In this final chapter, we push all the “buttons” simultaneously, weaving all the arguments presented in the book together into one package.

We see that the entire argument assembles together perfectly.

We also provide a few more compelling bits of new information, including the emergence of the “11:11” ratio in the Great Pyramid and the idea that the August 99-May 2000 period is a major vibrational gateway to usher in higher vibrations.

We can look at all of the information within this book as a scientific study, a means of correlating psychic and historical data with observable, empirical facts. We have explored both avenues and seen the multitudinous points where they intersect.

As we move closer and closer to the truth, we start to feel a very interesting sensation: “What about me? What about right now? Is this really going to happen to me? Could something like this actually be possible?”

The actual idea of Ascension is quite incredible to grasp. So many important public figures speak on UFOlogy, spirituality and metaphysics currently, but the topic of Ascension is very curiously absent in the vast majority of cases. We simply don’t want to accept something that becomes such a towering, impending edifice of truth.

Perhaps we are afraid that it “couldn’t possibly happen,” and thus we are not willing to go out on a limb and talk about it — risking our reputations for something that we think might never actually happen.

Our rational, Ego minds fear their own transformation, and in their lack of knowledge or trust in what might lie beyond, we are land-bound. The idea of our bodies being transformed into a higher dimensional frequency seems to defy every bit of rational thought and analysis that we can summon up.

Undoubtedly, the physics are in place. This book shows that to be true in a format more comprehensive than anything else previously compiled into one work. We can also see how many others have gone before us, including the Master Jesus.

We can look back on the knowledge of the metaphysics of the One, and realize that it is our own personal destiny for each one of us to individually return to this Oneness, one frequency at a time. But, no matter how much we struggle and fight with the third dimensional world, we cannot conceive of leaving it behind. The whole idea of such a thing seems to invalidate every living fiber and tissue of our bodies.

When we pass into death, we know that there will be profound changes. Some of us think that we will simply cease to exist. Others expect that they will simply reincarnate and go through the treadmill yet again.

Still others expect to enter into a static “heaven” where everyone flies around with angel wings, plays harps, drinks the nectar of the gods and eats the sacred ambrosia. And others might expect that they will rejoin our lost Space Brothers, passing into a higher level of Utopian existence where “anything goes.”

The truth is that we feel we just can’t answer these questions. We don’t think that there is any way to “know” the answer to these mysteries. The harder we try to think about them, the more we feel our own impotence in explaining these great mysteries of Creation.

Nowhere is this more directly felt than within our minds, as we grapple with the knowledge of death. Many of us are very frightened by death, since we just don’t know what to expect and may fear the worst.

We all need to make a choice within ourselves. A choice to accept that such a fantastic thing as Ascension could really occur. We all need to allow ourselves to fantasize about the incredible possibilities.

Are we really meant to stay on Earth forever as we are now, forever reincarnating to play the game over and over again? Or is there a pattern involved? Are we just crashing our way through our lives, or is there a purpose for our being here? Do the experiences and events that happen in our lives have meaning and purpose, or are they all simply random circumstances?

Although we don’t think about these things in rational terms, all of us are aware that there is a purpose to our lives. We are not simply put here to be born, make widgets, buy products on TV and die. We are spiritual beings, living inheritors of a Divine legacy that has expanded itself throughout the entire cosmos.

We have souls, and we are all trying to “grow” spiritually. We might wonder at various times what this “spiritual growth” entails, but overall we can see that it has to do with being more accepting of both ourselves as well as other people. We all innately know that “spiritual growth” is a movement towards being more loving, all across the board.

But what is the purpose of spiritual growth, if it does indeed exist? Are we supposed to keep repeating the same script over and over again? If reincarnation exists, do we simply drop down to Earth time after time, just to keep trying?

Are we never going to reach a point of completion in this, our “spiritual growth?” Is there more to life than being a human in a three-dimensional body? Do the higher dimensions that our physicists have discovered simply exist as “place holders” in the Universe, or are they realms of Creation that are equally alive, and higher than our own?

Are we about to Graduate? If so, what does this mean? Could this graduation represent our own transcension of the third dimension, and its difficulties? All of us know how hard it is to be here, and how many challenges need to be overcome.

All of us can see how many people exist on the face of this Earth in disharmony, causing damage to themselves, to others and to the environment. All of us can see that we have practically destroyed ourselves in order to learn our lessons. And now, it seems that with environmental deterioration, earthquakes, weather disturbances, economic failures and other Earth Changes, the present world that we have created for ourselves is dissolving very rapidly.

Since all things must move in cycles, can we not see the reality of our own Solar Cycle? Do we not see the incredible timing between a cycle that has been talked about for thousands of years, and the actual conditions that we see in the present? How could the Maya have possibly known what the conditions would be like at this point in our history, as we head towards December 22, 2012? How could we have ever expected that things would get to be this way?

Even just a few years ago, people scoffed at the idea of changes surrounding the New Millennium, either good or bad. And yet now, everyone is becoming very seriously aware of the potential for major social changes at a very rapid speed. Perhaps we will read this book only a few months before these changes move into the next major level.

If we look back to the work of Colonel Phillip Corso, who came forward about the reverse-engineering projects that he himself helped to develop from extraterrestrial technology, the pieces all start to fit together. For some inexplicable reason, we have had a number of extraterrestrial spacecraft crash-land on Earth, and apparently more than one of them have had no damage whatsoever.

If what Corso says is true, and we have every reason to believe that it is, we simply would not have our current technology without this intervention.

But what exactly does that mean for us as global citizens? Why can we look at the Pyramid Timeline and see an exact schedule for a multitude of events in the past, present and future? If Bauval and Cayce are correct in dating the age of the Great Pyramid and the rest of the Gizeh complex to 12,500 years ago, then how could it be possible that these historical events could be plotted out with such incredible accuracy?

Do we ever stop to think about this, or do we just shove it under the rug in order to protect our fragile “belief structures” that we have built up throughout all of our lives?

Is it possible that these extraterrestrials purposefully gave us their technology, in order that we would produce computer chips, lasers, fiber optics, infrared vision, Teflon, superconducting ceramics, anti-gravity propulsion, time travel and other things?

When we look at the “big picture,” where would we be if the computer chip was never discovered? There would be no Internet, no remote controls, no cordless telephones, no calculators, no digital watches, no credit cards, no ATMs, no VCRs, no video movie cameras, no answering machines, no voice mail… hardly anything that we now have come to rely on would exist.

The system of physics presented in this book, when properly utilized in any dimensional level, has the potential to eliminate all of the crises and hardships that we now face on Earth. We now know that we have the ability to harness limitless sources of free energy from this Grid system.

We are moving closer and closer to what Christian mystic Teilhard de Chardin called the “Omega Point,” or “a moment of quantum awakening.” When we look back to the enigma of the Pyramid Timeline, we wonder how such accuracy could be rendered. Was this all a simple case of remarkably accurate future prophecy? Or was there more to it than that?

Is it possible that the reason why the Pyramid Timeline exists is that its creators were simply observing the natural products of the Great Solar Cycle? Is it also possible that the “gift” of modern crashed-disk technology was purposefully introduced into our society by extraterrestrial beings in order that we advance quickly enough to be “on schedule” with the Cycle?

Is it possible that the entire reason for crop circles, sightings, abductions, contact experiences and other related events is to prepare us for this awesome event? Can we really even fathom the possibility that the Earth is being transformed, being reborn? Do we have the ability to look within ourselves and see the darkness, to transform ourselves into Light as well?

Are we Ascending even now as we read this book? Or, do we simply choose to repeat our habit patterns, going down the same old roads of the psyche time after time, never learning our lessons? Are we simply supposed to be allowed to destroy the Earth through our own inability to stop the systems that we ourselves created?

If we were left to our own devices, with no universal cycles or outside intervention, would we actually complete our Graduation curriculum, or would we simply let ourselves and our Earth perish?

How long will we continue to look away from the warning signs that are all around us? When we hold positions of power, where changes can be made, do we retreat back into what is familiar and comfortable so that we might never have to face the truth?

Do we simply erect a barrier within the psyche, shutting out the importance of anything else but our own self-indulgence and gratification? Or, do we activate our sense of compassion for others and for the Earth, and begin trying to make positive changes?

We need to stop measuring reality on what we think we know is true, to stop indulging ourselves in assuming that we have all the answers. We need to be willing to crack the door open just a bit.

This book is a backstage pass into some of the behind-the-scenes activity that is going on here on Earth. Can we ever know the full extent of this activity? Probably not. Can we approach a great deal of it and begin to understand it? Absolutely.

A great portion of this material was inspired through direct contacts with those who already exist in higher realms. We have quoted Edgar Cayce, the Ra Material, the Seth Material, Walter Russell and the Wilcock Readings.

We have seen repeated examples of historical cases of extraterrestrial intervention, including the stunning picture of the Solomon Islands religious idols that were reprinted in this book. These idols looked almost exactly the same as what we would now think of as modern-day Greys. If we look back to the Jane Roberts books, we can see yet another confirmation of the morphology of the “Grey,” back in 1968 when no one was talking about these guys yet.

Millions and millions of us have come to accept that we are not the only game in town. We can hardly even fathom the awesomeness of a complete civilization existing in ruins on our closest neighboring planet, Mars. And yet, when we go there, we see a physical layout for all the same hyperdimensional systems of physics that we have been discussing in this book.

Do we open our minds and dare to dream the impossible dream? Do we face up to the truth, look everything squarely in the eye and accept the possibility that we will Ascend? Are we ready for the most awesome, majestic, unbelievable, incredible, mind-expanding, paradigm shifting event in the history of human civilization?

Do we allow ourselves to entertain the notion that this could really be true, or do our hardened minds simply revert back to “reality mode?” Does the reality of the 8 to 5, workaday life have us in its clutches? Do monthly bills and yearly taxes fix us into an immovable structure of beliefs?

Do we simply indulge in believing that “this world sucks and that’s the way it is?” Is it not more invigorating, more exciting, more adventurous to expand the limitations of our minds? To accept that Ascension is a reality?

All the clues have been set before us in this book. So now, let’s briefly review what those clues are.

In the Introduction, we started out by discussing the imminent changes all around us at this time. None of us can deny that our world is moving into a totally new phase of its development. We looked at some of the multitudes of creative works being produced in modern times, and examined how these apparently subconscious metaphors for Ascension have surfaced again and again. Wilcock’s associate Joe Mason has done a great deal of research on this topic as well.

In Chapter Two, we proposed the idea of a hidden “zero-point energy” or aether in the universe that obeys fluid-like harmonic properties of vibration, in order that we might then find the mechanism of this system of physics that we have been discussing. We started by looking at the phenomenon of consciousness units, the unseen energetic structures “beneath” physical matter.

We took quotes from The Ra Material, The Seth Material and Walter Russell to give us a conceptual basis for understanding these enigmatic “units.” What we have showed is that they provide a “structure” within the background energy of the Creation, corresponding to the relative density of energy in any one area. And it is this same structure that is directly responsible for the relative speed and quality of the passage of time as we now know it.

After laying out the conceptual foundations for consciousness units, we described how the octave structure of the dimensions best exemplifies this organization. Modern physics is already well on the way to discovering that there is indeed an octave of dimensions – certainly a very metaphysical concept, a “deep numerology that no one understands.”

So far the physicists have felt that the superstrings lack “symmetry,” and thus they have added two more dimensions to the universe to balance this. This does not show up in Srinivasa Ramanujan’s modular functions, which are related to the dimensions and abound with the numbers 8 and 24.

Physicist Tony King then revealed exactly what we were looking for — an eight-dimensional spacetime that is built upon a series of Platonic “hyperframes,” as we continue to remind ourselves that the Platonic geometries are the simple result of vibration in a fluid-like medium.

Taking this eight-fold structure of dimensions, we looked at how there is a direct correlation between light and sound – both of which fall into an octave. We explained how the octave also shows up within the electron orbits of the atom. Each “shell” can hold a maximum of eight electrons, before it must rise into the next “shell” or frequency.

We also saw how human DNA conforms to an octave structure as well, incorporating the square of 8, or 64 proteins in each strand. This was correlated with modern discoveries of the identical mathematical structure of the I Ching. We have suggested that it is conceivable that the ancient Chinese authors of the I Ching were able to “download” the DNA structure from Universal Consciousness, which fundamentally entrains Light and harnesses it into its natural, spiraling form.

Then, in later chapters we also saw that cell mitosis goes through an octave as well — eight phases in seven intervals. Robert Lawlor also expressed to us that there are seven main subsystems to the human nervous system. We also learned that the Renaissance scientists were obsessed with finding symmetry and mathematical proportions such as phi within the measurements of the human body, and that there are an incredible number of these correlations.

These ratios govern the growth of all living structures on this planet, as well as the growth of entire civilizations and Time itself as well! So from the biological perspective, we can start to see that we ourselves are also a function of this octave structure on a very intimate level – from DNA to our cells to our nervous system, skeletal system and many other areas as well.

(As one skeletal example, we have seven cervical vertebrae, twelve dorsal vertebrae and four lumbar vertebrae — again, all the octave-based, building block “frequency numbers.”)

We then have seen that geometry is the third component to this puzzle. In the words of Hipparchus, “Geometry is frozen music.” We have gone to great lengths to show how the Platonic solids illustrate various frequencies, all of which are “encoded” within a spherical energy field. The work of Buckminster Fuller showed us that a spherical balloon, submerged in dye, would visually demonstrate the Platonic solids when vibrated at different frequencies, or tones.

Dr. Hans Jenny followed this up with the vibrations of pure sound in hydro-dynamic dispersions. However, the problem with these Platonic frequencies, as we had stated it, was that there did not appear to be a full octave of Platonic solids to satisfy an octave of vibrations. The ancient Hindu writings in the Vedas provided the solution for us, by demonstrating how the icosahedron, or what they named the god Purusha, was repeated twice in the “octave,” at positions two and seven.

We then saw that this knowledge regarding the three-dimensional structure of “consciousness units” has been repeated to us by the arguably non-terrestrial phenomenon of crop circles. Anyone can go to, pay a small fee to become a member and peruse the yearly archives of crop circles, from every year since 1977 and especially 96, 97 and 98, and easily see diagrams of “consciousness units” as well as the spirals that make them up.

Upon careful study of the archives of these formations as a whole, it can be seen that well over 90 percent of all crop circles in existence appear to be geometric expressions of consciousness units in many different forms! Some show the geometries themselves, and other more recent formations actually show us the spirals, complete with their fractal counterparts!

We again bring in the B&W image of Stonehenge 1996, which is another amazing phi-shaped Julia Set fractal crop circle, with our image from the chapter on the Becker-Hagens grid, and then an inverted, magnified and reversed clipping of the Stonehenge formation with the appropriate circles stressed in white:



From this diagram, we can indeed see that these “Earth Grid Circles” that Richard Lefors Clark called “Diamagnetic Energy Vortices” could be showing us how this spiraling energy works within the Global Grid, in a very physical form.

These crop circles might not simply be showing us fractals to pique our interest, but to give us valuable information for decoding the pulsating structure of the Creation. Furthermore, if you look closely at the three circles in image number 2, they are remarkably similar in size and position to the three stars in the belt of Orion, which are also remarkably similar in size and position to the three Pyramids of Giza.

And thus, this same harmonic law certainly may be organizing these three stars in a harmonic spiral as well.

So, it is obvious that “someone” is trying to get us to put all of this together. Thankfully, there are many ways to approach this problem, and thus the proof can come in a variety of forms. The focus in the last few chapters of Part II has specifically dealt with how these geometric energies show themselves within planetary structures.

We have looked at the work of Bruce Cathie, who showed a cube / octahedron structure within the Earth’s energetic fields, and demonstrated how it was apparently being used for navigation by UFOs. We also looked at the work of Richard Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission, who showed us how the tetrahedron emerges as a system of energetic upwellings that occur on planets all throughout the Solar System, as well as Earth.

The next step was to see how Carl Munck fit into all of this. He showed us a discrete “coordinate system” that was in use by previous Earth civilizations to map these energies. As amazing as it must seem to the skeptical, Munck conclusively demonstrates that the structure of pyramids, temples, stone circles and earthworks all are based on a planet-wide system of classification. No matter where they are situated, they provide self-referential coordinates that describe their precise location on the Earth, in latitude and longitude.

The center point for all of these coordinates passes directly through the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. In order for the builders of this coordinate system to have made these precise calculations, they would have needed a level of technology or focused spiritual consciousness comparable to modern computers or geniuses like Srinivasa Ramanujan.

We also know from examining the geometric structure of these consciousness units that the pyramid structure is a perfect replication of our own native density, the octahedral level. Therefore, it would make sense that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, with its mirror-perfect polished white limestone casing stones, cemented together at 1/100th of an inch, would be situated on the best energy vortex the Earth has to offer.

We are literally viewing a lost technology that is still far more advanced than our own. If we know how to use it, as these pyramid builders did, then tremendous things would be possible. Not only are they valid for healing and initiation, but they balance the energies of the planet and can lend tremendous energy for excursions in consciousness.

With these energies properly harnessed, a human entity could basically log on to the Cosmic Internet and get any information needed, from any period of time in any location.

The next interesting series of points that we raised have to do with the actual frequency of light speed, and its harmonic connections to the basic “frequency numbers” that we have continually mentioned. Through Cathie’s research, we can see that the value for light speed, expressed in harmonic Global Grid terms of minutes of arc per grid second, is precisely 144,000.

This is exactly the same as the number of days in one Mayan Calendar “baktun” time period, as well as being a direct harmonic of the sound frequencies, expressed as a number of cycles per second of vibration in air.

Then, when we factor in the work of Carl Munck, the results become even more significant. Munck’s work showed us the validity of inches, feet and miles as a measurement, which we can also see in the harmonic 2,160-mile diameter of the Moon.

We also know that the second is very important as well, because of the existence of the Constant of Nineveh, and the fact that the second is the only value of time that will precisely yield the series of round “frequency numbers” that we now use to express sound vibrations. So, the old-fashioned value for the Speed of Light, expressed in miles per second, should have something interesting to offer us.

With the work of Carl Munck, we are left with no doubts about the harmonic importance of our present figure for light speed in miles per second. We remember that Munck took the tangents of all of the Gematrian “frequency numbers,” including all those that measure sound vibrations, and determined that they all reduced down to only two simple values!

That means that for every single frequency number we have discussed, as well as other harmonic and Gematrian numbers, the “spiral” or waveform that they describe appears to be the same. We know this because the tangent function is used to measure and calculate curvatures.

What was even more incredible was that by multiplying these two tangents together, or showing how they both are One, part of a unified, spiraling system, we get the square root of five! And Robert Lawlor makes a solid mathematical / geometrical case in Sacred Geometry for the fact that the square root of five directly generates the phi ratio.

We know from studying the side lengths of the Platonic Solids that they are all a function of phi and the square root of two. Now we can see that the “spiral” formed by multiplying the two common tangents of all our “frequency numbers”, namely the square root of five, also directly produces this same phi ratio!

Furthermore, Munck tells us that the square root of five, which is the key to the whole puzzle of phi and the “consciousness units,” is also the tangent of the Speed of Light in free space! In other words, the “upward spiraling line of light” indicated by Ra travels in the exact same mathematical fashion as our Platonic solids and frequency numbers — utilizing a spiral that is tangentially measured by the square root of five!

What we can see from this “final capstone” to the puzzle is that the Gematrian frequency numbers for sound vibrations are indeed the key to understanding the entire composite picture that we have here. These numbers mark out the actual intervals of the spiral of Light that forms the consciousness units.

By seeing that the Speed of Light also functions with mathematical precision through the same spiral physics, we can no longer doubt the fundamental, cohesive unity of the “consciousness unit” as we have outlined it here. Nor can we possibly deny its effects on the Earth when studying the Global Grid, specifically the Becker/Hagens UVG 120 Polyhedron, which unifies all the Platonic Solids into one basic form.

So, when we understand that these frequency numbers indicate a spiraling system of Light, and we also know that they indicate dimensional frequencies as well, our ears perk up when we see these same numbers in the Great Solar Cycle.

We remember that the figure of 25,920 years is a precise harmonic value that can yield all other “frequency numbers” through division. The Mayan Calendar itself, charting out one fifth of this cycle, also shows us these numbers in its organization.

So, when we see that the Sun and planets are also a unified, spiraling system or consciousness unit, tracing their orbits through free-standing space in a spiral fashion, we can see why so many prophetic sources have indicated a dimensional shift from this event.

What we now understand is that the Great Solar Cycle embodies this complete, unified system of physics that we have described. It is yet another functioning aspect of the consciousness unit in action, since the CU can be infinitesimally small or infinitely large.

Since there is no real space in the Universe, all levels of the CU are actually the same relative “size.” We are told in the Ra Material that we can precisely measure the cycles of the Sun with exactness, since it is a Universal Law that all systems must operate in such cycles. Now that we have the physics behind it, we can see why.

Each solar system is a consciousness unit that must pulsate through different dimensional frequencies at a precise rate of speed, which the harmonics of the spiral itself determines. The planets exhibit these harmonic, musical ratios in their relative positions one to the other, thus exemplifying the nature of any Solar System as “crystallized music” or light.

The author remembers seeing a study from Zecharia Sitchin that illustrated a similar harmonic structure to the Uranian moon system as well.

In Chapter Fifteen, we zoned in on Edgar Cayce reading 1602-003, and on the following enigmatic lines:

In 1998 we may find a great deal of the activities as have been wrought by the gradual changes that are coming about.

These are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the sun’s passage through the various spheres of activity become paramount… to the change between the Piscean and Aquarian age…


We then looked at Cayce’s timeline of events, and saw that this “cycle of the solar activity” appears to break down into roughly 25,000-year intervals. We connected this cycle of time to the 25,920-year precession of the equinoxes, the Earth’s slow wobble which shifts our view of the stars in the night sky by one degree every seventy-two years.

Then, we examined the Ra Material, and we saw that this roughly 25,000-year solar cycle is indeed in effect, and will shift the dimensional frequencies here on Earth:

…One major cycle is approximately 25,000 of your years. There are three cycles of this nature during which those who have progressed may be harvested at the end of three major cycles…

This sphere… has not made an easy transition to the vibrations which beckon. This inconvenience… shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years.

Q: After this period of thirty years (1981+30=2011) I am assuming that this will be a fourth density planet. Is this correct?

RA: I am Ra. This is so.


Once we had gotten our information from Ra, we looked in on the groundbreaking work of Maurice Cotterell, who discovered an identical cycle in the Solar body through strictly scientific means. Cotterell also discovered that the Maya had the same information encoded in stone, through the Mayan Calendar.

We looked at all of the clues suggested from Cotterell’s work, John Major Jenkins and others that indicate that we are due up for a major change, a possible pole shift or “the end of the present world.” We then checked in with ex-NASA scientist Maurice Chatelain for his insights on the Mayan Calendar. From this work, we were led to discover the incredible, mathematical precision of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and its effects on the Great Solar Cycle.

We learned that there is only a 54-day difference between the actual timing of a J-S conjunction and a Mayan katun of 7,200 days. When we figured the number of days in one of Chatelain’s Mayan Calendar cycles, based on J-S conjunctions at 1,886,040 days, and then subtracted this from the length of one of Cotterell’s “sunspot shift cycles” at 1,366,040, we came up with exactly 520,000 days left over.

Cotterell demonstrates how the number 520, or 2×260, is a universal system for “shifting” cycles, and we showed how it is a harmonic of the number 13. From this one point, we can see how the J-S conjunction obviously fits in to the grand scheme of things in a mysterious, synchronistic and mathematically precise fashion.

Then, as we continued looking at the J-S conjunction, we discovered that Richard Hoagland had written an entire study on his website that showed that this event had even more radio jamming, hyperdimensional power than the common 11-year sunspot cycle.

When we looked at the actual timing of the J-S conjunction, we realized that it very strongly suggested the period before and after May 28, 2000 as a date of great significance. On this date, Jupiter and Saturn, the drivers of the Great Solar Cycle, will make their last conjunction prior to the completion of the cycle itself.

And as the first full edition of this book went to print, we certainly were seeing bizarre behavior in the Stock Market — a 2-trillion dollar loss of value in one day on Friday, April 14, 2000.

Then, when we turned the clock back a few months from this date, we again find that the August 11, 1999 conjunction appeared to be an important gateway, even if we did not see anything physically. In our other writings we have seen how it appeared that the Gnostic authors of the Bible were aware of this hallmark conjunction, and wrote it into the New Testament.

The four beasts of the Apocalypse, the lion, ox, man and eagle, corresponded to the four zodiacal signs Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio, in which this Grand Cross conjunction took place. Even if they didn’t know what exactly would happen at this time, they appear to have used this event as a point for triangulating many prophetic statements.

We can see the symbolism of the Grand Cross here on Earth having to do with crucifixion, or the Earth’s own fulfillment of the pattern set by Christ. What we had, from a strictly hyperdimensional perspective, is a tremendous cross-shaped arrangement of planetary bodies, which produces tremendous energetic stress as well as a clear geometric structure.

This is then almost precisely the same as that stress caused by the two largest bodies, Jupiter and Saturn, when they go into conjunction. So therefore, when we saw such a powerful configuration appearing so close to the final J-S conjunction at the end of an entire 77,760-year cycle of ages, we could not help but wonder if it had some sort of effect in opening up a higher level of energy that will become completely settled after May 28, 2000. We can certainly expect many new changes by this point.

[Certainly, this year ushered in many changes: the incredible disputed Presidential election between Bush and Gore in 2000, followed by September 11, 2001, which changed the whole picture.]  

Drawing off our Global Grid work in the later chapters, Becker and Hagens have shown us that Grid Point 11 falls directly over the northern portion of England. We have looked at information from other sources on the Grid that suggest that certain times of year, and certain astronomical configurations, might affect the energetics of the Global Grid.

So, what we can see is that on Aug. 11, on grid point 11 at 11:11 a.m., the Solar Eclipse went into complete corona, where the hyperdimensional energies of the Sun and Moon were as precisely aligned as they could ever possibly get. And, as we had said in the previous edition of this book, finished March 8, 1999:

With all the attending stresses of the Grand Cross configuration, this Eclipse will become as a laser beam of focused, fourth-dimensional consciousness/energy, or metaphorically significant as the lance that pierced the body of Christ on the Cross. As this hyperdimensional “laser beam” reaches its strongest point of corona, it also ignites one of the most highly significant Grid vortices on Earth — the location of Stonehenge and a host of other megalithic stoneworks.

This single burst of energy will blast the Global Grid so strongly that the entire Grid itself will sound like a gigantic gong, rising to an incredible height of frequency for a few moments…We can also expect that this blast of energy would continue to cause the Global Grid to expand, thereby causing land shifts as Wilcock’s readings are predicting.


And indeed, on Aug. 17, 1999, the exact day when the Grand Square planetary conjunction itself went into its tightest alignment, there was a tremendous 6.9 earthquake in Turkey — directly over the area where the eclipse path had traversed just six days earlier. This was all the convincing that was necessary to see that these effects really can be measured and predicted.

Taiwan then followed soon afterwards with equal severity. We remember seeing the ring of energy created in the Pacific Ocean basin, and how much it resembled cell mitosis, as though the Earth itself was showing us a physical metaphor of regeneration.

We also remember Joseph Jochmans’ information from Athelsan Spilhaus and others that suggests that such a geometric expansion has already occurred in the past. The Hopi prophecies about the Earth’s grid expanding like the white spots on a growing doe are also very interesting bits of corroboration.

So, this continuing increase of Light or aether density into the global energy grid, by such a precise hyperdimensional arrangement of forces in the galaxy, cannot go without its effects. The Ra Material tells us that the Earth will have to “electromagnetically realign its vortices of reception,” and that they have “every reason to believe” that the sum total of this realignment will be approximately 20 degrees due east of North.

Furthermore, there is even more intriguing research to show that the “gateway” of 11:11, which opened on Aug. 11, 1999, had great significance. In Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval’s book, Message of the Sphinx, [or Keeper of Genesis in Europe,] the 11:11 ratio is specifically mentioned as being of quintessential importance to the functioning of the entire pyramid itself!

This 11:11 ratio is also shown to have a harmonic connection to the angle measurement of 111.111 degrees, elsewhere in the Gizeh complex.

In Hancock and Bauval’s work, there are frequent citations from the landmark Pyramid Texts of Unas, and their reference to the First Time, or “Zep Tepi.” Hancock and Bauval tell us that this First Time of Egypt was 12,500 years ago, the exact date of the close of the most recent Solar Breath / precessional cycle.

At this moment, the point where the Sun would rise, called the vernal point, was directly in front of the Sphinx within the constellation Leo, the Lion. Hence the very first thing we see is how the terrestrial Sphinx was built to face its celestial counterpart. This obviously is another piece of evidence linking the Sphinx to a time of 12,500 years in the past.

This Sphinx alignment dovetails nicely with Bauval’s discovery that the three pyramids of Gizeh are a precise terrestrial map of the constellation Orion, designed to be in exact alignment with the celestial Orion 12,500 years ago.

Then, we are told that the second major time-encoded date for the Pyramid complex is the point at which the internal “airshafts” in the Pyramid align with their celestial counterparts in the heavens. The time where everything fits together is in 2500 BC, almost exactly 8000 years after the First Time of 10,500 BC.

The vernal point, where the Sun rose, has then moved exactly 111.111 degrees away from where it started in 10,500 BC! There again, we have an apparently built-in, deliberate numerical synchronicity showing itself!

Hancock and Bauval speculate that the pyramids might somehow be able to facilitate time travel within the focus of consciousness, so that those of the Egyptian Pyramid Age might be able to scan backwards to this “First Time” of 12,500 years ago.

If this is true, then they suggest that these precision alignments in the Pyramid have their purpose for calibrating that specific time. The reader will remember that we discussed similar methods of time calibration in the chapter on the Constant of Nineveh. Thus, on page 235 of “Message of the Sphinx,” they write that since the precession causes a one-degree shift every 72 years,

…If the Horus – King could have been provided with the ‘special number’ 111.111, and had used it in the way described above, it would have led him back to (72×111.111 years =) 7,999.99 years before the specified ‘ground zero,’ i.e. to almost exactly 8000 years before 2500 BC – in short, to 10,500 BC.

We know that this seems like wishful numerology of the worst sort – i.e. ‘factoring in’ an arbitrary value to a set of calculations so as to procure spurious ‘corroboration’ for a specific desired date (in this case the date of 10,500 BC, twelve and a half thousand years before the present…)

The problem, however, is that the number 111.111 may well not be an arbitrary value. At any rate, it has long been recognized that the main numerical factor in the design of the Great Pyramid, and indeed of the Giza necropolis as a whole, is the prime number 11 — a prime number being one that is only divisible by itself to produce the whole number 1.

Thus 11 divided by 11, i.e. the ratio 11:11, produces the whole number 1 (while 11 divided by anything else, i.e. any other ratio, would, of necessity, generate a fraction.)

What is intriguing is the way that the architecture of the Great Pyramid responds to the number 11 when it is divided, or multiplied, by other whole numbers. The reader will recall, for example, that its side length of just over 755 feet is equivalent to 440 Egyptian royal cubits – i.e. 11 times 40 cubits.

In addition, its height to base ratio is 7:11. The slope ratio of its sides is 14:11 (tan 51 degrees 50′). And the slope ratio of the southern shaft of the King’s Chamber – the shaft that was targeted on Orion’s belt in 2500 BC – is 11:11 (tan 45 degrees).

Arguably, therefore, the ratio 11:11, which integrates with our “special number” 111.111, could be considered as a sort of mathematical key, or ‘stargate’ to Orion’s belt. Moreover, as we shall see, a movement of 111.111 degrees backwards along the ecliptic from ‘ground-zero’ at the Hyades-Taurus, the head of the celestial bull, would place the vernal point ‘underneath’ the cosmic lion.”


So now we can see that Hancock and Bauval directly mention the 11:11 ratio as the “stargate” of the Great Pyramid! [Note: Just as this book is in its final edit and going to print, a huge bolt of lightning exploded overhead in a giant flash, right as we read the word “Stargate” again.]

Synchronistically enough, the colon between the two numbers, which indicates a ratio, reads exactly the same as the colon in clock time, AND exactly the same as the colon in Bible quotations! This lends even greater credence to the validity of the 11:11 conjunction being so important – it appears that the entire Pyramid was built to encapsulate this number!

Then, when we see the focus on the internal timelines, the metaphor of the returning capstone and the Masonic connections of this symbol to “A great order of ages” being “born anew,” we must start to seriously consider that the period between the Aug. 11, 1999 conjunction and May 28, 2000 conjunction will end up being seen as a key turning point, ushering in a higher energetic frequency that will be of incredible significance to us as a planetary species.

The ancients clearly were able to focus in on this time as being of significance, and in order for us to see it we may need to study more of the “subtle” effects in society, such as the changes in paradigms that are now occurring with events such as a major motion picture about the Martian Anomalies.

We rounded out the book with a discussion of the Nineveh Constant, which helped to show us how these cycles of time might be used by extradimensional travelers to navigate through the timestream, or the fabric of space and time. We also were given another glaring clue as to the elegant beauty and simplicity of the harmonic numbers underlying all of the Creation.

Simply multiplying 70 by 60 seven times in a row can render the entire Cycle, measured in seconds. The pulsar B1257+10 shows an almost exact similarity to our own in its configuration, and as this is the first major extra-planetary system that we have found, we can assume that they all function to some degree of harmonic consistency.

And with Wilcock’s original research, this same harmonic system has been expanded out to the Galactic level, and we can see that all truly does work in perfect mathematical harmony.

With the work of Cowan and Masson, we see that time itself takes on a dynamic, shifting, energetic structure that can be accurately predicted in advance, and whose behaviors have certain definite effects upon civilization. So now, we have an even greater grasp of how our own Great Solar Cycle affects us as a planetary society. (4:44 p.m., 3/8/98.)

As we learn and understand the physics behind the Shift of the Ages, we are made pure with our own realization that all things are in balance.

Whether we look at sound, color, geometry, atoms, cells, biology, the human body, pyramids, the Global Grid, planetary orbits, the Sunspot Cycle or even greater cycles such as that of the Constant of Nineveh, and now the rise and decline of massive, seemingly random social trends as well, we can see that all things, indeed everything, obeys these magnificent, cyclical harmonic principles.

We now know that a massive effort was made by the survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm to preserve the basis of this knowledge for our own generation. Mythologies the world over have encoded the precessional numbers in their roots, and various other societies have retained immense pieces of the puzzle, such as the Maya, the Aztecs and the Sumerians.

These teachings found their way into the Western secret societies over time, and now they continue to thrive in the United States Government and its backbone of Masonic belief, as well as the United Nations as a whole in their remarkable Meditation Room.

We have also seen how the extraterrestrial forces surrounding us at this time have made numerous efforts to communicate these simple truths to us, through Nostradamus, Cayce, Jane Roberts, Walter Russell, David Wilcock and others.

We have indeed arrived at this Omega Point of planetary Ascension now, and we are surrounded by a throng of spectators. These brothers and sisters on the outside made sure that we would have the necessary technology in place at the end of this cycle so that we may process our collective karma from the Age of Atlantis.

It is time for us to Ascend, to regain our true heritage and to reclaim the Earth, or the New Jerusalem, in its cleansed and perfected fourth-density form. We have all the proof that we need to convince ourselves that this epic, fantastic event is very soon to occur.