In Russia there comes the hope of the world

Not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom!

That each man will live for his fellow man!

The principle has been born.

It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

Guided by what?

That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit, “In God We Trust.”

(Cayce Reading 3976-29, June 22, 1944)



I’ve decided not to review the tired old ground of the Roswell crash and other such data that are easily available. The purpose of this Ebook is to explore the fight for Disclosure as it affects us in the present day.

The ‘government’ has had very little to do with UFOs, reverse-engineering, et cetera since the 1950s. The entire subject went into the hands of private corporations — most importantly the Rockefeller military-industrial complex — who protected their secrecy with deadly force.

The Rothschild faction also appears to have reverse-engineered ET technology of their own, but the Rockefeller faction clearly has the greatest control over the UFO cover-up, the crashed discs that were retrieved, and the secret advanced technologies that were created as a result.

Such technology has always  been considered a major threat to the oil-based Rockefeller empire — were it ever to get into the hands of the public.

J.P. Morgan, a Rockefeller associate, was responsible for shutting down Nikola Tesla’s wireless free energy technology at Wardenclyffe Tower, seeing the threat it could have posed to their burgeoning oil empire.

Ever since then, the Rockefeller military-industrial complex has put a very high priority on stopping anyone from getting a working free energy technology out into the world. Buyouts, threats and even assassination have all been routinely used.


The government was very quickly taken out of the loop so as to remove any threat of interference. Presidents could not be trusted to maintain the secret, coming and going every four years, with no idea what they were getting themselves into when they started.

Eisenhower watched it all fall out of his control during his eight-year Presidency. The “military-industrial complex” refers to the wide variety of corporations controlled by both the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, related to military and defense industries — including all the classified UFO-related projects.

In his farewell speech to the nation on January 17, 1961, Eisenhower made a bold and audacious warning — that “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist”:




In 1999, Dr. Steven Greer published ‘Extraterrestrial Contact,’ where he gave a brief summary of the testimony of whistleblower Brigadier General Steven Lovekin on page 357, using the initials “SL” for anonymity.

Lovekin worked for US Army Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) under Eisenhower, and this position afforded him direct access to the president on numerous occasions.

According to Lovekin, Eisenhower was well aware of the truth of UFOs. Lovekin revealed more of these details in a 2003 interview with Grant Cameron.

Lovekin’s military credentials have been verified by documents such as this one he sent to Dr. Steven Greer. More can be read about the verification of his bonafides here, and Dr. Greer personally defends Lovekin’s credibility in this article.

Pay special attention to Lovekin’s report that an economic recession was responsible for Eisenhower feeling that he was forced to release much more control to the military-industrial complex than had ever before been done. This, too, appears to have been part of a carefully-planned design.

Matt Taibbi recently proved that Goldman Sachs “has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression.” According to numerous whistleblowers I’ve spoken to or am aware of, Goldman Sachs is a key financial corporation within the Rockefeller / Rothschild military-industrial complex — with connections to both of these factions.

Through corporations like Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller faction appears to have been responsible for engineering a ‘serious recession’ that forced the elected US government to give up a great deal of its authority and control over the UFO issue in the 1950s. Here’s what Lovekin had to say in his 2003 interview (emphasis added):

Lovekin: (Laughs) Anyway, [Eisenhower] was doodling UFOs. Anyway, somehow or other he got to taking about UFOs in 1952 shortly before he took office…

There wasn’t too much that was specific, but he did discuss it. It was a very, very important concern of his.

I think one of the things that he was concerned about was we were going through a serious recession back then, and the government had to let go of a lot of its control to the military industrial complex.

He was much concerned about that.

It just wasn’t something that the government could tackle at that moment. Didn’t want to tackle, I guess, would be a better way of putting it.

But yes, he was very much into it.

He believed in them. He realized the concern.

He realized the concern for the American people, and I think that he honestly wanted to do something that was positive, but somehow or other his hands were tied. I am not sure why, but I have an idea.

We would sit around with him when we were at Camp David, and he knew who each and every one of us [was] by name. That was the great thing about being under him.

I was just a sergeant at the time. I was still privy to some stuff that some people wouldn’t be privy to…

Question: Why do you think that there is a cover-up – why the President doesn’t speak out about it? Like a lot of them say that their hands are tied. What’s your gut feeling?

Lovekin: Well because so much of the authority was given away to private firms.

Question: Do you think that this was going on already in the Eisenhower administration?

Lovekin: Yes I do. When he said the main thing we have to fear is the military industrial complex, he wasn’t kidding, and he had the subject matter we are talking about in mind. He was quite explicit about that.

It is extremely likely that Eisenhower passed on the nature of the problem to Kennedy, his successor. Kennedy was the first President not to be formally welcomed into the truth of the UFO phenomenon since its modern era started in the 1940s.


As Dr. Michael Salla, Richard C. Hoagland and others have revealed, Kennedy did find out the truth, and made serious progress towards a public disclosure. Salla’s new video, referenced in the first sentence of the next excerpt, is available in seven parts for free online viewing: Part 1; Part 2Part 3; Part 4; Part 5Part 6; & Part 7.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Salla’s writeup about the contents of this video (emphasis added):

Citing official and leaked documents, the video begins with testimonial evidence that President Eisenhower briefed President-Elect Kennedy about the dangers of the military-industrial complex.

Eisenhower was concerned that corporate control of technologies retrieved from UFOs, which were clearly identified to be extraterrestrial in origin, would ultimately lead to threats against civil liberties and the American Republic by the military-industrial complex.

The video goes on to show that there were three critical periods concerning President Kennedy’s efforts to gain access to classified UFO files.

The first began in February 1961, with Kennedy’s Executive Order 10920 to place psychological warfare programs under the control of his national security team.

Not long after, on June 28, 1961, Kennedy formally requested his Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) Allen Dulles to review the operations of a secretive group called MJ-12, as they related to Cold War psychological warfare plans.

Kennedy understood that psychological warfare was used to hide the truth behind UFOs and their extraterrestrial origins, and Kennedy sought to gain access to this information.

A leaked document reveals that Kennedy was denied access by Dulles on November 5, 1961.

This first period ended with Dulles’ departure as DCI on November 29, 1961, when a top secret set of MJ-12 directives contained in a leaked “burned memowas finalized in response to Kennedy’s UFO inquiries.


As Dr. Salla reveals, Kennedy didn’t stop when he was shut down by the CIA and MJ-12 itself. He kept on pushing, harder and harder, in his attempts to get to the truth (emphasis added):
The second period then began and involved Kennedy using his authority as Commander in Chief to learn what he could about UFOs and extraterrestrial life, while being denied access to UFO files by MJ-12 and the counterintelligence (CI) branch of the CIA.

Kennedy visited classified military facilities to view the remnants of UFO crashes and even extraterrestrial bodies.

A leaked document reveals that Marilyn Monroe’s death was directly related to her impending public releases concerning Kennedy’s secret visits to military bases to see retrieved UFOs.

Kennedy may even have met with one or more ‘contactees’ in order to learn what he could about extraterrestrial life, and receive advice on future political events.

One ‘contactee’, George Adamski, was confirmed to have a government ordnance card by a number of independent witnesses.

Confirmation of Adamski’s access to restricted military facilities boosted his claims that he regularly briefed senior Pentagon officials after his extraterrestrial contacts.

Adamski claims he twice met Kennedy to pass on extraterrestrial information, and even arrange for Kennedy to meet with visiting extraterrestrials in the California desert sometime in 1962.


In the third period, Kennedy went even farther — pursuing a much more direct relationship with the Russians in the interest of ending the UFO cover-up. This is very likely when formal cooperation with Faction Three, what Dr. Beter calls the “New Kremlin” group, began.

Krushchev clearly seems to have been leaning in favor of the New Kremlin / Faction Three group, though he may not have started out that way — but we’ll get to that in a minute.

For now, let’s read more about this final, most important phase of Kennedy’s secret campaign (emphasis added):
The third and most critical period began on September 20, 1963 when President Kennedy gave a speech at the UN General Assembly calling for joint space and lunar missions with the USSR.

In the subsequent two months up to his assassination on November 22, President Kennedy conducted a high risk political strategy to persuade Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to agree to joint space and lunar cooperation.

Khrushchev’s final acceptance, on November 11, [11/11], led to a number of executive actions the next day to implement broad information sharing of scientific data between the U.S. and USSR.

Most importantly, leaked documents confirm that this included sharing classified UFO files.

Khrushchev’s final acceptance culminated in CIA-CI implementing a secret assassination directive earlier authorized by MJ-12 and Dulles, prior to the latter’s departure as DCI in November 1961.


Again, Dr. Beter’s testimony establishes that Khrushchev had teamed up with the New Kremlin axis, who had been working for decades to overthrow the Bolshevik Illuminati in Russia and end the UFO cover-up.

Had his effort not been neutralized, the expulsion of the Bolsheviks may have happened some 15 years earlier.



As you can see here, MJ-12 and the CIA director Dulles authorized the assassination of Kennedy. Dr. Salla did not cover the story of Executive Order 11110, where Kennedy was directly working to bring down the Federal Reserve — going after both the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions — as well.

Notice the number of the order — 11110 — and the fact that Krushchev had accepted Kennedy’s proposal on 11/11, 1963.

This numerology is also very likely no accident — and is another possible sign that the New Kremlin faction was assisting Kennedy with all these initiatives.

Consider this documented statement President Kennedy made just ten days  before his assassination:

Document       31   of    39……..

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans’ freedom.

And before I leave office, I must inform the Citizen of his plight.”

– PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY (10 days before he was murdered)


This simultaneous push for Disclosure and the elimination of the Federal Reserve, again, is very likely the result of his cooperation with the New Kremlin faction, who already had a long history of fighting the Illuminati.

It is only now — after all this time — that Cayce’s prophecy, “From Russia will come the hope of the world,” is finally coming true.

This faction of the Russian government is reaching the fruition of its long-term plan with the help of the greater international community, as revealed by Benjamin Fulford and others.

A far more personal  insight into the assassination of President Kennedy can be gleaned from the testimony of CIA insider Robert Crowley, who was directly involved in the decision-making process that led to this tragic act.

Though Crowley was not fully briefed as to the reasons for why the decision to assassinate was made, he was given enough of the story that we can easily discern the greater truth.


Kennedy very clearly seems to have worked with the New Kremlin folks via Krushchev — and we can clearly prove that this relationship involved the sharing of classified information. has featured an ongoing series of interview transcripts between author Gregory Douglas and a very high-ranking ex-CIA man, Robert T. Crowley, once a leader of the Clandestine Operations Division within the Agency.

The reliability of this intel is excellent, unlike so many other pieces of disinformation littering the conspiracy media. TBRNews has consistently been one of the top sources we have found.

Douglas secretly taped all his conversations with Crowley — and this transcript was posted for the first time in September of 2008.

Though it is shocking to read, it is important to understand for context — as it clearly establishes the collaboration with the New Kremlin faction was very advanced, and directly led to Kennedy’s assassination (emphasis added):

GD: If you want me to do a treatment on this that will be to your benefit, I need to get from you, on the phone is fine, some kind of a rationale for what happened.

I mean, that’s what you want, isn’t it? To let those who come after you fully understand the reasons for your actions.

RTC: Yes, that’s it exactly. If that ever got out, though by now, it probably won’t, I don’t want my son and my grandchildren thinking I was just a common or garden variety assassin.

They should know the reasons for why we acted as we did.

GD: Fine. Go ahead.

RTC: You must understand that we took our duties very seriously. [James Jesus] Angleton was a first class counter-intelligence man and very dedicated.

And he discovers that the most important intelligence reports, the President’s daily briefings from the CIA, are ending up in Moscow. 

Within a week of them being given to the President. A week!

And this was not a one-time incident but had been going on for some time. We then tried to find out how this was happening. A major intelligence disaster, Gregory, major.

Now there were several copies of this report disseminated, never mind to whom, so in each one, a little spice was put in.

An identifier, as you will. Nothing that changed the thrust of the report, but a little bit of spice, as Jim [Angleton] used to say.

Jim’s contact in Moscow was a diplomat — never mind which country, because we don’t need to make trouble for him. So from him, we got copies of what Nikita was getting.

So can you imagine how stunned we all were to learn that it was the President’s copy that was being leaked? My God!


Imagine the bind the CIA found themselves in when their own boss — technically speaking — was leaking intel that they considered to be absolutely essential to the security of every man, woman and child in the United States of America.

They felt it was the highest of treason — and it had to be dealt with. But what to do? It’s the President of the United States, by God!

Read on and find out what happened next (emphasis added):

So we couldn’t just walk up to him and ask him how come Khrushchev was reading his briefings a week after we gave them to him.

Jim couldn’t find a way how this was done, but then we had a report that Bobby, his brother, was known to be friendly with a prominent KGB fellow, Bolshakov.

No question of who he was. The TASS man here. Top level. Bobby was known to have had at least one meeting with him.

Hoover was having Bobby watched day and night, because Hoover hated him and wanted to catch him doing something bad so he could leak it to the Post and get him sacked.

Anyway, they found out that Bobby was talking to the Commie on the phone from his home — so we, and Hoover, tapped his phone.

Hoover didn’t know we were doing it too, but that’s Washington politics for you.

And we heard, for sure, that Bobby was sending thermofax copies of this [Presidential Daily Briefing] report to him [i.e. Bolshakov in the KGB].

I mean, there was no question.

And, we learned too that Kennedy was keeping in direct contact with Khrushchev by Bobby and the Russian.

I mean, they were subverting the entire diplomatic system — and God alone knows what Kennedy was talking about!

[DW: Elsewhere in the transcripts, Crowley reveals the extensive insider knowledge and cover-up of the UFO phenomenon.]

We had to make sure of this, and really sure. It was explosive, believe me.


At this point we get to the final moment where the CIA had to decide what to do about this.

Clearly, the fair-minded people in the organization were concerned for the security of the United States and its people. They were obviously not told about Kennedy’s push to release the UFO information and dismantle the Federal Reserve.

Now we get to the moment of truth (emphasis added):

Jim and a few of us sat down, listened to tapes and agent reports and tried to decide what to do.

I mean, Gregory, here we had our President giving, actually giving, the most secret documents to our worst enemy — a man who swore in public he would destroy us!

So, what to do? Make it public? Who would dare to do this?

Of course, we had strong media contacts, but we all decided this was just too mindboggling and negative to let outside that room.

And that is where the decision was made to simply get rid of Kennedy.

He was too independent, he had sacked Dulles and Bissel over the Cuban thing and threatened to Mansfield to break the Agency up.

And here he was giving our worst enemy top secret inside information! I mean it really wasn’t open to discussion. You can see this all, can’t you?

GD: I can see your point of view very clearly.

RTC: What would you have done?

GD: I’m not an important person like those people, so what difference does my opinion make in all this? I’m just trying to find the rationale.

RTC: Well, do you have it?

GD: Yes, very clearly.

Valuable corroborating evidence to support the reliability of this witness can be found in this TBRNews update from May 11, 2009, if you are interested in following up on this story. Scroll down to the summary of Gregory Douglas’ book, “Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy.”


Since many scholars now want to blame everything on Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy’s VP, the following excerpt from the above article is interesting, in light of new information that has only recently come to light:

LBJ was concerned that he was also targeted — and had to be assured by J. Edgar Hoover that he was not a target.


This makes the recent disclosure of Lyndon Johnson’s behavior in the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination a lot more understandable (emphasis added):

LBJ Found Crying in Bathroom After Kennedy Assassination

What McHugh claimed to have witnessed next was shocking. “I walked in the toilet, in the powder room, and there he was hiding, with the curtain closed,” McHugh recalled.

He claimed that LBJ was crying, “They’re going to get us all. It’s a plot. It’s a plot. It’s going to get us all.'”

According to the General, Johnson “was hysterical, sitting down on the john there alone in this thing.”

As Hoagland revealed in his recent lecture at the Secrets conference, which is available for purchase on his Enterprise Mission website, Johnson certainly knew enough to have redecorated the Oval Office in red, though everyone knew Kennedy hated  the color red.

This redecoration was ordered by Johnson on short notice, and completed during the exact same weekend Kennedy was assassinated — as if Johnson knew he would never be there to see it, and had commemorated his violent new rise to power by making the entire Oval Office scream with the color of blood.



Now that we’ve explored the rationale for the assassination itself, let’s dig deeper to look for signs of collaboration between Faction Three, through Russia, and the Kennedy administration — in this long-standing battle to bring down the so-called Illuminati.

At this time the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions were still on good terms with each other. The insider battles didn’t flare up until the 1970s, as Dr. Beter revealed in the previous section.

To help illustrate the point, I will bring in data that was shared in a paper I helped edit for Richard C. Hoagland last year entitled “A New Frontier of Hope”. Hoagland gave even more detail on this surprising and little-known collaboration that was underway between Kennedy and Krushchev.

In 1999, Krushchev’s son Sergei released crucial new information about this secret, ‘treasonous’ negotiation the two leaders were having, in private. Two interviews from that same year — one on PBS and the other in an article he wrote for American Heritage Magazine that October — told the tale (emphasis added):

In August 1963 the United States, the U.S.S.R., and Great Britain signed an agreement prohibiting nuclear testing in the atmosphere, underwater, and in outer space.

That same August, Kennedy sent Father a proposal about joining Soviet and American forces for a flight to the moon.

He had first mentioned the idea in Vienna, in June 1961, but at the time Father hadn’t replied.

He thought it might enable the United States to obtain intelligence information and discover that our missile capability was far beneath what we claimed. And that might provoke the Americans to carry out a pre-emptive strike.


In dealing with these rival world factions, one must always remember that there is an ongoing problem with trust. After dealing with the Illuminati for 200 years, the New Kremlin was well aware of the fact that it was very difficult to trust anyone.

It is also entirely possible that Krushchev did not start out in collaboration with the New Kremlin faction, but they were able to get through to him during the course of his leadership.

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961 was a real-world event reflecting how difficult it was for these governments to actually trust each other — even with covert efforts being made to achieve peace.


This next quote from the PBS article shows how Krushchev started opening up to the idea of a true end to the war — and a joint space project to the Moon together, which may very well have been intended to find known ET ruins up there and announce them to the world:

Then in the August of 1963, President Kennedy met with the Soviet Ambassador Dobrinyin, and then he spoke to the United Nations.

He offered once more to join the efforts [to reach the Moon together], and at that time my father was very serious.

I walked with him, sometime in late October or November, and he told me about all these things. He told me that we have to think about this and maybe accept this idea…

If it would be a joint venture with the Americans, then it would be much cheaper. He thought also of the political achievement of all these things, that then they would begin to trust each other much more.

After the Cuban missile crisis, his trust with President Kennedy was raised very high. He thought that it’s possible to deal with this President.

He didn’t think that they could be friends, but he really wanted to avoid the war, so through this co-operation they could sojourn their thoughts on these achievements.


Kennedy was killed just days  after Krushchev was ready to form this allegiance with him — to jointly take down the opposing factions that were blocking Disclosure and pillaging the world’s wealth.

Krushchev only made it another year before he, too, was taken down by those wishing to keep the arms race and the greater Illuminati agenda of the UFO cover-up and the New World Order alive (emphasis added):

I don’t know how Americans would have reacted to knowledge of the radical reduction in Soviet armed forces that was planned, but I would like to hope that the response would have been proportionate.

If so, the Cold War might have ended in 1969, and that year an American astronaut and a Soviet cosmonaut might have stepped onto the moon’s surface together.

But life turned out differently. In November 1963 John F. Kennedy died, and a year later, in October 1964, my father was removed from power.

The leaders who replaced Father hurried to “correct his mistakes” by giving a new impetus to the arms race, and producing tens of thousands of tactical nuclear weapons.


If you have any doubts about the potential magnitude of ruins that were ready and waiting to be found on the Moon, these two articles I co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland in 2007 — coinciding with the release of his new book, Dark Mission — have very compelling photographic  evidence that something is up there.

It is far outside the scope of this Ebook to bring all those photographs here now — so I will just share one of many intriguing examples you can find in these two articles— which also revealed how responsive the current Russian media was to promoting this story:



Richard was actually delighted at how much more I found in my own research than what he had already discovered — and again, it’s all reflected in these two articles:

Again, given the technology and insider knowledge that was available, it is very likely that at least one, if not both of these leaders were aware of what they would find on the Moon.

Therefore, a joint Moon mission could have accomplished Disclosure and an end to the New World Order’s plan for World War III all at once.

Sadly, it did not work — but we are in a very different time in history now. Finally — at long last — the time is right. And the Russians have not forgotten about us. Nor has the rest of the world slacked in its responsibility to ensure the safety and freedom of everyone on this planet.

From this point, we’ll stick with the same source — the CIA’s own Robert Crowley — and reveal, in his own words, that the CIA knew enough about the UFO cover-up to be absolutely clear that we were being visited by intelligent, human  extraterrestrials.



Just to appease those skeptics who might not think UFOs were considered real within these secret programs, or any subject of concern, this next excerpt of a conversation between Douglas and Crowley reveals quite a bit.

It is very unlikely that Crowley’s man was taken on board a UFO when he walked down his driveway, as you will read here — much more likely that he was grabbed by someone in a rival faction, kidnapped and driven away.

Nonetheless, the subject of people disappearing — through kidnapping or otherwise — proved to be an entrance for Douglas and Crowley to have a discussion about UFOs — particularly when the man who disappeared was an important member of Crowley’s staff (emphasis added):

RTC: Now our man was important to us so we really made a very through investigation. Finances in order, got on well with his wife, didn’t drink or use drugs, and we could basicially account for every minute of his waking life.

Left home, drove to work, worked all day, drove home, dinner with the wife and once in a while a movie in town. The wife did the shopping. Very peaceful and ordered life.

And what happened to him, Gregory? No trace of him anywhere. No phone calls to anyone that didn’t check out, bank account untouched, credit cards and phone calls never used.

Walked down his driveway on a clear day and just vanished off the face of the earth. That was fifteen years ago and nothing, ever. Right off the face of the earth.

GD: That’s a possibility, Robert.

RTC: Went to Heaven?

GD: No, not the silly Rapture fiction. Perhaps some entity from eleswhere nailed him. Abducted him.

RTC: That’s not the sort of thing we put in any kind of official report, Gregory. We can’t even begin to get into that area. Easier to say the Russians got him…

GD: Well, assuming there are such UFOs, don’t the radar people pick them up?

RTC: I read a report back then that is interesting. A radar station out in the wilds. Two men on duty. One goes out to take a piss and sees a huge round object hovering about a half a mile away.

Scared the hell out of him and he ran back inside and told his partner. Radar was working fine but no trace.

The other one thought the pisser was nuts, so he went outside and saw the same thing. More fussing with the set. Nothing. They reported it and other systems got involved.

They both went outside and watched it hover for about ten minutes and then off it went, straight up so fast it was gone in a few seconds.

More calls and nothing to report. When they got off shift, there were some Air Force police and some intelligence people who wanted to talk to them. They had seen nothing and better keep it that way.

Yes, something obviously got in and the radar couldn’t pick it up. Mysteries.

This vanished fellow was on my staff and so I have some inside knowledge of what happened. Abduction was indeed brought up but left way, way behind.

In the end, we put it out that he had been transferred to a special project and left it alone.


In this next part of the same excerpt, we can see the same ‘psychological operations’ at work that Kennedy was so concerned about — and had made a big push to uncover (emphasis added):

RTC: … When my man vanished, we did quite a bit of research and what you say [about the idea that UFOs do exist] is quite true. However, Gregory, I suggest that you look into other matters and stay strictly away from this one.

GD: Why is that?

RTC: You will be branded as a nut, and your many enemies will gleefully get their hands on this and really lambaste you. Just deal with other matters.

If you do something on Kennedy, believe me, all the night creatures will come up from under their wet logs and bite you on the ankles. Try to stay main line and you’ll do much better…

Aside from drawing unwelcome attention from the rabid lunatic fringe, you will get the government excited if you really push this vanishing business.

Why? Because it obviously can lead to the UFO business, and that is strictly off limits.

It’s fine for the nuts to write weird books, but if someone like you, who is a serious writer and an excellent researcher, starts in on this, they will come down on you very quickly.

Just stay away from this and I assure you we will all be happy.

GD: I suppose you’re right. But still…

RTC: Gregory, let it be. OK?

GD: Fine.

This clearly establishes that the UFO subject has been taken very, very seriously by the same inside factions that ordered the assassination of Kennedy.



Crowley had quite a bit to say about Roswell when Gregory Douglas asked him. This is only a part of that discussion, posted on as of September 26, 2008 (emphasis added):

GD: Still trying to create a structure for the Kennedy business. I translated some wartime German documents last week dealing with their flying saucer program. Habermohl?

RTC: I know that the Krauts had one or two, but the name means nothing.

GD: They made and flew at least one prototype but the project was just one of many at the time.

RTC: Well, the U.S. built them after the war. Some place in Canada.

GD: AVRO. The Roe Company.

RTC: Doesn’t ring a bell.

GD: But that means we did have some examples.

RTC: Oh yes, that we did. I told you that the Russians thought these were ours and we thought they were theirs.

I did some sit-downs on this one. Russian Intelligence was one of my fields as you know. And we did have some of these but we used them for high-altitude reconnaissance and photographing.

The U-2 replaced them so we retired them. The Russians had at [least] one working model, that I know.

[DW: This is very likely the Cosmospheres discussed by Dr. Beter.]

GD: So all the sightings were of these planes, or whatever they called them?

RTC: No, not all. Most of the public sightings were basically wishful thinking or mass hysteria. But there certainly were other incidents that were not of our, or the Russian, construction.

GD: Where did they come from?

RTC: No one had any idea. Of course Truman had all of that shut up to prevent another Orson Wells panic.

The idea was to make the whole thing look like a hoax so that people spotting something would ignore it at the risk of being branded a fool.

GD: Know anything about the Roswell business?

RTC: Oh indeed. Now that was the real thing, Gregory. And there were space cadets on board that one.

They had to clamp down on the story and said it was a weather balloon.

As I remember, they retrieved a lot of electronic gadgetry that was highly advanced.


Crowley’s statement about the retrieval of “highly advanced electronic gadgetry” fits in perfectly with the testimony of Col. Philip Corso, who said that many of these advanced technologies were farmed out to defense contractors and corporations.

They were in turn reverse-engineered into many of the things we now take for granted, including lasers, LED lights, fiber optics, infrared night vision, Kevlar, Velcro, Teflon and, most importantly, computer chips.

Similar information as the above, without much else that is different, can also be found in this TBRNews update.


Now let’s continue with this fascinating excerpt we were just reading. Groom Lake, also known as Area 51, was mentioned — but at the time, this was not a publicly discussed subject, and Gregory Douglas did not know the reference (emphasis added):

RTC: They reconstructed the thing [that crashed in Roswell], or did you know that?

GD: No, I did not. Did they fly it?

RTC: Too complex. Do you know about Groom Lake in Nevada?

GD: No.

RTC: We used it as a U-2 base. Out in the remote desert. They have several of these things there.

One is a reconstruction, and another one was fished out of a lake in Montana, intact, crew and all. That one they did fly around, as I understand.

GD: Why keep it quiet?

RTC: As I said, panic.

The Cold War was in full swing, Korea had happened and everyone was afraid of the Russians so it was decided to play it all down.

We got certified idiots on board and got them to set up Flying Saucer clubs to attract the brainless moths and kept the pot boiling.

You understand that once the government decides on a program, they never change it. They never do. Poor Tom keeps thinking they will rehabilitate his grandfather over Pearl Harbor, but they never will.

I told him that once and I thought he’d weep. First off, no one cares these days about Pearl Harbor and secondly, once a policy has been set, no one will change it later. Same with the saucers.

GD: They have no idea where they came from?

RTC: Absolutely none.

But there were no attacks from any of them, and the best thinking was that they were doing what we were doing — and that is photo recon.

They weren’t from us, because no human could survive the speeds they could move at. Flatten them out.

I hope to God you’re not going to get into that mess, Gregory.

GD: Intellectual curiosity only. What did ours photograph?

RTC: The same things the U-2 did. Military bases like airfields, missile launching areas, naval bases. They took some wonderfully clear pictures.

They had a building down on Fifth and K streets where they processed and printed these. It was the Steuart or Seward Building.

I was in there a couple of times. And some very interesting buildings out on Wilson Boulevard. Remind me to tell you about them some time.

Anyway, I recommend you keep away from the saucer side. As much as they hate you around here, that would all that would be needed to label you a certified lunatic.



The most fascinating ‘leak’ from Robert Crowley about ETs was published on August 17, 2009, from a conversation he had with Douglas on July 24, 1996.

This is yet another stunning confirmation that there are a wide variety of human species in the Galaxy, and some of them look so much like us as to be able to blend in perfectly.

Fear-oriented people can run with this and think up all sorts of terrible scenarios, but the fact is that these people, while different from us and not born on Earth, have been here throughout all of our history — and are working diligently to keep our planet from falling into chaos and disaster.

This is probably the most sensitive aspect of the UFO cover-up of all — namely that ETs are already here on Earth, and they look and speak like the rest of us.

Not covered in Crowley’s testimony here is that they also have ‘Ascended’ abilities, and we are evolving to a point where we will soon gain these abilities as well.

This is considered a very serious threat to both the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions — but there is nothing they can do about it.

Rather than explaining the details of this very curious historic event in my own words, just read this for yourself — it’s mind-blowing:

RTC: I found a very interesting report in the files when I was looking for something else. I misfiled it some time ago.

Anyway, Gregory, I thought I would send it to you but I must say that it is highly sensitive and if you publish anything on or about it, you might have very serious problems.

GD: More CIA assassinations?

RTC: No, actually, this has nothing to do with the CIA. We know about the subject, but it isn’t really in our field, and we want nothing to do with it.

This is about…I think we have talked about the subject before. Vanishing people, flying saucers and so on.

GD: I believe so. Do go on.

RTC: Well, you’ll have the report next week, or whenever Greg gets to the local post office…I mean it runs to about a hundred or more pages. Otherwise, I could stick it into an envelope and leave it for the local route man. And there it is.

Absolutely pure science fiction but in this case, or rather these cases, science facts.

I may have told you about one of our top people who just vanished while walking down his driveway? Well, there is a lot more.

We may have talked about the Roswell business, and we can get back to that later, but the most interesting item in the file is about the woman who was jaywalking in New York, and was hit by some minority trying to escape from the police.

[It was a] terrible impact and knocked her up onto the sidewalk. Right next to a hospital. So, she was rushed there, but died there at once — or more likely was killed by the impact.

So, when they did an autopsy on her, they were lucky because they got right on to her, or whatever it was.

And that was good, because about two hours later, after the body cooled off, it turned to a sort of jelly. 

But, this is the fascinating part. It looked like a woman from the outside but once they cut into her, it wasn’t a woman.

GD: It was a transvestite?

RTC: No, it wasn’t human. The insides were all different.

None of the staff had ever seen anything like it before. So, they photographed the body and took out what they hoped might be some kind of organs.

Didn’t do any good because, like the body, the pieces all turned to jelly in the jars. 

But there are the affidavits and the photographs, plus the police report of the accident and the emergency room people. Not human.

What it was, no one knows, not to this day.

Fortunately for everyone, one of the doctors was an Air Force reserve officer and he made a call. There was a descent on the hospital, and everyone was grilled and terrified.

One set of the pictures was saved by accident and we got it. And next week, you can have it, if the USPS doesn’t deliver it to Gambon in error.

As far as we know, this picture was never released, unfortunately.



As we continue in this excerpt, we find a data point that correlates with what many other witnesses have said — that much of the UFO cover-up is being done by compartmentalized projects from within the Air Force, or what is called  the Air Force, and various corporate clients in the military-industrial complex they work with (emphasis added):

We had no idea what the whole thing was about, but we talked with the Air Force people and they know all about such things. They did their Bluebook project on saucers. They do know, Gregory, but we never will.

GD: Why not?

RTC: You ask a question like that? Orson Wells’ program? Why the issue is national panic, that’s why not.

Harry Truman could see this. The Roswell business and other things were all shut up, and the press fed with reams of fake sightings. They got their in-house historians to write satires on the little green men.


We can clearly see here that the work of disinformation has been going on for some time — and it is being orchestrated from the highest level, to keep us from knowing the real truth about the extraterrestrial presence (emphasis added):

And even now, they encourage the nut fringe to publish silly crap and engage in hair pulling contests, just to keep the public looking at other things.

Panic, Gregory. Tens of thousands of people vanish each year without any trace. We got the transistor from the Roswell wreck, and the Air Force says at least 5% of all flying saucer sightings are real.

And the non-humans walking around. My God, can you imagine the resurrection of the Salem witch trials if the air-brained public ever got it into their fuzzy heads that there were aliens running around the streets?

And I don’t mean Guatemalan housemaids or Mexican gardeners either. No, royal panic. The public would demand answers, and no one in authority can give them.

GD: Oh, they can just make something reasonable up and get it on the front page of the New York Times — and then it’s all quiet on the western front.

RTC: Yes, that’s the usual drill, but that might apply to sightings of strange celestial crockery.

But the thought that something sitting next to you on the bus might be something sinister from another galaxy would cause a royal uproar.

No one here wants to deal with such things, so they are best forgotten or better still, never talked about in the first place.

GD: I remember uncovering a story in July of ’76 about the Legionnaire’s Disease in Philly. I don’t know who was behind it but it was no accident.

I got ABC interested in it and they did one, and only one, story on the air and then were shut up from way on high.

RTC: That was a little mistake from the Ft. Detrick people. The perp was terminated.

GD: So were some old geeks.

RTC: Collateral damage. Yes, I know about that and I laugh every time they mention in the media that it broke out again. Keeps the ball rolling. But the visiting aliens are another matter.

GD: Oh, I understand that. The public would run around like drunken chickens and every nut in the country would be jabbering about his own nut version and of course people would point out homeless eccentrics or, more likely, unwanted neighbors or personal enemies and the public would lynch them.

RTC: That’s the problem.

GD: Is there a solution?



As this passage continues, we find out that the various agencies have been consistently working on this — and they are well aware of the potential for things to spiral out of control if / when the truth is revealed to the public (emphasis added):

RTC: As I understand it, a number of our agencies have been very quietly working on this visitation business for some time.

The problem is that we can’t just send out flyers to hospitals or morgues without it getting out. It would be obvious that if they found something similar, the local press would be alerted and the story might, just possibly might, get out.

Ah well, I have mixed emotions about sending this to you — and you do assure me you won’t copy any of this, or write about it?

GD: Are you joking, Robert? My God, the flying saucer nuts are almost as bad as the Kennedy assassination lunatics.

If I published anything that one of them didn’t dream up in some psych ward when the meds ran out, they would gang up on me, screeching like Irish banshees. I’ve been thinking about doing something on the Kennedy business…

RTC: But after I am no longer around. We agreed on this…

GD: Of course. No, I anticipate the screeching and clawing if I do. And if I ever hinted that there are non-humans among us and, better still, if I could even come close to proving it, my God.

Not only would the Air Force strafe my house at night, but an army of the Undead conspiracy nutties would camp on my lawn and shit all over the grass.

But it is interesting, all in all. I mean, who, or what, are these things? Are they just doing on the ground recon? Are they going to run one of their people for high office? Are they collecting toads to experiment on? Colonists?

RTC: We could go on for days but in the end, I doubt if we’ll ever know. 

GD: I suppose if someone at a Burger King saw an old woman’s three foot long black tongue shoot out of her mouth and snatch a Whopper off of a tray, we might have problems.

RTC: There would be a descent of the sanitizing people and a few obits in the local paper. The old lady with the frog tongue would be long gone and so would any witnesses, believe me.

GD: This is a weird conversation Robert, believe me.

RTC: Well, you can see why things like this never get any meaningful press, can’t you?

If some farmer started talking about a giant frog eating his horses, everyone would laugh at the really funny AP article on page thirty, and that would be the end of it.

GD: Probably would be. But what do your people think about all of this?

RTC: That there are aliens among us and that flying saucers are about 98% real.

These new CIA disclosures are mind-blowing — and I am happy to present them, for the first time, as part of the greater context of this story.

Since our focus is on Disclosure in this Ebook, we will now return our focus once more to the New Kremlin faction, to look at what they may have known about the UFO phenomenon on their own.

Did they have any irrefutable proof that it was real? Did Dr. Beter have anything to say about this? Absolutely.



Regardless of whether Eisenhower passed information along to Krushchev or not, the Russians clearly knew about UFOs from their own internal research. This makes it all the more likely that the joint, manned moon mission he was planning with Kennedy had a key emphasis on Disclosure.

Dr. Beter’s Audio Letter #38, which was dedicated to discussing the New Kremlin faction, revealed that the Russians did indeed have direct, incontrovertible proof that UFOs were real (emphasis added):

But looking beyond the immediate needs of their holy war against Bolshevism, the rulers of Russia today are attracted to space by long-term non-military motives.

For one thing, they believe that the conquest of space will give mankind all the challenge, all the danger, and all the drama we will ever need without ever again resorting to war among ourselves.

But, my friends, Russia’s determination to launch mankind into space really springs from just one more basic conviction.

Based upon extensive scientific study, Russia’s rulers are convinced beyond any doubt that we who inhabit the earth are not alone in the universe.

They have what they consider to be strong evidence that our galaxy, the Milky Way, harbors not just one but several civilizations more advanced than our own; and they are convinced that we of planet Earth are at the crossroads now.

Either mankind will begin to move upward and outward from cradle Earth into space or very soon we will destroy ourselves.

If the Russians have their way, mankind will venture into space as the newest member of our galactic community.

As Beter’s summary goes on, we find out what, exactly, led to the Russians becoming so convinced that we were not alone (emphasis added):
This viewpoint of Russia’s ruling circles has gradually crystallized only during the past decade or so; but the studies which were destined to lead to this conclusion resulted from an awesome event which took place in Siberia 70 years ago.

On June 30, 1908, a huge object streaked across the skies in that part of the world, plummeting toward the earth.

In the heavily forested remote Tunguska area of Siberia, it disappeared in a fantastic explosion; and for days afterward, strange glowing clouds and nighttime brightness in the sky were seen as far away as London, England.

The Tunguska region of Siberia is so remote and inaccessible that it was not until 1927 that a Russian expedition succeeded in reaching the explosion site; but since that time the Russians, and only the Russians, have studied the area exhaustively.

They have employed every scientific tool that could possibly be of use, because the Tunguska blast area is very strange indeed; and they have reached the definite conclusion that the object that shook Siberia seven decades ago was not a meteor, nor was it any other natural phenomenon.

More than a decade ago, Russian aerospace experts, some of them famous even in the West, reached a startling conclusion. Their discovery resulted from analyzing widespread eye witness accounts and other evidence.

The Tunguska space object of 1908 had slowed down and carried out a major change of course.

This final maneuver took it over a totally uninhabited area where it exploded at an altitude of several miles.

The explosion itself has been estimated as being equivalent to a huge 30-megaton hydrogen bomb; and even today 70 years later, the entire area remains slightly radioactive.

To the Russians, there is only one logical explanation that fits the mountain of facts they have compiled about the Tunguska explosion: it was a disabled spacecraft which tried unsuccessfully to make an emergency landing, exploding in mid-air in the process.

The story of the great Siberian explosion is fascinating and is well told in a current book–the title is: “THE FIRE CAME BY” by John Baxter and Thomas Atkins, published by Warner Books, New York (1976 Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York).


As this excerpt continues, we see that the Russians’ knowledge of this subject went well beyond Tunguska. They carefully were forming their own opinions about what was going on (emphasis added):
But the rulers of Russia also have additional reasons for believing mankind is not alone in the cosmos.

The Russians have carefully studied UFO reports from around the world. They have restricted their attention very rigidly to those which are solidly documented and backed up by evidence, such as radar; but because of their Tunguska studies, they have also analyzed UFO data with open minds.

They are convinced that we are being quietly observed — not by one alien civilization, but by several. 

As of now, the Russians have not established where these presumed galactic neighbors are coming from, but they are working on it.

Powerful radio telescopes and other techniques are in use by the Soviet Union. They are trying to pick up any clues to the possible identity of our visitors.

As for the vast distances involved between these unidentified neighbors in our own solar system, the Russians are unperturbed.

Now we find out that the pioneering work of Nikolai Kozyrev and others led to working technologies far beyond what we see in the ‘open’ world. They feel this science of ‘torsion fields’ opens the door to the Universe — and they are absolutely correct (emphasis added):
In the course of studying scientific areas that are shunned by the West, they have discovered what they believe to be clues to the secret of interstellar travel.

If these clues are correct, they believe that mankind could well be at work on our first starship within a mere generation from now.

These are the motivations that are driving the Russians into space; but first, they reason that we must learn to establish ourselves and live in self-supporting ways under conditions radically different from those on earth, and they have settled upon Venus as the first target beyond the moon for experimental colonization.

During the past year several space probes have been launched at Venus by both Russia and the United States; but only Russia has ever landed probes on Venus,  accomplishing this feat some three years ago with two landers.

Here now for the very first time, I can reveal what the Russians have found on Venus: hydrogen, helium, lithium, boron, carbon, oxygen, neon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, argon, potassium, calcium, scandium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, germanium, arsenic, selenium, bromine, krypton, rubidium, strontium, yttrium, technetium, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, tellurium, iodine, xenon, tungsten, platinum in large quantities, gold also in large quantities, mercury, polonium in modest quantities, astatine, radon, and uranium in modest amounts.

The other elements are either non-existent on Venus or present only in trace amounts.

Over all, the Russians have concluded that it is technically feasible to sustain life permanently on Venus, so Venus is to become the first planet to be colonized by man.

According to Russia’s plan, Venus will be man’s first tiny step to the stars. But of course planet Earth, the cradle of mankind, will remain the only home the vast majority of men will know, or want to know, far into the future.


As you can see, the Russians were well aware of the UFO phenomenon. Kennedy didn’t have access to much of the information himself, so he may very well have gotten briefed by the New Kremlin people through Krushchev on what they knew.



The support and long-term experience of the New Kremlin faction in fighting the Illuminati may well have helped embolden Eisenhower to make his blatant statements against the military-industrial complex in 1961.

The New Kremlin faction finally succeeded in ousting the Bolsheviks from their own country in the late 1970s, as we revealed in Part Three, which in turn caused great damage to the Rockefeller faction who welcomed them into their own ranks.

Nonetheless, the Rockefeller faction regained a great deal of its power in the 1980s — and even the Clinton administration didn’t slow it down very much.

The simple, blatant facts of the 2008 election reveal that it did not go in favor of either the Rockefeller or the Rothschild factions — and the Christian-based New Kremlin group probably has had a lot to do with that, just as they did with supporting Kennedy.

Again, this is exciting news, as we now have a much greater likelihood that Disclosure will happen under this president’s watch. That may very well be the reason why the Spiral was designed to appear in Norway the day before Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize there in Oslo.



The insider propaganda machine of the Rockefeller / Rothschild military-industrial complex has done a fantastic job of channeling our collective Internet fear-porn addiction towards a single target: President Obama.

The last thing they want to do is have him change the game they have so carefully built up after all these years — including UFO secrecy.

Now that you know about the three major warring factions, you may be prepared to accept that Obama was never supposed to win — despite a highly impressive amount of propaganda that has now been released on the Internet to suggest otherwise.

The Illuminati / Rothschild faction wanted Hillary, and the New World Order / Rockefeller faction wanted McCain.

I can hear some of the letters now. It’s only a small percentage of my readership, but they sure do love to hate:

“How dare you… Egomaniac… You’re just so… You f’ing son of a…”

Say what you want, but once you have enough background to see that this world of insider occult politics is far from a unified system where everyone is on the same team, you can clearly see how the different factions took their sides in the last election.


Lady de Rothschild appeared directly on national television to attack and denounce Obama (emphasis added):

In an interview with CNN this summer, Forester discussed her disdain for Democratic presidential candidate and Clinton rival Sen. Barack Obama.

“This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don’t like him,” she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.”

Forester was a major donor for Clinton, earning her the title as a “Hillraiser” for helping to raise at least $100,000 for Clinton’s presidential campaign, which she lost to Obama.

Forester is the CEO of EL Rothschild Ltd., a British holding company owned by a branch of the Rothschild banking family.

She is married to international banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and splits time in London and New York.


Still not convincing enough for you? Here’s an even stronger dose of truth.

Despite the long-standing animosity between the Rothschild / Bolshevik / Illuminati faction and the Rockefeller cartel, the Rothschilds so hated Obama that they were even willing to side with the enemy — the chosen Rockefeller candidate McCain — rather than get behind Obama!

This obviously means an Obama presidency would be far worse for the Rothschilds than if their own long-standing Rockefeller Cartel / New World Order rivals had won the election!

Who could the Rothschild / Illuminati / Bolsheviks have hated more than the Rockefeller cartel? Only the New Kremlin faction — who completely overthrew them from the reins of power in Russia during the late 1970s in a bloody and humiliating defeat.

If the New Kremlin faction was helping Obama with their 200 years of experience in fighting the Illuminati in Russia, as they had previously done with Kennedy, most likely, that’s more than enough of a reason for these old foes — the Rothschilds and Rockefellers — to unite against a common enemy.

They saw that like Kennedy before him, this same enemy now could have the power to defeat them both (emphasis added):
Hillary Clinton’s Rich Friend Lady de Rothschild Ambushes Barack Obama:

At the Democratic national convention next week, Lynn Forester, Lady de Rothschild, one of Britain’s most influential political hostesses, will be contemplating treachery.

She poured her heart and money into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and she is thinking of voting for John McCain, the Republican candidate, for president.

She is not impressed by Barack Obama and doubts he will reach the White House. “My loyalty is to the Democrats winning.

Barack Obama is going to have a serious problem getting elected, for good reason,” she said in an interview.

“The party needs to face the fact that without Hillary Clinton on the ticket, the Democrats will probably lose.
Rothschild, 54, is a New York businesswoman and top fundraiser for Clinton who married into the British banking dynasty.

The billionaire Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, 22 years her senior and former chairman of the family firm, NM Rothschild, will be with her in Denver when Obama is crowned the victor. She regards the presumptive Democratic nominee, 47, as something of a usurper.


Still not convinced? At this point there isn’t much more to say. Either you break through the conditioning or retreat back to the comfortable world you thought was true from all the lies you’ve been reading on the Internet.

Nonetheless, they say seeing is believing — so watch Lady de Rothschild tear into Obama on Fox News with your own eyes:



So now it’s time to speak truth to power.

Those who are addicted to fearing and hating Obama are almost incapable of hearing any evidence to the contrary. And by merely presenting an alternative viewpoint this last year and a half, I now receive a daily diet of vicious hate mail.

The rage in these letters is very intense — and can be highly profane. I often feel like I’m standing next to a junkie who just watched me dump his entire stash into the toilet, and flush it down.

There is so much great anti-Obama material to read that you can stay perpetually high from fear porn — directly from the New World Order / Illuminati minions into your heart and mind.

New articles appear every day — lots of them — and you can spend all your free time becoming more and more convinced that you should hate Obama with a passion that runs as deeply as anything you feel in your life.

The truth is far more revealing than the propaganda.


Since I have been promising the goods for some time, I will now deliver one shocking example of the real  truth you don’t hear in the fear-porn-peddling conspiracy media. What you are about to read comes from an insider source who has established impeccable  credibility over many years.

This source, an upper-middle-level staff member in Washington, DC — the so-called “Voice of the White House” on — leaked this alleged document, which he procured straight out of the CIA, earlier this year.

Read carefully, as it takes a little while to get to the most important point (emphasis added):

11. […] With the advent of the Internet, identification and penetration of anti-government groups has proven to be nearly impossible.

The main cause of this failure is due almost entirely to the Internet, which has proven a haven for dissidents of all kinds.

Given that all domestic telephone calls and all Internet email is readily available to various domestic law enforcement agencies, it is still a monumental task to track and identify possible activists and other anti-government individuals or groups.

We have assisted in setting up dummy anti-government sites, peopled them with professionals and provided them with almost-believable information to post for the purpose of establishing importance and also in disseminating disinformation.

Honestly, did you really think they wouldn’t do something like this?

The whole idea of disinformation, as it says here, is that it has to be “almost believable.” The objective is to “establish importance” in the public — and again, the whole focus is anti-government.


The deliberate financing of anti-government (read: anti-Obama) websites is a tremendous story. Sadly, these people are infected with fear, and yet I’m afraid very few of the folks reading these sites really have any idea what is being done to them. Let’s go on:
Persons viewing these sites can readily be identified and tracked.

Further, we have an ongoing relationship with several information sites, such as Google, and whenever any viewer seeks information on subjects we deem as potentially negative, this information is automatically forwarded to the concerned agency.

This last bit may seem terrifying to some, but remember — there are so many people looking into these subjects now that they can’t even begin to keep track of it.

And they certainly don’t have the staff nor the money to go after anyone. As it said in the first excerpt, tracking anyone is a ‘monumental’ task, and I’ve heard similar stories from various insiders myself.

Even with all the Chicken Littles out there, writing about these insider groups as if they are all-powerful in their Big Brother capacity to harm and conduct surveillance on individuals in their own life, hardly any of them ever  get harassed in a visible way, or have any problems directly attributable to ‘government’ interference.

Now when we get to number 12, the shocking but not really surprising punch line comes out. Many of the conspiracy media articles you read, and many of the themes they discuss, are NOT true.

You find them on various websites that love to go into all these things — but many people refuse to believe what an inundation of propaganda they are really subjecting themselves to.

This is psy-ops… exactly what John F. Kennedy was trying to learn more about, and stop, for the betterment of humankind.

It’s all about keeping you in a state of fear, believing the end is near and the diabolical ‘government’ is all-powerful in its capacity to ruin your life, create Martial Law and herd you into “FEMA camps” if they haven’t gotten you by any other means.

Although many people will find this extremely hard to believe, the TBRNews source is very credible. Given his track record, if you’ve been following the site as I have all these years, we have every reason to believe this is a genuine disclosure, from a bonafide CIA document, about how they are stage-managing and authoring many people’s favorite fear-porn on the Internet.

In today’s world, there is so much of it — scores of articles written on a daily basis — and these seemingly independent articles unilaterally oppose Obama and his agenda, and will appear as if they are written by ordinary folks, complete with deliberate errors so as not to look too polished and professional. Read for yourself (emphasis added):
12. The Internet, while impossible to control, is also an excellent recruiting ground for sympathetic or easily-convinced “bloggers” who will quickly disseminate official dissemination for pay or public acclaim.

It is invaluable to distract the public from questioning various governmental actions, both domestic and foreign.

For this reason, our organization, and others, have “disinformation” centers that prepare information of a sensational nature which is then released to paid sources who, in turn, disseminate it onto the Internet.

The purpose of this is to create a cloaking movement that will point the curious into innocuous areas.


As we get into the next excerpt, you see how many false stories about 9/11 were released, so that anyone from the outside looking in on this would conclude the whole “truth movement” was a ridiculous joke (emphasis added):
As a case in point, it was imperative to prevent the public sector from looking too deeply into the origins of the 9/11 attacks.

To prevent exposure of the actions of members of the top levels of government in this attack, many stories were released, over a long period, to the public through wholly-controlled sites.

Claims of devious plots, mystery methodologies, and often laughable conclusions have proven to be extraordinarily effective in constructive diversion.

The collapse of the WTC buildings have been attributed to Thermite bombs, clouds of plasmoid gas and other nonsense but a very gullible American public has easily swallowed all of the fictions.

As another example, the DoD has always under-declared its casualty rates in Iraq and Afghanistan because a full accounting could easily lead to public discomfiture and resulting political negativity.

In case you’re wondering, the real casualty rates for Iraq alone have been reported by Brian Harring and other TBRNews sources as being well over 20,000 — and this has been covered up through a variety of clever ploys.

As we head into number 13, we can see that the real goal is to create as much fear as possible. In so doing, you have a public that is much, much easier to control and intimidate.

The conspiracy readers never understand that the whole game is on its last legs — and like a well-trained army, they will viciously attack anyone who supports the President the CIA is targeting — again, just as they once did with the truly exemplary John F. Kennedy (emphasis added):
13.The Internet can be utilized to create an atmosphere of fear or of compliancy in furtherance of official policy.

This is a particular ploy that worked very effectively during the two Bush administrations.

A constant, on-going threat of vague “terrorist” actions inside the United States was material in gaining, and keeping, public support for the actions of the aforesaid administration.

However, it must be noted, that threats must occasionally be proven to be true or too many “duds” tend to dull the public sense and, if continued, will lead to disillusion and anger.  

14.The Internet can be an outstanding command and control mechanism in the marshalling of public opinion in support of a government program.

This concept is self-evident but it can prove to be a two-edged sword.

If a site advocating a desired program is disclosed to be under our direct, or indirect control, it use to promote an official program can be immediately negated.

We were able to utilize this aspect during the run-up to the Iraqi war but it was deemed inadvisable to use during the planned, but later abandoned, aerial attack on Iran in support of Israeli military actions.


This same insider source, “Voice of the White House”, has repeatedly written that the army of Pentagon / CIA / NSA “paid bloggers” has been marshaled, to an unprecedented new degree, to pin all the emerging evils of the two rival factions onto Obama, who is not directly allied nor in agreement with either of them.

I have written about this numerous times, with specific quotes, in David’s Blog, but the typical response of the critics and attackers is just to overlook this data, and / or discard it as irrelevant.

Even now that Fulford, and other sources I have personal access to, are all saying the insiders want to remove Obama from power by January, no matter what, people still don’t get the truth of what’s happening.

Nonetheless, a direct example of this system in action emerged into the mainstream media during the election battle.



This particular battle was obviously fought by the Rockefeller faction against Obama during the election. I was surprised and delighted to find this story, and I’ve just been waiting for the right time to reveal it. That time is now.

The story comes from the Salon online magazine, written by Margriet Oostveen. It is one of the best examples of a “paid blogger” who was hired to write things that were blatantly untrue about Obama in order to support the New World Order.

This does not have the level of ‘juice’ that many other NSA and Pentagon-directed ‘ops’ do, but it certainly shows that such actions were being conducted. If you think that this all stopped once Obama won the election, then you are very naive indeed (emphasis added):

Shocking Expose: McCain Campaign Hiring Ghost-Writers for “Letters To the Editor”:

The offer was too alluring to delay — they wanted to put me into action as a ghostwriter. Next to commercials and phone banking, writing letters to the editor is the most important method of the McCain campaign to attract voters.

At least that is what’s written in the guidelines that McCain campaign worker Phil Tuchman presents to me…

The assignment is simple: We are going to write letters to the editor and we are allowed to make up whatever we want — as long as it adds to the campaign.

After today, we are supposed to use our free moments at home to create a flow of fictional fan mail for McCain.

“Your letters,” says Phil Tuchman, “will be sent to our campaign offices in battle states. Ohio. Pennsylvania. Virginia. New Hampshire. There we’ll place them in local newspapers.”

Place them? I may be wrong, but I thought that in the USA only a newspaper’s editors decided that.

“We will show your letters to our supporters in those states,” explains Phil.

“If they say: ‘Yeah, he/she is right!’ then we ask them to sign your letter. And then we send that letter to the local newspaper. That’s how we send dozens of letters at once.”

No newspaper can refuse a stream of articulate expressions of support, is the thought behind it. “This way, we will always get into some letters column.”


This next section of Oostveen’s article on Salon really shows the extent to which these ‘paid bloggers’ will lie:

It is the day after Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention. Today, she is our main subject. The others are already enthusiastically hammering their keyboards. I am struggling with a tiny writer’s block. “Dear Editor …”

Phil Tuchman has handed out model letters, and talking points and quotes from Sarah Palin’s speech. But whom do I want to be?

Let’s loosen up my fingers a little first — and my principles, too. Am I actually allowed to make up letters? At the moment, it seems to be the only way to demonstrate how this is done in a campaign. So yes.

I start practicing attractive sentences about Sarah Palin:

“Her biggest plus to me is that, besides being amazingly smart and qualified, she managed to remain a woman like us.

She is the PTA hockey moms. She is the working mothers of special needs children. She is every caring mother of a challenging teenager.”

Her pregnant daughter Bristol (17) is not a talking point. A talking point is her son Track (19), who will be deployed to Iraq.

“And most of all, she is just like any mother of a child who deploys to Iraq in the service of this country.”

Now we are getting somewhere. I look around. I type:

“My son, too, is there.”

Oh god, you liar. Now build up suspense. New paragraph.

“And my heart needs him back safe so much.”

Yes, yes. Well done. Another paragraph — why not? Now let’s pump some iron in that mother, for after all, we are not with the Democrats here. Look up the right, patriotic phraseology in the model letters.

“But when I see him again, I also want to see his face glow with pride. Just like the day he told me he enlisted.”

Yes, like that. And now full speed in the direction of McCain’s plans to continue the war. Sell that war. With a mother’s heart.

“That is why Senator John McCain could count on my vote from day one.”

But whatever happened to Sarah Palin in this story? I gaze out of the window. This takes 10 minutes. Then:

“With Sarah Palin, I have even more reason to trust in victory. She represents my heart.”

Hmm. Does that sound like total doublespeak? Or does it sound like logical reasoning to a McCain supporter? I cannot come up with anything better.

“Sincerely …” I leave the dots for somebody else’s signature.

Does Phil Tuchman want to read it?

Phil bends over my computer screen and reads. This takes a while. I am expecting roars of laughter or to be kicked out.

Then he says drily: “I like that. It appeals to the hearts of people. Can you write more letters?”

Incredible amounts of money have been spent hiring people just like this to fight the war against Obama — the candidate who was never supposed to win.

From this, we’ve inherited some wonderfully tall tales, such as the Missing Long Form Birth Certificate, the Grandma in Kenya Who Said He Was Born There (a blatant misquoting of what she actually said), the “Puppet of the New World Order” rhetoric, et cetera.

Granted, since he naively stocked his shelves with both Rockefeller and Rothschild interests, he has not been able to accomplish many of the things he set out to do — but this war is far from over, believe me. And Disclosure is the most significant thing that can happen to end the secrecy once and for all.

As we’ve been saying throughout this Ebook, these factions no longer have the strength and power they once did — and they are being forced  by the rest of the world to reveal the truth. That’s why we’re seeing the Norway Spiral and other such events.

For now, let’s get back to our narrative thread, with another example of a ‘paid blogger’ who came forward with his story when he realized what he was being asked to do. Notice that he was only offered ten thousand dollars to ‘sell out’.

This is a surprisingly small amount of money to bribe someone on such an important issue, and again shows how broke the Rockefeller faction must be.



In this next example, we have someone who was contracted for this same type of Obama-smearing work, inventing blatant falsehoods. The money was so bad, considering the potential importance of such a ‘manufactured’ finding, that you can see how the financial crisis has affected the New World Order.

In this case, their chosen target backed out when he realized what was being asked of him (emphasis added):

Professor Paid to Try to Link Obama and Ayers:

The brother of a Republican congressman and a Republican businessman attempted to pay an professor in Oxford to use software he designed to “prove” that 1960s radical William Ayers helped write Sen. Barack Obama’s biography.

The professor, Dr. Peter Millican, teaches philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford. His software is designed to detect when works are by the same authors by comparing the use of similar words and phrases.

The offer was revealed Sunday in a British newspaper.

“He was entirely upfront about this,” the professor said of the Republican businessman who made the offer. “He offered me $10,000 and sent me electronic versions of the text from both books.”

Millican said he took a preliminary look and found the charges that Ayers had had a hand in ghostwriting Obama’s book “very implausible.”

A deal was agreed for “more detailed research,” the paper said, but when Millican “said the results had to be made public, even if no link to Ayers was proved, interest waned.”


The “Voice of the White House” source has often spoken of these ‘paid bloggers’, as I have written before — and he has expressed ongoing amazement that so many of the obviously false stories are taken seriously by the public.

There is a lot more data to back up the idea that Obama’s presidency was assisted by the Illuminati-resisting groups such as those behind Dr. Beter’s “New Kremlin.”

Hoagland has uncovered many  startling parallels between the power structure of the Kennedy administration and what is now occurring with the Obama administration.

In fact, Hoagland’s support has been invaluable in helping point out various things I had missed along the way — and we will have several more key points in the Conclusion.


We will have much more to say about the possibility of Disclosure actually happening well within Obama’s first term, and the United Nations meetings that led to all this, in the Conclusion.

In the meantime, another major sign that Disclosure is on the way is the obvious attempts by the Catholic Church to establish a framework in which Catholicism will still be ‘relevant’ in a post-Disclosure world.

You can clearly see the groundwork being laid in this recent interview with Guy Consolmagno that aired on The Colbert Report:


As of three days after we posted this first section, we’ve had so many of your comments come in — not to mention nearly sixty thousand visits — that I’ve decided to break out a new and different page just to handle them all.

Continue on to the ‘next page’ below to read my preliminary conclusion — and be part of the community feedback about all of this!