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Disclosure Endgame: Free Ebook!

Survey the incredibly wide-ranging evidence -- including video -- that certain insider factions are pushing for UFO/ET Disclosure very soon. The Norway Spiral is only the most recent attempt to 'force' the issue -- after the US failed to deliver on November 27th.

[First Four Parts Published 11:59 PM, Christmas Eve 2009!]


By David Wilcock

In Russia there comes the hope of the world --

Not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom!

That each man will live for his fellow man!

The principle has been born.

It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

Guided by what?

That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit, "In God We Trust."

(Cayce Reading 3976-29, June 22, 1944)





To everything, there is a season -- and a time for every purpose under heaven.

A remarkable structure appeared in the skies over northern Norway on December 9, 2009 -- a stunning aerial formation, as you see in the above, unaltered photograph, that was massive in size and hung there rotating in space for ten to fifteen minutes straight.

We now have irrefutable scientific proof  that the mainstream media's explanation for the Norway Spiral cannot  be correct.

We now have irrefutable scientific proof  that the mainstream media's explanation for the Norway Spiral cannot  be correct -- as you will soon see. And that raises many  more questions.

If the visual sight of this Spiral wasn't interesting enough, the context  certainly was -- it showed up the day before Obama was set to receive his Nobel Peace Prize in the very same country.

Also, on that very same day, December 9, 2009, hundreds of eyewitnesses reported -- and two of them filmed -- a gigantic, triangular pyramid-shaped UFO  that hovered over the Kremlin in Russia for hours -- from daylight on into darkness.

Coincidence? Once you review all the evidence, you will see how compelling this case really is -- and how these 'islands' really do  connect below the surface.

The Norway Spiral is only the most recent indication that an incredible, seemingly-impossible moment in human civilization and consciousness may actually be about to happen -- the open, formal announcement that we are not alone in the Universe.


We will also convincingly argue that perhaps the number-one reason why the truth is about to come out is that the primary group responsible for the UFO cover-up can no longer afford  to keep it a secret.

It costs a lot of money to harass, intimidate and discredit the opposition on such a huge issue as this, for such a prolonged period of time -- and the group responsible for the secrecy is now functionally bankrupt, and is being systematically taken down by opposing insider factions who want Disclosure.

Last year's shockingly sudden economic collapse -- and the unmitigated political disaster of the short-term bailouts that were handed out to the usual suspects -- is a strong piece of supporting evidence to suggest that the money simply isn't there anymore  to finance the enormous political / military / corporate machine required to keep this enormous secret under wraps.

All empires in recorded history have crumbled from over-extending themselves financially. History repeats itself. This time, the results will be much better than most of us could ever  have expected.


No one holding the reins of power would have let something as grotesquely embarrassing as the bailouts occur... potentially leading to the revolutionary overthrow of their own corporate and governmental authority... unless they'd had no other choice. It's the very simple logic of power -- Never Let 'Em See You Sweat. The supporting evidence makes that case very, very clearly.



You can laugh if you want to, and attack everyone who doesn't think the same way you do as being a loser and a crank, but you may be in for quite a surprise when such a Disclosure is actually made. In fact, the insiders who have kept this secret for the last 60 years are counting on  the skeptics, debunkers and religious fundamentalists to freak out and destabilize society once they are finally told the truth -- though I highly  doubt that will actually happen.

Instead of absolutely believing  you will never hear any "genuine proof" that UFOs exist, or ever see a 'real one' with your own eyes, I invite you to try the intellectual exercise of at least allowing yourself to ask the "What If." Just try. As a Highly Intelligent Skeptic you have to be willing to consider all possibilities, rather than automatically assuming your opinion must  be correct.

As a Highly Intelligent Skeptic you have to be willing to consider all possibilities, rather than automatically assuming your opinion must  be correct.

What if the government actually did  tell you UFOs were real? What if we are  surrounded by intelligent life throughout the Universe? What if humans like us have  evolved on other planets besides the Earth? What if there are  technologies out there that are vastly  superior to our own -- and our cherished 'laws' of physics need to be completely rewritten?

What if our own technology was dramatically assisted  by this "celestial endowment?" What if the extraterrestrial presence was considered the highest secret of all, due to its potential to eliminate the oil-based economy, and has been carefully kept under wraps -- with deadly force -- for six decades now, but is finally falling apart?

I mean, think about it -- after all this talk of UFOs for so many years; after all the movies, documentaries, books, TV shows and the like; after all the evidence you have been exposed to throughout your life, do you honestly believe the whole, entire thing is completely and totally BS?

Can you sincerely be confident that every single sighting ever reported in human history  must be a lie or a hoax, and every single whistleblower is similarly concocting fairytales -- despite the career destruction, poverty and ridicule they endure, notwithstanding the tired old lies you may have heard about them "selling their stories" and becoming 'rich' from them?

(I know many of these UFO whistleblowers personally. Very few, if any, are lucky enough to function above a subsistence level.)

I'm serious. This is your life. You do with it what you want. But can you absolutely  be sure you are right? What happens if you're not? Who will you owe your sincerest apologies to then?

In light of the tremendous, irrefutable  body of evidence that is available, who really is the naive one? You, the Highly Intelligent Skeptic, or all the people you so cavalierly insult as being stupid, ignorant savages for looking at this vast body of compelling data... and concluding that it might actually be true?

You may not have to wait much longer to find the answers to these questions. We are on the threshold of what may well be the most exciting moment in human history. Or, shall we say, Earth-born  human history.


Despite how surreal it was to watch two of the world's tallest buildings crumble to ashes after two planes crashed into them in 2001, 9/11 actually did  happen. It was 100-percent real. No one disputes that fact. The 'bully', so to speak, sure terrorized the whole schoolyard with that one.

9/11 was an incredible, world-changing event  that forever altered society as we know it. In many ways, a formal announcement that "We Are Not Alone" would have a similarly vast game-changing effect -- quite a bit  more than 9/11 . And I am confident that Disclosure will have a far  more positive  effect than 9/11 ever did, regardless of whatever plans might be underway to manipulate it for political gain.

We may very well be about to discover, as a planet, that the UFO phenomenon is not a hoax, not a fantasy, nor a delusion -- but a very real situation that has been ongoing since well  before human beings ever walked the face of the Earth.

Since this entire game is still being played behind the scenes, it can be easy to overlook the stunning clues that have emerged, particularly in more recent times -- but that's precisely why we wrote this paper. Once we have a greater understanding of what we're looking at -- in events that may at first seem completely mysterious, random and inexplicable -- the case becomes extremely  compelling.

Some of the key factions involved in this grand football game are tired of waiting. They're playing for keeps. No more treating us like children. This is it. Game over. Childhood's End. We need to know the truth -- and we need it now.


Considering the evidence we will reveal, the Norway Spiral might be likened to Batman's signal -- calling in the end of the bully's nefarious reign over the schoolyard, with the arrival of not just one, but a whole group  of more powerful opponents who can actually defeat him. They've been working on this for a long time -- some two centuries  now.



And I'm not talking about ETs coming in for a landing here... I'm talking about other factions of the world's leadership structures  that are sick and tired of the lies, treachery, deceit and secrecy. The UFO cover-up sprung out of a toxic system that was already well in place  by the 1940s, as we shall discuss.


Before we plunge fully into this epic discussion, we can nicely summarize the 'hologram' of our current situation on Earth with the following analogy:

The bully didn't want any of the kids in 'his' schoolyard to play with the other kids -- the ones who lived all throughout the neighborhood.

He guarded the gates. He liked being the Big Fish in a Small Pond. He told elaborate stories of how evil, treacherous and deceptive the other kids were.

He wanted everyone to respect him and pay him for protection, while fearing anyone and everyone else around them -- including him most of all.

If the kids found out they had all these other friends in the neighborhood who could have helped them, they might have quickly forgotten about the bully... and laughed at his once-fearsome authority.

Over the years, the bully grew weak and tired. He couldn't beat people up anymore, so he started paying his friends to do it.

Now he has run out of money to pay all his friends. They, too, became tired of all his lies and backstabbing games -- so as soon as his money ran out, they ditched him.

It took a while for all the kids on the schoolyard to realize the bully could not hurt them anymore. His power was so feared, so legendary, that the stories of his beatings continued to awe and inspire them for some time.

But there were cracks in the armor. A series of signs -- irrefutable and undeniable -- started happening that gradually made the kids realize the bully's power to hurt them had evaporated.

Now all the people he shamed, humiliated and attacked over the years are finally standing up -- and they're going to tell us the truth.

They're going to tell their story... of what it was like to live in fear of this bully for so many years, and never be able to share the secret truth of the horrors he was putting them through.

Once the bully is gone, the children can run and sing and dance and play happily -- quickly recovering from the nightmare of abuse they endured for so long. They won't have to hand over all their lunch money to him and his friends any more.

And they will soon find out they have a lot more friends than they ever could have imagined -- regardless of whatever horror stories the bully tried to tell them about how mean and evil all the other kids were.



Let's discuss some very basic, common-sense thoughts about the Norway Spiral sighting itself for a minute -- before we get into the irrefutable scientific proof -- yes, mathematical proof -- that the "official explanation" must  be a lie.

If you still believe the official story that the Spiral was nothing more than a Bulava missile, as almost all mainstream media outlets now suggest, isn't it interesting that the Russians would have chosen December 9, 2009, in skies that were visible over Norway, to do a nuclear missile test -- knowing they had decisively failed on every preceding attempt with this prototype, as all the articles said?

Why would the Russians have set themselves up for such an obvious and epic military failure -- in an area the entire world's attention  was momentarily focused on?

Couldn't they have waited for a less-conspicuous day  to try it out -- if there was even the slightest  chance it was going to screw up in such a tremendously embarrassing fashion?

Did you also notice that the video of the Spiral that was aired by Russia Today -- one of the mainstream Russian television networks -- was much, much clearer and stranger-looking than the grainy, brief versions shown in Western mainstream television media? Watch the good-quality Russian version first, followed by the type of plausible-deniability version shown in Western media, and see for yourself.

The first video you see here is from Russia Today, followed by a more typical mainstream-media treatment from CNN.



Embedded video from CNN Video


If it were only  a missile, why did the American mainstream media stick to grainy, short clips of it that denied the viewer the full impact of what was really being seen in the Norwegian sky -- making it much easier to believe it was merely a rocket malfunctioning, and therefore keeping their audience from understanding what all the fuss was about?



Regardless of what created the apparition -- and we'll get to that in a minute -- the timing  of the event is almost certainly not an accident, nor a coincidence.

For starters, no documented photo or video of a missile failure looks anything close to what we've just seen in Norway. The only video used by skeptics as 'proof' that a missile failure could look anything like this is of a typical rocket  in flight -- complete with the exhaust trail, which then gives off a farty little smoke-ring when it extinguishes. This doesn't even begin  to match up to how awesome the Norway Spiral looks.

In short, the "official explanation" was so laughable -- so old school -- that almost every UFO blogger and enthusiast on Earth wrote about this stunning phenomenon with breathless enthusiasm.

At the time we began this piece on 12/12, 2009, when you searched for "Norway spiral UFO" on Google, over one million, five hundred eighty thousand hits came up -- just three days  after it happened: 

Similarly, a search for "spiral ufo video" yielded 1,120,000 hits, making it very difficult to search for any other  phenomena like this that may have appeared in the past. By any reckoning, this is a very, very big event  in UFOlogy -- hardly anything else has ever  attracted this much attention so quickly.


I discussed the Norway Spiral on Whistleblower Radio with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot the same day Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize -- Thursday, December 10th, 2009. In this show, we also covered another  amazing event that had just occurred. While I was live on the air, Kerry sent me this link to a video of what appeared to be a gigantic pyramid-shaped UFO hovering over the Kremlin -- Russia's own equivalent of the White House.

Strangely enough, the Kremlin Pyramid appeared the very same day as the Norway Spiral. Despite the overwhelmingly strange appearance of the Spiral creating a viral-video sensation, the Kremlin Pyramid video shot to the number-one position on the Russian YouTube's most-viewed list. This then created a mainstream-media television news story on Russia Today, posted here on their website, dated December 11th.

The giant pyramid -- actually a tetrahedron, since it has a triangular base rather than a square one -- lazily turns in the air like a hot-air balloon, never makes any sudden, jerky moves unlike other alleged UFO sightings, looks fairly grainy in both the daytime and nighttime videos that were shot, and may be an excellent fake... as we will discuss.

The daytime video is only 12 seconds long, taken at a fixed angle, whereas the separate nighttime video was dynamically shot from within a moving car:




My own experience as Executive Producer of CONVERGENCE The Movie, and in doing free videos for Divine Cosmos, has already involved work with computer animators and visual FX staff.

Faking a video like the Kremlin Pyramid Night Shot would require some highly savvy  CG post-production and compositing work:

  • Complex motion tracking so the UFO remains properly and believably positioned relative to the constantly-wobbling items around it, along with the ever-changing camera angles;
  • Precisely adjusting the CG light sources in a hypothetical 3D space to remain consistent with all other motion tracking, so the object catches the right reflections as it keeps slowly rolling in the night sky;
  • Masking out street lights, power lines, trees and everything else properly so the object appears to be at the proper three-dimensional depth in the shot, leaving no traces of error; and lastly,
  • Perfectly hand-tweaking lighting and opacity settings to compensate for the ever-shifting glare from the windows of the moving car, in addition to all the other 3D lighting concerns.

Thus, even if it was a fake, someone would have needed to put some real time and money into this operation.

However, that still doesn't account for the fact that according to the UK Daily Mail, hundreds of different people witnessed this UFO hovering over the Kremlin the same day the videos came out... with the naked eye!



Now that we have eyewitness sightings, it becomes extremely unlikely, if not impossible, that such a sophisticated fake as the nighttime video from within a moving car could have been shot, post-produced and rendered out into a finished product... the very same day.

If the videos were indeed fake and produced in advance of the alleged sighting, this suggests a highly premeditated  effort in place. However, if there was indeed an "unidentified flying object" in the sky that hundreds of people could see, then why the heck would you need to create a fake video  of something other  than what people were actually seeing in the first place?

The only way you could 'debunk' this sighting is to either say that the hundreds of eyewitnesses reported by Russian mainstream media are lying (see below), or else you have to come up with a physical explanation for whatever was in the sky -- such as a gigantic inflatable, like a pyramid-shaped dirigible, and / or some sort of holographic projection.

And again, let's not forget -- this potential prelude to a "Landing on the Kremlin Lawn" in Red Square -- rather than the White House lawn -- happened on the very same day  as the Norway Spiral! (emphasis added):

The UFO hovered for hours over Red Square in the Russian capital, and was seen by hundreds of people.

The identity of the shape has not been confirmed, but internet forums are buzzing with the sighting.
The UFO appeared on December 9th, the same night that a mysterious blue spiral light appeared over Norway. That was later attributed to a failed rocket launch from Russia.
Some have likened the object to one of the spaceships from Star Wars.
But others have said it is merely a reflection from inside the cameraman's car. If the object exists, experts estimate that it could be up to a mile wide.

Some commentators have reacted skeptically to the videos, and have pointed out that if hundreds of people had seen the object, more videos and photos would have emerged by now.
Russian reports ruled out a UFO, but police have refused to comment.
Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence UFO analyst, said it was 'one of the most extraordinary UFO clips I've ever seen'.
'At first I thought this was a reflection, but it appears to move behind a power line, ruling out this theory.'
A spokesman for aerospace journal Jane's News said: 'We have no idea what it is.'


Whether real or fake, the timing of the Kremlin Pyramid's appearance is consistent with a greater pattern. Hundreds of people witnessed something  hovering over the Russian capitol -- on the very same day that the Norway Spiral appeared.

If it is  somehow still a fake, it definitely was meant to capture our attention. And that again raises many new questions as to the motive  for doing so.

The story has now even been covered by other mainstream media outlets, including The Independent, Pravda (who got the date wrong, claiming it was the 18th -- and Michael Salla speculates this could be a faction of the Russian government that is trying to deliberately blur the connection to the Norway Spiral) and even FOX. Both the Independent and FOX mention how the Russian television media was giving this sighting very heavy-rotation coverage.

If it was a hot-air balloon of some kind, think about the amount of money you would have to spend to create a mile-wide tetrahedron-shaped hot air balloon. It would be the most massive, not to mention the most expensive  balloon ever made -- or at least ever openly acknowledged.

If such a technology already did exist in a classified project, why bring it out on that particular day -- the very same day as the Norway Spiral?


And why fly the Pyramid directly over Red Square -- as if the alleged ETs were ready to produce the Russian equivalent of the proverbial "landing on the White House lawn,"  thus treating the United States as if it were no longer 'relevant' as the world's sole-remaining superpower?

Now again, whether you like him or not, carefully consider the fact that two of the "most extraordinary UFO clips ever seen" appeared the day before Obama finally got what may be seen as the proper credentials  to represent Planet Earth to our extraterrestrial neighbors -- a sitting US President who is also a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

You may also be aware that these two huge sightings appeared only 12 days after the Disclosure date that was allegedly planned by the Obama administration -- a date which has obviously been postponed to some future point. 

Dr. Pete Peterson, a very credible insider, had three different high-level sources in media and government tell him the same story in June 2009, independently -- that Disclosure is indeed imminent. The date had been set for November 27, 2009, and would come from the White House, by Obama himself, as a two-hour television address aired around the world.

Dr. Peterson had been shown the actual scheduled television time that had been booked, and said any time he'd heard something from three sources of this caliber, it turned out to be true.

It also made tactical sense to have done this on November 27th, as it was the day after Thanksgiving. Almost all American families would be home together, and thus they would be in a much better position to absorb the impact of such a stunning, world-changing announcement.

Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot, who were with me when we all heard this, both leaked the date -- whereas I maintained the secret until after it came and went. I was almost certain that giving away the secret date ensured it wouldn't -- nay, couldn't -- have happened on that particular day.

But that certainly doesn't mean it won't  happen.

A mere twelve days  after the initial plan had been dropped, Obama may have been sent a very clear warning -- perhaps one of the last of this type he will ever have the chance to receive  before the rug is whipped out from under him.

What was the message?

"Either make it official... or we're going to do it for you."


Look at these two huge events -- whether real or hoaxed -- happening on the very same day.

No matter how you slice it, something is going on here.

And yet we've barely even begun to look at the incredible evidence to support the whole idea that these are end-game events in a grand battle to finally conclude 60 years of UFO secrecy, and bring Disclosure out to the masses, once and for all.

In order to flesh out the evidence for our case further, we need to take a very close look  at the Norway Spiral. Is it a genuine ET manifestation, a failed Russian missile test, or something else entirely... something manmade?

If we can prove the Norway Spiral is  manmade, and is not  a missile, this lends even greater support to the idea that a Disclosure Endgame is now playing itself out on the world stage, in real time.

And that is a very  exciting prospect indeed -- because although these latest events may not be of extraterrestrial origin, a significant percentage of the UFO phenomenon definitely is.



The Norway Spiral attracted vastly more attention and analysis than the Kremlin Pyramid -- probably because many more people photographed, filmed and witnessed it. No matter where you were, all throughout Norway, it was quite visible -- and very, very strange-looking.

Speculations about what the Spiral is, and "whodunit," are as wide and as far-reaching on the Internet as the formation itself was over the Norwegian sky.

Many people have commented how it clearly seems to be emanating from a single bright point on the ground -- looking as if some sort of massive projection system  were beaming it up into the sky... using a 'blue beam':



Granted, a rocket launched from the ground would have a trail that started from a single point, but it is unlikely that its exhaust would have created such a perfectly round teardrop shape -- in addition  to creating the blue spiral in the center. Yet, that is  what we might see if a ground-based projection system were beaming up a circular shape into the atmosphere -- like the Batman symbol.

We know this image was taken from the island of Tromsø, facing the southeast -- hence you can see the sun starting to rise on the horizon.

Many may need  to believe this is a missile, so they can continue feeling comfortable in their own 'consensus reality' for a little longer -- but that blue corkscrew spiral hanging in the air for 10-15 minutes, never dissipating or fading until after it opened out into a curious, perfectly round "black hole" shape, (see picture below,) is anything  but normal.


If it were indeed a missile, how was it simultaneously creating a perfectly circular spiral that was white -- while also maintaining the blue corkscrew formation at the same time?

Forget the official explanations that say it "must" be a missile.

Bottom line: the corkscrew never changes color. It remains blue. It does not dissipate, but stays completely visible, as a spiral, without the particles ever spreading out, for 10-15 minutes -- while the concentric white circles stay completely white!

The 'missile' doesn't release any other gases, of any color, in any other direction. Just white, in a perfectly concentric series of spirals, and blue in a bizarre corkscrew spiral that never went away until the whole thing spread apart and disappeared.

We're supposed to believe the same missile created two different colors simultaneously -- but then they never blended in with each other

This 'missile' is starting to sound as supernaturally powerful as Lee Harvey Oswald's magic zig-zagging bullet.



If this stunning aerial phenomenon is a natural result of missiles malfunctioning, there should be plenty  of other examples that are at least partially as fascinating as this that we can look at. And yet, there are very  few, if any -- much to the chagrin of skeptics, who would just as quickly want to forget this had ever happened.

None of these observations will change the conviction and smug arrogance of many skeptics. They're out there. They're completely convinced. They are Scientific and anyone else is a Dangerous Nutcase. We know. Thank you for your opinion. The truth is about to break free either way. You'll see.

People can think whatever they want -- and if something is repeated enough times, you can't help but start to believe it, and thus become convinced that this spectacular formation, the likes of which has never before been seen, must  be nothing more than a gorgeously misguided missile.

Or is it?



Thanks to the research of our correspondent Arash Amini, we now have irrefutable scientific proof  that the Norway Spiral could not have been a missile.

Even if the Spiral was positioned just past the mountains in the below photograph, as it appears to be, the missile exhaust would need to be rotating more than twice as fast as the highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth -- which was clocked at 318 miles per hour, in the middle of a tornado!

The story begins with a video by Kevin Martin, who was the first to demonstrate, via his clever investigative work with Google Earth, exactly where the mountains in the following photograph are located. It is a delicious irony that the hard work of a dedicated skeptic provided the very data that completely destroys  the official cover-up story, once and for all -- even as he was stridently hoping to defend  it.



Kevin's video, where he argues in favor of the official explanation, can be watched here. As this 100-percent verbatim transcript reveals, he takes a condescending, strangely inarticulate and thus inadvertently humorous pot-shot against anyone who thinks it is other  than a missile (this may be why comments are disabled on the video):

Looks beautiful, but this has been completely explained.
It boggles the mind how high the percent of human intelligence cannot pick out simple explanations like this.
We must be bored, or we feel like we are higher in life than we actually are.
If we continue to think this way in large numbers, we will never expand past the era we are in now.
Considering the future is we are still in the dark ages.
Time to think logically, people.
Ninety percent of human brains cannot compute fluid dynamics, location physics and depth perception. This is Kevin Martin, meteorologist, reporting for the Southern California weather authority.
Well, I'm bored enough to compute some location physics -- how about you?
(No offense to Kevin Martin. Without your excellent research, we might never have gained the critical data needed to disprove the official explanation! Challenge the data itself, rather than lobbing sophomoric insults at your audience... and the truth will stand on its own!)

In the aforementioned video, Kevin used the position of the visible mountain range in the photo to determine that the White Sea, where the alleged Russian missile was launched, was indeed in the same general direction as the Spiral appears in the photograph.
In his new paper, our correspondent Amini plotted out, on a map, where the alleged missile launch took place in the White Sea. The important point here is the distance  involved -- namely 971.26 kilometers, or a little over 600 miles:
The first thing that jumps out here is that if the missile malfunctioned over the White Sea as reported, it should have been visible in northern Russia, Finland and Sweden as well as Norway -- yet the island of Tromsø, at point A, was where it was the most visible, and no sightings were reported in Finland or Russia.

The mountain Kevin Martin found via Google Earth is fully 100 times closer than the White Sea -- at 9.63 kilometers (5.98 miles) compared to 971.26 kilometers (603.5 miles):

Now that we've (ahem) computed the location physics, let's hear from Amini in his own words -- first from the introduction and then the conclusion of this very thorough research paper (emphasis added):
On the morning of December 9th, reports of strange, spinning spirals flooded the internet and media outlets. They have come to be known as the “Norway Spirals”.
Though popularly attributed to a failed test-launch of a Russian “RSM-56 Bulava” Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM), it can be shown with some basic trigonometry that this explanation is physically impossible.
From a single, time-lapsed photo and any one of the many videos of the spirals, the speed at which the “ripples” caused by the phenomena propagate can be calculated at two limits:

1) In the lower limit, the spiral is taken to be directly over the mountain in the photograph (9.63km away) and the velocity of the “ripple” propagation is approximately 316.8m/s.
2) In the upper limit, the spiral is taken to be directly over the White Sea (971km away) and the velocity of the “ripple” propagation is found to be approximately 32,873m/s.

It is assumed that the missile, the alleged cause of the spirals, would be somewhere between these two points at the moment of the malfunction. Yet, these velocities suggest that the observed “ripples” cannot be smoke -- and therefore the spiral could not be caused by a missile.

After Amini goes through a series of straightforward mathematical proofs, working in the fact that the Spiral rotates at about one cycle per second, as seen in the various videos, he calculates how fast the missile exhaust would have to be spinning -- both at the "lower limit" distance of 9.63 kilometers and the "upper limit" of 971.26 kilometers.
Here's the problem -- even if the Spiral were only at the "lower limit" of 9.63 kilometers away -- just past the other side of the mountain, as it clearly appears to be in the photograph -- the rotational speed of the arms would still be seven hundred and ten miles per hour -- which is over twice as fast as the greatest wind speed ever recorded in human history! (emphasis added):

The lower limit velocity of 316.58m/s is equivalent to about 710mph. This is over twice the 318mph world record for the fastest wind speed recorded (which was caused by a tornado).

The speed of the “ripple” propagation at the lower limit is far greater than any particulate could travel in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the “ripples” move away from the center of the spiral with a near constant speed. Particulates moving at such speeds should dissipate quite rapidly.

This impossible speed is calculated as if the spiral's center were above the mountain. And yet, the further away we assume the spiral is, the larger the speed of the “ripples.”...

There is no physically possible distance at which a missile could be the cause of the spirals in question.


Now what the hell is going on here? A missile could not have created the Norway Spiral. There is no longer any question about this. It is a scientific fact.

We will explore this connection further on the next 'page' of this Report -- entitled The Norway Spiral Explained.

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Well, i think they're leaking tons of information regarding the "REAL" controlling factions through the media such as movies, entertainment (songs and MTV), cartoons etc. I think the so-called "aliens" are actually not so far away and as for the struggle between factions it all just depends on what "time-line" u want to be in. Here's a link to something interesting:
" the not-so-distant future. Five "Black Points" suddenly appeared around the world as portals to parallel worlds. Immediately after, strange creatures began their invasion from these portals. These creatures are the inhabitants of five worlds—the same worlds in different timeframes. In order to ensure their own future timeframe survives, each of the five invasion forces battle to wipe the other future timeframes out."
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because you have to compete with your voice over others. And it is the same high but on the otherside of the coin as a sociopath's (you get to be right) Any real truth is ineffable in quality, it needs no semantical backing.
#298 Mark A.G Bailey 2014-04-27 19:55
If to yours and everybodies truth we all find disosure, what will happen then and why do you feel we need to know. If the catallist to your journey is to surrender to love and peace. To become political is to be violent; because you have to compete with your voice over others. And it is the same high but on the otherside of the coin as the sociopaths (you get to be right) Any real truth is ineffability in quality, it needs no semantically backing?.
#297 blair 2013-06-09 18:28
You are wonderful David. I've recently read the Law Of One, book 1 due to your information. can you please clarify something for us? In the Law of One, 1st book, RA points out how negative it was for entities to land, ie show themselves in a physical form for many reasons. Also, that they eventually decided to only make contact with those seeking the truth through thought form. The sitings and the crop circles were/are there to assist in awakening those that sought it out. this was based on the "Free Will" aspect of the Confederation. Has this changed and, if yes, what communication did you receive that it has? For some reason, at least during this short life of this incarnation...a nd I'm over 40, there may not be enough of us aware for them to actually make a physical appearance. Please consider deeply and honestly if your belief in this was not sent by the Orion group. Best wishes and be well all of us
#296 boian 2011-02-07 22:12
I want to give some info to people on this forum since I like it: - find book Russia in wrong mirrors

also - the Great Bulgarian-Arian cavalry preparing to descend on Earth
#295 MarieL 2010-07-04 07:48
Dear David,

Thank you for bringing this information forward, and doing it in a way where people can still have "hope" for our future.

I was so impressed by the information and how you were able to tie in sooooo many pieces of the grand puzzle, that I've emailed your book to over 250 people on my email list.

May light shine upon you always.

#294 tomas 2010-06-08 07:33
Hello, these links are not working:

"In order to fully track this story, you may want to read my entire 2012 Politics article series:

Part One: Grand Overview

Part Two: Crop Circle Prophecies

Part Three: Economic Revolution

Part Four: Crop Circle History"
#293 tomas 2010-05-12 23:38
Didn;t some people use to say these crops were the basis for some type of economy..?
#292 tomas 2010-05-11 02:18
warrior of spirit: fulford's interview with rocky is on youtube... or on google video...
#291 warrior of spirit 2010-04-12 05:46
David, thank you for a positive stream that we all need today. It is great. Aside from that I would point few moments that raise QUESTIONS in my mind:

1. If President is a positive figure and not one of "them" then why did this constitutional lawyer suggested to trash constitution when stood right by it when he suggested prolonged detention regime in US that is now being manifested through McCain-Leberman Police State Act Proposal? Also, I am not sure but I think I heard/read from you that there was supposed to be some resolution about his birth place recently? Then it refutes the notion that he is not blackmailable.. . Why he excluded single payer from day one and as a result of the health bill stocks of industry went up? Why is he vocal about giving FED more powers now? Why his cabinet is so full of CFRs of this world (Obama Deception by AJ)

2. Who exactly are the bolsheviks that came to US in 70s and became so powerful so quickly, and how?

3. Why would NWO keep it's highly classified info about holograms etc in some crappy military base in Georgia??

4. I believe that it was Henry Deacon, Camelot's one of the most informant whistleblowers, who stated that US and China are hand in glove in everything. Not to mention that why would they store rumbles of WTC doing a favor to a NWO? Does it add up with the story?

5. If the meltdown was done by Rotschilds to poke Rocks, then it contradicts the common opinion that the FED was seeding that collapse for few years through their crazy financing policies in order to crash the market and consolidate on the ruins. Check great article here:

6. I would be careful with Fullford who in my opinion is BS-ing for example that he called Rockefeller’s hotel and talked to him and arranged an interview.Just like that… C’mon, giv me a break here. And then he, a finance-wise guy says that he was offered to cash a $2T+ check “or some other instrument”!!! He was not even sure what it was called?!?!?! And yet he cashed it outright in Japan?? That is kindergarten story for all I know.

But other than that you got a nice story that may uplift people’s moods nowadays. Keep it up.
#290 Aaron II 2010-04-01 03:31
I think of the big bang and reunification when I look at it.
#289 TOMOKI 2010-03-30 13:42
David, Thank you for the inspiring and indeed exciting e-book.

However, I have certain confusion regarding some of the points you raised.

On what grounds are we sure that the 3rd faction, the international coalition, is intrinsically better than the others, and could indeed come out and save the day?.

Another point. Other than Fulford, can you back the case of Asian secret society with any other solid sources? If not, how can we honest folks put trust in the reality of its existence.

Plus, the alleged Asian secret society is largely made up of gangsters of a kind according to Fulford, in which case, what spiritual credential would they have? Isn`t it just another power struggle over control?

I would really appreciate if you can address my doubts.

[Moderator: As David has said, he has been in personal contact with members of the Asian society.]
#288 Xfull transilvania 2010-03-22 04:25
Hi there David.

Just wanted to write a quick comment about this...

i had a quick dream where some american dudes asked me to choose some books for myself, so there were some 1000 or more from which to pick but they were small in size.

when they showed me the book it became real book size:-) and the first was "Disclosure" - a light blue book having David`s name and pic on the bottom in a circle.

It just amazed me, so disclosure is really really near ha my friends?:D

Love 2 all
#287 Mikael 2010-03-16 05:54
Thank you David for your work to make this world a better place to live.

Atleast newest number of Nordic Countries version of Science Illustrated contains big article about SETI research. It's a cover story. In the cover it's titled:

"Message from other intelligent beings"

Science Illustrated is published in 13 countries. In some countries is published more numbers per year than in another countries.

In Britain was this television ad:

Are we truly being prepared for Disclosure?
#286 Dennis Tielmann 2010-03-01 09:31
There was another interesting phenomenon over Norway not too long ago and also not far from Tromsö.

Was mysterious jellyfish in sky caused by space satellite reflecting Northern Lights? (

I think a previous commenter posted a NASA link on this but its not working. Either way, could it be another sign? The satellite explanation for this "jellyfish" seems to be as bogus as the missile spiral explanation.
#285 Dr Dan Holt 2010-02-22 02:23
I wonder just how much the latest ruling by the US Supreme Court will effect the Rockefeller/Rot hchild balance of power. It was such a surprise since it overturned over 100 years of precedents.
#284 Shelley 2010-02-03 20:21
Thank you for this amazing information, it has definitely made me take time to rethink things. I am awaiting the conscious shift and cannot wait for David's conclusion.

This article has somehow made sense of many things as it has also given me a calm that I have not felt before.

Thanks you and love and light

#283 Kyle 2010-02-02 13:07
I truly can't wait for the entire world's, not to mention the united states' standard of living to skyrocket and stay that way for all time.
#282 want2know 2010-02-01 02:52
Hello David,

I would like to thank you for the outstanding and remarkable efforts, and the extraordinary out of the box way of presenting things.

kind regards


Cologne, Germany
#281 Kaaideen 2010-01-31 02:04
Hello, David

thanks for a good e-book !

I was quite surprised to find in it Casey's quote about Russia as a source of new spiritual revival.

you might be interested to know, that actually the original Russian tradition - NOT a religion, but a "faith" / culture (what they call VeRa - "to know Ra, original spiritual Light") - has nothing to do with Christianity at all, be it Orthodox version or Catholic or any other denomination.

it is a VERY ancient tradition at least few thousand years old (in fact even as old as 500mln years - when white race has arrived to this planet first time) and thus the followers of it still call themselves "starovers" (followers of "Old Faith")

there are not much on-line sources in English on this matter, mostly in Russian.

but here is one Forum where more or less some person (under nickname Sviatorus ) has posted series of posts - which I think pretty well gives the main idea of the whole tradition, as well as answers to some questions.

also, there is this website by Nikolai Levashov, it also has some of Enlg. books which provide the story (or a version) of the human history, particularly :

Russian History Viewed through Distorted Mirrors (only Volume 1 has been translated yet)

so, coming back to Casey's quote here in your e-book :

"In Russia there comes the hope of the world... out of Russia comes again the hope of the world..."
- my understanding is that what it actually means is rather that ancient / original Slav-Aryan tradition Ve-Ra (sort of abbreviation from "Vedat Ra" - "To know / understand Ra"), but not from whatever artificial religion as christianity, which by the way has been forcefully imposed upon Russians merely some 2000 years ago.

although their history is at very least 7500 years old (only Peter "the Great", russian pro-European reformer-tzar, who is reportedly an agent of "parasites") has changed old Russian calender to Gregorian and "erased" some 5000+ years of Russian history.

so, David, if you seriously taking into consideration words of Casey - I think it is worth checking out this ACTUAL ancient Russian Slav-Aryan (in ancient Europe formerly known as Hyperborean) tradition called "starovers".

because I think that is what actually gonna restore / revive whatever spiritual Casey meant in his such prediction !


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