In this chapter, we begin to examine the basics behind how this system of hyperdimensional physics could actually produce a spontaneous disappearance of a physical body.

We deeply examine the case history of the Philadelphia Experiment, wherein a Naval ship was allegedly “teleported” back and forth from Norfolk, VA to Penn’s Landing, PA.

We suggest that this experiment was an early, crude proof of the fact that if a magnetic field of sufficient strength is configured to produce the higher-level geometries of the CU, you may very well be able to transform the matter phase of everything within that area to a higher dimension.

We also suggest that the Sun is naturally producing this same effect, only on a much larger and more long-term scale.

The effects of the Philadelphia Experiment can demonstrate the fact that at least partial knowledge of the Global Grid was available to the insiders already.

The Philadelphia Experiment, as many of us already know, was a case where the United States apparently dematerialized an entire ship at the port of Norfolk, Virginia, transported it up to Penn‘s Landing Area near Philadelphia, and then brought it back to Norfolk again, in 1943. The total distance of the trip exceeded 400 miles.

Again, there are many different sources that confirm the reality of this having happened, and it is the lack of study on behalf of most skeptics that would allow them to brush it aside.

The most recent reports from Lt. Col. Philip Corso, reprinted on Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI website, indicate that almost everything in the description of the Philadelphia Experiment was true, except that in order to protect the story, a different ship was used than the one normally described to the public.

The actual ship was a minesweeper, not a destroyer. Therefore, it makes sense that when aging crewmembers of the Destroyer Escort U.S.S. Eldridge were queried about this, they remembered nothing of the sort.

Although the evidence now suggests that the Eldridge was not the ship, we are told that the experiment itself apparently did occur.

What we are told is that this ship was made invisible and quickly transported by an extraordinarily powerful, pulsating magnetic field that it generated on board. This magnetic field was the product of several tons of specialized electronic equipment that had been installed within it.

To those who ignore this aspect of the “big picture” of UFOlogy / metaphysics / government cover-ups, we need to remember a few facts surrounding the event.

If the ship had simply remained safe and secure in the harbor as the Navy claimed, there is no apparent reason for the families of several crewmembers being told that their loved ones, the sailors from the crew, had died that night.

There doesn’t seem to be a plausible explanation for why the entire rest of the crew involved received discharges from the Navy for being “medically unfit.” Furthermore, the death of Morris Ketchum Jessup, a U Michigan astronomy and mathematics professor investigating the affair, seems a little too coincidental to be a “suicide.”

In many ways, his death reads similar to the now-famous Vince Foster case associated with the Clinton Whitewater investigations.

Jessup, born in 1900, had an interesting career. While completing his doctorate at University of Michigan, he discovered and cataloged many binary stars in the night sky. His first decent job, caught during the Depression, was with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to seek out sources of crude rubber in the Amazon.

This job in turn led to archeological expeditions into the Mayan ruins in Mesoamerica, where he worked as a photographer. He was fascinated by what he saw, and progressed onward to Peru to study the ruins of the pre-Incan cultures there.

By studying the megalithic size and mathematical exactness of the ruins, Jessup concluded that the only plausible explanation for their construction was some sort of levitation process. He proposed that this must have been done by a non-terrestrial influence, a race of intelligent beings with access to flying craft that could levitate the blocks.

By proposing this theory, he was ousted by employers and colleagues, having become an early proponent of the “Ancient Astronauts” theory.

Fueled by his own savings, Jessup stayed in the area, and began studying the enigmatic craters near the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico that are now cited as evidence of the asteroid collision that killed the dinosaurs.

Jessup eventually ran out of money and came back to the United States in 1954 to be able to raise funds to continue his research.

He soon realized that the flying saucer phenomenon that everyone was talking about was indeed plausible, as he had already uncovered evidence that suggested it. He was most interested in determining their methods of propulsion, since they disobeyed all known laws of physics.

Jessup had already completed his first manuscript by January of 1955, based on this new research; he called it The Case for the UFO, and sold it to Bantam Books. It did quite well in bookstores and was printed in paperback by the fall of the same year.

After the book was out on the shelves, Jessup received a series of letters from Carlos Allende, alias Carl Allen. The letters were written in several different colors of ink, and many words within the sentences were capitalized for no apparent reason.

It was obvious that Allende was not the most literate person in the world, but his story was certainly a fantastic one: he had been present at the Norfolk Docks to witness the disappearance of a ship, erroneously referred to as the U.S.S. Eldridge, during the “Philadelphia Experiment.”

Allende commented on some of the information in Case for the UFO where Jessup had encouraged the public to put legal pressure on the government, in order to demand research into Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.

Allende was quite angry about Jessup’s desire to do this, because of the harmful effects that this theory had on human beings as a result of its testing in the Philadelphia Experiment. You can imagine that for any planetary society, the early days of teleportation must be quite difficult, costing innocent, brave and pioneering lives.

Although Einstein claimed to have never finished his Unified Field Theory, Allende opens up the letter by telling Jessup that Einstein had indeed finished it, and had retracted the work due to the effects that it might have on people. Those effects were later demonstrated by the Philadelphia Experiment. Says Allende:

[Einstein’s] Later computations, done strictly for his own edification & amusement, upon cycles of Human Civilization & Progress compared to the Growth of Mans General over-all Character Was enough to Horrify Him. Thus, we are told today that the Theory was “Incomplete.”

Dr. B. Russell asserts privately that It is complete. He also says that Man is Not Ready for it & Shan’t be until after W.W. III. Nevertheless, “Results” of my friend Dr. Franklin Reno, were used…

The Result was & stands today as Proof that The Unified Field Theory to a certain extent is correct. Beyond that certain extent No Person in his right senses, or having any senses at all, Will evermore dare to go.


Next, we will examine Allende’s observations of the field that was generated and what happened within it:

The Field Was effective in an oblate spheroidal shape, extending one hundred yards (More or Less, due to Lunar position and Latitude) out from each beam of the ship. Any Person Within that sphere became vague in form BUT He too observed those Persons aboard that ship as though they too were of the same state, yet were walking upon nothing.

Any person without that sphere could see Nothing save the clearly Defined shape of the Ships Hull in the Water. PROVIDING of course, that that person was just close enough to see yet, just barely outside of that field.


If we take Allende’s letters as being factual, it would seem from the above paragraph that there was a fundamental difference between what would happen when you saw a physical object in that state as opposed to a living human being.

People in the field “became vague in form but… [they could see each other, even though the others looked like they] were walking on nothing.” This suggests a fundamental difference between a human entity and an inanimate object when this “dimensional projection” is made.

Other reports of those who have traveled out-of-body have reported seeing other entities as being vague in form. Inanimate matter like the ship’s hull and deck may simply not be visible in higher realms.

According to Allende, this experiment apparently had a quite devastating effect on the men involved in it. The men got stuck between dimensions, as it were, and some were unable to find their way back to the physical plane.

In the worst-case scenario, some of these men actually burst into flames. These poor souls, if rescued, described the in-between feeling as Pure Hell, where they were stuck in a seemingly eternal Slowness and did not know how to escape. According to Allende, there were various levels of this “freeze,” illustrated in the following verbatim quote:

A Highly complicated Piece of Equipment Had to be constructed in order to Unfreeze those who became “True Froze” or “Deep Freeze” subjects. Usually a “Deep Freeze” Man goes Mad, Stark Raving, Gibbering, Running MAD, if His “freeze” is for More than a Day in our time.

I speak of TIME for DEEP “Frozen Men” are Not aware of Time as We know it. The are Like Semi-comatoese person, who Live, breathe, Look & feel but still are unaware of So Utterly Many things as to constitute a “Nether World” to them.

A Man in an ordinary common Freeze is aware of Time, sometimes acutely so. Yet They are Never aware of Time precisely as you and I are aware of it. The First “Deep Freeze” As I said took 6 months to Rectify. It also took over 5 Million Dollars worth of Electronic equipment & a Special Ship Berth.


It is worth speculating as to why these psychological effects occurred when the men shifted in their matter phase. We have descriptions of men going “gibbering, running mad,” combined with the idea of “semi-comatose [people] who… are unaware of so utterly many things as to constitute [their entrance into some sort of a] “Nether World.”

When we look at this from the perspective of abnormal psychology, what we seem to have are effects similar to schizophrenia.

One of the things that comes across in Allende’s reports is the feeling of a “Slowness.” It is very interesting to note here that reports from purported extraterrestrial sources invariably refer to the discomfort of “compressing ” and “slowing down ” into our own frequency.

Thus, it seems that the soldiers were being transported to a higher frequency, and thus were going “too fast ” for Earth, their physical bodies still stuck here in the “molasses.” So, what was only a minute to us could have been the equivalent of one subjective week of time to them.

The prolonged efforts of the soldiers to rub the skin of a “frozen” person may have only taken effect after days or months of their own subjective, relative time.

Furthermore, the energetic results of this magnetic field on the body seem to have altered the consciousness units making them up. One can certainly speculate that the very intense, pulsating magnetic field actually increased the natural frequency of the conscious energies that made up their bodies.

Once the “consciousness units” were exposed to those higher frequencies, they became configured to accommodate them, in a similar fashion as the spherical shape of the Earth accommodates them. What probably started out as nothing more than an experiment in magnetic “stealth ” cloaking turned into a multidimensional disaster.

Most people who have studied this account are familiar with the regional Philadelphia newspaper article from October 1943 entitled “Strange Circumstances Surround Tavern Brawl.” The article reads as follows:

Several city police officers responding to a call to aid members of the Navy Shore Patrol in breaking up a tavern brawl near the U.S. Navy docks here last night got something of a surprise when they arrived on the scene to find the place empty of customers.

According to a pair of very nervous waitresses, the Shore Patrol had arrived first and cleared the place out — but not before two of the sailors involved allegedly did a disappearing act. “They just sort of vanished into thin air… right there,” reported one of the frightened hostesses, “and I ain’t been drinking either!”

At that point, according to her account, the Shore Patrol proceeded to hustle everyone out of the place in short order.

A subsequent chat with the local police precinct left no doubts as to the fact that some sort of general brawl had indeed occurred in the vicinity of the dockyards at about eleven o’ clock last night, but neither confirmation nor denial of the stranger aspects of the story could be immediately obtained.

One reported witness succinctly summed up the affair by dismissing it as nothing more than “A lot of hooey from them daffy dames down there.” Who, he went on to say, were just looking for some free publicity.

Damage to the tavern was estimated to be in the vicinity of six hundred dollars.


Then, we also want to consider an excerpt from another of Allende’s letters. Although written in all caps, we have converted it to normal “sentence case:”

How would you like to actually speak to (or some of the men) a man who was once an invisible human being? (May become so in front of your very eyes if he turns off his hip-set.)

From the newspaper article, we can see some possible evidence suggesting a public display of the personal effects of this magnetic / dimensional shift. It is certainly interesting to note the fact that the Shore Patrol apparently cleared everyone out of the bar very soon after it started happening.

Then, in Allende’s excerpt, there is a suggestion that a “hip set” which ostensibly radiated some sort of stabilizing field was being worn by some of the men to prevent this from happening again. This seems to indicate that certain magnetic frequencies could possibly prevent the men from “disappearing.”

But exactly how could these men have disappeared when they were no longer in the field itself? Here is one possible theoretical answer.

We have already discussed how neatly the octave theory of dimensions fits into the idea of the Holographic Universe. One of the properties of a holographic plate is that no matter how small of a piece you cut off of it, the same identical image will show up when laser light is shined on it. The image might be faded, but it still emerges nonetheless. Therefore, part of the holographic theory is that patterns can be stored as information, much in the same respect that DNA stores a blueprint of the body.

The new magnetic field, with its massive strength, could have changed the hologram of the consciousness units making up the physical body. They received a modified geometric pattern that was somewhere between an octahedron and a tetrahedron, probably asymmetrical in design.

As Seth explained to us in previous chapters, the consciousness units are formed by emotional energy. Thus, the presence of strong emotions, perhaps similar to the panic that they felt when their bodies first assumed this configuration during the Experiment, could trigger a pattern memory within the units themselves.

Returning to their in-between spot might require only a greater input of emotional energy for the units in the body complex to expand into it. Indeed, the Ra Material starts to make sense when it says that early fourth-density souls have not yet learned to camouflage themselves from the third.

They might not have enough personal power to constantly maintain the new configuration, and thus occasionally slip back to the former pattern that their Ascended bodies remember.

In David Hatcher Childress‘s Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, our main source for this information, Harry Osoff shows that the path the ship traveled in was precisely the same as one of the lines of energy in the Global Grid. William Becker and Bethe Hagens, whom we will meet later, referred to this line as “Grid Line #18.”

Osoff goes on to show how the actual points of arrival and departure fit in beautifully to many of Cathie‘s natural Earth resonant frequencies, such as the speed of light and the electron spacing in the nucleus. [Interested readers should refer to Childress‘s book for more precise details.]

Thus, the magnetic force literally transformed all the consciousness units that made up the ship into a higher level of vibration. Once having done this, the ship no longer had physical mass, and could then ride the flowing energy of the magnetic field, the same as Cathie‘s UFOs did.

BUT, it was very important that it needed to be done in the right place on the Earth if it was going to work at all.

This natural energy flow could be likened to a current in the ocean, and as we will see, it is at least partially responsible for these currents and many other things including weather. Thus, a natural energetic current carried the now higher-frequency ship across the grid line to the next nexus point in Philadelphia, where a similar machine must have been constructed.

Perhaps this materialization was incomplete, and the ship was still on a slightly higher frequency level, although visible to shocked onlookers.

It would then have been possible to reverse the magnetic fields between the two machines in the ship berths and draw the ship back across the same grid line, overcoming its natural cyclical flow.

Another interesting point was that a green mist was associated with the dematerialization process. This green mist was also seen surrounding objects in the Bermuda Triangle in the books of Charles Berlitz. The Triangle is another area of mysterious disappearances, and as we are about to see, a major grid point.

Interestingly, in his recent book Notes from the Cosmos, Gordon Michael Scallion again describes the same green mist as relating to the manifestation of spiritual forces.

In a vision that he reported on the Art Bell show, he described a sudden change in the Sun‘s energy, which he perceived as a green mist that descended on the Earth and rendered all the electronic equipment unusable.

At this point, the careful reader should see the connection that we are making here. Referring back to an earlier chapter, the Seth entity said that the air itself is made up of these consciousness units, which are the energetic forms that make up all matter. We also know that these geometric forms represent sound and color frequencies.

We also know that our own dimension would be the yellow frequency and the fourth would be the green. Thus, what we see here in this green color is the change in the vibratory rate of the consciousness units themselves that make up the air. Scallion‘s sources appear to have hit the nail right on the head.

When we apply this new knowledge to Cathie and the Global Grid, we can see that the Philadelphia Experiment was clearly trying to use this hyperdimensional force of energy.

We can see that since magnetism is another form that the consciousness units can take, it can be used to essentially force the natural third-density formations into assuming the fourth-density vibration.

All one would need to do is assemble the appropriate geometric energy field. Obviously, there are problems with this, as the harmonics were not pure enough to insure a clean transition into the fourth dimension.

There were great human complications, owing to the fact that the men were not actually contained within any one dimension during the experiment, but stuck in a halfway point between two.

It is probably safe to say that this type of technology could be perfected, in order that such distortions would be lessened or eliminated. Even then, there is a serious question as to whether the souls of the people going could actually handle the vibrations, if they were not “ready ” for them.

According to Ra, you don’t go into the higher realms unless you are spiritually capable of handling the intensity — otherwise it can literally destroy you.

Ra also indicates that with the right energy or focus of consciousness, higher-level entities can use such a technology to “downgrade ” their vibrations and become visible to beings that normally could not perceive them.

Thus, UFOs mysteriously appear and disappear in the sky, and abductees or contactees are floated through walls or see the beings doing so. Indeed, in one book there is a story of a woman getting a violent cut on her leg from bumping into her automobile, which the visitors had rendered invisible to her.

They explained that they could do this by thought alone, but they had machines designed to do the work for them.

The Philadelphia Experiment crudely showed us that the idea of a dimensional shift is not at all outside the realm of possibility. Magnetic fields that vibrated at the proper frequency caused major changes in all physical matter within that space.

The Sun, being such a large object, obviously has a magnetic / gravitational / consciousness field much larger than that created locally in the Philadelphia Experiment – after all, the Sun holds all the planets in place.

As the sunspots can be shown to cause magnetic disturbance including solar and terrestrial pole reversals, the Great Cycle of the Sun obviously has massive implications for the magnetic fields surrounding the earth.

We are already seeing how these energies manifest through geometry, and how easily their frequencies can be changed. Such frequency modulations can actually render a physical body invisible, by translating it into a higher mode of vibration.

This was done not only in the case of the Philadelphia Experiment, but also in such modes as the Ascension of Jesus. There are also numerous cases in Eastern faiths of mystics and yogis spontaneously leaving the physical plane in a flash of light, leaving behind a lump of clothing.

In the Cayce readings, the Atlantean priest Ra-Ta is said to have used the natural energy spirals harnessed by the Great Pyramid to ascend in a similar fashion.



The apparent suicide of Jessup came after he had contacted government officials, when he got a copy of his own book mailed to him with many liner notes written inside. Further analysis demonstrated that Allende was the author of the liner notes.

[11/27/07: You can now read the actual book, with the notes, at:

I also wrote an article series featuring my latest knowledge about the subject and the notes, beginning here:




These notes revealed an extensive knowledge of the UFO field, containing many facts that were never published. From this information, we can see that even though his writing skills were not the greatest, Allende obviously had high enough clearance to have learned something about the UFO phenomenon from inside sources.

What is most interesting is that some of Allende’s short comments show that “they” were aware of the Global Grid. The most interesting of these words include:

– “Little Men”

– “Gravity Fields”

– “Measure Markers”

– “Scout Ships”

– “Sheets of Diamonds”

– “Cosmic Rays”

– “Clear Talk”

– “Telepathing”

– “Nodes”

– “Vortices”

– “Magnetic net”


If we look at how a few of these terms fit together, we can infer that Allende was aware of a gravity field on Earth, composed of a magnetic net of nodes and vortices that appeared to look like a sheet of diamonds.

Cosmic Rays had an effect on this gravity field, and scout ships would drop in from time to time to repair Cathie’s aerials, or measure markers. The way that these little men piloting the scout ships would telepath would be by a process where you hear the words in your mind, known as clear talk.

All of the above data fits very nicely with the information now coming out about the UFO phenomenon in the recent past. The clear indications of the knowledge of the Global Grid are very apparent. So, it would seem that through work like Cathie’s, many government officials did know exactly of the Grid’s existence and of how to utilize it.

So what we can see here is that the geometric theory of dimensions is starting to make more and more sense. We can see plausible, although unpopular, examples that these energy fields do exist and have real, measurable effects.

In the next chapter, we will round out our ideas about the global grid from an entirely different perspective: that of Carl Munck as well as Richard Hoagland, whom we started with in Chapter 13.

This will help our geometric theory stand on its own two feet, and solidify once and for all that these energetic forces do really exist throughout the entire solar system.