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By David Wilcock with Benjamin Fulford


Benjamin Fulford worked as the former East-West editor for Forbes Magazine, and got drawn into an incredible world of international financial intrigue a few years ago. He lives in Japan, speaks fluent Japanese, and has become one of the leading voices offering a hopeful perspective in a field that is almost completely overrun with ‘doom and gloom’.

Fulford ultimately discovered that there are two major warring factions in the insider world of global politics — the Rothschild / European / Soviet faction and the Rockefeller / American faction. His disclosures have in turn assisted many others, myself included, in their own research.

I have written extensively about both of these factions — as well as their opponents — in my in-progress Ebook, “Disclosure Endgame.”



I have also now come up against a hard and fast deadline that cannot be ignored for the completion of the first draft of my upcoming book, to be released with Penguin through their Dutton Books label, entitled “The 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age.”

Disclosure Endgame was really just the ‘warm-up’ for writing 2012 Enigma, which will undoubtedly be seen as the finest written work I have ever produced. I have been going through all my old files and making sure no stone is unturned.

In the process, there was a lot of material that was not going to be included in 2012 Enigma but still needed to get out there. When current events and new information shed even greater light on these subjects, I knew it was time to release the information in a big way.

I will still be publishing here at Divine Cosmos while I wrestle with these massive deadlines, and I do have some incredible material that we are preparing for release.



This weekend I’m in San Francisco for our latest 16-hour weekend extravaganza, but I’ve again taken time away from my other responsibilities to insure that I keep you in the loop with the latest developments.

This discussion with Benjamin Fulford focuses in on a very important subject — namely the imminent downfall of the Rockefeller faction. It doesn’t seem possible, but there is a wealth of evidence emerging that we are directly on the threshold of this event happening, whether they like it or not.

What is so exciting about this whole series of events is that the Rockefeller faction has been the main driving force for secrecy and cover-ups of the UFO issue. If their power is curtailed, it is very likely that Disclosure will follow.



I was particularly inspired to contact Fulford after reading the following on his subscription-only blog at

Illuminati Rule To End This Year, Maybe This Week

There are now several groups with active plans for implementing a new paradigm to replace the one of endless war and genocide being pursued by the criminals who have taken over Western civilization.

One group centered on the British empire would like to begin construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea-water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green. This group is allying itself with the Middle Eastern monarchies and plans to work simultaneously in Australia and the Arabian peninsula.

This group also wants to pay the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop all fishing for two or three years in order to allow the oceans to replenish themselves.

A different group based in Australia but with powerful connections throughout the G7 proposes turning the deserts green by using etheric weather engineering technology.

They also plan to start cleaning up the world’s most polluted sites using zeolite, an abundant mineral that absorbs toxic substances and prevents them from interacting with the environment in a harmful manner. They also have free energy technology.

A third group based on the US military-intelligence establishment proposes a 5-year swords to plowshares transformation of the Pentagon. This group has the potential to develop the over 6,000 patents that have hitherto been suppressed for “national security” reasons.

One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens. They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions.

They claim (we have not seen proof but have heard this from many credible eye-witnesses) that many so-called underground bases around the world are actual such portals.

Hopefully we will soon be able to see if this is true. If so the implications are more than mind-boggling.

This group will no doubt join forces with the various “programs” and trusts that have been fighting the Federal Reserve Board for decades.

A fourth group linking the Vatican and Russia sent us the following proposal:

We are working with leading world scientists from top prestigious institutions in Russia, they are developing many innovations: 

  • in the fields of energy generating (heat and/or electricity) using water as fuel,
  • manufacturing new elements and isotopes from cheap materials,
  • converting radioactive materials (waste) into stable condition,
  • desalinating sea water to produce fresh water without any salted residuals,
  • transmutation of poisonous materials into inert materials,
  • municipal waste recycling,
  • motors of higher power at lower consumption of electricity,
  • special converters and transformers,
  • earthquake prediction,
  • New Approach Towards Understanding Origination of Matter and Energy in Universe from vacuum,
  • many technologies for the nuclear energy industry that will be the top energy by 2050 according to EDF, and much more.

There are many technologies/projects in need of investment that are on the market, some that are about to enter in the market and some that need more years of investigation.

At any time it can be arranged a meeting in the several prestigious institutions in Moscow or the Officials/scientists can go to Japan to make the presentations.



I have my own independent sources that confirm everything Fulford is saying here. In fact, I have written extensively on the Russian physics that leads to all the innovations enumerated here.

The best way to introduce this groundbreaking interview, from here on out, is to go directly into the transcript of my opening statements in the free MP3 you are about to download. 

Then we’ll have some context and links, and after that we’ll plunge directly into the transcript of my interview with Fulford itself!



David Wilcock interviews Benjamin Fulford

The Fall of the Rockefellers

January 10, 2010


DAVID WILCOCK (DW): Well hi there! This is David Wilcock and you are listening to another Divine Cosmos audioblog.

I’m very excited for you to hear this conversation that I had with Benjamin Fulford, because of the subject that we’re discussing. Namely, we’re at a point in history where one of the major factions of the world elite is finally hearing its death-knell.

This would be the Rockefeller faction, which as I’ve written about before, originated in America as the result of the European, or Rothschild faction, extending them the ability to produce oil and generate profits from it.

The Rothschilds appear to have never imagined the scope of profits that would be gained by this oil industry — or the fact that their own “allies” would turn on them, and become a separate faction that would actually battle against them quite viciously for power and control.

I would highly recommend, as a backdrop to this piece that you’re about to hear between Fulford and myself, that you read my book that I put online for free called “Disclosure Endgame.” I have a lot of things going on in my schedule right now; I do apologize for the fact that I have not been able to finish the conclusion of the book as of yet.

But, there are many, many events unfolding at a massive speed right now.



Benjamin Fulford is the former East-West editor for “Forbes Magazine”, and he came out several years ago now and revealed that he had been contacted by members of the so-called Illuminati.

Immediately thereafter, he was also contacted by members of an Asian Secret Society that had been reanimated after a long, dormant phase in order to help fight this scourge of world power that has now become so obvious to even the biggest fence-sitters in these other countries in the world.

This Asian Secret Society referred to itself and The Red and The Green. It is now clear from talking to Fulford that he has since expanded his level of contacts and worked with others who are not just The Red and The Green anymore, but have formed a larger society which he is now calling the Black Dragon Society.

If you follow his website like I do, you may have had some questions arise. Right before we had this conversation, I was able to get many of those questions answered by him [as a result of new information he has been releasing on his two websites.]



This conversation occurred just a day or two before the Haiti earthquake, and it was unclear right away exactly what that earthquake was because it had such destructive power and was so catastrophic.

I did remember reading from Christopher Story that there was a series of transactions for the South America area that were running through Haiti. And in fact, that appears to be part of what was going on.

In short, it seems that what we dealt with here, according to multiple whistleblower testimonies, is small incendiary devices – nuclear devices – that were actually sent in and burrowed down into the Earth to create earthquakes in the seismic fault-lines around Haiti.

[Now Fulford has discussed, in his subscribers’ blog, how various mainstream media outlets are discussing this:

There are many signs now, even in the corporate propaganda media that Federal Reserve Board rule of the United States and terrorization of the world is coming to an end:

For example, the Venezuelan government, Iranian government TV, Fox News and many other outlets mentioned the possibility that Haiti was attacked with an earthquake weapon.

This sort of open accusation was unthinkable, for example, when Indonesia was attacked with the earthquake weapon that caused the tsunami there.

In both cases US forces were pre-positioned with “aid” before the earthquakes struck. The names of the people who ordered the attack have been made public and there will be consequences. The days of mass murder with impunity are coming to an end.

Another sign is open attacks on the Federal Reserve Board on US Network TV, and not just on internet truth sites.

The sudden decision by Obama to start listening to former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker’s advice to restore the Glass-Steagal act is yet another sign.

Having personally met Volcker many times, I can vouch for his integrity. However, this attempted death-bed conversion by the Federal Reserve Board is too little, too late.]



Thankfully, the scope of what was planned was much, much worse than actually happened. A variety of [the devices] did not detonate. This goes from Fulford’s own sources, as he revealed after this conversation that we had:


The recent earthquake in Haiti was caused by an earthquake machine using technology developed by Nicola Tesla, according to MI6. The earthquake machine is not HAARP as I have previously suggested but rather some sort of nuclear device, according to this source and a CIA source.

The CIA source says an expedition sent to the epicenter of the Indonesian earthquake that triggered the tsunami found it to be totally lifeless one year later, something that could only be explained by radiation. “The oil companies won a war and got rights to the oil in that region and nobody even heard about it,” the CIA source said.

In confirmation of these comments, recently declassified documents show the US government planned to attack Japan with a tsunami towards the end of World War 2 by setting of a large explosion along an underwater fault zone.

The attack on Haiti was a Bush/Nazi faction response to the ongoing cut off of their financial assets, according to the sources. The attack cut undersea cables and prevented the transfer of large sums of money to South American central banks.

In addition, the attack was a warning by the Nazi faction saying: “If you squeeze us too hard, we will start killing lots of people.” These criminals need to be punished for these evil acts.

Multiple sources are also saying a new 911 type incident is becoming increasingly probable as financial deadlines for the Federal Reserve Board approach. One important deadline is expected at the end of this month.

The sources also say the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate sold China the anti-missile defense technology recently announced by China. These traitors to the US are almost certainly selling other types of secret technology to China in a desperate bid to keep themselves from going bankrupt.

Meanwhile, two sources who claim connections to the Pentagon Space Command say there will be major disclosure coming soon. Since there is plenty of evidence the Nazis planned a fake alien invasion, these “announcements” (if they really come) need to be examined very carefully and skeptically.

Further context was given on Jan. 22nd:

The desperate and cornered Federal Reserve Board crime family attacked Haiti with an earthquake weapon and then invaded it in order to seize the Haitian central bank.

By seizing the central bank the Feds got access to codes for the new financial system and tried to launder the fraudulently obtained dollars and drug money via the nearby Dominican Republic.

This is why the announcement of a new financial system we were promised would take place on January 19th has been delayed.

As the end of the Fed approaches, desperate battle lines are being drawn by the cornered rats. The Bush Clinton family is planning to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton, forcing Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi to step aside (this information was obtained by our own sources independently of Christopher Story. We earlier reported the initial plan called for President Pelosi and VP Hillary).




[In the introduction I misspoke. It was Christopher Story whose sources confirmed it was a ‘botched’ operation, as follows:




Now, William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton was appointed United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti on 20th May 2009 – implying ample forward planning time for this latest abomination perpetrated by the terrified and cornered, but still brazen, US kleptocracy – so that the terrorism planners inside the US ‘Black Ops.’ structures could prepare and nurture the option to proceed, as duly happened on Tuesday 12th January, when an ‘earthquake’ flattened buildings in Port-au-Prince, destroyed at least 60,000 lives but probably vastly more, flattened the French Embassy and many of its officials, imploded the United Nations’ own establishments in the Haitian capital, and no doubt obliterated evidence of US Government and rogue official drug-running complicity supervised inter alia by Al Gore, channelled through the Haitian capital for many years.

• Another 9/11 in the United States would have triggered an IMMEDIATE revolution, which they aren’t quite ready for. So this latest abomination was targeted next door [see reasons below].

‘Miraculously’, however – unlike the situation prevailing following every previous earthquake on record – the roads were not disrupted, and neither were the airport runways, which were soon to be busy round the clock receiving C-130s and other freight aircraft, including C-130s from Canada – which is up to its neck in Fraudulent Finance operations and has FBI Division Five agents buried inside the Canadian structures, working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

‘Miraculously’, too, neighbouring territories, for instance the Dominican Republic, suffered no damage or earthquakes at all – a state of affairs almost as ‘miraculous’ as the fact that one of the world’s most dangerous and pathologically possessed criminals, William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton, ‘just happened’ to be on hand as UN Special Envoy to this regional country that has been kept in abject poverty by the United States for generations, for its own evil reasons.

With such an ‘advantage’, Clinton and his ‘Black Ops.’ associates would have long since familiarised themselves with every detail of the Port-au-Prince structures, locations of key buildings, street payouts and so on, enabling all necessary data to be made available to the subcontractor which carried out this abomination [see below].

‘Miraculously’, no tsunami ensued, either. If this had been a natural earthquake event, and not a deliberate operation as will be elaborated here, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale would have produced a colossal tsunami which everyone in the region would have known about…



At about 3:50pm UK time on Friday 15th January 2010, special sources in the United States told the Editor as follows: ‘It was supposed to have been much worse than it was’.

On being asked by the Editor to elaborate, the sources informed us that ‘certain charges that had been intended to go off didn’t ignite’.

This information replicated what the Editor had been told at about 2:10am UK time on 15th January by a US source: ‘It was supposed to have been a lot worse than it was’.

At about 4:23pm UK time on 15th January 2010, in response to futher probing enquiries by this service, US sources with access to ‘special’ information, provided the Editor with the following elaboration: ‘Two countries were involved, the United States and one other country’.

Pressed to reveal the identity of the second country involved in this mass murder, the sources would not provide further details. However the Editor was informed in this conversation as follows:

‘The abomination was SUBCONTRACTED. There was a contract’ – which was bungled, hurriedly implemented and went badly ‘wrong’ in that a much ‘worse’ abomination had in fact been intended, but technical failures prevented the calamity being far worse – so appalling, in fact, that all priorities worldwide, and of course the Settlements payments crisis itself, would have been overwhelmed, smothered, buried, or all of the above.

In other words, what was attempted was a colossal 9/11 terrorism abomination, as some voices had correctly predicted – but perpetrated in Haiti, where these Nazi operatives couldn’t have cared less if millions of Blacks had died.

As I’ve said before, apparent ‘failures’ like this are very likely the result of very advanced ETs who prevent these factions from ever fulfilling their most extreme plans.

We do have free will, to a point, but it is always being carefully managed so that the situation never spirals out of control.]



Now, why would somebody want to [attack Haiti with an earthquake weapon]? It sounds completely horrific and terrible, and it doesn’t make any sense.

Well, it’s an ugly subject, but the bottom line is that if you have this faction — all they know is world power, domination, and control.

They’re on their last legs now; they’ve been shot and they’re on the run, bleeding. What they’re trying to do is preserve their own existence, so by doing something like this, it basically is their way of trying to tell everyone else in the world,

“If you try to take us down, we’re going to take down a lot of people along with us. We’re going to make it really, really hurt.”

Fulford had already been saying, in fact he probably says in this conversation, that we were going to have probably some kind of 9/11 again.

What’s happened is a whole series of events have taken place, and you’re going to hear Benjamin and I discuss that in this conversation. These events are profound in scope and it really underlines the fact that everybody is tired of these guys, they’re tired of the games [and] they’re tired of the lies. The international community is now cracking down, making this happen.



Another big piece of context you need before we get into this conversation directly is the work of Christopher Story. Fulford had mentioned Christopher Story in one of his recent writings.


Five senior associates of Henry (Heinz) Kissinger were killed on December 12, 2009 and Kissinger himself has been missing since that time and is now presumed dead, according to senior intelligence sources.

Furthermore, the Texas law firm Troutman Sanders, which functioned as the central nexus of the Bush/Nazi crime families financial operations, has been shut down by Interpol, according to these senior intelligence sources. The firm has been contacted but has not returned our e-mail at the time of writing this.

The heads of the Bush clan have been put under house arrest and CIA chief Panetta has been silenced, the sources say. We are also hearing President Obama and Vice-President Biden will be removed from power and replaced by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton possibly by late January. There is a lot of chaos and confusion on the ranks of the Nazis as a result of these most recent developments.

We can also independently confirm much of what heroic journalist Christopher Story wrote in his ground-breaking January 7th report.

There is much more we cannot report but the news is very, very good.]



Specifically, there is an article that Story wrote on January 7th regarding “OPERATION STILLPOINT.” Now, what is that?

“OPERATION STILLPOINT” was something that Story uncovered through his on investigative journalism research and his work with Leo Wanta.

I’ve been aware of Leo Wanta all the way back to when Sherman Skolnick was discussing him, I believe, in the late 1990s, and I even referred to it in my article called “The Changing of the Guard: Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks.”

This is in fact, something that really has changed the game, bringing Wanta into the equation. He came forward and was trying to get people hip to the idea of disembodying the Federal Reserve, putting everybody on US Treasury Notes, printed by the US Treasury in accordance with the Constitution.

But, the real key is, he said, the elimination of the banking system.



You have to understand that it’s packaged as if it would be a really good thing, but what would end up happening is that you would have the Rockefeller faction with the ability to have total control over the economy.

So again, there’s a lot of context that Fulford and I are discussing, and where this gets interesting is that Christopher Story specifically was able to uncover information saying that this plan existed.

The plan, of course, involves the destruction of all competition, and ultimately, the total control of the economy by the Rockefeller faction, disguised as something that we would say, “Wow, we really like that.”

Part of the reason why they would want to do this is the Federal Reserve actually has Rothschilds and Rockefellers in the members that run it. If you have your own enemies running it, then you can’t control it the way you’d want to, so naturally, you’d want to knock it down.

That’s obviously part of why we’re seeing even Fox News coming out more and more with anti-Federal Reserve propaganda of various kinds.



Now, I actually think the Federal Reserve should be brought down and one of the things you’re going to hear Benjamin and I discussing is how important it is that that happens.

But, let’s be clear on the fact that whatever replaces it should not supplant the existing banking system, to the extent that peoples’ money should have the right to be in competitive environments where you get to choose the bank that you want to have, and various banks will run themselves in different ways. It is not a situation where we want the government to run the banks for us.

There may be some necessity for stabilization, but it’s certainly not a long-term thing that we need to have. I wouldn’t support the idea of a total bank takeover by the government – I think it’s terrible. 



Anyway, what has happened is that Obama signed an Executive Order late last year that, of course, the conspiracy websites went crazy about.

According to Christopher Story, the only reason why this was signed was so that INTERPOL [Ed note: International Criminal Police Organization; it is under the jurisdiction of 188 nations worldwide] could actually work within the United States without the jurisdiction of United States law – that is the suspension of Habeas Corpus.

It is a very, very substantial event that hasn’t occurred since the time of the Civil War.

But, what it did is to allow INTERPOL to come into this country and to effectively arrest the conspirators of this Rockefeller faction, who have been engaged in what they [INTERPOL] call “economic terrorism” on a massive scope.

This is also the result of a $47-trillion-dollar lien that has been placed against the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve by the international community, specifically led by China.

[Fulford has said the combined, legitimate GDP of the world is only 63 trillion dollars — so obviously this is vastly more than can ever be repaid from legitimate funds. That’s the point!]



One of the things that you’re going to hear us talking about is the fact that many of the central banks have now been discovered to have tungsten, rather than gold – it’s electroplated with gold on the outside, but tungsten on the inside. Tungsten is only, like, $10 a pound, and so it’s basically a way to create a lot of fake money out of nothing.

This is not a situation that’s going to go away. In fact, the only source that really has had an inside scoop on this that didn’t seem to talk about it yet was “The Voice of the White House” at  After Fulford and I had this conversation, I went to TBRNews and sure enough, there was a whole article just dedicated to this subject.

“The Voice of the White House” now had his own intel confirming that a lot of the gold in the world central banks is actually electroplated tungsten:

Voice of the White House Confirms Tungsten Gold

It has been rumored for some time that gold bars (400 oz or 12.5 kg gold bricks)  bearing the markings of the United States Mint were somehow adulterated and worthless.

These have been showing up in banks and other institutions in Britain, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Iran, the UAE, India, Brunei, Italy and a number of other countries.

These gold bars, all with American markings, are not gold. Instead, they are made of tungsten and then heavily gold-plated. Gold cost $12,000 per pound and tungsten costs $10 a pound.

Density    Name          Symbol   Atomic number

19.32        Gold               Au          79

19.35        Tungsten        W           74

In early 2008 millions of dollars in gold at the central bank of Ethiopia turned out to be fake. What were supposed to be bars of solid gold turned out to be nothing more than gold-plated tungsten.

When this counterfeiting was discovered, the Ethiopians tried to pass this off on South Africa and recoup their money, the shipment was promptly returned as “unacceptable.”

Rumors were quietly spreading about this counterfeit money. It was alleged that these bars, which had been showing up in huge numbers throughout the world, all purported to be coming from the United States Treasury and bore their markings. 

Most of these billions of dollars of passable fakes came from China originally, so when the rumors began to spread to the financial world, the Chinese, even clever, came up with a background cover story:

[Continues with a presentation of same material as on other websites – but accuses China of being responsible. We do not agree with this based on what several other sources have revealed.]

Apparently, the global market is literally “stuffed full of 400 oz salted bars”. Perhaps as much as 600-billion dollars worth.

There is no rational reason why the United States would embark on such a program of counterfeiting which was bound to be eventually discovered, but every reason for the crooks in Beijing to both reap huge rewards in purchases of badly-needed natural resources for next to nothing while at the same time badly damaging the image of the United States.

[Again, we highly respect this source but assert that there are plenty of ‘rational reasons’ for this to have been done by the Rockefeller faction. It’s all part of a vast ‘shell game’ of financial chicanery that has gone on for quite some time.]



[Voice of the White House] thinks that China did it and that we — meaning the US — did not actually create these forgeries ourselves.

That’s just his opinion and I don’t agree with it. There’s a lot of other evidence that, in fact, it was done by people in the US, including whistleblowers I’ve spoken to privately myself, who confirmed that that’s what was going on.

So, you have to understand that now we have multiple sources, including “Voice of the White House” — all saying the same thing. They’re all saying this tungsten / gold issue is real; it’s not going away. This is the kind of stuff that happens in what we call an “endgame.”



Now, Benjamin Fulford and I do not discuss the UFO subject until the end. One of the really substantial things that’s happened is that [Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and I] have come into contact with a new witness who’s choosing to call himself ‘Hans Solo’.

This guy actually worked for the Space Command, as it’s called: the Air Force Space Command.

This is allegedly a group within the US that works, using stargate technology, or what they also call “portal technology,” and then from there, [they] travel to a variety of ships that they have well outside the Solar System, and are engaged in various activities.

This particular witness was involved in mining of a particular compound called “Element 115.” One of the things he told us in the interview is that the Galaxy, out at the far rim, has different types of energetic fields that are much more powerful than what [are] around our Solar System now, based on the physics of the energy fields.

And because of these really, really high energy fields, there are actually going to be mineral deposits in the planets in that area, specifically the star Equuleus in the Hercules Constellation, that are very energized and actually have Element 115 in them that you can mine.

Now, we don’t know if this is true. We can’t prove this, because Element 115 is technically a stable element, meaning that it could occur in nature, but there would be no example of it here on Earth. We can’t even really create it in our high-powered particle accelerators because it’s so vastly dense.

But, if you had a planet that was under vastly different energy conditions than what our planet has, then maybe it is possible. We don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what he’s telling us.



This information coincided very beautifully with some stuff that Fulford had put out on his own blog describing that one of the groups that’s now contacted him in this greater Black Dragon Society was, indeed, US Space Command, a representative of US Space Command who came out to Japan and told him that they are ready to cooperate.

They see the fall of the Rockefeller faction coming imminently. They do not want to be associated with it; they want to be their own entity and they want to be able to help the world.

They are saying that they have these space ships and they have portal technology, and when the time comes, they are ready to disclose it.

Now, ‘Hans Solo’ also has said that sometime this year we should likely see Disclosure, because it’s a schedule that our guys here on Earth don’t have control over.

It’s a very fascinating interview. We’re in the process of having the transcript edited, so we can put it online. It will probably not be ready for at least a week, but we’re getting that done as fast as we can. We’re not going to release the audio; we cannot compromise his true identity.



I was very keen on trying to get more information from Benjamin about what Space Command told him. You’ll notice he’s very evasive – and I’m not trying to attack him here – but it’s very possible that he was sworn to secrecy on the things that he was told, and that could explain why he was so reluctant to discuss anything with me.

But, I do honestly believe that all of these things that you’re about to hear Fulford and I discussing are leading up to a Disclosure. The Rockefeller faction, very obviously, has been the main group opposing the Disclosure of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence.

That means that if they fall into defeat, which appears to be happening, now that Obama’s signed this Executive Order…

You have INTERPOL that’s operating within the United States, holding the Federal Reserve transactions, basically, at gunpoint on both ends to make sure that these transactions go through. You see a much greater level of sophistication to this takedown than you’ve ever seen before.



Now again, Haiti was supposed to be the main stopover point for a massive, massive amount of money that was going to be transferred out the pockets of the Rockefeller faction to South America and before the transactions took place, you had this earthquake – and I mean directly before. 

According to Fulford’s latest posts, which are not covered in our discussion here, the international community is very, very upset about this. They’re very angry and we can expect things to get more intense, not less intense.

So again, this is a war. This is kind of like the football game that’s leading up to the big announcement. I don’t know when the announcement is going to be. Nobody can predict this thing for sure. It is a war.

One of the things that we can also probably see is there will be some economic turmoil, once these guys are brought down. You’re going to see some upheaval. I discussed this with Fulford.

I have another source that I did not discuss in this interview that has said one estimated time for when things could really fall apart is March. We honestly don’t know.



Disclosure is not simply something that somebody writes in on a calendar and says, “Let’s do it on such and such day.” And so, I know there are hecklers out there who’ve tried to say, “Oh well, you said it was going to happen by such and such, and then it didn’t happen. You said it was going to happen by the end of the year and then it didn’t happen.”

All I’ve done so far is to relay information that I’ve heard from other reliable whistleblowers. I also am getting intuitive information that has not given me an exact time window, but has made it very clear that this is going to happen and probably sooner, rather than later.

So, without further ado, I invite you to enjoy this discussion that I had with Benjamin Fulford. This is really talking about the financial and world power football game behind the scenes, looking at the play-by-play and trying to figure out when exactly the whole thing is going to come crashing down.

Because in the aftermath, we’re going to have a much greater and more prosperous world.

The financial system will be restructured in a way that is beneficial for humanity and you’re going to see the revealing of many, many wonderful truths that have been suppressed for so long. It is truly a magnificent event that’s coming upon us. I’m very excited to have had this conversation and to be offering it to you now.

[End introduction transcript]



As I indicated in the above introduction, Fulford also called special attention to a critical January 7th article by Christopher Story, independently validating that it was true.

When I had an Illuminati-linked financier approach me and offer to fund my CONVERGENCE film in 2006 (I denied his proposal, of course,) I directly asked him if he knew who Leo Wanta was. He said, “Yes, he used to work for us, but we no longer want to have any involvement with him.”

This is all part of the grand back-story where the Rockefeller faction betrayed and broke off from the Rothschild faction. Wanta sided with the Rockefellers to help assist in massive money-laundering campaigns.

According to Story, “Operation Stillpoint” was, in short, a secret Rockefeller plan to take over the entire American financial system, under the guise of abolishing the Federal Reserve:


The exposure begins with information provided by Leo/Lee Wanta in September 2006 [passages and words in square brackets that have been inserted here by the Editor for clarification do not appear in the underlying signed and sworn Affirmation document]:

• (1); On 28th September, between approximately 12:05pm EDT and 12:13 EDT, Affirmation source placed a phone call to Leo/Lee E. Wanta, [then] Chairman and sole owner of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., in the course of which Wanta advised source of the following:…

• (3): That the US Dollar used internationally will cease to be issued by the Federal Reserve, but will instead be issued by the US Treasury under Henry M. Paulson Jr. [the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, who was summoned by George Bush Jr. from Wall Street to replace John Snow as Treasury Secretary shortly after the $4.5 trillion was received from the People’s Bank of China].

• (4): That the US Treasury will monetize all Federal Reserve and Federal Government debt and will eliminate Personal Income Tax…

• (8): That the US Treasury will reclaim power to create the US Dollar and ELIMINATE THE BANKING SYSTEM…

• (13): And that: This programme is codenamed: OPERATION STILLPOINT.

[End of the first batch of special intelligence].

• NOTE: This is/was the underlying long-range subversion programme.



Story also shed valuable new light on the multiple websites out there who discuss NESARA. These websites claim that ET groups such as the disturbing-sounding “Great White Brotherhood” are going to come in, kick the government’s ass, and take over the financial system for the good of all humanity.

Typically the NESARA sites also tell you that if you “get in now,” you can give them 100 dollars or more and have the money massively expanded in value when it is returned to you after the fall of the Federal Reserve.

I have seen many, many intelligent people fall for these scams, some of whom gave tens of thousands of dollars to NESARA promoters. One NESARA promoter actually testified, in his grand jury trial, that he was merely taking advantage of how naive and trusting some people can be.

Thus, it was nice to see Story cover this independently:

The NESARA fictions are/were CIA disinformation ploys to deflect any attention from OPERATION STILLPOINT and to ensure that if it leaked, it would be swamped by NESARA-type confusion, stirred up to fever pitch if ‘necessary’ by websites specialising in the maximising of the fog of confusion…


Without going into detail, one of the NESARA websites that was specifically using my material to promote their bogus theories was shut down, and the main proponent pulled out of public view by his own family, probably to avoid massive legal persecution.

It was frustrating that my own efforts to inform you about these massive behind-the-scenes developments were in turn being used by CIA agents to further confuse people and steal their money — but the main site using my material, that I was aware of, has now been shut down.



In this same piece Fulford mentioned, we’re seeing a side of Obama that is totally different than that served up by the propaganda-infested conspiracy media.

I wrote “Disclosure Endgame” in part to release the material I was holding onto that clearly established how much of the anti-Obama material you read in the conspiracy media is written directly by the CIA, Pentagon and other such sources. I now can say I have freely released some of the best material I was holding onto in this area.

Regardless of these efforts, those who wish to hate are as loud and disrespectful as ever. It is now 100-percent clear to me that once someone makes up their mind on something as emotionally charged as politics, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for them to ever alter their perspective.

This is very sad, as the spiritual teachings I’ve read and shared have always emphasized forgiveness and acceptance, even while making your boundaries, and what you will not accept from others, clear. That seems to be very sorely lacking amongst the majority of those who are addicted to a daily diet of CIA-authored fear-porn.

Hatred and distrust is a primal, sub-verbal, instinctive feeling. It does not obey rational thought and does not easily give way in the presence of new information. This is why propaganda is so very, very effective.

Most racism can also be traced to hard-and-fast, all-or-nothing beliefs that certain races or groups of people will all have certain qualities and behaviors that are undesirable and dangerous — and this, of course, is never true.

I really do see this as a sad situation: the very people who think they are the most in tune with the cutting edge of “the resistance,” and conspiracy theory in general, are in fact eagerly swallowing each new spoonful of poison as it is fed to them by this huge glut of seemingly  independent propaganda websites.

I am also aware that the most intense comments people try to get past the moderators on my articles are either written by ‘paid bloggers’ or by those who are so inculcated in their ‘energy’ that they effectively perform the same services.



I was very excited when I read Story’s report, as it seems that Obama is finally waking up to the treachery within his midst and is taking strong action against it.

My intuitive data has been very consistent since I started documenting dreams in 1992, and has always proven itself to be accurate in the fulness of time. I have found plenty of evidence that it is not being deceptive about Obama either, and that ‘case’ is finally starting to grow more visible.

Obama’s very recent move against the banks this week is only the visible portion of a much greater insider struggle going on behind the scenes.

This, believe it or not, is only a small series of excerpts from Christopher Story’s massive essay. I focused in on what I consider to be the key points here.

Everything in blue below is written by Story. I acknowledge and accept that his writing style is very difficult to read. There is also a great deal of material that requires you to read his website in more detail to understand.

One example is the mention of CMKM/CMKX stock. This is simply another scam by the Rockefeller cartel to rip off other countries’ central banks by creating over 2 trillion dollars’ worth of fake investements.

It is not essential that you read this excerpt, so feel free to skip ahead if it doesn’t suit you:

New World Order Faction in Final Defeat

OPERATION STILLPOINT was finally DEFEATED with the confirmation, application and decisive consequences of the sovereign lenders’ Writ of Execution, followed by imposition of the massive Lien against the US Treasury for $47 trillion which the defrauded parties, the Chinese authorities and the British Monarchical Power, had to execute on or about 6th December 2009…


For the purposes of surmounting this crisis, and FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE, contrary to the ignorant knee-jerk chatter on many websites, President Barack Obama promulgated Executive Order 13524 on 16th December 2009, which amended Executive Order 12425 dated 16th June 1983 (amended by the Executive Order 12971 dated 15th September 1995) so as ‘to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)’.

• The effect of President Obama’s Executive Order of 16th December 2009 is to grant INTERPOL full immunity from search and arrest or seizure of all INTERPOL properties including the agency’s own personnel, thereby providing INTERPOL with de facto diplomatic immunity.

This is a truly historic development, because it means that for the purposes of resolving this crisis HABEAS CORPUS IS SUSPENDED. The last time this happened was under President Lincoln…

With Habeas Corpus suspended for the purposes strictly of procuring compliance with the Writ of Enforcement and the huge Lien against the US Treasury and thus the (legitimate) Settlements, the heavily armed status of INTERPOL and other foreign enforcement personnel that are operating under diplomatic cover to bring this crisis to resolution on behalf of the injured parties, the myriad Ponzi victims of the Syndicate’s schemes, the United States, the American people and the Rest of the World, can be more readily appreciated…


As revealed in our 28th December report, on the basis of information divulged to us on 26th December 2009, the US Department of Justice within the Executive Branch has implemented a fundamental POLICY CHANGE, having determined in December, against the background of the execution of the Lien for $47 trillion against the US Treasury, that:

• ALL individuals and entities within the US jurisdiction that have participated in the stealing, diversion and conversion of funds belonging to others, INCLUDING past and present officials within the US Government and its structures, WILL BE INVESTIGATED AND PROSECUTED FOR ECONOMIC TERRORISM perpetrated against the United States and the American people (and the Rest of the World)…

• It follows that the US Attorney General and all the State Attorneys General are obliged to act vigorously on the basis of the POLICY CHANGE, or they themselves can and will be arrested for obstruction of justice by INTERPOL personnel and then extradited to a jurisdiction such as the British jurisdiction for defying obligations imposed on them by International Law…



This development has almost immediately resulted in a previously unheard-of ‘sudden amendment’ of the ‘attitudes’ and visibility of certain parties that are known to this service and to its advisers. People inside the structures are stunned and are scurrying for whatever shelter they think may protect them from the consequences of their corrupt activities.

Furthermore, the same applies to certain collaborating parties outside the United States.

Members of the US Congress and officials at the Departments of State, Justice and in the White House, as well as within the vast Intelligence Power’s structures, the Pentagon and elsewhere, and in foreign governments and their structures, are reported to be quote ‘falling over themselves’ to avoid the axes that are falling from the sky, taking aim at their necks.

Never have so many officials in the United States and other countries been so scared of what lies in store – for them personally.

• Stony silence on these developments:

No doubt alert readers will have observed that no substantive notice of the above, after we had reported it all on 28th December 2009, was taken by certain websites which purport to exist to enlighten the US public but which in reality specialise in maximising the potential for confusion in order to sustain the orchestrated but collapsing smokescreeen behind which these abominations, and OPERATION STILLPOINT, were being perpetrated.

This silence provides prima facie evidence that the US websites in question have indeed been involved, as we have suggested in the past, in the massive orchestrated agitprop and cover-up operation that has had to be mounted by the compartmentalised sleaze cadres to obfuscate the systematic treachery against the United States, which is without historical precedent in terms of the scale of this operation.

• President Obama’s private hell:

Faced with this unprecedented state of affairs, President Barack Obama’s backbone appears to have been stiffened, given the extremes of treachery seen within his own Cabinet and among his colleagues.

In a revealing caption on 2nd January 2010, The Daily Telegraph noted: ‘President Obama looked weary after repeated interruptions to deal with the aftermath of the syringe bomber plot’ [sic, as incorrectly assumed by the caption writer]. ‘An aide insisted that the 48-year-old found his holiday “rejuvenating”, but his graying hair and drawn look seemed to tell another story’.

Some of the factors causing Mr Obama’s hair to turn white – which can happen to people wracked by anxiety and stress – are summarised below…

Under George W. Bush, between June 2004 and 28th October 2005, it is alleged that no less than 2.25 trillion of phantom CMKM/CMKX stock were sold into the stock market under this S.E.C. cover – which has to rank as by far the most brazen Ponzi scam in world history: and one, furthermore, that was set up and perpetrated by and from within the US official structures with the specific intention of ‘screwing’ the investing public, notably the investors in CMKM/CMKX shares…

Eventually, the illicit CMKM/CMKX proceeds from the PHANTOM SHARE trades were brought back into the Bush-CIA Crime Syndicate’s orbit via Tyler, Texas (Bush territory)…



Not surprisingly, it has become evident, and we are specifically informed, that civil war has broken out within the main flank of the corrupted Intelligence Power.

This was to be expected, given that OPERATION STILLPOINT has been disrupted and that the Bush Syndicate is in the process of being ‘taken down’ – although, unbelievably, Bush Sr. and Barbara were still NOT in custody as of 5th January 2010…



On 5th January, Webster G. Tarpley, a respected veteran reporter, published an analysis in which he supported our KNOWLEDGE (which is based on intelligence obtained prior to his report) that operations are being and have been run FROM WITHIN THE US OFFICIAL STRUCTURES to try to destabilise President Obama at this critical stage…



For, make no mistake: President Obama has been ‘kicking butt’ ever since his return from Hawaii. He has realised, not least, that he has no alternative, if he himself wishes to avoid abrupt arrest by INTERPOL for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (which is what he was told on 4th January 2010).

At the same time, in any case, his first year in office has been completely wasted due to the subversive activities of the high-level saboteurs in his Cabinet and entourage, who were largely foisted upon him – by the recalcitrant, penetrated Intelligence Power.

He needs the money for his programmes (of which one can hardly approve BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT at this juncture); and he needs the money for the bankrupt US States, and because THIS IS A MID-TERM ELECTION YEAR.

Most of all, he needs resolution so that the poisonous venom of this crisis is finally squeezed out of the system – and so that the axes that are cascading from the sky on numerous brazen, corrupt necks, fall where they are now destined to fall. He’s had enough…



On 3rd January, we were informed that George Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush have been prevented from touching any money and interfering with banking codes. Furthermore, a very knowledgeable source elaborated: ‘All the money accumulated by (CHENEY’S) Halliburton has been removed, and Bush 41 and Bush 43 have been deprived of all their stolen money as well…

In summary, the Bush-CIA-DVD’s ‘Black Ops.’ Intelligence grabitisation OPERATION STILLPOINT Syndicate is being DISMANTLED in ‘real-time’… the entire edifice of the Octopus is in free-fall – a reality that its personnel cannot accept, so that they are being arrested, horizontalised or all of the above…

• The ongoing audit by foreign personnel (‘men in suits’) of the Federal Reserve, led by Chinese, British and Swiss auditors, continued, we understand, throughout the holiday period.

Enforcement personnel remained in place at the Fed to ensure that Settlement funds were/are not diverted in accordance with the Federal Reserve’s normal corrupt procedures…

• 1st January 2010: It was reported to us that, focusing in part on preventing corrupt bankers and operatives perting funds back to the Bush ‘Black Ops.’ Syndicate, INTERPOL had placed teams at both ends of certain Settlements transactions – especially given the endemic corruption within the Federal Reserve, where the Chairman, Dr Bernanke, features among the highest-level operatives within the US official structures who is vulnerable to being targeted under the POLICY CHANGE implemented at the US Department of Justice and in light of the necessary freedom of operation afforded INTERPOL following President Obama’s Executive Order dated 16th December 2009…

• 4th January 2010: An arrest list was issued by INTERPOL for a large number of people ‘standing in the way’ of resolution to be taken into custody.

When we made further enquiries, we established that Bench Warrants were issued on this date for service on 137 inpiduals in the United States.

These people will be or are being arrested and taken into custody by US Marshals. Their passports, IDs and driving licenses, etc, will have been removed in the process.

Self-evidently, these arrests implied that those concerned had continued to be associated with OPERATION STILLPOINT sabotage activity designed to disrupt the Settlements payouts. However given that ALL WHO STAND IN THE WAY, from the highest to the lowest, will be investigated and prosecuted [see above], it could also have been the case that these people were on the arrest list anyway, and that with their return to their offices and desks, and the with reopening of the Courts following the long weekend, matters proceeded as had been planned by INTERPOL earlier…

• 4th January: At 21:37pm UK time we learned that the US news media had confirmed that the President had returned to Washington from his vacation and that he had at once summoned (the recalcitrant) Director of Central Intelligence, Mr Panetta to the Oval Office.

With President Obama having returned to the White House from his fraught vacation in Hawaii, it was reported to us that the President was ‘kicking butt’ – an activity that he had no choice but to undertake, given that if he demurred, he would be considered a co-conspirator and would be arrested himself.

Specifically, we were advised on ‘special’ authority that Mr Obama was explicitly confronted and informed that if he was found to have been involved with the sabotage operations that continued up to Christmas and throughout the holiday period, he himself would be arrested like those for which Bench Warrants were issued on the same date [see above].

The President responded that he had had nothing to do with the delays that occurred over the holidays…

• 5th January: It was pointed out to us that prominent Republicans have or had been standing in the way of the Settlements.

We knew that this must have been the case because of the anti-Obama barrage orchestrated by parties connected with the GOP for the past 13 months, to the exclusion of all else. This has been a major ongoing agitprop operation – the underlying purpose being hidden from view.

On the surface, the objective has been to paint Obama as a crypto-Communist with mafia associations and all sorts of other dark failings and skeletons in his cupboard – as though his mass-murderer Republican predecessor (who is reported by monitoring sources to have been reduced to walking his dog at Crawford, TX, with a pooper-scooper, his wife Laura now living apart from him and only appearing for public consumption when her presence is considered ‘essential’), had no blemishes and skeletons at all.

But in reality, the underlying purpose of this ongoing orchestrated anti-Obama offensive has been to try to wrench the CIA’s destructive Fraudulent Finance paradigm from oblivion in general, and to rehabilitate OPERATION STILLPOINT in particular.

It is unclear what these Republicans, who haven’t understood this crisis, think they are doing continuing with their antagonistic sabotage stance, given the advent of the NEW PARADIGM summarised above.

Perhaps these corrupt operatives imagine that they really are above the law, and have – like Geithner up to 4th January – simply not woken up to the reality that the ground has shifted so violently under their feet that they are wandering in a wilderness without life support…

And as current and recent data [see above] demonstrate, it is clear now that compartmentalised cadres in the key countries (France, Britain, even Germany, even China to some extent, and the United States), and the equally de facto compartmentalised bankers and intermediaries, have not been kept up to speed by their cowed handlers with the fact that the ground had shifted violently beneath their feet – so that they have continued behaving as though OPERATION STILLPOINT was still ‘live’ (even though few of them would have had knowledge of it or of the overall picture).



Now you’ve read a majority of the context to the discussion I had with Fulford. Very exciting developments are ahead — and Fulford knows a lot of what is going on from behind the scenes, as do I.

It was a delight to compare notes and have the results ready for you to read and share with us. 

So go ahead, download this MP3 free of charge, listen and enjoy!

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support! And now I’m off to prepare for the San Francisco Convergence! Stay tuned.

The best thing we can do is to be knowledgeable about what is going on, without giving in to the fear. That’s the negative agenda — to keep you disempowered and terrified. The choice is up to you — but I certainly recommend that you look for the truth so many others do not see!



I am actually on stage right now in San Francisco while Larry Seyer is doing a lecture on forgiveness and acceptance. I am adding in words occasionally, where appropriate, while working to get this transcript out.

Our Transcription Team worked very rapidly to produce this document and I am very proud of you guys for your hard work.

[I posted a revised, cleaned-up version today, January 28th. I also rewrote this whole piece once I had more time, in the hopes of making it clearer and easier to understand.]

Without further ado, here we go!

Begin Interview:

BENJAMIN FULFORD (BF): Good, how are you?

DAVID WILCOCK (DW): Very well, very well.

BF: So, what’s going on?

DW: Well, I have recently subscribed to your website.

BF: Uh-huh.

DW: And I would like to, first of all, commend you on the incredible job that you’ve done. I would say that the depth and the quality of your journalism has suddenly gone way up and it’s really nice to see that.

I would encourage everybody to subscribe, because if people are only going and looking at, then they’re not getting the picture of what you’re doing here.

Now, you released a couple of them that were free to the public, right?

BF: Right.

DW: Because I remember [that] I read those first, but then what people may not realize is that you really have delivered the payload in the ones that have now come out since you switched it over to a pay-only site.

BF: Maybe I should put them out after a time or something, you know, for free, after one month and a day, or something. I don’t know. But obviously, you know, it helps… by paying, I can spend more time and effort.

DW: Absolutely. Now, is there a way you could increase your voice volume? Because right now you sound like you’re really, really far away.

BF: I’m using an old microphone because the cat chewed up my headset.

DW: [laughs]Okay.

BF: I’ll just have to put my mouth closer.

DW: Well, I appreciate that. That’s going to work a lot better.

Yeah, that’s definitely one avenue that you could take. I wrote, actually, an online book recently called “Disclosure Endgame” and I didn’t finish it, but it’s basically talking about how there is a financial event that’s coming to its apex, and this financial event seems to be correlated with the release of various suppressed technologies in the aftermath.

And you are certainly one of the leading voices on this front.

BF: Yeah, I mean, we’re actually working on concrete projects at this point.

DW: Yeah, I’m very aware that you’ve done that. And I’ve actually, as you know, been in contact with some of the people who contacted you originally when this all got started, specifically someone on the Japanese Royalty.

I got to say Benjamin that I really think that you’ve taken some abuse on the Internet that’s unwarranted, as does anybody who’s really bringing out the truth. It’s like the entrenched power interests have a stake in trying to ridicule you, to some degree.

I just want to say that, as one of the more respected researchers in this field, and how many people read my stuff, that everybody knows that my perspective has always been that you’re coming from a place of integrity.

I just want to again commend you on the ability that you’ve had to tow the line and stay on this very difficult path, given the opposition that you face and the ridicule that you’re inevitably going to face, when you break out of the mainstream and go into these kinds of subjects.

BF: Well you see, they might ridicule me, but they always refuse to debate me directly, because they know I would crush them with facts and truth. So, you know, I don’t really pay attention to these cowardly people and the disinformation agents on the Net. They’re just not… I don’t have the time.

And I do deal directly… I mean, I really do have direct contact with very important movers and shakers, and we are working on a new financial system. And, no matter what they do, they can’t stop it, so you know…

DW: What are your debunkers typically saying, in terms of how in the world you could have gotten access to David Rockefeller in an interview? I mean, what’s the typical skeptical attack that they could even give you on that? Because I mean, obviously…

BF: Well…

DW: …there you are, interviewing the guy.

BF: Look, I mean, the David Rockefeller thing was… People think he must be an insider. But, no, what happened was he came here to ask for money from the Emperor and he appeared at a book signing at a bookstore in Japan.

They suddenly closed the bookstore, a bunch of security came in, and there was David Rockefeller. Somebody took a picture of him and put it on the Net, and somebody forwarded that picture to me, saying he thought David Rockefeller’s in town.

And I know when bigwigs come; they usually stay at the Hotel Okura, which is across the street from the US Embassy.

DW: Ah!

BF: So, I waited until 10 o’clock at night, which is I figured when all his handlers would have gone to bed, but he’d still be awake. I phoned the hotel and said, “Could I please talk to David Rockefeller?” And they put me through to his room!

DW: Oh my God!

BF: And I said, “Can I interview you?” And he said, “Yes.” So, I went the next morning with a camera from RAN TV and interviewed him.

DW: That’s incredible! [laughs] So, this was not facilitated by your contacts within the Japanese Royalty, or anything.

BF: No.

DW: This was just something you did on your own initiative.

BF: Yeah. I mean, as a journalist, I knew this. I’ve done this before with people like Paul Volcker, you know.

DW: Right.

BF: You know where they stay, and if you call in English instead of Japanese, they think you must be an insider and they just put you straight through to these people.

DW: Wow. Unbelievable.

BF: But, the other thing is — I could have told the Japanese sort-of-underworld types and they could have dragged him off somewhere. But, you know I’m not a gangster; I’m a journalist, so I didn’t tell them, okay? I didn’t let those dangerous people know where he was.

DW: Well I think that’s a good thing. I don’t think that at this point it’s going to be constructive to, as Christopher Story calls it, “horizontalize” anyone.

But, there are going to be some tribunals. I mean, if you read Christopher Story’s article, which you endorsed recently in one of your latest posts, he’s basically saying that the floodgates have been opened and INTERPOL is now free to work in the US.

As of December 6th, the whole thing is starting to be shut down, this “OPERATION STILLPOINT” that was run by the Bush administration.

BF: Yeah, I know. I have my own sources, who I have verified to be… you know, senior members of the Rothschild family, and a person through the remote viewing outfit at the CIA and other… you know, I have my own personal high-level contacts.

So, if I write something that’s the same as Mr. Story, it means that I have confirmed it with my own sources. I would not, you know, write something… Like, if you’re a journalist and it appears in writing, it means somebody has beaten you to the story.

DW: That’s true.

BF: So anything I write, I have confirmed with sources I believe to be reliable. And if it turns out to be wrong, I’ll issue a correction.

In fact, one thing I must… I said that George Bush Sr. was killed, but what I really… would likely say: “We haven’t confirmed it.”

DW: Right.

BF: But, what I was able to confirm at the time of the Fort Hood shootings, independently, was that there were a lot of VIP limousines there, that there were many contradictory stories about how many shooters there were.

George Bush Sr. and his wife were immediately rushed to the hospital afterwards and that, you know, the MI6 people were telling me there had been an attempt on his life. But then you see him appear at a football game.

And what they told me… And you see, the stuff… there’s a lot of stuff I hear that I don’t write, because I just don’t find it credible. But, what they told me was that they had replaced him with a clone, and it was an old and not very good-quality one.

Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not and I don’t want to put something like that, because like I say, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

But, we have confirmed that he’s very senile. Maybe he forgets… he forgets what he said three minutes ago and he’s no longer the real power; it’s his wife…

And the other thing about Henry Kissinger… again, my sources tell me that. Now they may put out an old video of him on TV to try to discredit me, but until I confirm otherwise, I believe he was taken out.

DW: Well there’s no question that the action has really reached its pinnacle here. There is such depth of data in Christopher Story’s presentation, and it obviously is correlating independently with what you’re saying. I do think it’s unfortunate that he chose to attack you, based on some sort of paranoia that just because your Black Dragon Society has, you know…

BF: Obviously, he’s providing good information.

DW: Yeah.

BF: But obviously, he has a few personality problems and I think it’s best not to, you know, get involved in some kind of tit-for-tat argument with the man. But if it’s a libelous issue, I have to issue a correction, that’s all.

DW: Right. And what I will say is that when you recently, in your post from the 13th of January, disclosed the actual nature and structure of the Black Dragon Society.

It basically seems as if you’ve got just about everybody on Earth in all the varying factions singularly unified against this Bush-run cartel of the so-called Rockefeller faction. That seems to be what’s happened here. Is that correct?

BF: Yeah… no, there’s… Basically we’re dealing with the Royal families of Europe, the Thule Society, and the people who own the, you know, the printing machines for money worldwide, except for the bank of China.

DW: Okay.

BF: And, you know basically, they’ve been ruled by terror and murder for hundreds of years and they’ve been very scared.

And so, the minute some people came out with some actual, you know, backing, in other words, some heavies standing behind you, so you can speak the truth without worrying about being immediately killed, then all sorts of people popped out of the woodwork and said, “Oh yes, we hate those guys. Please help us.”

You know? And “We’re not with them.” This is the sort of thing that happened.

But it’s clearly not over. They still have a lot of power because they’re still, you know, you’re reading all that nonsense in the corporate propaganda media, still.

DW: Correct.

BF: And the Washington show is still going on with all its, you know, the continuing wars and murder and stuff. So, it’s not over. Yet, there are very serious forces aligning themselves saying: “Look. We’ve been making a mess running this planet and we need to change how we behave as a species.” And I think that consensus is getting very powerful now.

DW: Well you list… I just want to read a little excerpt for people who may not have been to your website, of the membership that you listed.

You say: “Our membership includes high-level members of the Rothschild family who want to use some of their gold to pay off US external debts. They agree to help the planet, so long as they can continue to live in their big castles and be surrounded by servants. We say, ‘Okay, why not? They can mobilize much of the British Empire, so let’s work with them.’

Now, you then say: “P-2 Masonic Lodge in Italy, control of the Vatican, the Mafia, and they have also agreed to help save the planet. So long as they long offer to help the poor, the hungry, and the weak of this planet, we say: ‘Good, let us see action now and not words.’

Now these two things, I understand why you’re doing this. I would also say that probably 90% to 95% of people that are into conspiracy theories are going to want to literally rip you apart for having said that you work with these folks. Just because they are out there, I’d be happy to share my perspective on why you’re saying this, but I’d like to hear from you first.

BF: Yeah. Look, these people are not a monolith. Okay? It’s not like a single evil entity.

DW: Correct.

BF: And what you had was some very bad people at the top and we had this whole faction of the Nazis, who believed in creating a super-race of super-humans and enslaving the rest of humanity. They were vicious murderers and they ruled through terror and assassination.

A lot of people who they were ruling at the top of these secret groups hated their guts and really wished something could be done about it.

So, the Rothschilds are not like… I mean they’re so many of them now. You’ve got to remember that we’re talking about the descendents of King David and many different royal families and factions and whatever. And so, a lot of them…

There was a big split in the Rothschild family between the people who own the money-printing machines and the people who actually had physical gold.

DW: Hm.

BF: What happened was, the people with the money machines, in order to keep power, they deliberately shut this gold out of the financial system. So, they wouldn’t recognize it.

If you brought the gold in – and this happened with Marcos in the 1980’s; he tried to sell some of this gold in Japan – is that they will not accept the gold if it doesn’t have the right stamp on it.

Rockefeller and the CIA were illegally taking a lot of this gold and laundering it into the financial system in order to keep themselves in power, so there was a rogue group of murderous Nazis who kind of, you know, were carrying out this plot, and there was a group that was fighting them in secret for a long time.

This was a people who backed Kennedy versus the people who assassinated Kennedy.

DW: Right. Now, in my “Disclosure Endgame” book, I bring up the testimony of Dr. Peter David Beter, who documents in quite some detail in a series of audio transcripts beginning in 1975 and continuing to around 1982, or something, all of these inside politics going on.

And he boiled it down to three major factions, which would primarily be your Rockefeller faction; your Rothschild faction, which he called the “Bolshevik-Zionist Axis”, saying that they have an Israeli presence, as well as a Soviet presence.

And then he was saying that the third axis was what he called the “New Kremlin”, which was actually a group that had been fighting these so-called Illuminati for some 200 years and were actually instrumental in the overthrow of the Bolsheviks from power in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s.

Now, there is some very, very interesting depth of data in this stuff. All of the interviews with him are transcribed and you can listen to the original audio for free and read the transcripts.

BF: Well, let me tell you my understanding of how the factions work.

DW: Yes, that would be wonderful.

BF: You actually have to go back to the time of when the Jews were taken to Babylonian captivity. What happened was, the Babylonian King killed the male descendents of King David.

His bodyguard, his imperial guard, decided to become a secret society and restore the bloodline of their king by protecting the females in the family. So they were married off to various princes in different places and they kind of secretly guarded them. And before Jerusalem fell, they buried and hid the gold that they had, and so…

DW: Who’s the “they”? I’m sorry, who’s the “they”?

BF: The descendants of David.

DW: Okay.

BF: So, when they went on the Crusades, they dug up the gold and they became the Knights Templars.

DW: Ah…

BF: And they built a bunch of banks and charitable works around Europe, and then on Friday the 13th, in 1300, whatever it was, the King of France and the Pope starting arresting them all and killing them and torturing them. They found out they were worship[ing] the Skull and Bones, called Baphomet, and stuff.

Then they fled in several directions. One group fled to the mountains of Switzerland, and that later became the BIS [Bank of International Settlements] and the Swiss whole thing, banking thing.

DW: Ah. Okay.

BF: Another group fled to northern Europe and they became the kind of Teutonic Knights, the Knights Templars in the Nazi Thule Society.

A different group fled to Scotland, where they formed the Rosslyn Chapel and they intermarried with the British Royal family.

DW: Hm…

BF: Another group went to Spain, and they were kicked out of Spain and sent to North America, and that was in 1492.

So, these are the different factions that originally existed. In more moderate times, I think that what your friend was saying, or your source was saying, was more or less right, but there is a pro-Russian Christian faction that kicked them out of Russia [to keep the power]? [muffled] 35:04

DW: Right.

BF: Then there is a faction in the British, who’ve always been fighting the Vatican and the Jesuits. Then the Jesuits and the Vatican tell me that the real problem was the Thule Society-Muslim alliance.

DW: Oh really?

BF: Yes, and they said the Muslims are still ruled by a Caliph. You see, they’re all cousins and royal families and they intermarry, so they actually have a leader of all these different kingdoms who controls the Sunni Muslims.

There was a battle between cousins 700 years ago or whatever, which resulted in the creation of Shia Muslims.

Then in Asia, I think China, I believe, there are basically three factions. There is the Chinese Communist Party; there is the Shin Emperor – in other words, the last Emperor, who supposedly died as a gardener, was not the last Emperor. The grandson is now the Emperor and he controls an awful lot of gold and money.

Then there’s a faction in Taiwan that wants to restore the Ming Dynasty. A lot of them have been bribed by the Federal Reserve Board and this is the Ming that Christopher Story refers to.

DW: Oh, okay, understood.

BF: In Japan, I would say the secret government, 70% are pro-Western and 30% are pro-Chinese at this point.

DW: But pro-Western could also mean that they sold out to the Rockefellers.

BF: A lot of them did. You know, just look at the Trilateral Commission membership list of Japanese, and you’ll see the ones that work for Rockefeller.

DW: Right.

BF: They are led by former Prime Minister Nakasone and that whole group. But, they are no longer really in control here. The battle is still going on. Basically, the Emperor signed a treaty with the Rockefellers. Things are changing here too, but it’s not over.

So in other words, there’s a lot of chaos and confusion, but what is for sure is that the Asians – that includes the Japanese and the Chinese, and the southeast Asian countries – have all agreed that they control most of the world’s money and they’re no longer going to let the City of London and Wall Street decide how it’s invested.

That is the core of this crisis. You see, the people of Wall Street and the City don’t want to lose their power, and this is what the battle’s all about.

DW: Yes, I think a fascinating point to interject here, is if you go back to Peter David Beter’s testimony and you look at his history of the Rockefellers, what you realize is that their world power and how it manifested simply came from the economic advantage that they held as the kingpins of the oil economy.

I think that when the Rothschilds set them up, they underestimated how dominant that economic force would be, that this group would end up splintering off and becoming such a megalithic force throughout most of the 20th century.

BF: Well, yeah, there you have it. You have the Rothschilds pushing this global warming, which was really an effort to promote the nuclear industry and make it seem environmentally friendly again…

DW: Right.

BF: …as they battle against the oil and the war industry in the US. So you got two big factions there fighting. That was manifested in the election that Al Gore had stolen from him, although it turns out he’s also a scumbag. [laughs]

But, what the thing that they have in common is that they want to have a central control over the energy. They want to charge everybody a monthly bill.

DW: When you say “they have in common”, you mean the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers?

BF: Yes, the different factions all want centralized control of the economy. In other words, they all want to have a Babylonian God-King type system, you know, a secret ruler with Godlike powers, and everything under central control.

What the difference is — who is that person in central control? That’s what the fighting has been about.

And I think what most of humanity says is “We’re tired of having secret God-Kings ruling us and we want this system to end.”

So, that’s the other real battle and I, personally, believe in meritocracy as the best form of government. That is a pyramid that anybody can climb to the top, if they are good enough, with complete transparency.

DW: Well, I think the gist of what you’re also saying here, just to reiterate this point, is that the other countries of whom you’ve mentioned, there are a variety of factions, have now eclipsed the economic power and growth of either the Rothschild or the Rockefeller factions.

BF: That’s right. They were afraid that they were going to lose control. That’s why they wanted to kill everybody. But, you know, the Asians and the Asian Secret Society have been fighting them for hundreds of years, and doing business with them at the same time, I might add.

For example, some of the people I talked to sold heroin to the CIA during the Vietnam war.

DW: Right.

BF: And when the CIA tried to double-cross them, they blew up a bunch of CIA airplanes and they went back to business. So, they’ve been dealing with them since the times of the Opium Wars and before, but they have not been controlled by them.

They’ve been trying very hard through bribery and promising to China that, “You will get to rule the entire planet, just work with us.” They’ve managed to corrupt a lot of people out here, but not enough to make a difference at the end of the day. We’ve been weeding out the people they’ve bribed and we’ve identified them.

So, you know, the process is ongoing. We’re in a war and it’s not over.

DW: Right and I would say that the major tools that they seem to have on their side would be blackmail, bribery, death threats, intimidation, and all those things cost money, right?

BF: And propaganda. Yes they cost money, yes.

DW: Yes and the point being that they’re basically no longer able to finance the scope of intimidation, blackmail, and bribery operations required to keep a lid on this thing.

BF: That’s right. And now the Mafia has broken away, and the Chinese underground has broken away, and then the Japanese underground has broken away.

So you see, at the very top of the world, if you want to get that high in power, you have to have armies, spies, and assassins. It’s not normal thinking anymore. This is how these people have operated, and they’ve had these secret organizations all over the world.

What’s happened is they’re losing control… they’ve lost control over the secret organizations in Asia and there’s a huge battle in the West between what I would say are “the good guys”, who want to restore actual democracy and freedom of the press and everything.

The ones who are still trying to create or maintain the secret dictatorship that they’ve had, this Babylonian God-King system, and then within that, there’re different factions.

I would have to say also that, even if you cannot predict the details of the ongoing intrigues, because it is so complex and Machiavellian, you can say that at the end of the day, they’re doomed.

It’s like, if you light a cigarette, you cannot predict the inpidual swirls of cigarette smoke, how they’re going to go. But, you can predict that over a certain amount of time, the smoke will be evenly pided throughout the room.

DW: [laughs]

BF: The fact is that they’ve lost control over the world’s financial system and that means it is just a matter of time before their control of Western society is going to end.

DW: Now, when Christopher Story talks about “dollar refinancing” operations, you have mentioned something to the effect that the people who actually have legitimate money in the bank, and aren’t playing these Collateralized Debt Obligation games and derivatives games, and so forth, that their money will be preserved as we go through this transitional process. Is that correct?

BF: Well… Okay, my own independent information is that – and it coincides a lot with Mr. Story, but not completely – was that they… First of all, under President Clinton and Greenspan, they secretly passed a law allowing 100 times leverage – that is, you could get back 100 times what you really had.

DW: This is the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act? Or something else?

BF: Well, you know, the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act was part of it, but the point is that, you know, usually there’s a limit, like there was always a traditional limit of 10%.

DW: Okay.

BF: That is to say, for example, if you bought a $100,000 futures contract, you would have to have $10,000 real dollars.

DW: Correct.

BF: But, now they made it so that if you wanted to buy it, you only [need] to have $1,000 real dollars to buy $100,000, and that makes it a much, much more high risk / high return.

What they did, for example, in California, there was an illegal Mexican worker earning $12,000 a year. They gave him a loan to buy a house for $750,000, and he didn’t have to pay any money for the first five years.

Now, of course, they know that loan’s going to go bad, but it doesn’t matter, because that was part of the plan. They then take that $750,000 house as collateral, put it in some kind of mortgage-backed fund and then bet it 100 times more, so that it would be suddenly $75,000,000, I believe.

When the price of real estate’s going up, you get the astronomical profits which they then parked in the Cayman Islands and off the banking official books, right?

DW: Mm-hm.

BF: And then, when the price of real estate started falling, they created the astronomical losses, which they also just hid.

Their plan was to bankrupt the U.S. and then come back and buy everything on the cheap, but what happened was the rest of the banking world said, “Enough of this crime and theft” – and they tried to sterilize this money – saying, “No, you cannot cash that money. That was created through fraud”.

This is where the battle-lines are drawn. Now, the Bush and all these people, the Feds, they want to cash that stuff in at 2.5% of what it’s worth.

Under Obama, they’ve reflated this bubble and they’ve now got, literally, something like $4 quintillion dollars? I had to look this up, you know. It’s like a one with 30 zeros, or something. You know, it’s total nonsense…

DW: Right.

BF: …because the entire world GDP is $60 trillion. Okay? It’s like, “I will offer you a zillion dollars, so please give me your sunglasses.” Say what? You know, this is the sort of nonsense that it’s degenerated into.

DW: Right. [laughs]

BF: But, you know, it’s about power and these guys still control a vast military apparatus and they’re threatening violence if they don’t come to a deal.

DW: These guys” meaning the Rockefeller faction.

BF: Yes, that whole group — the owners of the Federal Reserve Board and the owners of all the propaganda media companies.

DW: Well, it’s my understanding from what Christopher Story is saying that Obama’s Executive Order has now allowed INTERPOL to be holding people at gunpoint on both ends of these Federal Reserve transactions that’re necessary to execute the lien that was put on them from China, to the effect of some… what was it? $47 trillion dollars?

BF: Yes, I am also hearing that. The Rothschild people that contacted me have made this following offer to China and the Asians, and I think it’s a good one. They want to take gold they have stashed away in the Philippines and use it to back up all the dollars that were created through honest work.

In other words, not just derivatives, you know, “funny money”, but the rest of the dollars – back them up to 1/28th of an ounce of gold for each dollar. Then they want to merge it with the Hong Kong Dollar and rename it the Hong Kong Dollar.

The reason is because 90% of the dollars ever created are owned by people who are not Americans, and they don’t want that to become worthless paper.

So, they’re trying to sterilize, get rid of all this “funny money” created by the Feds as part of their plan to take over the U.S., and then make the rest legitimate again.

Now, what the Chinese have done, and this is very clever on their part, is they took all their dollars and they bought commodities and everything physical they could get their hands on.

So, they were buying a bunch of gold futures and they were demanding actual payment in physical gold. But, what happened was the Feds didn’t have the physical gold, so they sent tungsten coated with gold because it apparently weighs… it has the same density as gold.

DW: You have to dope it with a little bit of lead, but yes, basically it’s the same.

BF: Yeah. And I’ve confirmed this with someone who reports to the Politburo, so this is not something I heard on the Internet, or something — you know?

DW: I understand.

BF: Then the Chinese said, “No, we want real gold”, and they don’t have it. They’ve been scrambling and scrambling and they’ve been begging us for gold and we’ve been saying, “No, buzz off”.

So what they’ve [The Rockefeller faction] done now is they’ve threatened to invade Venezuela and take over the oil fields there and then cut off the oil out of the Persian Gulf.

DW: Right, the Gulf of Aden.

BF: Yes, the Gulf of Aden. That’s what all this Yemen stuff is all about. So, that’s where the game stands now.

DW: And this guy who tried to blow up the airplane on Christmas, Abdul al Mutallab, who was indicated by Christopher Story as also being an agent provocateur of some kind. Correct?

BF: Of course, of course. I mean, look, they ordered these naked body scanners before this ever happened. The idea is to intimidate and humiliate and break down the American people into submission, and ultimately, they want to prevent travel, if they can.

It’s them saying, “Look we can do it whatever in the hell we want to the American people, and they are no longer going to be able to fight us. We’ve got them totally subjugated. They’ll do anything”.

This is what their message is. That’s what this thing was all about, if you ask me.

DW: Now, what do you think happened vis-à-vis the swine flu? Because there was massive paranoia on the Internet about that and a lot of people did get shots, but now we’re not seeing some sudden massive die-off at this point.

BF: Well, that whole thing was stopped.  I mean, you know, Jane Burgermeister and others blew the lid on that and that whole operation failed. They were planning to kill a lot of people that way, but it was stopped.

DW: Right.

BF: It was also a threat on their part. Saying, “Hey if you don’t deal with this, we’ll kill everybody with disease”.

So, you know, like I said, they were trying to use starvation and disease to kill people, but it’s not working. Their genocidal plans have now been stopped.

DW: Most people who read about conspiracies, and admittedly, they may not know as much as they think they do, would attest to that the P-2 Masonic Lodge controlling the Vatican and the Rothschilds and so forth — they also want massive depopulation.

BF: Well, there has been a generational change of leadership, and no, they no longer want that. And you can look at the Catholic church. Whatever you can say about them, they have always been against birth control.

Everywhere you have strong Catholic rulership, like in South America; you have high rates of childbirth. So I can’t see them as being in favor of depopulation, if you see what I mean.

DW: Right.

BF: It’s the Nazi group that wanted the depopulation, but the Vatican people tell me that they were losing power. They were under attack by the Muslims and by the Thule alliance.

DW: This is slightly off track, but I’m going to veer back in. We know that the CEO of Rockefeller Enterprises was recently seemingly murdered. I don’t know if they called it a murder or not, but I guess it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head or something — allegedly self-inflicted.

BF: Well, what I was told is that they had to kill him, or he would have killed some of our people, and it’s like putting down a rabid dog. That’s what they told me about that.

DW: They” meaning who?

BF: This would be kind of MI-6-type people, not Chinese or Asian-type people. Okay?

DW: Okay. So, given that assassination and I believe you said before that David Rockefeller is more like a titular head of the cartel, but is not actually really the big boss anymore. Do you have any…?

BF: Yes, the Rockefeller women apparently rose up. And you know that whole thing with the shareholders meeting for Exxon, all these Rockefellers showing up. The whole clan said, “Look. Enough!” and David has stepped back.

But, we’ve got Jay Rockefeller active, and that’s George Soros and Brzezinski, and Obama, and they’re kind of anti-Bush, but they kind of want to instead have Brzezinski-Soros-Obama, that whole group in charge.

So, that’s who we’re talking about now, yes. That’s where they’re coming from now. So that’s Brzezinski / Jay Rockefeller / Soros / Obama.

DW: Okay. Now, if you read Christopher Story’s article, he basically says that Obama has now caved in favor of this larger international alliance, so as to allow INTERPOL to get in, because otherwise, if he had continued to side with the people that were in his cabinet, he would have faced imminent political destruction.

Now, I’ve also heard from Rothschild sources that same exact thing that you’ve heard, which is that there’s this plan to have him removed before the end of this month, which may or may not happen, but I heard the same thing that you did before you published it.

BF: What I heard also that there’s this trial on January 6th [Ed note: this is on January 26th?] about his citizenship, and that the judge is a Marine, and that he’s going to either have to kill the judge, or you know, Obama’s going to be shown not to be legitimate.

The controllers of Obama don’t want this exposed, so in order to cover things up and hide their tracks, they might try to kill him. This is what I’ve heard.

Now, there is, I think, one group saying that they want to get rid of Biden and Obama and have Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton take over. So that would be like the women in these factions, saying, “All right. Look, our men-folk have been bad. Give us a break, let the women on this side of the thing handle it.

Then of course, there’re a lot of people in the military and the other agencies and stuff who say, “No! We don’t want those nasty ladies there. They’re just as bad. We want to install a temporary government, hold free and fair elections, and return the United States to Constitutional rules.”

So, that’s where I think the fault-lines are.

Christopher Story is obviously with the Queen of England, and the problem with the Queen of England is that I actually, personally, interfered on her behalf when her husband Philip and the oldest son of Queen Beatrix showed up in Tokyo with a $2.1-trillion-dollar check.

DW: A check? [laughs]

BF: Yes, or bond, whatever. You know… instrument.

DW: Okay.

BF: They asked me to call the bank and say, “Please cash it,” so I did. I called the chairman of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and said, “The Black Dragon Society would like you to cash that check for them.

And then she then turned around and gave the money to George Bush and all those people…

DW: Oh my gosh!

BF: …right into the Nazi faction. And then all sorts of people on the British side felt they had been betrayed by the Queen and they started sending me all sorts of information about her, and it turns out…

DW: I’m sorry to interrupt you, but how did you not get killed as a result of this?

BF: Well, because I immediately explained that I had been fooled by these people and that I really had expected the money to go to ending poverty, and stopping environmental destruction, and not to financing another round of war.

DW: I mean, let’s just stop for a minute here and say this, just to reiterate that you’re saying that you’re personally responsible for $2.1 trillion dollars ending up in the hands of the Bushes.

BF: Yes, but I didn’t know that.

DW: Wow.

BF: So, we had to switch that money, you know… freeze it.

DW: Oh, so they didn’t actually get it.

BF: Well, they got it and as soon as we saw where the money went, we froze the account.

DW: Oh. Now you’re saying that as a result of you realizing that you’d been double-crossed and how upset you were, that this…

BF: A lot of people in the U.S. and England then started giving me information about the Queen. She’s got a lot of dirty laundry they’ve been blackmailing her about.

You know, Diana was pregnant with a Muslim child and she was going to convert to Islam and that’s why they killed her, for example.

DW: Right.

BF: Then a cousin of the Queen phoned and said that they actually had human sacrifices at Balmoral Castle twice a year.

DW: Ah.

BF: And then an illegitimate daughter of King Edward said that they made a deal with the Nazis, which is why the Battle of Britain was called off at the last minute.

DW: Wow.

BF: And if you’re a military historian, everybody always said if the Germans only kept pounding one more day at the British defenses, they would have won the Battle of Britain.

But suddenly, they decided to start bombing instead. And why did they make this mistake? Well it wasn’t a mistake.

They deliberately called off the attack because they made a secret deal with the British Royal Family. This is the secret they don’t want kept.

The other thing I was told is that Hitler was actually Queen Elizabeth’s uncle.

DW: Oh my God.

BF: So, you know, we find out we have these Royal Families fooling the people. And they keep changing their last names. But if you look at Kaiser Wilhelm…

DW: Wasn’t Hitler a Bronfman or something? I seem to remember reading that or…

BF: Schicklegruber.

DW: Okay.

BF: But if you get a photograph of Hitler and a photograph of Kaiser Wilhelm and a photograph of King George V — they look almost identical.



DW: Wow.

BF: These people marry each other’s cousins, so they have very similar genes. So, in other words, we’ve been told this huge kettle of lies by these self-appointed kings who ruled us in secrecy for hundreds of years.

Much of what we were taught as history is going to have to be relearned, because it’s just not true.

For example, as a Canadian, I was told that the War of 1812 was the Americans invaded us, so we repelled them. And now I found out actually what happened was the Americans didn’t renew the Rothschild’s banking license, and so they invaded the U.S.

DW: Hmm.

BF: So, you know, I mean, all sorts of stuff that we’ve been taught is just plain wrong.

DW: Well, you know, there was a massive revolt against the Masonic Order in America in the 1800s, which led to almost the complete collapse of Masonry.

And then the Civil War was created, so that people would want to join the Masons in order to get preferential treatment on the battlefield, to save themselves from being killed.

That was the only way they were able to repopulate the ranks, because of how badly this scandal involving the murder of Captain William Morgan had almost completely wiped out the Masonic Order. And that’s something that you never hear in conventional history.

BF: Oh, of course. I mean, there’s so much… you know. Basically, once the Fed is out of the way and you go back to 1913, you’ll find out that so much of World War I, World War II, were all kind of set up according to a predetermined plot.

And another thing I’ve heard, for example, recently that, you know, the Titanic

DW: Oh, I heard this too — go ahead.

BF: …that they really put all these rich people and royalty who weren’t going along with their plans onboard, and then they were supposed to all have a chat as they crossed the Pacific.

Suddenly at the last minute, J.P. Morgan, the bad guys, didn’t join the boat, didn’t get on the boat, and they rammed it deliberately into an iceberg.

And then, at gunpoint, they prevented them from boarding the lifeboats. So, this was like a way of killing a whole bunch of their enemies in one fell swoop.

DW: Well, it was also the fact that – and this is very highly sensitive, and somebody told me this in confidence, but now that you’ve said it, I’ll just go with it.

They said that the “women and children first” rule was already chosen in advance, so that none of the men would live, AND deliberately sabotaged.

This is why the Captain was steaming towards the iceberg at top speed. [DW: They also deliberately did not include enough lifeboats so that only the women and children would survive.]

Woodrow Wilson was aware that this had happened, and that’s when he said, “There exists this power in the world so subtle, so organized, so watchful, that we dare not speak above a whisper when we speak in condemnation of it.”

BF: Yeah. And, remember, there was a novel about a ship called the Titan that sank on its maiden voyage…

DW: Oh, right.

BF: …a year or two before that. Well, in a way they’re announcing their plans to the insiders.

DW: Right, because that’s the ritual aspect of it, where they like to announce out in the open what they’re going to do.

BF: Yeah, the same with… they had a Fox special about a plane flying into the World Trade Center right before…

DW: Right.

BF: So, these people have really been making fools of us for a long time. And there’s going to be an awful lot of anger when this comes out. But, you know, I think you have to remember, these people were born into that system, and it’s enforced through gruesome murder, so a lot of them had no choice.

And we really do have to forgive them, once this is out.

DW: I agree with you. And I think that point is largely underestimated in the public. Because the bottom line is, we can’t go back to pogroms like they had when they were good Germans, and everybody says, “Oh, everybody who’s a Jew is the problem; we need to get rid of them.”

Now, a lot of Germans didn’t know that was being done, but certainly there were many within the command structure who did.

BF: The whole Holocaust thing was a Jew-versus-Jew thing, you know.

DW: On some levels, yeah.

BF: Yeah, on some levels. I mean… it’s not… I think anti-Semitism has been used as camouflage for a very long time to hide these Satanists, you know, and we cannot let them do that.

We cannot let them try to sort of change this into some kind of, you know, Jewish prejudice thing, which is… No. I mean, because most of the people who are taking them down now are Jews, you know, fighting against them.

So we have to avoid that whole sort of trap and minefield they created with this whole anti-Semitism propaganda business, you know?

DW: The problem is that the public is not very forgiving, and they’re going to turn into a lynch-mob if they find out – and they are finding out – the scope of what’s been done.

I think that’s counter-productive because these folks, even though they may have participated in these rituals and done some really horrendous things, they also are in a position where if they were to sort of change their tune and start working on behalf of humanity, rather than against humanity, they could be very influential in a positive way in a very, very rapid amount of time.

BF: Well, that’s what they’re saying, you know, and that’s what they’re offering us.

DW: Right, because they already have the infrastructure, they already have the financial systems, they already have the corporations… there’s all that infrastructure already in place, whereas if somebody were to just say, “Oh, let’s exterminate everybody who’s a member of said group…”

BF: Yeah.

DW: …then…

BF: And the other thing is that they have been in charge of planning humanity’s future for thousands of years.

DW: Right.

BF: We can’t just destroy that and then have nothing ready to replace it with. We do have to have some kind of system, so we can all decide what we want to do next. We cannot just let there be chaos and disorder, which is what they’re afraid of. So, we do have to have an orderly transition.

Now, I’ve always used the example of China in 1978. They did not dismantle the state-owned enterprises.

DW: Hmm.

BF: They just built a new economy around them to the point where they became irrelevant.

And I think that we let these Rothschilds live in their castles and do their stuff, and we’ll build new stuff around them until they become, you know, like these relatively minor anachronisms. But they themselves will have greater wealth than they had before, since the rest of humanity will be so much richer that their wealth won’t seem so great anymore.

DW: I think the average person who’s listening to this and knows about this stuff, in order to keep them from yelling at the computer, let’s just say that there are still going to be people in these groups who are going to participate in some “black mass” rituals and some things that are really nasty.

Now, if betrayal is the core of what these groups’ philosophy has been, how do we ensure that they not simply change their mind in another year and decide, “Oh, well, you know, now that we’ve gotten our enemies out of the way on the American side of things [the Rockefeller faction] now we’re even more powerful. Now we can kick the world’s ass?”

BF: Well, that’s where the Black Dragon comes in, yeah? Because we’re going to have a secret organization that will… it will go back to sleep, but we’ll monitor these people and make sure it doesn’t happen again. So, there’s no way they’re going to be able to get away with it again.

DW: Too many people know about it, and there’s too much power that’s outside of their own control.

BF: Yeah. And the Asians will have their own secret network, and they will keep these people out of there. And that’ll be one.

And hopefully, you know, there’s a new organization in the West which I’ve called the Black Dragon Society, but…

I need to make this clear: there is a different Black Dragon Society that was responsible for trying to create the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War II.

DW: Correct.

BF: And there are still… there are descendants of these people who run an organization that has the same name. We know them, we talk with them, we have similar goals in many ways, but they’re a separate organization.

I chose the name “Black Dragon Society” because they set up martial arts centers all over the world, and these are run according to a meritocracy. And they’ve always had a philosophy against nepotism. So, we’re saying, no, the original Black Dragon philosophy was to build a world-wide network for self defense, and never attack.

We have very, very powerful people in the Asian underworld who support this and who are a part of it. So, the head of it is a Japanese person.

DW: Hmm.

BF: And I’m kind of like a liaison with the Western societies.

DW: So, this is not just a bunch of people that are going to karate class on Wednesday night. You’re saying that these martial arts organizations are fronts for something that’s more organized than that.

BF: Oh, yeah. No, I mean, at the very top, you have some very serious people. You’ve got to remember, they’re all over the Chinese and Japanese militaries, and the Yakuza and all this kind of stuff. And there are so many, you know.

Like for example, almost 200,000 US Special Forces trained in Ninjutsu here in Japan, and all those people have had serious martial arts training. A lot of them believe in the philosophy that you should only fight to defend, you should never attack women and children, and you should protect the weak!

A lot of the people in the Western forces completely agree with that philosophy!

The thing is though, of course, in the West they don’t want to be ruled by China, and that’s… of course! China’s not going to rule the West.

The point is that China and Asia does not want the West to rule them anymore.

They have had a secret colonial form of government in Japan, and they’ve been trying always to take over China, and the Chinese keep booting them out. The last time was in 1967 when they kicked out all the Russians and the Communists and all those people.

DW: Hmm!

BF: Comintern. [Communist International] So…

DW: Now, you’re saying that this Japanese Secret Society, through the martial arts societies, that there’s 100-million members of it?

BF: Well, I mean, if you took all the people around the world who study karate, judo, jujitsu and stuff, and the people who have studied them, and you think, you know, you’d get about that many people. And in an emergency, we believe these people can be mobilized. In fact, we know they can.

DW: Right. So it’s the “Instant Ramen army” kind of argument?

BF: Yeah. I mean, there is a hierarchy; there is a command structure in place. And if there are people out there trying to kill 4-billion people, then of course, they’re going to say, “Hey, no, you’re not going to kill my family!”

DW: Right.

BF: Of course they’ll fight!

DW: Right.

BF: I don’t think we need to get to that level. Another thing I want to tell you, how I think it’s going to end, is that… I was in South America, and I saw lots of coups d’etats happen. Basically, it’s quite simple.

DW: Hmm.

BF: You have a president, a general, and a finance minister who are in charge. Maybe one day the finance minister and the general meet in a sauna and say, “Hey, you know, the president’s going to replace us with his relatives, we have to move first.

And the general says, “Well, I know a colonel near the capital who will work for me. And I can invade the presidential palace and capture the TV station.”

And the finance minister says, “Well, I’ll go to Wall Street and get Henry Kissinger’s permission.” And he goes, and Henry Kissinger says, “Okay, give me a few more banana plantations, and go ahead.

And then there’s some shooting at the presidential palace early in the morning; the president is shot; there’s some shooting around the TV station; and suddenly, a new face appears on the TV, and that’s when 99 percent of the people find out.

DW: I see.

BF: So, in a similar way, this high-level battle that very few people are reporting, when it’s over, there are going to be sudden, big announcements, you know, all over the TV, all over everything. That’s when the brainwashed people are going to finally figure it out, and not until then, I’m afraid.

DW: Well, if you think about what happened with the economic collapse of 2008, it was quite spontaneous, you know.

BF: Oh, no! I was told in advance that would happen.

DW: Right, as was I. But for the average person, all of a sudden, you have Lehman Brothers going down, and all these other companies that… AIG….

BF: Yeah, what happened was, they cut the Feds off all of a sudden, right?

DW: They” who?

BF: This would be the Rothschild faction and the new banking system people.

DW: Okay.

BF: Cut of all that toxic waste from the financial system. And then there’s been a ping-pong battle over control of these banking computers ever since. And the Fed people sent people to China saying, “Please,” you know, “give us some money! We’ll change. Once we have Obama in, everything’ll be different!

And so the Chinese lent them a trillion dollars and tried to give the benefit of the doubt to Obama.


DW: Hmm!

BF: And then they promised they would turn the US into a Communist country, and whatever, and that China would be in charge of the world. And then, “We’ll give you our military secrets, anything, but please,” you know, “give us more money.”

That’s how they kept this thing going for the past year, but that ended in December with these INTERPOL planes and stuff.

And so, I’m now hearing that there’s some sort of, you know, accounting dates in this month that might be crucial, but they’re still trying very hard to suck up to and bribe China, and it’s still not a hundred percent over until it’s over.

But things are looking very good. It looks like the Feds are really on their last legs, but they’re not going to go quietly, and it’s not over until it’s over.

Okay, well look, I think I’ve said what I have to say at this present point anyway.

DW: Well, but… Okay.

BF: As for the space and alien stuff, I’ll believe that when the average person can go to the local spaceport and buy a ticket to another planet. [David laughs] You know, it’s got to be really that obvious.

DW: Well…

BF: I mean, I want these people to show up. I want to see it happen, but I believe that we’re on our own and it’s up to us humans to solve our problems and not wait for some space fleet. Although I wish it happens, and if it does, I’d be very happy.

DW: I don’t disagree with you in the sense that I feel like we do need to solve our own problems. What I’m trying to say is that we have had someone who worked in Space Command come forward and give some really explosive testimony.

BF: Yeah, I understand. But, I want to see actual space ships landing in different cities around the planet. Or at least, you know, being up there and anybody can look at them with a telescope. You know what I mean?

Like, I want to see them take action and I don’t want to hear talk about UFOs coming to rescue us.

And I also know that they were planning a fake alien invasion. I have this from von Braun’s secretary.

DW: Carol Rosin, right.

BF: Yeah, that they were planning a fake alien invasion as a cover for genocide. So, you know, my first suggestion is that maybe they’re just playing for time so they can still pull off this scenario. And we’re not going to give them that time.

DW: But I just want to point out here that you are now claiming that your membership includes the Pentagon “White Hats”, the Space Command. These are the people with all those levels of security above the President?

BF: Yeah. All right. They sent a guy out here who claims to be from that faction…

DW: Okay.

BF: …who was with the remote viewing outfit of the CIA.

DW: Okay.

BF: He gave me a whole bunch of material about forbidden technology, and a lot of valuable information. He seemed like a nice guy, and he seemed sincere, and he does seem to represent this, the “good guys” in the Nazi faction.

We had a good talk the other day. He’s gone back to the USA, and he’ll be back in Japan later in January, and we’re going to take him to meet the head of the Black Dragon Society, and hopefully, we’re going to come up with some sort of agreement, so that the guys threatening to cut off the Gulf and invade Venezuela will agree to a, you know, swords-to-plowshares transition.

So that’s the kind of negotiation that’s going on.

DW: Well now, in your private newsletter, you mention the swords-to-plowshares transformation, and then you also say:

This group has the potential to develop the over-6,000 patents that have hitherto been suppressed for national security reasons. One technology they possess is anti-gravity. This would make automobiles obsolete and allow roadways to be transformed into gardens.

“They claim to control technology that allows the creation of portals into other dimensions. They claim – we have not seen proof, but have heard this from many credible eyewitnesses – that many so-called underground bases around the world are actually such portals.

“Hopefully we’ll soon be able to see if this is true. If so, the implications are more than mind-boggling.”

BF: Well, again, I mean, they gave me the material about the Philadelphia Experiment and a bunch of scientific essays on antigravity – they described in detail how it works – which is why I felt, okay, you know, I can write this saying, “All right, they provided a lot of credible evidence, but they haven’t provided proof yet.” Okay?

DW: Well…

BF: I haven’t flown an anti-gravity scooter yet. I haven’t walked through a portal. I haven’t seen one. So it sounds good, and they did provide convincing evidence, but not proof…

DW: Well…

BF: [inaudible 1:17:46] … for that.

DW: I understand. I’m just telling you that I now have three people I’ve directly spoken to at length myself who’ve actually been through these portals.

And what was so shocking to me was that this comes out on your blog, the subscriber-only blog, literally within days of when the third — and in some ways the most amazing — witness came forward saying exactly the same thing.

You didn’t hear from me on this and I haven’t even published it yet, but yet we’re all talking about the same stuff here.

BF: Yeah, but you’ve got to remember that they were… You know, if you take a cynical approach, you have all these former military types talking about UFOs.

Well, maybe they’re just preparing public opinion for the fake invasion, right? So, I always keep an open mind, but I also remain cynical at the same time. You know, skeptical…

DW: Oh! I think that’s one of your strengths! You’re not easily manipulated, and you’re not just going to be spoon-fed disinformation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I find it very interesting that somebody from this group would’ve approached you guys, and I’m just curious as to what exactly are they saying now?

Are they saying that once this power structure is shifted and the venom has been drawn out of the system, that they would like to still be relevant, they would like to still be involved, and at that time they want to share this portal technology?

BF: Well, what they said was they don’t want to end up like when the Soviet Union collapsed and generals were suddenly finding themselves working as taxi drivers in London.

DW: Right.

BF: And they’re saying, “Look, if you do that, we’ll fight. And we don’t want to be ruled by the Chinese, either.

And of course we say, “Yes. The Chinese don’t want to rule you. And we’ll keep paying your salaries. So just,” you know, “you don’t have to fight. And instead, we’ll write off US debt and help the United States rebuild their economy again.”

So, you know, it’s a win-win solution we’re offering and I think they understand that. We’re also saying there’s not going to be any Nuremberg trials, although there might be a South African-style Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

But anyway, that’s about it. When it happens, it’ll happen, you know? Let us see.

But I’m getting a lot of good news, and I’m going to hang up now, and I’m going to start making some calls to some of my sources to get the latest information. Okay?

DW: Great. Well, I really want to thank you, and I’m sure that everyone listening to this thanks you.

Just one quick question is, how vomitous [unclear word] do you think the economic transition will be when it actually happens? Should we be prepared for some very hard times? Or do you think it’ll be fairly smooth? Or, the common person listening to this, how is it going to affect them?

BF: Hopefully, it’ll be fairly smooth, and there won’t be a lot of disruptions. But, I do believe everybody should have a certain amount of food on hand, because the bad guys are going to try to create starvation, still.

DW: Right.

BF: And it’s not over until it’s over. But, you know, forget about gold. At the end of the day you can’t eat gold. Okay?

The most important thing is to have enough food and a plan, you know, somewhere in the countryside you can go to if things really do fall apart. But, I don’t think it’s going to come to that.

DW: What would be the time window and/or the signal that we would need to really take that seriously?

BF: Well, if they ever decide… You know, they’re trying to declare martial law, but if they ever actually start physically rounding people up and taking them to these Halliburton camps, that’s the time for everybody to grab their guns and, you know, fight for their lives.

DW: Well, if INTERPOL is in the US and stopping these guys, don’t you think that would also stop the Halliburton troops and stuff?

BF: Well, that’s what we believe, and we don’t think the Pentagon is going to just obey any orders to do that, so I don’t think it’s going to happen. But I’m saying that’s the worst-case scenario they were planning, and we’re pretty sure it’s not going to happen.

DW: Right. I know it’s a war and it’s non-linear, but what would you say is the most probable window of time that we have to be prepared for these hardships to occur?

BF: Ah… this year.

DW: Okay. So, it would be a good idea for the people listening to us talking to probably prepare now and have some stored food on hand so that in the event that there’s a disruption temporarily of goods and services, that they can ride it out fairly smoothly?

BF: And you can get, you know, just get yourself a few big sacks of rice and beans. It’s very cheap, and you can store like a year’s worth of food for a few hundred dollars. Okay?

DW: Mm-hm.

BF: You don’t have to go and buy expensive freeze-dried food and stuff, you know? That’s all it takes — rice and beans.

DW: Do you think there could be a disruption of oil supplies as well? People not being able to drive for a while?

BF: Well, the US has enough emergency stocks that it’s not going to be an issue.

DW: Oh, okay. Wonderful!

Well, I thank you very much, and I hope to speak to you again soon. And keep letting us know what’s going on. I hope everybody will sign up for your blog, because it’s really wonderful.

BF: Thank you.

DW: Great. You have a great day.

BF: You too.


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