This author‘s first understanding of this pulsating movement of aether known as the “Breath of the Divine ” or “Breath of the Compassionate ” came from a passage that fellow researcher Joe Mason ( read him out of a book on the first night that they shared information, November 9-10, 1996.

This conversation directly led to Wilcock‘s first telepathic breakthrough to Higher Intelligence the next morning, which started an entirely new life as the “veil ” was lifted. Mason graciously supplied us with these next two paragraphs to illustrate the example of this geometric breath that he uncovered.

The late Walter Russell, who was an artist and scientist located in Waynesboro, Virginia, had a published reading on pg. 165 in the book “Channeling ” by John Klimo.

Russell claimed that the messages came from “God, ” and that they gave him an understanding of how the basic universal forces of electromagnetism, gravity, and atomic energy really operate. Let‘s hear what God has to say, from an excerpt first published in 1947:

“In My universe there is but one form from which all forms appear. That one form is the pulsing cube-sphere, two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking.

All forms pulse, therefore, all forms are two, one form for the inbreathing pulse, which generates, and one for the outbreathing, radiating one.

The cube is the sphere expanded by the outward breath to black rest in cold space, and the sphere is the cube compressed to the incandescence of white-hot suns by the inward breath. ”


Walter Russell was clearly way ahead of his time, as in the early 20th century he experienced 39 days of “illumination ” where he could see how the Universe really worked.

Many students of Russell‘s work are delighted to see that we have continued along similar lines, drawing upon many new findings that were not available at his time, and we attended his surviving organization‘s “Metascience and Cosmic Consciousness ” conference in 2000. The website for this group, the University of Science and Philosophy, is

The author is also happy to have met John Klimo, the author of the book “Channeling, ” in 2002 at the US Psychotronics Association conference, where Wilcock was a well-received speaker and workshop presenter. Klimo has recently done a dramatic revision and updating of this classic text, still often considered to be required reading for those who wish to learn about channeling.

If we examine the above excerpt, we again have the psychic suggestion that the entire Universe is continually pulsating from the spherical “incandescence of white-hot suns” to the cubical “black rest of cold space.”

Although this particular passage does not intimate the speed with which this pulsation is occurring, sources such as Seth and Ra fill in the gaps. And therefore, from this little-known psychic source from the early to mid-twentieth century, we have another contact with a Higher Intelligence that was attempting to reveal to us the hidden harmonic code of the progression of densities.

The quote above expresses the heart of the story, without going into all the technical detail regarding the different shapes making up the Octave.

The Ra contact did not name the actual shapes either, as they explained that it is very difficult for them to use words that are not already stored within the channel’s conscious or subconscious mind.

Looking at Russell’s quote, we can see that even without the extra geometries added in, there are very close similarities to the Hindu story of Purusha and Prakriti. Again, we have the masculine and feminine forces dancing in an eternal pulsating rhythm with each other, representing what Russell’s source called the “two halves of the heartbeat of My dual thinking. ”

(It is important to point out that some of Russell‘s diagrams, such as in the book Atomic Suicide?, do show the other Platonic Solids as well.)

An even more direct example of this energetic behavior comes from the highly respected book The Seth Material, brought through by Jane Roberts in 1971.

Roberts claimed to be in contact with an entity who called itself Seth and said that it was from the fifth dimension. In The Seth Material there is ample evidence given for Seth’s high intelligence and capabilities, as he could perform psychic “parlor tricks” such as reading the contents in sealed envelopes, and at one point he also led a very high-level philosophical discussion with a tenacious college professor who was determined to “debunk” the contact.

The professor repeatedly referred to ancient metaphors and abstract philosophical concepts that only a graduate philosophy student would have known, and Seth was consistently aware of exactly where the professor was going and provided quite the intellectual challenge point-for-point.

Furthermore, at various times Seth was actually capable of creating visual holographic images of himself or other related phenomena, as well as being able to alter the consciousness of others in the room to a trance-like state if he so chose.

In The Seth Material, a picture of Seth is drawn as he appeared in apparition form in front of one of Roberts’ friends during a session. The large bald head and black eyes is almost stunningly reminiscent of the Grey features that would become so commonplace more than 15 years later, with the advent of “Communion ” by Whitley Strieber.



Figure 4.1 – The appearance of “Seth ” in 1969 as seen by an associate of Jane Roberts.


Again, this apparition was an actual visual manifestation that occurred in the room during one of Jane Roberts’ trances, as the reading itself talked them through the experience.

While Robert Butts continued to transcribe Seth’s words, William Cameron Macdonnel sketched the entity. Seth later commented that the head Bill had drawn was too tall, and lowering the height of the skull would only make the apparition look even more like a typical Gray – though this was way before such images were popular. Says Seth, in our quote from Jane Roberts’ book:

“[This picture] represents the appearance that these abilities of mine take on when closely connected with the physical plane. This does not necessarily mean that in all planes I have the same image. It is the first such representation of me, and I am quite fond of it…”

[Note: Roberts then includes the following information:]

…Seth explained that the apparition’s appearance was distorted by Bill’s own ideas, though. The high forehead represented Bill’s interpretation of great intelligence, for example. Bill interpreted the available data in his own way: this was the Seth that Bill saw, regardless of Seth’s own appearance.


Now, this enigmatic image has filtered its way through the collective consciousness of humanity, largely through the efforts of Whitley Strieber and his groundbreaking work “Communion. ”

It is quite stunning to realize that at the time that this apparition was first seen in 1969, the “Summer of Love,” almost no one was aware of this facial morphology as being related to extraterrestrials.

Now, were the event to have happened again, Seth would probably look even more like a typical Gray than he did here, due to the effect that a human’s perception has on the actual image itself.

The most extraordinary aspect of this body of material is that Seth dictated a number of full-length books from 1971 to the mid-1980‘s, entirely through the repeated sessions with Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts.

Even if Jane left the Seth work for months at a time and never read the transcripts of any of the sessions, Seth would pick up right where he left off as soon as she went back into trance.

There may not be a single other contact yet that has generated entire books, with themes that build up from chapter to chapter, through psychic readings in such a reliable and consistent fashion.

Seth identifies himself to us as a male entity, and the material does not have the rigid scientific and linguistic structure of the Law of One / Ra Material. Being a full level of density lower than Ra, Seth has much more creative license to use an entertaining dry wit in his writing.

The Seth books are practically unparalleled, in terms of the strength and accuracy of a fifth-dimensional contact.

Again, contacts such as the Cayce Readings and the Ra Material do originate from even higher levels such as 6,7 and even the Akasha, or the Octave, but the Seth Material is definitely in a league by itself with its crystal-clear contact to the fifth density.

Furthermore, as you study the Law of One series from Ra and learn the characteristics of fifth-density entities, you can clearly see where Seth’s shortcomings lie.

According to Ra, the fifth-density is focused on wisdom, and the graduation to sixth-density does not come until pure compassion is fused back together with that wisdom.

Ra constantly speaks reverently of the Law of One and the importance of compassion, whereas it is clear to see that Seth is very deeply involved with explaining as much of the universal wisdom as he possibly can.

In our opinion, the “thirst for God ” doesn’t seem to be present in the Seth Material to anywhere near the degree that it is in the Law of One series, and this certainly could relate to Roberts‘ natural personality, which was essentially non-religious and skeptical, as opposed to Carla‘s natural personality, which is very religious and spiritually-driven.

Because the wisdom of Seth is so vitally essential to understanding our propositions, we will take a look at two extended sessions that will help us understand everything we have gone into so far.

As we read these sessions, it is very important to realize that on the conscious level, Jane Roberts was by no means schooled enough in science to have been able to construct such a model of physics on her own, as was the case with Carla Rueckert.

The first session that we will investigate is described in The Seth Material as being the “first time Seth really ‘came through‘ as a definite other personality, laughing and joking. ” (Pg. 38.)

Seth used this particular session as a form of encouragement for Jane and Robert to continue working with him, as Jane had become disillusioned with the strangeness of what was happening to her and wanted to try to shut it down.

The contact had originally started through a series of Ouija-board sessions, but as time went on Jane became more and more aware that whole words and sentences were coming into her mind very clearly before the pointer ever spelled them out.

In the beginning, she was so disconcerted with what was happening to her that she would pace the room, one hand on her forehead and eyes wide open, as she spoke for Seth.

Since this was taking a great toll on Jane’s sense of normalcy, she really wanted to quit, but on this day, “The session so aroused our intellectual and intuitional curiosity that all thoughts of discontinuing went out the window. ” (Pg. 38.)

Remember now that Seth is describing how these individual spheres of consciousness are all interconnected into a unified web, fitting together to form universes.

Let us also remind the reader that Seth‘s readings on this subject will take on profound implications when we compare them with the most recent discoveries of modern physics.

As we will see in future chapters, Seth clearly was tapping into the truth of “how things work ” before the physicists began to understand it. So now, relax and enjoy yourself as we journey through these mind-bending readings. Any italics are our own:

“Consider a network of wires, a maze of interlocking wires endlessly constructed so that looking through them there would seem to be no beginning or end.

Your plane [or density or dimension] could be likened to a small position between four very spindly wires, and my plane could be likened to the small position in the neighboring wires on the other side.

Not only are we on different sides of the same wires, but we are at the same time above or below, according to your viewpoint.

And if you consider the wires as forming cubes — this is for you, Joseph*, with your love of images — then the cubes could also fit one within the other, without disturbing the inhabitants of either cube one iota.

And these cubes are themselves within cubes, and I am speaking now only of the small particle of space taken up by your plane and mine.

[Seth’s reference to “cubes” would be accurate for his own dimension, but in ours it would obviously be the octahedron. So, he is clearly simplifying the material in order to make his point.

*Seth referred to Robert as “Joseph,” as apparently where Seth resided, this was Robert’s “true name.” Similarly, Jane was assigned a masculine “true self” name of Ruburt, as we shall see a few paragraphs below.]


Again think in terms of your plane, bounded by its small spindly set of wires, and my plane on the other side.

These, as I have said, have boundless solidarity and depth, yet to one side, the other is transparent. You cannot see through, but the two planes move through each other constantly.

I hope you see what I have done here. I have initiated the idea of motion, for true transparency is not the ability to see through, but to move through.

This is what I mean by fifth dimension. Now, remove the structure of the wires and cubes.

Things behave as if the wires and cubes existed, but these were only constructions necessary even to those on my plane… We construct images consistent with the senses we happen to have. We merely construct imaginary lines to walk on.

[Indeed, in coming chapters we will see this same point made through the work of Bruce Cathie, where he discovered that the fifth-density cube shape was a Global Grid system that was being used for navigation by a wide variety of UFOs that were sighted.

Furthermore, Seth’s comments reveal to us that these geometries are not ‘real’ as we would normally think — they are simply a different way of expressing a harmonic frequency of vibrating energy.

The only thing that is truly ‘real’ is that One Energy itself, as the lines simply represent stress points in that energy, where it is more concentrated.]

So real are the wall constructions of your room that you would freeze in winter without them, yet [in the truest universal sense] there is no room and there are no walls.

So, in a like manner, the wires that we constructed are real, though there are no wires. The walls of your room are transparent to me, though I am not sure I would perform, dear Joseph and Ruburt, for a party demonstration.

Nevertheless, those walls are transparent. So are the wires, but for practical purposes we must behave as if both were there. . . .

Again if you will consider our maze of wires, I will ask you to imagine them filling up everything that is, with your plane and my plane like two small bird‘s nests in the nestlike fabric of some gigantic tree.

Consider that these wires are mobile, constantly trembling, and also alive, in that they not only carry the stuff of the universe but are themselves projections of it, and you will see how difficult this is to explain.

Nor can I blame you for growing tired, when after asking you to imagine this strange structure, I then insist that you tear it apart, for it is no more to be actually seen or touched than is the buzzing of a million invisible bees.


Once again we are finding consistency in the extraterrestrial reports regarding this complex harmonic energy structure in the Universe.

So, as Seth appears almost indistinguishable from the classic image of the Grays, it is not hard to infer that Seth is giving us a precise description of how some of our visitors perform their interdimensional travel.

Essentially, Seth is telling us that they are using these energetic harmonic structures for navigation, and that they are both formed from and carriers of intelligent energy at the same time.

Seth makes it quite clear that the shape he is working with here is the cube, which corresponds perfectly to his being a fifth-density being, in light of the Vedic model of geometry.

Obviously, the other shapes are not mentioned, but as Jane says before the quotation, “We had no idea that it was actually a highly simplified explanation, cleverly geared to our own level of understanding at the time. It made a tremendous impression on us nonetheless. ”



Further enhancing the validity of this contact, Seth‘s 1969 essay gives a precise description of the “Superstring Theory ” of modern physics, which did not fully come about until the mid-1980‘s.

Dr. Michio Kaku‘s book Hyperspace is the simplest and most well known resource for introducing us to this complicated new theory.

Early along in the book, Kaku mentions that Superstring Theory first came about from physicists who grappled with a large and fundamental problem in physics, which we have already touched upon briefly.

That fundamental problem was the fact that a “photon ” of light can be clearly shown to possess the properties of a wave, even when our contemporary models would not provide any background energy in the Universe that such waves could travel through.

(We remind the reader that Zero-Point Energy and “aether” theories have filled this gap, and are becoming more and more widely accepted.)

Explaining this point in greater detail, Dr. Kaku says,

But if light were a wave, then it would require something to be ‘waving.‘ Sound waves require air, water waves require water, but since there is nothing to wave in a vacuum (though light still travels through it with ease,) we have a paradox. How can light be a wave if there is nothing to wave?


Again, the premise of our model is that the “waves ” themselves are traveling through this fantastic concentration of “background ” aether energy that exists throughout the Universe.

As we continue in Hyperspace, Kaku then describes the shock he encountered when discovering Kaluza-Klein theory, which directly paved the way for an understanding of what was going on:

Since the theory was considered to be a wild speculation, it was never taught in graduate school; so young physicists are left to discover it quite by accident in their casual readings.

This alternative theory gave the simplest explanation of light; that it was really a vibration of the fifth dimension, or what used to be called the fourth dimension by the mystics.

If light could travel through a vacuum, it was because the vacuum itself was vibrating, because the “vacuum ” really existed in four dimensions of space and one of time. By adding the fifth dimension, the force of gravity and light could be unified in a startlingly simple way…

So, it is clear that the Kaluza-Klein theory required there to be some form of background energy source in the “vacuum. ” Kaku briefly describes how the Superstring model helped iron out the conceptual problems that the Kaluza-Klein theory introduced, and after this explanation he continues (italics added:)

Many of the world‘s leading physicists now believe that dimensions beyond the usual four of space and time might exist…

Indeed, many theoretical physicists now believe that higher dimensions may be the decisive step in creating a comprehensive theory that unites the laws of nature; a theory of hyperspace.

If it proves to be correct, then future historians of science may well record that one of the great conceptual revolutions in twentieth-century science was the realization that hyperspace may be the key to unlock the deepest secrets of nature and Creation itself… (pg. 9.)


The extraterrestrial information strongly favors the idea that these ‘strings‘ are in fact waves of frequency that travel through the ‘aether,‘ which Russian scientists call “torsion fields. ”

This is slightly different from Superstring Theory, as Kaku and others would visualize the universe actually built up solely from these strings. The ancient Atlantean / Ra model sees the “strings ” as simply being waves in an aetheric medium.

Later in the book, Dr. Kaku explains this theory further, pointing out how much it helps to explain:

String theory answers a series of puzzling questions about particles, such as why there are so many of them in nature.

The deeper we probe into the nature of subatomic particles, the more particles we find. The current “zoo ” of subatomic particles numbers several hundred and their properties fill entire volumes….

String theory answers this question because the string, about 100 billion billion times smaller than a proton, is vibrating; each mode of vibration represents a distinct resonance or particle.

The string is so incredibly tiny that, from a distance, a resonance of a string and a particle are indistinguishable. Only when we somehow magnify the particle can we see that it is not a point at all, but a mode of a vibrating string.

In this picture, each subatomic particle corresponds to a distinct resonance that vibrates only at a distinct frequency.


Essentially, in this above passage, we can clearly see that when Seth says, “Consider that these wires are mobile, constantly trembling, and also alive, ” he was giving an even more complete hyperdimensional model that was about fifteen years ahead of this cutting-edge modern physics theory, which Kaku describes as “21st century physics dropped into the hands of the 20th century. ”

Plus, Seth was speaking through Jane Roberts, who was by no means a physicist and obviously had not the slightest clue that the obscure foundation of Kaluza-Klein theory ever existed.

Although the foundations of Superstring Theory certainly aid tremendously in legitimizing the Octave model of energy densities or dimensions, we still have a problem, in that Kaku‘s book clearly states that the physicists have mathematically “proven ” that there have to be at least 10, and possibly 26 dimensions in the universe.

Ra and other sources insist that all of the dimensions are unified as an Octave of eight densities of vibrating “intelligent energy, ” and therefore the 10-dimensional model is just a bit too high. But before we dismiss Ra’s words as disproven, we must look carefully, as this number shows up in quite directly Kaku‘s book as well.

Thus, in the next chapter we will uncover the impossible — a direct connection between the physics work of Dr. Kaku and our metaphysical idea of the dimensions being structured in an octave form.

Many, many psychic sources including Cayce, Ra and Scallion are unanimous in stating this, including Wilcock‘s own, before he was even aware of what exactly he was being told.

What should impress us even more will be that Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematician whose equations set the entire model for modern “string theory, ” was apparently using quite similar mystical techniques to those of Seth, Ra and others to gain his findings.

Even though such techniques might seem to be completely scientifically unacceptable, no one in mainstream science can deny the outstanding importance of Ramanujan‘s mathematical concepts.

Although his findings were embraced, no further research was done to determine how he came about receiving them in his trance states. Therefore, we will refer to Ramanujan, this enigmatic figure, as the “Edgar Cayce of Physics. ”