundamental structure of all creation in all dimensions, we can expect them to have quite extraordinary properties.

This reading from Seth also can be used to neatly tie together the theory of a Holographic Universe, and explain why things like psychic phenomena might work.