In Russia there comes the hope of the world

Not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom!

That each man will live for his fellow man!

The principle has been born.

It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

Guided by what?

That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit, “In God We Trust.”

(Cayce Reading 3976-29, June 22, 1944)




It is very important that you read the other sections to have the context for this one — in case someone linked you directly here first.

The halos, rings, floating crucifix shapes, Norway Spiral and Kremlin Pyramid formations we just discussed — and showed videos of — in the previous sections were very likely generated by HAARP and other such technology.

The Russians may have acquired this know-how thanks to documents they seized after the New World Order forces fled South Ossetia. This war started on 8/8/8, and the peace treaty was finalized on August 16th, 2008 — a date that was redundantly flagged by the Circlemakers.

In addition to these blatant visual manifestations, we now have many other  signs that certain groups here on Earth are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to push the timetable for Disclosure forward.

Certain groups here on Earth are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to push the timetable for Disclosure forward.

What you will read in this, the longest of all the sections of this Ebook, is a vast, detailed history lesson  of the things you don’t get to hear about in school, or in the media — at least not at this point in time. In the future this will undoubtedly be far  more widely known.

Before we open up that discussion, though, it’s important to bring in some additional data that shows us where all this is leading — and how close we may be to a formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

This is what all the greatest battles between these warring factions has led us to — the financial collapse of the New World Order / Rockefeller faction, thus stripping their ability to enforce the UFO cover-up any longer.

As a direct result, we are now seeing an ever-increasing number of UFO stories and ‘proofs’ coming through in the mainstream media — some of which are very bizarre. No longer do you see the ‘balance’ of the skeptics’ sketchy rationalizations coming in to discredit the data itself.

There are so many of these types of stories, appearing so quickly, that we can barely even keep up with them. Many are so astonishing that whole articles could be written about them — but we’ll focus in on some of the best and most interesting ones here.



In this next example, from October 20, 2009 — just over a month before Obama’s originally-planned Disclosure date — a police officer saw three tall ETs who looked just like us, taking instrument readings near a crop circle. Once he spotted them, they ran away at a speed no human we know of could match (emphasis added):

Police Officer Sees Human ETs in Crop Circle

”The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to be inspecting the crop.

When he got to the edge of the field he heard what he believed to be a sound not dissimilar to static electricity.

”This crackling noise seemed to be running through the field and the crop was moving gently, close to where the noise was.

”He shouted to the figures who, at first, ignored him, not glancing at him. When he tried to enter the field they looked up and began running.

”He said; ‘They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. I’m no slouch but they were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone.

”I then got scared. The noise was still around but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache I couldn’t shift.”

The ‘uneasy feeling’ and the headache the officer experienced are also consistent with the presence of high-intensity torsion fields — which were probably what the ETs were using to manipulate the crops with.



On March 22, 2009 — during the exact same time  the Russian Crucifix was filmed in the sky — the British government officially released many of its UFO files. We should pay special attention to the following case they pulled out of these files and published. Why did they single out this particular case? Read for yourself (emphasis added):

Human ET Visits Woman in 1989 – March 22, 2009

The anonymous woman telephoned RAF Wattisham in Suffolk in a state of distress to describe an encounter she had the previous night. A covering letter in the files notes that it is “one of our more unusual UFO reports”.

The woman told the operator at the base that the incident happened as she was walking her dog on a sports field close to her home near Norwich at about 10.30pm on November 20, 1989.

She was approached by a man with a “Scandinavian-type accent” who was dressed in a light brown garment like a flying suit.

The report notes: “He asked her if she was aware of stories about large circular flattened areas appearing in fields of wheat.

[He] then went on to explain that he was from another planet similar to Earth, and that the circles had been caused by others like him who had travelled to Earth.”

The man said the purpose of their visits was friendly, but they were told not to have contact with humans for fear that they would be considered a threat.

The woman said she was “completely terrified”, and after about 10 minutes the man left.

As she ran home she heard a “loud buzzing noise” behind her — and turned to see a large glowing orange-white spherical object rising vertically from behind trees.

The RAF operator who took the statement from the woman said the conversation lasted about an hour and described it as a “genuine call”.


Very interesting indeed. A consistent storyline seems to be emerging here — a story of ethical, friendly ETs who look like us, but are not from Earth — and are directly responsible for making many of the ‘real’ crop circles.

They have abilities and ‘powers’ we would consider to be supernatural, and are clearly able to foresee the future — such as creating at least seven formations in 2008 that flagged the date of August 16th, 2008.

This, again, was the exact time the cease-fire agreement was signed between Russia and Georgia. Around that same time, the Russians seized a huge treasure-trove of highly classified New World Order documents.



With all this evidence — and so much more we have yet to discuss — it appears there is a full timeline to end the UFO cover-up, forever

Thanks to a plan that was drawn up all the way back on February 12, 2008.

The Norway Spiral may be one of the final stages of this plan — in the Disclosure Endgame we are now witnessing in real time.

A spiral… what an appropriate  metaphor to use for those who are fighting the ‘spin control’ of the controlled media!

On that fateful day in February 2008, we now know that the first of a very important and very secret set of United Nations meetings were held. In time, this may be seen as one of the most important dates in human history. 

Strong political pressure from a broad coalition of UN nations was placed on those responsible for the UFO cover-up to reveal what they know — and a solid timeline was put in place for Disclosure to occur.

Thanks to multiple, credible insider ‘leaks,’ we now have a detailed account of what was discussed — and decided — by some thirty nations!  We will discuss this, and get into the specifics, in Part Five — the Conclusion.


The crucifix, the UFO halos and now the Norway Spiral and Kremlin Pyramid are almost certainly  the result of all these insider politics finally bursting into public demonstrations — just as we have been expecting.

If you really think the Spiral is just a missile spinning around in circles, and there’s nothing more to the story, you would be well advised to study the previous sections of this report carefully, read the linked articles, and learn about the bigger story behind  all the media’s (ahem) spin.

You have an opportunity to prepare yourself and get informed — so you can be there to help educate and comfort others when they need you.

You have an opportunity to prepare yourself and get informed — so you can be there to help educate and comfort others when they need you.

And they already need you now.

Given the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, it is now safe to say that Disclosure is no longer an ‘if’, but a ‘when.’ And the Norway Spiral events strongly suggest that the ‘when’ will be sooner rather than later — regardless of whatever faltering last-minute attempts are being made to cover it up.

Regardless of how many “know-it-alls” take it for granted that UFOs do exist, once this announcement is made, it will be the most significant event in recorded human history. The scope of the change it will induce is so awesome, so far-reaching, that it staggers the imagination.

Articles like the one you just read about three human ETs taking measurements of a crop circle, and telling people who they are and why they’re making such formations, appear to be last-ditch efforts to get us ready for the truth before it is formally announced.

There are many, many  more stories like this that are surfacing, and we can expect they will get more and more interesting as time goes on.


The knowledge we will have to assimilate after Disclosure goes vastly  beyond the idea of whether or not there is life on other planets.

We will now have to deal with the existence of non-Earth-born ‘Ascended’ beings with telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, instant psychic healing, et cetera.

We will now have to deal with the reality of gravity-shielding technology, free energy, wormhole / stargate travel through space and time, super-advanced ancient civilizations on Earth that have had open ET contact leading to the building of massive stone structures, and the existence of non-Earth-born ‘Ascended’ beings with telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, instant psychic healing, et cetera.

These so-called ‘Ascended’ beings will be revealed as children of a galaxy that invariably produces human life — on a wide variety of inhabited planets.

These human beings have bodies that are similar, and in some cases nearly identical  to our own. With that realization comes the humility of knowing we are far  from the most evolved human race in this Galaxy.

We will also find out, sooner or later, that we are genetically compatible with just about every other human species in the galaxy, and our bodies on Earth are the result of extensive  interbreeding.


Even more outrageously, some groups here on Earth directly trace their genetic lineage back to an extraterrestrial origin — and have maintained certain highly advanced technologies, in secret, throughout the entire history of human life on Earth — including ‘portal’ or stargate technology that allows for travel through space and  time.

As I wrote in my last major article, Disclosure will also pave the way for an understanding of other groups of ETs who are vastly  more advanced than your typical folks flying around in gravity-shielding metallic discs.

The good caused by Disclosure will far, far outweigh the bad, regardless of whatever sinister plans may be at work by some members of the military-industrial complex to use Disclosure as a weapon.

The Law of One series appears to be a genuinely clean, high-quality set of messages from one of these higher-level groups, who claims to be involved in “the management and transfer of planetary populations” — hence our use of the term ‘Management’ for these forces.

That piece should probably be read as the sequel  to this one. Many people have said it’s the best summary I’ve ever written. I just wrote them in reverse order.

Suffice it to say that for the last two years in particular, I have been consistently shown that the good caused by Disclosure will far, far outweigh the bad, regardless of whatever sinister plans may be at work by some members of the military-industrial complex to use Disclosure as a weapon to further their control.

We can already see signs of a deliberate campaign by factions opposing the New World Order to use Bluebeam-like technology openly and publicly — enough so that any surprise would be spoiled, and the public not so easily fooled in the event that it was attempted to be used for nefarious purposes.

All that being said, most people can’t even begin  to imagine what our future will really be like after Disclosure — or how much better  it will be than what we have now, on every level.


Again, we will present evidence that Russia, China, India, Japan and other countries have formed a coalition that is actively working to defeat the New World Order and Illuminati factions of the secret world government.

After long and careful consideration of the Norway Spiral phenomenon, as you read in the prior sections, I am convinced that one of its primary functions was to blow the whistle on Bluebeam, so it could not be successfully used against the people.

The real insider struggle for Disclosure is quite fascinating, and requires a great deal of back-story that hardly anyone is familiar with.

The real insider struggle for Disclosure is quite fascinating, and requires a great deal of back-story that hardly anyone is familiar with.

We need to learn about these various insider factions, and their history, before we then broaden our discussion of how these forces are wrestling with each other in the present day — those who are for  disclosure and those pushing as hard as they can against  it.

I will say that this Ebook is a full disclosure for me on a variety of levels. There is data I’ve been meaning to share with you for over a year, and I’ve promised it at various times, but then not delivered because of how busy I’ve been.

I decided to release everything in one giant multi-section mega-article — a proper Ebook — to ensure I get it all done, and you have a chance to read everything involved.

This is very exciting, because it shows that we are a lot closer to some wonderful  manifestations here on Earth than we may have ever dared believe.



As we head into the meat of this section of our in-depth report on the Disclosure Endgame, we will investigate the various factions at work in the world governments — both elected and secret. Without this knowledge in place, the truth is very difficult to discover.

Once you’ve read these summaries of the available information, you will very likely share a much more robust worldview of what is going on: who the players are, and what they want.

Then we can go on to finish our discussion of how all of these factors weigh in on the final breaking down of the wall of secrecy that has existed for so many years around the extraterrestrial issue.

I am truly dazzled by how much the scope of this investigation has widened, recently, thanks to the arrival of a treasure-trove of new insider data  that provides an incredible new window into the secret politics of the 1970s and early 80s — namely the work of Dr. Peter David Beter, who we will meet in a minute.

Though the 70s and 80s may seem like a long time ago — many of our readers weren’t even born while Dr. Beter was still alive — events that happened back then are of critical importance in understanding what is happening now.


The discussion of various insider factions can be quite disturbing for a variety of people. So, before we get into it, I want to say a few words about how most people react first — and how toxic it can be without the greater viewpoint of understanding how we are being guided and protected  through all of this.

Things on Earth look scary as hell right now, particularly if you are educating yourself about the corruption of secret insider politics. Fear is in such abundance that I coined the now widely-used Internet term ‘fear porn’  to describe the various media offerings that profit off of our nearly insatiable drive to have the living crap scared out of us.

Much like a sexual addiction, the attraction to ‘fear porn’ is primal — sub-verbal:

When you do not have a satisfying sex life, you feel irresistibly compelled to find more sex.

  • Every sexy thing you see feeds the compulsion, giving you a momentary cocaine-like high.
  • Your heart pounds, your biochemical endorphins fire off, and you feel invigorated.
  • On a biological level you are being driven to survive — by reproduction.

When you do not have a satisfying spiritual faith and trust in the goodness of others, you feel irresistibly compelled to find more fear.

  • Every scary thing you see feeds the compulsion, giving you a momentary cocaine-like high.
  • Your heart pounds, your biochemical endorphins fire off, and you feel invigorated.
  • On a biological level you are being driven to survive — by self-protection.

Mainstream media has exploited these two primordial biological drives — sex and fear — for a long time in movies, television shows, news broadcasts, magazines, newspapers and website articles.


Even with movies like ‘2012’ showing you the end of the world with unprecedented photo-realism, that ‘high’ still isn’t good enough for many, many addicts. The fear isn’t real enough. It isn’t visceral  enough. The sense of imminent jeopardy  isn’t powerful enough. You aren’t genuinely terrified  enough.


Like any other type of addict, we build up a ‘tolerance’ to our existing drug of choice — and now we need something with a much bigger, more powerful bang for our buck.

But in this case, we don’t cheat on our wives or husbands — we merely turn on our computer and go to the Internet!

The Internet is where you find the goods. Far more scary than the nightly news. 


You quickly discover that the mainstream media is concealing much darker  secrets — a worldwide cabal that seems to be the very embodiment of evil itself, which is leading us by the hand towards a seemingly-inescapable fate.

I clearly spelled out all the misunderstandings that arise from Internet fear-porn addiction in the beginning of my most recent large article:


Those who read this website, and / or watch our videos, will understand that the changes we are going through have nothing to do with, and will not involve, any of the following fear-porn scenarios so flagrantly and naively trumpeted on the Internet as if they were imminent facts:

  • Government and/or Illuminati takeover of the workings of society, creating a draconian, totalitarian and brutal state of martial law;
  • Mass death, either through natural or manmade viruses, tainted vaccines, government ‘death camps,’ engineered starvation, et cetera;
  • Collapse of civilization to a pre-industrial state through economic implosion, sudden wars, power grid failures, terrorist attacks, et cetera;
  • Epic earth changes that erase most life from the Earth as we now know it — pole shift, solar flares, tsunamis, et cetera, perhaps in 2012;
  • Evil extraterrestrials who either pose as good guys first, or simply come in swinging right away — with an attack vastly worse than 9/11.

The real story is far more interesting — and has a much happier ending — than these toxic, fear-drenched viewpoints. The very controllers who are causing all the problems on the planet may very well WANT you to believe these things are all about to happen, but that doesn’t mean they will.



Admittedly, this information about the good that will come from Disclosure came to me in dreams — but they have proven very reliable at predicting future events, and providing accurate personal and global guidance on physical and spiritual issues.

I have documented my dreams in writing every day for the past 17 years, and increasingly familiarized myself with the ‘language’ so as to effectively understand and interpret their meanings. Six months after I started my own dream practice, in 1993, I got my original insider ‘leak’ that UFOs were real — and I’ve been intensely studying the subject ever since.

Over these last 17 years, I have had many hundreds of amazingly accurate future prophecies come through in dreams.

From July 1998 to my final retirement from all one-on-one consultation services in 2005, I processed 500 clients with ‘dream readings.’

On the morning of each client’s session, I would get remarkably clear insights into their personal and spiritual issues, even though all I knew in advance was their name and the day we would do the session. Over these last 17 years, I have had many hundreds of amazingly accurate future prophecies come through in dreams.

Once you know how to use your own dreams as a tool for personal evolution, and begin a regular practice, it is extremely effective and consistent.

Some of the most impressive data can be found in the ‘Readings’ section on my website, We will soon be opening up a series of limited tele-conference seminars where you can experience a live dream-sharing circle with me in real time over the phone, so stay tuned for that.

Though you are certainly welcome to believe whatever you want, I cannot be comfortable with playing “take my word for it” on any intuitive data of this nature.

If the data is any good, then there must be real-world evidence to support it. Hence you are now reading a far-reaching summary of the best evidence we have suggesting that Disclosure really is going to happen.


In order to understand the monumental events that are now reaching their epic and final culmination, you need to have a proper background in place. Only then will you understand who the players are, and what they want.

The Internet has vastly  expanded the scope of our available knowledge on these things, but even the most highly educated scholars and researchers in the conspiracy media still  tend to be woefully uninformed.

The overwhelming tendency is for them to make broad generalizations. They often reduce a very complex situation into a scenario as basic as pointing your finger at the “bad guy” and yelling “Sic ’em, boy!!!” to the family attack-dog.

And of course, every single person at the higher levels of government, military, media and corporations is “One of Them!” 

“Git ’em boy! Go git ’em!”

What starts out as the potential for real scholarship descends into adolescent bullying of anyone and everyone perceived to be “The Enemy” — and I have often gotten lumped into that same ridiculous category myself.



Real insider sources are very difficult to find. Real insider sources who actually tell the truth,  rather than disinformation, are much, much more unlikely… and of immeasurable value in helping us piece together this incredibly epic storyline.

I very recently found a treasure-trove of new information on these insider politics that have been going on behind the scenes. Thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of MP3s to listen to — and all for free!

Dr. Peter David Beter came forward in the 1970s with shocking information that completely validates  what most of us have only learned about in the last few years… if that.

Here’s a capture from the top of the page of his official website, spelling out some of his credentials — including his work for American gas industries building a pipeline as long as the country of Argentina:



What really struck me was this summary document of all the various subjects Dr. Beter covered in his radio shows beginning in 1973 after his book was published, and his eighty audio tapes, which ran from June 1975 to November 1982.


The information contained in Dr. Beter’s reports is so vast, so fresh, that it’s actually superior  to most of the information that has only started coming to light in the last few years.

You really would be well advised to read the whole thing — but the following is just a taste to get you started:

After many years as a highly successful Washington attorney, government official and international legal and financial consultant, Dr. Beter had become famous in 1973 as the author of a best-selling book, The Conspiracy Against the Dollar.

In his talk shows Dr. Beter had a habit of saying things which sounded preposterous at the time, but which were proven correct later on.

Early in 1973 he declared that Vice President Spiro Agnew would be swept up in a sudden scandal beginning in late summer that would lead quickly to his resignation. At the time Agnew was flying high, and it sounded like an unlikely turn of events. But it happened, right on schedule.

In the spring of 1974, Dr. Beter described a sequence of events by which the Watergate Scandal would make Richard Nixon the first U.S. President in history to resign. At the time, Watergate seemed to be running out of steam, and Nixon appeared to be “toughing it out.”

Even less believably, Dr. Beter described a secret agreement which he said existed by which then-Vice President Gerald Ford would nominate Nelson Rockefeller to be his new Vice President after Nixon resigned.

In the spring of 1974 those things sounded hard to believe indeed. But they took place.

Dr. Beter claimed that events like these, while shocking to the public, were planned far in advance. He said that they were known within certain intelligence and even business circles here in America and abroad.

Drawing upon his extensive contacts with these circles, Dr. Beter was making public what the privileged few already knew.

Interested? I’m not surprised.

Disclosure is also one of those things that we now know has been planned out far in advance — and once we fill in the necessary background information, we’ll look at the insider evidence we now have available. For now, let’s get to the really  good stuff in Dr. Beter’s testimony.



If you really want to earn your graduate degree in UFO studies, you need to understand the groups that were already  in power… long  before UFOs ever became an issue.

Dr. Beter’s testimony gives us an incredible glimpse into the truth behind the scenes, nearly 35 years before this information again became public knowledge from the controversial insider reports of Benjamin Fulford, the former East-West managing editor for Forbes Magazine, and others.

Read on (emphasis added):

Decades ago Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “Nothing in politics ever happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Decades earlier, Benjamin Disraeli, famed as the Victorian-era Prime Minister of Britain, wrote: “The world is governed by people far different from those imagined by the public.”

Taken together, these two statements illustrate the basic premise which underlies all of the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER tape reports.

This premise is that major events in politics, economics and international relations are the products of deliberate moves by largely unseen power factions in the world.

All of these factions seek to increase their influence over us, the general population of the world.

Each one also wishes to increase its own power at the expense of the other power factions.

[DW: This is one of the most important underlying facts that most people in the conspiracy media are only barely starting to become aware of.
It is also the key to why these various plans ultimately will fail — the groups end up canceling each other out. This was described to me intuitively long before I had the physical proof to back it up.]
Thus there is an ongoing power struggle of titanic dimensions which constantly shapes the news, yet which is little understood–indeed unsuspected–by most people.

If these forces are not recognized or understood, current events are inherently baffling, no matter how diligently one may follow the news.

This leaves even the best-educated and most intelligent of persons vulnerable to manipulation to suit the purposes of those who pull the strings behind the scenes.

By contrast, if the largely unseen forces are known and understood, major events become far more understandable and even, to some extent, predictable.

Those informed about these things become far less vulnerable and more difficult to fool by manipulated news and news events.
Who and what are these factions? Let’s find out.

Though there are others, Dr. Beter focused in on the three most important factions:
  • The Rockefeller / New World Order / Neocon faction (which Beter calls the Rockefeller Cartel);
  • The Rothschild / European Illuminati faction (which Beter calls the Bolshevik-Zionist axis, but identifies with the Rothschilds), and
  • Faction Three, or what I call the New International Coalition, whose roots are interconnected with what Beter calls the Christian “New Kremlin” faction in Russia:
Over the course of the 80 AUDIO LETTER tape reports, Dr. Beter reveals that three primary power factions are at work in the world today:

1. The Rockefeller Cartel
2. The Bolshevik-Zionist Axis
3. The New Kremlin Rulers

These factions as such have existed for the past century or so, and their relationships with one another have been in a constant state of flux. Their roots, however, are much older and can be traced backward in time for many centuries.

Faction Three, working with the “New Kremlin” group, has genuinely been working for peace. More recently, they have helped organize a vast international coalition with strong Asian support.

This group has a definite power focus in Japan, and high-ranking members within this group contacted Benjamin Fulford to help spread the word. Japan is making a very strong push for Disclosure — and they are one of the countries with direct control over EISCAT.

Fulford’s recent testimony fits this data to a tee, though he has never mentioned Dr. Beter and appears completely unaware of this corroborating evidence… at least not yet.

Here’s just a bit of what this fantastic, far-reaching summary of Dr. Beter’s work has to say about the so-called Rockefeller Cartel (emphasis added):
The Rockefeller Cartel is the first of the three great power factions to be dealt with extensively in the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER reports, for at least two reasons.

First, while its scope is worldwide, it is headquartered in the United States.

Second, it was indisputably the most powerful of the three factions when Dr. Beter began recording his AUDIO LETTER reports in 1975. This situation changed dramatically later on.

The Rockefeller Cartel today embraces several hundred of the world’s largest multinational corporations — big oil, big banking and big business.
[DW: Of course, with “big business” comes defense contractors and private military corporations — the so-called military-industrial complex.]
It is a new kind of empire, with economic assets so great as to be beyond effective control by mere governments.

Its headquarters are American, but its perspective is global, with allegiance neither to the United States nor to any other country. It is an empire unto itself.

What is today the Rockefeller Cartel was started over a century ago by John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

By his well-known cutthroat business tactics, Rockefeller created the Standard Oil trust and made himself America’s first billionaire by the turn of the century.

[DW: Elsewhere this summary describes how the Rothschilds set up J.D. Rockefeller in the first place, but had no idea how fast his corporation would grow, nor that his descendants would ultimately turn against their original secret allies.
Also, don’t forget that the original banking families that founded the Federal Reserve in 1913 included Rothschilds AND Rockefellers.]
Such blatantly unethical practices led to public opposition, which culminated in the Supreme Court decree of 1911 dissolving the Standard Oil trust.

By then, however, Rockefeller was becoming more sophisticated, finding ways to hide the true extent of his wealth and power while continuing to expand it.

The “trust-busting” era had little lasting effect: by the use of nominees and other devices, it was possible to retain effective control and coordination of the superficially dismantled Standard Oil empire.

[DW: It is a little-known fact that SONY stands for Standard Oil of New York — but more importantly, Rockefeller colluded with the Rothschilds to take over the American financial system via the founding of the Federal Reserve.]
Throughout the Twentieth Century, from World War I onward, Rockefeller economic power has translated increasingly into Rockefeller political power. This, in turn, has been used to increase Rockefeller economic power still further.

For example, oil has played a key role in all of America’s major wars of this century, with the Rockefeller oil interests profiting handsomely. Yet this role has been generally obscured — both in current news accounts during each war, and in historical accounts written later on.

The obscuring of key information of this type is a symptom of Rockefeller power expansion into the realms of journalism and teaching. Power is always most secure when it is not recognized, so every effort is made to keep information about it from becoming public.

Obviously this is only a summary of a vast amount of information shared by Dr. Beter to support these claims with hard evidence. Remember, there are some 80 tapes worth of this material, free for you to listen to and / or read the transcripts of, at

And now, thanks to the Internet, the whole story has been blown wide open. Untold millions of people — basically just about everyone in the Western world — are now learning about this stuff, whether they like it or not.

FOX is obviously the main propaganda arm of the Rockefeller cartel, but every now and then I get emails from people who honestly believe they are working for America’s best interest.

The Rockefeller cartel has also played a very  significant role in the UFO cover-up, as we will discuss.

Beter’s tapes only ran into 1982 — right in the beginning of a prolonged phase of re-animated Rockefeller control over the American government.

You had Reagan and Bush from 1980-88, with Bush Senior running the show on behalf of the Rockefeller faction as vice president. Then you had a smooth transition into Bush Senior as president from 1988 to 1992 — not disrupting Rockefeller continuity in the least.

Clinton won the election in 1992, a victory for the Rothschild faction, who we will hear more about in a minute.

Rockefeller attack-dogs incessantly hounded Clinton with issues like the Lewinsky scandal and the artificially-inflated “Clinton ArkanCide Count” stories that circulated on the Internet about the many people he apparently had ordered to be murdered.

Nonetheless, he survived both terms and was still in good shape when he left office in 2000. Former VP Al Gore was tagged as the new Democratic presidential candidate of choice.

The Rockefeller Cartel pulled an unprecedented series of ‘dirty tricks’ to steal the 2000 election, including the use of hackable Diebold electronic voting machines.

The critical ‘swing state’ was Florida, where Bush’s brother Jeb was governor. And the winner was decided by the Rockefeller-installed Supreme Court, even though recounts ultimately revealed Gore had won the election by securing the greater number of popular votes.

The Rockefeller machine did such a great job of vote-rigging and vote tampering that they actually did manage to steal their way to victory in 2000.

The Rockefeller machine did such a great job of vote-rigging and vote tampering that they actually did manage to steal their way to victory in 2000. George W. Bush was installed as president.

Gore soon went full-blast into global warming and climate change, as a direct attack against Rockefeller oil money — by getting everyone to focus on reducing or eliminating their use of fossil fuels.

As of November 2009, the Rockefeller faction — now in complete free-fall after losing the 2008 election — was almost certainly responsible for leaking the “Climategate” emails.

This was a blatant, desperate attempt to destroy the credibility of any arguments to reduce our fossil fuel consumption — and thereby preserve whatever shreds of economic power and oil money they still have at this point.


Let’s go back in time again for a bit. After the stolen 2000 election, the new Bush regime’s popularity quickly sank like a stone.

The economy was in trouble, and by this point, for reasons we will discuss more fully — basically the inevitable collapse of all  empires due to financial over-extension — a total Rockefeller economic collapse was looming. They were in very, very serious trouble.

However, they had the ultimate ace up their sleeve — they had stolen the election. With the near-total control of the world’s only remaining superpower, they could now further shape and mold public events for their own benefit.

Nonetheless, the damage had been done. They were in really bad shape, and they had already been forced to steal an incredible  amount of money to preserve their crumbling empire.

On the all-important date of September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars  was found ‘missing’… from only one year  of the military budget! Watch these two videos, in order, to get the full picture of what happened here:

This should have been a huge  story, especially when a mere 700 billion-dollar corporate bailout in 2008 was the focus of so much public anger!

700 billion sounds like a lot more money than it used to — now that we’ve just been through a huge economic collapse that quickly reduced everyone’s asset values by 50 percent.

Google ‘Rumsfeld 2.3 trillion’ if the videos ever go missing, as they can never get rid of all  of them.

What an incredible announcement he made that day! You can fit three different 700 billion-dollar bailouts into that figure of 2.3 trillion, and still have 200 billion left over in spare change.

By anyone’s reckoning, this is an incredible  amount of money. And for it to just be ‘lost’?

However, the very next day, Rumsfeld’s announcement was completely forgotten… and by now, I’m sure you know why.

The next day was September 11, 2001.



Rumsfeld just happens to be amazingly psychic.

And lucky… of course.

The 2.3 trillion he was seemingly so concerned about was hardly ever  mentioned again.


9/11 was a marvelous short-term crack-high for the crumbling Rockefeller empire.

It allowed them to stay afloat economically for several more years, massively build up the military-industrial complex, invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and push through much — but not all — of the legislation they had in mind.

Gas was initially kept cheap, just over a dollar a gallon, while the American public continued to be systematically brainwashed into buying enormous gas-guzzling SUVs they did not really need.

Gas was initially kept cheap, just over a dollar a gallon, while the American public continued to be systematically brainwashed into buying enormous gas-guzzling SUVs they did not really need.

These vehicles were originally introduced, with great fanfare, in the news footage from the first Gulf War. The soldiers were using them to race across the desert — and with rock and roll music and lots of journalistic flash, they were presented as the coolest thing ever  to drive.

Especially  if you were a patrotic American who supports the troops.

This was in stark contrast to the Rockefeller-killing “Japanese Economy Car” craze of the 1980s, which swept through an American public still licking their wounds from a major gas crisis in the 1970s.

This turn of events had significantly damaged  the oil-based profits of the Rockefeller faction. Again, there were undoubtedly behind-the-scenes insider politics involved in this ‘business war’.

According to Benjamin Fulford, the Japanese were forced to sign a very compromising secret agreement with the Rockefeller faction as part of their surrender in World War II — and the temporary shift of the automobile industry in their favor undoubtedly expanded their control.

Oil tycoon Ross Perot did not win the 1992 election, but he very much did get the American public aware that there was a ‘business war’ going on.

Americans heard they should be buying American cars and trucks to “fight the war.” Sales of SUVs skyrocketed.


The Iraq war was a last-ditch effort to secure a delicious new source of oil money, but the Iraqis were smart enough to successfully cripple the beast — very likely thanks to the knowledge and logistical support of their allies in the other factions.

According to’s invaluable “Controlling the News” insider source — who we ultimately found out was a high-ranking manager for FOX News during those years — we learned the following:

The Iraqis systematically destroyed all the pipelines, wells and refineries in their own country before the Rockefeller faction could produce any usable product.

I wrote up a vast, topic-organized summary of all this insider TBRNews data under the pseudonym Art Aqua on July 27, 2003. No one figured out it was me, and the article did not get ‘discovered’ and become popular online — as I had expected it might have, due to its quality.

At the time I did not want this kind of research associated with my own name, so I had my friends at the Great Dreams website publish it for me. That way, the prophetic insider data would be time-stamped, so people could later see how correct I was.

Among other things, I accurately telegraphed the massive rise in gas prices that began the following year.

After the systematic failure of the Iraq War to generate a huge new source of profits, the Rockefeller empire, again in free-fall, was forced to flip the switch on the ‘rainy day’ SUV plan they’d been building up to since the first Gulf War.

Through blatant market manipulation, and the use of excuses such as Hurricane Katrina, they literally quadrupled  the price of oil from one to four dollars within an incredibly  short time.

And yet, Rockefeller influence over the media was so vast, and the public’s willingness to stay in denial of uncomfortable truth was so powerful, that no one dared call it an economic meltdown in progress — even as gas prices soared to unimaginably crippling new heights.

The 2008 economic collapse came as a surprise to most people, though it shouldn’t have been if they had bothered to look beyond the spin of the corporate media.


By November 2004, with a very unpopular and very expensive post-9/11 Iraq war having done vastly more damage to the American infrastructure than 9/11, it seemed almost certain that “Anyone But Bush” would win. Gas prices were already rising like hot-air balloons.

Again, thanks to impossibly sophisticated and far-reaching “vote-stealing” practices — including touch-screen Diebold electronic voting machines — the Rockefeller cartel managed to steal yet another victory away from their rival Rothshild / Democratic faction… by a very small margin.

The monumental voting irregularites were totally ignored by the mainstream media.

It wasn’t until 2008 that the cycle was interrupted. The ailing Rockefeller cartel finally collapsed into end-stage ruin with McCain’s maverick, personal decision to name the inarticulate and under-experienced Sarah Palin as his running mate.

McCain carefuly hid this from his own Rockefeller Cartel superiors, who were split between Lieberman (Israeli axis) or Romney (Christian / Mormon axis) as the VP pick.

He then made the announcement before they had time to do anything to stop him — so they just had to ‘go with it’ and hope for the best.
McCain didn’t like the Rockefeller Cartel or their control, and felt like he was smarter than they were by picking Palin, who also was a very independent thinker and total non-conformist, to out-sizzle the Democrats’ choice of Hillary Clinton as a major contender.

However, the biggest ‘game-changer’ of all was probably when McCain declared that “the fundamentals of the US economy are sound” and then the very next week the American economy went into free-fall.

This also was not an accident — the timing had been very well planned out in advance. Obviously, this timing inflicted maximum damage upon the Rockefeller faction. According to various insiders I’ve spoken to, including Benjamin Fulford, this was the work of the New International Coalition.

Therefore, the precise timing of when the 2008 collapse all came to a head was almost certainly the result of a carefully orchestrated economic manipulation  by positive-minded opposing factions to help bring down the New World Order.

This shocking economic catastrophe had also  been predicted by Dr. Beter in the early 1970s!


How in the world could a man in the 1970s have predicted that an economic collapse as vast as what we saw in October 2008 could actually happen? The title of his best-selling 1973 book tells us quite a bit… The Conspiracy Against the Dollar (emphasis added):
Dr. Peter Beter (yes, it rhymes) first came to widespread popular attention in 1973, through his best-selling nonfiction book, The Conspiracy Against the Dollar (George Braziller, Inc., N.Y.).

It was a gripping tale of international economic intrigue and monetary manipulation, carried out by the coordinated action of multinational corporations grown more powerful than many of their host countries.

The objective: to deliberately undermine and ultimately destroy the United States dollar, as a major tool of political and economic conquest under the banner of a “new imperialism.”

A crescendo of unhappy consequences were to be expected: an accelerating economic “stagflation” (a now-popular word coined years ago by Dr. Beter), deteriorating financial status of municipal and state governments, deepening social unrest, increasing tensions over the Panama Canal, and more.

Events during the past decade have followed to an astonishing degree the blueprint which Dr. Beter revealed in his book.
On December 9, 2009, the same day the Norway Spiral appeared, the governor of New York announced that they had completely run out of cash.

This is far from a ‘local’ problem to New York — it is system-wide. Beter described their plans in the early 1970s, and now, 35 years later, it’s all coming true.

That’s not all… it gets better. Wait ’till you see this.

The Rockefeller faction is now in an almost surreal state of ruin — surreal because their defeat hasn’t become blatantly public and obvious yet, but all the evidence is there to demonstrate what has happened.

This is one of the greatest reasons why Disclosure is now imminent — again, they have no choice, as their power has evaporated.

What evidence, you say? Here’s a perfect example.

We only recently found out that all the gold in Fort Knox was replaced by highly sophisticated gold-plated tungsten forgeries, allegedly beginning in the Clinton administration.

(Given what we’re about to see in Dr. Beter’s testimony, it almost certainly started before then.)

Tungsten is worth 10 bucks an ounce — much less than gold. Read for yourself:

Gold-plated tungsten bars replaced in Fort Knox:

Ron Paul on Gold Reserves Secretly Replaced with Tungsten:


Again, this wouldn’t have been done if it were not for the constant infighting between these various factions perpetually weakening each other. The classic historical mistake all empires make is they try to grow far too big, far too quickly.

They assume they will make more money than they already have been in order to finance the expansion, but ultimately they run out of gas (pun intended!).



Benjamin Fulford gave additional insider detail on how this story of the tungsten forgeries fits into the ‘big picture’ on the November 17, 2009 entry on his website (emphasis added):

China quietly introduces new financial system

China has stealthily introduced a new financial system based on the renminbi, which is well on its way to becoming fully convertible — according to a high-level Chinese source.

In addition, China is purchasing 10,000 tons of gold to back up a new fund designed to develop and market heretofore forbidden and suppressed [i.e. UFO-related free-energy] technologies.

The fund will be based outside of China, and will be controlled by prominent members of the Chinese overseas community.

The gold purchase will take some time because of the logistics of transporting it — and the Chinese wish to test it thoroughly. Both the Chinese government and MI6 now confirm reports that much of the gold sold by the Federal Reserve Board over the past decade is in fact gold-plated tungsten.

For its part, the renminbi is now convertible with South American currencies, the rouble, Middle-Eastern currencies, the yen, South East Asian currencies and African currencies.

“We will slowly introduce our new financial system in parallel with the old one and hope that people steadily migrate towards it,” the Chinese official says.

Meanwhile, the latest G20 meeting ended in acrimony and chaos.

The leadership of the West is in total disarray, and will remain so until the Federal Reserve Board’s bankruptcy becomes visible even to the most brainwashed section of the Western public.

This is now expected by January or February.

Both MI6 and a senior Chinese government source now predict the collapse of the Federal Reserve dollar by that time.

We are also hearing various reports that many Pentagon and other US alphabet suit agency figures with both US and Israeli citizenship have recently fled to Israel. Things are coming to a head.


I know it probably seems terrifying to read about the possible “collapse of the [Rothschild / Rockefeller] Federal Reserve dollar”, but the vast majority of prophetic dreams I’ve had in the last two years have addressed this point very specifically.

They have urged us not to fear these changes, as their outcome will be far more positive than we could ever imagine. The negative-leaning factions can no longer afford to keep the extraterrestrial presence a secret — and that will have an incredible effect upon everyone here on Earth.

The bottom line is that this is very real. Disclosure is completely associated with the state of the economy. It will not and cannot occur until the Rockefeller faction allows  it to happen, and / or is too weak to stop it.

And that will not happen until the rest  of the international community literally makes them “an offer they can’t refuse.”

The Norway Spiral, and other such events, shows how impatient the others have now become — and that’s only one of a variety of amazing  pieces of evidence.



Again, you have just read the hottest, most current and most amazing turn of events in international politics — the tungsten gold fiasco that reveals how the entire financial system is a giant Ponzi scheme — and yet Dr. Beter was talking about this exact same problem  in his 1970s audiotapes (emphasis added):
In September 1974 Dr. Beter acquired a new distinction as “the man who opened Fort Knox.”

The previous April Dr. Beter had charged in congressional testimony that the legendary U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox had been looted of America’s monetary gold hoard allegedly stored there.

He stood ready to present evidence and witnesses to substantiate his charges. But neither a grand jury nor a congressional inquiry into the matter materialized… so Dr. Beter then took his case directly to the public.

Through lectures, radio talk shows, and publication of his charges in a tabloid newspaper (National Tattler), he was able to put such intense pressure on the federal government that a completely unprecedented step was taken in order to still the public outcry.

The U.S. Treasury Department arranged a so-called “gold inspection” visit for a few Congressmen and 100 invited newsmen on September 23, 1974.

Significantly, however, Dr. Beter himself was not among those invited… nor was any other outside expert on gold.

The celebrated Fort Knox visit and the so-called “gold audit” which followed contained many irregularities which the Treasury Department has never explained.

As you can see, this has been coming to a head for a long, long time. That makes the times we’re now in all the more exciting.

Now is the appropriate time to go back to Dr. Beter’s research and bring in the second major faction he discusses — namely the Rothschilds.


Let’s again review the Cayce quote at the beginning of each section of this book. You may not have noticed before that the source specifically mentions the Bolsheviks:

In Russia there comes the hope of the world not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! …

The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

Guided by what?

That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit, “In God We Trust.”

(Cayce Reading 3976-29, June 22, 1944)

Notice how carefully Cayce’s source differentiated the Bolshevik faction from the group in Russia they were saying would be “the hope of the world,” even though “it will take years for it to be crystallized.”

The number of years it would take for this to ‘crystallize’ may well have been known to be about 65 — around the same length of time as the UFO cover-up, which fully kicked in as of the Roswell crash… just three years after the above quote came through.

In hindsight, Cayce’s source was very well aware of the opposing “New Kremlin” faction. Dr. Beter reveals that by the late 1970s, this group had already been working for two hundred years  to bring down the Rothschild Illuminati.


The Rothschild / Bolshevik faction is much older, and in many ways much more interesting, than the Rockefeller faction, who are only recent 20th Century upstarts by comparison.

Here’s a fascinating taste of what Dr. Beter’s summary tells us about how the Rockefeller faction was attacked and strongly weakened by the Rothschild faction (emphasis added):

For decades the four Rockefeller brothers had things pretty much their own way. They made plans, set up timetables, and generally carried them out without a hitch.

But by the time Dr. Beter launched his AUDIO LETTER tape report series, the Rockefeller brothers were beginning to show signs of slippage in their power. They had made mistakes, and some of their timetables were starting to slide.

During 1974-75 they were tripped up in certain plans by partial public exposure of massive irregularities surrounding America’s monetary gold supply.

Next, during 1976-77, their long-standing secret alliance with the Kremlin fell apart, as their former allies — the Bolsheviks — were overthrown by a new ruling group in Russia.

The four Rockefeller brothers made the mistake of welcoming expelled Bolsheviks from Russia into positions of power here in the United States.

This led by early 1979 to the overthrow of the four Rockefeller brothers by the Bolsheviks here.

First John D. Rockefeller, 3rd, died in an alleged auto “accident” in July 1978.

Then in late January 1979, Nelson Rockefeller was murdered in the beginning of a full-fledged Bolshevik coup d’etat behind the scenes.

Today the Rockefeller Cartel is no longer under the direct control of the Rockefeller family as it was under the four Rockefeller brothers, but it remains a formidable force.

As Dr. Beter ended his AUDIO LETTER report series in November 1982, the regrouped Rockefeller Cartel was gradually regaining some of its lost power in a bitter struggle against the Bolsheviks here.

Of course, we now know that the Rockefeller Cartel regained quite a bit  of its lost power, before again falling prey to the rival forces struggling to tear them apart.


We have to jump out of Dr. Beter’s summary for a moment to fast-forward some 18 years after the death of J.D. Rockefeller III.

Sherman Skolnick, now deceased, was another treasure-trove of insider information that proved highly accurate upon further examination, as I revealed in my 2003 Secrets of Skolnick paper. Revenge against their adversaries was plotted by the Rockefeller faction for quite some time.

Unlike the common view of Bilderberg as a single-minded Big Brother focused on world domination, Skolnick revealed these warring factions use the Bilderberg meetings as neutral territory in which to argue, fight and agree on certain things.

Notice also the presence of a “Faction Three” intermediary — namely “a top official of the Wallenberg banking monopoly of Sweden and northern Europe.” The Norway Spiral came out of one of these same countries, not surprisingly.

This article was the first in an impressive series Skolnick wrote on the subject in 2002 (emphasis added):

Every year, for almost half a century, they meet in a different country. Their first meeting was in Holland, in 1954. It was arranged by the Dutch Monarchy.

It took place in the Bilderberg Hotel, which became the name of this secret society, one of several, forbidden to be discussed by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press…

The meetings of the Bilderberg Group are about the only place that competing financial forces sit with one another. The Rockefellers, for example, are always there. So are their apparent enemy, the French Rothschilds.

Sitting as a sort of neutral intermediary always is a top official of the Wallenberg banking monopoly of Sweden and northern Europe.

In 1978, when John D. Rockefeller 3rd was assassinated on the road to their upstate New York fortress, we were the ONLY journalists (unpaid, free lance journalists, at that), who dared inquire.

He was the father of John D. Rockfeller 4th, who to be cute, calls himself “Jay”, a supposed Democrat, U.S. Senator from West Virginia.

The Rockefellers like to dominate states with sizeable geography and minerals, but a small population, such as also Arkansas.

In a pinch, to dominate the state, it would not cost that much to buy most every voter and most every media propaganda instrument in the state.

Returning the “favor” of political murder was eighteen years later, when the top member of the French Rothschild Family was murdered in Paris (in 1996).

The American monopoly press was ordered not to mention in detail, if at all, the death of Rothschild.

Or, just run an innocent little item that the French International baron died of a “heart attack”.

[FOX] Presslord/swindler Rupert Murdoch ordered his print and electronic media outlets to avoid, if at all [possible], mentioning the death.



Since this is a very important detail, we will bring in some corroborating data on this suppressed story. We were alerted to this connection by Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News, who heard about it from her late husband Gunther, a very high-ranking member of the CIA and the black-ops within the military industrial complex.

The death of 41-year-old Mayor Amschel Rothschild in 1996 was indeed very suspicious. He was found hanged by the soft belt of his towel robe, with the other end tied to the towel rack in the bathroom — which pulled right out of the wall with a simple tug (emphasis added):

Exclusive To *The Spotlight* August 5, 1996 By Sasha Rakoczy

French police have determined that Amschel Rothschild, heir to the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered, according to well-placed European sources. But, French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac has ordered police to close their investigation.

Media outlets worldwide have ignored these mysterious developments. Some have reported the death was a suicide. Other outlets disregarded the death altogether.

As if obeying an invisible choir-master, the world’s competing news organizations silenced their strident sensationalism this month to cover up the mysterious death.

In the United States, newspapers controlled by Rupert Murdoch, the foreign-born owner of the world’s largest media empire, either studiously ignored reports that Rothschild had met a violent end, or relegated it to the back pages as a mere “heart attack.”

A *Spotlight* inquiry has established that Rothschild, 41, a billionaire investment banker and a noted sportsman in excellent health, was discovered lifeless on the floor of the bathroom of his suite at the luxurious Bristol Hotel in Paris on July 8 at 7:32 pm.

Police found that he had been strangled with the heavy cord of his own bathrobe. One end of the cord was attached to a towel rack, as if to suggest that Rothschild’s violent death was self-inflicted.

“The [French] crime scene investigators never called it ‘suicide,'” reporter Theirry de Segonzac told *The Spotlight* in a telephone interview from Paris.

“After photographing the body, one of the detectives gave the towel rack tied to the body a strong tug. It came right out of the wall.”

Had Rothschild really attempted to hang himself from that rack, he would have ended up with nothing worse than a couple of holes in the wall, de Segonzac said.

There was no suicide note, no discernible cause or reason for a finding of suicide, knowledgeable sources say…

“Far from being ‘troubled,’ Amschel Rothschild’s star was on the rise and he relished his success,” says an executive at Keefe, Bruyetter and Co., a respected Wall Street monitor of the financial services industry.

“I don’t believe for a moment he suddenly went and killed himself. There’s much more to this story.”

But with frantic speed — within an hour after the body’s discovery — authorities and news executives in both France and Britain launched an unusual joint offensive to preempt a public inquiry or a press investigation into the circumstances of Rothschild’s death.

“Murdoch sent a hotline fax to his 600-odd editors and news managers around the world, ordering them to report Amschel’s death as a heart attack, if at all,” said British broadcast reporter Ian Gooding.

“No one around here has ever seen such pressure to kill a front-page story. But in the end, the cover-up was complete.”

This was in 1996. You can imagine how great the desire for revenge would be on the Rothschild side.

Political assassinations can take a long time to plan and execute — undoubtedly involving incredible spy games over many years of time to gain trust at the highest levels — and we very well may have only witnessed the next  chapter of this insider chess match very recently.



Did the Rothschilds finally get revenge at whomever was now the top dog in the Rockefeller faction? It certainly appears that way. James McDonald, serving for eight years as the CEO of Rockefeller & Co, died of a seemingly self-inflicted gunshot wound on September 13, 2009.

Again, it was barely covered in mainstream media (emphasis added):,people,news,rockefeller-financial-adviser-in-suspected-suicide

The financial advisor to some of America’s wealthiest families has been found dead in what appears to be a case of suicide.

He is James S McDonald, 56, chief executive and president of the New York-based investment advisory firm Rockefeller & Co.

He was discovered on Sunday afternoon in his car behind a car dealership in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, about 50 miles south of Boston. McDonald died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gregg Miliote, a spokesman for the local district attorney’s office, said McDonald left no note but had “made a phone call to his wife earlier in the day”.

A longtime friend of McDonald’s, Barclay McFadden III, told local reporters that McDonald “took his own life” but would make no further comment. The death is still under investigation.

A Harvard graduate, McDonald had headed Rockefeller & Co for more than eight years. The company was founded more than 100 years ago by oil tycoon John D Rockefeller to manage his family money, and McDonald had built it into a flourishing wealth manager with around £28 billion in client assets.

He had homes in New York and Boston. “He was a highly regarded figure here,” said Tim Vaill, chief executive officer of Boston Private Financial Holdings.

It remains unclear whether his death is connected to his business affairs.

People who knew him professionally have told reporters that they were shocked by his death, and had no knowledge of any specific problems at Rockefeller & Co that might have prompted his suicide.

If it was the world banking crisis that led him to shoot himself, then he will be the latest in a line of high-profile victims.

The New York-based French aristocrat Thierry de la Villehuchet, 65, slit his wrists in December after supposedly losing more than $1.4 billion in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Adolf Merckle (pictured), the 74-year-old German industrialist, threw himself under a train in January after losing as much as €500 million in the Volkswagen share-selling scandal.

In April, David Kellermann, the 41-year-old acting chief financial officer of the troubled US mortgage lender Freddie Mac, hanged himself at his suburban Washington home.


McDonald, the Rockefeller CEO, was only one of four suspicious deaths of high-level financial figures within a very short time period in September 2009 — in addition to the others you just read about. This mainstream media link covered one of them (emphasis added:)

James S. McDonald, the CEO of money-management firm Rockefeller & Co., died Sunday from an apparently self-inflicted wound. McDonald, who also sat on the board of the NYSE Euronext, the giant stock exchange, was 56 years old.

In a statement obtained by the Wall Street Journal Monday night, Barclay McFadden III, who called himself a friend of McDonald’s family, said McDonald “took his own life,” and said the family would have no further comment.

McDonald’s apparent suicide came less than one week after Finn M. W. Casperson, the former chairman and CEO of Beneficial Corp. and another prominent financial figure, was found dead from a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head near his own home in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Things are definitely heating up to a boiling-over point within the secret insider political world. It’s becoming increasingly lethal.

And again, as you will see in later sections of this document, the disclosure of the UFO issue has been considered as the ultimate death-blow to the Rockefeller oil empire — even though the new technologies that will be created in the aftermath could completely rejuvenate the industrial sector they still have a great deal of influence within.



Now let’s go back to Skolnick, where we were before, in his discussion of the Bilderberg meetings (emphasis added):

The hotel in different countries where they meet each year, are announced as “closed”, for “remodeling”, or a “wedding party”. One year they picked a resort hotel on top of a Swiss mountain, difficult to reach except by air.

The host nation agrees to supply a huge, almost secret security force prepared to brutalize intruders, follow any hardy reporters who may be encamped nearby, and by various brutality and trickery stop any public knowledge.

Hotel employees are likewise pledged to secrecy, which if they violated it, would be severely dealt with. Such as never to be able to work again in that nation.

When the Bilderberg met in 1991, in Baden-Baden, Germany, a purported health resort, invited was a then obscure Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. They anointed him as the next President of the United States.

The election would be a mere set up.

The pressfakers present agreed not to mention, if at all possible, what they all knew. That Clinton was a walking, talking scandal.

Not every American voter can bring themselves to know or believe reality. Namely, every candidate for high office is selected because they are blackmailable.

The Establishment has to reserve the right to pull on the chain, any time they felt like it, to shut down such a candidate if somehow elected to high office.

This, anytime the “powers that be” deemed it necessary, to shut him or her up, to remove them, or, scare them into silence with weird violence directed against the candidate/president’s circle.


As we have been saying all along — both from our intuitive data and with credible insider testimony and research to back it up — Obama did not fit this mold. He was never supposed to win the apparently ‘rigged’ 2008 election. Hillary — Bill’s wife — was the ‘selected’ candidate.

As redundantly explained by the “Voice of the White House” source on, the insiders were terrified because Obama was not  blackmailable, despite what Skolnick said about most other presidential candidates here.

Thus, we have seen a variety of ‘weird violence’ directed against him and his circle, as expected — but we’ll get into that later on.

Now that we’ve given you a fairly up-to-date overview of how lethal this insider ‘war’ really is — even at the highest levels — we are ready to dip back into Dr. Beter’s testimony to round out the big picture.

Let’s find out more about the Bolsheviks, the Illuminati and how Russia ties in to all of this.



Our younger readers may not even know what a ‘Bolshevik’ is, other than some name you’re supposed to remember from history class. The Bolsheviks were the party that created Communism in Russia.

Beter’s summary goes into a discussion of this axis, and their connections to Russia, in more detail.

This section of the summary is so fascinating, and so revealing of the secret workings of history, that we are including an extended excerpt, which we will break into sub-headings for easier reading (emphasis added):

In 1917, during the height of World War I, two events took place which were destined to shape much of the history of the Twentieth Century.

One was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

The other was the Balfour Declaration, by which the government of Britain threw its support behind the concept of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Both Bolshevism and the political force known as Zionism have common roots which are not widely known.

Both were created by the Rothschild interests, whose support was also responsible for the meteoric rise to riches of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., a century ago.


As we read on, we learn that the Huns, or Khazars, took on Judaism as an official state religion so as to maintain political independence from their powerful neighbors.

Of course, I have nothing against the Jewish people. No one should. That being said, the almost instinctive, knee-jerk reaction to any discussion of these historical events as “Anti-Semitic” has been deliberately and carefully created to offset any investigation of the deeper truth (emphasis added):
Bolshevism and Zionism also have common historical roots in the so-called “Kingdom of the Jews” of a thousand years ago.

This kingdom was situated in what is now southern Russia, between the Black and Caspian Seas. It consisted of a people known as the Khazars, of a Mongol-Turkic origin, whose leader officially adopted Judaism as the state religion.

This was done as a political ploy to enable Khazaria to maintain its political independence of two powerful neighbors.

These were the super-powers of that day: the Moslem empire of the Caliphs to the South and the Christian empire of Byzantium to the west.

Prior to the official adoption of Judaism, the Khazars were a brutal and warlike people. This did not change when they took upon themselves the politically inspired title of “Jews.”

The Khazar empire extended far northward into what, under Christian Prince Vladimir, became known as Russia. The Khazar empire even included the ancient Russian city of Kiev, where Vladimir ruled.

The excerpt goes on from here to reveal how the original split between Christianity and the so-called Illuminati was formed (emphasis added):
Khazar rule was brutal and oppressive, without any of the compensating advantages offered by other empires, such as protection against outside powers or improved civilization.

Finally the Christian forces of Prince Vladimir’s Russia and Byzantium combined to attack the Khazar “Kingdom of the Jews”, so-called, and utterly destroy it.

The Khazar “Jews” were driven out of their homeland between the seas, many of them into eastern Europe.

There they mingled to some extent with Jews of the diaspora from Palestine, but they carried with them a peculiar heritage. It was a heritage of bitter hatred for Christianity in general and for Russian Christians in particular.

Down through the centuries, the “Khazar Jew” dream of regaining their lost empire has been passed down from generation to generation.

This dream has developed into two branches.


Now we land squarely in the twentieth century — as we find out how this original Khazar dream to regain their lost empire morphed into two different political directions (emphasis added):
One branch emphasizes restoration of power over Russia, and crystallized into Bolshevism. The other branch, emphasizing the old, falsely religious “Kingdom of the Jews” concept, emerged as the political force known as Zionism.

Both are aimed at world power. Both are equally ruthless, devoid of regard for human life. They differ only in geographic emphasis and in some tactics.

With their common roots and common basic objectives, the Bolsheviks and Zionists work together hand in glove.

When Bolshevism was injected into Christian Russia in 1917, it was done with the help of the Rockefeller Cartel.

From that time onward there was a covert alliance between those who controlled American policies behind the scenes (the Rockefeller Cartel) and those who ran the Soviet Union (the Bolsheviks).


Yes… it seems to be the height of treason that the US and USSR were secretly allied with each other during the Cold War. This particular detail has emerged from a wide variety of whistleblowers over the years — but never with anywhere near as much detail as we get from Dr. Beter’s testimony.

The original plan was for the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions to work together, through the apparent US / USSR conflict, to create a so-called New World Order.

If you haven’t ever been exposed to this information before, you will undoubtedly be shocked, and may disbelieve the whole thing just to keep your grip on consensus reality as you have known it. Nonetheless, the data on all this is very, very solid.

Remember — Dr. Beter was reliably calling major political events before they happened in the 1970s. He was a genuine insider with genuine contacts, and his information is very solid.

It collaborates with many, many other data points we have been aware of for some time, even though we only found out about it less than a month ago.

This treasonous US / USSR alliance did not last. As we shall soon see, it all fell apart by the late 1970s. The real enemy migrated into the US, and has been here ever since — while the Russian government did its best to keep things from falling apart (emphasis added):
The Rockefeller Standard Oil interests were given control over marketing of the oil from the giant Russian Baku oil fields in 1926.

Over the years, the Rockefeller Cartel saw to it that the Bolshevik regime in Russia was propped up in every way necessary to keep it in power.

While the United States and the Soviet Union pretended to be at odds, they actually were involved in a pincers movement to gobble up the entire world.

The falsified animosity between Washington and Moscow was staged in order to polarize the world and cause nations to form up into two camps dominated by the two super-powers.

Those who chose to remain independent of both the United States and the Soviet Union — the so-called “Third World” — were targeted for brushfire wars and revolutions to bring them to heel, one by one.

Meanwhile the long-term goal was — in the words of a secret White House directive — “to so alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union.”

In this way, an all-powerful “one world” government would ultimately be achieved.

That was to be the fulfillment of a “commitment” established early in the Twentieth Century by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and allied foundations in the Rockefeller orbit.

In order to “merge” American life into the pattern of Soviet life under the Bolsheviks, it was clear that the quality of American life would have to be lowered a great deal.

This next section is even more astonishing. Most of us never understood why things like “Hamburger Hill” happened in Vietnam, where soldiers were continually ordered to retake the same hill and perpetually fall back, over and over again, causing massive casualties with no tactical significance.

Or, let’s say, no apparent  tactical significance.

This is truly sickening to comprehend, but for those who treat war like a chess game, the greater design is revealed by Dr. Beter’s testimony (emphasis added):
[The New World Order plan] required subtle movement of the American political system in the direction of dictatorship. It required weakening of America’s financial and monetary system.

And to bring about the radical changes desired, it meant wars with the United States carefully maneuvered into a losing position.

America’s first no-win war was the Korean War.

A decade later, America became embroiled in the losing Vietnam War, which was artificially dragged out with all possibilities for military victory vetoed by the White House.

The final war was to be a carefully programmed “Nuclear War I”, fought primarily on American soil, between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Plans called for it to erupt in the late 1970’s, but developments in Russia changed that.

As we have pointed out many times before, the positive ETs have systematically stopped these warring factions from ever being able to destroy the Earth itself.

This next video, from one of the Disclosure Project witnesses, gives one key example that may be of a genuine extraterrestrial intervention — as opposed to a secret Russian technology you will hear about in a minute:

The warring factions have certainly caused a great deal of death and destruction, but the Earth itself has been preserved. Nuclear war on any significant scale will never be permitted to occur.

The more you learn about the apocalyptic plans of these factions, the more you realize that they never seem to come to pass. This is the result of unseen ‘Management’ from high-level ETs making sure our planet never falls into the negative.

Multiple whistleblowers have confirmed ET / UFO involvement in the powering down of nuclear weapons.

Finally we get to the hopeful part — the revealing of the third major faction Dr. Beter discusses. This group has grown more than the other two combined  in the ensuing period since Dr. Beter’s tapes ended, and recent economic developments have very strongly acted in their favor.

This is the very faction the Cayce Readings were describing as “the hope of the world” that would emerge from Russia.

Dr. Beter called them the “New Kremlin,” but since they are no longer merely a Russian organization, and have joined forces with many other nations, I call them the New International Coalition, or NIC.

Here’s how the Dr. Beter summary presents the intervention of the ‘New Kremlin’ to disrupt the existing New World Order plans of the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions (emphasis added):
The Bolsheviks who had run the Kremlin since 1917 were the targets of a decades-long overthrow campaign by a tough sect of native Russian Christians.

Their power had begun to outweigh that of the Bolsheviks in certain areas starting in 1953, when Stalin died. This was the reason for Nikita Khruschev’s famous “de-Stalinization” campaign afterward.

In the mid-1970’s this anti-Bolshevik sect finally reached such a level of power that they completely overthrew and expelled the remaining Bolsheviks in the Kremlin.

There followed a heavy wave of expulsions of Bolsheviks from positions of power in Russia, which was depicted in the Western press as emigration.

As the Bolsheviks were losing their grip on Russia, so-called detente fell on hard times.

The Rockefeller-Soviet alliance had been based on Bolshevik control on the Soviet side, and when that was terminated, so was the secret alliance.

The alliance was fractured by the still-secret Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976; a year later it was broken completely by the equally secret Battle of the Harvest Moon in space.


The Underwater Missile Crisis? The Battle of the Harvest Moon? Say what?

Elsewhere, if you go back and read the whole summary on Dr. Beter’s website, you will find out that the New Kremlin faction positioned nearly-undetectable nuclear mini-subs along the American coastlines to have an unbeatable first-strike capability.

It is very unlikely that they actually planned on using it — their purpose was to protect themselves against the madness of the more violent factions they opposed. Dr. Beter’s own ‘leaks’ were directly responsible for the thwarting of this threat.

As for the “Battle of the Harvest Moon,” Dr. Beter revealed that the Apollo missions continued, in secret, after 1972, and led to a base on the Moon where a very powerful particle-beam weapon was being constructed by the Rockefeller faction.

Such a weapon would have given them the ability to strike any country on Earth, and thus become nearly invincible.

This base and all its personnel was destroyed by the New Kremlin faction, with advanced gravity-shielding spherical craft they possessed called ‘Cosmospheres’.


Though this is a bit of an aside, here’s what Beter’s summary has to say about this advanced Russian technology (emphasis added):
The third leg of the Russian “space triad” is a fleet of electrogravitic hovering platforms called “cosmospheres.”

These could have been developed by the United States, and in the early 1960’s the late General Thomas Power (then commander of the Strategic Air Command) and others urged that this be done.
But instead, all of America’s secret space eggs were put into the basket of the Project Apollo moon program.

Meanwhile the Soviet Union went ahead with development of these platforms, and in December 1977 their operational deployment began.

For several months they announced their presence in hair-raising fashion along the U.S. East Coast and elsewhere by creating mysterious giant air booms.

They did this by firing their powerful charged particle beam weapons into the atmosphere in a de-focused mode, in effect causing the air itself to explode.

The air booms were an attempt at intimidation of the U.S. Government, but did not accomplish much in that regard.

After a few months, the air booms were halted.

Today Russian cosmospheres routinely patrol high above all kinds of American strategic targets.

They stand guard especially over American ICBM bases, ready to use their beam weapons to blast the missiles at the moment of launch in the event of war.

The strategic weapons programs of the United States today are designed, first and foremost, to try to counter the secret “space triad” weapons of the Soviet Union.

These weapons have yet to be made public by Russia’s new rulers, who are well aware that it would precipitate a propaganda disaster for them if they did so.

Likewise, America’s rulers dare not publicly admit the existence of these weapons which Russia has but America does not.

They are afraid that the American public would react with everything from panic, to anger over America’s “space gap”, to rage at having been lied to up to now.

Congress too, having been largely manipulated and kept uninformed, could become unruly in the extreme.

Of course, American technology has since advanced to the point where comparable weapons platforms exist — but the Russians clearly had a head-start in this regard.

Much of the weapons tests Beter referred to were described in much greater detail in the reserach of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden and his discussion of ‘scalar’ technology.

According to Dr. Beter, during the Battle of Harvest Moon, the New Kremlin faction also destroyed Skylab, which was being used as a stop-over point for these Rockefeller missions to build a particle-beam weapon on the Moon.

Skylab’s demise was publicly attributed to a sudden, unexpected loss in altitude, causing it to crash-land into Australia.

A Russian ‘Cosmosphere’ was also responsible for destroying the Challenger space shuttle in 1987. Bearden repeatedly mentions this event as one of the most blatant demonstrations of scalar technology in action against a target.

This next film clearly shows a spherical object — a Cosmosphere — hovering in the immediate vicinity of the crash. The men filming it thought it was an escape pod, and were carefully filming it in the hopes the crew had survived.

It takes a while before you see anything. The Shuttle blows up shortly after the first minute, but the Cosmosphere doesn’t become clear enough for them to start talking about it, and zooming in on it, at around 3:56:



Remember — Dr. Beter blew the whistle on this technology well over 10 years before it was observed and filmed. You can see it phasing in and out of visible sight, and the cloaking function is indeed part of the technology.

It may very well be that the teacher Christa McAuliffe, who was on board the Challenger, was being used as a cover — a pawn in a larger game — while a very dangerous new particle-beam-weapon satellite was being flown up in the cargo hold.

This would have been the next major Rockefeller step in line with their previous attempt to put a particle-beam weapon on the Moon, which led to the Battle of the Harvest Moon — where the Russians destroyed their entire base and all its crew.

The Rockefeller faction may have thought they could avoid having the Russians attack such a sensitive payload by putting a teacher on board the Challenger — thus creating a very well-publicized mission and launch — but war is war, and some casualties are inevitable.


What goes around, comes around — and at this point in the story, after the rise of the New Kremlin in Russia and the expulsion of the Bolsheviks, the Rockefeller faction made a critical mistake.

Had they been clever enough to see this coming, and prevent their own stunning defeat from happening, we might now be living in a very different world.

This again is a situation where I feel Divine Intervention, or what I simply call Management, came into play to make sure that events would be steered on a course that would ultimately make it impossible for either of the two main negative factions to succeed (emphasis added):
At that point the four Rockefeller brothers made a fatal mistake.

Since their former secret allies in the Soviet Union had been the Bolsheviks, they welcomed the expelled Bolsheviks from Russia into positions of power here in the United States.

They reasoned that the expelled Bolsheviks would know the weak spots of the upstart new group who had taken over the Kremlin and could help the Rockefeller Cartel deal with them.

What the Rockefeller brothers forgot is that the Bolsheviks are incapable of sharing power with anyone.

Worse yet, the Bolsheviks are state socialists, who seek to concentrate all power into the hands of a few (themselves) by way of government.

The Rockefeller Cartel, by contrast, represents corporate socialism — the concentration of power into the hands of a few by way of corporations, with minimum governmental interference.

Both seek the same goal, but by means which are diametrically opposed. They cannot coexist within the same society.

If you’ve wondered why the Rockefeller / Neocon / Republicans are always talking about how much they want to “Drown Government in the Bathtub,” now you have your answer.

It’s a long-standing war they’re fighting against their former allies, the Bolshevik Illuminati, who have long since betrayed them.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Based on a wide variety of evidence, including direct insider testimony, these factions continue to cooperate with each other, to varying degrees — but such alliances are perpetually unstable.

Here is where the summary gets really interesting. If you know anything about the Illuminati, you know that “Betrayal is the first rule of the Order.”

If you tried to build a computer this way, it would never work — the hard drive would betray the motherboard, the information would never get processed, and you’d have a useless piece of metal and plastic sitting in front of you.

Nonetheless, in the case of these warring factions, it was believed they could eventually turn this around in their favor by betraying their former allies (emphasis added):
The Bolsheviks no sooner acquired positions of power here in the United States than they began using it to topple the four Rockefeller brothers.

By mid-1978, Bolshevik influence within the Pentagon was causing a radical shift of American strategic policy onto a first-strike nuclear posture.

Meanwhile in July 1978, the death of John D. Rockefeller, 3rd, took place, weakening what had been the four-brother unit.

In November 1978 the Guyana (Jonestown Cult) Massacre took place, as part of a military operation masterminded by the Pentagon Bolsheviks and with crucial participation by Israeli commandoes.

As outrageous as it must sound that Jonestown was anything other than the work of a crazed cult leader, Dr. Beter’s data suggests a much stranger and more uncomfortable reality.

In this case, they were not going after the Rockefeller brothers, as implied in the above text, but rather their own sworn enemies, the New Kremlin faction — who had recently overthrown them.

Before we continue with this above excerpt, it’s worth taking another detour to fill in the details of this utterly shocking story. Earlier along, the summary covered it as follows (emphasis added):
To choose just one of the many dramatic examples from the AUDIO LETTER series, consider the Guyana Massacre at Jonestown in November, 1978.

From start to finish, the Guyana story was filled with anomalies, unanswered questions, conflicting government statements, and news reports that did not quite add up.

It began with the slaughter of a U.S. Congressman and accompanying newsmen, yet there was never a subsequent congressional investigation.

The victims died of cyanide poisoning, an excruciating death which leaves the face contorted in agony, yet the victims were found arranged in neat, peaceful-looking rows… face-down.

A few days after the massive infusion of American military teams supposedly for clean-up operations, there were sudden huge jumps in body-bag counts.

Hurried explanations by Pentagon spokesmen were so incredible that they were withdrawn and replaced by different stories.

These and many more oddities about the Guyana episode were never resolved, but simply left to fade away from the public memory with time.

For those unaware of the behind-the-scenes forces at work in the world, Guyana will remain forever unexplained… as if events so bizarre, major and chilling can happen for no reason at all.

Pretty wild stuff… but this is what happens in war. You stage one apparent event as a cover for something else — in order to distract the public’s attention from the much more uncomfortable reality when a sudden, radical military move needs to be made.

In this case it was the Rothschild Bolshevik Illuminati taking action against a secret missile base they had lost control of to the New Kremlin faction — who had already thrown them out of power in Russia.

They felt this base was far too dangerous to fall into the hands of their sworn enemy.

The Bolsheviks had to find a way to take out the base without attracting the attention of Russian troops and Cosmospheres, who would have been on-site immediately, had they telegraphed the blow.

And the last thing anyone wanted was to have to tell the public the uncomfortable truth, as had occurred in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

As we go on with Beter’s summary regarding the Jonestown story, we find the deeper truth behind this apparent mystery.

American troops, under the control of the Pentagon Bolsheviks, were used to thwart their New Kremlin enemies’ control of a secret missile base through a massive covert operation.

As Beter says in the audio letter, this didn’t really have much tactical significance, since the Battle of the Harvest Moon had already flattened America’s first-strike attack capabilities (emphasis added):
The key missing ingredient in all the news reports about Guyana was the existence of a secret Soviet  intermediate-range missile base, not far from Jonestown.

Dr. Beter had reported publicly about the base on many occasions for over four years prior to the sudden headlines from Guyana.

He had also reported on the collapse of a cooperative arrangement formerly in effect between the true rulers of the United States and those of the Soviet Union.

These were the factors which led directly to the Jonestown tragedy — a mass murder, staged as a cover to enable covert military action against the Russian missile base.

Within days after the Jonestown tragedies, Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER #40 made public exactly what had taken place and why.

In that tape, Dr. Beter answered in detail questions which otherwise remain unanswered to this day.


So, Jonestown was a Rothschild Bolshevik-staged attack against a key missile outpost that had fallen into the control of the New Kremlin.

Now let’s return to our previous excerpt, and re-read it with the above information in place, so it will make better sense now. The overall context here is the Bolsheviks going after, and nearly defeating, their former allies in the Rockefeller faction (emphasis added):
The Bolsheviks no sooner acquired positions of power here in the United States than they began using it to topple the four Rockefeller brothers.

By mid-1978, Bolshevik influence within the Pentagon was causing a radical shift of American strategic policy onto a first-strike nuclear posture.

Meanwhile in July 1978, the death of John D. Rockefeller, 3rd, took place, weakening what had been the four-brother unit.

In November 1978 the Guyana (Jonestown Cult) Massacre took place, as part of a military operation masterminded by the Pentagon Bolsheviks and with crucial participation by Israeli commandoes.


From here, the Bolsheviks continued using their newfound power over the Pentagon and other American assets… not just to go after their sworn enemies in the New Kremlin, but to also directly attack the Rockefeller faction from within (emphasis added):
Then in January 1979, the all-out Bolshevik grab for power began with the murder of Nelson Rockefeller.

During the first few months of 1979, Rockefeller power over the United States Government was shattered by the Bolsheviks here.

However, the Bolsheviks were stopped short of complete success in their takeover bid by the intervention of Russia’s KGB.

The new Kremlin rulers knew that a complete takeover by the Bolsheviks here would lead quickly to nuclear war, and they acted to prevent it.

Even so, Bolshevik control over the Pentagon has been strong ever since early 1979, onward through the end of the AUDIO LETTER series in late 1982.

The Illuminati / Bolshevik penetration of the Pentagon still persists. There are many examples of this, and we will briefly focus on just one of them for now.


The Illuminati / Bolshevik presence within the Pentagon was recently visible in the fiasco involving Air Force One being flown over New York City with a fighter jet in pursuit.

This was attempted to be blamed on President Obama — but as I reported at the time, and will cover again later in this book, he was furious about this — and the top general involved was forced to resign.

Obama’s biggest mistake was to include members of both warring factions — Rockefeller and Rothschild — within his administration.

This toxic combination has been able to thwart many of the things he genuinely wished to do, and thus make him appear to be a liar who spoiled his own campaign promises.

Many people are not informed enough to realize how easily a president can be thrown off by powerful opposition from within these various warring groups. Nonetheless, when it comes to Disclosure, it is unlikely that the cover-up will continue much longer.



As we read this next excerpt from Beter’s summary, we can see how these factions continued to change sides and betray each other with the passage of time. As one example, a brief alliance existed between the New Kremlin and the Rockefeller Cartel, which has obviously since been dissolved.

In addition, thanks to what we found out from TBRNews over the last decade, it is now obvious that the Israelis have switched sides and collaborated with the Rockefeller faction rather than their former allies, and ancient blood relatives, in the Rothschild Illuminati.

Here’s what Dr. Beter’s summary had to say about all this from his work in the 70s and early 80s (emphasis added):
A fierce power struggle is underway within the United States Government between the now-entrenched Bolsheviks and the Rockefeller Cartel, which is trying to take back its former power.

In addition, a limited new quid pro quo against the Bolsheviks was established by the Rockefeller Cartel and the New Kremlin early in 1982.

The Cartel and the Kremlin still have some accounts to settle with each other, but both are deadly enemies of the Bolsheviks. To destroy them, they have agreed to work together in certain ways.

[DW: Again, there is every indication that this alliance was short-lived.]

The Bolsheviks here in the United States have as a major goal a deliberate nuclear war by which to smash the Russia which overthrew them. As an avenue toward that war, the Middle East is critical.

In that area, the Bolsheviks here are relying upon their close allies, the Zionists, to pave the way for war.

As I said before, the insider testimony from TBRNews and others suggests the Israeli faction has now heavily infiltrated and blackmailed the Rockefeller faction.

Thus, we saw how often the Bush Administration seemed to be doing things that would benefit Israel, even to their own detriment. Thankfully, these plans did not come to pass — but we’ll get to that in just a second.

As this excerpt continues, we can see how the Israelis are often completely unaware of what they’re really dealing with in their own government:
Just as most Americans are unaware of the Bolshevized nature of their government, most Israeli citizens are unaware of the true goals of their Zionist government.

Americans and Israelis alike scratch their heads with worry and puzzlement over actions of their respective governments. While constantly talking peace, both are systematically increasing the dangers of war.

The radical Zionist regime in power in Israel from 1977 onward is headed by men who were terrorists in the 1940’s.

Today, as heads of the world’s third most powerful military power, they continue to practice terrorism, but on a grander scale.

Theirs is a doctrine of military terrorism, designed to lead deliberately to new and wider conflicts as the map of Israel grows steadily.

The country which calls itself “Israel” today bears little resemblance to the promises of the small but vocal Zionist minority who brought about the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

The peaceful, tranquil haven for oppressed Jews does not exist. Instead, the dire warnings published in 1919 by a galaxy of prominent anti-Zionist American Jews have been fulfilled in the bloody history of Zionist Israel.

We now know, through a wide variety of data points, that there was bad blood between the Israeli Zionists and the Bolshevik / Rothschild Illuminati. Exactly what caused this rift has not yet been determined, but we’ll undoubtedly track down the answer soon.

In many ways the top-level Israelis have become their own separate faction now — and have blackmailed the Rockefeller cartel.

The Israelis variably blackmailed and / or collaborated with the Rockefeller faction, forming a direct opposition to their former allies in the Rothschild Illuminati. In many ways the top-level Israelis have become their own separate faction now.

The testimony of’s “Controlling the News” source, from within the upper levels of FOX, revealed that the Israelis had heavily blackmailed the leaders of the Rockefeller faction to such an extreme that they came to exert very substantial, crushing pressure upon them to fulfill their own agendas.

With the fall of the Rockefeller faction from power in American governance, Israel has not been able to accomplish its goals, including their plan to “bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb Iran,” as McCain once sang.

Heavy pressure was being exerted to finish the job last year, but thankfully it was able to be thwarted. Had McCain won the election, the Rockefeller faction would have immediately expanded the scope of American wars — probably involving the use of a staged attack against American assets.

Finally we get to the most hopeful side of the story — namely what the Dr. Beter summary had to say about the third faction, the New Kremlin.

As we just read in the last excerpt, there was indeed a limited ‘quid pro quo’ alliance that the New Kremlin made with the Rockefeller faction, as of 1982, against their commonly-shared enemy, the Rothschild Illuminati / Bolsheviks. This obviously did not last.

Much more information about the New Kremlin faction is available in the transcripts, but this is a good overview (emphasis added):

Dr. Beter first revealed in late 1977 that a new, non-Bolshevik ruling group had taken the reins of top power in the Soviet Union.

In the autumn of 1978, he devoted a complete AUDIO LETTER tape (#38) to a special report on Russia and her new rulers.

To those who depend upon pronouncements of the United States Government for their image of Russia, Dr. Beter’s reports about the New Kremlin tend to come as a distinct shock.

Unlike the atheistic, Satanic Bolsheviks recently overthrown, Russia’s new top rulers are members of a sect of native Russian Christians.

This sect is at least two centuries old, and at times had considerable influence with the Czars.

Dr. Beter cautions his listeners not to assume that the New Kremlin rulers look at everything in the same way as Western Christians might.

For one thing, he points out that it required a patient, arduous campaign of six decades for them to oust the Bolsheviks from top power in Russia.

That experience has left them with very definite, vivid opinions about what does and does not work when dealing with people like the Bolsheviks and Zionists.

They also know that rapid, radical change of any type opens the door for revolution — and where there is revolution, Bolshevik-Zionist agents will be there to exploit it.

This is a very important point. People are often led to believe that major changes can only occur through revolution. Most of them have only been aware of the Illuminati for a few years, if that.

The New Kremlin guys have been working on this for over 230 years, and they’ve learned how easily the Illuminati will co-opt any revolutionary situation to their own benefit. There is too much chaos, too much risk.

They have in turn shared what they know with the New International Coalition. And thus, what we’re seeing is a much more subdued, largely non-violent struggle, behind the scenes, to bring about a peaceful end to the stranglehold that has existed on the world for so long — including the UFO cover-up.

The New Kremlin faction has worked to undo a lot of the anti-religious work of the Bolshevik Illuminati, as we see in the continuation of this excerpt (emphasis added):
They are introducing liberalizing changes in Russia gradually, one step at a time.

Having come this far, they are trying not to move too fast and thereby risk allowing it all to be undone. Even so, visible changes are occurring.

Early in 1979 the first legal shipment of Bibles into Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution took place.

That Easter, Handel’s Messiah was performed in Russia for the first time since the Bolshevik Revolution — and not in some out-of-the-way place, but at the Moscow Conservatory.

Churches are reopening, one by one, all over the Soviet Union — and they are packed, as Dr. Billy Graham told the world upon returning from a Moscow religious conference in May 1982.

For saying what he did about what he had seen of religion in Russia, Dr. Graham ran into a hostile reception here in the United States.

The Satanic Bolsheviks who now dominate the United States Government are doing everything in their power to paint Russia as an enemy worthy of hate.

Anything which interferes with that image is suppressed. Because someday, the Bolsheviks here want America to go to war against Russia.


Again, the New Kremlin faction is well over two centuries old, and directly worked for sixty years as of Beter’s time — now nearly a century — to topple the Illuminati!

The Bolsheviks regained some of their power within Russia after Dr. Beter’s time, but Putin was again able to wrestle Russia free of Illuminati control.

These types of plans obviously are not executed overnight — nor do they involve rapid, revolutionary change, which the other two factions are masters at exploiting for their own gains.

This is precisely what Cayce reading 3976-29 was speaking about when it said, “in Russia there comes the hope of the world… It will take years for it to be crystallized.

It is clear that the Bolsheviks regained some of their power within Russia after Dr. Beter’s time, but there is very good evidence, including but not limited to whistleblower testimony, that Putin was again able to wrestle Russia free of Illuminati control.

That being said, the Bolsheviks still have a strong presence within Russia — and may be responsible for Pravda trying to date the Norway Spiral as the 18th instead of the 9th, and issuing the public statement that a missile was responsible.

They certainly do not want the UFO cover-up to unravel — but at this point they no longer have the ability to stop it from happening.



When we head into the transcript for Part 38 of Dr. Beter’s Audio Letter series, we get direct evidence that Krushchev’s presidency was a major step forward in the elimination of the Bolsheviks from Russia by the New Kremlin, or what he was here calling the “spiritual Communists.”

One can only imagine the amount of covert, double-agent work that is required to pull something like this off. I can truly say that the average person has no idea what is really required to fight these insider battles behind the scenes.

The direct connection between Krushchev and the New Kremlin proves to be a very important point, as we will soon see (emphasis added):

Their holy war was to progress in three (3) phases. Phase #1 was to involve continued alliance with the Bolsheviks but with the “spiritual Communists” increasing their own power at every turn at the expense of the Bolsheviks.

Their operating principle during this phase was to be reduction of severity of purges and repression wherever possible but never at the risk of jeopardizing the over-all take over program.

Phase #2, to begin as soon as the “spiritual Communists” became more powerful than the Bolsheviks, was to be the actual weeding out of all Bolsheviks in Russia.

And finally, Phase #3 was to involve actual warfare by a non-Bolshevik Russia against Bolshevism world-wide.

Phase #1 of the “spiritual Communists'” holy war against Bolshevism lasted for 35 years. The turning point to Phase #2 came on March 5, 1953, with the death of Joseph Stalin.

From that point onward the “spiritual Communists” have held the upper hand over their Bolshevik partners although even the Bolsheviks themselves were kept unaware of what was taking place until very recently.

The de-Stalinization campaign of Nikita Khrushchev, which stunned the world over 20 years ago, was the first visible sign of this shift.

Now Phase #2 is nearing completion. I can reveal that there is not one Bolshevik in the inner circle of the Kremlin.

The same holds true for the top military hierarchy of Russia, and even the military personnel who man all three legs of the Russian space triad (the Moon Base, the Cosmos Interceptor Killer Satellites, and the hovering Cosmospheres)…

It is very  important to remember that Dr. Beter has ‘outed’ Krushchev here as a member of the New Kremlin faction — covertly working behind the scenes to topple the Illuminati Bolsheviks.

This point becomes very important in Part Four, as we analyze the surprising back-door negotiations that were going on between Krushchev and President John F. Kennedy.



The New Kremlin worked for sixty years to get into a position of overthrowing the Bolsheviks in Russia. In Part Four, we will expore this Kennedy-Krushchev connection to show how the New Kremlin pursued their goals with Kennedy’s help — namely to defeat the Federal Reserve and end the UFO cover-up.

The New Kremlin faction ultimately came to trust Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis — only to have this new, secret alliance end in tragedy.

You will see fascinating new insights into how the New Kremlin faction ultimately came to trust Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis, sharing their own tactical and logistical support to defeat their common enemy — only to have this new, secret alliance end in tragedy.

Many threads of data support the idea that the New Kremlin group is at the root of the New International Coalition, which contacted Benjamin Fulford after he had been approached by the Rothschild Illuminati group. Fulford’s “Asian Secret Societies” are now claiming to be actively working towards the defeat of the New World Order / Illuminati factions.

Now that we’ve done a guided tour of the newly-discovered history of these rivaling factions, it’s time to bring Disclosure and the UFO cover-up more fully into the picture. Beter’s sources did not seem to be positioned well enough to know the full details of the UFO cover-up, but other witnesses have filled in this very important data.

We will begin that discussion — and re-orient our focus to the core issue of this entire Ebook — as we head into Part Four.